Under-20 World Cup: USA vs. Cameroon (Matchday Commentary)

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The U.S. Under-20 national team takes on Cameroon today (12:30pm, ESPN) in a match it needs to win to keep its hopes of advancing to the second round going.

The Americans dropped a 3-0 decision to Germany in their opening match, while Cameroon opened its tournament with a 2-0 win vs. South Korea. A win is even more pressing a need for the United States today after South Korea tied Germany, 1-1, earlier today.

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow the match here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


FINAL– After two matches the Americans are second in the group and face last-place South Korea with a chance to secure a place in the second round. After the disappointment of the Germany game, today's victory will taste extra sweet as the U.S. team heads into Friday's match brimming with confidence.

That's all for me. Thanks for following along here. Feel free to share the rest of your post-game thoughts in the comments section below.


FINAL– Thomas Rongen stuck with his 4-3-3 and it eventually paid off. He gets the credit today after getting the blame after the first match. Yes, Cameroon helped with its awful finishing and horrible defending, but the Americans came in and delivered in a game few could have imagined they could run away with.


FINAL- USA 4, Cameroon 1. WOW. Who saw this coming? Cameroon's defensive organization completely fell apart and the Americans managed to torch them on the counter repeatedly. Dilly Duka stole the show, while Arguez, Taylor and Ownby scored goals. The Americans are in great shape heading into their final group match against South Korea.


93rd Minute– Banana Yaya gets the yellow for slamming the ball. Yeah, a guy named Banana getting a yellow is funny.


93rd Minute– Wow, Ownby nearly gets his second goal. I love this kid.


90th Minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!! And it's BRIAN OWNBY. Yes, that's right, Brian Ownby, with the breakaway and finish. Great goal and great job to silence his critics (including myself, who did say I wanted to see that). USA 4, Cameroon 1.


89th Minute– One minute to go.


87th Minute– Are we at the point in the match where Larrionda starts developing a rash from not giving a red card yet?


86th Minute– Wow, Cameroon just wastes a look from in front of goal, mis-hit it with a heel. Awful shooting today from the Africans.


84th Minute– Count me among those hoping Ownby does something in this final six minutes to take some of the heat off him. If he scores a goal or sets one up, or simply makes no mistakes, I'll gladly give the kid some credit for coming in and helping hold the lead.


82nd Minute– Eight minutes to go. Cameroon with another wasted possession.


81st Minute– Wow, Flores stripped, leading to a breakaway, but the shot goes into the side-netting. Ugly play, USA gets lucky again.


79th Minute– Ownby with a yellow card for a foul. He'll miss the final group match vs. Korea. No, it's not wrong to be happy about that.


78th Minute– I'm all for fresh legs coming into the match, but inserting Ownby and Powers into this match feels like a death wish for Rongen. Will they repay his faith in them?


76th Minute– Jeffrey got a yellow at some point for a challenge.

This has to be the least safe 3-1 lead ever held in U.S. soccer history.


75th Minute– Ownby played no part in the penalty, but the game has turned since the sub was made.

Dilly Duka is coming out, Dillon Powers in. Huh?


74th Minute- GOAL CAMEROON!! Banana Yaya converts the PK. USA 3, Cameroon 1.


73rd Minute– Brian Ownby comes into the match and just like that, Cameroon draws a penalty. WOW. Opara gets the yellow for the penalty foul.


72nd Minute– Okay, at this rate you have to love Jorge Larrionda if you're a USA fan. Yes, there maybe a red card or two shown, but any USA match he refs turns into an instant classic.

And yes, I know this means we'll see a red card before the end of the game.


72nd Minute– Will Shea beat a defender today? He's about 0-for-20 today. I could be off by one, but still.

WOW, Cameroon with another chance that goes high.


70th Minute– Taylor on a breakout, but he sends it high.

Crazy game, Cameroon has thoroughly dominated possession and created more chances, but the USA is winning a blowout.


69th Minute– Duka with a great game today and somewhere the Red Bulls are writing a nice 'Thanks for Nothing' note to MLS for not letting them sign the Rutgers midfielder.


68th Minute– The way Cameroon plays you can rest assured there will be more goals, one way or another.


66th Minute– Duka definitely meant to shoot that on goal, you can see on the replay that he's sizing up the keeper. WOW. What a goal and what a game.


66th Minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!! WOW, Dilly Duka with a CRAZY CHIP Goal that had to be a cross. USA 3, Cameroon 0.


65th Minute– Cameroon CLOSE again!!! The pressure is pouring on the USA defense.


64th Minute– Wow, loose ball almost fell to Duka's feet, after a Shea cross was misplayed. That would have been an easy tap-in.


63rd Minute– No, New California isn't a state that exists, so you didn't miss anything.


63rd Minute– At what point does the USA swap in a midfielder for a forward?


