Davies’ recovering from lengthy surgery for multiple injuries, facing long recovery

Charlie Davies (ISIphotos.com) 
                                                                                   Photo by ISIphotos.com

Charlie Davies is lucky to be alive, and the long list of injuries he suffered in a deadly car accident on late Monday evening provides the evidence.

Davies underwent five hours of surgery on Tuesday to repair the following: a lacerated bladder, fractures to the tibia and femur in his right leg, facial fractures and a left elbow fracture.

Davies had titanium rods in his tibia and femur with no complications. He will be hospitalized at least a week, with more surgeries to follow in order to stabilize his left elbow fracture and possibly his facial fractures.

“Injuries of this nature usually require a recovery period of six to 12 months and extensive rehabilitation,” said U.S. Soccer physician Dr. Dan Kalbac, who is with the team in D.C. and collaborated with the treating doctors. “Due to Charlie’s fitness level, his prognosis for recovery and his ability to resume high-level competition is substantially improved.”

The news is devastating for Davies' playing career, but the severity and number of injuries shows just how lucky Davies was to be alive after surviving a car crash that killed another passenger.

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168 Responses to Davies’ recovering from lengthy surgery for multiple injuries, facing long recovery

  1. STL Soccer Fan says:

    just devastating

  2. Chow says:

    Get well soon Charlie.

  3. DroScott says:

    Jeez that’s some serious stuff.

  4. Joe B. NYC says:

    He won’t make the World Cup, but he’ll be back playing again.

  5. Experience Dogood says:

    Get well soon Charlie.

  6. Joe B. NYC says:

    If Gianni. Lentini can make it, so can he…

  7. Tom A says:

    WOW!! Holy S***!! Very Lucky. He now has to live with the fact he lost a friend.

  8. DS says:

    Good luck and godspeed Charlie – you’ve got a whole nation of fans behind you.

  9. Jags98 says:

    Thanks for the update Ives. Sad day.

  10. quen47 says:

    Man, here’s hoping for the best. Just glad he’s alive now

  11. Dman says:

    so sad…any word on the other (driver/passenger?).

  12. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    DO NOT RUSH BACK! this is a very serious injury. he will not play in this world cup. he needs to take his time and make sure he is at full health before he even steps on the practice field. get healthy, be ready for 2014. he’s still young, with two more world cups he could play in (2014 and 2018). if he and jozy are healthy and playing consistently in 2014 they could be one of the top forward tandems in the world.

  13. sidenetting says:

    I hope Charlie’s leg returns to 100% but Ives’ doesn’t seem so sure. Of course, none of us can know how his body will react but it’s safe to say he’s lucky to be alive.

  14. TheDude says:

    At least he is alive and has the possibility of playing in the future.

    Get well soon Charlie.

  15. afrim says:

    thank god he didnt suffer any spinal or brian injuries that would ruin his everday life. the guy got a 2nd chance at life

  16. NYC says:

    holy chit…. Get well soon Charlie, my condolences to all the families involved.

  17. jspot says:

    We need a song for charlie at the game tomorrow… any ideas?

  18. Cindy says:

    Totally agree with Lieutenant, Charlie shouldn’t try and rush his recovery in order to play in the World Cup, he’s lucky and blessed to have survived and still able to recover well enough to play again.

    The very best of wishes to a speedy and complete recovery for Charlie and the driver, and prayers and condolences to the family of the poor girl who passed.

  19. PGS says:

    Hang tough Charlie we’re all rooting for you

  20. Einar go galaxy says:

    I lost my 3 best friends to a car accident 3 weeks ago. And he is very lucky. I hope the recovery continues well and that just to take his time. Thank God you are alive Davies

  21. This Guy says:

    The next time we see that “Stanky Leg” it will be a special one.
    Man, this sucks all around.

  22. Roshua says:

    Can’t wait to see the stanky leg on TV soon.

    Get well soon, CD.

  23. John1 says:

    I am just glad he survived. He is young and strong and hopefully that will help him in terms of full recovery.

  24. anon says:

    a ruptured bladder is a sign he had his seat belt on (thats also why i pee before i get into a car), so that probably saved his life

    i am going to miss him for the year he is gone, but like everyone else has said, i am just happy he is alive

    get well soon man

  25. Dane says:

    I think that picture represents every USMNT fan right now. =/

  26. acj says:

    If he’s only going to be hospitalized for a couple weeks that sounds like fantastic news. Any word on the condition of the other survivor?

  27. Freddy says:

    Here’s something to put a smile on your faces:

    link to youtube.com

  28. James says:

    Awful news, but could be much worse. Get well soon Charlie.

  29. Josh says:

    It’s horrible for everybody involved, esp. the friends and relatives of the person who died in the wreck. My condolences to them.

    Charlie’s lucky to be alive. Obviously, he’s out of the next WC, but that’s the least of his worries right now. The main thing is taking it slow and making steady progress so that he recovers as fully as possible and has a normal rest of his life. If he’s playing again in a year, that’s an added bonus, but it’s not the primary thing to think about right now. Best wishes in your recovery, Charlie!

  30. Alex says:

    Thats terrible. I can’t believe that finally it seemed we had a good soccer team. Our top forward will probably not make the WC. Speedy recovery

  31. TC says:


    Can you confirm a mailing address that we can send get well cards and words of encouragement to. I can’t imagine how Charlie feels right now, seeing his dream of playing in a world cup snatched from him. I’m sure all of us US National Team supporters would be more than happy to send him something to help him look ahead and fully recover.

