ESPN platforms to air all 52 Under-20 World Cup matches


If you are anxious to get a glimpse of some of the future stars of the soccer world, you will have your chance soon enough.

The Under-20 World Cup in Egypt is set to kick off on Thursday, and ESPN has announced that it will broadcast all 52 matches on a combination of ESPN platforms including, ESPN Classic, ESPN2 and ESPN.

The tournament kicks off with host Egypt facing Trinidad & Tobago, while the U.S. Under-20 national team opens its tournament on Saturday against Germany (9:55am, ESPN Classic/

What do you think of this news? Will you try to see all the matches? Excited to have a chance to see the rising stars from countries such as Brazil, Spain and England to name a few? Think the United States has a chance?

Share your thoughts below (The tournament's TV schedule is after the jump).

FIFA Under-20 World Cup Schedule

Date Time (ET) Network Match Group/ Match # Site Round Robin Phase


12:55 p.m. Egypt vs. Trinidad & Tobago A – 1 Alexandria


9:55 a.m. Paraguay vs. Italy A – 2 Cairo

12:40 p.m. Nigeria vs. Venezuela B – 3 Cairo

3:25 p.m. Spain vs. Tahiti B – 4 Cairo


9:55 a.m. ESPN Classic USA vs. Germany C – 5 Suez

12:40 p.m. Cameroon vs. Korea Republic C – 6 Suez

12:40 p.m. Ghana vs. Uzbekistan D – 7 Ismailia

3:25 p.m. England vs. Uruguay D – 8 Ismailia


9:55 a.m. Brazil vs. Costa Rica E – 9 Port Said

12:40 p.m. Czech Republic vs. Australia E – 10 Port Said

12:40 p.m. United Arab Emirates vs. South Africa F – 11 Alexandria

3:25 p.m. Honduras vs. Hungary F – 12 Alexandria

Mon., Sept 28

9:55 a.m. Nigeria vs. Spain B – 13 Cairo

12:40 p.m. Italy vs. Trinidad & Tobago A – 14 Cairo

12:40 p.m. Tahiti vs. Venezuela B – 15 Cairo

3:25 p.m. Egypt vs. Paraguay A – 16 Cairo

Tues., Sept.29

9:55 a.m. Korea Republic vs. Germany C – 17 Suez

12:40 p.m. ESPN2 USA vs. Cameroon C – 18 Suez

12:40 p.m. Uruguay vs. Uzbekistan D – 19 Ismailia

3:25 p.m. Ghana vs. England D – 20 Ismailia

Wed., Sept. 30

9:55 a.m. Australia vs. Costa Rica E – 21 Port Said

12:40 p.m. Brazil vs. Czech Republic E – 22 Port Said

12:40 p.m. Hungary vs. South Africa F – 23 Alexandria

3:35p.m. United Arab Emirates vs. Hungary F – 24 Alexandria

Thurs., Oct. 1

12:40 p.m. Tahiti vs. Nigeria B – 25 Cairo

12:40 p.m. Venezuela vs. Spain B – 26 Cairo

3:25 p.m. Trinidad & Tobago vs. Paraguay A – 27 Cairo

3:25 p.m. Italy vs. Egypt A – 28 Cairo

Fri., Oct. 2

12:40 p.m. ESPN2 Korea Republic vs. USA C – 29 Suez

12:40 Germany vs. Cameroon C – 30 Ismailia

3:25 p.m. Uruguay vs. Ghana D – 31 Ismailia 3:25 p.m. Uzbekistan vs. England D – 32 Suez

Sat., Oct. 3

12:40 p.m. Hungary vs. United Arab Emirates F – 33 Alexandria

12:40 p.m. South Africa vs. Honduras F – 34 Port Said

3:25 p.m. Costa Rica vs. Czech Republic E – 35 Alexandria

3:25 p.m. Australia vs. Brazil E – 36 Port Said

Round of 16

Mon., Oct. 5

10:25 a.m. 1st B vs. 3rd A/C/D 37 Cairo

1:55 p.m. 2nd A vs. 2nd C 38 Cairo

Tues, Oct. 6

10:25 a.m. 1st D vs. 3rd B/E/F 39 Ismailia

1:55 p.m. 1st A vs. 3rd C/D/E 40 Cairo

1:55 p.m. 1st F vs. 2nd E 41 Alexandria

Wed., Oct. 7

10:25 a.m. 1st E vs. 2nd D 42 Port Said

10:25 a.m. 2nd B vs. 2nd F 43 Suez

1:55 p.m. 1st C vs. 3rd A/B/F 44 Suez


Fri., Oct. 9

10:25 a.m. Winners – 38 vs. 39 45 Suez

1:50 p.m. Winners – 37 vs. 41 46 Suez

Sat., Oct. 10

10:25 Winners – 42 vs. 44 47 Cairo

1:55 p.m. Winners – 43 vs. 40 48 Cairo


Tues., Oct.13

10:20 a.m. ESPN2 Winners – 45 vs. 46 49 Cairo

1:50 p.m. Winners – 47 vs. 48 50 Cairo

Third Place

Fri., Oct.16

10:55 a.m. Third Place 51 Cairo

Title Match

Fri., Oct. 16

1:50 p.m. U-20 World Cup Title Match 52 Cairo

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46 Responses to ESPN platforms to air all 52 Under-20 World Cup matches

  1. Conor Casey's Knee says:

    Our worst u-20 team in many years…yay!