62nd Minute– Save PERK!! The shot went right at him and once again he catches it cleanly.


61st Minute– Cameroon with a dangerous free kick at the left corner of the area. Williams with a yellow for the foul. It sure looked like he was shoved in the back before the foul.


60th Minute– Free header JUST wide by Cameroon. That was close.


60th Minute– Cameroon misses BY INCHES. Corner for the Africans.


59th Minute– Shea with a blast that the Cameroon keeper save. Duka doing very well this half.


57th Minute– Cameroon has talent and shows flashes, but lacks some organization in its attack. The U.S. team needs to stay disciplined because Cameroon will pounce on a mistake.


55th Minute– Not a bad rebound from Taylor, who missed that clear look early but has since contributed a goal and assist.


51st Minute– Regarding the USA's second goal, Tony Taylor scored on a feed from Duka. It was Duka who raced in on goal after catching Cameroon on the counter, he slipped the ball to Taylor, who tapped home into an open net.


50th Minute– Jeffrey sends a clear look high. Cameroon is in trouble.


48th Minute- USA is up 2-0 now. I'll find out what happened.


HALFTIME– Will we see Samuel Eto'o's little brother come in for Cameroon?


HALFTIME– What changes will Rongen consider at halftime? I have a feeling he stands pat and sees how Cameroon comes out. A shifting of the current personnel into a 4-4-2 would work to start the half.


HALFTIME– For those of you wondering, my comment at minute 44 does qualify as a jinx of Cameroon. Sorry Cameroon.


HALFTIME– USA 1, Cameroon 0. An ugly first half ends beautifully for the Americans, who will count themselves lucky to be leading.


45th Minute– Opara headed one at goal that forced a save, Taylor pounces on the rebound and dishes off to a wide-open Arguez. Nice finish.


45th Minute- GOAL USA!!!! Bryan Arguez with the finish from right in front of goal. USA 1, Cameroon 0. Taylor with the pass to set up the goal.


45th Minute– Cameroon's head coach, Ezra Hendrickson, looks a bit concerned.  Not sure why. (No, that's not Hendrickson).


43rd Minute– At what point does Thomas Rongen decide that he's seen enough of this 4-3-3 and switches to a 4-4-2?


42nd Minute– Agbossoumonde with a bad giveaway that leads to a Cameroon counter, but nothing comes from it.


37th Minute– Okay, it's early, but does anybody else see a Diskerud for Taylor sub coming?


35th Minute– Has anybody seen Jared Jeffrey today? I mean I've seen him, but he's been pretty quiet today.


33rd Minute– TAYLOR HIGH!!! What a chance wasted by Taylor. He had a look from 12 yards out and misses by a foot.


32nd Minute– Not a bad ball in from Sheanon Williams. He's looked good at right back today.


30th Minute– Shea turnover. You appreciate the willingness to take people on, but at some point he might want to think about passing the ball.


27th Minute– Is there a better name in this tournament than Banana Yaya?


25th Minute– Wow, dangerous cross from Cameroon that Opara does well to clear away. Americans lucky not to be down.


23rd Minute– A little better from the USA lately, but still not enough in terms of passes strung together and steady possession.


22nd Minute– Yellow card for Cameroon's Charley Fomen, his second of the tournament. The free kick is hit well high by Arguez.


19th Minute– If you're Tony Taylor do you start thinking that you should have brought a lawn chair to sit in?


17th Minute– Nice idea for a through-pass by the Americans, but just a touch late and ruled off. Cameroon isn't going to apply tons of pressure in midfield so there should be some chances for the Americans to create.


14th Minute– Another Cameroon corner kick. That would make for a good drinking game, but we can't do drinking games for a U-20 match, that would just be wrong.


11th Minute– Cameroon is earning corners, but the Americans are dealing with them. Cameroon with more of the ball early. Not good for the USA.


8th Minute– Nice save by Perk. Did well not to give up a rebound on a strong shot right at him.


6th Minute– Brek Shea with an early turnover to negate a potential USA breakaway. Shea needs to be more careful with the ball. He's prone to turning the ball over a bit too much.


3rd Minute– Ike Opara did away with the Mohawk. I suppose most would after that first loss.

Announcer points out that referee Jorge Larrionda once gave five penalties in one match. Is anyone really surprised by that?


1st Minute– And we're off.


PRE-GAME– Nice shades being worn by the Cameroon head coach. I always wondered what happened to the leader of the Riffs.


PRE-GAME– Yes, the Cameroon striker Etienne Eto'o, No. 15, is the younger brother of Inter Milan's Samuel Eto'o. He starts out on the bench for Cameroon.


PRE-GAME– The game is set to begin and yes, we're seeing a 4-3-3 from the USA again.

Dillon Powers, Kyle Davies, Brian Ownby, Gerson Mayen and Mikkel Diskerud are on the bench after starting the first match. None of those are real surprises save for Diskerud.


