It’s Q&A Time (October Edition)

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It is that time again. Tim for SBI readers to submit their soccer (and occasional pop culture) questions which I will answer in installments over the course of the month.

There is plenty to discuss, from the U.S. men's national team's successful World Cup qualifying campaign, to the current European club season, to the new slate of Fall TV shows.

Submit your questions below (and try to limit yourself to one or two questions) and I will answer as many as I can in the coming days and weeks. You can look for the first batch of answers to post on Friday.

Send your questions my way. 

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250 Responses to It’s Q&A Time (October Edition)

  1. Katatonia says:

    What are the chances that Bob Bradley calls John O’Brien in to give the USA that speed they are missing from Charlie Davies?

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Ives,

    Love the site! Two questions: has Bob Bradley ever stated that he even intends to give Castillo and J. Jones a look? We all assume that they will be brought into the fold, but is that a safe assumption?

    2: Could either Ricardo Clark or Maurice Edu be a possibility at center back?


  3. Neil says:

    Any chance the US gets seeded? What are the odds?

  4. Dan says:

    What would you do about the forward situation? Are we best suited to leave Holden at right wing and move Dempsey up with Altidore, or is the replacement for Davies going to come from somebody like Casey, Cooper, or Ching?

  5. Tom From Syracuse says:

    The big one…

    Where does the US go without Davies? Do you think Bradley might go with Dempsey up top with Altidore and Holden in on the right? Will Holden be the super sub where Ching comes out and Dempsey pushes up (like against Egypt)?

  6. Dave Clark says:

    Do you expect that MLS will add Canadian collegiate players to the Draft? Will this effect their status as “internationals?” Should the league change what players qualify as internationals?

  7. BHO says:

    If you were FIFA, how would you determine seeds for the World Cup Draw?

  8. Hey Ives

    Two Questions

    1. As an aspiring soccer reporter, with my own site and a decent readership as well as my own MLS team to cover, what advice do you have to give on getting ahead in the business?

    2. What are the chances that Michael Orzoco sees a call up for the USMNT in the near future and could he be successful?

  9. Werner says:

    Hey Ives, i love checking this website like once an hour (no obsession or anything)

    Three questions

    What do you think about Eric Wynalda doing Fox Soccer Fone In?

    If you had the power to put Landon Donovan in any European team in which he would thrive in, which would it be?

    So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol?

  10. Gregg says:

    Any word on any other loans in the MLS offseason other than Becks? Possibly Landon? Ljungberg?

    Also, any chatter on the collective bargain negotiations?

    Love the site and move to the Pacific NW for some real atmosphere come 2011.

  11. Dominick says:

    Can you provide an update on the CBA negotiations? When will things really heat up?

    Love the site!

  12. smokeminside says:

    Hi, Ives…thanks for your good work…

    Can you shed any light on the Costa Rican coach ejections? While very entertaining from a visual perspective, I really want to know what happened, exactly. Any possibility of that?


  13. Texas 1836 says:

    When will Nike debut the U.S. World Cup kits?

  14. MemRook says:

    How long ’til SBI gets his own radio/tv show on ESPN or something like FSC???

    Had you heard how AC Milan is looking for compensation from the US Soccer Fed for Onyewu’s injury. They said they cannot afford to pay the wages of an injured player due to national team duty. Are they serious? Does compensation happen often? What’s your take?

  15. Gregg says:

    Do you listen to Radio 606 on Sirius? If so, who is the knowledgeable American who is on there? I’m intrigued.

  16. Chad says:

    Hey Ives,

    Love the site. As you know the WC draw is Dec. 4th. As it stands now, what seeded team do you think we have the best chance of taking points off of? (assuming we don’t get one…)

    -Chad in KC

  17. Mozzie says:

    Hey Ives,

    Thanks for running an outstanding blog. It’s a daily read. I was wondering if you could update us to what your hearing in regards to CBA negotians. Are things going well? Hostile? It seems pretty clear that the salary cap is prob at the center of discussions.

  18. Mark says:

    I’m curious what’s become of Jeff Parke. He had really developed into a solid defender and reduced his mental lapses to a relatively infrequent basis. I know he tried Europe and ended up in the USL. Has he made it to Europe? Is he waiting for MLS expansion? What’s the scoop?

  19. Matthew says:


    What other friendly’s would you like to see US Soccer schedule in World Cup preparation?

  20. Ben says:

    As of today, who will our Starting forwards be in the first game in South Africa?

    (If you say Connor Casey, I will start a rampage of kicking small defenseless Golden Retrievers – P.S. I love Golden Retrievers – Dont make me do it)

  21. ACES says:

    Should the USMNT look into changing the coaching staff regardless of our outcome next year in South Africa?

  22. Doug says:

    In the next 12 months, which high-profile players will make the move to MLS?

  23. beckster says:


    Thanks for the site. It is great and I check it all day.

    After this last round of qualifiers, has Dolo replaced Spector as starting right back and if yes, could Spector challenge Bornstein for left back?

  24. Freddy says:

    As of the time you are getting around to answer these questions, give us what you think our 23 man squad in South Africa should be. And in case you’re bored, your starting XI.

    As always, thanks for all the work you do.

  25. This Guy says:

    I don’t have a question. I just wanna say that SBI and TOW are the greatest 2 soccer sites ever.

  26. Kevin says:

    Hey Ives,

    Love the site. What is your take on Freddy Adu’s situation. Should he just come back to the MLS for a little while…..maybe as a DP? Having been a Sounders supporter for close to 20 years, I know that I would much rather have him than Ljungberg.

  27. Justin says:

    Give us your predictions on MLS Cup champs and MVP.
    What is your take on Jeff Cunningham’s ridiculous second half? Should Bob Bradley consider bringing him in for the Denmark friendly? Would that ever happen?

  28. Blake says:

    Can you give me a down payment to fund my script for the film version of the Costa Rica – US qualifier? I have Ed Harris and John C. Reilly on board to play Bob Bradley and Costa Rica’s interim coach for the last 5 minutes, respectively. (For the record, I noticed the resemblance before I read Grant Wahl’s twitter)

  29. Andolini says:

    How does Gooch’s injury affect the likelihood that he will leave AC Milan?

  30. Toumba says:

    Who are the ESPN guys that really like soccer? Do any of the sportscenter guys know anything about the beautiful game?

  31. JeffM says:

    When Maurice Edu is healed, does he get integrated right back into the squad at Rangers, or does he end up on the bench? Same question for Jermaine Jones at Shalke.

  32. marc says:

    USA is playing Denmark next month;

    How much does the US require for an appearance fee?

  33. Isaac says:

    Hey Ives, great site! Keep up the good work.

    What is THE greatest national team goal for the USA you’ve seen?

    Second, and you don’t have to answer this one it’s up to you, If the US national team is a football team, who plays where? Anybody who has been capped can be in this.

  34. baloosh13 says:

    Hey Ives,

    How much swag (free stuff) do you get if you play for the National Team? I assume clothes and multiple kits, but are there crazy perks like gallons of 64 ounce Gatorade delivered to your home?

  35. smits says:

    Ching’s recent contract with Houston was a bad deal to me considering his age, I’d prefer they develop their youth more, (whatever happened to Felix Garcia)? Your thoughts?

    Name the 5 hottest (& famous) women on the planet today.

