Morning Ticker: N’Gog dives Liverpool to draw, Zlatan ponders Sweden retirement and more

David N'Gog (Getty Images)


Liverpool midfielder David N'Gog may have salvaged his club from losing against Birmingham on Monday, but he did so with one of the most highly-criticized dives in recent memory.

With Birmingham shockingly leading the hosts 2-1 in the second half, N'Gog dribbled into the penalty area before being brought down by midfielder Lee Carsley's sliding challenge. With a penalty kick awarded, Steven Gerrard calmly equalized, earning Liverpool a result for just the second time in their last five league games.

Replays, however, clearly showed Carsley never made contact, and N'Gog dove to earn the call.

The dive is currently under immense criticism, with some British newspapers labeling N'Gog a cheat.

Here are some more stories to help get your Tuesday started:

Ibrahimovic considering international retirement

Zlatan Ibrahimovic may be calling it quits on his international career.

According to new Sweden national team manager Erik Hamren, Ibrahimovic declined a call-up for the Swedish's upcoming friendly against Italy, and is doubtful to have a future with the national team. Hamren also said he will not be call up the 28-year-old, who is enjoying a strong first season with FC Barcelona, until Ibrahimovic has made up his mind.

Since making his debut in 2001, Ibrahimovic has 60 caps and 22 goals for Sweden. Sweden failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup, finishing in third place of UEFA's Group one, behind Denmark and Portugal.

Cole sidelined with fractured tibia

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has been sidelined indefinitely after being diagnosed with a fractured tibia.

Cole originally suffered the injury in Champions League action on Oct. 21, but the left back aggravated the nick before Sunday's 1-0 win over Manchester United, where he started and played 90 minutes.

James out three-four months

D.C. United has not had the kindest of offseasons thus far, but the club received some good news on the injury front.

Defender Julius James underwent successful shoulder surgery on Monday, and is expected to be out three to four months. That timeframe means James could be available when D.C. United kicks off the 2010 campaign against the Kansas City Wizards on March 27.

James played in 14 games, starting in 13 of them, and scored one goal in all competitions for D.C. United this season.


Is N'Gog's dive a disgrace to soccer, or just another dive? Think Ibrahimovic should retire from international soccer? How will Cole's injury affect Chelsea? Expect James to be ready for D.C. United's 2010 season opener?

Share your thoughts below.

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85 Responses to Morning Ticker: N’Gog dives Liverpool to draw, Zlatan ponders Sweden retirement and more

  1. JSmiley says:

    I’d give him a 9.2, but low marks for degree of difficulty.

  2. jb says:

    ok maybe I’m watching a different play…but to me it was definitely a late challenge with no hope of getting the ball. yes there was no contact, and yes he embellished the fall, BUT if he would have kept running he would have been tripped up for sure. So my conclusion, i guess, is he should have just manned up and taken the contact. Then he would have been awarded the penalty without the controversy.

  3. William the Terror says:

    the question is not broad enough. the answer is that Liverpool is a disgrace to soccer.

  4. Chad says:

    I’ll second that.

  5. Chad says:

    There’s no contact to take, he would have had to create it by dragging his feet. Dive.

  6. joe k says:

    yeah, it was a terrible dive, and he is a cheat, but what is that defender doing making that challenge? what an idiotic play!

  7. K1p says:

    If Carsley had taken a direct run at the post, he could have stopped the play. Instead, he recklessly challenged the ball. N’Gog then leaped to avoid the feet of Carsley, and clearly embellished a foul.

    Dumb move buy Carsley, poor sportsmanship by N’Gog.

