Dempsey nets in Fulham victory

Clint Dempsey 5 (Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey has gotten his groove back.

A week after scoring the equalizer in a 2-2 draw against Manchester City, the U.S. national team midfielder netted in Fulham's 3-1 victory over Liverpool on Saturday, easily finishing off a Erik Nevland pass from ten yards out.

The goal, which came in the 87th minute, capped the scoring and was Dempsey's second of the season.

Here is the video:

What do you think of Dempsey's goal? Think he is finding his top form again? Eager to see him back with the U.S. national team in two weeks?

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to Dempsey nets in Fulham victory

  1. Tim says:

    How can you not love Dempsey?

  2. Scott E says:

    Man, actually a clinical goal. No doubt. Cheers to him and Fulham.

  3. Robert says:

    And he’s back!!!! Undoubtedly a starter on the US team no matter what. He’s got the spunk and the vision, even if he only shows it when he scores the killer goal.

  4. Lorenzo says:

    Ives, saw you in a video someone put up on youtube interviewing Tab Ramos (and I see Claudio Reyna, Tony Meolo, Mike Petke, and Youri Djorkaeff) to remanis the old Giants Stadium memories…

    It says tab ramos was approached by MLS for a coaching job… is their truth to this?

    Are the red bulls looking into using Meola, Ramos, and/or Reyna as a resource for the club in some sort of coaching/scouting means?

    Long Live Tabare Ramos Ricciardi

  5. Never First says:

    I’ll be excited when Dempsey shows even a little bit of effort the national team.

  6. Isaac says:







    Dempsey brings target striker abilities and deep forward abilities, so I think that as long he’s involved in goals and dangerous, which he has been, we should play him up top.

  7. Dominghosa says:

    Not to be a downer, but it did come against a Liverpool team down two men. Don’t think he’d get that easy look 10v10.

  8. Barry says:

    I’ve got a love hate relationship with Clint. Today, I’m not so impressed as Liverpool was down to nine men.

  9. OmarVizquel says:

    Demps holds the ball so much better with Fulham…He looked really good today.

  10. chupacabra says:

    Yes. How convenient for Franco to ignore that one very important detail.

  11. boom says:

    I absolutely love that everyone hates Clint. It’s amazing how American soccer fans can support a player when they’re down like Charlie, and rabidly attack them when they play one or two sour games like Clint.

  12. Barry says:

    Or 8-10 invisible games.

  13. Scott A says:


  14. kpugs says:

    From what I’ve seen of Dempsey at Fulham, his form only suffered with the national team. He’s been playing well for Fulham for quite some time, just isn’t being played as an out and out striker. Good for you Deuce.

  15. Isaac says:

    So, we haven’t seen a player that dissappeared in big games just when the team needed him and when he did show up he crapped himself?

    Oops, forgot about Landon.

    Just like Landon, Clint is irreplaceable, he brings moments of brilliance that are completely against the run of play. I don’t think any stretch of games has illustrated that more than the Confederations Cup, and Dempsey’s relegation battles with Fulham.

  16. jimmygreaves says:

    If Dempsey never plays another game for the US, he would probably have a much longer and still succesful career at Fulham or elsewhere. The USMNT needs him a lot more than he needs it.

  17. brian says:

    put him up top

    i do not want to see casey up there with altidore

  18. gj says:

    I almost liked your line up.

    I’ll say take out Jozy put Donovan up there, and in Donovans spot put torres.

    And In Torres place either put Holden or Benny

  19. chg says:

    I’d like to take credit for Dempsey’s resurgence. I finally dropped him from my fantasy team just before the Manchester City game. If I ever drop Altidore from the bench, he will likely net a hat-trick and guide Hull safely from relegation.

  20. Josh says:

    In fairness to Dempsey, he’s got a much more clearly defined role with Fulham. He knows what he’s in there to do, and he does it pretty well.

    With the US, it’s a lot less obvious. He’s not fast enough to be a winger, and he’s not a good enough crosser to be doing that, either, so he’s continually chafing against both the obligations of his position and–more problematically–the defensive duties it entails.