    Much appreciated… wishing you the best Chuck D

  32. This Guy says:

    “Injuries of this nature usually require a recovery period of six to 12 months and extensive rehabilitation,” said U.S. Soccer physician Dr. Dan Kalbac

    What does this comment mean? 6-12 months and then extensive rahabilitation meaning more months or extensive rehabilitation being 6-12 months?

    (SBI-Recovery then rehab.)

  33. Niccollo says:

    just hope he plays again.

  34. Andy says:

    Thank God its not worse.

    For anyone going to RFK tomorrow, we’re smoke bombing at the 9th minute for our missing #9.

  35. Jacob says:

    Devastating news. Godspeed Charlie.

  36. Supsam says:

    Knowing Charlie Davie’s character, he WILL rebound from this. I have no doubt. If he is not able to make the 2010 WC team, then im sure he will make sure that he makes an impact in 2014. The USMNT needs more characters like him. Who else screams to the world that the USA will win the World Cup in 2010? Love the guy’s impossible-is-nothing-spirit.

    Get well Charlie. Im glad for you and your family that you are alive.

  37. RK says:

    Smoke bombs? How on earth is that appropriate? Or even something anyone will pick up on?

  38. This Guy says:

    Thanks for answering my question Ives.

  39. Johnny says:

    You wish you could say that it will be alright but that isn’t reality, is it? He is going to be very upset with himself for a while, the physical scars will heal, but he will probably never be the same guy. Off the field and on it. If he plays again will the speed be there? He May have to change his whole game/skill set, he won’t be the same type of player. The lost of a friend is tragic is any/all situations. Soccer should be the least of his worries but I know that is what I would be thinking about.

  40. mike ruze says:

    “Due to Charlie’s fitness level, his prognosis for recovery and his ability to resume high-level competition is substantially improved.”

    Noticed he said “substantially better” and not “good”

    Sorry folks, his speed was what made him special. His technical abilities were never his strong point. He may again be a pro but will never regain that speed with those injuries.

    Sun was probably his last meaningful game as a nat.

    lesson to all the kids out there.

  41. Alex says:

    Hey Andy, I wish I could be at the game and throw smoke bombs with you for davies. Please throw one for me.

  42. Nick from Big Soccer says:

    I wish all the very best to Charlie and his other companion, and my condolences to the family of the girl that was killed.

    Still, I have to ask what the heck was a US Nats team starter in between World Cup Qualifying run games, doing at 3:15 am.

    What on earth is going on with the Nats program that allows its players that much “freedom” at such a critical time?

  43. Mason says:

    Smoke bombs? How on earth is that appropriate? Or even something anyone will pick up on?


    On the last question, he just told you, and everybody else who reads this blog. When those of us at the match see the smoke bombs, and are asked about them by the people sitting next to us, we’ll tell them.

    On the first… It’s an attempt to show a sign of solidarity at a sporting event. It’s not the most (eh) surgical instrument, so if you can suggest something better, do it.

  44. fischy says:

    lesson to all the kids out there.

    Posted by: mike ruze | October 13, 2009 at 10:58 PM

    Another lesson to all the kids out there: Don’t be an asinine know-it-all, saying such things about the unknown and unknowable future of another person — don’t do it in the real world, and don’t do it on the internet. You’ll be seen as a total ass/complete jerk, wherever you post such crapola.

  45. Modibo says:

    I heard this earlier today and like others my heart sank.

    My heart goes out to the family and friends of the deceased, to the law enforcement and first aid personnel who dealt with the situation, and to Charlie and his family and friends.

    The ‘Nats and their fans will take this in stride. Charlie will be missed dearly, but we are glad he is alive. And we all hope he has and will continue to make decisions that are in his best interest and that will make him an ideal role model.

    Wow. Du courage, Charlie, du courage.

  46. fischy says:

    @Mason — How about just holding up placards with the #9?

    Or, are you just looking for any ol’ reason to set off smoke bombs and irritate hundreds of people around you?

  47. fischy says:

    Here’s another idea — the song from Bye-Bye Birdie. Could be “We love you Charlie…”, or “We miss you, Charlie….”

  48. Katatonia says:

    light up RFK for Charlie

  49. EastLAChiva says:

    I wonder what the reaction in France is?
    Is it just me or did Eddie Johnson’s agent just call Bob Bradley?

    Damn luck, Mr. Davies. Please make better decisions in the future. No more driving at 3am. Just a suggestion.

  50. Andy says:

    Geez talk about people flipping out for no reason. Have you ever been to RFK? I really don’t think anyone sitting near where the smoke bombs are going off will mind.

    Either way, I didn’t come up w/ the idea nor am I even seated in the supporters section. I’m just spreading the word. It seems to be in soccer tradition and its incredibly visible.

    I wish people would chill out. I guess someone is always going to bitch about something.

  51. Dan says:

    Ives, can you please find an address for us to send ‘get well soon’ cards to?

  52. You will be back says:

    “Noticed he said “substantially better” and not “good”

    Sorry folks, his speed was what made him special. His technical abilities were never his strong point. He may again be a pro but will never regain that speed with those injuries.

    Sun was probably his last meaningful game as a nat.

    lesson to all the kids out there.

    Posted by: mike ruze | October 13, 2009 at 10:58 PM ”

    I teach 6th grade and my kids have more manners than you.

