Morning Ticker: Mexico ends World Cup hosting bid, Arsenal striker in car wreck and more

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You can remove Mexico from the list of nations opposing the United States in the race to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Mexico has pulled out of the running, leaving the United States as the lone CONCACAF nation bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

The Mexican Soccer Federation stated that, after a careful review, it was determined that the country did not have the financial capacity to host the games, citing the country's need to renovate existing stadiums.

Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan and Russia are still in the running with single bids, while Belgium/Netherlands and Spain/Portugal have joint bids. 2002 World Cup co-host South Korea is in the mix for the 2022 tournament, as is Qatar.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:

Bendtner escapes serious injury after car wreck

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is lucky to be alive after a car accident left his Aston Martin totaled.

Bendtner suffered minor injuries to his knee and shoulder after the Sunday car accident, which took place on his way to training. He will miss Arsenal's Champions League match vs. Olympiakos while he recovers.

Bendtner's accident came just as Arsenal learned that it would be losing midfielder Denilson for two months with a back injury.

Matthaeus favorite to take over Hertha Berlin

Just when you thought one-time MetroStar Lothar Matthaeus might be a person Red Bull considers to coach its New York team in MLS, now comes word that the former German national team star is in line to take over as head coach of Hertha Berlin.

Hertha Berlin fired head coach Lucian Favre on Monday after six straight losses, leaving the door open for Matthaeus, who has yet to coach in Germany. The one-time Red Bull Salzburg coach has coached in Austria, Israel and also led the Hungarian national team, but would be taking his first job in the Bundesliga if he took over Hertha Berlin.

Donadoni on thin ice at Napoli

While Matthaeus looks unlikely to be in the running for the Red Bulls coaching job, another former MetroStars midfielder might be. Roberto Donadoni's time as Napoli head coach could be ending soon amid turmoil following the club's slow start. Napoli's sporting director, Pierpaolo Marino, left Napoli this week and Donadoni could be next.

The former Italian national team manager spent two seasons playing with the MetroStars (96-97) before returning to Italy to play for AC Milan.


That's all for now. What do you think of Mexico pulling out of the World Cup hosting process? Amazed that Bendtner wasn't more badly hurt? Glad Matthaeus won't be coaching in MLS anytime soon? Could you see Donadoni on the sidelines for the Red Bulls in 2010?

Share your thoughts below.

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58 Responses to Morning Ticker: Mexico ends World Cup hosting bid, Arsenal striker in car wreck and more

  1. Deuce says:

    Goood Morning, First!

  2. wilbur06 says:

    mexico pulling out is great for us; we now stand to receive jack warner’s full support

  3. soccerroo says:

    With Mexico out that removes all competition from CONCACAF. I think Austrailia is the only competition now if England gets the 2018 bid.

  4. nate says:

    Warner was already paid off by England when they came to T&T for a friendly last year.

  5. harrybalsac says:

    is this a misplaced “you make the caption” photo-

  6. freddie footballer says:

    thanks afc for the link and socceroo I agree completely. I see England in ’18, USA in ’22 and Australia in ’26.

  7. Dudinho says:

    Head guy of the Mexican FA came on espn Deportes. Basically he stated that all future world cups are going to have really high standards in order to host. THe US is the only country in Concacaf that will be able to pull meet standards like that. IM speculating but i think that puts an end to the rotation system. So they are throwing their full support Behind the US bid. To them its like playing at home. So its a win win. He Also confirmed US playing in San Pedro Sula for the next Qualifier.

  8. soccerroo says:

    Would Donadoni take the step down that far by taking the Red Bull job? Italian National Team, Napoli and the NY Red Bulls dose not seeem like a choice you would make unless your career is really in the crapper.

    (SBI- If he’s fired from Napoli, what do you think his next move would be exactly? And call it what you want, but if the Red Bulls are ready to break the bank on a coach, having the allure of a new stadium and chance to coach in New York is a good combo for luring big-name coaches. I personally think Richie Williams should keep the job, but who knows what the Red Bulls will do?)