PRE-GAME– Here is the USA starting lineup:






Kyle Davies is on the bench and available for today's match. Mikkel Diskerud is available but on the bench today.


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228 Responses to Under-20 World Cup: USA vs. Cameroon (Matchday Commentary)

  1. Conor Casey's knee says:

    Good to see Duka get the start.

    Sad to see Mix not get the start, he was arguably the best player against Germany.

  2. ELAC says:

    Mix got dropped? He’s our best passer, me thinks.

    Rongen is such a tactical genius.

  3. Sushant Rao says:

    We’re still playing a 4-3-3 (or rather a 4-2-1-3)? Seems like one of the main issues from the last game, getting overwhelmed in the midfield, will happen again.

  4. RLW2020 says:

    like the line up.. leaves room for some good subs too.

    need a WIN!

  5. Ryan G says:

    While I think Diskerud is a great talent, he was certainly not our best player against Germany. He was completely ineffective. I thought Opara and Taylor were the best Americans on the pitch.

  6. kriz says:

    were they jeering or cheering the cameroon national anthem?

  7. Conor Casey's knee says:


    It is kind of like Beckham in LA. He is by far the most talented player on the field, but playing around so many scrubs he looks alot worse than he really is.

    USA players have absolutely no technical skill, we make up for it with our fitness.

  8. AllNats says:

    Damn, Samuel Eto’o’s brother is on this team. I’m curious to see him play.

  9. csar says:

    I like the Cameroon coach.

    I wear my sunglasses at night.

  10. RLW2020 says:

    S. Williams.. Boston native.. please sign with the Revs!

  11. AllNats says:

    Why am I not surprised that Larrionda once awarded five penalties in a match…?

  12. lulz says:

    anyone have a link?

  13. romanov says:

    go to atdhe.net

  14. froboy says:

    go to rojadirecta.com for all link information for any game ever

  15. AllNats says:

    If you get espn360, it’s on that. If not, there is a link for it on channelsurfing.net. i haven’t tried it so I’m not sure if it works…

  16. mix says:

    game is on espn2…

  17. AllNats says:

    what’s up with our boys’ complete inability to hold possession in this tournament?

  18. Conor Casey's knee says:


    Why aren’t you playing?

  19. Dman says:

    what’s up with our boys’ complete inability to hold possession in this tournament?

    Posted by: AllNats | September 29, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    or the entire US National team from youth to senior

  20. kriz says:

    ives…do you know of any cameroon players we should look for?

  21. AllNats says:

    that would have been called if he wasn’t in the box…

  22. JSmiley says:

    > we can’t do drinking games for a U-20 match, that would just be wrong.

    Drinking age in Egypt is 18 for beer, 21 for wine and spirits, and “Not Enforced” according to Wikipedia.


  23. Rekro says:

    This game makes MLS look like the EPL…

  24. Streff says:

    Does this mean drinking games for the U17 WC is out of the question?

  25. AllNats says:

    at least we’re looking agressive in the box

  26. Vman says:

    it seems like our guys hit every pass forward with too much pace. Is there anyone with the ability to hit properly weighted through balls?

  27. Ian says:

    poor passing by the US so far

  28. Conor Casey's knee says:


    I am not sure what game you are watching. The players have better touch on the ball and passing skills than all MLS teams.

  29. lulz says:

    “Does this mean drinking games for the U17 WC is out of the question”

    cough syrup

  30. AllNats says:

    wow, a few passes between the defenders then a boot over the top for a turnover. Looks like Cameroon is taking notes from the USA…

  31. Andrew says:

    Brek Shea’s hair is an embarassment to America.

  32. AllNats says:

    that was a little better there…

  33. Joamiq says:

    Ugh. I’m behind on my SBI so I didn’t realize we had Larrionda until I turned on the TV. Someone on the US is getting a red card today.

    Wasted from Taylor. Terrible.

    This team has little passing vision and even less accuracy.

  34. AllNats says:

    Damn!!! At least put that on target.

  35. dnyce says:

    should’ve scored

  36. dilly dally says:

    The Cameroon goalie definitely looks at least 25 years old.

  37. AllNats says:

    ok, let’s build on these last few minutes

  38. AllNats says:

    We’re looking at at least five or six minutes of injury time this half…

  39. Aquaman says:

    In regards to Brek Shea – What do you call a mohawk-mullet. Momu? Hawklet?

  40. Andrew says:

    Tony Taylor is not having a great day.

  41. romanov says:

    google mullet hawk

  42. kevint says:

    Cruz’s work rate has been solid

  43. Rekro says:

    Playing with 3 forwards just doesn’t seem to be working. We should drop 1 of the forwards and play with a 4-3-1-2.

  44. WK, San Jose says:

    come on boys- win or get ready to go home!

  45. Sean says:

    Is it me or does it look like the Cameroon players are dropping like there’s sniper fire coming from the stands?