  8. Toumba says:

    The only way cheats will be taken out of the games is if the League, Clubs, Fans and Media take each one to task each and every time, in unison. Clubs should stop defending its own players after a dive. Maybe even have a fine or suspension from within. (I doubt that would ever happen) Fans of that club should request that their own players stop doing it. The media should make the player answer for it in public. And the league should suspend and uphold the suspensions when it happens. None of this “Edu” 2 game suspensions and then take them back. Birmingham lost points because of cheating. What lesson is being taught? That Birmingham should also cheat if they want to do well? I also feel the same way about the players that politic the ref. Asking for cards for there opponent, constantly asking for fouls, surrounding the ref. This BS ruins the beautiful game. It makes the Italian league unwatchable. My own team (PAOK) had players that spend more time doing this crap then playing. It is what I hate the most in football.

  9. AJ says:

    A dive in a soccer match…SHOCKING!

    Lets blame the guy who was late in on the challenge and went flailing after the ball when it was past him already. It was an unnecessary attempt at a tackle as N’Gog was already running into the opposition defense.

    Yes, it was a dive, but if Carsley didn’t make a stupid play, it wouldn’t have happened.

  10. zoran says:

    I don’t get it, the guy has to jump over him because he has been impeded and thus loses his position on the ball and everybody thinks he is a cheat?? It is easy to watch a replay and say well he didn’t get touched, but it isn’t easy to contort your body after you had to readjust in the air in real time. Did he let himself fall? yes. Was it a dumb tackle that he missed? yes.

  11. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Why did N’gog get a yellow card, btw?

  12. petaluman says:

    Bad defending and bad acting. Bad defending happens but diving should not.

  13. Casey C. says:

    Hey guys, guess what? If he keeps his feet and does get tripped, it’s a penalty and he’s not a cheat. I mean seriously, ya’ll are funny.

  14. jspot says:


  15. Casey C. says:

    The point being he cheated.

  16. Timoteo says:

    As an avid opponent of diving (and of “tactical” fouls, shirt grabbing, etc) I expected to be outraged by N’God’s dive, but I have to agree with JD in this instance. Although, N’God did embellish, the tackle by the defender was late and had no chance at the ball (obstruction if nothing else). N’God should not have to risk serious injury and take the contact to have a foul called, in this case. Obstuction could have been called and a penalty awarded.

  17. luis says:

    You think England is bad over here in the americas, diving is a way of life. I can’t tell you how many times mexican teams dove to get results, its ridiculous. I sometimes hope that one time when they do dive its because of the pain a defender lays on him

  18. strider says:

    The issue here is deeper than most of you comment on. Ngog had to have made the decision to DIVE prior to the potential contact (as we can all see there was NO contact). The fact that he was “falling” 1 foot prior to the defender is pretty obvious. Carsley’s tackle missed the ball by inches, it was not foolish or reckless. The real issue here is that had Ngog done his best to play on then a more just result could have taken place. By deciding to DIVE we will never know if he could have still made a play or if the defense had everything else covered. If by trying to complete the play he was affected by Carsley then a PK would have been a just result. BUT you have to actually continue to play for that to happen and Ngog helps ruin the game by NOT playing on.

  19. japan says:

    Stupid attempt of a tackle but even worse dive. Unless the rules are changed, this will keep on happening.

    With that said and I can’t stand diving but given the situation Liverpool are in, I can understand why he dove.

  20. baquito alyeska says:

    There was no contact and N’gog acted like there was, therefore it’s a dive in my book. He could have taken the contact and gotten the PK legitimately, or hurdled the challenge which would have put a more difficult decision to the ref for an obstruction call. To be sure, refs hardly ever award a PK for the second scenario which gives incentive to diving.

    Seems like something has to change; try something at least. Suspensions that actually happen seems like a good start. For dives that result in PK, it seems at least worth discussing the possibility of rescinding the PK goal. I know that opens up a huge can of worms, so this is just for discussion.

    Or how about a player found to be diving, for the next few games receives an automatic yellow card if he plays? That would make it an issue between the player and coaching staff. Just throwing ideas out; Simply suspending the jerks, and actually suspending them, is the simplest and likely best solution.

