SBI’s Mock 2009 MLS Expansion Draft

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The Philadelphia Union will select its first set of players on Wednesday in the 2009 MLS Expansion Draft and while there is no guarantee that the ten players chosen will make Peter Nowak's team, it is a safe bet that several members of the group will make up a good nucleus for Major League Soccer's 16th team.

There is plenty of big names for Nowak to choose from, but he's fully aware that many of the better available players are heading to Europe this winter. Nowak also knows how important it will be to start building the team with a solid defensive nucleus.

Defense will be one of the three keys for the Union's draft, along with veteran leadership and finding players with strong local ties. That combination of characteristics should help the Union come up with a good group for Philly fans to embrace.

So who will Nowak select on Wednesday? Here is our best guess:


Preki's arrival at Toronto FC, coupled with the team's surplus of central midfielders made Guevara expendable and Philadelphia would be crazy not to grab him. His creativity, toughness and personality makes him a fan favorite wherever he goes, even if his temper and reputation as a prima donna has left some former fans glad to see him go. Guevara has matured in recent years, and with a World Cup to play in next year, something tells me he will be stepping up his game in 2010.

Even if Guevara isn't in Nowak's plans, he would be wise to select him as trade bait, with several teams (Houston and Chivas USA among them) likely to need a creative midfielder for next season.


The prodigal returns and Philadelphia adds the homegrown talent it hopes will help serve as a poster boy for the community. Convey has had his struggles through the years, with injuries and most recently with form, but he's still talented and relatively young and you would like to think that playing back home in a new stadium for his hometown fans will help bring the best out of the former U.S. national team midfielder.


Who better to join a team called the Union than the fearless and hard-working Hejduk, who seems tailor-made to be a Philly fan favorite. He struggled late in the year for Columbus, and his recent showing for the U.S. national team left a lot to be desired, but Hejduk is still an above average right back in MLS and his presence in the locker room is invaluable.


It has been more than a decade since Marsch and Nowak were teammates on the 1998 MLS Cup-winning Chicago Fire, but Marsch has remained one of the most respected midfielders in MLS.

The problem with Marsch is that he is dealing with concussion issues that could force him to retire. If he is still uncertain about playing in 2010, then look for Philadelphia to grab someone else from CHivas USA, be it defenders Carey Talley or Jim Curtin (A Philly native), or Jon Conway (A Chester native).


Nowak will be looking for tough, talented and experienced defenders and Robinson fits that bill. Before this past season, which he missed almost all of due to knee surgery, Robinson had been a rock in the back for the Dynamo, serving as a starter on two MLS Cup-winning teams. The emergence of Geoff Cameron made him expendable by the Dynamo, but he could step right in and anchor the Union's back-line.


A product of last year's expansion draft, King got lost in the mix in a loaded Seattle Sounders midfielder, but he's still a talented young  central midfielder who happens to be a product of the powerhouse Philadelphia-area youth club FC Delco. Now 23, King played in 20 games as a rookie with the Chicago Fire in 2008 and impressed there. Nowak can never have too many good central midfielders. This one just happens to have local ties, making him a safe bet to be selected.


Another one of the more high-profile players to come out of the Philadelphia area, Albright is also coming off a year lost to knee surgery. There are concerns about his health with him having missed most of two of the past three seasons. His versatility as a defender makes him a valuable asset though so if the Union is confident of his health, it would be tough to see Philly passing on Albright.


Nowak isn't going to just select a bunch of veteran players. He will need to take a few younger prospects and few are as intriguing as Wallace, a standout left back prospect who was starting to flourish for FC Dallas before being sidelined by injury.


With Eddie Robinson already in the fold, Nowak grabs another starting centerback in Hohlbein, who really came into his own in 2009, his third year in MLS. Hohlbein is just 23 but has already started 40 MLS matches and even has a pair of goals to his credit. If Nowak wants to go even younger, he could go with KC's Matt Besler, a rookie standout for the Wizards last season.


This one might be a bit of a long shot, but if Nowak caught a glimpse of Zimmerman during the middle of the 2009 season, when he was still playing regularly for the Red Bulls, Nowak will have seen a tough, tireless and skilled midfielder capable of playing on the right wing or centrally. If Nowak isn't ready to add that much youth to his team, he could go with striker John Wolyniec or defender Mike Petke, who started on Nowak's MLS Cup-winning D.C. United team in 2003.


