Who should Chicago turn to next as a DP?

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With Cuauhtemoc Blanco set to leave MLS this winter, and his return far from certain, the Chicago Fire will be left with a big decision to make this off-season. How will the Fire replace Blanco?

Chicago has a promising young midfielder in Baggio Husidic who is already getting playing time, but Husidic can't place Blanco's star power or overall impact. The Fire will need to sign a Designated Player capable of making a major impact on and off the field.

But who will it be? Will the Fire be able to find another high-profile Mexican player? Could a Polish star be the next target? Will Chicago sit on the DP slot and hope that Blanco returns this summer?

Who would we sign? There simply isn't another readily-available Mexican star with Blanco's type of profile. Could Chicago lure a speedy striker to Toyota Park with a big contract? Someone like David Suazo? It's tough to tell what will happen in Chicago when we really don't know who will be running the show there after this season.

What would you do if you were the Fire?

Share your thoughts below.

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98 Responses to Who should Chicago turn to next as a DP?

  1. huricano says:

    Henry? Guiti?

  2. Eazy says:

    I came to SBI today hoping this would be the topic… What does everyone think? I think the question is how much Chicago will really spend.

  3. Tom From Syracuse says:

    Charlie Davies.

  4. Rory says:

    Michael Owen in two years.

    For now, whats the name of the guy who walked out on Notts County?

  5. Ben says:

    Ebi Smolarek

  6. EDB says:

    I imagine it will be either a eastern european or a mexican because those are the 2 main areas the fire seem to focus their marketing on.

  7. Rory says:

    Oh, what about Shevchenko? Big Ukrainian population in Chicago, right?

  8. Brent McD says:

    Dynamo has another overweight Mexican named Landin who would be perfect 😉

  9. afrim says:

    Rafa Marquez. you heard it here first

  10. jtd says:

    brent, for some reason everytime i watch landin i think of blanco. i think it’s his body and how slowly he moves it.

    shevchenko would be sweet. he could tear mls up for a number of years.

    could they go after someone like dos santos? just throw a ton of money at him. i hate dos santos more than blanco and would love to cheer against him.

  11. Dee See says:

    Euzebiusz “Ebi” Smolarek

    link to en.wikipedia.org

    Club: Unattached

  12. Frank says:

    Not even the biggest Mexican teams can afford or lure Dos Santos. We are talking 5 million pounds.

  13. Blake says:

    Smolarek signs with Philly. I’ve been calling it for months now.

    I assumed Sheva would eventually sign with DC down the road.

    I want someone completely out of left field, like Peter Crouch or something. That won’t happen, but some head scratcher.

  14. You Know It says:

    Shevchenko is done, he has lost his pace and would not be worth the $ of a DP. I think the most up and coming player the Fire should get is in Mexico and his name is Memo.

  15. Aaron in StL says:

    John O’Brien.

  16. DomiNate says:

    How about the second most hated player on the the Mexican national team

    Rafa Marquez

  17. rob says:

    ruud van nistelrooy

  18. Phil says:

    Rafa Marquez…give Baggio a look in the mid

  19. otergod says:

    bring in Nedved.

    the rumors were there… despite being 36 he can still haul a**… he’s played winger and CM with Juve for years…

    not the star power per say, but certainly could add some hustle and grit to our midfield

  20. ms says:

    jimmy bullard

  21. Rodolfo says:

    Suazo…but how about going for Humberto. Monterrey only payed 2.5 million i wanna say for him and after a slow start, he’s a huge force. Ochoa only leaves for Europe.

  22. Chad says:

    Keeping with the overweight theme: Adriano.

  23. Rodolfo says:

    8 million, not 2.5. Still not bad i would say.

  24. Gilby says:

    How about Jacek Krzynówek from Poland a good midfielder still playing at a high level in the Bundesliga at 33 years old. 95 career caps with Poland and 15 goals. Gives them a creative force to replace Blanco but still highly marketable. With Poland out of the World Cup his international career is probably over making the switch to the U.S more palatable.

  25. Jacob A. says:

    Anyone suggesting Rafa Marquez is being silly. He inked an extension with Barca through like 2013 over the summer, and there’s no way he comes here three months before the world cup. If you’re thinking after, well, that’s when Blanco’s contract with Veracruz is up, so I’d imagine they’ll try filling that slot for the beginning of the season. I just don’t see Marquez being the pick. I don’t necessarily have a name to throw out there, but I doubt the name is Marquez.

  26. Frank says:


  27. RedLine55 says:

    I dunno, next season it’s going to be NO: Blanco, Rolfe, Prideaux, Soumare (obviously), who else am i forgetting?

    Those are some important players to replace and still be a force in the East. Unfortunately, I foresee a pretty weak season for the Fire as they build up something new.

    And I don’t think they’ll get another DP just yet. Probably wait out the Blanco situation.. I love Baggio, he’s a hometown boy and all, but he hasn’t been impressing me (granted his time has been limited)

  28. JohnC says:

    good observation by Gilby- maybe target a player from a country that won’t be in the world cup. It seems any veteran vying for a world cup roster spot won’t make the jump over here. Would love to see New England go after a Portuguese superstar if they fail to qualify.