  53. gel65 says:

    Theres a curfew for the Nats players.It was reported earlier that he broke it.Very valuable and unfortunate lesson to all the players.

  54. fischy says:

    @Andy — I go to most games @ RFK. I stand — no one sits in that area — just behind where the smoke bombs go off. I tolerate them, but find them incredibly noxious and irritating — and I’m not even paid security that sometimes has to rush and remove them because the ignitor did a lousy job, dropped it and the smoke is too thick. As a signal of support for Charlie Davies, it’s just stupid. It’s just an excuse to torch off some smoke.

  55. SoccerJohn says:

    Folks, could you give the sniping a rest for the night? Davies is lying in bed while you’re writing it, contemplating the IF and hurting inside and out.

  56. fischy says:

    Besides, burning flares are more visible…..

    You want to show some support, start a fire…

  57. ahm says:

    Thankfully he’s alive and will recover. Truly devastating to see this happen to a guy whose stock couldn’t be rising faster for all the right reasons. He’s going to need a lot of support and patience if/when he returns to the footy fold. I really hope he doesn’t just fade from the scene for the duration of his recovery, it’d be nice if he was able to even just travel with the team for the WC and some of the friendlies coming up over the course of the next year. Is the stanky leg crass now in his absence or a positive tribute to their teammate? Hopefully the team has something prepared for him

  58. Tomas says:

    As I went back to this site for an update on Charlie’s condition – I was really scared as the page loaded, scared to read that he had died. I am relieved to learn that he has cheated death. I doubt he will ever play for the Nats again, and for that I am sad. Football is a beautiful game, but is just that, a game. To not play it again in exchange for his life is a bargain I’m sure Charlie would make before the crash, and every day after. Good luck, my brother. And to echo what mi carnal, Chiva, says above; nothing good ever happens at 3 in the morning.

  59. tom says:

    @gel365 fine he broke a curfew, bad thing to do. but accidents can happen any time, any place, curfew or not. nobody has any idea of the facts, anything you might think is pure speculation. lesson learned from this = value life every day. that’s it. get well charlie.

  60. BCsoccer Fan says:

    I am sad for Charlie’s career.I will miss seeming him running past opposing defenders. But reading a quote from his Mom made me think a little differently. As a parent, I would be distraught that my child’s career might be in jeopardy, but I would be so thankful to have my son still here with us after such a terrible accident. And still with hope for the future whatever that might bring for him.

    “Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

  61. chelski002 says:

    The car is little more than a death machine. Motorcycles even worse. slow the F down. I presume is career is essentially over. Maybe a half season like Reyna for charity reasons. However Tony Sanneh’s career was over after he too suffered catastophic injuries in 2003; he continues to earn an MLS charity paycheck when he can only barely walk.

  62. quakesfan1 says:

    My prayers go out to Charlie and his family, as well as the other passengers and their family. Charlie, you can count on my prayer brother. I am truly devestated. Charlie is a phenomenal player and is exciting to watch! God be with you. I wish you a fast and speedy recovery.

  63. mcjones says:

    Players like Charlie practically exude determination. He will learn from this, he will mourn the loss of a friend, and he will be determined as ever to see the pitch for USA again.

  64. bill says:

    This stinks. Terrible news. So much promise… I hope he can rebound. He is a young healthy man and whatever his future holds if he goes after it with as much intensity as he plays soccer he will recover. I hope that energy goes into rehab and physical therapy.

  65. dadryan says:

    Did someone say SMOKe? How bout we just light some bowls in the 9th minute for our missing #9? Wanna hit fischy? I’ll be in 230…
    Get well soon Charlie Boy! You’ve been a huge breath of fresh air most of the last year and it’s a crying shame we’ll not have you in South Africa. Hopefully someone else can charge at defenders, goal, and anyone for that matter and shoot like you’ve been as of late laddie!
    Time for Altidore to get in the GAME.
    GO USA!

  66. tom4142 says:

    Chucks a good kid. Hoepfully he has a good recovery, Prayers ti the other families. Must be terrible.

  67. Chris says:

    I think he was poised to play a big role in this WC. Very dissapointing turn of events for him.

  68. Ian says:

    I’ll be the one trying to get “we all dream of a team of Charlie Davies” song going. I’d appreciate everyone’s help. Thanks.

  69. bud says:

    How about charging only $9 for a beer instead of the usual rip-off $10?

  70. japan says:

    I am just glad that he is alive and that it seems like he will be able to do everyday activities. If he can play again, great. If not, it would suck but he has to realize he could have easily been that girl.

  71. kfly says:

    Thats terrible. I can’t believe that finally it seemed we had a good soccer team. Our top forward will probably not make the WC. Speedy recovery

    Posted by: Alex | October 13, 2009 at 10:38 PM

    Is that a joke?! He barely escaped death, and you’re worried that we might do slightly worse in the WC than we would have done with him?

    Get the f*ck over yourself. When it comes to life and death matters, sports don’t matter- they are just a means of recreation and entertainment. I can’t believe you would be concerned with the US Nats’ chances right now. Can you imagine if that was your son? Can you imagine if you were him, and had to live with the burden of losing a friend and destroying your own promising career, just because of a stupid impulse decision?

    Charlie’s life, and the lives of those who were affected by the accident, will never be the same now. Screw the f*cking World Cup.

  72. ga-gone says:

    For anyone going to RFK tomorrow, we’re smoke bombing at the 9th minute for our missing #9.