    What ticks me off when he plays for the US is his lackadaisical defensive work. The other problems I chalk up to confusion about what his actual role is for the Nats. He’s too talented not to play, but BB isn’t quite sure how to use him. While the circumstances obviously suck, perhaps playing him up top in Davies’s spot will give him a role for which he’s better-suited.

  21. Isaac says:

    Your lineup has a couple flaws. For starters, the Dempsey-Altidore pairing works so well because both of them possess target striker skills and second forward skills, so they could switch if one is not having success in a certain part of the field. Donovan being there makes Dempsey the target forward for 90 minutes, which is something he is not.

    Second, Holden and Feilhaber’s impact off the bench has been better than their starts. Would you really play them just to fill a spot if you knew they could play better in some other role at a different time? They change and dictate the pace of the game against tired teams and that could be useful away from home. Torres, on the other hand, has been getting consistent minutes for longer than most people have known him for, and his quick thinking and ball skill will help him deal with Denmark’s physical play.

  22. Brett says:

    The real frustrating thing about his defensive, for lack of a better word, laziness is that he is completely the opposite for Fulham. He always tracks back to help on defense, perhaps moreso with as much attacking as Hodgson likes his fullbacks to do.

    I do think that if the USMNT is going to successfully utilize him, it needs to be as a forward.

  23. Isaac says:

    Completely agree. And there is no time to be smudging roles either considering we need a definitive lineup going in to World Cup.

  24. Beckster says:

    One of the write-ups on the game said that Deuce was responsible for most of the creative runs in the first half. That’s what makes him special and important to the Nats. I’d like to see a 4-3-3 lineup with Donovan, Altidore and Dempsey up top and Torres, Bradley and Holden behind them.

  25. Isaac says:

    A couple reasons Dempsey may play better for Fulham is because he’s much more likely to be benched by Hodgeson than Bradley. Not because Bradley is some sort of pansy, but because there is no replacement capable of doing what Dempsey does, or at least compensating for it in some way; Bradley and Dempsey, sadly, are both fully aware of it.

    Dempsey is also a better forward. There’s not much else to say besides that. He’s got the touch, skill, creativity, and nose for the goal to be a second forward/deep forward. Time and time again, he proves to be more dangerous the closer he gets to goal. I know it’s not a viable source but if you look on YouTube you can see a lot of would-be-amazing goals that get saved or waved off. Case-and-point, his goal against Mexico. He brought down Onyewu’s long ball brilliantly, fought his way through two Mexican defenders, and slotted it past Ochoa from 20-19 yards. On that goal, he displayed his, touch, strength, and finishing that are very rare traits to find all in one player. Sadly, that tally was waived off.

    The point is Dempsey isn’t doing as well for the USA because he’s not having the same enviroment created by Fulham. He’s not being challenged, and he’s not playing in the right position to be challenged by anyways. If he moved to forward, not only would he be in a more natural position, but there is competition there from players like Kenny Cooper, Brian Ching, and Conor Casey.

  26. WonsanUnited says:

    Why does everyone always say that Dempsey doesn’t give it his all with the national team?! Yes, it would be nice to see some more consistency in his performances with the USMNT. But the systems of Roy Hodgson and Bob Bradley are completely different.

  27. aron says:

    That’s the problem with him. And people who think like you.

    No one player is bigger than the team. Whenever someone represents their country on a big stage, in whatever it is, they need to give better than their best.

    We don’t NEED him, he is a great player, but the last two games of the hex I never once thought to myself ‘we need deuce out there.’

    I’m not sure why he plays so much better for Fulham, it could be the players around him, or that they’re giving him his paycheck. But most players usually give more for their country than for their club.

    And I repeat, no one player is better than the team.

  28. madmax says:

    Dempsey playing well is the answer to the Davies question, but he has to play up high, not as an up and back winger. In fact both Donovan and Dempsey should play high behind Jozy. Then, the other three mids need to stay home, hear that Michael.

  29. mcjones says:

    Roy Hodgson is just a genius coach. Maybe he knows how to get that extra bit from Dempsey….furthermore, maybe Dempsey respects Roy more.

  30. Clayton says:

    That’s G. Not ‘G’ as in Gatorade – ‘G’ as in gangster. Gooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaalllllllll

  31. JR says:

    Yet, Bradley’s awesome game today, ignored.