  29. EL CUERVO says:

    Chicago fire must go with Del Piero… What do u thinks guys? Or Fernando Morientes… MLS need this kind of players…

  30. Gregg says:

    Pato Margetic

  31. El Caifan says:

    Betcha they snag Jared Borgetti.

  32. kpugs says:

    If I was any MLS team I would be courting Guti, HARD.

  33. El Caifan says:

    No wait, even better, Zidane.

  34. kpugs says:

    I’d love that, gotta love any time a team adds a zero impact player for millions that they will have no choice but to start.

  35. Gregg says:

    Why not take a page out of the Galaxy recipe for success and overhaul the roster with guys like Wynalda, Harkes, Lalas, and Hugo Sanchez.

  36. Daniel says:

    Suazo only leaves to europe.

  37. ms says:

    damian alvarez from pachuca

  38. Sean M says:

    Magic Zurawski….formerly of celtic

  39. toreadore says:

    Lets not get this all twisted. Blanco will be back the only change will be Hamlett out.

  40. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I don’t think Sheva would have much of a problem scoring against MLS defenses. Pace isn’t the only skill required, and sometimes doesn’t matter at all. Look at Red Bull.

  41. otergod says:

    Del would absolutely amazing….

  42. William the Terror says:

    they are going to use their DP slot on a coach and hire media-friendly Diego Maradona.

    he’ll be great on “family night.”

  43. Tim says:

    Sol Campbell

  44. Rory says:

    Sheva’s wife is American too, isn’t she?

  45. Rory says:

    Just go for the gold and get Fat Ronaldo

  46. yeye says:


  47. ih8u says:

    whoever they get, please no more Blanco. he is over-the-hill, done, finished. he is still somewhat successful with Mexico because they have more talented players to move around him and connect with passes, but the Fire is not El Tri. same goes for McBride. but i think Schevchenko would be good for a couple years yet…

  48. EL CUERVO says:

    Why almost everybody here want another stupid mexican player? they don’t deserve our league, they just come here when any team in mexico want them… Stay there losers…

  49. You Know It says:

    Well based on his past experiences with Chelsea and then AC Milan, I don’t think Cheva’s scoring touch will result in too many goals for any MLS teams.

  50. Chris says:

    DaMarcus Beasley or Freddy Adu. Why not?

  51. Robert says:

    Blanco will come back for the $. Enough said.

  52. vic says:

    Ruud, Rudd, Ruud (VN). Actually, maybe they should spend that dough
    on Nery Castillo…not to play him, but to beat his mofo ass.
    Seriously, this is the most overrated player in Concacaf. Beasley used to be so, but at least he apologized. Imagine Beasely with the audacity of having a big mouth…thats Nery. The Mexicans wont throw him under the bus, but at least the Fire can. It would be worth every penny too.

  53. fischy says:

    Why does everyone name players who would not sign with MLS in the next year or two? Del Piero would be awesome, He’s not coming.

  54. El Fur says:

    No point to bringing in a DP unless they are going to put some butts in the seats. I would like to see either Van Nistelroy or Ronaldinho in MLS next season. Both still have something left and are not getting the time in Europe. Both I believe are out of contract after this season. No to the Mexican Icon’s. Blanco has been a good player, but if you are going to spend money on a good Mexican player, let it be a younger player like Vela or dos Santos.

  55. RedLine55 says:

    Klopas could totally lock this down. Call him up, let’s do this!

  56. goeoibveiqrobh says:

    nick garcia

  57. C-note says:

    Question part 2- how do I decide on buying season tickets with out knowing who will be on the field?
    Bagio Husidic and Stefan Dimitrov have shown me they should get more playing time. But Blanco/Rolfe/Soumary/Prideaux/ all leaving create significant gaps. Fire were recognized to have a deep roster, now the pool seems more shallow.

  58. 3VIL L33T says:

    Stu Holden for one year, hes out of contract with the Dynamo. he gets to play for the fire before going to the world cup and then goes over to europe after to see how it fits.

  59. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Maybe he can split the spot with Batata.

  60. John Sweeny says:

    Klopas wants a younger offensive minded DP, and he loves Polish players, so my guess is Ebi Smolarek if Peter Nowak doesn’t steal him from under his nose first.

  61. Gilby says:

    It’s a long shot but how about Gooch. He is coming off an injury and will need to get some games in before the World Cup. It’s unlikely he will see the field for Milan and I could see Chicago being able to pick him up if they were willing to take over his contract.

  62. notsweet81 says:

    Ummmm…Suazo is already in Europe (Portugual currently) and has been for several years. I agree he wouldn’t come to MLS though…a bad transfer to Inter and an injury this year with Benefica has caused his stock to drop but still capable of playing in good Euro league.

  63. Rastafari says:


  64. The Dream says:

    I’m calling it now, Fire sign Hugo Chavez. Yes that’s right, the President of Venezuela will sign with the Chicago Fire. Name one person who wouldn’t want to see that.

  65. I agree with both Gilby and JohnC.

    Chicago is going to need a creative midfielder. Jacek Krzynowek could be an option, but not at a DP salary.