    Posted by: Andy | October 13, 2009 at 10:47 PM


    Dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  73. Mason says:

    they were probably going to set them off anyway. At least now there’s a slightly better statement than, “I have a smoke bomb.”

    Why so judgemental today?

  74. ntpk says:

    Ives, for the headline: “Davies recovering…” (no apostrophe).

  75. jpc says:

    at least your alive Charlie, that’s the most important thing. I hope he gets better.

    On a soccer note this sucks hard for him. He’s has worked so hard and improved probably more than anyone in the last year, and now he’s definitely gonna miss the WC. devastating on so many levels

  76. Ghost of Clint Dempsey says:

    Why would anyone jump to the conclusion that his career is over? You have no clue and every body is different in terms of healing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s better than ever in a year from now, you’ll see.

  77. Louis says:

    Get well soon Charlie. I was very upset when I saw this but I pray for a speedy recovery and hope to see him speeding down the field again one day.

  78. JD says:

    Man I hate to be the guy that brings it up AGAIN, but WTF was he doing out at 3am the day before a WCQ game? Not to mention there was a curfew and he clearly broke it. What no one has really hit on is the lack of any of the veterans/leaders or coaching staff stepping forward saying they feel partially at fault for not being close enough to their player to know he was out doing foolish things at wee hours of the night. Not to mention I am pretty sure players pair up in hotel rooms……..so who was Chuckie D’s room mate and why did he fail so epically as a wingman? Someone needs to start holding the leaders-coaches-mentors accountable, and it has to start from the top. One more thing to point out, when your team has just qualified for the 2010 WC and you get in a fatal, very high speed single car accident at 3am, chances are increased there was some type of substance involved.

    That being said, I am a very proud and faithful USA supporter and I feel the loss of #9 just like everyone else. I wish the best and quickest of recoveries for Davies and also pray for the family of the deceased passenger. It sucks that someone has to go through a life changing event like this. Lets just hope he can recover back to full health and be a vital member for club and country again in the future.

    Best of wishes Charlie.

  79. BMW says:

    I am so saddened by what has happened to Chuck D. He was on the verge of greatness. Luckily he is alive and my thoughts and prayers are out to him, the driver who was also injured and the family of the girl who lost her life. Its a sad day for everyone.

    That being said my roommate in college shattered his tibia playing rugby and had a titanium plate inserted. He was able to fully recover and hardly lost a step on his speed…and that was with little regimented rehab. I know Charlie has a fibula injury also but if that injury didn’t destroy his hip also then he may be able to recover and be close to his previous speed. Hopefully it will work out for the kid – he still has the potential to be special.

    Best of luck to him!!!

  80. gel65 says:

    hey tom,i was answering an earlier question about a curfew for the nats,who are ya? the internet police?relax,and get over urself……..

  81. Never First says:

    A close relative of mine survived a fatal accident last year. Davies needs a lot of support because the physical recovery is nothing compared to the mental recovery of knowing you survived a wreck when someone else didn’t.

    There will be time later to question curfew policies and whether alcohol was involved, but now is not the time.

  82. BMW says:

    Scratch my comment on the fibula – re read the post and its his femur, so there shouldn’t be damage to his hip…since its the lower part of his leg. Much more likely that he can have a good recovery for his speed.

  83. mcjoneses says:

    People have already said this, but…Ives, is there an address to which we could send cards?

  84. Never First says:

    femur is the upper part of the leg … the biggest bone in the body.

    It really all depends on the type of break and how well it heals. There is no way to know at this point if there will be full recovery.

  85. Metro-211-7 says:

    Tomorrow, we need lots of “Get-Well” banners for Charlie Davies in the stands (for the USA vs Costa Rica game).

    My God, this is bad. It reminds me of the accident Sergei Cherbakov had in 1993. However, Cherbakov came out of it semi-paralizied.

    Also, for the others involved: I’m leaving a Get Well message for the other person involved and my deepest condulences for the family of Ashly Roberts. For Ahsley Roberts, rest in peace! All of the ones who knew you will be missing you!

    Hoping for the best,


  86. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    @ jspot

    “We need a song for charlie at the game tomorrow… any ideas?”

    Char – lie Da – vies
    C – D – 9
    We’re be – hind you
    You’ll be fine!

    We Sing for you
    Good ‘ole Friend
    Red, White, Blue
    un – til the end!

    Just off the top … I could do tons better, Maybe after some sleep.

  87. BMW says:

    Never First – you’re right I got the femur and fibula mixed up in my statements. Just void all of my statement except for the portion on the tibia…

  88. fischy says:

    @Dad — I’ll be in 233, lucky row 13 — and I’ve got a reputation to uphold (at least until I can score a prescription for my glaucoma…) but thanks for the offer. Maybe, I’ll join you for a brew….?

    @Mason — I’m trying not to be judgmental. I’m holding my tongue about those who think they’re holier than thou criticizing any mention of the team or hopes for Charlie’s future in soccer. I held my tongue on those moralizing about the whole incident. But, when I see comments pronouncing the end of his career coming from people who cannot know what the future holds, or stupid announcements that there will be smoke bombs to honor Davies, it’s hard to hold back.

    Right now, I feel sadness for this tragedy just across the river, on a road I’ve driven so often…even at that hour. I hope for a speedy recovery for the survivors. I would like to sing a song or two in Charlie’s honor, and to still have a chance to honor the team that has nowqualified…and hopefully, to watch a good game.

