Report: Brown out at Hull City

Phil Brown (

Phil Brown's days at Hull City figured to be numbered given the team's awful start, but now reports are surfacing that he has already left the club.

Soccernet is reporting that Brown has left Hull, while the Daily Mail is reporting that Brown is on the verge of being given the boot.

What do you think of this news? Hoping Brown is on the way out the door? Waiting for Jozy Altidore's Twitter account to confirm the news?

Share your thoughts below.

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60 Responses to Report: Brown out at Hull City

  1. daggius says:

    bwahha good riddance twitter nazi

  2. Hull has left? Where did it go?

    IMHO – best for the club. They need to right the ship now before they sink too low. Can’t afford to wait until the end of the season.

    Jozy won’t be that stupid… but I am hoping that he gets more playing time – who are the fav’s to take over?

  3. Ted in MN says:

    Didn’t he take them from the basement to the Premier League? Oh well, better for Jozy, better for the US.

  4. Matt Mathai says:

    I think Brown was a limited manager, but obviously the right one at the time in a promotion battle.

    However, it’s not necessarily the best thing that could have happened from Altidore’s POV. Hope springs eternal, etc., but let’s see who the new man in charge is…

  5. Frank says:

    People here need a reality check! Brown brought Jozy in and the new coach will definitely be active in the January transfer window. I believe Jozy’s days at Hull are numbered like Ives told us a few days ago.

  6. Jamie Z. says:


  7. Aaron in StL says:

    We all say “hooray” now, but what matters is who his replacement is. Jozy potentially could become a fixture in the lineup, or like so many other Americans abroad after a coaching change struggle to make the bench.

    As much of a crazed lunatic as Brown was, I’m wary of who steps in. I’ll reserve adulation for awhile until we see if Jozy’s time is beefed up.

  8. r.benjamin says:

    A jozy twitter confirmation would be hilarious..

    Would have to think this would be better for the club and jozy. Venegooor of Heseeliiink seems to be a decent target man but he doesnt pack any punch or seem to get any shots off. Something needs to change with their recent formations.

  9. Bill says:

    This is no cause for celebration. We’ll have to just wait and see. But think of Freddy Adu’s tribulations at Benfica (or was it Monaco?). He was getting almost no playing time, then the coach that brought him in got fired, and then he got absolutely no playing time.

  10. EDB says:

    You don’t beat pompey at home.. its time to go.

  11. Charlie N. says:

    Venegoor of Heseelink is the coolest name ever!

  12. Ja Ja James says:

    I agree with you Frank. Not good for Jozy.

  13. josh says:

    “Waiting for Jozy Altidore’s Twitter account to confirm the news?”


  14. Chupacabra says:

    Actually the very first announcement of the news of Brown’s dismissal was made by a Sky Sports reporter via Twitter. Oh the irony!

  15. nate says:

    In related news, tanning bed stocks in the UK are off 30% today, citing future revenue uncertainty.

  16. i have become my dad says:

    this could be bad or good for Jozy. i just hope he doesn’t run afoul with the new coach.

    why athletes twitter about anything team related is beyond me…

    i think i have become a grumpy old man…

  17. Remember the GM of the club was actually the guy who brought in Jozy with Phil… and he is still there, so as long as jozy performs he will play.

  18. art says:

    MAYBE better for Jozy, you never know with new managers. He might decide Jozy’s not his man and treat him like Fielhaber at Derby.

  19. MVK says:

    chances are that this isnt good for Jozy, per status quo, the chances a manager will favor or pick a yank are less than they will not

  20. Matt says:

    There have been reports out of the uk that Hull is not in the best financial shape. I dont think that the new gaffer is going to be given a large tranfer budget to work with, if any at all

  21. Mikemike says:

    Of course this is good for Jozy. It’s a fresh start. A new chance to impress.

    Brown knew Jozy as the guy always gone on national team duty, the guy with work visa delays, the guy held in the US for possible swine flu contact, and most recently, the guy who doesn’t even show up on time for a game.

    $50 says Jozy starts at least 60% of games under a new manager.


  22. jpc says:

    This could potentially be disastrous for Jozy, as Brown brought him in; However, maybe it will be a coach who wants a youth movement, and would prefer jozy over some of the others. Wait and see

  23. Good…I was getting tired of him anyways.

    (logs onto twitter)

  24. bayonetbrant says:

    As long as it gets Jozy more time on the field, I dont’ care who’s managing Hull. I just want to see our guys do great on the pitch.