  46. jh says:

    Cameroon’s motto seems to be “never let a chance to embellish go undone.”

  47. Steve C. says:

    I love Brek Shea’s hustle. Admirable. Why does he have to look like Gummo though?! (Hope someone gets that reference)

  48. dnyce says:

    pass the f’ing ball taylor

  49. dnyce says:

    nice feed!!! Goal!

  50. Jason says:


  51. Kevin says:


  52. Andrew says:


  53. Rekro says:


  54. Joamiq says:

    FINALLY. Yay. I was expecting them to screw up that one too. Good work by Arguez

  55. Jason says:

    take out Taylor for Peri or Mix please

  56. Aquaman says:

    Holy crap….I just googled mullet hawk…..I thought Brek would be the only one.

  57. Andrew says:

    Nice initial save from the keeper though.

  58. Ian says:

    nice goal. good cross and header. even better to keep the ball alive and feed it in for the goal.

  59. froboy says:

    wow, a win here would be huge!!! team is looking decent, I think if this tournament can just give experience to our guys in big matches it would be a success

  60. Ian says:

    nice half from Jorge Larionda. Both teams still have 11 on the pitch. Maybe he should stick to U-20 matches as he seems out of his depth in full international matches!

  61. Judging Amy says:

    I love Brek Shea’s hustle. Admirable. Why does he have to look like Gummo though?! (Hope someone gets that reference)

    Posted by: Steve C. | September 29, 2009 at 01:28 PM

    Haha Harmony Korine. Love it.

    Nice work by the kids this half. You’ve gotta expect Cameroon to pressure in the 2nd half. Exciting game so far.

  62. Joamiq says:

    In retrospect, the Cameroon keeper seemed to be really slow in getting to the initial attempt, leading to the weak tip and his falling down

  63. R.S.N. says:

    Taylor is a fine striker, but he shouldn’t be employed as a lone forward.

    Shea is all hype and no production.

    Jeffrey and Arguez are two of the best passers in this tournament.

    Cruz and Flores shouldn’t be on the field. Would rather see anyone for FLores and Mix for Cruz.

    Our keeper is actually afraid of crosses. Dracula.

    I like Dilly Duka.

  64. Goalscorer24 says:

    The US team looks a lot better this game, but they still make a lot of bad passes and struggle in the final third of the field.

  65. DC Josh says:

    how many wide open chances will we need to win?

    better service BETTER service BETTER SERVICE

    the game is wide open. We need better service into space.

  66. Joamiq says:

    43rd Minute- At what point does Thomas Rongen decide that he’s seen enough of this 4-3-3 and switches to a 4-4-2?

    Never. He’s not smart enough to realize it. Mix for Taylor needs to happen.

  67. AllNats says:

    Wow, he totally does look like Gummo. hilarious, he just needs some pink bunny ears…

  68. Joamiq says:

    nice half from Jorge Larionda. Both teams still have 11 on the pitch. Maybe he should stick to U-20 matches as he seems out of his depth in full international matches!

    Posted by: Ian | September 29, 2009 at 01:36 PM


  69. AllNats says:

    Holy crap I’m sick of this debt relief commercial. Still not as annoying as that champions league song or hearing about the taste of Messi’s feet, but it’s getting close…

  70. AllNats says:

    What the hell??? did we just miss a goal???

  71. Rekro says:


  72. madmax says:

    Duka, Taylor and Cruz are applying nice pressure. Two CB’s playing well. Would like to see Diskerud in front of Jeffrey. Jeffrey, you need more weight on your passes. You’re going to get a teammate banged-up with those short balls.

  73. Ben says:

    2-0 and they were showing commercials!!!!

  74. Jason says:

    we scored? wtf?!

  75. Joamiq says:


  76. AllNats says:

    Way to go ESPN…

  77. Jamie Z. says:

    Way to go, ESPN. Let’s see a replay, eh?

  78. rory says:

    I’m glad ESPN shows the games…

    Not so glad they don’t show the goals.

  79. RK says:

    Just like the old days!

  80. KC says:

    Freaking ESPN2, 2nd game in a row they didn’t get back in time after the half.

  81. pate says:

    it looks like the goals really helped the US confidence. They’re playing with something akin to confidence now and look pretty good

  82. rory says:

    Flashback to 1990 World Cup on TBS

  83. Dannyc58 says:

    Pathetic. We come back and its 2-0.

  84. Joamiq says:

    I’m writing the ESPN Ombudsman right now. This is ridiculous.

    It’s not like we missed 10 seconds. They played commercials for OVER TWO MINUTES of action.

  85. Paul says:

    Arguez from duka!

  86. pate says:

    Ives, I think it was Taylor not Arguez

  87. Goalscorer24 says:

    What happened? How did the US score the 2nd goal?

