Galaxy loan Beckham to AC Milan (again)

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One of the worst-kept secrets in MLS became official on Monday as David Beckham's second loan deal to AC Milan was formally announced.

The Los Angeles Galaxy announced on Monday that it has agreed to terms with AC Milan on a loan that will see Beckham join Milan in January, and play with the Serie A giants up until the 2010 World Cup. Beckham will rejoin the Galaxy next summer, after the World Cup.

What's our take? Beckham's loan move didn't exactly trouble the Galaxy in 2009, so there's little reason to believe another loan in 2010 will do much damage to the Galaxy. The real question here is whether the Galaxy will now allow Landon Donovan to go on a similar loan move.

What do you think of this development? Completely expecting it? Think it's a good idea? Don't like the idea of Beckham missing another half of an MLS season? Holding out hope that Fabio Capello will snub Beckham and leave him off the England World Cup team?

Share your thoughts below.

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42 Responses to Galaxy loan Beckham to AC Milan (again)

  1. Leonardo says:

    Galaxy wont recover from losing both Becks and Donovan. they probably wont even make playoffs next year

  2. Jason says:

    Are Beckham and Donovan going to play the Kaiserlauten Friendly vs Luis Robles? They’re kind of advertising they will both be there.

  3. Nicole says:

    Landon has said he won’t go on a similar loan move like Beckham. If he is loaned, he will come back to start MLS season. Time will tell if things change, I guess.

  4. ThaDeuce says:

    First instinct: Totally cool with me.
    Ask me after Grant Wahl’s second book.

  5. biggus idiotus says:

    Two words: not relevant

  6. MUFC08 says:

    Donovan should go on a permanent move…

  7. brad says:

    They better let Landon go..

  8. Aaron in StL says:

    Landon’s best shot is a move after the WC. If he can perform on that stage as he did this past summer, teams won’t be so shy to pony up a proper transfer fee.

  9. KingSnake says:

    Bend Over For Beckham

  10. Robert says:

    I agree with the above… Becks isn’t as important for the Galaxy. Donovan, however, is. He should try to go for a loan as well… why not Mexico? That might be interesting. I also agree that Donovan is more likely to leave the Galaxy after the WC.

  11. William the Terror says:

    one word: irrelevant

  12. sammysounder says:

    Ljungberg > Beckham

  13. vic says:

    MLS…just make sure to schedule most galaxy games for AFTER the world cup. DB should be here for at least 18 games.

  14. Don't Worry says:

    Everything is a little premature right now because the CBA will be worked out in the offseason. I’m sure the Galaxy will be afforded many more new advantages over other teams in the league so no need to sweat the state of their team right now.

  15. kpugs says:

    Great, get this smug piece of garbage out of the country asap. Congrats to L.A. paying $6.5 million for 11 games and the post season from a right midfielder. Well done.

  16. kpugs says:

    I’m sure Landycakes would really love spending his offseason getting human waste heaped on him every time he steps on the pitch, Mexico is a superb idea. And by superb, I mean terrible.

  17. JM says:

    The more interesting question is “what did they get for the loan?” During the last loan, they got Beckham to waive his opt-out clause, $10-million cash, and a revenue-generating friendly versus AC Milan.

    So “what did they get for this loan” is the real question…

  18. jjraines says:

    Loan for Donovan? No.

    It’s long overdue for him to move on permanently. I find it baffling the reluctance of teams in Europe to sign him. He’s legitimately world class and I hope someone gives him a chance to prove it on a bigger stage.

  19. luis says:

    Galazy is making money off of becks left and right,

  20. man says:

    Man Beckham is bending over for the Galaxy, oh how the tables have turned lol.

  21. Steven C says:

    Slightly off-topic, but I remember reading somewhere that Becks always wore long sleeve shirts due to the culture where he played at (England or Spain) frowned upon the tattoos.

    Is his switch to short sleeves here in the states due to the fact that its so damn hot in LA or that we’re much more accepting of the tattoos?

    Maybe this is a lil too fashion-driven for this site.. I apologize.

  22. madmax says:

    “Beckham will rejoin the Galaxy next summer, after the World Cup…” and has promised to play at least three games.

  23. roysterer says:

    I think it’s because he would cost too much. If Donovan leaves MLS it will be as a free agent.

  24. Einar says:

    ya i think its cuz tatoos are more accepted here but I am suprised not egland with the way people look over there. As a galaxy fan I am good with this and good with donovan too if he gets loaned becuz the rest of the team can hold the fort and stay mid table until they get back. Arena will also probably let go some players and find better ones expecting for a probable donovan loan and an already done deal of the becks loan

  25. Mogens Agesen says:

    Overall David Beckham has been a positive experience for Los Angeles Galaxy and MLS because he has brought much needed recognition to the league and he is still an outstanding player that gives his all every times he steps on the field. Just the the fact that a world class team AC Milan has signed Beckham for a second year in a row and the fact that he very likely will be on England’s World Cup squad should make all US soccer fans pleased that he also plays here. I think it is amazing that David Beckham at age 34 is as committed to the game as he obviously is, it is very demanding on a 34 year old body to play at the highest level which in his case includes serious travel time.

  26. andrewdiceway says:

    Who’s David Beckham?

  27. Ed Ho says:

    With the way AC Milan are playing right now, I’m not so sure that loan isn’t a parralel move for becks :)

  28. soccerroo says:

    after reading Wahl’s book i think this is the best. He was more damage the longer he spent with the Galaxy. Arena can plug him in after he gets the team settled.

  29. Sean M says:

    While he helps on the field I still strongly dislike him, he’s an idiot for even thinking we would accept him with open arms last year

  30. Nicole says:

    He would if he could.

    Somebody has to offer an amount that the League/Galaxy are willing to accept to let him go.

  31. DingDong says:

    I can’t say I share the hate for Beckham… but I am glad that most everyone agrees this move is understandable.

  32. Supsam says:

    I hope Donovan doesnt go on loan after this season due soley to the fact that i dont want him to “hit the wall” once th WC comes up. He needs the rest!

  33. yeye says:

    beckham’s got a crazy tattoo

  34. uknowwhat says:

    it seems we got it all wrong. According to the picture (above), Beckham wants three words.

  35. Lil' Zeke says:

    It is not! why do you always have to say that

  36. zongzap says:

    I wish MLS would sell him while they still might be able to get some money and just let him stay in Italy. He’s no big gate draw anymore and is more of a show pony than anything else here in MLS.

    I’m just sick of hearing Beckham this and Beckham that.

  37. inkedAG says:


    So over Becks…who cares

  38. Tony T says:

    Don’t Care! Galaxy just needs to play as good as they did without Becks, and you can thank Bruce Arena for that.

  39. One of the truest comments I’ve ever read here on SBI. Eventually the league will relinquish control… but when?

  40. Bella says:

    Started in Manchester and for England and stayed on for England after the first tattoos. Then just a habit — as in the player compulsion type. In 2006 WC at about 102 degrees, he put on short sleeves for a half and went back to long. Did say he broke the habit this year for the US summer season heat. (Thought Arena was holding the sleeves until he proved his form 😉 but they’ve mostly stayed off). Haven’t noticed many Spanish players without tattoos btw.

  41. Nova says:

    Beckham started to wear short sleeves this year after his comeback, someone said maybe he wanted to show he was badass after all the controversy from his loan. But last season he wore long sleeves even in the summer heat.