  36. Mike says:

    From the, “where the hell did you think of this guy?” category, whatever happened to Adin Brown? All you’d hear is how he was going to replace Kasey Keller as the #1. He was with the Rapids, then in Denmark I believe. Is he still playing anywhere?

  37. Tom Sharpe says:

    Do you think Costa Rica’s coach is at fault for the game? I mean the United States scored a goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time, and all of his shenanigans had to add a minute or two to that clock.

  38. ford dude says:

    Great site Ives, I check it like 100 times a day haha

    With the unfortunate accident that happened to davies, and the hot streak and improving play of jeff cunningham, do you see him getting a call up to the national team?

    I think he could be a very good addition to the US

    If he does get called in, how do you think he would perform?

  39. tedmonds says:

    What will happen first: an American refereeing the finals of a world cup or the USA team playing in the finals of a world cup?

  40. These Colors Do Not Run says:

    1. Will you consider putting up a poll on the site so readers can rate the players and coach on a 1-10 scale after every game?

    2. How is it that Sasha Kljestan got time over Torres?

  41. AC says:

    I really hate using the Charlie Davies situation as the springboard, but do you see Bradley possibly calling in Cunningham to see if he can contribute to the forward position in the national team?

  42. Brent says:

    Ives Galarcep is hungry one night after writing 5 blog entries. He decides to grab some fast food. Where does he go and what does he get?

  43. Madison says:

    Any chance Eddie Johnson gets a call back?

  44. Aaron in StL says:

    Ives – in keeping with the “What do we do w/o Charlie Davies theme” – is it possible with our dearth of talent that we go with one striker in front of 5 midfielders? I’m assuming one, likely Dempsey or Lando, play a Gerrard-like role and are allowed to roam freely.

    I think it’d be a tough job for the striker and probably wouldn’t suit Jozy’s talents to the fullest, but I think he could still find a way to be productive.

  45. Art in Texas says:

    Now that the depth in the backline positions looks to be a little questionable right now for the national team, can you see Bradley possibly trying out Omar Gonzalez or Sean Franklin anytime during the coming year? Both are still raw, but hopefully have more upside then downside.

  46. Mr. Gaga says:

    Is it really that outlandish to believe that Bradley isn’t the best coach for the nats? Most of his supporters point to the us qualifying for the cup, which was expected. and the confed cup run–where the us had a losing record, Bradley made poor choices in picking the line up (Sasha, BMB, etc.), and where he was outcoached by Dunga twice in a week.

    Not that he is terrible; his team plays hard and mostly beats whom they should. But there is not enough emphasis on keeping possession and as a result the Nats regularly lack the ability to hold leads. He repeatedly makes subs without regard to the situation in the game (except last night–but even then he didn’t do anything until well after the us was down two goals). I hate having to feel like I need to root for players to get injured so that worthy players like Torres get a chance because Bob is so inflexible otherwise. I understand that he prioritizes shape and workrate, but it he values it too much–the US is never going to beat top comp without individual moments of brilliance.

    Context is everything. There are a lot of idiots out there that attack Bradley unfairly. That doesn’t mean that everyone who isn’t a fan of his is an idiot or a “hater”. I want the US to win and I’m happy when they do, but being a fan doesn’t necessarily mean I have to devolve into unthinking jingoism or reflexive praise. Last weekend it seemed verboten to imply that Casey didn’t turn into the American Ibra in a span of eight minutes and that Bradley wasn’t a genius–just that he made a questionable pick that worked out.

    Bradley is doing a bit better than Arena did with a little more talent. How can this be anything other than showing a minimum level competence required to avoid getting fired?

  47. tim says:

    Ives, Can you comment on SUM and how they achieved the selling rights of the world cup and why it is not USSF?

  48. David says:

    For our friendly against Denmark, do you think it is best to give our locked-in players a rest and try out some players on the fringe? Which fringe players would you like to see?

    Is it 6 subs at a friendly? How many can be on a roster?

  49. kjk_40b says:

    Which players (besides J. Jones and E. Castillo), if any, that did not play a game or more than one game in WCQ do you think will make the US World Cup Roster? I guess the third goalie

    I am looking for an off the radar pick or two, not just guys who were called into camp and played.

  50. Jaleel says:

    A team has never won the World Cup with a foreign coach. Interesting fact, is it not?

  51. kjk_40b says:

    I meant called into a roster and did not play… sorry for the double post and error.

  52. tim says:

    Ives, what is the state of MLS training facilities? are they on par with European facilities? are they a drawback for european players considering a move to MLS?

  53. Art in Texas says:

    I was impressed with Robbie Rogers ability to contribute on the right wing against Costa Rica instead of his natural left wing position, and of course Stuart Holden’s contributions as well. If they continue to positively add to the wing position, can you perceive Dempsey moving into the forward position for the national team?

  54. cmbond says:

    I remember watching the US U-17 team play in the Dallas Cup with Spector as the Center Back. He was outstanding in that tournament. Is there a possibility of using him as a Center Back in place of our two injured CB’s?

  55. Smiles says:

    Will this Beckham loan be the last? It is the last World Cup I could feasibly see him playing in.

  56. Chris A. says:


    What happened to Special 1 TV?

  57. Brendan says:

    Will Charlies Davies’ long term injury impact his status with Sochaux? Any chance they release him?

  58. adamk says:

    Who are the candidates fore the Red Bulls coaching job and what play you predict for the 2010 NYRB?

  59. kpugs says:

    Two questions, both brief and only one serious.

    1. I had to eat some crow over the last two games due to Casey and Bornstein. My opinion is still that neither should go to South Africa (without getting too wordy, there are plenty of guys like Torres I’d much rather see playing). Having explained that, is it safe to say that both Bornstein and Casey would get smoked playing in a world cup match? For all of Casey’s strength he is slow with average touch at best and a poor passer. Bornstein is all speed (though he is slowly getting better). Either way, I don’t think either is good enough to face the world class teams in South Africa.

    2. “Ohhhh US-AAAAAA. OH U-S-A OH U-S-A OH U-S-AAAA.”

    We ever going to get a new chant?

  60. Jerry says:

    Is there a quintessential soccer movie in your eyes?

  61. joe k says:

    what’s your prediction on the average attendance at red bull arena next year? how many sellouts?

  62. CapeCodFutbol says:


  63. Austin Floridia says:

    Hey Ives, I believe Jeff Cunningham would be the perfect replacement for Charlie Davies due to there equal speed and finishing skills. Cunningham also has a wealth of experience so BB wouldnt be taking much of a risk in a friendly, no?

    While the likes of Onyewu and Davies are out…..

    My lineup would probably be this against Denmark

    Gk-Howard,LB-Castillo,CB-Spector,CB-Boca,RB-Cherundolo,LM-Donovan,Bradley-CM,Jones(if healthy)-CM,Dempsey-RM,Cunningham-ST,Altidore-ST

    would you agree? who do you believe the best bets are to step in for Onyewu and Davies?

    P.S….whatever happened to our questions answered from Edgar Castillo?

  64. Mark Spence says:


    Dax McCarty’s form has been stellar during the recent run from FC Dallas. His ability to maintain possession and passing efficiency have been excellent.

    These two aspects of his game that are often found wanting at the end of a game for the USMNT. I would like to see him inserted for the last 20 minutes of a game the US is winning, when the USMNT has a tendency to resort to booting the ball down the field rather than maintain possession and complete passes.