  88. Ian says:

    at least we got to see a cool PSA about not drinking alcohol (mmkay)

  89. AllNats says:

    Can’t get lax on D now…

  90. Mike says:

    Hmmm…US up 2×0. How much time until Red Card Larrionda goes in action?

  91. MVK says:

    WTF? I got back from lunch and we are up? I picked Cameroon in the Streak for Cash on ESPN but in this case I love being wrong, lock it down boys!

  92. Jason says:

    isn’t it bad that Korea drew with Germany?

  93. Vman says:

    Jared Jeffrey has been pretty awful today.

  94. Rekro says:

    Shea should’ve finished that…

  95. AllNats says:

    wow, that would have been one hell of a bonehead own-goal…

  96. madmax says:

    USA needs some possesion and calmness in mid-field, Jeffrey is losing it, Williams also.

  97. brandon says:

    i wonder what rongen has in his bag tricks… maybe bring in ownby to lock this one down.

  98. rory says:

    The announcer just said someone was from Durham, New California. Is that what we call Nevada now?

  99. dnyce says:

    DUKA hit that s#!t!

  100. AllNats says:

    great stuff by Shea on chasing down that ball and getting in a cross

  101. Vman says:

    the lack of possession by the US just kills me here. 2-0 leads should feel pretty secure, but this feels anything but safe.

  102. Paul says:

    Williams for the red?

  103. Kevin says:


  104. Joamiq says:


  105. Steve C. says:

    Fire Rongen!!! =D

  106. AllNats says:


  107. rory says:

    I heard him call that shot

  108. Gene_SF says:

    was that a brilliant shot or just really crappy goalkeeping????? Anyway, 3:0 US!

  109. Jason says:

    god damn unreal. I had an LA monthly emergency warning during that third goal

  110. JSmiley says:


  111. Ian says:

    …I’m not sure if that was beautiful or just plain ugly….

  112. Rekro says:


  113. dnyce says:

    nice goal!!!! or was it a pass… still counts!

  114. madmax says:

    Will Rongen recognize the players who are fading and sub them out, or do a Bradley and freeze up?

  115. RSF says:

    lololol that was f-cking awesome

  116. This Guy says:

    link to atdhe.net

    The 2nd Goal was Taylor. The Eurosport feed didn’t go to commercials like ESPN did.

  117. Jason says:

    don’t think Dilly is going to be signing with MLS after this tournament haha.

  118. AllNats says:

    Way to stay solid, Perk.

  119. Vman says:

    I think he meant to do that, and it was freaking brilliant

  120. Kevin says:

    goal-freaking-azo, Dilbert

  121. KC says:

    That was nice Duka plays with a lot of confidence

  122. Jason says:

    hope the Albanian National Teach head coach isn’t watching this game.

  123. AllNats says:

    wow, that was a gimme fo Taylor

  124. Joamiq says:

    I’m pretty sure that was a total mistake, but he certainly tried to make it seem like he intended it. Whatever, flukes happen, the Cameroon keeper wasn’t able to save it, so hey.

    Taylor – I didn’t see his goal, but aside from that he’s been garbage. He plays forward like he’s a fullback.

  125. KC says:

    Taylor looks to be dragging, time for a sub

  126. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Dilly Duka? Banana Yaya? Is this a soccer match or a Buckaroo Bonzai movie?

  127. Joamiq says:

    Are those insects that keep buzzing? Am I the only one hearing this?

  128. Steve-O says:

    Taylor needs to at least put that on frame.

  129. KC says:

    Is he seriously bringing in Ownby? Why?

  130. Jason says:


  131. Dman says:

    Dilly duka > Freddy Adu

  132. AllNats says:

    wow, that was stupid

  133. Steve-O says:

    And there’s the Larrionda we all know. DAMN!!

  134. AllNats says:


  135. Joamiq says:

    Minimal contact but still a stupid play. This team has no soccer IQ.

  136. Rekro says:

    Weak penalty.

  137. Jason says:

    Ownby’s fault for coming on obviously led to the goal.

  138. Ralph says:

    Go Banana!

  139. Ian says:

    and banana yaya celebrates with tutti fruiti and frank n. berry…

  140. Gene_SF says:

    Neither the ref nor the d!#$%d commentator on ESPN is doing us any favors.

  141. KC says:

    And now Powers? So we bring in the 2 worst players from last match just like that.

  142. dnyce says:

    the cards are flying now… stupid play to allow the penalty. although the cameroon player sold it too

  143. Rastafari says:

    The announcer is a dolt.. can he suck up to Cameroon any more.. is it possible?

  144. Jason says:

    jesus Rongen are you as corrupt as Wilmer Cabrera in terms of playing “your” people.

  145. madmax says:

    The Rongen subs are so bad, I can’t speak.

  146. Tomasz says:

    “Are those insects that keep buzzing? Am I the only one hearing this?”