Some other players who could wind up being selected on Wednesday include: Alejandro Moreno, Andy Iro, Quincy Amarikwa, Shea Salinas, Matt Besler, Herculez Gomez, John Wolyniec, Mike Petke, Nathan Sturgis, Pat Phelan, Devon McTavish, Ryan Cochrane, Robbie Russell and Sanna Nyassi to name a few.

Wondering where big names like Ricardo Clark, Chris Rolfe and Gonzalo Segares are? Since they are all safe bets to sign in Europe I don't see Philly wasting expansion draft picks on their rights.

What do you think of this list? Who are you hoping Philadelphia selects? WHo are you hoping the Union stays away from?

Share your thoughts below.

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123 Responses to SBI’s Mock 2009 MLS Expansion Draft

  1. seth says:

    Who, if anyone, do you think the Union will select from LA?

  2. Timmy U says:

    I went:

    Saunders GK (LAG)

    Iro D (CLB)

    Thomas D (CHV)

    Albright D (NE)

    Chabala D/M (HOU)

    Zimmerman M (NYRB)

    Robinson M (TOR)

    Convey M (SJ)

    King M (SEA)

    Grabavoy (RSL)

  3. Gilby says:

    Ives, I notice you don’t have any of the starting keepers listed. Does Philly all ready have a keeper lined up or is it just an easy position to fill? Also I think expansion draft veteran James Riley might get a look he’s cheap, American and started almost every game for the stingiest defense in the MLS.

  4. JohnC says:

    I think the focus on Philly natives is a little overblown. Maybe they take one and I think King might be the best one but I doubt they take 3-4 players because they fall into this category. I could see HeyDude being chosen and Anthony Wallace but I highly doubt we see Chris Albright. The cap hit from the above 10 players seems insane. I think a player like Jay Heaps would fit into the Nowak system but he is a native Mass guy and I wonder how much coaxing would be necessary. I also think that the LB from Chicago is a possibility, Mike Brenner(?).

  5. dena says:


    Why did we leave him exposed? Jeez.

  6. cfig says:

    As a Dynamo fan I see it as a tossup between Eddie Robinson and Mike Chabala being drafted, depends if they go after experience or youth (and I hate to see either go). Albright seems like another good choice, and if they get him and Hey Dude Philly could end up with the core of a very solid backline out of this draft.

  7. ahm says:

    Would philly get any type of financial compensation if they selected say Rico Clark and then he went across the pond? Or does the MLS recoup all of that money?

  8. TimmyU says:

    Ives, does it seem to you like the majority of talent in this expansion draft is defensive or holding midfield? Is there an expectation from other FOs for Philly to play a particular line up (Nowak’s 3-5-2) and thus they made their choices based on providing a lot of talent in one area and not much in others?

  9. Brian says:

    There seems to be a much bigger emphasis on bringing in “natives” than there has been for other teams. That could have a great influence on endearing the club itself to the area in addition to helping the club itself gel more quickly.

  10. Gilby says:

    Clark is out of contract and a free transfer so I don’t think there would be much money to be earned.

  11. sammysounder says:

    Seattle would be pretty happy if Union took King. He’s solid, and our leading goal-scorer in the Open Cup, but his disappearance wouldn’t hurt us too much.

  12. Jimmie Johnson (the one your mom likes) says:

    Who I pick from each team:

    Conway, Jon

    Riley, James – Russell, Robbie – Iro, Andy – Hohlbein, Aaron – Robinson, Eddie – Dunivant, Todd

    Phelan, Pat,

    Banner, Michael

    Convey, Bobby – Van Den Bergh, Dave

    Guevara, Amado

    Emilio, Luciano – Noonan, Pat,

    The top 10:

    Russell, Robbie – Iro, Andy – Hohlbein, Aaron – Robinson, Eddie – Dunivant, Todd

    Convey, Bobby – Van Den Bergh, Dave

    Guevara, Amado

    Emilio, Luciano – Noonan, Pat,

    That is a good team that only needs a keep and some other players.

  13. CLS says:

    To think that Philly would grab Hejduk over Iro (or others) or that they would take a washed up Chris Alrbight is borderline ridiculous to me.

  14. Brian in Idaho says:

    Agreed; I see the Union taking Riley over Hejduk…

  15. RevNation says:

    Nyassi is on the protected list.