    Do you think there is a chance Dax could be called into the January USMNT camp?

  65. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Damnit Katatonia, beat me to it.

  66. Darth Maul says:

    Can you explain the failure of the Canadian national team? They should be qualifying at least every other year with the talent they have.

  67. BP says:


    The injuries to Davies and Gooch have forced me to ponder which players on the US Team can we least afford to lose to injury? (Assuming Donovan is number 1 on the list, who are the next four).

    PS. Does Friedel’s form alter Howard’s place on this list?

  68. Jonathan Bornstein says:

    How does that crow taste, Ives?

  69. MikeK says:

    Yes or No time-

    1) Will Ireland to qualify for world cup? (asked pre-draw)

    2) Gooch to start the first game for the US at the world cup after his injury?

    3) Will Richie Williams coach the first game at Red Bull Arena?

    4) Will St Pauli win promition to the 1.Bundesliga?

  70. Frankie says:


    two questions – how are the seeds calculated for the world cup groupings? Second, do we see Milan cancelling Gooch’s contract? Where does he end up in the winter transfer window? Back to Belgium?

  71. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Yo, Mr. Ives…

    The USMNT has used the naturalization route in the past to add players to the roster (David Regis, etc.). Can you name a few foreign nationals now playing in the MLS who have not been capped by their country-of-birth who could really help the Nats? For instance, in his heyday I suspect that Christian Gomez would have easily made our national team. I suspect that most of these players would be from a country like Argentina or Brazil where it is nearly impossible to crack the national team lineup. Any thoughts?

  72. JakeO says:


    In high school my friends and I would constantly debate which confederation would have the strongest all-star team. Who would be your CONCACAF starting 11 + 7 subs?

    I’d go with Howard, Salcido, Marquez, Onyewu, Osorio, Guardado, Palacios, Bradley, Donovan, Jones and Suazo. Subs: Ochoa, Figueroa, Bocanegra, Thomas, Dempsey, Dos Santos and Fuller.

  73. Ted says:

    Are there any other players in a situation like Castillo? Perhaps there are a few guys from England or Spain with American roots.

  74. Brian says:

    How can we get Benito Archundia and his amigos to ref all of our games? That guy is my kind of referee. He didn’t take any of that time wasting crap.

  75. Mike Milberger says:

    Will the U.S. get new kits before the World Cup?

  76. nico says:

    Your analysis/ranking of the three coaches that qualified: Aguirre, Bradley, Rueda. Thanks as always.

  77. baloosh13 says:


    Is there an update on the saga of Johnny X?

  78. BrooklynFC says:

    From what I saw last night I really believe the US would thrive if they played a 3-5-2. When Gooch went down with the knee injury we played with three in the back and faired quite well. Come the World Cup I would love for the USA to try the following line-up.


    What do you think?

  79. sean says:

    1. Of our current group of healthy central midfielders (not including Jones or Edu) what combination do you think is best? Why?

    2. Do you think Bradley will try pairing Dempsey with Altidore at forward and starting Holden at right mid.

  80. Brian says:

    From what I saw last night I really believe the US would thrive if they played a 3-5-2. When Gooch went down with the knee injury we played with three in the back and faired quite well. Come the World Cup I would love for the USA to try the following line-up.


    What do you think?

    Posted by: BrooklynFC | October 15, 2009 at 05:57 PM
    You just lost all credibility by putting Adu in there.

  81. Josh says:


    Are there rules/guidelines for compensation when a player is injured playing for a national team? In other words, do AC Milan have legal recourse to compensation from the USSF for Onyewu’s injury?

    Second question: although it’s unpleasant to talk about, whose stock rises in the wake of the injuries to Davies and Gooch? (Side note: now I’m really happy that Bradley used the Gold Cup to develop some depth in the player pool.)

  82. Brian says:


    Can Landon Donavon ever be considered an elite player in world soccer?

  83. Experience Dogood says:

    For the past ten years, I feel that Bruce Arena and Bob Bradley have done well in choosing to play a style of soccer most fitting of American talent. Defensive minded, along with playing long balls to target forwards in the final third. However, we are beginning to see several young American players do well in European systems. Players like Altidore, Bradley, Feilhaber, Davies, and Dempsey are using their creativity, vision, and technical skill to play a much more beautiful brand of soccer. These young Americans seem to have a greater understanding of the European game than their predecessors, and are thriving overseas as a result.

    Are US players beginning to out grow this style of play? Does keeping this conservative style hinder their ability to grow and succeed at the international level? Would a US starting XI comprised mostly of European based players do better with a more open style of play? And is Bob Bradley the man to implement such a style?

  84. Johnathon Ross says:

    Senor Ives,

    In your opinion, which MLS stadium has the best food options?

  85. BrooklynFC says:


    What DP are the RedBulls looking at?…. any ideas. I will be at that first game…. any chance to former national teamers join the red bulls.

  86. BrooklynFC says:

    From what I saw last night I really believe the US would thrive if they played a 3-5-2. When Gooch went down with the knee injury we played with three in the back and faired quite well. Come the World Cup I would love for the USA to try the following line-up.


    What do you think?

    Posted by: BrooklynFC | October 15, 2009 at 05:57 PM
    You just lost all credibility by putting Adu in there.

    Posted by: Brian | October 15, 2009 at 05:59 PM

    Besides my Adu pick….. what do you fellow fans think of the line-up?

  87. Soccer in Cleveland says:

    In light of the recent accident of Charlie Davies, will there be a stricter curfew enforced upon the players?

  88. BrooklynFC says:

    Torres can be slotted in where i put Adu…. if Torres is in better form…. if adu is playing is there any question that he will be starting next year in the cup

  89. Experience Dogood says:

    Hey Ives,

    Love the site. Keep up the good work!

    With Charlie Davies likely out for South Africa, who would you look to, to step up as Jozy’s strike partner? Do you see role players such as Ching/Casey winning the spot? Or more of an offensive threat like Kenny Cooper?

    What would you prefer to see happen?

    Thanks, Experience

  90. Jason says:

    link to

    According to this article, Wilmer Cabrera will leave out Charles Renken, Joseph Gyau, and Sebastian Lledget from the U-17 roster. Should we fire this guy? He’d rather “take someone dedicated to a useless camp over skillful players.” If we don’t make the quarterfinals or something, I blame this guy’s ego and pride.

  91. Steven M. says:


    What would be the point of moving soccer to the Winter season? I know soccer is an international sport, but in this country we have other popular sports that would crush soccer in ratings and attendance. Why isn’t FIFA barking upon any other league’s trees?

  92. Lester says:

    Let’s play a game… Six degrees of Kevin Bacon… Try not to cheat now.

    Jerry Seinfeld to Kevin Bacon

  93. Evan says:

    Ives, if you could choose 23 players to take to a world cup out of all the players who have ever played for the USMNT, which players would they be, and who would start? Assume every player is in their prime and normal roster restrictions (3 keepers). Thanks!

  94. WestEndFC says:


    Will there ever be a Team America in Europe like there was going be in Bari and will it be successful? I am not counting that team in the Belgian Fourth Division, Montegnee.

  95. Nate says:

    When is there going to be a weekly podcast? Surely this is the next logical step in the Ives global takeover of media.

  96. Goalscorer24 says:


    Why does there seem to be such disparaging viewpoints between what the fans see and want, and what Coach Bradley sees and wants?

    Does Adu now come in for Davies?

