Under-17 World Cup: USA vs. Italy (Matchday Commentary)

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The U.S. Under-17 men's national team will look to extend its winning streak to three games today when it takes on Italy in the second round of the Under-17 World Cup in Nigeria (10pm, ESPN360.com).

The Americans defeated Malawi and United Arab Emirates to reach this stage, and now face a strong Italian team that rolled to the second round.

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action:


FINAL– That's all for now. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on today's match in the comments section below.


FINAL– Things could be worse. Argentina just gave up two goals in the final two minutes to drop a 3-2 loss to Colombia in another second round match.


FINAL– The Americans showed some promise, and certainly some skill, but as a group, it was a flawed squad lacking both at forward and in central defense. We'll never know how the additions of Joseph Gyau, Charlie Renken and Sebastian Lletget would have impacted this team, but I can't imagine their presence would have hurt the squad.


FINAL– The U.S. team's biggest weakness this tournament was forward play, and it showed today more than ever. Not just because of the chances the American forwards missed, but because of the clear difference in quality shown by Italian forwards.


FINAL– Italy 2, USA 1. The Italians were the better team and deserved to go through. The Americans had their chances, but they squandered them and blew a chance to win despite being outclassed.


94th minute– McInerney gets a yellow, not sure for what.


93rd minute– Zavaleta with a RED CARD. He takes down an Italian attacker and gets a deserved red.


92nd minute– Sarle with a ball into the area, but nobody can get onto it. Americans pushing hard, throwing everything forward.


91st minute– Three minutes of stoppage time to go.


90th minute– Sarle earns another corner.


89th minute– SAVE Italy. Gil with the shot, and now USA has a corner.


86th minute– Agudelo with nice moves to get into the area, but his cross is picked off. Agudelo looking good.


85th minute– WOW, Chavez with a great chance from close range and bounces it off the turf. Terrible waste of a chance. Nice play by Sarle to set that up.


84th minute– Juan Agudelo comes on for Zachary Herold. Last USA sub.


82nd minute– Sarle earns a free kick near midfield. Carraro comes out for Italy, replaced by Benedetti. Italy with another defensive sub.


81st minute– Sarles hits side-netting with a weak and low cross attempt.

Victor Chavez is coming on for Alex Shinsky.


80th minute– Gil with a beautiful move to create some space, but the ball goes wide to Sarle, who shanks a cross.


79th minute– Americans with ten minutes to make something happen.


78th minute– Italy earn a corner after a nice build-up leads to a deflected shot.


74th minute– Much better stuff from Gil in the second half, but his teammates aren't taking advantage of his play.


71st minute– Open look from 18 for Carraro but he skies it. USA get lucky there.


70th minute– Italy look content to hold on to this lead. At what point will Cabrera throw in another attacker?


69th minute– Gil's free kick into the area can't find a head. Not a bad ball in, but nobody gets there.


68th minute– Italy's Devitis gets a yellow. He'll miss the next match if Italy wins.


66th minute– Iemmello comes out, Alessandro Scialpi comes in.

Stefan Jerome is out, Dominick Sarle comes in.


65th minute– Duran with a foul. He gets his money's worth when he commits fouls. He's a 5-foot-4 pitbull in central midfield, sort of a young Latino Richie Williams.


64th minute– Italy comes close, but a dangerous cross can't be reached by Beretta.


63rd minute– Whatever was plaguing Jerome in the first half is troubling McInerney now because he just looks lost.


61st minute– Italy with a sub. No, it wasn't either forward.


59th minute– SAVE EDWARDS!! He stops a Beretta shot after Beretta stripped Watts and broke in free on goal.


58th minute– Iemmello, a Fiorentina player, got some space at the arc and just blasted it after taking a nice touch to create some space for the shot.

How will the USA respond?


56th minute- GOAL ITALY!!! What a goal. Pietro Iemmello with the finish from 22 yards out. Italy 2, USA 1.


54th minute– Jerome has looked like a completely different player this half. Americans as a group are playing with more confidence.