    I dont see them getting even close to the 2nd round.

  2. Steve C. says:

    I think this is gonna kill my productivity at work the next couple weeks. ESPN360 in the workplace is not safe. =D

    Ives, kinda last minute (or anyone that knows), is there any chance I can get a few names of kids to watch out for in the tournament? Any nationality, just wanna see “the next big star”.

  3. jig says:

    bummed that internacional pulled sandro out of the brazil squad, I heard he’s sick!

  4. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Terrible FIFA decision to schedule this tournament now, great ESPN decision to air all the games.

    PS> Conor Casey’s Knee — while you might be right about this not being our best U-20 squad, who cares really? Let’s see some new names step up.

    Oh and I think we’ll make the 2nd round.

  5. Michael Vann says:

    Sweet. I’m excited. I don’t put too stock into youth tournaments but it is always nice to access individual talent. I’m not a big fan of playing these youth tournaments during the playing season because it potentially diminishes the talent that could be there. However, it won’t kill my interest. I’ll still watch. I like that ESPN has the games. I can flip on the TV in my office and catch glimpses as I work. Can’t be that!

    BTW, I read this morning Germany is initially traveling with 15 players. The rest will show up at various times due to club commitments. We automatically have a numerical advantage gong into the match. This has to bode well for us.

  6. jig says:

    I also really like Dani Parejo, the #10 for Spain, plays for Getafe.

    The bummer about this tournament is that there are plenty of guys born in 1989 or later that are being held back by their clubs. Balotelli, Pato, Wilshere, Welbeck, Santon, Paloschi, Bojan, Marin and many more will not feature in Egypt because of their importance to their clubs. That said, I’m still excited for the competition and the prospect of seeing some stars that haven’t yet been discovered.

  7. Ted Lanzo says:

    Great that someone is actually broadcasting these games. Toulon tournament used to be broadcasted by Fox Soccer but I haven’t seen it in the last few years. I will watch a number of games… I will be glued to the US matches. I rememeber watching the U-17 World Championship in New Zealand many years ago and being introduced to Landon Donovan and many others that are in the MLS today. I watch the Nike matches that they broadcast from Bradenton FL on occasion. I am hoping that some of those kids made it to the U20 team.

  8. Leonardo says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Aljarov says:


  10. Blown away they are doing it.

  11. JB says:

    I like this U-20 team. I’m guessing a player or two plays well enough to get a look from Bob Bradley in the November friendlies and January camp. Diskerud and Duka are the players I’m most interested in.

  12. Frank says:

    CapeCodFutbol, you’re right that FIFA screwed up scheduling the tournament.

    I just wish they would show all the games on TV. I don’t care about ESPN360. I can watch the games on other Internet outlets if I wanted to but I’d prefer to DVR the games.

  13. usadcu says:

    Certainly will watch live or record all the USA matches. No problem with FIFA’s schedule – those with big roles for their clubs are happy they have these roles – everyone else is getting the chance to shine. There may not be an LD or Jozy in the group for the US, but I still want to see this mix of MLS, Europe, college and other guys show what they can do. I’ll probably hold off watching any non-US matches until the later stages.

  14. timF says:

    Happy Bday Ives.

    Also, this u20 maybe be really bad but its got a couple of future offensive gems in Diskerud, Duka and Taylor, imo. The defense is also really solid.

    They will advance to the second round guaranteed. Why? Because some of the third place teams advance. With Germany sending a ton of scrubs, there is a chance this u20 squad could pick up points against all three of its opponents. 4pts would get them through to the next round.

  15. Conor Casey's Knee says:

    I guess we will see if they have gotten any better since their abysmal u-17 showing.

    It doesnt matter I will always root for the Nats, at any level of competition.

    I am just much more excited for the u-17 World Cup next month! We actually have a chance at winning that one.

  16. cjbrown says:

    are the usa games on galavision or some spanish station? I don’t get espn classic

  17. Ram says:

    Directv just took ESPN Classic off of the standard packages and added it to the sports tier. So it looks like I’m gonna be glued to ESPN360

  18. RK says:

    Soccer overload…no way I can watch these, too.

  19. Tomas says:

    I think it’s cool that all the games will get some coverage. I will check out all the US games, and the other games in the later stages of the tourney. It is a shame the top U20’s of the world won’t play, but they already play for their senior teams. Can’t pay too many matches, gotta stay healthy.

  20. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Good point, Tim. Alot of folks don’t realize many of these teams (like Germany) are not sending their best squads. Many club teams have balked at releasing their players, so they have had to hunt and peck to come up with full squads. I think the US have enough to at least get thru to the second round. I’m personally hoping for Brek Shea to have a breakout tourney and get noticed and signed by a Euro club.

  21. zongzap says:

    Looks like another killer draw for the USA.

    Funny how it always seems to work out that we get tough countries while the traditional soccer powers mostly get easy draws get easy draws.