  9. Blokhin says:

    seriously, a WC in the U.S. would be all home games for Mexico, even against the U.S….

  10. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Just when you think there’s a ray of hope with the opening of Red Bull Arena and with the way Richie Williams at least has the players caring again, Lothar Matthaeus’ name pops up. God knows if he ever did come here to coach he wouldn’t be able to do it. He’d be too busy in St. Tropez, France, resting his phantom back injury.

  11. moosecat says:

    shocking! FIFA doesn’t want Mexican fans throwing piss and vomit onto the world’s best players on the world’s biggest stage. lol. nice try Mejico.

  12. JackWarnerHelpsNoOneButHimself says:

    mexico pulling out is great for us; we now stand to receive jack warner’s full support

    Posted by: wilbur06 | September 29, 2009 at 10:12 AM

    One doesn’t stand to receive Jack Warner’s full support, at least fully upright.

  13. Jacob A. says:

    Dudinho, why exactly would the head of the FMF be able to confirm the US-Honduras game is being played in San Pedro Sula?

  14. Dudinho says:

    @ Jacob
    They have been Speaking with Concacaf officials. if The champions league game with Toluca goes well then the US team travels to San Pedro Sula. The guy was basically talking about the game when he threw in and said the US would be playing there as well. Stating that the Honduran FA is guaranteeing the safety of any team coming into the country. The Issues are in Tegucigalpa in the South not in San Pedro Sula in the north. The champions league game is the test run to see if there are any problems. Toluca wasn’t supposed to travel but it was changed and the game was back on.

    On a side note Ives got a shout out during the email portion of the show, on espn deportes radio. A listener wrote in and requested they get a US soccer expert instead of their guys who are obviously bias. Specifically asking for Ives among other names.

  15. PetedeLA says:

    According to Bild (OK. Not the best news source) Matthaeus is no longer in the running for the Hertha job.

  16. kpugs says:

    Moosecat, well said my man. Mexico can play their home games in America, where we have a thing called security. God I hate everything related to Mexican soccer so much.

    Donadoni is the first non-Williams name I’ve heard that I would want to coach RBNY. I pray to the flying spaghetti monster one of them gets the gig.

  17. skb says:

    where is WC 2014?

  18. Leonardo says:

    any word on *how* he crashed? hungover? speeding? or maybe genuinely avoiding an innocent skunk skipping across the highway?

    he’s in line with Ronaldo – crashed a while back – so maybe this means Bendtner will be a great player

  19. You don’t want LOthar in NY. He is a terrible Manager.

    He has not crossed over into management that well.

  20. Besides, Red Bull Salzburg fired him. Why would they hire him for their property in NY?

  21. 505anthony says:

    Re Mexico’s bid: well, I’m sure they would have struggled to fill up enough cups with urine and vomit to last the entire tournament 😉

  22. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Donadoni > Matthaeus.

    IMO, as both a player and a person.

  23. Jules says:

    Mexico had a bid?

  24. rory says:

    Mexico realized they can just come here to watch the games and throw pee-bombs easier then having to organize the whole thing.

  25. nate says:

    love the classy rhino in the bottom left corner of this pic

  26. gmonsoon43 says:

    Glad he wasn’t severly injured, but million dollar cars should have good crash protection.

    With mexico pulling out of the running it looks like us and England. Asia just had a WC in 2002 and 2 straight cups won’t be bid to Europe.

  27. harrybalsac says:

    get used to it

  28. dc says:

    add me to the list of fans that dislikes mexican soccer….bunch of divers

  29. smits says:

    classy gesture Lower Left corner of the picture.

  30. froboy says:

    where is WC 2014?

