Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

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The second participant in the MLS Eastern Conference finals will be decided today when the New England Revolution face the Chicago Fire at Toyota Park.

That playoff game is just one of the highlighted match-up on this busy Saturday. The Madrid Clasico will be kicking off in Spain, while Tottenham and Sunderland kick the day off with today's ESPN2 match.

If you will be watching today's soccer action, please feel free to share your own thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's Soccer on TV is after the jump):

Today's Soccer on TV

10am- ESPN2- Tottenham vs. Sunderland

10am- Setanta USA- Manchester City vs. Burnley

10am- FSC/FSE- Aston Villa vs. Bolton

Noon- ESPN Deportes/ESPN360- Getafe vs. Deportivo La Coruna

Noon- RAI/ESPN360- Catania vs. Napoli

12:30pm- FSC/FSE- Wolves vs. Arsenal

1pm- Setanta USA- Paris St. Germain vs. Nice

2pm- GolTV- Barcelona vs. Mallorca

2:30pm- FSC/FSE/ESPN360- Atalanta vs. Juventus

3pm- Setanta USA- Sochaux vs. Lens

4pm- ESPN Deportes/ESPN360- Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid

4:30pm- GolTV- Sport Recife vs. Cruzeiro

5pm- FSE- Catania vs. Napoli (Delayed)

6pm- Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. Puebla

6pm- GolTV- Nacional vs. Independiente Medellin

8pm- Telemundo- Tigres vs. Atlante

8pm- Azteca America/ESPN Deportes- Indios vs. Jaguares

8pm- FSC/FSE- Chicago Fire vs. New England Revolution

8pm- Telefutura- San Luis vs. Santos Laguna

8:30pm- Setanta USA- Manchester City vs. Burnley (Delayed)

9:45pm- Telemundo- Atlas vs. Chivas de Guadalajara

10:15pm- Setanta USA- Reading vs. Ipswich Town (Delayed)

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70 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Thomas says:

    Can someone direct me to a stream of today’s USA friendly? I don’t get FSC, and no bars are open this early. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Josh.2 says:

    Jermaine Jones is going to have a battle on his hands when he comes back. Magath likes playing his younger players and the kid #32 playing in center mid is pretty good. Very tidy. He’s not letting Bayern play through the middle at all. And he’s not fouling.

  3. Thomas says:


    it’s next week. I’m dumber than I thought.

  4. Fred says:

    Anyone have a feed for Gladbach? The feed isn’t working.

  5. bluexmas says:

    I have the same question

  6. gj says:

    is beasley playing for the rangers?

    Cause see a bald headed blk dude on the pitch.

  7. Fred says:

    Yes, he came on at the half


    I’ve been watching the past 10 minutes of the Monchengladbach game.. Bradley has looked lively. Should of had an assist already.

  9. Fred says:

    beasley great setup for gers second goal

  10. Gimmi says:

    with that goal set up, beas might be getting more minutes at rangers

  11. Danny says:

    Huge game between V.Guimaraes-Braga today…Heated rivalry between the two…Should be a good one

  12. Fred says:

    Bradley plays the full 90 in gladbach’s 0-0 draw w/ stuttgart

  13. afc says:

    Jon Paul Pittman scores for Wycombe.

  14. Isaac says:

    Nice to hear that Beez is slowly working his way back.

  15. afc says:

    The Wycombe v Brighton FA cup game is crazy. 4-4 right now. 3 penalties given, both teams playing with 10 men.

  16. Fred says:

    Horrible shank by Beas . . .

  17. Isaac says:

    Beasley wastes a good opportunity to put in a shot, or cross. Not an open net but he should have done better as he skied it from about 14.

    Beasley then delivers a cross from the right side ( where he’s been playing since he came in) that nearly leads to a goal. 84th minute now.

  18. Isaac says:

    Beasley releases Davis who puts in a cross right at the keeper. For the most part he’s been effective and lively.

  19. Isaac says:

    Mirren pull one back. 2-1 for Rangers. Beasley’s assist might just be the game winner.

  20. Isaac says:

    From what I’ve seen, Beasley has been combining with Davis up the right flank very well.

  21. Isaac says:

    Game over. 2-1 for Rangers. Boyd with a brace for the Gers, and O’donnel with a goal for Mirren.

  22. primoone says:

    Beasely at the top of the 18 gives it to the opposing player who springs a counter…GOAL! the other team scores!….Beasley in defense now.. caroms the ball off of Paco torres’ face in a poor attempt at clearing the ball…as a result..Paco is cast into the Soccer Dog-house for months! Way to go!

  23. primoone says:

    im still laughing over that. Good grief.

  24. Isaac says:

    I’m pretty sure Paco said he was tired and THATS why he didn’t play. Get the facts right bro….