    Paraguay vs. Italy
    Italy vs. Trinidad & Tobago
    Brazil vs. Costa Rica

    USA vs Germany ??? luck of the draw … again

  22. Patrick says:

    So if you don’t have ESPN360, you only get the 3 American group stage matches?

    Did I read that right?

    When will ESPN360 be for everyone?

  23. JR says:

    You can get ESPN360 remote now.

    If Tahiti wins a game in this tournament it will be an amazing story.

  24. M says:

    I’m that excited for this upcoming U-20 World Cup just because we’re fielding such a weak squad. I’ll still watch it though.

    However, I will say that I am extremely excited for the upcoming U-17 World Cup. Should be one of the best sides we’ve fielded in a long time – IF we can get all the young stars together.

  25. M says:

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVES! Go treat yourself to some Peruvian style chicken and yuka fries!

  26. Chase says:

    Isn’t this considerably less coverage (outside of ESPN360) than the last U-20 WC in ’07?

    I seem to remember ESPNU carrying a lot of games, though with the college football season now in full swing, they are probably busy re-running all of the games from the weekend…

  27. Ian says:

    Glad they are showing it, but fooking hell, I wish they’d shell out for the rights for the Honduras qualifier instead!!! Still bewildered by that!

  28. RSF says:

    The honduras qualifier was WAY too much money for ESPN for a single game. Not worth 5 million or whatever the hell they wanted.

  29. Aquaman says:

    I think a lot of people are overlooking Peri as a good offensive weapon because he’s not getting any playing time for FC Dallas, but if you look at who’s been scoring for the U-20’s over the past 2-3 years he’s been scoring a lot of the goals.

  30. brett says:

    Conor Casey’s Knee- i think two things

    1) you underestimate our actual squad. While there are no Adu’s or Jozy’s the squad itself is not that bad at all. Several pro-players mixed together with some College players waiting to get pro contracts and avoiding MLS. it is a well balanced team with a solid back line (despite the injuries of late)

    2. you forget how the true world powers truly look down on this. Germany alone are bringing a poor squad with few of their true prospects. in fact last i saw, Germany only sent 15 men to Egypt with the ability to fly others out if needed.

    i think this team is set to surprise you, though anything could happen and we could flame out.

  31. Frank says:

    True World Powers do not look down on this…the Bundesliga season is in full swing and the teams refuse to release their players. They are not required by FIFA and since they need their players for more important things they’ll not allow them to leave. Germany has no choice but to pick second or third choice players.

  32. fieldsy says:

    I don’t have espn 360 through our cable carrier. anyone know how to get it another way?

    (SBI-If you get Verizon internet you can also get it.)

  33. George says:

    I like how it looks like the sphinx is heading the ball . :)

  34. RLW2020 says:

    im rooting for the US vs. Tahiti final.

  35. Jason says:

    this team is one the best “teams” we put out. It may lack in star quality but they’re impressive as a team. If Germany beats us I’ll be shocked, I’ve read almost all the players are either playing for reserve teams or for like U-23 teams for leagues in like the 3-5th tier of German football. Germany even had to call up a German-Turk thats play professional in the Turkey Super League. Can’t wait for all our NCAA studs to get pro deals after this.

  36. madmax says:

    I’ll be watching on 360. Unfortunately for the USA they’ll be going up against one of the best sides in Europe, Germany. If they can stay with the huns they’ll do well.

  37. Jason says:

    in fact to add my post about Germany, their captain can’t play due to a red card achieved in the Euro U-18 final last year and they’re flying to Egypt with 15 players. And whatever players they can get will fly to Egypt after their midweek cup games.

  38. Scott A says:

    If you watch all 52 matches in the Under-20 World Cup and you don’t work in the soccer business, you should re-evaluate your priorities haha

  39. Every team is sending their worst U-20 team in years. Due to the time of this tournament. But it’s not like I’m not gonna watch.

  40. DC Josh says:

    This should have been scheduled during the summer. Now all the best U-20 players are club-tied.

    US will make it to the second round. I’m hoping Jack McInerney has a good tournament.

    Not going to get much work done watching most of these games online.

  41. JB says:

    It’s the U-20 World Cup, the club teams are required to release their players. It is certain national federations that are choosing not to push the issue.

  42. Frank says:

    I just read on that Germany had 27 players that are either injured or did not get permission from their clubs to join the U-20 team.

  43. Frank says:

    And by the way, there are three more players who will join the German team after they have played in the DFB Cup (games are today and tomorrow), so there will be 18 players available plus another two that could be called in.

    JB, teams are not required to release their players. National federations have no say over this matter.

  44. Conor Casey's Knee says:

    I hope most here arent confusing our U-17 team(with Gil,Renken,Mcinerney and others. perhaps our best U-17 team to ever wear the jersey) with this U-20 team that isnt all that good.

    I’ll root for them, but making it to the 2nd round would be an upset.

  45. Guille Iriarte says:

    Go URUGUAY !!!!

    next World Champion U20 !!!

  46. a says:

    none of the games showning at any espn classic or 2 they all on espn 360 that is bad