53rd minute– Gil with an attempted bicycle kick that nearly catches the keeper off his line. Great cross from Jerome to find McInerney before that.


52nd minute– Americans showing more life and it pays off with a goal. What a start to this half.


52nd minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!! Nick Palodichuk heads it home off a McInerney corner. WE ARE TIED. It's 1-1.


51st minute– USA free kick inside the area. Just inside the box, straight at goal. McInerney's kick is blocked by the wall, and the rebound is cleared for a corner.


50th minute– Jerome dribbled in at the Italy defense and sets up McInerney with an open look at the goal, but he hits it off the crossbar. The Italy keeper may have gotten fingers onto the shot, but McInerney still needs to put that on goal.


49th minute– McINERNEY OFF THE CROSSBAR!!! What a missed chance on an open look. WOW.


48th minute– Some shaky passing early on for the USA.


46th minute– No subs.


46th minute– And we're back.


HALFTIME– What needs to change for the USA? Luis Gil needs to pick his head up and play. He's sulking a bit too much and he's too important to the U.S. attack to let himself disappear out of this game. Wilmer Cabrera needs to make a sub up top because Stefan Jerome just hasn't been effective. He's got speed, but his touch has been awful and he's never looked close to threatening Italy's tough defenders.


HALFTIME– Italy 1, USA 0. The score is close, but the game isn't that close. Italy took control after USA's missed PK, and the American attack has been sporadic, while the defense has looked very shaky.


45th minute– Promising build-up for the USA leads to a corner. Gil's corner is headed by McInerney but not on goal. Still a better sequence for USA to earn that corner.


43rd minute– Americans are still just down 1-0, but haven't shown much life since the first ten minutes.  The game isn't over, but the U.S. team is playing like a beaten team.


40th minute– Italy with a long free kick.


39th minute– Italy's defenders and forwards are a different class. The difference is glaring, but considering the pedigrees I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise.


38th minute– Beretta is ruled offside on another would-be goal. Great finish and it looked like a bad call.


37th minute– Okay, it needs to be said. Every time a promising USA attack gets to Jerome, he kills it.


36th minute– USA need to keep some possession. Italy looks to be a bit fatigued right now.


34th minute– Americans started the match so well, but it's been a different story since the PK miss. Italy's defense is rock solid and the attack moves the ball around so smoothly that it just feels like more goals are inevitable.


32nd minute– Italy is turning this into target practice as they grow confident and the Americans start to tighten up and make mistakes.


29th minute– Beretta is an AC Milan player, and showed great class on that goal, making the run onto the header and holding off Watts to make the finish.

Italy CLOSE AGAIN! They miss a great chance.


28th minute- GOAL ITALY!!!! Beretta with the finish off a flick header. He beats Watts to the ball and finishes it off. Italy 1, USA 0.


28th minute– Apparently Jason Bateman is Italy's manager (okay, maybe not, but he looks like him).


27th minute– Wow, Edwards overruns a ball back to him and watches it bounce over his head, but he recovers and grabs it.


26th minute– Italy starting to apply serious pressure, controlling possession now.


24th minute– Great move by Gil to start a breakout, he sends it to Jerome, who then sends a way-too-hard pass back across the area. Stalls the attack. Jerome's passing touch leaves much to be desired.


22nd minute– Italy's keeper Bardi is on the books with Livorno for those wondering.


20th minute– Americans are passing the ball well today, much sharper than past performances.


18th minute- SAVED PK!!! McInerney's shot is saved. great diving save. McInerney hit it hard, but it was too close to the keeper, who saved with a decent dive.


16th minute– PENALTY!! Italy called for a handball in the area. Bad luck for the Italian defender, but it was a handball on a bad bounced pass.


15th minute– Italy with some good possession. You can certainly appreciate their skill on the ball, from front to back.


12th minute– SAVE ITALY! Jack McInerney with a great blast from about 30 yards out, USA corner.


10th minute– Jared Watts with a key intervention to stop an Italy attack near the area.