  25. Ashraf says:

    As I said, Brown would be gone before Jozy ha

  26. Black Blue says:

    More coaching, less twitter checking.

  27. Ulrich says:

    Reports out this morning suggest Hull lost 9mil last season and if they fall out of the EPL they’ll need to offset 24mil. A new manager will have a VERY limited budget to bring in reinforcements.

    Any decent manager in a regulation battle would be able to see what Altidore brings to the MNT each game and see past issues of earning his spot in practice…. the first game Altidore had with Hull on no practice time was the assist on the goal and the creation of two other scoring opportunities.

    Brown had ego issues and consistently wanted to prove the point that he was top man. Unfortunately for him, the top man gave him a pink slip.

  28. DC Josh says:

    Soccernet broke the story? I saw the article this morning on Daily Mail, but figured it was just a rumor. If this turns out to be true, kudos to Soccernet.

  29. Erik says:

    It’s about time. To celebrate by singing on the field because you beat relegation on the final day is a disgrace.

    He won 3 games in how many?!?! That’s worse than the freakin’ red bulls.

    Good riddance Mr. Bean.

  30. Supsam says:

    Calm down everyone! This is either the greatest thing to happen to Jozy or the worse. Usually new managers quickly ignore fringe players and seek the next transfer window to bring in “their” guys. Or….like at Fulham, Jozy impresses the new manager so much that he is given a starting role.

    Only time will tell……………or maybe twitter

  31. Supsam says:

    i was inferring to Dempsey’s situation when i mentioned Fulham by the way

  32. jackson says:

    could be da best/worse move for alitdore. we shall find out.

  33. eltigreferoz says:

    Honestly, I’m surprised he lasted this long. I think any news is good news for Jozy by this point. Why would you not want a young, quick, powerful striker teaming up with Huntelaar?

  34. d1ddy says:

    I seem to remember benny going through the same type transition Jozy is attempting right now: talented punk kid –> talented professional footballer. Unfortunately for benny he had to get benched and injured in order to mature. Hopefully Jozy will be motivated and focus more on working hard to improve his game than keeping his peeps updated. Whether he succeeds or not is up to him, he has all the physical tools to be successful (unlike freddy), he just needs to work hard.

  35. paul lorinczi says:

    There is an article in the Telegraph today talking about Hull’s financial problems.

    They are in the red. He should get what he can out of it and work to impress away from Hull. He is on loan after all.

  36. jim b says:

    Hull got Huntelaar? When did this happen? I’m guessing you mean the guy with the greatest name ever.

  37. Spectra says:

    Is it too much irony to ask if Jozy has confirmed this on twitter yet?

  38. Spectra says:

    I seriously hope that Jozy doesn’t act like a lot of teenagers and say, “well I was right!”

  39. Spectra says:

    Yeah holy crap how did they fit that on a shirt? they must use size 10 font.

  40. Spectra says:

    What a great situation for Jozy now. New manager with no grudge. Fans that want him. A team that is doing terrible without him. You’re team is already at the bottom maybe we stir things up and see what happens. For goodness sake the kid is huge and overpowering and as he showed against costa rica can take on a few defenders at times.

  41. Andrew Green says:

    Yup. Much bigger problems to face this year then who’s to coach, or who needs playing time.

  42. Yorkshire says:

    Statement on Radio Humberside. Hull denying he’s been sacked and very much still the manager.

  43. matt says:

    Hull Released a statement that PB is still the gaffer and he has not be sacked. To bad as i think he has to go he has no technical abaility…he has an ego bigger than any player on the team..they are going to get sent down

  44. kar says:

    Okay, let’s be honest here. Showing up 40 minutes late on GAME DAY is going to piss off ANY manager in ANY league. Jozy has to deal with that and eliminate even the perception of non-professionalism. Only then is a discussion into how external factors impact his playing time relevant.

    Any newly hired manager is certainly going to know that Jozy arrived late (recently), so I would expect him to remain in at the lower end of the game-day pecking order initially.

    All that said, I do hope Hull gets an open-minded manager who allows Jozy to earn his spot back despite recent events and nationality.