    According to the announcer on Eurosport the noise comes from cicadas in search of sexual partners.

  147. Jason says:

    Ownby suspended for Korea?!!!!!!!!!

  148. KC says:

    Well Ownby with a second yellow, thats a positive, he can’t play in the third match

  149. RK says:

    Nice jinx on the PK, Ives!

  150. csar says:

    Ownby is a walking disaster

  151. babieca says:

    These espn announcers have a serious chubby for Cameroon.

  152. madmax says:

    Terrible turnover by Powers gives up a shot on goal. Poor touch by Ownby destroys a Jeffrey free kick into the box.

  153. Joe B says:

    bradley and rongen are the greatest in-game tactictians in the western hemisphere

    i am so glad they are here to take us to the next level

  154. AllNats says:

    awful giveaway by Flores, thankfully Cameroon wastes the subsequent opportunity…

  155. brandon says:

    jason – how is wilmer cabrera as bad as rongen with playing his people.. am i missing something? i don’t follow the u17’s that closely, but does this have to do with the two kids heading over to hoffenheim?

  156. madmax says:

    Rongen didn’t recognize who was tiring and who should come in, basic job skills.

  157. JSmiley says:

    Has the US’ play really been deserving of four yellows in this half, to zero for Cameroon. Just wondering.

  158. Jason says:

    If you read what parent’s of players on big soccer say, they say Wilmer only plays his people. He doesn’t play Gyau often. And he has a grudge against Sebastian Lledget for leaving the residency for West Ham.

  159. Goalscorer24 says:

    Don’t do the time wasting tactic! You always end up paying for that. Continue to play your game!!!!!!

  160. RK says:

    jason – how is wilmer cabrera as bad as rongen with playing his people.. am i missing something? i don’t follow the u17’s that closely, but does this have to do with the two kids heading over to hoffenheim?

    Posted by: brandon

    Anything I read about kids — U17, 20, whatever — I always view skeptically, because I know hardly anyone has seen them play.

  161. madmax says:

    Jeffrey who’s been tiring from the interval gives away another in front of goal.

  162. cam000 says:

    Get off Ownby and Powers gee whiz. If you know anything about coaching you than when a guy has a rough game you need to find a way to get them back in. With a 3-0 lead that’s the time.

  163. Vman says:

    it’s amazing how we don’t seem to know how to really kill a match with possession.

  164. Rod says:

    This game seems way too open in the stretch to be pleased with our closing abilities. Not knocking the fact that we do have three goals, you’d just like to see a defense thats not about to break every few minutes.

  165. madmax says:

    Great move by Rongen to let Ownby get another card.

  166. Jason says:

    Ownby actually did something useful?!

  167. Joamiq says:

    Tomasz: Interesting, thanks!

    Yay, 4! I thought he was going to run out of steam

  168. KC says:

    Yay for Ownby…Ives gets his wish

  169. Gene_SF says:

    here we go, 4:1, nice game.

  170. Adam says:

    Haha Ownby!

  171. Bryan says:

    well, ownby is SLOW…but nice finish.

  172. JSmiley says:

    Ives, you’re a psychic.

  173. Rekro says:


  174. cam000 says:

    @Madmax If it was anyone else you’d have been belly aching about how bad a call it was. Did you see the replay?

  175. dena says:

    Ives, you have been jinxing (sometimes positively) everything!

  176. Steve-O says:

    Ownby runs like a duck.

  177. roysterer says:

    Best call ever: “He scored, which I obviously didn’t think he was going to do”

  178. AllNats says:

    Great workman-like effort for that goal.

  179. Joamiq says:

    Horrendous. You cannot miss that.

  180. madmax says:

    Nice finish by Ownby.

  181. AllNats says:

    …and he should have had another there.

  182. RK says:


  183. BBB says:

    4-1 that Limey a-hole announcer will cry himself to sleep tonight.

  184. AllNats says:

    …so do we get to see the Taylor goal ever?

  185. brandon says:

    rongen put your bible down, your prayers have been answered

  186. JSmiley says:

    Banana gets a yellow. We should have all seen that one coming.

  187. Rekro says:

    Great 2nd half for our guys, after a dissapointing game against Germany we bounce back with a great performance. 3 points with a GD of 0 gives us a great chance to get out of the group stage.

  188. Joamiq says:

    Yeah, Duka was not shooting that. He looked up into the box to make the cross and shanked it. You can tell from the spin that he hit it off the wrong part of his foot.

    (SBI-Joamiq, Duka was looking right at the goalkeeper not at the on-coming forward, which is what makes me think he meant to hit that. We’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure he’ll admit if he shanked it.)

  189. AllNats says:

    great ball by Duka on USA’s second goal. I’m really excited about this kid.

  190. RK says:

    It must’ve been Rongen’s 433 that made the difference.

  191. madmax says:

    If Powers had been red-carded we would all call Rongen a genius.