10th minute– USA with a corner. It doesn't lead to much as Italy counters.


9th minute– Italy with its own long free kick play, but the volley at the end goes well over.

Active start for both teams.


8th minute– USA's free kick results in an offside call, good job by Italy's back-line to step up.


6th Minute– Federico Mannini with a yellow for Italy, fouled Gil. USA with a long free kick.


5th Minute– Federico Carraro of Fiorentina with a shot near goal, but sends it wide. Dangerous look for the Italians.


4th Minute– USA with some good attacking flashes early on.


3rd Minute– We're under way and it's scoreless.


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143 Responses to Under-17 World Cup: USA vs. Italy (Matchday Commentary)

  1. baquito alyeska says:

    Go Nats. Beat the grappa out of them.

  2. jon says:

    Does anybody have a link? My ESPN360 picked a great day to stop working.

  3. Carl says:

    ESPN 360 does not even show the minutes or score.. Annoying

  4. toreadore says:

    So ESPN 360 is out? I’m in Hawaii on vacation trying to see the game and it isn’t letting me. Is anyone having any luck?

  5. toreadore says:

    Game over, you miss a PK mentally that is it. Might as well just lay down.

  6. DC Josh says:

    ESPN 360 working for me. In washington dc.

  7. PetedeLA says:

    Who’s the number 7 for the US? He just stood there rather than trying to clean up after the goalie’s save.

  8. TheDude says:

    ESPN360 is working here in NYC

  9. DC Josh says:

    I love Shinksy

  10. jon says:

    I think it’s because I just bought a new Mac. Damn. Why isn’t this on TV again?

  11. brooklynfc says:


  12. Rekro says:

    So why isn’t this game on tv????

  13. DC Josh says:


  14. Aaron in StL says:

    There it goes. Game (likely) over.

  15. ko'd says:

    Yea–I am not much for doom and gloom, but the game seems like it could be over. Missed PK, followed by conceding a goal pretty quickly?

    McInerney, in my opinion, has had a shocker of a tournament.

  16. John1 says:

    Game over? Give me break. HAAAAA!!!!

  17. dena says:

    Jerome is terrible.

  18. ko'd says:

    John1–I think my comments over the years would tend to establish that I am not much for conclusory statements like “game over.” But the team isn’t really showing much heart, are they? If they don’t play with heart, how do you expect them to come back from 1-0 down? I hope I am wrong.

  19. SayervilleFC says:

    Is Zach Herold color blind? He seems incapable of not passing it to Italy.

  20. I just found a link, not sure if im allowed to post it on here….email me dave.schapiro@gmail.com

  21. Daniel says:

    Completely outclassed is the only way this can be described… i know Renken isn’t there and i guess Giau is supposed to be good as well… but this is the best we got???

    For all the talk (OK… maybe there hasn’t been that much “talk”… then for all the ESPN article about him), i’ve seen NOTHING in 4 games from McInierney…

    Not a promising 4-game exhibition so far from the U.S….

  22. Dannyc58 says:

    I understand they are young, but that penalty take was horrendous.

  23. DL says:

    No problem to post it from what I have seen in the past. I will email anyway.

  24. Adam says:

    Why did McInerney ever get all that hype?

  25. John says:

    “37th minute- Okay, it needs to be said. Every time a promising USA attack gets to Jerome, he kills it.”

    Is that because Jerome is incapable of playing the ball in anyway with his left foot? I think so.

  26. PetedeLA says:

    Has that really tiny guy (#5) done anything?

  27. madmax says:

    Jerome and McInerny are poorer than usual in front of goal. Jerome looks like he never crossed a ball is his life. His form is terrible. I wonder if he does the same in practice. Polachuk (sp) because of his size, needs to stay home to help the back four and let Duran go forward. Italians make good horizontal runs against off-side trap, the USA better use it sparingly and in very high positions only. US still has chances but……

  28. Corksoccer says:


    Are you going to write anything about your visit to Chester yesterday?

    (SBI-Of course. That is coming.)

  29. David says:

    Is it impossible to teach “touch”?