  21. bf says:

    Definitely a dive, but the challenge was late – so I wouldn’t call it a cheap dive. He just flew past 2 other useless defenders and got into a position to get the call. I have seen a dives a lot worse that have gotten the call (think Germany v. USA a couple of years ago). Carsley didn’t get the ball. Basically if you slide in on someone in the box and don’t get the ball you have to expect a penalty. That is just the game. N’Gog just took advantage of the situation. The only reason we even care is that it kept Liverpool from yet another embarrassing loss.

  22. baquito alyeska says:

    I like how “Liverpool FC TV, Ltd.” has taken down the video. How convenient.

  23. OmarVizquel says:

    By the way, N’Gog scored a beauty of a left-footed volley into the roof of the net in the first half.

  24. baquito alyeska says:

    This is true. He hit that volley so hard, I had to jump behind my couch.

    I believe the announcer called it ‘coruscating’, which I had to look up.

  25. David says:

    It’s people like you that give the sport a bad name. Instead of doing either of the two possibilities that you just suggested, how about get around him and pass the ball or shoot it on goal?

  26. Spectra says:

    late or dirty or obvious it doesn’t matter. These guys need to man up and do whatever they can to stay on their feet and play like men. To this day I am so happy that my senior year in a 0-0 game a friend of mine was taken down from behind in the box but with his hands stayed up and fired a rocket in the net for the win. Winning with a penalty is stupid when you have a chance to be a man.

    I think Post-match reviews should be held and red cards should be given for blatant dives. Then maybe they’ll stop.

  27. afrim says:

    retro active suspensions and fines for clear dives. (in the box especially)

    im talking about big fines…where a player can feel it in his pocket. Diving in the box should be right up there with punching someone in the face. B/C in essense the diver is punching everyone in the face that paid to go to the game and invested time to watch it on tv.

  28. fischy says:

    It’s N’Gog. With a “G”. Also, he could have stepped over Carsley’s leg and continued his run, but then Liverpool probably would not have scored.

    He did not merely embellish. He dove. He deliberately pulled both legs up and belly-flopped. He wasn’t going to be seriously injured. The fact that he was so easily able to avoid any contact belies that argument. Carsley poked a leg in trying to get the ball, but he couldn’t quite reach the ball. N’Gog was at no risk of injury. You’re making b.s. excuses.

  29. c says:

    clear dive.

    no contact = no penalty.

    Ngog is probably not going to be punished, since he plays for Liverpool. However, he is weak and all the criticism will probably get in his head – maybe 2 more goals from him the rest of the season – liverpool to finish in 7th and out of Europe…


  30. Eric_the_King says:

    That first half strike was a beauty. But no one will want to talk about it because the kid has made a complete fool of himself. This is a clear-cut dive, and anyone who thinks different probably isn’t a student of the game. If you really look at it, N’Gog has every chance to keep running through with the ball. It’s clear as day. His right foot puts a touch on the ball. He plants that foot. Carsley slides in and misses the ball just as N’Gog takes a forward stride with his left foot. There’s been absolutely no contact whatsoever and N’Gog decides to pull up his back foot and pretend as though he’s been shot. It’s absolute garbage. I don’t see Carsley’s tackle as reckless. Slightly mistimed for the old geezer, but not reckless. He kept his boot and leg down throughout the challenge. Carsley’s boot is down so far on the pitch, that N’Gog could have just as easily kept his stride and go on. It’s that clear and simple. I’m usually pretty open to various interpretations on controversial incidents, but I just don’t see this any other way. It’s pretty bad. Some of these young talents need to learn how to be a man and play the game.

  31. fischy says:

    Yes, if that had happened, it would probably have deserved a penalty. Guess what? If Rodney Wallace’s shot at the end of DC United’s last game had been an inch or two to the right, it would have gone in and United would have earned qualification for the playoffs. I think they should be given a chance to play RSL and the Fire in a round-robin to see which team really deserves the playoff slots.