  97. kptx says:

    Ives, what’s the normal press contingent at a USMNT home game? 15, 20, 25? What about away games? How does that compare to prior World Cup cycles (don’t know exactly how long you’ve covered the team).

    Basically, I’m wondering about how the team’s popularity has grown over the last few WC cycles and thought comparing the amount of press members at a game may be a good barometer. Also, do you have any insights on the ratings increases/decreases of the USMNT games over the last few cycles?

  98. baloosh13 says:

    Have you ever met Guiseppi Rossi’s father considering he is a figure in New Jersey high school soccer?
    If yes, did his son’s nationality come up?
    If no, what would you ask him when you did meet him?

  99. Joe B. NYC says:

    Hi. Ives,

    How’s Ricardo Clark’s move to Europe going?

    and what Goalscorer24 asked…

  100. baloosh13 says:

    sorry that was my third and final question, I promise.

  101. TR says:

    Ives, why are there so many ties in MLS? I ran the numbers … this year in MLS 31% of the games end in draws. Samples from elsewhere: last year’s EPL had 26% draws, Serie A 25% draws, La Liga 22% … and this year in the EPL (ok, small sample size I know, but still): 12% of the matches end in a tie. I don’t want to be an American “you have to have a winner!” type, but the shear amount of ties do bug me a little. Is there a reason? Statiscal anomaly, or a result of parity due to the salary cap, or just dumb luck, or … ?

  102. Goalscorer24 says:

    Jason – I read that article on the U17’s too, and that did not sound good. It sounds like a Rongen number, when we are suddenly leaving out the best players.

  103. Charlie says:

    Hey Ives, I know that you rely on blog ativity, but when you started to use the live cast how much does that effect your turn out? and what does having a certain amount of hits per day do for you in terms of money or advertising?

  104. SoccerJohn says:


    FIFA ranked the USMNT #11 in September. How many US players who saw WCQ action do you think could start for one of the teams ranked in the FIFA top 10? Who/where?



  105. Tony T says:

    FC Dallas FAN situation, The main reason I didn’t get season tickets this year is because of the drive, they are around 30 miles away from Dallas. Do you think moving them back to the Cotton Bowl would draw more fans? I can see that they have invested too much in Frisco for that to happen but I don’t think the 10,000(give or take) fans per game is paying the bills.

  106. QualitySpecial says:

    What are your thoughts on what is currently happening in the USL between teams and the new league owners? If a breakaway league is formed how many teams do you see cutting their ties with USL?

  107. ZizouFan says:

    How do we develop our 18-22 year-old players? The NCAA rules and restrictions make development in the college environment an aberration. The MLS reserve program is dead. Getting a foothold in Europe seems to be a longshot. Could the USSF Development Academy be an option? Many college freshman and even some sophomores are eligible age wise for the 17/18 Division. Could a 19/20 age group be added that supplements the college playing experience?

  108. I can't find the symbol for my name on this keyboard says:

    What does it sound like when doves cry?

  109. ruffy says:

    I second Mike’s question- what did happen to Adin Brown?
    Tim Howard was his backup, then he was always injured, then went to Scandanavia, then…?

  110. Joe Hill says:

    Any update on the collective barganing agreement that expires in January (I think that’s when it expires).

  111. DB says:


    Whats the deal with Spector. He played fantastic in South Africa, but has struggled over the last few qualifiers. Do you think its a matter of motivation, he didn’t have a starting spot so he forced his way in, and once he had it laid off a bit? Or do you think South Africa was more of a fluke? I hope its not the second cause if he played like that I’d be satisfied with the RB situation.

  112. Fireball says:

    Costa Rica’s U-20’s have gotten to the U-20WC semis, while the US team went 1-0-2 in the group.

    Is Costa Rica going to be better than the US in 8 years?

  113. TR says:

    After seeing some of the young talent in the WC qualifiers – Bryan Ruiz, Carlos Costly, etc – who are playing in “lesser” leagues in Europe like Holland or Poland (although Costly is on loan to Birmingham I guess) – is there any chance MLS can pry some of these young Central American potential stars away from Europe?

  114. David says:

    Who’s the next head coach of the Wizards? Are NYRB going to try and pry Vermes back home to Jersey as their technical director?

  115. Sushant says:

    Will Landon go on a loan to another team in the winter and if yes, what the possibilities?

  116. SJ says:

    A few questions

    (1) Handicap the CR v. Uruguay home and home for us

    (2) Who do YOU want to see called in to the Denmark friendly? Who/what should we look for in that friendly (meaning players, positions, indicators for the final roster, etc)?

    (3) Who should the US schedule for WC qualifiers and why?

    (4) What new album are you most looking forward to being released?

  117. Pistolero says:

    1- What groups does the US qualify from UEFA WC qualifying groups?
    2-What place to they end up in South American qualifying?

  118. McBride'stheMan says:


    Is Demarcus Beasley done at the International Level? I’m guessing he for sure won’t be part of the team in South Africa, but is there a possibility he could get himself back on the International scene? Why do you think he has sputtered so badly with Rangers?

  119. Sushant says:

    2nd question:

    Based on what you’ve seen so far, how would you rank the Center Mids in the USMNT pool and where would M.Edu and J.Jones fit once they are healthy?


  120. SJ says:

    I meant WC warm-ups

  121. strongboy3 says:

    This is very difficult for me to say, being the major Feilhaber fan that I am….
    I wasn’t that impressed by Benny’s play against Costa Rica. Especially in the first half. He was non-existent in the first half. Personally I’ve always felt like he has earned to start with the way the team plays when he is on the field. I know Bradley likes the dual d-mids but I still have faith in Feilhaber starting over Clark. Do you think Bradley will ever keep Feilhaber in the line-up or did he ruin his chances on Wednesday?

  122. Freddy says:

    What do you think? International retirement be damned, Brad Friedle should be our #2 in South Africa. God forbid something happens to Howard, Guzan is to much of a drop-off.

  123. Alex says:


    From what I saw last night I really believe the US would thrive if they played a 3-5-2. When Gooch went down with the knee injury we played with three in the back and faired quite well. Come the World Cup I would love for the USA to try the following line-up.












    What do you think?

    Posted by: BrooklynFC | October 15, 2009 at 05:57 PM


    well there’s the adu issue, and then the fact that you’re playing steve cherundolo as high as landon donovan… not a bad idea, but get your players right

  124. Did you see anyone on the U-20 team that you think has a future on the senior team? If you say Brek Shea you will lose all credibility.

  125. Freddy says:

    Last Question: I know as of right now there is still the Euro playoffs going on, so qualification hasn’t wrapped up yet. However, what sort of draw do you think the Yanks should hope for? What countries would be considered a manageable draw for us?

    I would say we’d be lucky to get:

    (Although I don’t even know if that group would be possible, just speculating.)

  126. Lester says:

    Hey Ives,

    Do you think anyone would care if we called up Mcbride again. I know he has lost a lot, but I still think he is decent

  127. Soccer Stud says:

    The most important question: Who should start the opening World Cup game?

  128. Steve says:

    How would you try to replace Davies in the lineup: (a) insert Ching, Casey, or Cooper in the same 4-4-2, (b) move Dempsey up top and start Holden/Torres on the wing, or (c) change formations, maybe to a 4-3-2-1 with Altidore, Dempsey & Donovan up top? What do you think Bradley will do?