  30. fischy says:

    Herold needs to come off. He’s being abused every time he touches the ball.

  31. PetedeLA says:

    IMHO, technically they seem to be better off than their U-20 counterparts. The U-20’s just looked like amateurs. These kids seem to lack hunger (and a few other things) but they certainly don’t look like they’re being outclassed. Which is a start.

  32. Dl says:

    For those that can not watch use this link and the best feed is with the WMP link.

    link to nk-mraclin.hr

  33. Adrian says:

    how are they so bad at finishing

  34. Judging Amy says:

    Sigh…that Mac crossbar miss after jeromes good work sums up this team.

  35. ko'd says:

    Finish the play, for heaven’s sake, Jack! If a PK and an open look aren’t down your alley, what kind of look are you hoping to see?

  36. CUFC Dad says:

    McInerney has got to be the worst finisher I have ever seen from a striker at this high a level.

  37. fischy says:


  38. Judging Amy says:

    Well. Allow me to gladly eat my words.

  39. Adrian says:

    what a header, he got up

  40. Alex G says:


  41. SayervilleFC says:

    Some serious ups from Polodichuck. How tall is he?

  42. CUFC Dad says:

    Polodichuk with the nice header for a goal!

  43. Eric120 says:

    Thank you!

  44. McInerney is looking like a beast.

  45. Judging Amy says:

    oh jeez here we go again…

  46. Adrian says:

    how about playing defense

  47. mike says:

    goal italy, now it’s over.

  48. CUFC Dad says:

    Well, the Azurri is back up 2-1…..

  49. wk says:

    damn it- come on US! stay focused!

  50. PetedeLA says:

    How is that dude (2) the captain?

  51. Freddie Footballer says:

    have some faith will you? i’ll give up when it’s 3-1 italy or worse.

  52. Adrian says:

    horrible defense again, why make that pass

  53. JSmiley says:

    Come on, lads. You tied it up once, do it again.

  54. CUFC Dad says:

    I’m thankful that it looks like we are continuing to produce world-class goalkeepers, at least.

  55. madmax says:

    Everytime McInerny misses the Italians score. Don’t pass to Mac.

  56. DL says:

    Watts had a bad few minutes got screwed in the ground on the Italy goal and then just got fleeced and left Edwards out to dry. Not good.

  57. Adrian says:

    these are some of the dumbest passes

  58. PetedeLA says:

    Don’t think that might have something to do with our lack of a midfield?

    Of course, statistically you’re 100% right.

  59. DC Josh says:

    Where are the fundamental abilities to pass and trap?

    It is easier to do these things when the ball is on the ground, not in the air. My dog even knows that.

  60. Adrian says:

    omg what a dive

  61. Alex G says:

    Same old same old, us cant really step up to the plate, frustrating…

  62. JSmiley says:

    61st minute- Italy with a sub. No, it wasn’t either forward.

    Italian sub. Mmmm, time for lunch.

  63. Judging Amy says:

    I don’t know if we’re tired or emotionally deflated or both. Subs maybe Wilmer?

  64. bryan says:


  65. WK says:

    why is he taking out jerome!?

  66. Eric120 says:

    Sloppy playing by the US…

  67. PetedeLA says:

    Gil looks like he’s got a future on him, though.

    Number 6, looks good in the tackle, too.

  68. dena says:

    because he’s wasteful

  69. Adrian says:

    that’s a pk

  70. Judging Amy says:

    That left flank is open for Italy everytime. Why aren’t the US players adjusting?

  71. PetedeLA says:

    That’s like the third time Shinsky’s done that trick. It’s yet to work.

  72. fischy says:

    Shinsky’s totally out of control. Bring on Craven. NOt only was that a reckless foul, it prevented the USA from getting a corner kick.

  73. DL says:

    Need some subs. They just look tired right now.

  74. Carl says:

    Need to replace shinsky

  75. Adrian says:

    embarrassing play

  76. usa says:

    Yo, Chave!

  77. nyc says:

    Shinsky has terrible body language. Just acts like a punk.