  89. John1 says:

    Kifty, I do not think Alex is saying that sports matter more than death. He is just stating the obvious- that what happened was tragic and unfortunate for the U.S. to lose such a great talent. By the way, I do not know why people are saying his career is over. We don’t know this. Get well soon Charlie.

  90. Jdavids says:

    Thanks, Ives.

    Godspeed, Charlie.

  91. Hush says:

    I hope he gets well soon!! I am sick to my stomach.

    Soccer best kept secret will be back!

  92. soccertom says:


  93. Rastafari says:


  94. Chitownfire says:

    Sigh…very unfortunate…I’m so sad right now and most importantly sad for him. I hope you feel better soon Charlie, I know you’ll be back out there tearing people up again soon. All of us are behind you buddy.

  95. Joamiq says:

    Thank God he’s alive.

    Still so sad… but at least he’s still here.

    Tomorrow is going to be very emotional.

  96. mcjoneses says:

    ESPN just did an amazing five minute segment on Charlie and the USMNT, unfortunately that it takes a horrible accident to shed so much light on US soccer.

  97. kebzach says:

    The more I think about this whole deal…the more I’m reminded of former Duke and Chicago Bull Jay Williams.

  98. Jason says:

    Well, thoughts, condolences, and well wishes to all those involved.

    Especially to the family and friends of the young lady who didn’t survive.

    But also to Charlie’s and to the driver of the car. I knew someone who was the driver of a fatal car accident (lost control) and it really messed her up mentally. She never really recovered mentally.

    As much as hope Chalrie’s and the drivers wounds heal, I worry more about their psyche’s.

  99. Judging Amy says:

    Number Nine.

  100. r.benjamin says:

    Devastating.. like all you i feel gutted from this like i knew him.

    Checking out their twitter pages daily to see what the ‘kids’ were up to, to laugh with them and imagine the insane fun and promise it would be. Everyone grew up today.

    I wish Charlie the best and the family of the girl. He’s young and has time on his side. Good luck Charlie. Good luck.. We’ll be by your ‘side’ the whole way.

  101. Chad Creger says:

    A new song that would be a great tribute to him tomorrow night…its to the tune of the torres and eduardo song

    He came to us from New Hampshire, Charlie Charlie

    Hell score more goals then Borgetti, Charlie Charlie

    He broke his leg

    but hell be back

    and Borgetti will still be crap

    Charlie Daives USA’s number 9

    la da da da da……

    What do you guys think?

  102. Tony in Quakeland says:

    So sad. Please heal, Charlie. Strength to all the families.

  103. Dominghosa says:

    Here’s to the speedy recovery to both.

  104. Gabe says:

    Everyone going to the game, print out one of these: link to baltimorebrigade.tumblr.com

    Download link: link to freepdfhosting.com

    Better yet, print out a bunch. Bring extras, pass them out to all the US fans. It’s easy, but would really look great.

  105. Andrew says:

    Terrible situation. At least he is alive. I agree with R. Benjamin a couple posts above…the young guys did grow up today. Charlie will bounce back and the guys will bounce back.

  106. r.benjamin says:

    Gabe. I like your idea. Wish I was going. Re-post your link around the various sites

  107. JFC says:

    Do the Stanky Leg

  108. Joamiq says:

    Gabe, I was literally just thinking of the exact same thing. I’ll be bringing a bunch.

  109. Brent McD says:

    great idea Gabe. hope to see thousands of these on the TV coverage tomorrow.

  110. speekeasy says:

    I wanted a USMNT jersey (especially after that great Honduras game) and I wasn’t sure which one to get. Now there’s not even a question. Here’s to our number 9 making a glorious return in the future. Its gonna be a long road back but from what I’ve heard about Charlie I have faith that he’ll persevere. This shook me up so I can only imagine how his family feels (and of the others involved). I wish I was going to the game tomorrow to pay tribute on national TV. God bless the dead and lets pray for the quick recovery of the living.

  111. TD says:

    He mostly broke bones– things that heal better than most other parts of the body. So, I’m not ready to write the guy’s career off. I broke the tibia and cheek bones playing soccer. Neither had a significant impact on speed post recovery. I imagine the elbow would not impact speed post recovery. Maybe some medical expert could give an explanation of what they’ve seen in terms of recovery after a broken femur. I believe that is one of the biggest bones in the body, so it’s probably the most serious injury for him. Any orthopedic surgeons out there? Good luck Charlie and let’s hope you can continue making a living playing the game you love.

  112. smokeminside says:

    Gabe, what a great idea….

  113. john says:

    get well soon charlie, were all thinking of you

  114. speekeasy says:

    well i hope he recovers like you then TD. i’m only a first med student but the tibia is the biggest bone in the leg region and the femurs the biggest bone in the thigh region. the thing i’d be worried about is all the muscles that attach to the femur (and to a lesser extent the tibia but there are a lot that start on the tibia and end on the foot – tibialis anterior, flexor digitorum longus, flexur hallicus longus and more on the posterior side) but it depends where it broke and how the doctors reattached them if they needed to. the stuff I’d be most worried about are the nerves that run in the thigh and continue in the leg/foot (sciatic, obuturator, femoral). Damn I can’t even sleep I hope he had some good surgeons. One Love #9

  115. Lorenzo says:

    Why he was on the road at that hour? No one on the staff to provide some modicum of discipline? A fantastic future may have disappeared. We wish him well from Italy. RB

  116. St. Louis United says:

    Get well soon, Charlie. You have the support of an entire nation behind you. Let’s win one for CD9 tonight in D.C.!