  32. Gabe says:

    “hat’s the problem with him. And people who think like you.

    No one player is bigger than the team. Whenever someone represents their country on a big stage, in whatever it is, they need to give better than their best.

    We don’t NEED him, he is a great player, but the last two games of the hex I never once thought to myself ‘we need deuce out there.’

    I’m not sure why he plays so much better for Fulham, it could be the players around him, or that they’re giving him his paycheck. But most players usually give more for their country than for their club.

    And I repeat, no one player is better than the team.”

    This is complete bollucks. I understand the concept that the team is bigger than ONE player, but the team does NEED it’s most talented players to be on form and to be playing. If we didn’t NEED talented players, we could field all MLS players like the Gold Cup final. Seriously, and to some of you who are still on about how he doesn’t try, you are beyond all help.

  33. ThaDeuce says:

    Link to the goal?

  34. ThaDeuce says:

    I see there is a debate going on here. I will weigh in on it.
    Dempsey clearly needed a break. He hurt himself, was forced to sit out, comes back, and performs at his top level.

  35. chupacabra says:

    That’s W. Not W as in win – ‘W’ as in weak, wigga.

  36. Jerome says:

    I was hoping EJ got in the game, saw his goal he scored vs Cardiff where he beat 3 players.

  37. alex says:

    I think it is crazy people consider Dempsey our best player… That is ridiculous, If dempsey had half of what Landon had he’d be a much better player, but he doesn’t what dempsey has is swagger and a never say die attitude, and to argue he doesn’t know his role, LD in his last interview said clearly we all have defined roles on this team thats why he’s been playing better, so that theroy is debuncked. I totally agree with the idea that Clint thinks he’s irreplaceable, but I think Holden, Torres and Rogers will help push that position and maybe thats the competition he needs.

  38. Joe says:

    I also think it’s crazy people who think they know football don’t appreciate Clint. Yeah the guy who won the bronze ball as 3rd best player at Confed Cup.

    It wasn’t just Clint’s goal today, one of the reds was for a take down of Clint.

    The people who see a player not tracking back enough are confused on Clint’s role on the US team, he’s not one of the count’em 2 defensive midfielders. Clint’s supposed to help get the team into a position to score, and finish some himself. That’s it. Yes get back and help on corners, which he does, but – 1st and foremost – help generate goals. Which are hard to come by in CONACAF, and was harder next summer at WC. Clint, Landon & Jozy are the goal scoring threats who have shown they can do it at elite level, the rest – Casey, Cooper, Ching – are pretenders.

    Clint needs defenders behind him who can make passes and runs, like Spector, and forwards like Charlie in front of him. Oops.

    Jozy + Clint still ain’t Charlie; but on other hand those 2 will sore for usmnt I bet, fed by Landon, or Torres or Benny, or Holden – depending on formation played.

    So moving him up may work for the national team.

    Anyway, the folks who rag on Clint I see as failing a rohrschach test on the still poor general knowledge of the game among many us fans, sadly, who value aimless hustle more than playing in position. With skill.

  39. Brett says:

    In a 4-4-2 you need the SMFs to help out and defend, especially if you overlap with the fullbacks. The only players ahead of the ball in a 4-4-2 should be the strikers, and even then, one of them should be tracking back to pressure.

  40. huricano says:

    Dempsy is doing well where he is, both at fulham and usmnt. I think Altidore is much more dubious. With Davies out, i’m at a loss to name the us’s two best forwards.

  41. Gregg says:

    You asked so I’ll respond: I think Dempsey sucks and I don’t much care what he does for his club. As for his performance for the US lately, he brings a disappointing attitude.

  42. 59Tele says:

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious; Donovan is the best player on the team by far. He contributed to almost every single goal in the last wc hex and had 9 assists. I had as many assists as Dempsey in the 8 games he played. How come 90% of the people here recognize Dempsey should be playing forward for the US and Bradley doesn’t?? Dempsey hurts the team when he plays halfback by losing possession and giving up goals. He gave up the final goal against Brazil in the Confed Cup final and the first goal to Hondorus in Chicago. If you score a goal but give up a goal, its the same as not scoring and not giving up a goal. Right now, both Torres and Holden are better halfbacks for the US than Dempsey. I never see Dempsey play in the EPL, but he can’t possibly play the way he does for the US and still make the field. What posisition does he play for Fulham??