  192. Fireman451 says:

    Lots of diving by the Cameroon team the last 25 minutes, including the foul that produced the penalty.

    Good win by the U20.

  193. kriz says:

    why all the hate for ownby and powers?….i know nothing about these kids….

  194. alex says:

    Amazing how everyone changes their tune after Ownby gets a goal! I’m glad for the kid. I agree with Joamiq, in that Duka’s goal was a fluke. I’m glad he got it but please, let’s calm down, he got lucky!

  195. madmax says:

    “… a guy has a rough game you need to find a way to get them back in. With a 3-0 lead that’s the time…”

    Can’t comment, just too silly for a WC game where you may need goal differential to get through.

  196. RK says:

    why all the hate for ownby and powers?….i know nothing about these kids….

    Posted by: kriz

    99% of the people here don’t, either, except for the last game.

  197. JSmiley says:

    > I agree with Joamiq, in that Duka’s goal was a fluke.

    I guess Ives doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

    (SBI-None of us know for sure, only Duka knows, but when i watched the replay in HD slow mo, I saw Duka looking at the keeper, who was off his line, so maybe, just maybe, he meant to do that.)

  198. rory says:

    The comments from the 78th minute on makes me laugh really hard and feel really good for Ownby.

    (SBI-It was great to see Ownby score because it was getting to be a bit much on the negativity toward him. I know I fed into that as well, but there is something to be said for toning it down a bit since these are just kids. The criticism comes with being on the big stage, if you’re playing games on ESPN2 then you’re going to get flak for not playing well, but at some point you root for a kid to do well. We all love an underdog.)

  199. alex says:

    sometimes he doesn’t!

  200. Rastafari says:

    (SBI-None of us know for sure, only Duka knows, but when i watched the replay in HD slow mo, I saw Duka looking at the keeper, who was off his line, so maybe, just maybe, he meant to do that.)

    Posted by: JSmiley | September 29, 2009 at 02:52 PM

    I have to agree.. that was not a fluke.. he lined it up and made the best of it.

  201. Joamiq says:

    Haha, Ives knows what he’s talking about. I just personally think that when he looked up, he was looking to figure out where to place the cross and then didn’t get the right part of the boot on it so that it floated straight instead of swinging out. But like Ives says, who knows for sure.

    I’m definitely glad Ownby scored, and it was excellent placement, but he’s horrifyingly slow and the chance he flubbed after the goal was similarly horrifying. I for one am glad he’s not playing in the third game.

    I don’t get the hate for the announcer. He was right. That was the weirdest, least dominant 4-1 game I’ve seen in a long time. What was weird was that it easily could have been 6-1, but we got a ton of chances without playing a great game. There were good periods of pressure in the second half but it still wasn’t usually the result of impressive buildups. On the other end, Cameroon pressured heavily and was unlucky to not to score more – but was also slightly lucky on the arguably weak penalty. All in all a weird game that’s hard to learn too much from except that the US still has a lot of trouble passing and needs to be smarter about decisions all over the field. Hopefully the kids will gain confidence from this and go into the last match in a good frame of mind.

    (SBI-My only real issues with the announce was him pronouncing Houston (Hooston) and saying Ike Opara was from Wake Forest, in Durham, New California.)

  202. Austin says:

    told everybody

  203. Joamiq says:

    Oh, and not to belabor my point on the Duka goal, but the look on his face after the goal seemed to be more of an “I got lucky” grin than a “Just like I drew it up and I kick ass” look.

    (SBI-It could also have been a “I can’t believe that worked” look.)

  204. madmax says:

    Great early pressure from Duka, Taylor, Arguez, and Cruz, so much better than last game. I hope Diskerud can fit in there in front of Jeffrey. Korea has great team speed but seem shaky at the back.

    The criticism of Ownby and Powers is misconstrued, as the clear culprit is Rongen for starting them against Germany. I believe most comments are intended for Rongen in the end and not the two youngsters.

  205. Brett says:

    It is weird to see a 4-1 match where the winning team holds less possession than the losing team.

    But I’ll take it 8 days a week, no doubt.

    We’ll still need a result against Korea to go through. They’ll need the 3 points to make it, but it will only take a point to stamp our ticket. GO USA!

  206. r.benjamin says:

    that might be the worst looking 4-1 ever. wow.

    Some nice play here and there. Duka seems to look the best. Shea looks to have the potential but just can’t quite put it together. Taylor was involved on the score sheet but his blaring misses and other play makes me think isnt there someone else on the bench? I feel the same about Ownby. Opara is super raw and made some poor mistakes but you can see what the hype is about. What’s up with Mikkel? Would seem his pedigree would point to a lot of minutes.

  207. JSmiley says:

    I think possession is a highly overrated statistic. What you do with the ball is far more important than how long you dink it around at midfield.