  32. fischy says:

    What “strider” said…

  33. PetedeLA says:

    Facts are… diving is common place in 99.9% of all soccer playing countries. The only place it’s not common is England and the US, maybe Canada.

    Coaches, fans, and teammates can reproach players all they want, if you were taught to dive from a young age, it’s very hard to change.

    Sure he should have stayed on his feet, but let’s be fair about this. If he had done the same thing outside of the box, no one would care. He avoided a clumsy challenge. The moment the defender lunged out like that I’m sure he knew he was risking a penalty. He just got lucky that he didn’t make contact.

    Personally, I think a far bigger issue is the fact that we have the technology to put a chip in a ball and a chip in shin guards (to gauge offside) and Fifa refuses to use it.

    For every dive or non-dive in a season, there are at least 3 bad calls as regards offside.

  34. japan says:

    Liverpool are still the favorites to finish 4th and to win the Europa League. I don’t think they will win the Europa League but they will finish 4th.

  35. fischy says:

    Huh? What rule change do you have in mind which would prevent this? Let anything and everything go? Maybe, the refs shouldn’t call a foul when there’s no foul involved…Is there a rule change for that?

  36. Was it embellished? Yeah. But it was a lousy tackle that was a hair late and didn’t get the ball. The only thing Carsley could have gotten with where his leg ended up was Ngog. What was Ngog supposed to do? Running at full speed, avoid a player’s leg, regain possession of the ball and beat the keeper from a bad angle? Like it or not Carsley impeded his progress without getting the ball and did it with a late slide tackle. You do that and you’re asking for a penalty. Way too much is being made of it because it’s Liverpool. If it were Sunderland no one would care.

  37. bryan says:

    anyone saying this isn’t trash is insane. this is a blatant dive. there was NO contact. regardless if the tackle wasn’t going to do anything anyway, this guy took a dive like a baby. i have no sympathy for a guy who dives after having ZERO contact and results in a PK which they earn a goal on. that is cheating. fine him big time.

  38. bryan says:

    “Yeah. But it was a lousy tackle that was a hair late and didn’t get the ball.”

    Didn’t get the guy either! He should have been a man and jumped over the player (which he did) but instead of landing on his stomach, he could have landed on his feet.

    “You do that and you’re asking for a penalty.”

    Wrong. If you don’t TOUCH the guy in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, you are NOT asking for a penalty. It would just be a missed tackle.

    “Way too much is being made of it because it’s Liverpool.”


  39. Deac says:

    The criticism of Ngog’s play is pathetically overblown. If he runs through the tackle, he’s tripped up and goes down. Instead, he climbs over it and falls. Either way, the rash challenge prevented him from continuing his run, and thus any minimal chance that remained at him generating a scoring opportunity. It was a dumb play by Birmingham. A genuine dive, and we’ve all seen enough to know the difference, would involve a play that involves no rash challenge and the offensive player flops to the turf. That did not happen here.

  40. K Bone says:

    And this statement is based on what? Why are they favorites to win the Europa League, because they are Liverpool and such a tournament should be beneath them, therefore the Europa League will be a walk in the park? And what about their current play in the EPL makes you think they are they better than Aston Villa, City or Tottenham? Obviously the season is very young, but to say they are favorites based on these results makes zero sense at all. Think before you type…

  41. K Bone says:

    Still though, the criticism is that he didn’t “climb over it and fall”, that I could understand, but he freaking launched himself in the air like he’s been cut down with the defender’s two legs. It’s one thing to do what you said, but it’s entirely another to embellish so ridiculously like he did. To me that’s pathetic. Bottom line, the defender didn’t touch him, and last time I checked it’s contact that constitutes a foul, especially a penalty…

  42. bryan says:

    prevented him from continuing his run!??! you are delusional. the guy didn’t touch him. Ngog jumped over him with plenty of room and then just needed to land on his feet…which is no problem if you don’t get touched.

    he chose not to, he chose to go to the ground crying, he knew he would get the PK, and he knew he would salvage a draw.