  16. Gilby says:

    I think he was referring to the Seattle Nyassi who was exposed.

  17. Patricksp says:

    I don’t see Hejduk going. I really think that they will take Iro or Garey.

  18. Brian in Idaho says:

    I was very surprised to see your picks of Hejduk, Albright, and Marsch. I trust your feeling on this more than mine, but I just can’t understand why a new franchise would want to start out with that much of a cap hit for players who have had injury problem, (Albright, Marsch), and/or are on the decline…

  19. Shmenge says:

    Albright? A veteran salary who hasn’t played in more than a year?

    Hejduk? Another veteran salary who hung a “washed up” sign around his neck in the playoffs and in Denmark?

    Marsch? Another veteran salary w/ concussion issues.

    Ives, it seems you didn’t give much thought to this. The salary cap isn’t going up so much that a team can just burn money on guys that might be hurt or over the hill.

    I saw Renteria play in person and the guy is a beast. A full season to adapt to the league and I think he’d be a solid 10-goal scorer.

    Jordan Harvey is an underrated left back in Colorado.

    Ditto Lance Watson at RB at KC.

    Shea Salinas has a ton more to offer than Convey.

    Solid veterans might inlcude Ale Moreno, Pablo Ricchetti, Todd Dunivant, Robbie Russell, Mike Petke.

  20. Marc says:

    Ives, too much salary cap space would be eaten up with your selections. I think the trade market for a guy like guevara is not very robust.

  21. Ski Fast! says:

    Convey’s salary is way too high for his productivity value at this point.

  22. Socrates says:

    What about Padula? Is he leaving MLS or something?

  23. joe k says:

    because red bulls NEEDS goldthwate, borman, johnson, oebster, and mendes.

    (ok, i guess the rules made them protect johnson and obster, but whatever)

  24. EskeyFan says:

    What happened to Eskendarian? He’s not THAT injured is he?!?

  25. Dominghosa says:

    too many fragile players, though here’s hoping anthony wallace gets over that

  26. Richard, UK says:

    Sorry Ives, but Schmenge is spot on. This list is way off what Philadelphia SHOULD be picking and I don’t think you’ve taken the cap and player issues in to account in a particularly in depth way.

    If I had to throw a list out there…

    Mike Banner (Chicago)
    Andy Iro (Columbus)
    Pat Noonan (Colorado)
    Ray Burse Jr. (Dallas)
    Matt Besler (Kansas City)
    Mike Chabala (Houston)
    Todd Dunivant (Los Angeles)
    Luke Sassano (New York)
    Bobby Convey (San Jose)
    Stephen King (Seattle)

    Noonan is a bit of a gamble, but one I think Philly might go with.

  27. JFC says:

    why redcard johnson? and wasnt ernst just handed to us from salzburg cause this year was horrible?

  28. Rory says:

    I’d be calling up Blanco and sweet talking him into staying in the MLS

  29. dman says:

    FRANKIE HEJDUK, Columbus

    Who better to join a team called the Union than the fearless and hard-working Hejduk, who seems tailor-made to be a Philly fan favorite. He struggled late in the year for Columbus, and his recent showing for the U.S. national team left a lot to be desired, but Hejduk is still an above average right back in MLS and his presence in the locker room is invaluable.

    This is going to kill me…..I love frankie and will be heart broken to see him go if it happens. He’s the heart and soul of the Crew.

  30. Can’t he just take 10 Red Bulls. The would really help us.

  31. dena says:

    I agree, Rojas especially included.

  32. joe k says:


  33. strider says:

    Ives, Do you know something about other players the Union have lined up? It seems that data would be crucial in knowing what holes the Union have to fill. If Philly has not lined anyone up yet, it would seem they are a bit behind where Seattle was last year at least. Well, it will be interesting to see who they take tomorrow.

  34. baquito alyeska says:


  35. Amit says:

    Ives is spot on with Hejduk. They probably take Convey as well. The only spotty pick is Albright because of salary and injury concerns. A New England replacement for him could be a Wells Thompson or Pat Phelan.

  36. Amit says:

    What is so funny about this. Philly would be silly not to go after a Venezuelan national team left back and convert him into a central attacking midfielder on account of the head coach having a left foot fetish.

