Weekend College Soccer Wrap


The important ACC match between UNC and Maryland came down to the wire on Friday. No. 2 UNC saw their unbeaten start to the season come to an end with less than two minutes left. Fifth-year senior Kevin Tangney, who had made two comebacks from knee surgery, grabbed the game's lone goal just when overtime seemed imminent.

Akron's dominance continued as they jumped to a 7-0-0 record, crushing MAC competition Bowling Green by a 6-0 score on Saturday. The Zips got their six from five separate players, and will be tested on Wednesday against Ohio State.

There were plenty of upsets around the country, as a number of teams in the NSCAA Top 25 fell to unranked opponents. Virginia lost to Clemson 1-0, Boston College beat Duke 2-0, New Mexico won 2-1 against California, West Virginia shutout South Florida 1-0, and Virginia Tech knocked off North Carolina State, 2-0.

UMBC continued their winning ways behind two goals from nation's leading goalscorer Andrew Bulls to bring their record to 9-0-0 with a 3-0 win over La Salle. The win could likely vault them into the top 25 when the new polls come out tomorrow.

What did you think of this weekend's college soccer action? Make it out to any games? Surprised at the upsets? Should UMBC be ranked in the top 10?

Share your thoughts below.

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21 Responses to Weekend College Soccer Wrap

  1. babieca says:

    Cap Pete Caringi now!

    It fills me with joy to see my alma mater doing so well.

  2. This Guy says:

    No Big Ten coverage?
    I’ll go dig it up

  3. This Guy says:

    Penn St. defeated Michigan 2-0
    IU defeated Wisconsin 1-0

    Ohio St. is 5-0-3
    Penn St. is 5-3-1
    IU is 4-2-1
    NorthWestern is 4-1-3
    Michigan is 7-2-0
    Michigan St. is 4-2-1
    Wisc. is 2-3-2

    These are overalls not conference because this weekend was the start of conference play.

  4. csmith says:

    Is it Caringi or Adams the real hero for the Retrievers?

  5. froboy says:

    UNC badly missed a pk that would’ve given them the lead, MD keeper Zac McMath was a beast, made a ton of huge saves, the game was a bit sloppy, but I am impressed with how MD has reloaded even losing so many guys to the MLS, I noticed Josh Wicks there taking notes on Zac’s play

  6. Scott says:

    UMBC in the top 10? Nah. The best competition they’ve had was Virginia Tech (who are currently tied for 2nd in the ACC surprisingly), Loyola (Md.) and Boston U. Past that, their schedule is very weak.

    They’re listed at #20 in the nation, and that’s probably pretty accurate, IMO. I think if they finish their regular season undefeated, they’d deserve a top 10 spot.

  7. Big Phil says:

    Check this site out: link to onelovesoccer.webs.com

    It’s a place where soccer fans can interact on message boards, get caught up on the latest news, watch cool videos, and read expert blogs.

  8. jig says:

    i think you should discontinue this feature, Travis. I can’t imagine it gets as many readers as the other posts on SBI.

  9. Ne-Dub says:

    New Mexico should be in the top 20. They have played one of, if not the toughest schedule in the nation. 2 top 10 wins, 6 of 8 games against top 25, 5-3-0 record.

  10. Big Phil says:

    I only saw the last 15 minutes of the Maryland-UNC game, but I have to tell you that play-by-play announcer milked the storyline regarding Tangney.

    I’ll start referring to that as the “Tim Tebow syndrome.”

  11. mwc says:

    There was a Maryland home field record of 6,946 in attendance at the game. Pretty impressive for a college game. Of course, if the Sounders had been awarded the game, there would have been 30,000 there . . . I kid because I love.

  12. babieca says:

    Is it Caringi or Adams the real hero for the Retrievers?

    Posted by: csmith | September 28, 2009 at 04:24 PM

    I think it’s probably Bulls, actually.

  13. This Guy says:

    i think you should discontinue this feature, Travis. I can’t imagine it gets as many readers as the other posts on SBI.

    Posted by: jig

    i think you should discontinue your analysis of what SBI should post on its site and start your own site to post what you want.

  14. Ne-Dub says:

    haha, well played This Guy.

  15. jig says:

    I’m just sayin!

  16. travis says:

    just dont read the post. Do you read every post in the blog?

    UMBC should indeed be approaching the top 10. Dont get caught up in big conference bias. I think you’ll find that when the NCAA releases the first RPI in a few weeks their s.o.s will rate very high.

  17. JK says:

    It’s scary that UMBC starts many underclassmen. They should definitely be in the Top 25.

  18. KireDCU says:

    Go Terps!

  19. brian says:

    ouch, not a good weekend for bg sports.

  20. DC Josh says:

    let’s go terps. I wish Wake was coming to College Park as well, but you can’t get it all. They definitely need to take some of the money for the football team who are woeful, and put it into improvements to Ludwig. They could easily bring in 6-10k for the big games if they had nicer seats, better amenities.

  21. John says:

    It’s all about AKRON!!! Go ZIPS!!! They are the real deal. Classy all the way up and down their line up!