  25. madmax says:

    Bayern (mid-table) is an enigma. Poor showing against Shalke. Great talent up front (Toni, Klose, Gomez, Ulic) and wide (Robben, Mueller, Ribbery, Schweiny), but no middle playmaker. Ribbery may have to play central when he comes back.

  26. madmax says:

    One must never show that a coaching decision (Beasley a LB) is asinine. He had to be punished.

  27. Yossarian says:

    DMB has certainly suffered with a truly horrible run of bad form lately, but those of you with short memories must remember:

    a) He’s still young enough (only 27) to bounce back and recover his form.

    b) He’s the only US field player to ever start (or even contribute) for a team making a run in the Champions League.

    c) With Davies injured, LD is our best replacement option if Bradley wants to employ a swift, counterattacking style. This opens up the LW, which Beas plays and we really don’t have any other options at that spot (please don’t say Robbie Rogers).

    d) Even if he doesn’t regain enough form to start, he’s the best backtracking midfielder in the history of USMNT, so if he can just recover that part of his game, he’d be invaluable as a 2nd half sub to protect a lead. You may have noticed that the USMNT has been particularly poor at protecting leads since DMB has left the picture (of course, they’ve also been better at GETTING leads). Protecting leads used to be a strength for us. I don’t think it’s a complete coincidence that this coincides with the loss of DMB.

  28. Chris A says:

    I agree he justs need to refind that form we all came to know and love and we’ll be set

  29. OmarVizquel says:

    Landon Donovan started for Leverkusen in the Champions League vs. Liverpool in 2005, if I recall correctly…

  30. OmarVizquel says:

    For the love of God, why does Freddy Adu — or any soccer player, for that matter — get paid so much money for sitting on the bench? What a weird “career” he has had so far.

  31. Supsam says:

    i bet they wished they still had Donovan and his versatility in midfield/forward position.

    I hope Bayern has a horrible season

  32. EricJ says:

    Arsenal are fun to watch 😉 That 3rd goal was class.

  33. Yossarian says:

    Meaningless game in early group stages to save the starters. LD was never a real contributing member to that team. He only played in 7 games and only started 2.

  34. Isaac says:

    All excellent points. When Beasley is on form, we have a guy who does everything: takes players on, puts in excellent service, passes well, tracks back, makes good runs, and even scores goals.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him get the call up against Slovakia/Denmark, seeing as how we’ll be missing some a key player or two regardless of the Chivas-Galaxy game.

  35. roysterer says:

    Torres is an option at left wing, and one I’d like to see explored

  36. Isaac says:

    Question: Will we have the 6 substitutions allowed in the friendlies?

  37. OmarVizquel says:

    True, but just pointing out your point B wasn’t completely on the mark..

  38. Isaac says:

    The only kind of left wing Torres could be is if we played him like this




    (you get the idea)

    Even then, he’s not a left wing, he’s a central midfielder allowed the freedom to drop out wide and help the wing back, or to put in service.

    Torres has skills and provides good service but is not a natural left wing.

  39. GoGunners says:

    agreed man beautiful cross from sagna and a deft touch from RVP to Cesc to allow him to pick out a spot at the near post. imagine if arsenal had some if not all of our players healthy: nasri, walcott, vela, bendter, denilson, wilshire, glichy, fabianski. throw in traore and djourou and thats 10 players that see first team action. unreal depth

  40. Yossarian says:

    Beas, on the other hand, if I remember correctly, was one of the top 2 or 3 on PSV in minutes played that year – huge contributor.

  41. Yossarian says:

    Actually, it’s completely on the mark in every possible way – I don’t think you read it accurately, “He’s the only US field player to ever start (or even contribute) for a team making a run in the Champions League. ”

    1) LD started 2 games, that doesn’t make you a starter, any more than Jerry Hairston was a starter for the Yankees this year.

    2) LD did not contribute AT ALL to that team’s success. He was basically there on a trial basis, which he flunked. You can’t consider a player who flunks a trial to be a starter and contributor for the team. That’s absurd. You seem to be deliberately stretching and misunderstanding the term, “start.”

    3) Leverkusen didn’t even make a run that year, to my memory. I think they were knocked out in the first round of the knockout stage – though I could be misremembering.

    Sorry, but you’re way off on this.

  42. Yossarian says:

    That is my understanding as well, though as a left-footed player, perhaps he could adapt to that spot the way Feilhaber (a similar talent) can sometimes play right wing.

  43. japan says:

    Arsenal is an injury to Gallas or Vermaelen away from being out of the title race. Also, they are in big trouble in January when Song leaves for Africans Cup. I think I will vomit if I see Diaby or Denilson playing in the most important role in this system. If they are 5pts off 1st place when Song comes back, I’ll be happy.

    I can’t believe Eduardo is missing all these chances. It would also be nice if they don’t concede for once.

  44. japan says:

    forgot to say what my point was… which is that the depth Arsenal seem to have is a bit misleading.