  37. Patricksp says:

    No he is not leaving but I think if he is chosen he will want a bump in salary, I think he is a 150 right now

  38. WolverhamptonForever! says:

    what about jeff parke – ties to the philly area…what ever happened to him after heading up to vancouver?!?!?

  39. NAK says:

    The Union FO has the ability to negotiate contracts up/down with these players so there wouldn’t necessarily be as large a cap hit as many of you make out with some of these players, especially the injured ones.

  40. J-Bob says:

    Ives, you seem to have Philly taking a lot of high cost vets, which I’ve always been told is a risky move and never one which is part of expansion draft strategy.Personally I think they’ll ignore guys like Guevara and Hejduk and go for younger, relatively cheap options like Salinas and Zimmerman.

  41. Colin says:

    Galaxy made a huge mistake by putting Saunders on the unprotected list. Dude isn’t a #2, he’s a #1B.

  42. Martek says:

    Looking at this list, I think there’s only one thing safe to say: The 2010 Phunions will in no way, shape or form be as good as Seattle 2009.

    If Nowak picks a Dynamo, it’ll be Eddie Robinson or Mike Chabala, and my money is on the latter. Though I hope Nowak shows the quality he has always shown as a loser in both DC United and Beijing and picks neither.

  43. sammysounder says:

    Sounders F.O. made one of their few screw ups by tipping their hand with Keller and other players before the draft. They basically announced we weren’t going to pick a keeper in the expansion draft. That let other clubs alter their protected list based on what they knew we already had.

    If I’m Philly, I’m keeping any and all signings in a dark room somewhere in South America.

  44. CJ says:

    Here’s my list…

    MF – Gerson Mayen (Chivas) – technical, young and cheap

    DF – Frankie Hejduk (Columbus) – steps in as captain and fan favorite

    MF – Bobby Convey (SJ) – Philly boy comes home

    MF – Amado Guevara (TFC) – either sign and play or they can trade him

    MF – Sanna Nyassi (SEA) – young with blazing speed, project for future

    DF – Mike Chabala (HOU) – most people want Robinson taken here. But if they converted Cameron to a CB doesn’t it tell you something?

    DF – Aaron Hohlbein (KC) – young, solid CB with consider MLS experience already

    MF – Michael Videira (NE) – young, technical mid with potential

    MF – Nick Zimmerman (NYRB) – good energy, project player

    MF/DF – Mike Banner (Chi) – athletic, technical, can play multiple positions

    *If healthy and cleared by doctors (concussion), take FW – Alecko Eskandarian instead of either Videira, Zimmerman or Banner.

    The theme here is young, cheap and versatile. Not many of these guys would command a high salary, which would allow PU to sign some international players of high quality to fill in around. Plus, Piotr will favor young players that he can “break” and build back up into the way he wants them.

  45. Wispy says:

    If I’m Nowak, these are my 10 picks:

    Eskandarian (LAG)

    He’s injury prone, but can light it up in spurts when he’s healthy. Plus, I don’t see any other viable starting forwards.

    Convey (SJE)

    Jacobson (DCU)

    Guevara (TFC)

    Noonan (COL)

    That’s actually not a bad starting MLS midfield, in my opinion, assuming Convey gets motivated by playing at home.

    Russell (RSL)

    Robinson (HOU)

    Wallace (FCD)

    That’s also a better back three than most other teams. It has both experience and youth (and speed).

    Conway (RBNY)

    He’s a Chester guy with MLS experience.

  46. Wispy says:

    Whoops, that’s only 9. I guess I’d also take Andy Iro from Columbus for more depth in the back and hope to pick up a striker or two on loan or through the draft.

  47. d1ddy says:

    If I’m one of those vets I’m not going to like taking a significant pay cut to play on a team that is likely going to be the league doormat for a season or 3, even if it is in my hometown. I’m pretty sure they would have to agree to the new contract, Philly can’t just say “we’re going to pay you this much now.”

  48. scott47a says:

    All players taken to an expansion franchise can have their contracts renegotiated — it’s part of the CBA.

    Seattle took Ianni and then Ianni was forced to take a pay cut, for example.