  117. elmatador says:

    Man, I literally feel like crying. Charlie please get well soon. #9 we need you!!!

  118. Chase says:

    Get well Charlie, no one thought Eduardo would make the recovery he did, you can do it too!

    Anyone have insight into how the Sochaux supporters are taking this?

  119. mike ruze says:

    Another lesson to all the kids out there: Don’t be an asinine know-it-all, saying such things about the unknown and unknowable future of another person — don’t do it in the real world, and don’t do it on the internet. You’ll be seen as a total ass/complete jerk, wherever you post such crapola.

    Posted by: fischy | October 13, 2009 at 11:06 PM

    ASININE i know he broke team rules and team curfew.

  120. martha c says:

    The more I think about this whole deal…the more I’m reminded of former Duke and Chicago Bull Jay Williams.

    Posted by: kebzach | October 14, 2009 at 01:07 AM

    Exactly only I think he broke his pelvis too. even if he makes a full recovery i will be almost impossible that he doesnt lose a step and speed was his game.

    They are suspicously quiet about the drver….if i were a bettor……

  121. Andrew W says:

    Seriously, I could not sleep at all thinking about Charlie! So sad, but I bet he can make a speedy recovery and back even better for WC 2014!! In the meantime, a call out to Dempsey:Please direct your emotions and energy back to the Nats, you can fill in at striker, and “win one for Charlie”! I have little doubt that an inform altidore and head strong Dempsey can carry this front line, and each and every goal they score, lets dedicate it to number 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. tsingletonvt says:

    I posted this yesterday, but felt it might shed light on some recovery similarities:

    FWIW, when I was 24 (now 37) I broke my femur (among other things) in an auto accident. It was broken into four pieces and they placed a rod and four screws into my leg permanently. I was very lucky that my femoral artery was not hit.

    Just being an average guy (I had run a 40 minute 10K a week before) I was four months on crutches, but coaching soccer with minimal running a year later. Since then I have run 10 marathons in the low three hour range including two five days apart once. I lost some speed, but the only measurable thing I lost was range of motion. My right heel will never bend back to touch my leg/butt again. I am sure that Charlie will have access to better PT than I did, but it will be a lot of work.

    Not trying to talk about myself and I have no idea about his injuries, but just felt I would share as I don’t know anybody else who has broken a femur.

    Also, as I recall more this morning. The doctors said I was very lucky not to have broken my pelvis as that would have changed everything (as somebody noted above).

    I also lost a lot of muscle and gained a lot of scar tissue. My right leg looks significantly smaller than my left even to this day, but I am sure that has to do with the specific injury (compound fracture) I had and differing PT. I think the scar tissue might be what hinders my range of motion.

    As far as recovery goes, it was about four months on crutches. They had me walking on modified crutches (broken wrist as well) after a few days. There was a time I could not even contemplate putting weight on my right leg. Early PT consisted of clenching butt cheeks and just lifting my leg in a seated position… that is how much atrophy/weakness might come into play. I did have a therapist bending my leg within a few weeks. I advanced to stepping up onto a curb after a while and spent a lot of time in a CPM to bend my leg. I am not sure when the bone healed, but it too a long time… longer than four months.

    I was relatively inactive for a few years by choice. I had a fear of contact for my leg, but one day played soccer in Boston Common, took a hit, and was back to normal. That is to say that there will probably be some significant mental/psyche issues that Charlie will have to overcome.

    I wish him the best and a speedy recovery. Have faith in your doctors and don’t give up.

  123. Nick says:

    He is simply lucky to be alive, I don’t think there is any chance he will be available to play in the World Cup next summer, I just hope he is able to play again period.

  124. steve says:

    Thoughts and prayers to all impacted by this horrific accident….

    It is too bad that Charlie was out past curfew…

    Godspeed on a healthy recovery.

  125. Damian says:

    Sad news…

  126. Mark says:

    Sounds like he’s going to be OK and will recover which is great news. It’ll be a long way back to full health, and at that time, I sincerely hope that he’ll be able to resume his career and get back to playing at the highest level.

    Definitely would be a great scene to see him do the stanky leg again in a US jersey.

  127. Dman says:

    I think this was previously mentioned, but I try to keep this in mind considering the similar age….

    At Liverpool, Cissé scored 11 goals in 23 first-team games in all competitions for Liverpool in the 2004–05 season.[15] He had only played 19 games for Liverpool when a tackle from Jay McEveley broke his left leg playing against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park on 30 October 2004. The injury he suffered from the tackle broke his tibia and fibula, physio Daryl Martin said “It could take six to nine months and the absolute worst-case scenario is 18 months, but on average it would be three or four months.”[21] Cissé later revealed that had it not been for prompt attention from the trainers at the stadium, he would probably have lost the leg below the knee.[22] He had pins inserted in the leg, and was expected to be out of action for the rest of the 2004–05 season.[23] However, it was reported in late March 2005 that Cissé’s recovery had advanced enough to enable him to return to action by the end of the season.[24]

    This indeed happened on 13 April 2005 when Cissé came on as a substitute in the 75th minute of the second leg of Liverpool’s Champions League quarter-final tie with Juventus.[25] He went on to score both Liverpool goals in their last Premiership match of the season, a 2–1 win over Aston Villa,[26] and also converted a penalty in Liverpool’s penalty shootout win over AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League final.[27] During the 2005–06 season, Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez deployed Cissé on the right wing on numerous occasions.[19] While his pace made him well suited to such a role, it was questioned whether he would be happy continuing to be used in this way rather than in his preferred position as striker.[12] He scored two goals as Liverpool won the 2005 UEFA Super Cup. Cissé also scored the opening Liverpool goal in that season’s FA Cup final with a sliding shot past West Ham United keeper Shaka Hislop. Liverpool eventually went on to win the FA Cup on penalties.