  43. Frank says:

    No more slide tackling…just like in my coed league.

  44. bryan says:

    haha what?!?! if Carsley hadn’t made the play then he would have been clear on goal. bad tackle or not, he prevented (legally, he did not touch him) Ngog from getting through. Ngog then flew through the air and got the PK. CHEAT.

  45. kofix5 says:

    N’Gog isn’t the only only player to dive and affect the outcome of a game. The problem here is that he failed miserably at it and would have shocked the football community with his honesty if he immediately went to the ref and said “hey I thought I was going to get my legs taken out but he didn’t hit me. There was no foul.”
    I doubt the ref would have punished him for that and he may have earned an Honesty patch to sew on his jersey, instead of a Cheater patch.

    In past games I’ve seen, I’ve been pulling for the kid to do well. I hope he can overcome this mistake. After all, he’s not the first diver in the EPL.

  46. japan says:

    3 match ban for every player that dives would prevent 90% of the dives.

    I was talking about preventing the dive. Not the stupid attempt of tackles. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

  47. japan says:

    I’m not saying they are guarenteed 4th place or that they are guarenteed that they will win the Europa League. I am just saying they are the favourites. If you were to make a bet and play it safe ,surely Liverpool is your choice given that you are a neutral. Like I said before, I don’t think Liverpool will win the Europa League. Tottenham has no chance at breaking the top 4 as they are nothing without Lennon and Modric. Man City will not be in the top 4 because if they were of that quality, they wouldn’t allow Fulham to come back from 2-0 down at home and wouldn’t tie Burnley at home. Aston Villa are in the same situation as last year. They just don’t have the depth and you will see the same thing you saw last year with them. The only team that had a chancec of breaking the top 4 was Everton. They are always slow starters and finish strong. However, with all the injured players they have now, I think they are too far behind to catch up. I fully expect them to be in top 6 again though. You will see the difference between the so called “big 4″ with teh rest of the teams in December-Feburary.

  48. Sean M says:

    They have done nothing to clean up the game….if you want to see a dive look at Eduardo vs. Celtic…..both players should be banned for 3-5 games….CHEATS

  49. Joamiq says:

    All dives are a disgrace to soccer.

    But this one was especially bad.

  50. Betrem says:

    Obstruction isn’t an “ing” foul, and so would not have been a penalty kick, but rather and IFK from the spot of the obstruction.

    As for diving, it will continue until post match replays resulting in bans or fines are instituted. The game is just too fast, and the referee’s have at most 2 angles and one chance to view a play to make make their decision.

  51. Erik says:

    Ngog and the rest of the divers out there are big “P”s. Win with skill or don’t play.

  52. Peter says:

    I always made it my business to accidentally step on a crotch when that type of challenge came in on me. That type of Rugby mentality is why the Premier league is unwatchable. I love the quote “be a man and take the contact”. If you want to dish it, you have to be able to take it.

    I never understood the penchant for diving in the latino cultures either,it seems to violate the whole machismo ideal. I did have success getting under their skin by asking if they got their sisters panties dirty when they fell.

  53. Joamiq says:

    A few corrections. First, they are even with Man City as far as odds to finish 4th. You can check the books if you want. Secondly, Tottenham has been playing without Lennon and Modric and is still in the top 4, so I’m not sure where you’re getting that argument from. Tottenham without Lennon and Modric is far better than Liverpool without Gerrard and Torres. Third, saying that Man City is not top 4 quality because of a couple of results is, frankly, dumb. You could just as easily argue that Liverpool is not top four quality because they had to cheat just to draw Birmingham at home.

  54. Brent McD says:

    Diving is a plague on modern soccer. Players and coaches both know it’s a way to win games, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if teams actually work on diving in practice. FIFA needs to immediately institute multiple-game suspensions and steep fines for diving based upon post-match video review. Otherwise next summer’s World Cup will surely be tainted just as 2006 was by the flopping Italians (their late PK against the Aussies was shameless).