  49. Covert says:

    Who I’d take…






    Anthony Wallace



    Segarez – I know that’s doubling up on LB but somebody else will want one or the other for a trade

    and Avery John

    Who I think he’ll take

    He’ll look to former DCU guys and Youth National Team guys

    1. Eskandarian

    2. Petke

    3. Convey

    4. Sturgis

    5. Dalby

    6. Wallace

    7. C. Gomez

    8. Cochrane

    9. Ubiparipovic

    10. Mike Banner

    I think Nowak will have faith in guys who were on his MLS Cup winning team w/ Eskandarian, Gomez, and Petke. I also think he’ll be looking at Dalby, Sturgis, and Wallace for sure. Anyway it goes, Nowak will put together a good team.

  50. peterjh says:

    Last year I think a majority of Chicago supporters thought their management lost their minds when they didn’t protect Pappa, and they were convinced he was gone.

    Seattle picked King, instead.

    This year a majority of Seattle fans think their management lost their minds in not protecting Riley, and are convinced he’s gone.

    It would be pretty ironic if Philly picks King.

  51. Peter C says:

    With there current base salaries…

    RSL – F – Campos – 65,000
    CLB – F – Garey – 52,937
    DCU – M – Jacobson – 34,000
    KC – M – Hirsig – 75,000
    SJ – M – Salinas – 36,300
    HOU – M – Chabala – 34,000
    CHV – D – S Thomas – 104,500
    COL – D – Harvey – 50,000
    FCD – D – Wagner – 50,930
    SEA – D – Riley – 69,000

    Other choices:
    RSL – M – Mathis – 115,000
    CLB – D – Iro – 45,100
    KC – M – Kraus – 34,000
    HOU – D – Waibel – 77,008
    CHV – M – Mayen – 20,100

    Then hope Opara comes out and take him with 1st pick.

  52. Sammy Nishi says:

    ALEJANDRO MORENO taken and traded to LA GALAXY in exchange for ALAN GORDON and a couple of draft picks??

  53. jig says:

    Id go younger with my picks.











  54. Blake says:

    Agreed…Philly would be insane to pass on Josh Saunders. He’s just entering the prime age of a goalie’s career and I think he proved pretty emphatically during the season and in his minutes during cup that he’s capable of being a #1. Heck, the dude saved as many penalties as MVP Rimando in the shootout.

  55. scott47a says:

    rolfe is playing in denmark. why draft him?

  56. Clem says:

    Please take him, I’d rather keep Hejduk, Padulla and Renteria.

  57. art says:

    great list Ives, though I personally think Conway is more likely than Marsch. Preki’s no dummy and he will want to start with as good a defense as he can get, with Robinson, Albright, Conway, Hejduk, Dunivant, etc available he’s got plenty to choose from.

  58. Richmond, VA says:

    Haha that’s exactly what I thought, if I was Phily I would no doubt pick up eskadarian, he’s probably one of the best left exposed..

  59. Trent says:

    Any team would be a fool to take Moreno. I got so tired of him trusting his diving ability over his shooting ability. I’m afraid Padula will get taken because the idiots that manage the Crew didn’t protect him. A leftback of his quality is hard to find in MLS.

  60. Juan Carlos Osorio, Super Genius says:

    I can’t believe you don’t think Mr. Nowak would choose Jorge Rojas. He is an excellent central midfielder.

  61. Daughtry says:

    Ives’ picks (2009 Guaranteed Compensation)
    RB – Hejduk – $175K
    RB – Albright – $176K
    CB – Hohlbein – $35K
    CB – Robinson – $138K
    LB – Wallace – $108K
    RM – Zimmerman – $35K
    CM – Guevara – $324K
    CM – Marsch – $175K
    CM – King – $34K
    LM – Convey – $245K
    Total: $1.445M

    My picks
    GK – Saunders – $44K
    RB – Hejduk – $175K
    CB – Opara – $0K
    CB – Hohlbein – 35K
    LB – Chabala – $34K
    RM – Zimmerman – $35K
    RM – Nyassi – $20K
    CM – Phelan – $35K
    CM – King – $34K
    LM – Convey – $245K
    F – Moreno – $137K
    Total: $794K

  62. GD says:

    Seattle still owns Parke’s rights, even though he’s not under contract. He can’t be selected in the expansion draft, but the Sounders could trade him (his rights) to Philly.

    He is out of contract at Vancouver, and was apparently looking for trials last summer (per the Whitecaps website), but I didn’t hear of him signing anywhere.

    The Sounders could use Parke to intice Philly not to pick any of their players, or work a deal. But that would also require Parke to want to sign with Philly, and who knows if he does (or if he’s still seeking a club in Europe).