  129. DC Josh says:

    The World Cup is supposed to include the best teams in the world. Unfortunately, some teams don’t make it even though they are better than other teams that do (Croatia & North Korea for example). UEFA is loaded with talented teams and could use a couple more World Cup spots while other federations could lose some spots.

    Do you think A: something needs to be done about this. B: FIFA will do something about this.

    Also, did you travel to RFK? How much did you love the MAGNIFICENT amenities it offers???? I’ve often heard it compared to the Palace of Versailles.

  130. shantz says:

    will EJ make the world cup team

  131. DC Josh says:


    That lineup worked last night because Costa Rica bunkered in and was horrible at the counter attack.

    If we take a lineup with only 3 defenders to the World Cup, we will be lucky to not concede 5 goals a game. Consider the speed of Ribery, Robben, Lennon down the flanks, combined with the vision of a Lampard or Kaka.

    There is a reason no one uses the 3-5-2 formation in international soccer. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK.

  132. Durden says:

    1) What’s your current All-CONCACAF team look like, assuming everyone is at full health?

    2) Your top 5 Jay-Z songs are..?

  133. MarkVA says:

    As much as USA fans complain about other countries’ playing surfaces and stadiums (costa rica, el salvador, etc.), do we have a right to complain when our OWN world cup qualifiers are played on fields with american football lines??? love the scoops keep up the good work.

  134. Homey says:

    How does FIFA determine which confederation a national team plays in? For instance, Israel is in UEFA, but all the countries around it are considered to be in Asia. Kazakhstan is in UEFA, but all the other central Asian countries are considered to be in Asia. Please explain.

  135. Patrick, Kansas City, MO says:

    Is there any chance we will see some of the younger guys like Stetela, Rogers, Zizzo, or Zimmerman, get a look at in the run up to the World Cup? And any insight on potential friendly’s set up before the World Cup?

  136. ETJ says:


    First of all, love the website probly spend about half an hour on it a day, its my homepage

    Now that Bornstein has had a solid three games in a row in qualification, not to mention a brilliant goal, how confident do you feel about him as a left-back option?

    Also, could the injuries to many important players help the USMNT establish more depth? Obviously that was a major problem at the Confed Cup and look at the play of Holden filling in for Dempsey, could this be a silver lining…

  137. Korey Sutton says:

    Should 433 be our formation?

  138. Sheldon in DC says:

    Hey Ives

    what are your predictions for the lineup changes without davies starting?

  139. Tom says:

    How much better, if any, would the U.S. be if Landon Donovan was replaced by Andrei Arshavin?

  140. Alex G says:

    Ives, love the site, Im a big fan, with Davies out due to the unfortunate accident, and looking at Cooper, Casey and Ching performances, I dont think they have what it takes to replace Davies endurance and skills, who so you see taking his spot?,

    2.- Im one of those fans who cant wait to see J. Jones and Castillo play for our team, any news on that situation?

  141. SoCalSpurFan says:


    1. Thanks for the site! Check it every day.
    2. Now that qualifying is over and we have all gotten a taste of the big players in the region, who is your all CONCACAF team (XI and a bench), and some of the players you think will stand out in SA.

  142. Brian says:

    If offered the USMNT Coach job, would you accept and what changes would you make?

  143. B Nati says:

    Hi Ives-
    What position did you play in your college football days? I’m guessing D-tackle.

    Where would you see yourself playing on the soccer pitch?

  144. Robert says:

    What do you think about Fro Adu?

  145. Mr. Derp says:


    You can pick one American soccer player/coach/GM to be a new caller on “Special 1 TV.” Who do you pick?

  146. teddo1 says:

    When you’re not covering them live where do you watch most of your games? I imagine you have a sweet bachelor pad equipped with flat screen TV and surround sound? Or do you just head to ESPN headquarters and watch from one of their setups?

  147. madmax says:

    Did I miss the Castillo Q&A?

    (SBI-That is part of The SBI Questions. This is the Q&A. That’s two different series. The Castillo SBI Questions is taking a bit longer to get done than expected, but it is in the works.)

  148. Paul D says:


    When will people realize that Adu doesn’t deserve a spot on our roster based on current form?

    Does Jay Demerit come back into the centerback picture now with Onyewu’s injury?

  149. Wispy says:

    @Lester — too easy. (1) Seinfield to (2)Alexandra Wentworth (“Schmoopie!”) who sat next to (3) Tom Cruise on the plane in Jerry Maguire to (4) Kevin Bacon, who starred with Cruise in A Few Good Men. That’s four degrees and wasn’t even difficult.

  150. Han Solo says:

    Any grumblings concerning the CBA with MLS?

  151. Yo Ives,

    What do you think was the biggest surprise in this year’s world cup qualifying?( For all the confederations)

  152. Max Recline says:

    1. Why does US Soccer seemingly refuse to call in players that aren’t developed within the US youth system? Our current defender problem begs the question: what do Frank Simek and Zach Whitebread have to do to get a call up?

    2. Also, why wont they call up our other latino players? Torres is of such obvious quality, I’m shocked that anyone thinks we have a better midfielder. Let’s not forget these guys were all born here!

  153. SuperChivo says:

    The site rocks,thanks for bringing together US Soccer fans. I know that soon the players and the MLS will have talks on a new contract and that we, the fans, won’t be there. If we could send you to represent us, what would you push for, a second DP slot, reserve matches, more youth development, more foreign players, a higher salary cap, something else? What would be your priority to make the MLS better for the fans, keeping in mind the practical constraints of not spending them into a NASL oblivion.

  154. Nick says:

    This may be a stupid question, but I know DC United is looking for a new home, which they definitely deserve, why don’t they just blow up RFK and build a new stadium there? If United move out there won’t be any tenants anyway so might as well use the space constructively. It’s near the Metro, everyone knows how to get there, I don’t see why they just don’t build there. Am I missing something?

  155. gj says:

    Hi Ives,

    There are already some 150 posts on here and I have not read through all of them. So this question might of already has been asked.

    With Gooch out, can we have spector in the middle with boca and have Bornstien and Dolo at the ends.

  156. Martha c says:

    Any chance of a Cory Gibbs callup?

  157. evan says:

    I second that Cory Gibbs question. He is so talented, might make a push for a backup D role in South Africa

  158. Sheldon in DC says:


    any word on a new US kit? Do we change kits before WC 2010?

  159. Adam says:

    In light of the US-Denmark friendly, what are some of the other World Cup-bound teams that would most benefit the US to play against in the months ahead? (Putting some of the big-name, top teams that we’ve already played during this cycle aside… i.e. Spain, Brazil, Argentina, England, etc)

  160. BCC says:


    I am often surprised when US soccer fans deride Michael Bradley. For me, his work rate and tenacity place him among the best players on the US team. Do you think that the criticism of Bradley suggests that US fans lack sophistication? In other words, they do not understand why players of his type are desirable?

    I also find it interesting that in every game he plays for the USMNT, the announcers are contractually obligated to mention that he is the coach’s son.

  161. gabe says:

    Hey Ives,

    I’d like to hear your EPL Best XI…BUT each player has to be valued UNDER 11m pounds. And yes, I have been playing too much Football manager. How would your team stack up against the MLS All Stars?

  162. 3VIL L33T says:

    why is the website and not .com

  163. Adam T says:

    Ives, what are the chances castillo and jones make our world up team? Also, in your opinion, whose the best outside back in the world?

