Finalists for U.S. Athletes of the Year announced

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Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey are among the five finalists for the U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year Award.

U.S. Soccer announced all the finalists for its four player awards. Michael Bradley and Oguchi Onyewu join Donovan, Howard and Dempsey on the ballot.

Here are the finalists for the U.S. Soccer Athlete Awards:


Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Oguchi Onyewu


Shannon Boxx, Heather O'Reilly, Christie Rampone, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach


Marlon Duran, Luis Gil, Jared Jeffrey, Brian Perk, Tyler Polak


Tobin Heath, Christine Nairn, Sydney Leroux, Kelley O'Hara, Katie Schoepfer


Who gets your votes? Who are you surprised not to see on the ballots?

Share your thoughts below.

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38 Responses to Finalists for U.S. Athletes of the Year announced

  1. IMSYE87 says:

    Juan Carlos Osorio – Manager of the Year

  2. C2 says:

    please, just give the award to donovan and get it over with. i like MVP’s that miss their trademark penalties

  3. I’d have to say Bradley. As good as Donovan is he plays in MLS. Bradley plays in a much tougher league, starts, and does well.

  4. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    What, no Elizabeth Lambert? Talk about raising the profile of the sport…

  5. David says:


  6. madmax says:

    None of the above,

  7. Jacob A. says:

    Tobin Heath wins easy, if only for her double nutmeg.

    link to

  8. AOutlaw says:

    Chuck Deezy

  9. Richard says:

    I know this is unrelated to the US Soccer awards but check this out –> link to

    Apparently it’s an idea that Steve Cherundolo came up with in tribute to Robert Enke.

  10. OmarVizquel says:

    “Athlete” of the year is a puzzling name.

  11. Scott says:

    I’d have to agree with your logic but not your player. Dempsey should win it. Bronze Ball of the Confed Cup and starter in the EPL. Done and Done.

  12. bf says:

    same here… “athlete” to me implies athletic ability and not necessarily a great player. It’s often used to describe someone who really doesn’t have great skills but relies primarily on speed and strength, rather than smart, incisive play.

    Why not have best U.S. Player?

  13. Real Thoughts says:

    Can someone inform me as to how Jared Jeffrey made the young male athlete of the year list? He has been HORRIBLE in two straight World Cups. He is awful

  14. Dontreadondeuce says:

    All worthy candidates, but Dempsey’s rapping ability sets him apart from the rest of the group. Don’t tread on this!!!

  15. Jamie Z. says:

    What!? No Elizabeth Lambert!?

  16. OmarVizquel says:

    Donovan, Iniesta, and Chris Kattan should all play on the same team…

  17. ETJ says:

    Jack McIerney tore up qualifiers and scored a goal at the world cup

  18. Sean M says:

    Alex Morgan….Hottest girl to ever touch a US jersey (heather mitts is a distant second,and she’s pretty great looking)

  19. Brad says:

    Onwyeu gets my vote for male Athlete of the year

  20. Herby says:

    Got to give it up to the boys with Nebraska roots!

    Jason Kreis leads the “underdog” RSL to the MLS Cup, and now Tyler Polak takes the Young Male Athlete of the Year award….

  21. OmarVizquel says:

    Honestly. What’s wrong with “Best Male Soccer Player,” “Best Female Soccer Player,” etc? Another in U.S. Soccer’s long line of trying to outsmart the average fan…

  22. Leonardo says:

    GOOCH! true all around athlete. even Donovan said in a recent ESPN podcast that Gooch is the most athletic of anyone he has ever known.
    BS Report 11/19 link to

  23. Nats says:

    Does anyone care about the female athletes?

  24. chupacabra says:

    So you’re also a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and John Terry?

  25. jig says:

    yeah but its a US Soccer Award so I think you have to weigh national team performance a little more heavily. Donovan was better for the US this year than Dempsey. LD baby!

  26. SAY says:

    Alex Morgan easily should have replaced Mr. Katie Schoepher (Had Corn Rows last year…stupid)………….Alex Morgan should be put their after her U20 year last year, because I dont think she was nominated for 2008. She had the 2nd best goal of the year in all of FIFA Competitions!!!! per!!!

    And yes Alex is very good looking. I know her personally and she comes from a great family……btw sorry Sean…she’s got a man already! lol…..and yes he’s a soccer player too

  27. SAY says:

    Does anyone care about male athletes….does anyone think its a big deal to even win this award for the men??? I personally think it’s because like MOST years….its too predictable of an award….LD gets it.

  28. SAY says:

    Why is that…. Maybe they should name that team Receding Hairline Football Club? orrrrrrrrrrrrr Hair Club for Men! LMAO

  29. Brian says:

    How is this different than the award LD already won?

    (SBI-Donovan won the Honda Award, which isn’t an official U.S. Soccer award, it’s a media award voted on by like 300 random media. The U.S. Soccer Award carries much more weight.)

  30. DJ STONE says:

    Big fan of Tyler Polak. yes he is very solid LB, but mostly because he is from my hometown. Vote Tyler!

  31. Jamie Z. says:

    Oops. I didn’t see that when I posted the same thing.

  32. Jamie Z. says:

    Actually, I think the Honda award carries several thousand pounds more weight and a set of keys.

  33. madmax says:

    Dempsey just score two more for Fulham. He gets my pick now, and if Bradley doesn’t play him up high as withdrawn forward someone else must make that mule drink.

  34. Chris in Belfast says:

    Just ignore him. American soccer fans have the shortest memories of any. One minute a man is God, the next he’s bubonic plague.

  35. Scott says:

    Agreed… and LD is our most important player without a doubt. But Bronze Ball winner is hard to ignore. Also- two goals for Duece today! Not that the stat means anything, but he picked a good day to prove my backing of him

  36. Matt says:

    please Dempsey is not the best player in the usmnt jersey. especially not this year. look at LD stats over qualifying, what was it out of 18 goals he scored 3 and assisted 13-14? and in 2 others he had the pass leading to the assist? i dont remember the numbers but there was only 2 goals scored by the USMMT that he did not directly contribute too, nobody in that jersey compares.

    And on the womens side it has to be hope solo. Shes the ONLY goalkeeper in the world that little miss superstar marta has NEVER scored on, thats amazing in itself.