    Ives – any recent info on Parke’s whereabouts?

  63. Daughtry says:

    Oops, meant to say Gerba, not Moreno. Don’t know his salary, but he has Canadian trade value over the next two years.

  64. TimbersJ says:

    Mixture of Philly boys, trade bait, and modestly-priced experience:

    Convey, Guevara, Jacobson, Grabavoy, Zimmerman, King

    Banner, Wallace, Robinson, Holbein, Iro

  65. The King of Norway says:

    You can’t take Nyassi and King both — they’re both Seattle players, and each club can only lose one player.

  66. sjquakes says:

    “Convey has had his struggles through the years, with injuries and most recently with form, but he’s still talented and relatively young and you would like to think that playing back home in a new stadium for his hometown fans will help bring the best out of the former U.S. national team midfielder.”

    Bahahahahaha. Convey sucks. His poor form plus huckerby’s injury were the two main reasons the quakes were so disappointing this season.

  67. craig says:

    I am a philly fan and am excited about the union but hejduk and convey are the two players i most despise. i would/will be utterly disappointed if/when they select those players.

  68. Wispy says:

    I agree Preki’s no dummyu but TFC doesn’t get to pick any players in this draft, Philly does :)

  69. JL says:

    Ya, I am going to say that maybe 2 of these 10 are picked Ives. Salary considerations, plus there is better talent available leads me to believe these picks just aren’t gonna happen. I think Guevara is a good pick, but I also think he isn’t Nowak’s kind of player, so it may not work. We shall see tomorrow.

  70. Daughtry says:

    Thanks, in that case, Devon McTavish – $53K

  71. Revs Rooter says:

    This is interesting….but…I’ll speak to these few:

    Albright should be playing local Over-30.

    Convey barely shows signs of having spent time in Europe.

    For those who mentioned Heaps…..should mention him retiring.

  72. Revs Rooter says:

    Well said, I went across coasts to watch San Jose and…..errrr….not good….

    And what’s up with the exterior beer gardens!

  73. Revs Rooter says:

    This just in….

    Wells Thompson mentioned he is retiring and heading into a religious missionary.

  74. Anthony says:

    Julian Valentine from Galaxy. He’s young, defender and from Philadelphia.

  75. Ozne says:

    That Zimmerman on the Red Bulls would be a great pick up. I saw him play up here in Toronto in June and he was the best player on the pitch.

  76. CLS says:

    Chase Hilgenbrinck was the Revs player that did that. I’d imagine Stevie plans for Wells to be on his bench for a while. He’s not a starter but he’s one of the best conditioned players in MLS and Nicol always talks about his work ethic.

  77. Austin says:

    My Picks:

    Josh Wicks(DC)

    Frankie Hejduk(Crew)

    Amado Guevara(TFC)

    Nick Zimmerman(NYRB)

    Chukwudi Chijindu(Chivas)

    Eddie Robinson(Houston)

    Andy Williams(RSL)

    Bobby Convey(SJ)

    Zach Scott(SSFC)

    dont count out Wallace of FCD, Gomez,Khumalo, and Emilio of DC, Albright of NE, Stepanovich, Talley, and Lillingston of Chivas, and Gonzalo Segares who i dont think will find much luck in Europe

  78. curmudgeon says:

    Martek wrote: I hope Nowak shows the quality he has always shown as a loser in …DC United…

    Huh? He was coach for three years, and in that time won an MLS Cup and a Supporters’ Shield. If that’s losing, I think a lotta teams would like to lose like that. I certainly think current DCU would prefer to lose like that.

  79. Austin says:

    i thought marsch was protected…..guess not

    Hohlbein….really? Talley!

  80. RP says:

    Here’s the 10 I came up with. Really unsure whether Nowak takes Convey, but I think he should. If not I’d replace Convey with Salinas (SJ) or Phelan (NE). Columbus was a very tough decision, so was Seattle, LA and Chivas. Heavily considered Padula, Moreno, Renteria, Hejduk, Alecko, Dunivant, Chijindu, Mayen, Igwe, Sturgis, King, Riley, Jacobson, McTavish

    Mike Chabala (HOU)

    Matt Besler (KC)

    Robbie Russell (RSL)

    Anthony Wallace (FCD)

    Jason Garey (CBUS)

    Josh Saunders (LA)

    Shavar Thomas (CUSA)

    Sebastien Le Toux (SEA)

    Jordan Harvey (COL)

    Bobby Convey (SJ)

  81. Sterling says:

    Ives, Do you think Nic Platter of the Minnesota Thunder has any chance getting picked up? I know that the only reason the DC deal fell through last season was because of a shoulder injury. Any chance?