    BTW, our own USMNT is certainly not blameless in this matter. Landon and Duece have both become master floppers, to the team’s benefit. Sickening to watch the beautiful game degenerate via such cynical tactics.

  55. Joamiq says:

    Reading through these comments, I am STUNNED at the amount of people defending Ngog and attacking Carsley. Liverpool fans, I guess. Neither you nor I know what would have happened had the play continued normally. We don’t know because Ngog made the decision to dive before anything could have happened. End of story.

  56. From the FIFA rule book:

    A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
    of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be
    careless, reckless or using excessive force:
    – kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
    – trips or attempts to trip an opponent
    – jumps at an opponent
    – charges an opponent
    – strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
    – pushes an opponent
    – tackles an opponent
    A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
    of the following three offences:
    – holds an opponent
    – spits at an opponent
    – handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own
    penalty area)
    A direct free kick is taken from the place where the offence occurred
    (see Law 13 – Position of Free Kick).

    link to

    The penalty section goes on to say any of those offenses are a penalty if committed in the box.

    Key there is “trip or attempt to trip”. He doesn’t have to get the man for it to be a foul. If the referee deems it a late challenge with intent to trip, then it’s a foul and penalty. He was late, didn’t get the ball, so Carsley left it up to the ref’s judgement. He put himself in a bad position and got burned.

    In interest of total disclosure, yeah, I’m a Liverpool fan. But I showed the tackle to a Leicester City fan who hates the Reds and he thought it was a stupid challenge by Carsley that could have easily gone either way. And had a penalty been given against Jamie Carragher a few weeks ago against Man U, I’d have had no arguments with that decision either. You go to ground in the box and you’re asking for trouble.

  57. K Bone says:

    Well said Joamiq, I don’t see how his “logic” doesn’t also apply to Liverpool. As a neutral (which I’m not) I would probably assume based on results this season that Liverpool is certainly not a favorite for the top 4. Just because it’s Liverpool doesn’t mean anything, they quite frankly are a mediocre team without Torres and Gerrard and are so more reliant on them then Tottenham or City are with their stars…

  58. Patrick says:

    This is the 1 facet of the game where soccer could use instant replay. Here me out…

    There is already a delay in the game when a penalty kick is called. There is a good minute and a half to two minutes delay between the call and the penalty kick. There is also already a 3rd official on the sideline. Set up a replay screen for him. The third official immediately reviews all penalty kick calls for obvious dives. If replay clearly shows a player took a dive- as this one does- the player is issued a red card and the opposing team is issued a free kick from the spot of the foul.

    No delay in the game and diving is not rewarded. Win-win. Put it in place, it’s a no-brainer.

  59. KCB says:

    When it doubt, Dive it out. It’s the Liverpool way.

  60. Jamie Z. says:

    I hereby move to have every footballer who comes from a Romance language-speaking country take an obligatory no-diving course before they are allowed to play another competitive match.

  61. Jacob A. says:

    Words were had afterwards between the two players

  62. John says:

    In England this is a big deal. He dove to decieve the referee. Simulation…What else do you need to know? He won’t be getting too many more calls after this one. Only Wayne Rooney (and Ronaldo before the left)get those in England.

  63. brentmcd says:

    I like this idea. Except the 3rd official might be already too occupied watching the action on the field (post-foul pushing and shoving, etc.). Perhaps use a 4th official upstairs in a replay booth monitoring video of the match in headset radio contact with the main referee.

    I agree the game would not be lengthened. There is already a significant delay for Penalties. And the decision to award / not award a penalty is too important in determining the outcome of matches and tournaments to not take advantage of the available technology.

  64. Cavan says:

    Um, 4th official?

    As a former referee, I spotted two distinct elements in that incident that scream “dive.”