    Sarl has tried to cross twice without looking up. Why cross when you don’t have a target?

  78. swifty says:

    is there a drinking game for horrible crosses? if not you missed a great opportunity to get wasted.

  79. Eric120 says:

    So close!!!

  80. Adam says:

    WOW Chavez totally just missed an empty net.

  81. PetedeLA says:

    Chavez could have just put his knee up and goose stepped it into the goal.

  82. Eric120 says:

    That should have been a goal.

  83. fischy says:

    Goalie had Chavez’ shot covered, if it had been on target.

  84. Brett says:

    I’m confident I could finish better than some of these players.

    Gotta question a coach who leaves quality attackers out of a World Cup.

  85. Sean M says:

    I’m guessing Chavez secretly wants to play for Mexico after that

  86. Dave H says:

    Great skill & burst by Agudelo on that last chance. Good stuff after an awful first touch after his entry.

  87. ko'd says:

    Brett. You are right. But which attackers did Cabrera leave out? The stories on Lletget, Gyau, and Renken are well-documented.

  88. PetedeLA says:

    Eh… why didn’t Gil rip that with his left?

  89. Dave H says:

    Jesus, Gil needs to hit that into the far corner with either foot.

  90. Adam says:

    Italians learn to fake injuries at a young age.

  91. Eric120 says:

    Ugh red card. What a way to end the game. :(

  92. Brett says:

    Seriously… Just rocket it straight into the keeper from that range and you’re bound to get a deflection back into the danger area.

  93. madmax says:

    USA played very well, many players. Jerome and McInerny were just to poor to carry the day.

  94. Aaron in StL says:

    That’s the class we like to see.

  95. The Hammer says:

    classless red card. Seemed like there was too much space between the back line and mids on defence.

  96. Brett says:

    Well, at least we made it out of the group this time.

  97. carl says:

    Man, I would not say we were outclassed. We had our chances. If the PK or the shot off the crossbar ends up in the net it is a totally different game. I always find myself saying that about a big USA game though…

    (SBI-Ifs and buts Carl. Ifs and buts. Yes, there were chances, but for the 90 minutes Italy was clearly the better team and more skillful team and more effective team. Being the better team doesn’t always ensure victory, but it takes finishing your chances to be that team that pulls the upset.)

  98. Hopper says:

    Disappointing performance from the USA. A lot of sloppy play … needless giveaways, poor crosses and bad touches. I expected more. A lot of these guys still much to learn.

  99. The Hammer says:

    possesion not bad but FINISHING!

  100. jon says:

    Gotta love a referee who doesn’t tack on an additional second for a prolonged fake injury. Frustrating!

  101. Stephen says:

    Well, looks like they have the same defensive problems the Senior team does. Back line was shaky at best. Downright awful at times.

  102. soccerjohn says:

    Tough loss, and not what I’m used to seeing from a US side playing a world power. The US had a clear edge in possession and created lots of chances for themselves. The Italians simply made more of theirs.

  103. JSmiley says:

    Check out the Argentine-Columbia match. Columbia scores twice very late to win.

  104. fischy says:

    FINAL- The Americans showed some promise, and certainly some skill, but as a group, it was a flawed squad lacking both at forward and in central defense. We’ll never know how the additions of Joseph Gyau, Charlie Renken and Sebastian Lletget would have impacted this team, but I can’t imagine their presence would have hurt the squad.

    Just more reason to speed up development of the Alternate Reality Transverser (ART).

  105. Stephen says:

    I agree. Shinsky’s not half bad if he doesn’t yell at his own players, or take an eternity to pass the ball. Too many dribbles.

  106. whoa@gmail.com says:

    seems like our talents for the youth isn’t improving. the 87s-83s are our best group of boys for the future right now.

  107. a says:

    I wonder what generation of players will start showing the changes that are supposed to be happening in US Soccer, ie Academys,less games more training, etc.
    Its clear that our young players just arent good enough or not trained to the level of other nations.