    I for one enjoy hearing the El Tree fans saying “but we had more possession” when the US posts a 2-0 win. Never get tired of it.

  208. r.benjamin says:

    Duka meant it. He’s eyeing it. Right after seeing 3 defenders on 1 fwd and a slightly open goal.

    i enjoy the non partisan broadcast. Makes for honest commentary..and a better feel for where this team stands. I think.

  209. Danny says:

    lol Cameroon were playing, and the U.S were scoring…Nice bounce back from the Germany lost…

    Come on U.S!!!

  210. RK says:

    The other day, the announcer let us know that someone played at UCLA, the University College of Los Angeles.

  211. Jay says:

    Great win, but Wrongen is still a fool. No Mix? The subs didn’t make sense, is he taking lessons from Bradley? I guess. We need to give Hiddnik a blank check after 2010 and let him bring in all the coaches for our youth system.

  212. Matt in SF says:

    Quote: 74th Minute- GOAL CAMEROON!! Banana Yaya converts the PK. USA 3, Cameroon 1.

    ^^ Going forward, I think all goals scored against the U.S. should only be by hilariously-named fruits and vegetables.

  213. JP says:

    Every game has its own plot, doesn’t it?

    The scoreline would indicate our dominance, which really did not happen. Nevertheless, what a difference one match makes at this age group!

  214. Scott A says:


  215. madmax says:

    smiley, “I think possession is a highly overrated statistic.”

    At the present time, the best side in football also has the most possession.

  216. madmax says:

    Ghana 2-0 over England, early 2nd period. Both Nigeria and England have yet to earn a point. If FIFA can’t get the best players to come they should drop the title ‘World Cup”.

  217. madmax says:

    Ghana looks very good, Freddy might not make this side. England RB named Tripper, guess what he does best?

  218. Brett says:

    How is possession “highly overrated”.

    It is 3rd (or 2nd depending on your point of view) on the list of most important statistics, right behind “Goals For” and “Goals Against”.

    The team with the most possession doesn’t always win, but keeping the ball is as central to the game as it gets. A team that can’t hold possession plays an ugly, uninteresting game of football that owes more to bounces of the ball than skill or ability. A team that holds possession plays what we call “the beautiful game”.

    People wonder why the USA hasn’t won the “respect” of the world with their regional trophies and International Knockout victories… It is because the USA has yet to focus a team on “playing beautiful”. Determination and fitness are both great qualities, but I LONG for a day when I can watch an American team control the ball the way a Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, or Argentina (the good version) do.

  219. celangto3 says:

    Great GOAL!!!!! and assist by Taylor finally the kid can start seen action. To bad he was no able to put that first one in but DONT WORRY KID!!!! IT HAPPEN EVEN TO THE GREATEST SOCCER PLAYES IN THE WORLD.

    JOAMIQ stop haiting on a teenager!!! if he is not in, we dont have forwards..Fullback “no way” WAITING FOR A DAMN SERVICE FROM THE MID. HE MIGHT BE DRAGGING FROM WAINTING FOR A GOOD PASS!!!!!!! IF HE GET LOOSE THERE IS NO MATCH. HE GAVE A ASSIST AND A GOAL WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!! Mistakes happend, that how soccer goes, if you dont take chances you dont get resolt eventually but he put a spake in the game and the rest of the team got the sence of what a team suppost to attack an opponent. So dont hange the kid!!! HE IS FANTANTIC!!!!!!!!!

  220. cjbrown says:

    google reporting a spike in interest in “Dilly Duka” as a search term. By comparison “Khloe Kardashian wedding photos” is at No. 26, with the top 40 dominated by Samoa tsunami-related searches.

    dilly duka

    #43 of 100 most popular searches in the past hour.



  221. Austin says:

    nice stat cj

  222. Rob says:

    I did not realize that they used time of possession as a statistic when determining ranking. :) How can you say that it is the second or third most important statistic. How about shots on goal or saves, etc. etc. etc. being more important that time of possession. Passing the ball back and forth between the midfield and defense without being able to move the ball forward – is not beautiful to me. But everyone can have their own opinion on this.

  223. Tim F. says:

    Great win by US today. Congrats team!!!

  224. Patrick says:

    Good game for the young boys!

    All the goals were sweet.

    Step it up Espn2. Stop with the F’ing debt relief commercials and make sure we see 90 minutes.

    Missing that gorgeous 2nd goal was a crime!

    On to Korea.

  225. Marty says:

    Dilly meant it. He is uber-technical and would not miss in such a manner. I have played with him and know he has the cheek to pull it off. He has great vision, and from the outset his eyes and hips showed his true intention was toward goal. Either way, a spectacular shot. Could have used him more in the first game for sure.

    And will we ever see Peri Merosevic instead of Ownby?

  226. celangto3 says:

    Hey Taylor just pass Duka in google search jajaja Its great!!!! great kids, have fun and ejoy