    They should consider a good Mexican that can put the butts in the seats like Blanco has done.

    I agree they are going to need a creative midfielder.

  66. ShyFyre says:

    Pawel Brozek from the Ekstaklasa

  67. jig says:

    whys that?

  68. PC says:

    Unless a sweet deal presents itself to the Fire in the off-season, (and make no mistake about it, it would have to be one hell of a deal to replace the man who has put so many butts in seats) Blanco will be back after the WC. Where else is he going to go? Back to the 2nd division in Mexico?

  69. jig says:

    the answer to that question is that if you care about the game in this country and live anywhere near an MLS stadium, you should buy season tickets. if you don’t, you’re part of the problem. seriously.

  70. daniel says:

    Just so you guys know… The reason he went to that 2nd division team is because is getting paid about 1.5 million just to play 11 games.

  71. honduran-salvadoran-american says:

    They’re talking about Humberto Suazo from Chile only leaving to Europe. David Suazo from Honduras is not in Portugal, he is back with Inter Milan. He was on a 1 year loan with Benfica. He is currently on the 3rd year out of a 4th year contract.

  72. JackR says:

    You are so right about Landin. Wow, I did not know that he was so overweight. He needs to lower the weight down to gain match fitness. He seems to have good soccer skill.

  73. Austin F says:

    we are talking about centre attacking mids here people to replace Blanco, not centre backs, strikers, and wingers

    i would say veron, ronaldinho, or adu

    Chicago does need another centre back though to go with conde….say just below the DP mark if he would sign without that much money, Sol Campbell next to conde, this is along with veron, gaucho, or adu

    too many chicago players leaving, youve got to look at some big names….keep in mind to folks, MLS SALARY CAP will more than likely be raised by some extent for next season which means chicago would have more money offer campbell below DP money

  74. Sean M says:


  75. Sean M says:


  76. DC Josh says:

    It will be Beasley. I got a gut feeling in the depths of my bowels.

  77. dallen says:

    Paul Scholes or Ryan Giggs.

  78. Joamiq says:


  79. Jeff says:

    Unload Mapp. Bring back Beasley.

  80. Jorge says:

    I believe you may be wrong about Marquez signing the extension. I remember that as recently as four days ago, Laporta and Barca’s Sporting Director had been all over Marquez’s case about it.

  81. PetedeLA says:

    Krzynowek could score goals all day in the MLS. The only problem is, he seems like a really flighty player. I could imagine him not giving a toss after pay day.

  82. PetedeLA says:

    That would make sense.

  83. madmax says:


  84. Darkman says:

    The Fire first need a midfield before we start talking about getting any strikers. Unload Mapp, potential is just that potential. If he can’t deliver already then it’s time to move on with his shaggy self. Pappa could have been that player in the mid-fied but hanging around Mapp looks to have killed any hope of that.

  85. steve healy says:

    as much as blanco is a pain he is irreplaceable for the single fact that he is a mexican icon. loved or hated you need to see him. he is also a great player who, for his age, has the moves to win games. that being said the fire cannot be hostage to this egomaniac. if they get a dp go for a great player the fans in chitown are sophisticated to go and see a winner.

  86. Franky says:

    Brad Friedel. Would help the Fire, Brad Guzan, and USMNT

  87. dk says:

    Humberto Suazo from Monterrey.

  88. Chris says:

    Baggio ???

    Baggio is our 3rd (or 4th really when you consider Lowry) option CM.

    The only thing about Baggio should be if he is going to still be in MLS in 2 years, not if he is going to replace Blanco. Are you nuts?

    (SBI-He’s started the last two games of the season, so maybe you should remind Denis Hamlett that Baggio is only his 3rd or 4th option.)

  89. Brian says:

    I would say Beasley. But I don’t think he’s worth that much money.

  90. timothy says:

    After Beckham, Ronaldinho probably has the most star power of any player in the world. Pick him up for Beckham-type money and watch the ticket sales rocket.

  91. DL says:

    No way Stu plays anywhere in the MLS beside Houston. Some here think he is going to do the one year deal with the Dynamo and move after the World Cup.

  92. madmax says:

    John O’Brien

  93. otergod says:

    ive always argued the point he stated that he would retire with Juve… doesnt mean the door is closed, but i think when he’s finished there he’s going to stay retired.

    still the fact remains it would be a solid pickup

  94. nautilogos@hotmail.com says:

    In which case why is he playing in Portugal?

  95. honduran-salvadoran-american says:

    There is no Suazo in Portugal. Humberto Suazo from Chile is playing with Monterrey in Mexico. David Suazo from Honduras is playing with Inter Milan in Italy. David Suazo used to play in Portugal for Benfica, but it was only a loan.

  96. Cenit says:

    The only reason Blanco is leaving the fire is to be able to participate in the national team practices. If he stayed with the fire, Blanco would only be with Mexico’s national team 15 days prior to the world cup. By going to the mexican team, he will report 60 days prior to the world cup.

    Blanco will return to the fire after the world cup.

    Look for nery castillo to join a mexican team to gain playing time and to also report 60 days prior to the world cup.