Real Madrid mauled by third division team

Real Madrid 1 (Reuters)

Real Madrid's new 'Galactico' era has not started out the season quite as expected, and the struggles continued after losing in humiliating fashion on Tuesday.

Real Madrid lost to third division club Alcorcon, 4-0, in a Copa del Rey match. Alcorcon, which has 400 times less the payroll than los merengues, humbled a less-than-full-strength Real Madrid, but it still defeated a team which started players like Raul, Guti and galactico Karim Benzema.

While the second leg of the Copa del Rey fixture has yet to be played, the thrashing has left Real Madrid fans worried, and manager Manuel Pellegrini with huge concerns.

What do you think of Real Madrid's embarassing loss? Happy to see them fall? Think they should buy all of Alcorcon's players in the winter?

Share your thoughts below.

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45 Responses to Real Madrid mauled by third division team

  1. otergod says:


  2. HE from NJ says:

    hehehehehehehehhe …
    BARCA baby!!!

  3. Neal says:

    what? Wow, 4-0 is not a fluke score…
    Hard to believe that result

  4. Jeff C. says:

    Love it. More like this, please.

  5. froboy says:

    that is sad, the Real Madrid youth team should beat Alcorcon, will be very interesting to watch the second leg in Madrid

  6. A. Ruiz says:


  7. A.S. says:

    Fire Pelligrini. Then Villareal can fire its new coach and pick Pelligrini again.

  8. Jon E says:

    Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of schadenfreude.

  9. William the Terror says:

    buy all of Alcorcon’s players? that may not be enough. they should just go ahead and buy every player in the world over the age of 13. then they would, by default, win every league and cup title for at least the next five years.

    ha ha, losers.

  10. Alex says:

    I’m depressed…Pellegrini has two games left to turn things around or he’s gone according to Spanish newspapers

  11. roysterer says:

    This is what’s great about Soccer. Given the parity in most American professional sports, we don’t often get to enjoy these sorts of dramatic upsets, which is a shame. I think that’s why everyone loves the NCAA basketball tournament.

  12. LukeInNC says:

    HA! Perhaps the funniest moment of the day….

  13. Iammetro says:

    Why does Raul continue to be a starter? Raul is really holding Real back at this point. Get rid of him now and a lot of the stupid political crap that goes on behind doors would end.

  14. Will Smith says:

    That’s great. Did Christiano pout & preen & dive all game like he always does?

  15. Jonathan says:

    You obviously don’t follow soccer, b/c Christiano is injured… I hate pretend football fans, it’s embarassing.

  16. adam b says:

    ronaldo and kaka both missed this game. Still, that is no excuse for real madrid losing this game. As a real madrid fan, this is pretty embarassing.

  17. Jamie Z. says:


  18. Barca4Eva says:

    Hmmm, money doesn’t buy everything. Real is in “real” trouble if their losing ways in Champions League and against fourth division teams keeps up.

  19. Father of Francesca says:


  20. Jorge says:

    A Third Division team? Kidding me? Not good, not good.

    I just wonder what Barca will do to Real.

  21. madmax says:

    Real truly does have 5 or 6 ‘Galacticos’, and they are not the problem. The problem is the other 20 or so who think they are Galacticos. It’s like a beehive with 24 queens, no workers, just drones, and pretenders. They really need a new group of players with small egos and great work ethics to get the ball to the truly great.

  22. bryan says:

    think we can relax with the madrid hate?

    there has never been an upset in the history of football. madrid will never recover. just like barca didnt recover from rubin…

  23. bryan says:

    because he the only one not holding some sort of injury.

    gonzalo, ruud, benzema (until yesterday), and CR have all been injured.

  24. Tim says:

    As much as the loss amuses me, I’d be willing to put real money on Real to win the aggregate.

  25. DC Josh says:

    Welcome to the beautiful game. These things happen in soccer. Look at Bolivia/Argentina from this year’s WC Qualifying.

    They will not be harmed by this game, yet motivated.

  26. Supsam says:

    Wow. Even i would be embarrassed if an MLS club lost to a 3rd division spanish club in a game that mattered 4-0. I would get over it quick but would be stunned regardless

  27. Alex says:

    There’s a HUGE difference between losing to the champions of the Russian league (which has produced two UEFA Cup champions the last four years and is a very solid league) by a 1-0 score and losing to a third-division Spanish team by a 4-0 score.

    Rubin would finish mid-table in Spain. Alcorcon would finish last in MLS.

  28. bryan says:

    that was not my point. the point was recovering from an upset.

  29. bryan says:

    what’s sad? that alcoron has almost the same budget as an MLS team.

  30. elmatador says:

    Hala Madrid! hahaha

  31. Hjonathan says:

    You don’t either Jonathan. Because his name is Cristiano. No H.

  32. Alex says:

    Losing to Rubin is hardly an upset. The point is that it’s a terrible analogy. This is the kind of loss that gets managers sacked.

  33. Jdavids says:

    great point!

  34. Dominghosa says:

    Barca > Alcocron > Real Madrid

  35. Jorge says:

    And yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo said that he would not sign any Barcelona players to play for Real Madrid.

  36. inkedAG says:

    This is sweet, sweet, sweet music to my ears! :)

  37. bryan says:

    Barca losing to Rubin is hardly an upset? come on dude? it’s absolutely an upset. this was a much bigger upset. my point is…they move on from this. Upsets happen, bad upsets even.

    Again, my point was that, no matter how bad the upset, the team that got upset generally gets back on track. I think this is the case for Madrid.

  38. gerald says:

    Agreed, what a shock and yes I love the 1st weekend of the NCAA’s those are automatic days off for me

  39. madmax says:

    For those interested in seeing the goals go to Madrid’s newspaper, Marca website. They show the four goals plus. An interesting note as you’ll see, the Madrid player beaten the most and slow walking around does the most talking about the game on espnsoccernet.

  40. Blargnet says:

    I hope Madrid puts up a decent attempt at redemption. Could be an interesting 2nd leg.

  41. Joamiq says:

    Yeah, but this upset was so bad that even if they get back on track they’ll have a hard time advancing.

  42. Dude says:

    You can’t really put blame on the coach, The blame lies with Florentino Perez – He is a paper coach

  43. Alex says:

    Barca losing to Rubin is the rough equivalent of Barca losing to Villareal or Chelsea losing to Aston Villa at home. In other words, it’s an upset, but it’s a conventional one that happens a few times a year. Real losing to Acorcon is in a completely different category that’s one HECK of a lot harder to recover from.