Seattle Sounders vs. FC Barcelona: Your Running Commentary

Seattle Sounders FC - JPEG 

The Seattle Sounders are playing host to FC Barcelona at Qwest Field tonight (10:30pm, ESPN2).

If you are watching tonight's match please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

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60 Responses to Seattle Sounders vs. FC Barcelona: Your Running Commentary

  1. MemRook says:

    messi is good.

  2. Jacob A. says:

    Not only is he good, his feet tast like timbers crackling in a fire.

  3. says:

    RIP Jerry Garcia

  4. Joe says:

    Rafa Marquez OUT for fifteen days…WILL MISS US GAME!

  5. MemRook says:

    lol @Jacob A. I LOVE that line. MMmmmmmm. Fire-crackling timbers! I think I had that for lunch.

  6. MemRook says:

    Barca’s away kit (or maybe it’s their alternates) remind me of Petr Cech’s goalie kit. Ugliest color for a jersey ever??? Hot Salmon! lol.

  7. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    Anyone know the score of the Whitesox-Angels game?

    Good work ESPN bottom line.

  8. MemRook says:

    I didn’t even notice, M’sSH, that’s pretty funny

  9. Mason says:

    Someone should point out to the Sounders that their puke green kits don’t show up well against the field.

  10. Redbullsdefensesucks says:

    Watching the Seattle fans makes me realize how crappy the NYC MLS market is

  11. MemRook says:

    i’m not a sounders fan (only of their organization) but I love me some “Seattle. Sounders.” chant blaring through my speakers, shaking my floor.

  12. MemRook says:

    what nationality is (sp?) Zackauani?

  13. Jacob A. says:

    Zaqkuani or however it’s spelled would probably be the best player on the field tonight if it wasn’t for that Argentine Dwarf.

  14. LoLo says:

    FC Barcelona V.S. Steve Zakuani

  15. LoLo says:

    Unlike L.A., it looks like Seattle actually came out to play tonight. Even if they lose, they’re actually playing the game. It’d be nice to see them win MLS cup.

  16. Adrian says:

    messi is magical

  17. Eric says:

    Zakuani is from Congo. Sucks for the US. He’d definitely be a player to look at

  18. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I think that is an unfair comment towards LA… I thought they played fairly well against Barca…

    Seattle is just such a great organization… Top class all the way… I love their colors but they certainly don’t show up well against the pitch background.

    Vancouver would be the same way and so would Portland… something about that great Northwest… (Southwest so as not to offend any Cunucks..)

  19. chg says:

    Zakauni’s older brother plays for the Congolese team (the bigger one), and he apparently wants to play for them too. He didn’t come to the US til college, so we aren’t an option anyway. Rather see him there than England.

  20. Travis says:

    Zakuani is English. He did go to college for a few years in the US, so, maybe he’s looking to gain citizenship.

  21. harry balsac says:

    what, the only thing seattle has mounted is a local donkey, let alone an attack. can you say cannon foder. LA had barca on their heels. by the way is seattle allowed to have a touch this half?

  22. harry balsac says:

    wow a corner, i’m proven wrong

  23. LoLo says:


    Go watch the LA Barca game again. L.A. barely touched the ball. They were pinned most of the time. Barca is dominating this second half though. Little Dos Santos is very nifty.

  24. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Who else saw Levesque and thought, “Wow, Sawyer is off the Island and playing in Seattle!”

  25. Travis says:

    I wouldn’t compare 2nd halves between the LA/Barca game and the Seattle/Barca game. Mainly, LA had Donovan go 90, Beckham go almost 90, and a few others play quite a bit. Seattle has their all of their back-ups playing the 2nd half. It’s amazing Seattle can do anything at all, the difference in class is obviously tremendous.

  26. harry balsac says:

    3-0 counting, LD had some runs through barca’s defense. ive seen nothing but outlet passes from seattle.

  27. jtd says:


    barca 3-0.

    goal rodriguez…

    seattle fans deserve a goal.

    go sounders?

  28. aron says:

    Too many scrubs in for the second half. I am suprised they haven’t burst into flames yet.

    It’s not a league game though so what do you expect?