  45. mwc says:

    I’m with those who do not necessarily think this is great news. Generally, when the manager that brings you in goes away, you’re playing time is in jeopardy. As to replacements, Hull may have a limited budget to get transfers in, but teams usually do just about anything to stay up. Jozy is also on a season long loan from Villareal, so Hull are not tied to him and they may not have any money to sign him on a permanent after the season. Jozy is also an American and is far from a finished product. Thus, the incentive for a new Hull manager to play Jozy is low. That said, Jozy has the chance in training every day to make it happen for himself. Good luck to Jozy.

  46. Murphy says:

    breaking news on the guardian says hull issued a statement that brown was NOT fired.

  47. Jeff H says:

    “Contrary to media speculation the club can confirm that Phil Brown has not been sacked and remains the manager of Hull City Football Club.”

    That appearing on Hull City’s official website right now.

  48. Dan says:

    Ives– you are hilarious!

  49. joosetiger says:

    I completely agree, Jozy’s success lies in his willingness and eagerness to EARN a starting spot. Any new manager would give him the same shot. Remember, the rosters in the EPL are filled with professional athletes, all gifted, all skilled and aside from the special ones -rooney, gerard, drogba, etc- the vast majority of them need a well tuned mindset to distance themselves from their competition in order to earn playing time. I would put Jozy in this second category, with the caveat that he could develop into a more special talent, with the right grooming and self-discipline.

  50. Hush says:

    Bad news. Jozy will ride the bench for the rest of the season if Brown is out of Hull.

    The website gives no indication of this sort. Hopefully this is just some bad rumor.

  51. EricPZ says:

    Should I stay or should I go now…….

    He’s gone…not he’s not….who cares?

  52. Judging Amy says:

    Not necessarily. It doesn’t seem like Hull has too much cash to throw around on new signings. Also, new managers often switch up the lineups just so it looks like they’re doing something different. Jozy will very likely get a shot.
    This is kind of a shame though as Brown seemed very high on Jozy at the start of the season and I think Josmer was definitely in his plans.

  53. Jorge says:

    Hey folks… Brown is not going anywhere as far as we know per Hull’s statement.

  54. Chris A says:

    Brown should GTHO now

  55. Curtis A says:

    Dempsey was actually the top scorer in the season Roy Hodgson was brought in, but then was dropped for, I think it was, 2 months when Hodgson came in. It took an injury and an excellent run of a couple games for Hodgson to let Dempsey back in the team. Once again, Dempsey was well in the starting 11 before Hodgson but then he got dropped; however, good players rise to the top of challenges such as that.

  56. Curtis A says:

    Brown will be removed as boss, or will ‘resign’, within a few days. Kiss of death whenever a statement like this is released. Also, Gareth Southgate recently resigned as ‘Boro boss. Odds are (bookie odds, mind you) that he will take over. If Southgate takes over, this is indeed good news for Jozy. While it won’t necessarily lead to Hull staying up, indeed I bet it contributes to them going down, Southgate showed a keen eye for youngsters and a desire to play beautiful, flowing football while at ‘Boro. This would be great for a player like Jozy: able to hold up the ball to bring others into the game to play beautiful footbal, deft touch and turn, great mind in tight situations. Southgate coming in would surely be a good thing for Jozy. Curbishley, the second in the running according to the bookies, would not be as good a move for Jozy.

    Once again:
    Brown is almost definitely out now.
    Southgate will probably take over
    If so, good for Jozy.
    Curbishley might take over.
    If so, not so good for Jozy
    But, finally, good players rise to the top of a team sheet either way.

  57. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    I think will find playing time regardless …

    No luck or chance involved …

    what will be, will be!

  58. Phil Brown tarnished quickly last year. Maybe he needs to raise his game a little. He’s still a young manager with his career ahead of him, really.

    He’s 50, he’s at the beginning of his career but Phil is being paid an awful lot of money to manage a professional football team … You can cut people some slack in given situations, but not on matchday.

  59. I hope the new coach reads Simon Kuper’s soccernomics. He talks, among other things, about how much waste of time and money occurs when a new coach comes and must bring “his” players. Barring something extreme (think Brian Clough at Leeds United), the coach does not have to get rid of, or bench, players the last coach brought on. Jozy is a good young talented player, may be a bit raw and apparently immature. But he’s got a good upside. Hopefully, the new coach is patient.

  60. Joamiq says:

    It’s about time. This is great news for Jozy. It’s different when a coach who kind of took a flier on an American gets the boot. Jozy’s usefulness to Hull is undeniable. A coach smarter than Brown (read: every coach in the universe) will utilize him.