  82. Sean M says:

    My Picks : Pat Noonan (Col), Nick Zimmerman (NYRB),Bobby Convey (SJ),Amado Guevara (TFC),Jesse Marsch (CHV),Frankie Hejduk (Col),Mike Chabala (Hou),Aaron Holbein (KC),James Riley (SEA) and Josh Saunders (LAG)

  83. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Ives, no way do Albright, Marsch or Guevara get picked. First, Albright’s and Marsch’s playing days are numbered. Second, Guevara is not Nowak’s type of player. Hejduk probably is but Iro is a tough player who can be far more useful to a new team seeking respect. As a Californian, I ask you not to be surprised if Bryan Jordan or Josh Saunders get picked from the Galaxy, or Shavar Thomas or Jon Conway from Chivas USA. Jordan has excellent pace and work rate, and better touch than any Galaxy forward other than Donovan or Eskandarian. Thomas is a rugged, physical defender that any team would need.

  84. fischy says:

    Ives seems awfully enamored of the over-the-hill and the injured. I rather doubt that Nowak will share that fascination since he has to build a squad that can last this season and next, at least.

  85. fischy says:

    I think you’re closer — or, at least more realistic. I’m expecting a number of different picks, but yours are a lot sounder than Ives’ list.

  86. fischy says:

    What are the rules here? Can we call out other posters? This moronic slamming of Nowak deserves it.

    So tell us — what have you achieved in your exceptional existence? Win any professional championships, as a coach or player? No? Still, I’m sure you have a long list of impressive accomplishments….

  87. fischy says:

    ” I know that the only reason the DC deal fell through last season was because of a shoulder injury.”

    How do you know that? First I’ve heard of that…

  88. John Sweeny says:

    Nowak is not going to be picking guys because they are “local”, and your list seems to be focused on local products. I will eat my shoes if Nowak takes Stephen King.

  89. will says:

    Saunders LA

    Obvious choice there. In LA he will always be the other guy. Union could offer him as a condition behind the doors half of what he is making with the guarantee of being their starting keeper barring injury.

    He did well at the Cup. No goals allowed. Did well in penalties. Had not Donovan’s penalty attempt, which I just heard finally hit the ground in Mongolia, who knows what could have been.

  90. Brian in Seattle says:

    Seattle took Jaqua in the expansion draft. Ianni came over in a preseason trade.

  91. gstommylee says:

    And how do you know that Nowak won’t pick King. He’s cheap for depth.

  92. gstommylee says:

    Le toux is overvalued for the salary hes getting.

  93. kickersixteen says:

    You can’t take both King and Nyassi from Seattle

  94. tim says:

    “DF – Mike Chabala (HOU) – most people want Robinson taken here. But if they converted Cameron to a CB doesn’t it tell you something?”

    Yes that Robinson got injured and thats why we had to convert Cameron. Having both ERob and Cochrane makes Camerons move to the midfield next year almost inevitable.

  95. WTF says:

    Sum of you guys are retarded…

    Guevara’s value around the league would be monstrous. Even if you dont keep him just trade him. You could even get a max allocation for him.

    Bang! You can spend 300k above the cap!!!

  96. tonytdc says:

    potentially dumb question – if jeff parke is on neither seattle’s protected list nor available list (according to mls website), is he really still seattle’s? i thought he was flat out released and basically just waiting for the drug stuff to be old news. i think philly might be able to just sign him as a free agent.

  97. martin says:

    1. Jesse Marsch (CHV)

    2. Frankie Hejduk (CLB)

    3. Luciano Emilio (DC)

    4. Anthony Wallace (DAL)

    5. Matt Besler (KC)

    6. Josh Saunders (LA)

    7. Chris Albright (NE)

    8. Bobby Convey (SJ)

    9. Sanna Nyassi (SEA)

    10. Amado Guevara (TOR)

  98. gstommylee says:

    There is no such thing as a free agency in MLS. You would have to trade for his rights.