  29. who let the drogs out says:

    im pretty sure pep is wearing an abercrombie shirt and sigi looks like hes going to a bbq in queens in 1973…whats with the coaches outfits tonight?

  30. harry balsac says:

    good point travis, makes further conversation moot. as for the outfits, it’s seattle who cares

  31. St. Addiken says:

    sigi looks like hes going to a bbq in queens in 1973

    -well done, funniest comment i think I’ve ever read on here

  32. harry balsac says:

    dos santos looks like the little fellow mowgli in the jungle story

  33. Leonardo says:

    wow. the 2nd half was atrocious. why did Seattle play scrubs? the Galaxy vs. Barca game was 10x more impressive and entertaining the *entire* game cuz Galaxy kept most of their 1st string. Seattle did not; im disappointed. what an abysmal 2nd half. a bit of a diss to the fans i think.

  34. japan says:

    Ljunberg can still play

  35. vu says:

    What a disgrace! ESPN HD nationwide and this is what seatle represents for MLS. Big disgrace. Drew, can you still say LA is the expansion team this year?

  36. SeattleStan says:

    The second half wasn’t too much fun to watch. But to be fair they do have a pretty important match at Salt Lake this Saturday. I was actually really impressed with their new addition Gonzalez on the left, he could be really exciting.

    If you guys don’t mind, I need to vent a little. First off, I think nothing but the highest of Canadians. That being said, the guy behind me at the match was ri-the-frickin-diculous. He had taken the train from Vancouver (a lovely city) to see the match. Anyways, I think he learned everything he knew by watching the Champions league final. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was either “Cheeky” or “Rubbish”. It didn’t matter if it was a simple clearance or an actual great play, it was either one of the two. 90+ minutes, and 4-5 mentions per minutes equals too many “cheeky” and “rubbish” utterances for one person to hear.

    He then goes on about his, and I quote “tremendous football knowledge”, part of this is discussing his favorite defender “Carlos Poohole”, or at least that’s how he said it. Finally, he discussed how impressive Barca was considering they don’t spend much more on salary than the MLS. The guy was not sarcastic. He finished off telling everyone in the section about how no Americans have any sort of etiquette and then promptly spilled beer on my wife.

    Anyways, it made me think, however much a lot of us argue on here, it is so nice to have informed discussions regarding soccer. So first off, thanks again for letting me vent, and secondly, thanks for providing me with some enjoyable soccer discussions.

  37. john says:

    The reserves need to play against Barcelona in the second half. They are making $15,000-$60,000. Each day working hard in training with virtually no job security. They quickly forget all the crap by being allowed to play one half against Barcelona. Its an exhibition and everyone has tuned out by the second half anyway.

  38. ElPocho says:

    Feel better about the Galaxy/Barca game now.

  39. Humphrey says:

    This was a slap in the face to the great Seattle fans.

    Sigi should have left in a couple of good players in the second half. The team looked like a bunch of high schoolers against the Barcelona reserves.

    Sigi should have taken this game and the Chelsea game more seriously. The fans deserved to see AT LEAST ONE GOAL!

    This was a disgrace to MLS.

  40. Ken says:

    @ Humphrey — I think Sigi played this one exactly right; the game that matters is this weekend against RSL. If you need to blame someone, blame the front office for scheduling a home friendly mid-week between two away games. That being said, I don’t feel the need to blame anyone; seeing Barca play in Seattle was a privilege.

    One more takeaway from tonight’s game — I’m extremely excited for the Leo Gonzalez era.

  41. Gary says:

    “Disgrace to the MLS”????

    What in god’s name do you expect playing against a side who actually understands the game and has quality?

    Sigi could have played his starters 90 minutes and still had the same result. He could have prepped for this game till he was blue in the face and had the same result.

    Your expectations are not in line with reality.

  42. Humphrey says:

    The Seattle starters looked good against Barca starters in the first half (Just as they did vs. Chelsea)…Possible victory and certain moral victory for the team and MLS if some stay in.