  45. Yossarian says:

    agreed – he’s never been a great crosser of the ball and his ball striking is erratic but he can definitely contribute if he can get back in with Rangers.

  46. Yossarian says:

    Yes, with their budget, depth is always their main problem

  47. Lenny says:

    Please come to NYRB next year, Henry!

  48. afc says:

    Grella scores for Leeds in the FA cup.

  49. Rich says:

    Was being the main word here. Lots of players show flashes but then disappear. Being a pro in Europe you must constantly prove yourself to the coach, especially Americans, just ask Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey. They both lost favor, worked hard, then regained favored and got out on the field and this has happened more than once. Players like Beasley, E.Johnson have not been able to do that on a consistant basis, hence they are not chosen to be in the USMNT.

  50. Yossarian says:

    understand what you’re saying, but dude, please don’t put EJ in the same sentence, heck the same paragraph with DMB. DMB is a much, much, much, much, much, much, MUCH more accomplished club and nat player. Not in the same league.

  51. Toumba says:

    I had to share this when I found it. Video of Hull City and Man U fans singing “Cheer Up Alan Shearer” together after they learned that Newcastle was relegated. This is what make football awesome!!! I cant stop laughing.

    link to

  52. Toumba says:


    Cheer up Alan Shearer,
    Oh what can it mean,
    To a sad Geordie b*stard,
    And a s*ite footbal team…

  53. ManicMessiah says:


    oh wait…

    And to think I actually came in here excited about the 3-1 win today.

    Oh well, Madrid derby coming up, I guess.

  54. ManicMessiah says:

    5th minute- GOAL! Diarra wins the ball in his attacking third for Kaka, who drills a shot from outside the 18 yard box in the middle of the field! 1-0 Real.

  55. Josh.2 says:

    Marcelo just scored a sick goal.

  56. Josh.2 says:

    Somehow I find it hard to believe Bayern are thinking about Donovan.

  57. Josh.2 says:

    He completely bombed in that game. That’s not really contributing. Unless it is to the team’s downfall.

  58. Josh.2 says:

    People need to stop thinking that being American has anything to do with it. It comes down to skills and what you offer for the team. Every player on a team is playing to earn his money. And if a coach throws you on the field and you don’t perform, he’s going to look at the next player in that position. Cuz if the team doesn’t perform, the coach usually gets fired quick. Wether you’re American or not, unless you can run through a team like Messi or Ribery, you have to fight for playing time.

  59. Josh.2 says:

    Arsenal’s problem is not depth. Look how their kids played against Liverpool in the Carling cup. When everyone is healthy, they are the team to beat. They just need to learn to shut the game off like Chelsea does.

  60. japan says:

    Arsenal never has everyone healthy. Like I said, we don’t have depth in center back or holding midfield. Imagine if they have to put Sendoros or Silvestre in for few games. They will also struggle when Song is gone for a month. You’re right though. If everyone is fit and they learn to shut the game off, Arsenal is the team to beat. Unfortuantly, that will not happen.

  61. Isaac says:

    Possibly. If there is anything Bob Bradley does a good job of, it’s integrating players into a certain style or position.

  62. Rich says:

    I don’t think players should use that as an excuse because it won’t help them play. But a lot of European footbal clubs do not think highly of US “soccer” except a few like Fulham, Everton and other cash strapped teams that mine the US for inexpensive players.

  63. primoone says:

    O…my bad…your right. He must have been tired from helping Beas with his defensive assignment…

    Dont take the comment soo personal. Its not like its an attack on you. Beaz is a good player…or was a good player…his confidence is shot to hell and that has to do with Bradley’s idiotic idea of playing him out of position.

  64. OmarVizquel says:

    Who said anything about contributing? I’m simply saying that DMB is not the only USMNT field player to start a game for a team in the Champions League!

  65. Snare says:

    Any links to the chicago new england game?

  66. Jose S. says:

    Edgar Castillo playing as a Left Midfielder today for Tigers. Created a handball inside the box for a penalty.

    Andres Cantor the Telemundo announcer seems to have a vendetta against Castillo. He bashes Castillo hard after any mistake he makes. Right now Castillo made a bad pass and Cantor remarked “I’m losing patience with this guy. maybe one day we will see him play well.” He even bashed him when his pass led to the handball. Since Castillo made it known that he wanted to play for the US, Cantor has been on him continuously. Why should he care? He is from Argentina

  67. JK says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing from Cantor, although I think Castillo is forcing it at times (IMHO).

  68. JK says:

    Edgar Castillo scores.

  69. Jose S. says:

    Goal!!!!! Edgar Castillo.

    Ran around three players and blasted to the bottom corner. Right footed.

  70. JK says:

    Nice ability to slice through defenders, and then neatly finish the ball for Edgar, albeit the goal came with Tigres playing 2 men up.