  108. Stephen says:

    I agree. Duran is good as well. He may have a future as a holding midfielder because of his stocky build, he’s just a little short.

  109. Carl says:

    I know… It’s just frustrating. Very frustrating when we could have advanced.

  110. Clay says:

    can people stop asking about Renken, Gyau, and Lletget? Gyau never played anyways and was EXTREMELY cocky, who had a dad that just made the situation worse. Renken was good but always hurt. And Lletget didn’t want to risk his personal career to play in the WC. All those “what if” players should stop being brought up.

  111. Freddie Footballer says:

    overall, I’m pleased with the play of our U-17s and am somewhat encouraged about our program.

    Pros: played with more attacking flair, maintained possession (unlike our senior team), confidence on ball, etc.

    Con: we lacked anticipation on both ends, lacking finishing touch

    I was impressed with how Italy would turn it on when they wanted to and press us, and also how they could turn a half chance quickly into a goal or goal scoring opportunity. The differences between the two teams from that standpoint was glaring but we’re on the right track.

  112. madmax says:

    I thought the USA played very well, held their own or had the better of Italy. I can’t see a pro club being interested in either McInerny or Jerome.

    Question. Are there any other soccer organizations that penalize lads for playing for clubs abroad?

  113. madmax says:

    Without any quotation marks or cites, I’ll assume this comment is opinion, which is OK.

  114. gerald says:

    I also agree on Duran plus he can still grow 2-4 inches which doesn’t hurt down the road

  115. Clay says:

    it’s fact that charles renken was always hurt.

    it’s fact that joe gyau got his nike contract mostly through his dad’s history.

    it’s fact that sebastian didn’t want to get injured when he’s settled at West Ham.

  116. Hopper says:

    Not sure which game you were watching. The USA was extremely sloppy with and without the ball. They showed a glaring lack of the fundamentals (crisp passing, clean first touch, crossing from the flanks). They didn’t deserve to win.

  117. JavaLavaJoe says:

    This match really is a great statement about where we are in the evolution of player development. It is going to take years until MLS is doing the work it really should. We worked hard, Italy while not performing well was still sublime. Our naiveté sadly still shines through.

  118. JAuch12 says:

    Honestly, this team was lacking in some crucial areas (i.e. finishing) but I saw a lot of promise. The ability to keep possession was much better than any other U.S. team I can recall watching. The back 4 were actually able to link up with the midfield and build an attack on a consistent basis rather than just booting it forward like our men’s team does. I absolutely loved Edwards’ distribution. It seemed like every time he threw the ball out we were quickly going the other way. It’s too early to predict how careers will end up but I think we’ll have some solid players emerging from this group.

  119. Goalscorer24 says:

    Always the same thing, the US is outclassed. Our youth cannot compete with youth players that are on pro-teams.

  120. brandon says:

    and the powers that be do not let our youth players that are on pro teams play for the usa u17 team.

  121. daniel says:

    Just like everyone else except Americans.

  122. The Hammer says:

    It is too early to tell. The biggest positive I see from this u17 cycle is the possesion game. I am not so much worried about who from this bunch will make an impact on the senior squad; but instead if we can continue to take the postive trends at the youth ranks and translate them to the senior squad. The current senior team really struggles with possesion.

  123. chris says:

    Mcinerney is no good he has no quality for a foward he is to short and doesnt have good touch on the ball. The goasl that he scored were all scrappy lucky fought goals that any ofward should get. Horribel miss on the penalty i knew he was going to miss just on his stance to shoot the ball. Horrible showing for the U.S. i am not seeing progress on shooting the ball, the ball is shot very weakly without balls and no technique.

  124. madmax says:

    Even if you shout it, is not fact without believable quotes or citations.

    I for incomplete.

  125. madmax says:

    Exactly Right

  126. This team was actually pretty decent to watch. We lacked that killer instinct in front of goal.

    Most of the coaching I have seen around here in Indiana appears not to include a lot of finishing. The focus always seems to be on possession. I think we possessed the ball fine.