  43. Mig22 says:

    Why? Because soccer fans don’t know nearly as much as they think. Frankly, they usually wear blinders constructed of their own misconceptions. Then again, I refer to myself also.

    But with Dempsey, I believe that everybody says he doesn’t try and is a poor defender because they don’t see his work off the ball.

  44. Mig22 says:

    That’s the problem with people who think like you. A team is made of the players and the coach. When a player is given a role in a system, that player has to perform that role. Dempsey performs to the best of his ability and the US team DOES need him. There is currently no replacement for his skill set and his vision. Until there IS such a replacement, then guess what? He’s NEEDED.

    That oft-repeated idiocy that no one is larger than the team is a meaningless statement.

  45. JS says:

    Gregg…you’re the kind of uneducated moron fan that we don’t need. Dempsey is changing the way American Field Players are being viewed in Europe..opening doors so to speak. Who do you put in Dempsey’s spot and expect the opposition to really gameplan against? I love holden..but he’s a super sub at best right now..he’ll eventually become a the man at right wing but not yet.

  46. Ghost of Clint Dempsey says:

    Holden is def a super super sub, not a starter.

    Its such a different atmosphere playing high level league games compared to WCQs. Demps is a big game player and will give his all during actual WC games. A lot of people are like this but Donovan gives his all everygame period.

  47. David says:

    The guy scores against Liverpool the week after scoring against Manchester City and people are still doggin him.

    When it comes to the big teams and the big games he shows up and shows up big. He will come up big in South Africa.

    By the way for all the people who complain about his defense with the US. Have you ever thought that maybe he is told not to track back to far? Since the US tries to be a counter attacking team maybe he and Donovan are encouraged not to track back very far so the can break quickly?

  48. Derek says:

    Dempsey plays better with Fulham, because Fulham is a better team. He doesn’t feel like he has to do everything, and he gets way better service.

  49. jimmygreaves says:

    Aron- You really need to learn to read the post before repying to it.

    I never wrote that he was bigger than the USMNT. I wrote that the USMNT needs him more than he needs it. If he were to stop playing for the US his club career might benefit much like Friedel and McBride’s did when they retired.

    And while it is possible Dempsey may think he is bigger than the USMNT there is no way for any of us to prove that. Of course, Demepsey may not agree with me; in fact he probably doesn’t since he was so upset at losing the Confed Cup Final to Brazil he spent the entire awards ceremony in tears even though he had won an award for the third best player in the tournament. Those of you who think he is “lazy” when he plays for the US are, I think being lazy yourselves. Send him an e mail or a twitter and ask him why he is “lazy”.

    I don’t know why Dempsey’s performance for the US which, overall, is exceptional, isn’t even better. I do know that many club greats do not replicate their form for their country. This may be as simple as the fact that Dempsey has 59 appearances for the US since 2004 ( about 12 per year) while he could have as many as 3 times that amount in one year for Fulham. When you throw in all the practice time and the rotating cast of US players it should come as no surprise he is far more likely to perform better for Fulham than for the US regardless of how much effort he puts in. The man consistently performs in the clutch for the US more so than any other current player absent Donovan and Jozy. So I give him some slack for the odd missed tackle or bad performance. I think you are foolish to question his heart and deisre.

  50. jimmygreaves says:

    Jozy up top, Dempsey in the hole just behind him, Torres on the left and Donovan on the right, Jones,Bradley,Edu,Clark (pick any two of the four) in the middle. Benny and Holden as subs.

    Or Findlay to replace Davies.

  51. jimmygreaves says:

    It should be noted that Hodgson is Dempsey’s club coach and Bradley is his national team coach. The main difference? There are two.

    About 4 times as many games and practices for Fulham as he gets for the US. And pretty much the same team around him most games unlike the revolving door US.

    If you think those two factors don’t sginificantly influence performance I don’t know what to tell you.