  164. Amit says:

    Are there any U.S. players that you know of that openly dismiss MLS as an option even as their career winds down?

  165. Steve Y. says:

    How important is having a European passport to having a young US prospect sign with a European team? It seems like most of the prospect-level signings (e.g., Szetela, Arnoux) have been for Americans with access to a EU passport. If visa restrictions were lifted, would a LOT more American prospects find their way onto European squads?

  166. I Hate Ballack says:

    Hey Ives,
    Love the site. So the really important question is what has happened with Special 1 TV? I know Setanta went bankrupt, but does it have any future life? Thanks.

  167. This Guy says:

    I heard O’Brien is on trial at Juve. Can you confirm this. I think he should look past a Serie A squad and go for Barca or Real. What do you think Ives?

  168. steven says:

    You’re Sunil Gulati and it’s up to you to schedule friendlies next year in the run up to the World Cup. Excluding the 3 friendlies played right before leaving for South Africa, who do you play, and where? My vote would be a strong European team (Germany in K Town), African team (Ivory Coast in London), and South American team (Chile in Miami).

  169. David says:

    With Davies out do you think we will see Bradley take another look at speedsters like Johnson, Adu, or even Robbie Russel?

  170. Trex says:

    With Davies out, is there enough time for a better forward option to emerge other than Casey or Cooper? I already know the answer but am asking anyways. What about moving Demps up top with Altidore for good?

  171. WonsanUnited says:

    Why don’t more American players go down to Mexico?

  172. Danny says:

    Ives what’s your view on young American players going to Europe?…It seems like the young guns are making the switch way to soon now a days, and really are damaging their career…Wouldn’t you rather see them play in MLS then sit on the bench in Europe?

  173. david says:

    i am a HUGE USA fan and also a history all history especially soccer so heres my question compare players now and past players who are the top usa players all together or you could do positions. does tab ramos or earnie stewart compare to donovan or beasley at their primes? always been curious i have trouble rating old usa players

  174. Dman says:

    when’s the new site coming out?

    …I keep getting warnings for viruses and malware when I come to the site

  175. becker says:


    how long will it be before we have a young promising talent in the midfield like we have in jozy?….. i’d die to have some 17 year old come up and tear up mls and make it to europe.

  176. Some dude in nyc says:

    Hey ives how do you see the teams from concacaf(costa rica included if they qualify)performing at the world cup. Do you see one or all three/four teams getting out of the first round?

  177. Some dude in nyc says:

    Hey ives how do you see the teams from concacaf(costa rica included if they qualify)performing at the world cup. Do you see one or all three/four teams getting out of the first round?

  178. Some dude in nyc says:

    Hey ives how do you see the teams from concacaf(costa rica included if they qualify)performing at the world cup. Do you see one or all three/four teams getting out of the first round?

  179. SD says:

    hey ives

    love following the site….just read milan is seeking compensation for gooch’s injury….very interesting that galliani is upset about it considering gooch hardly plays (i wonder if he gets upset when italian players get hurt playing for the azzuri?)…my questions…do you think all his ranting is a smoke screen to release gooch from his contract? i understand some teams want to be compensated for player injuries, but does it actually happen where a country federation reimburses a club team when a player gets hurt?

  180. MMClark says:

    1) With the first MLS break during the ’10 World Cup, and Garber’s statements regarding the need for more roofed stadiums to cope with a change to a winter MLS Schedule, can we expect some major changes in the MLS to better adapt and mimic the trends and habits of leagues around the world?

    2) As a Seattle Sounders FC supporter, our club loves to tout our attendance figures (about 30k per league game). Toronto FC boasts the second highest attendance figures in the league (about 20k). Given that the clubs with the greatest home game attendance have been the two most recent expansion teams, can we expect something similar from Philadelphia Union? Vancouver/Portland?

  181. Frank Johnston says:

    One of the best things about MLB is the farm system and watching a prospect mature and grow as a player. What are the names of some prospects that US fans can follow and get excited about?

  182. leftcoastmetro says:

    Hi Ives,

    AC Milan is hoping for compensation from US Soccer for Onyewu’s injury (see link to ), which I find laughable for a million reasons, not least of them being that 1) he probably tore his knee because he was atrophying on the Milan Bench , and 2) teams that fill up with national teamers should accept the risk of injuries during national duty or not buy the players in the first place. Two questions about this:
    1) Have you heard anything about this, and has US Soccer responded
    2) Do you think clubs have any right to demand this? It always seems to come up with European teams…

  183. sandtrout says:

    Can you explain in any detail what the deal was with Costa Rica’s coach at the match in D.C.? Why the craziness?

    Also, how about a primer on soccer jersey numbering? Despite decades of playing the sport, I’ve never understood what exactly the symbolic numbers are, what they’re supposed to mean, and why players’ numbers seem to change relatively often.

  184. Hesyourlifelight says:

    Do you think that Bob Bradley will call up any players that play in Europe that havent gotten games with the team such as Zach Whitbread, Frank Simek, and Eric Lichaj between now and the World Cup?

  185. Brad says:

    So AC Milan has no problem paying Gooch to sit the bench, but they do have a problem paying him while he is hurt? Will they even notice he’s gone? And can the USSF seek compensation for his lack of playing time?

  186. Evan U says:

    Who is your Best XI in CONCACAF?

  187. Dave says:


    Great site, my question who do you feel is the number 1 team in the world right now, club or country?

  188. Panos says:

    Hi Ives,

    Great work on the site. I have two questions for you.

    1. Who is to blame for the poor showing of TFC this season? GM/Coaching/Players?

    2. Who do you think will come out of the EURO WC Playoff Spots?


  189. Aaron says:

    I have read some rumors of a MLS/USL/PDL and USL Team Owners Association having talks. Whats up with that? What would you like to see happen for youth development?

  190. Angel says:

    Hey Ives! love the site!

    I have a few questions…When will the American Outlaws get credit for something they did??? lol

    On a serious note, Who “benefits” from Charlie going down? will we see Eddie Johnson fight his way back? or even a super wild card like a Marcus Tracy!?

  191. Matt says:

    What do you think the best coached game from Bradley Sr. Was during the hexagon qualifying round? For me it was the last game against Costa Rica.

    I thought his subbing was next to perfect bringing players off who didnt have much of an impact on the game, and NOT subbing defensively. He brought in Torres Rogers and Coopers all of which are attacking presences on the field, and also made a gutsy move at times leaving only 2 in the back which helped us keep the pressure up and earn all the chances in the end.

    I do want to know why cooper hasnt been brought in sooner due to his success in europe. I know he plays a similar target foward as jozy ching and casey, but aside from jozy i think he is the next best option.

    in terms of formation i would like to see


    Donovan Torres Holden/Rogers


    Cherandolo Bocenegra Gooch Spector

    or push Spector to left back as he is getting exp there in europe and the Cherandolo on the right…what do you think?

  192. seth says:

    what’s happenin with richie williams in ny? does he get his shot or what?

  193. nate says:

    Ives, my question is: how sick are you of answering the exact same questions about Jermaine Jones and Edgar Castillo over and over and over again every month?

  194. MickND says:


    I’ll keep it simple: What is the most frustrating part of your job?


  195. Pepe says:


    The USA clearly had something going with Davies as a speedy forward. Does BB now mess that up and through Casey or Ching up front as the real replacement? Or does he slide Dempsey or Donovan up top? And if so, who replaces them on the side?

