UEFA Champions League: Matchday Two (Your Running Commentary)


After a brief hiatus, the second round of group stages of the UEFA Champions League resumes today with eight matches around Europe. Rubin Kazan and Inter Milan have already started things in Russia, with honors even 1-1 at the end.

Here's a look at the matches on TV:

2:45pm– Setanta Sports USA- Fiorentina vs. Liverpool

2:45pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Rangers vs. Sevilla

2:45pm– Fox Sports Espanol- Barcelona vs. Dynamo Kiev

The four other games are also available for those with the DirecTV subscribers with the sports packages. Arsenal hosts Olimpiacos, Debreneci takes on Lyon and AZ Alkmaar goes up against Standard Liege in some of the other matches.

If you will be watching today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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15 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Matchday Two (Your Running Commentary)

  1. westcoaster says:

    Rubin holding strong at home. Perhaps an opportunity for Dynamo Kiev to gain some ground.

  2. I have Arsenal-Olympiacos on Fox Sports South.

  3. Jose S. says:

    Just to clear something up, You don’t need the sports package to watch the rest of the games on Direct TV.

    You need the sports package to watch the games on FSC and Espanol

  4. Paul says:

    WOW!! Arsenal so unlucky!

  5. A.S. says:

    My understanding, for those of us in the NYC area, is that Arsenal-Oly is on MSG+.

  6. Dman says:

    any beasley sighting?

  7. Blokhin says:

    beasley not on the bench- why won’t Rangers try to move him elsewhere? is his salary so outrageous that others won’t pick up even a little bit of it? why waste an asset (I know, debatable at this point) on your balance sheet?

  8. dena says:

    Liverpool down 2-0 to Fiorentina, Jovetic brace

  9. Paul D says:

    Right when I was sure that Arsenal were incapable of scoring, van Persie proves me wrong.

  10. Ian says:

    2-0 to the Arsenal. 2-0 to Fiorentina. 4-1 to the US U-20s. So that puts me ahead 8-1 for the day. Not bad.

  11. simms21 says:

    Paul how are they lucky? They dominate possession and shot opportunities….And their keeper was amazing..As a Arsenal fan I wasn’t worried at all when they were knocking on the door for the last 30 minutes… 2nd goal was ridiculously offsides though but we’ll take it!!!

  12. simms21 says:

    Oops sorry Paul I guess I can’t read…. Hooray for education!!

  13. Brian says:

    2nd goal was sooo far offsides

  14. Sean Monaghan says:

    have to love rangers getting pumped 4-1 at Ibrox. Old firm is on Sunday!!!!!!

  15. SG says:

    Arsenal v Olym was on FSN in HD.