  128. MVK says:

    I cant imagine what is going through his head right now… Keep your spirits up Chuck

  129. the fly says:

    Hopefully we’ll score tonight and whoever does will do the stanky leg or hold up nine fingers or honor Davies in some other clever way.

  130. My prayers are with you Charlie, and with all the families touched by this accident.

    Get well soon Charlie!

  131. Dman says:

    I’m trying to be half glass full, I mean he tore his acl or mcl a few years back and made strides to be what he is today.

    Anything is possible.

  132. montana matt says:

    Terrible news, but keep your head up Charlie. I’m sure you’ll be back.

  133. Sean says:

    Charlie will be fine once he recovers(physically, that is). He suffered broken bones, which often heal stronger. Because it is broken bones and not ligament damage to his knees and ankles, we can expect him to have the same pace he once had (once he’s fully fit of course).

    Get well soon Charlie, and my condolences to the families of Charlie and the other people in the car as well.

  134. Aaron in StL says:

    Man that’s quite a list…he’s lucky to be alive but that’s going to be a painful recovery. Best luck Chuck.

    Jozy is really going to have to step up these next 8 months or so. Good thing the doctors were able to work on him quick.

  135. KCB says:

    Get Well Charlie. Maybe, someday, we’ll see you on the pitch again.

    Do It for Number Nine.

  136. JSmiley says:

    From Grant Wahl Twitter:

    US fans planning salute to No. 9 Charlie Davies RT @shinguardian If attending US-CR stand-up & cheer for ENTIRE 9th min link to j.mp

    Much better than smoke bombs.

  137. SD says:

    terrible news, I feel like it was a friend involved in a serioous accident, even though I don’t know him…..following his twitter has contributed to my feeling this way….according to the French paper L’equipe, it seems that charlie had permission to be out until midnight because he was not going to play tonight….

  138. RK says:

    I hope people know that the 9th minute starts at 8 minutes.

  139. JSmiley says:

    RK – Yeah, I know. So do we stand and cheer when the clock 8:xx (9th minute) or when the clock says 9:xx (10th minute but the 9 is on the board)?

    I say…both. Especially when we score.

  140. bryan says:

    got my #9 printed off. im really pumped for the game tonight.

    RK – best way to solve that? cheer from the 8th-10th. haha


  141. Gabe says:

    This is terrible news, but obviously we’re all happy Charlie is alright and breathing. He is from my hometown in Manchester, NH, and everyone who knows him talks about how humble and nice of a guy he is. Our prayers go out to him, and we hope that he can eventually recover to play the game he loves again.

  142. TimN says:

    Seize the day…because you never know what will happen next.

    This is a devastating injury, but at the end of the day, he’s fortunate to be alive, and that’s what matters the most. My thoughts are with him and his family.

  143. 505anthony says:

    I’m inconsolable.

  144. Bob the Builder says:

    My prayers are with him, but what is he doing out at 3:15 in the morning the night before a game? My mom always said nothing good happens after midnight.

  145. advocat says:

    I hope he recovers 100%. But Charlie could end up like Fred Adu and Damarcus Beasley: more wasted precious US soccer investment. Money, time, coaching, playing experience, experience; all of which could have been invested in a more sober-minded person. A tragedy? Yes- both for Mr Davies and the development of US soccer.

  146. bryan says:

    Charlie had permission to be out because he wasn’t going to play today according to the latest i have read.

  147. advocat says:

    I would be concerned that Sochaux FC may pull a Mutu on Mr Davies. Ie sochaux might sue davies for the value of his transfer and lost income. While Mutu lost his 23 milliion$ lawsuit with Abrahamovich, Davies might be on the hook for a few million only.

  148. Questions of life or death overshadow other concerns but as fans we have every right to be a bit angry that one of our star players was out at 3.15 AM after a night out on the town 48 hours before match-day. I’m sure when Charlie is able to think back on it, he’ll be just as disappointed in himself for a decision that may cost him his promising career.

    Never forget that these guys are heroes who get to live out our dreams, so its only human to be disappointed when they let us down. They stop being an anonymous individuals whose choices have no wider consequence beyond their direct impact when they put on the jersey to represent all of us. But they’re only human and not perfect. No question the tabloids would have a field day with this in Europe – like they did this week with the photos of Ronaldinho out late partying before a match.

    Charlie is obviously lucky to be alive and who knows the future but the possibility that his shot at reaching the top may have gone is very real.

  149. kpugs says:

    As far as I can tell no one that wasn’t in the car has any idea what they were doing driving on that highway at the time they were. So anyone even speculating about it needs to shut the f up. Or, at the very least, recognize the fact that if you are going to portray the simple fact that he was in a car after 3am it could have been for a perfectly normal reason. This is too serious a situation for some butthole to start immediately criticizing Charlie based on their own imagination.

    Also we need to stop mentioning the world cup. After the estimated 12 month recovery time (newsflash, the world cup is less than 12 months away), there is PHYSICAL REHAB. How anyone is even mentioning the world cup boggles my mind, it’s almost cruel to bring it up.