  196. Rooch says:

    As always great site, Ives.

    With Gooch and Charlie injured, what are their club’s options? I remember Charlton Athletic sticking by Cory Gibbs for what seemed and eternity but other times, contracts seem to get voided or folks are shipped out. I hear AC Milan want compensation for Gooch: Would that involve USSF paying Gooch’s salary for the duration of his time out of the game?

  197. Michael C says:

    With all his ups and downs Altidore is a fix up top now with Davis injured. I just don’t see who his partner should be right now, doesn’t Jeff Cunningham deserve a look?

  198. KlinsiGrinsi says:


    You have written a piece on Bob Bradley’s success with the USMNT and that he receives unfair criticism. I think you are by and large right, but personally I have been a Bradley critic due to one main issue – he has not developed a QB in the mold of Claudio Reyna who can hold the ball, dictate pace, and allow us to play a possession game when we need it. For two years I have been clamoring for Feilhaber and Torres (the only two who might fit this mold, though they arent there yet) to get playing time in this role. Its a very tough role, and perhaps one we dont truly have the right personnel for, but thats the reason for cultivating a successor asap. We dont hold possession well, and when we do its against Tier 2 teams. If we dont improve this aspect of out game then against the bog boys – Brazil, England, Germany, Argentina – we are solely reliant on the counterattack, we are not equipped to play a possession/build-up play game against that level of competition without some players who fit that mold. Your thoughts on this quandary?

  199. JakeO says:

    With all the talk about who will fill in for Gooch while he is injured, one name I haven’t heard is Omar Gonzalez. Any chance he gets a call up to a camp in the near future?

  200. Erik says:

    Ives, great sight. check it everyday for the latest in soccer news. My question, what’s the scoop on Alejandro Bedoya? is he on the USMNT radar? I gather he’s an offensive minded midfielder, but beyond that, got me? I think I read he’s formerly of Boston College. was he a team-mate of Charlie Davies? thanks, Erik

  201. Shawn says:

    Hey Ives,

    I would like your opinion on something I’ve noticed about Jozy Altidore. It seems that during most of his goal celebrations of late he has been inclined to focus more on his name on the back of his shirt. I thought the golden rule was that the name on the front of a jersey is much more important than the name on the back. I only ask, because during the national anthem he stands, although respectfully, without his Hand over his heart. I know I’m being a bit nit-picky, but is there some message he’s trying to send? Jozy is a gift and we’re lucky to have him. I just hope he understands the huge honor of playing for a national team.

  202. meadowlands mel says:

    having been at the game and then seeing some of the posts i am coming to the following conclusionc.

    1. bornstein did not score the tying goal it was torres.

    2. bradley did not score the first goal it was torres.

    3. felhaber and bradley in the midfield did not set up at least seven good scoriung opportunities it was torres.

    4. bradley did not intercept all the passes in the midfield it was torres.

    when are these posters going to realize that torres only played about 25 minutes and he could not have done all those things.. get real…..

  203. Strider says:

    Is there another national team that is dealing with as many injuries to starters or potential starters as the US right now? With Charlie, Clint, Gooch, Marshall, Demerit, Jones, etc. it just seems like an awful lot right now. I know a couple of these are relatively minor, but several (Davies, Gooch, Jones) are major and long-term issues.

    Secondly, what new players besides Castillo and Jones, if healthy, will get invited to the January camp for a first or new look heading into prep for WC 2010?

  204. DJ Barnett says:

    Hey Ives, great site and awesome insight into my favorite sport. Here’s my questions: I am most interested in the amount that certain players get paid while with thier club teams or more interesting how much does a USMNT player get paid while on international duty? Thanks Ives keep up the great work.

  205. Dutchie says:


    I understand relegation/promotion in MLS is not gonna happen. My question is, how common is it in the rest of the world? I know Europe has it, does South America? Asia?

  206. JFC says:


    i remember a couple of months ago Kandji from the redbulls said he was interested in playing for the USMNT. Do you think there will be room for him in the future on the squad?

  207. Corey says:

    Considering the Charlie Davies situation, who do you think Bradley should partner up top with Altidore. Casey and Ching are the most obvious candidates, but I think it would be a good idea to put Dempsey up top and let Holden and Rogers provide more width on the right.

  208. Tyler says:

    With Davies out for a while, do you see Dempsey moving up to a withdrawn forward role (also helps with his limited contributions on defense), with longer looks at Stuart Holden and Robbie Rogers (and dare I say Beasley) to fill the vacant winger spot?

    I personally think Ching up to with Altidore and Dempsey on the wing is the way to go, but if we lose another forward and are left with HAVING to start Connor Casey, I for one will be concerned.

  209. dbex says:

    1. Leaving aside Castillo and Jones, what non-capped players would you like to see getting a look in the next few months?

    2. What question do you get repeatedly asked in these Q&A sessions that drives you the craziest? 😉

  210. N-Whit says:


    Since Davies is out indefinitely, do you think Bradley will look to strikers like Jemal Johnson, Jeremiah White, Jeff Cunningham, or Eddie Johnson to fill his spot up front? Or will he stick with the like of Connor Casey?

  211. Zac in Indy says:

    Ives, Before you squashed it as an inane theory, the idea of CONMEBOL and CONCACAF merging had been bandied about. If I were FIFA the merger I would consider would be an Oceania and CONCACAF merger: CONCACOAF. CONCACAF doesn’t gain much as far as better competition goes, but New Zealand certainly gains a lot with this prospect. As a result give CONCACOAF a fouth guaranteed spot. Eliminating two .5 spots and a playoff game. With this you’re one step closer to insuring the best teams get are getting in. Your thoughts?

  212. dan says:

    What has to happen for concacaf to get placed in the same pot as africa? Obviously we would like to be placed with them over asia so we could possibly play the noth koreans etc over the cameroons etc. Would it be as simple as costa rica beating uruguay?

  213. kar says:


    With 16 teams, any chance MLS will go to home & away matches between all the teams (keeping the 30 game season)? If not, has anything leaked out around how scheduling might happen?

  214. Eric Griesheimer says:


    The US has a number of players injured, but only Charlie Davies is expected to miss the WC. How do they other injuries affect the team heading into some friendlies and leading up to the WC?

  215. Ghost of Clint Dempsey says:


    What US player(s) do you think is headed to Europe next and at what level of team? I’m thinking Holden and Torres but I am not sure if and when it will happen. When is the question I think.

  216. mnmike says:

    Last year I asked for a breakout USMNT player. You gave me Davies and Spector. Obviously a World Cup year is a different year in the cycle, but do you see anyone emerging between now and June?

  217. John V. says:

    With Davies out, what is the likelihood that Eddie Johnson gets himself back on the field for the US?

  218. TJPierce says:


    1) Who could you see the US scheduling in addition to Denmark for pre-world cup friendlies? Have you heard anything about S.American or African possibilities?

    2) Have you ever seen the new American Gladiators show? Is Venom the hottest thing besides the sun or am I going crazy? How do you think you would fare in that competition?


  219. jdsanfor says:

    Have you seen any reporting on (or do you know) what got CR’s coach ejected? What was he so hot and bothered about? His antics bought the U.S. just enough time to get the game-tier. And, if I can editorialize, I’m glad to see this sort of gamesmanship finally cost a team something. (One could also point to the CR defender’s wrist “injuries” at the end of both halves.)