  43. Terry says:

    They had the whole first half to score one goal and didn’t do it. Dissapointing yes, but 8 out of 10 La Liga teams don’t score a goal in the first half against them either. Seattle played on Sunday and then they play again on Saturday. I think they played their best side for the first half and wanted to give it a strong go. Barcelona did the exact same thing. Second half was like a high school team against a professional one, but I think the first half had plenty of time to give the fans what they wanted. The Sounders just got drubbed in San Jose and looked like they would rather have been lying on the beach. Their attitude was dreadfull, so this game was not going to be a fun gift for them. One half and lets stay fit and focussed for Saturday.

  44. Humphrey says:

    No goals in last 3 matches?…They could have used one for confidence going forward.

    Arena of the Galaxy had it right by leaving Beckham and Donovan in for part of the second half.

    This game meant more to Seattle fans then it did to the wussy Sigi.

  45. ness says:

    The Real Salt Lake game in 3 days means a hell of a lot more to us Seattle fans than the friendly tonight did.

  46. Joseph D'Hippopotamus says:

    Where in the crap was Le Two???

  47. Joseph D'Hippopotamus says:

    It was more like a beating than a friendly

    Utterly embarrassing for MLS

  48. LoLo says:

    I don’t think Sigi could have played it any better. The reserves get paid chump change, they can’t even afford health insurance. If giving them a chance to be on the field with Barcelona will help their morale, I think the coach has to do it. Try as they might, Seattle was never going to beat Barca. Even if their starters had played the whole game they wouldn’t have won. Barcelona’s reserves are way better than most professional teams in the world. I’m not even convinced that the Seattle coach wanted this game. MLS needs to stop forcing games like this.

  49. CapeCodFutbol says:

    lol @ all the people embarrassed by Seattle’s performance.

    Don’t be. And don’t think that this was some grand referendum on the quality of the league. It was a very nice event, in an amazing setting.

  50. gmonsoon43 says:

    If we can get every MLS market to have the fan support of Seattle, mission accomplished for MLS.

  51. dadryan says:

    the support won’t be there in two seasons if they can’t win on grass…you saw the super fans leaving early right? What soccer fans leave a match before the final whistle?

  52. bud says:

    The sod was awful. I left at the half because I knew the 2nd half was mop-up time.

  53. OnionBag says:

    @dadryan – We have more people leave before the final whistle than your avg attendance numbers in DC…

  54. Wolves and Quakes supporter says:

    Seattle just can’t play on grass (that grass was horrible, too long). I think they might have scored a goal on both Chelsea and Barcelona if the games were held on their regular turf…probably still wouldn’t have won though.

  55. Yakimasound says:

    @dadryan I had a 3 hour drive home after the game to be at work by 6am. The traffic leaving Qwest is tremendous. In a game that doesn’t count for anything on a weeknight where the game may as well have been 45 mins long, my choice was pretty clear. I love my team and support them in everything, and I agree with the Way Sigi used his starters, that being said I think you should probably be able to give a pass on this game.

  56. madmax says:

    It was great to see Barcelona and Messi play if only for a half. What a delight to see players one on one with goalie able to put shot on frame. In MLS putting a shot on goal from 6 yards out is a miracle.

  57. Ben says:

    These games are just friendlies. The Sounders’ coaching staff shouldn’t be criticized for dressing the reserves. Don’t forget, their upcoming game is more important.

  58. dadryan says:

    Yakimasound, you get a pass…;-)
    I’m just poking the Bears. It’ll be really neat if Sounders fans can ever find anything other attendance figures to hang their hats on, but with so much trouble scoring goals as of late and a complete inability to win any games on natural surfaces all season long that may be a long time coming…

  59. fan of the football says:

    Well it was never really a game, but realistically, who expected one? It was, however, exciting to see Messi, Henry, Xavi, etc in person. The 2nd half was extremely difficult to watch. Drinking game: how many times can the Barcelona reserves effortlessly string together 15 passes without a care in the world?

  60. Sterlinho says:

    @ Dadryan

    Sounders have more than attendance numbers to hang their hats on. link to

    The Sounders have just as many MLS championships as Dallas, Colorado, NYRB, The Revs, Chivas, and RSL.

    They set a record for a consecutive shut out streak to start the season and they sell more gear than any other MLS franchise.

    In regards to the whole grass situation, don’t blame the Sounders. All Don Garber has to do is require grass for the league and it’s done. Here is the reference:

    link to