    Get well soon Charlie.

  150. Al_OC says:

    kpugs – well said!

  151. Get Well Chuckie D says:

    I’ll be giving the USA my full 90 tonight, but i’ll try hard to ruin my voice at the 9 minute mark. See everyone at RFK

  152. chupacabra says:

    Glad ESPN is keeping us informed. The useless Fox Soccer Report only made a brief, error-ridden mention of Davies’ situation last night before going on to an overly long, useless report on the England national team (which Sky Sports News already provides FSC viewers and does a better job of). Hey Canadians wake up! You’re not England! You’re North Mexico!

    It’s time that FSC dumps the hosers and gets an American soccer report with a US focus just like they’ve finally done with Fox Football Phone-In.

    I hope that Charlie recovers from this nightmare. What a sad twist of fate.

  153. KarloMarx says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night as well. Terrible… I felt like I knew the guy via Twitter. Just terrible…

    It pains me as to why he was out that late. Why he broke team rules. I bet he recovers but what he must be thinking about right now…I would never want to experience.

    Get well #9!

  154. Keith G. says:

    Wow I can not believe this, the guy was playing top level soccer and becoming one of our top national players. Its just to bad he will be missing the World Cup, and it will hurt our team. I just hope he can recover from this as soon as possible and be the same player he was before the accident. So get well soon Davies, and may you still be able to be one of the best players the USA has.

  155. bryan says:

    “It pains me as to why he was out that late. Why he broke team rules.”

    USSF has already said that he did not break rules. Because he was not going to play today, he was not subject to the curfew. Additionally, they said he just needed to be back in time for the team lunch that afternoon. So idk, it sounds like he didn’t break the rules.

  156. KarloMarx says:

    Bryan, thanks for the clarification!

  157. Ty says:

    From the USMNT players twitter sites, send your well wishes to


    They are gathering them together and giving them to Charlie.

  158. Riley says:

    Regarding Charlie, I hope he will make a full recovery and fulfill all of the potential he has shown.

    With a femur break, you cannot really rush the recovery as some athletes may do with a ligament/tendon injury. It is actually advised that once you can put weight on the injury you do so in an increasing capacity, as this actually stimulates the bone repair. Trust me, he will not be able to put more weight on the leg than the injury allows… but he can definitely be jogging again in about 4 full months time. I would guess he will have access to the best rehab possible, and he also appears very impressive physically so his recovery will hopefully be on the short end of time frames.

    With some luck, Charlie will lose none of his ability once he is fully healed and physically, I would guess that it would be plausible for him to recover in time for the WC (as long as he does not require additional surgeries). However, other factors will obviously contribute greatly. I wish him the best and hope luck continues to be on his side.

    Soccer aside, my prayers go out to all those involved in this unfortunate accident.

  159. Yinka Double Dare says:

    “I would be concerned that Sochaux FC may pull a Mutu on Mr Davies. Ie sochaux might sue davies for the value of his transfer and lost income. While Mutu lost his 23 milliion$ lawsuit with Abrahamovich, Davies might be on the hook for a few million only.

    Posted by: advocat | October 14, 2009 at 10:49 AM ”

    Charlie wasn’t driving and he was wearing his seatbelt. On the other hand Mutu was busted for coke. I don’t think anyone can rescind a contract simply for being out late and having the misfortune of being in a car that crashed. Totally different situation.

    Hopefully it’s just the breaks and there isn’t significant muscle or ligament damage. If it’s just the broken bones (as long as it’s nothing weird in the break), he can probably get back to what he was completely. Bones heal well, and you can get the strength and conditioning back. It will take a while, but it’s possible.

  160. Goalscorer24 says:

    Wow, thank goodness he is alive. Hope he recovers quickly.

  161. Rastafari says:

    Charlie.. take note of another #9 who overcame tragedy to shine brightly

    link to youtube.com

    believe it

  162. advocat says:

    Sochaux may have restrictions on their players in terms of drinking, curfews,etc. Sochaux could potentially litigate against the USSF due to their financial losses. Davies should have been subject to a reasonable curfew at a minimum, limitations on drinking,etc. we are very fortunate. What if it was Donovan? Could have been much worse for US. I said for years we are one injury (Donovan) away from failing to qualify for the WC. No Donovan equals no WC appearance.

  163. bryan says:

    Onyewu was on Elliot in the Morning today in DC. I had no idea.

    – elliot was like: “so it says here that you may be leaving ac milan by 2010?”

    – and he’s like “uh thats the first ive heard of that. so, no”

  164. Leonardo says:

    i was in a car accident 6 years ago that left me paralyzed. im glad Charlie is alive and will recover. im glad he did not get any spinal/brain damage. after a tragedy, it’s all about quality of life. hopefully he can have fully mobility and good use of his body to enjoy life. it sucks riding in a wheelchair. good he doesnt have to deal with that.

    i wrote Charlie an email being that i have a unique situation that can relate.

  165. JerryTV says:

    Smoke bombs will only hinder the ability for the number 9 signs to be seen, which are actually a meaningful tribute and a much better idea than smoke bombs. Please don’t throw smoke bombs. I think that will be an insult to Charlie and all the people who are saluting him. It will look childish and terrible on TV.

  166. OHioDude says:

    Hey police, is it too much to ask to release the driver’s name?

  167. MASTRO says:

    We been praying for him and his back to soccer