  220. Jeremy says:

    Should getting Omar Gonzalez capped be a priority?

    Any inside scoop on Philadelphia Union kits?

    PB&J sandwich- grape or strawberry jelly?

  221. Johnny Club says:

    I’m interested in seeing what the experience level is for your readers. Have they ever played soccer? Did they play in HS, Club, College, Pro?

    Can you do a poll on it?


  222. Frank says:


    We all would love to see soccer more in the mainstream media (ie ESPN Sportscenter). Any chances you would be up to starting a petition or providing a mailing address so we could overload the producers at ESPN with our desire for more soccer?

  223. Ten-four says:

    What’s a realistic, good group draw for the US look like?

  224. Sean says:

    What’s the thinking behind counting a portion of a Designated Player’s salary towards the salary cap? Why would’t MLS exempt the entire salary so teams’ cap space isn’t handicapped by having a Designated Player? To my knowledge, the Australian A-League has a system like that set up.

  225. Hey Ives, can you provide any insight and the specifics on how MLS treats yellow card accumulation when a player receives two yellows in a game?

    I’m specifically referring to the two scenarios when a player is carrying 3 or 4 cautions into a game, and receives two yellows in a match.

    It seems this is handled differently from instance to instance.


  226. DJ Barnett says:

    Ives, I know a lot has been made of the tactical acumen, or lack there of, of Coach Bradley. But could his sticking to a regimented tactic be a smoke screen for other teams to not know the “playbook?” For example in the World Cup next year could we see a more tactical diversified USA squad than what we have seen so far? My feelings are that Coach Bradley did not want to open up the playbook for other teams to be able to scout our team effectively. It would be like running a fake punt or field goal in the preseason of the NFL. It only alerts the other teams that you have this at your disposal. Please elaborate on your thoughts!

  227. Randy says:

    Ives, do you think with Davies being out Bob will go to starting Holden and either Landon or Dempsey out wide, and Jozy with Landon or Dempsey up top?

  228. rob says:

    By far this is my favorite soccer site so keep up the good work.

    Have we entered the Golden Age of soccer coverage in the US with ESPN covering almost all of the USMNT games, several Premier and La Liga games a week (with the HD feeds), FSC switching to HD (a little late on that though) and the great coverage for World Cups(senior and U20/U17)? What has been the ratings for espn during these matches and where will soccer coverage be in a year and 5 years?

  229. brad says:


    Who are potential suitors for Donovan? He has raised the level of his game since the Confed Cup..

  230. Carl says:

    My 21st birthday is saturday november 14th. I live in Ithaca, NY. what should I do for it?

  231. Vigo the Carpathian says:

    The Netherlands had a great qualifying run and have some terrific players on their squad yet we don’t seem to hear much about them. How do you think they’ll fair at the World Cup?

  232. Paul says:

    (1) With hundreds of clubs in Europe and thousands of players worldwide, how does the identification and signing of young players work? Agents can’t possibly be in touch with all clubs, and vice versa. If you knew of a talented young player, and wanted to get him interested in a particular club and/or get the club interested in him, what would you do?

    (2) What position will Dempsey be playing for the MNT in South Africa?

  233. Gabe says:

    In your opinion, how much sense would it make to have Freddy Adu switch to striker. No, he’s not big and fast…but he definitely seems like a Charlie Davies’ type. What’s holding back this move?

  234. Kevin says:

    With Onyewu and DeMerit out and Jermaine Jones likely coming in, do you see Bradley implementing a 3-5-2 with some combination Bradley and Jones sitting directly above Bocanegra with Dempsey, Donovan, and another attacking midfielder ahead of them? Also, when will we see Edgar Castillo at left back?

  235. USA! says:

    Whatever happened to the questions with Edgar Castillo?

  236. Jonathan says:

    What is the story behind AC Milan wanting compensation as a result of Onyewu’s injury while on international duty? Is it due to their financial woes? For one I have never heard of such a thing.

  237. Paul D says:

    Holy crap, I asked about Jay Demerit coming back into the centerback picture (long week). What I meant to ask was about Frank Simek. He isn’t getting a lot of time at Shefield Wed but could he come into camp and contribute?

  238. puzzled paul says:

    this has been puzzling me for a while:
    why do the British insist on calling a ‘centerback’ a ‘centre half’? it seems like a ‘half’ should be a midfielder to me.
    and why is everything so massive over there???

  239. RLW2020 says:


    Have you considered doing an injury or playing time update segment. Especially with most of our best players fighting to be healthy and higher on their clubs depth chart it would be great addition to a Americans Abroad piece

  240. Fedorov Cadmius says:

    With Onyewu hurt? What are the alternatives for USMNT defense?

  241. jsm3 says:

    Who do you think will be the coach of DC United next year? Who do you see out the door from the team?

  242. Tickle me funny says:

    What is your personal contingency plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

  243. Some dude in nyc says:

    Hey ives, how do you see the concacaf teams performing at the world cup(costa rica included if they qualify). Do you see one or all three/four teams getting out of the first round?

  244. Erik, NYC says:

    Love the site. Assuming he is able to get regular minutes in portugal, how realistic is Adu getting a look for WC, now that Davies is out? What is Bradley’s assessment of his skills? I get the impression he is not rated v highly…

    RE: podcast.
    Just get something going- People wanna hear your take on the soccer world and it’d be a shame to miss the run-up to this WC. You should aim for Bill Simmons podcasts, on Since the WorldWideLeader is trying to fire up the massses for WC, couldn’t they hook you up with the same setup where you do it from home and a producer is on from Bristol?

  245. ACE says:

    Ives. So glad I found your website in the past year.

    Question 1: With the sad news about Charlie Davies. I feel that the U.S. really needs speed up top and I believe LD should move up top and have Torres take LD’s place at left mid….What do you think?

    Question 2: How many people will be called into the January camp? I’m guessing 35.

    Question 3: Also which previously uninvited players do you think might get a look. I’ve heard some folks think Omar Gonzalez has a chance to be called up.

    P.S. Why not include Ryan Guy in your Americans Abroad section..I know it’s only the Irish Premier League, but he plays on a top 3 team-St. Patrick’s

  246. Tim says:


    Am I the only one who gets annoyed listening to John Harkes announce USMNT games? Sure, he has tons of experience and knowledge, but every game he seems overly critical of the current team. Once a game he will inevitably make some sort of “back when we played” or “these players today..” comment. It is obvious he can’t let go of the memories of his playing days, and is really doing a questionable job calling games.

  247. Some dude in nyc says:

    Hey ives, how do you see the concacaf teams performing at the world cup(costa rica included,if they qualify). Do you see one or all three/four teams getting out of the group stage?

  248. Ted says:

    What are the chances Bobby Boswell and Geoff Cameron get a look in the camps leading up to the world cup? With the US teams’ new found problem with depth in the center of the defense, having two big guys who are used to playing together wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Did Boswell get any serious attention before his dip in form with DC United?

  249. Nate Glass says:

    The U-17 MNT is using a more dictating attacking style as opposed to the usual counter attacking style that has been used by our teams for some time now. Do you see this becoming a new trend for the senior USMNT or is this just a phase for the U-17 team?

  250. J.M. says:

    Any word on how Anton Peterlin and Cody Arnoux are doing over at Everton?