    Posted by: skb | September 29, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    It’s in Brasil, anyone else feel like we could have an outside shot of winning 2022 if we host. I think Jozy, Charlie Davies, Bradley, Spector, Adu, Feilhaber, Holden, could all be available perhaps for their last WC, either way hosting in 2022 would be big for the development of US soccer

  31. Strider says:

    skb – Brazil for WC2014

  32. Strider says:

    froboy – I think you are a bit overly optimistic about 2022 and the availability of our young guns. They will all be over 30 (even Jozy will be at least 31). More importantly, we should all hope that there are some young players that can play them off the team by then.

  33. Mason says:

    Qatar? During the summer?

    That would have to be the first all-indoor FIFA World Cup tournament.

  34. doug says:


    Ironically, hosting the tournament and getting the automatic bid may work against us because the team will not be subjected to any do-or-die matches (like now) heading into the Finals.

    But, 13 years is a long time and the soccer landscape in this country will be vastly different. There will be kids growing up in that time span that can be totally immersed in the game and ready to break out. MLS should be much stronger by that time. Even if it’s still a feeder league (which it probably will be). It should be feeding stronger players to Europe and the USMNT.

  35. Dman says:

    It’s in Brasil, anyone else feel like we could have an outside shot of winning 2022 if we host. I think Jozy, Charlie Davies, Bradley, Spector, Adu, Feilhaber, Holden, could all be available perhaps for their last WC, either way hosting in 2022 would be big for the development of US soccer

    Posted by: froboy | September 29, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    I agree with Strider….I mean they’ll be 30+ then. If it was 2018 that would be great but it doesnt appear we’re going to get that bid in ’18.

    2014 Brazil is going to win the dang thing no questions asked.

  36. soccerroo says:


    The 2014 Cup is in Brazil.


    I know if Donadoni gets fired he will need a job but i would think that another position in Europe would be a better fit for his career than coming to coach in MLS. I think he would be a great hire but just not sure it would be the best career move for him.

  37. Jacob A. says:

    That makes sense Dudinho. I was just wondering why he would know already. Thanks man.

  38. CSD says:

    Qatar actually has plans for a stadium with a below ground pitch that would help control the temperature. With the cash they could spend I wouldn’t count them out.

    link to

  39. RLW2020 says:

    USA in 2022!
    the tough decision will be what European team will get the 2018 WC… England is my vote, but Spain or the Netherlands would not be bad. England has the Olympics in 2012.. idk if that makes the debate any different.

    Russia, Qatar and Indonesia are interesting bids but they are more suited for U-20’s or something like that.

  40. RLW2020 says:

    having a coach in Hertha Berlin with experience with Americans could be good for Bryan Arguez as he tries to break into the starting squad too.

  41. Leon says:

    21 year old with an aston martin, lovely.

  42. Keith G. says:

    I really dont know what to think abouth the Red Bulls coaching situation. With the way Williams is coaching I think he should get a shot at coaching a full season. Yet at the same time I think bringing in Donadoni, would be a great move. Bring in the Italian game to the MLS and see how it works. With the way the Red Bulls deffense has been the last few years I think the Italian way is deffently worth the try.

  43. Smith says:


  44. GoQuakes says:

    I just laugh when I see South Korea trying to get it again. That was the worst cup ever. The stadiums were half full despite the cameras attempts to hide it. They were giving away tens of thousands of tickets for free and still couldn’t get anyone to show up to see anyone play other than the home team. What a freaking joke. Never again.

  45. Any news on Jason Kries of RSL getting the can? Rumor in SLC is that he has 3 games to save his job.

  46. Rastafari says:

    Sad Sack poor winners in Azteca.

  47. DC Josh says:

    sad to say I wasn’t surprised to hear about another expensive car wreck involving a footballer. Poor Aston Martin… nothing left of it in the picture.