    I notice kids are not being taught how to properly strike a ball and doing it with repetition. So, when they get in front of goal, their emotions take control.

    Our finishing is was woeful.

  127. madmax says:

    For me Palodichuk, Polak, and Gil are the most polished players and closest to being recruited. Duran would be on that list, except for size and speed, he needs one of the two.

    Interesting that Shinsky complained loudly about a Polak pass he couldn’t reach.

  128. Alex G says:

    Im totally dissapointed in this team, it was supposed to be different, promises and more promises were given to us all, no accomplishments whatsoever.

    I still dont get the Academy, we dont produce any quality players, we dont win anything, well, it just sucks big time… again.

  129. jake says:

    This group did not look any better then there u 20 counterparts are you kidding…if the 20s looked like amateurs then I dont know what to call these kids…let me remind you all the talk about had bad the last u 17 cycle got…if were talking about results, they got to the same round..and if we are talking about players that have gone pro. Can gurantee thaat the amount of u17s that went pro after the last cycle will be more then the amount this cycle!

  130. Freddie Footballer says:

    must suck to view life through such negative lens, doesn’t it? nope, we weren’t perfect, but this team had more possession than Italy and had some creative ideas (although the execution wasn’t there). More than I can say for the senior team. at least they are trying, give them some credit.

  131. chg says:

    Gee, if everybody else is jumping off the cliff, I guess we should get in line.

    It’s piss poor sportsmanship and an embarrassment to the game. It’s also a major reason many sports fans continue to treat soccer and it’s players with disdain.

  132. Dominghosa says:

    fact: renken’s hurt now. his first major injury to take away his time on the field is the knee injury.

    myth: renken’s always hurt.

  133. Dominghosa says:

    Wanted: Goal scorers and finishers.

  134. Andrew in Tampa says:

    I don’t know what game Ives and some of you have been watching but to say Jerome has had a terrible game suggests you guys are seeing a whole different match to the one I watched. Herold has been terrible. Jack Mac what can I say.
    Duran has been a revelation. I am very impressed with him and the left back Pol…

  135. Daniel says:

    And we have to thank Basketball and Football.

  136. Daniel says:

    ” It’s also a major reason many sports fans continue to treat soccer and it’s players with disdain”

    Im sure you are talking about fans in America, because thats not happening in the rest of the world.

  137. madmax says:

    Jerome has a very poor touch, way to far in front. His crosses are poor, aimless bloopers without power or direction. For starters, what were his shots on goal and goals scored?

  138. madmax says:

    Who picked McInerny to try the penalty. Some coaches like Sigi Shmid in Seattle say the players on the field decide. He says they know better than I who is ready.

    I disagree. The coach should decide or at least be able to over-rule. Let’s say Jack decided to take the PK because he felt he was playing well and converted well in the last practice. But wait, coach Cabrera doesn’t think Jack is playing well and saw Jack moping after his last 5 misses. Shouldn’t he call over the captain and at least say not Jack?

  139. Clay says:

    “Charles Renken, perhaps, America’s top budding young player is on the shelf again with a knee injury. For the second time in 14 months, the 15-year-old Renken, who has already gained attention from several top European teams, is dealing with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. He sustained his latest ACL injury last month during a friendly against Uruguay with the U.S. U-17 team. Renken, a two-footed midfielder, injured the same knee in January of 2008 during a training session with the U-17s” US U-17 MNT NEWS

    Renken upbeat despite latest knee injury

    By Justin Rodriguez

    April 24, 2009

    “As for Lletget, here’s where we open an ugly can of worms. We’re doing our best to get the player’s side, but at this point it would appear that Lletget was unwilling to leave West Ham to participate in the pre-World Cup camp, and that was a deal breaker for Cabrera. ”


    Brent Latham –

    & for gyau i know his father personally.

    Dominghosa: 2 injuries in 14 months? plus recovery time.. he’s still hurt a lot. With it being the same knee back to back, that doesnt help.

  140. madmax says:

    Well done. Be careful with the Latham report as he says ‘appears’.