  99. tonytdc says:

    thanks. if that’s the case, anyone think there’s a ‘handshake’ that philly doesn’t select a player that seattle couldn’t protect (nyassi, wahl) but wants to hold onto, then a post draft trade of parke’s rights for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick?

  100. Evan U says:

    1. Amado Guevara (TFC)
    2. Andy Iro (CLB)
    3. Eddie Robinson (HOU)
    4. Anthony Wallace (FCD)
    5. Bobby Convey (SJE)
    6. Stephen King (SEA)
    7. Matt Besler (KCW)
    8. Danny Cerpero (NYR)
    9. Jessie Marsh (CHU)
    10.Pat Noonan (COL)

  101. daggius says:

    rofl philadelphia gonna be such a damn crappy team

  102. Freddy says:

    I would take:

    Stephen King

    I can’t decide on the last two.

  103. madmax says:

    Are players that played bad last year, more valuable and likely to be selected than players who were injured and played little? Examples Convey/Marsch.

  104. Fred says:

    Maybe Philly should pick some other player from Toronto since it’s unlikely that Guevara will stick with Toronto. By picking him they’d be doing them a favor.

  105. Lilitree says:

    Stephen King is a bargain, a solid player who has a much lower salary than James Riley. Being a local boy is just a bonus. The Union is going to need more than 10 players & the salary cap is still pretty low in the MLS.

  106. gstommylee says:

    Well the issue with Parke would philly risk trading for him and he ended up not signing with the team. Like when Seattle drafted him.

  107. gstommylee says:

    What do you expect expansion teams are suppose to be crappy their first year. There only two expansion teams in the history of MLS that had a huge first year. Chicago and Seattle

  108. gstommylee says:

    Riley is out for the Seattle-Philly opener due to red card.

  109. peterjh says:

    Post pictures.

  110. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    He’d still serve as an enticing trade to several other teams in the league, so if they dont pick him then we will likely trade him off to someone else that wants him

  111. notsweet81 says:

    If they choose to draft Guevara I hope they have met with him and his representation before hand. The guy is a real talent, but his rep as petulant and difficult isn’t for nothing. What if he doesn’t like Philly or is not interested in an expansion project (he is getting a little long in the tooth)? On paper Guevara would be a great player to start the franchise with I would just be a little worried about his attitude.

  112. DC Josh says:

    Very interesting mock draft. A lot of who they pick today will depend on who is available in the MLS draft out of college. With more college players moving straight to Europe, it’s going to be tougher for scouts to find young talent. I think the Union will do well with who they select. Nowak is a great coach and in three years or less he’ll have this team in the playoffs, not that it’s very hard right now but will get harder in the future.

  113. Michael says:

    Too many higher priced vets on your list Ives. I bet Philly will pick more lower salaried players and use cap space on discovery/allocation type players. I could see one or two of Guevera, Convey, Hedjuk, Albright, Robinson, or Marsh, but not five of them. I think they should pick the LA Keeper Saunders. He looked great in the Cup Final, and can’t be on much of a salary.

  114. Josh D says:

    Saunders did enough to be picked in my opinion. Still relatively young for a keeper, proven over the years with spots of play. Really showed his worth in the MLS finals. Unless they can bring Marcus from Wolverhampton or someone of equal stature, he’ll be chosen.

    Whoever said they pick up Wicks, needs to re-evaluate their opinion. As a DC fan, I’d stay away from that trouble. I wouldn’t mind seeing him out the door.

  115. kofi_x5 says:

    I hope they take Woly. PU needs a quality striker like him

  116. kofi_x5 says:

    They should take Wolyniec from RBNY. He’s an incredibly underrated striker

  117. Joamiq says:

    I don’t want to lose Woly, Zimmerman, or Petke. Take Sassano please

  118. says:

    JULIAN VALENTIN should be an essential pick, local talent playing for LA now but up fo expansion draft.

  119. 123 says:

    When i first saw Wallace i thought it was rodney wallace.

  120. Darin says:

    as a columbus fan I’m praying they don’t pick padula!! i could stand to lose frankie or iro..padula would be huge to lose

  121. Jack says:

    man I thought I was the only one who noticed how good he was. when he was in Toronto playing against US I kept noticing how good he was.

  122. Sterling says:

    I know the guy personally. He used to coach my team.