Phil Brown still has a job (for now)

Phil Brown (
Phil Brown prepares to break into his ode to Michael Jackson before a recent match.

Yes, Phil Brown is still Hull City's manager. At least for now.

Despite reports suggesting he is on his way out, Brown still has a job, but that didn't stop Hull City chairman Paul Duffen from getting the boot.

How much longer will Brown be employed? We will keep you posted, but it wouldn't be a stretch to say that a loss to Burnley on Saturday might force him to put away the headset for good.

How long do you think Brown still has? Will you stop hating Brown if he gives Jozy Altidore some playing time on Saturday?

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31 Responses to Phil Brown still has a job (for now)

  1. cfig says:

    I’m still waiting for some sort of major adjustment from Brown to address the huge lack of midfield possession that Hull City has shown in their last few matches. If he can manage to get Jozy and Ghilas back up top (which is when they looked incredibly dangerous v Bolton) I’ll believe he’s at least realizing the need for change…so far it’s been more “we had a gameplan and executed it” whether win or lose.

  2. John in FL says:

    I don’t have Brown at all for not giving Jozy playing time. RBNY towards the latter days, Villareal, Xerez and Hull…when are we going to realize that maybe the issue is with Jozy and not the club he’s playing for?

  3. John in FL says:

    “don’t hate”…English > me

  4. jim b says:

    I don’t see him giving Jozy a shot with his job in such a precarious position.

  5. Lee says:

    If he was smart he would. Jozy is more of a threat than any of the other strikers.

  6. Texar says:

    I believe that some USMNT players are having too much fun and forgetting that they are being paid to play.

  7. dman says:

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  8. rory says:

    Let’s make that a captions contest photo!

    “Are we going to sacrafice our hard work on a cross of twitter?”–Phil Brown adapts William Jennings Bryan’s great “Cross of Gold” speech for Hull City.

  9. Rory says:

    Was Jozy actually late for twittering? I thought he was just late, then got in trouble for twittering about it?

  10. nepa says:

    Nice. Don’t see many WJBryan references nowadays….

  11. Texar says:

    I never mentioned twittering. But I do think being late is a really bad thing to do at any profession. Even worst at professions where you have to start working (game is televised, etc) at an exact hour.

  12. Aengus says:

    What proof do you have to make these statements Because he was late once? Or is on twitter? I think comments on Jozys attitude are pretty ridiculous and without merit

  13. cfig says:

    “The goal is THIS wide lads…just shoot between those two posts!”

  14. John in FL says:

    Comments shared here from the NYRB locker room on the decline in attitude before he left, comments from Villareral and xerez shared on this site hinting at his attitude in practice, now the late/twitter fiasco..

    I do love the boy and enjoyed watching him play for RBNY, and at 19 he;s got allot of growing up to do still. I’m just hoping he doesn’t become a footnote like Adu.

  15. Erik says:

    Brown has to go or Hull are relegated.

  16. MT says:

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  17. ThaDeuce says:

    For any Brown haters because of Altidrore, riddle me this: Who recruited Altidore to the EPL where he had a good chance to get more minutes than anywhere else in the EPL or the Spanish first or 2nd division?
    That is right:
    Thank Phil Brown for bringing Altidore to the EPL and giving him minutes in the world’s top league.
    How is that for some food for thought?

  18. Jim says:

    I don’t hate Phil Brown. I just think he’s a joke– the David Brent of football managers.

    “Team playing-I call it team individuality, it’s a new, it’s like a management style. Again guilty, unorthodox, sue me.”

  19. fischy says:


  20. Joamiq says:

    I have never heard about any of this decline in attitude from his RB days. Do you have links?

  21. Joamiq says:

    Bringing him to the league and then planting him on the bench isn’t doing him any favors.

  22. ThaDeuce says:

    He is playing more than he did in the past two years for Xerez and for Villareal. Planted on the bench? Hardly. He subs frequently unless he is late for the warm-up.

  23. r.benjamin says:

    I see Jozy starting or getting more minutes this week.

    Brown has opened the door for forgiveness. Very few Twitters from Jozy this assuming he’s hustling in training like he did against Costa Rica.

    And mostly, I think Brown has to be seen this week as progressing the team and making a difference. The same lineup as last week wont fly. And a side gamble is to pump up Jozy..give him a start. If he does well he gets credit for the results and inspiring the kid through tough love.

  24. ThaDeuce says:

    he may be a joke, true, but if people hate brown solely because of Altidore not on the bench, then my comment was for them. In retrospect, I don’t see that many people commenting about that.

  25. JR says:

    Hull City’s chairman Paul Duffen resigned today. First job of the new chairman: Fire Phil Brown.

  26. John in FL says:

    link to

    happy to do the dirty work for you :)

  27. CrispyST3 says:

    nice one, haha

  28. Jim says:

    Yeah, I don’t have a big problem with Brown for not playing Jozy. I doubt most people “hate” him for that– none of us can tell what Jozy’s like in training.

    But I think Phil Brown isn’t good enough to remain in the Premiership. I think he frequently makes bizarre decisions about many things… not least of all the way he carries himself in public. He plays the buffoon, and he lies like a child (stopped a woman from jumping off a bridge? really??)

  29. Jim says:

    I’d be more interested in an SBI club team on Xbox Live. But I’d settle for a league. Gamertag is yojimbo820 if you feel like starting one up.

  30. Joamiq says:

    You know what John, you are (obviously) totally right. I remember reading this – I must have pushed it out of my head. Here’s to hoping he keeps his head on straight…

  31. Joamiq says:

    Jozy played for Villareal just as much through this point last year as he’s played for Hull this year. I don’t even know why you mention “the past two years”. He was on the Red Bulls through May of last year.