    1) the player threw his hands up before hitting the ground. Divers do this to try to sell the dive and to brace their fall. No player who doesn’t know he’s going to hit the ground throws their hands up over their head.

    2) he had just tapped the ball too far in front of himself to be assured control of it. Since the other defender was closing in on the ball, he didn’t have much space to do anything with. A dive usually comes when a forward’s goal-scoring chances are deteriorating.

    When watching the clip, I thought that it was from a referee instructional video. I saw many very similar clips during my training. I also saw many very similar situations out on the field, just not as fast since they were amateurs rather than pros.

    There is nothing defensible about this play. It gives the game a bad name and undermines its viability to fans. This kind of behavior chips away at soccer’s viability as a true athletic competition and inches it closer to the theatrics of professional wrestling. I doubt most soccer fans want that. The Liverpool fans should be ashamed of this just like everyone else. Who cares if your team cheated to a draw if it kills the game itself?

  65. smokeminside says:

    Folks, I get all the vitriol, from both sides. What I don’t understand is why THIS dive (or whatever you want to call it) is getting so much attention when it happens all the time. Is there something in particular about N’Gog that encourages this kind of attention? Is it that Liverpool is an easy target because of its rough year?

    I hate diving as much as the next guy, but right now–and maybe forever– it’s part of the game (like the phantom double play in baseball, or pretending to get hit by a pitch).

  66. Jake Oliver says:

    Obviously it simulation, but why on earth did Carsley slide in to make that tackle in the first place? Ngog had taken a heavy tough and the centerback coming across (Johnson) would have been able to deal with it.

    As for Ibrahimovic, I’m not a fan of players going into an early international retirement.

  67. nate says:

    I think it’s because they’re talentless losers. What self-respecting forward admits (by diving) that he doesn’t have the skill to score on his own? If I were a coach I would immediately dump any player that resorts to diving instead of, you know, actually playing soccer.

  68. meyers7 says:

    Close. It’s actually impeding not obstruction. But yes that is an IDK, not a penalty.

  69. Stephen says:

    I think you are watching a different play. Carsley gets the ball, but barely. DIVE!!!

  70. Stephen says:

    I think you are watching a different play!! Carsly did get the ball, barely. DIVE!!

  71. advocat says:

    I will take Ngogs side. I will always take the creative attacking players side. By the logic put forth, Ngog should have landed his right foot on the ground in stride so that the bald defender slide tackle would have broken his ankle or torn his ligaments. did the defender touch the ball? No or barely so. So he missed. The defender screwed up; next time he should stay on his feet and lesson larned. The tackle was so mis timed and inappropriate he missed the ball completely; this is considered good soccer? good for the game? I dont think it is fair or good for the game to ask the forward attacking player to subject himself to horrific injury (remember eduardo almost had a leg amputation last season). But no one remembers or cares about that.

  72. advocat says:

    Before the “no diving” proposal, I propose a “no mis-timed tackle aimed to break legs and ruin the game” proposal. Who is guiltier of simulation Ngog or the defender? The defender missed the ball; so what was he trying to do? I say he was trying to break his legs.

  73. Supsam says:

    To me i dont care if the attempted tackle was late, what ever happened to honor these days?? Sure there is a chance you dont score if you continue the play, but at the end of the day how can you face your kids who asks you why you faked contact?

    However this horrible dive plus Eduardo’s has made dives way more scrutinized than in the past and thats a good thing. So for future divers out there, get ready to face the shameful spotlight

  74. roysterer says:

    Carsley did not miss the ball by very much. I think it was pretty obvious that he was going for the ball. But, when Ngog decided to jump over him, he didn’t know that he would miss the ball. Nevertheless he decided to dive in that state of mind, and that’s just as bad as any other dive.

    If you’re a player who has been incorrectly awarded a foul and you know it, you should inform the referee that there was no foul. That’s just good sportsmanship, and although it never happens, I will still expect it to happen.