  48. Yinka Double Dare says:

    1) I can’t imagine anyone getting 2022 other than the US. FIFA knows the money they stand to make. The attendance record set in the 1994 Cup here still stands even though 1994 was a 24 team tourney and the three since then have had 32 (and therefore more games played). The SMALLEST stadium we’d use is probably Soldier Field, which is bigger than all but three or four of the stadiums used in Germany 2006. And there are more people here that would be interested in buying tickets than there were in 1994 with more immigrants and more soccer interest by the public overall. It’d be a cash cow, and everyone knows it. With Mexico now supporting the US bid and it will have been 24 or 28 years since the last CONCACAF hosting, I think it’s hard to imagine that the US won’t get one of the tournaments, probably 2022.

    2) I’m surprised Bendtner didn’t have his car custom painted a garish pink like his boots.

  49. Mike says:

    Since we can say with 95% certainty that the 2018 WC will go to Europe (probably England or Spain), this is good news. It pretty much leaves Australia as the only other major player for 2022.

    I’m pretty sure we would get 2022. But as long as MLS stays with its current schedule, I think that FIFA will make us sweat over it. There’s a reason why FIFA continues to criticize the MLS schedule, and there’s a reason it keeps getting brought up in interviews about World Cup bids. It’s a strong hint. If MLS ever agreed, 2022 would be a slam dunk.

  50. Mason says:

    That stadium holds 11,000 people. They’ll need to scale it up mightily if they want to compete, but they are flush with cash.

  51. Mason says:

    MLS would probably just take the month off if we had a winning bid. They will never switch to the standard schedule because it just puts them up against too much else in the US sports scene.

    Plus, who wants to go to see the Revs or Fire in January or February?

  52. Portugal! says:

    Mexico didn’t really have a chance of winning the bid with the US being there.

    I like when Ives mentions anything Mexico, everyone starts whining.

    2016 Olympics go to Madrid

    2018 WC goes to England

    2022 WC goes to US

  53. madmax says:

    FIFA rejected two of Mexico’s proposed sites, LA and Houston.

  54. MiamiAl says:

    MLS’ first impression of “the Mattheus/Donadoni” experience still proves to be correct. Both of them should stay away from coaching.

  55. PTM says:

    Mexico realized they weren’t rich enough to pay for the WC only AFTER they submitted the bid? Que pobrecitos.

  56. Melo says:

    Truth is the only two WC’s that will be remembered with great fondness hosted in the American Continent where both organized by Mexico… period! Argentina was under military dictatorship when they hosted theirs in’78. Before that Brazil, Uruguay, nobody remembers!

    Sorry that all the jealous whiners weren’t there when the fun was happening down South. And believe me it was fun! Not to mention Pele in the 1970 final, Maradona in the 1986 final, what more can be said!

    The 1994 US WC will be forever remembered for having had the most BORING final in history, and not much more!

  57. rickr says:

    Glad Mexico (the most classless team and fans) are out of it.

  58. Jorge Smith says:


    When Mexico has hosted the WC, have the fans been classless? And when participating in World Cups has the Mexican team been classless? Show me ONE example anywhere to back up your statement! Maybe on one ocassion, Marquez vs. Cobi? And when else, please show me! Since when have Americans in general been so classy? I’ll tell you what Americans are known for all over the world… their lack of culture!
    You obviously don’t remember US vs.Uruguay in the 2007 U-20 WC. When the Uruguayans clearly wanted to hurt as many American players as they could, I mean seriously injure players, when they where not diving that is. Why don’t you hate Uruguayans also! Or do you? You already hate Italy, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela and half of the rest of the world! Who do you love? England? Oh yes the classy Brits! Especially when they are targeting fans from opposing teams after WC matches to actually (just for fun) see if they can land them in the hospital. If with a couple of stab wounds, even better. Welcome to the REAL world! Americans want to be treated “special” by everyone, and if they’re not, they whine! The USMNT ride in armored cars, and charter special planes. Please, you’re not that special! I could go on and on but I actually could care less what you think about Mexico!

    Good luck in Honduras!