  75. japan says:

    You’re point on Tottenham is fair. I disagree that Tottenham without Lennon and Modric is far better than Liverpool without Gerrard adn Torres. You can see that Tottenham is starting to go downhill though. Man City has been bad for awhile now. If it wasn’t for thier honeymoon period in teh beginning, tehy wouldn’t be where they are. Yes, you can argue the same with Liverpool but they are in bad form. They are more capable than this. Tottenham and City are not. Liverpool are still the favourtes the same way Arseanl were the favorites last year instead of Villa.

  76. japan says:

    True, so when Torres and Gerrard are back, you do admit they have a better chance then Tottenham and City.

    Wait until Feburary and you will see a difference. If all 3 teams are still tight, I will gladly eat my word.

  77. Galaxy G says:

    You are quite wrong.

    This tackle was not even close to being on par with the Eduardo incident. N’Gog’s foot wasn’t planted as Carsley passes through. He could have easily continued on with that front foot because the only place I see possible contact is if he would have tried bringing his back foot forward which may have brushed Carsley but in no way put N’Gog in a position to be seriously injured.

    Because N’Gog is a cheat and took the easy way out, we’ll never know what that would have looked like.

  78. span says:

    There it is…revisionist history Anglo style. The precious Aussies had a man advantage for 40+ minutes due to a harsh red on Materazzi because Bresciano dove (remember that? didn’t think so). Despite the extra man, the weak ass Aussies didn’t threaten the goal. The foul on Grosso did involve contact…so there WAS a foul (even though Fifa rules don’t require contact).

    Do you remember Henry’s dive in the final to earn France’s PK?

  79. span says:

    Sorry…is N’Gog from a “romance” language country? I hereby move to have Anglo football fans take an obligatory course in xenophobia.

  80. span says:

    KIND SIR…Wayne Rooney does not dive because he is Engerlish. How dare you insult the Queen!!!!!

  81. r.benjamin says:

    Bigtime dive and worse than most. They really need to stamp this out of the game. I really hoped after the 06 cup they’d make progress but apparently not.

    If he truelly tried to avoid contact and went down, I can see, but he launched himself.

  82. ddub says:

    it’s a complete dive. It’s a shame and i hope it’s wiped from the game.

    And his penalty should be NOTHING! Just like the diver Eduardo.

    The precedence has been set. It’s a shame but now that Eduardo is allowed to dive i don’t see it fair to punish Ngog. And it’s all the powers of football’s fault for not having the balls to enforce their own rules evenly.

  83. Joamiq says:

    Are you kidding? Going downhill? Based on what? Their easy win last weekend? Compare Spurs’ record since Modric went down, a period during which Defoe and Lennon have also missed time, with Liverpool’s since their stars went injured. Spurs have been better. The fact of the matter is that you don’t know what Liverpool, or Spurs or City, are capable of. This is not last year’s Liverpool team. This year’s version looks woefully weak. And if you think they’re getting through the rest of the season without their depth being tested again, good luck.

  84. Joamiq says:

    Yes. He’s French.

  85. japan says:

    Here is Tottenham’s record in the league this season. WWWWLLWDWLLW. They have won 3 of their last 8. Yes, 3 of those losses came against Man Utd, Chelsea,and Arsenal and I know you don’t have to beat the big teams to win the title but they were hammered in all these games. They were not even close. Modric got hurt after the 4th game (went on their site to check). So without Modric, thier record is 3-4-1. Now lets take Man City. WWWWLWWDDDDD. Quiet obvious they have been poor lately so I am not basing this on 2 games I mentioned earlier. Now both Tottenham and Man City have made the best start ever and have been playing better than they’ve ever played. Now lets take Liverpool. They have had the worst start in over a decade and are in the worst form in 40 years or something. Yet, they are still only 3pts behind Tottenham and 1pt behind Man City who has a game in hand. I agree, I don’t know what Spurs or City are capable of but surley you don’t expect Liverpool to keep this form for the rest of the season.