USMNT names 22-man squad for Slovakia friendly

U.S. Crest

MLS Golden Boot winner Jeff Cunningham, veteran goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann and Fulham striker Eddie Johnson are three of the 22 players called up by Bob Bradley for Saturday's friendly against Slovakia (10am, Fox Soccer Channel).

Bradley called in a mostly full-strength squad of available players, with Tim Howard and Landon Donovan among those not called in for this match. According to U.S. Soccer, Bradley will consider changes to the squad for the Nov. 18 match against Denmark.

Here is the full 22-man squad selected for Slovakia:

GOALKEEPERS– Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Marcus Hahnemann (Wolverhampton), Troy Perkins (Valerenga)

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra (Rennes), Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City Wizards), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Heath Pearce (FC Dallas), Jonathan Spector (West Ham)

MIDFIELDERSРMichael Bradley (Borussia M̦nchengladbach), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Benny Feilhaber (AGF Aarhus), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Dax McCarty (FC Dallas), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore (Hull City), Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids), Jeff Cunningham (FC Dallas), Eddie Johnson (Fulham)

Donovan, Stuart Holden, Ricardo Clark and Brian Ching will miss the Slovakia match as they prepare for the  MLS Western Conference final between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Houston Dynamo on Friday, while Mexican-based players Jose Francisco Torres and Edgar Castillo will miss the match in preparation for Saturday's match between Torres' Pachuca and Castillo's Tigres, a match Pachuca needs to qualify for the Mexican playoffs.

So what will the starting lineup look like on Saturday: Here's one potential lineup:





It will be interesting to see what Bradley does with the left midfield position. He could go with Feilhaber, who plays there for AGF Aarhus, or he could put Dempsey on the left and Kljestan on the right, with Feilhaber pairing with Michael Bradley in the middle.

Centerback is another interesting position to consider, with Marshall, Conrad and Goodson all possibilities to partner with Bocanegra.

Right back remains a good battle between Cherundolo and Spector. With Spector back in the lineup for West Ham, he could have the edge, but Bradley could choose to give each of them a start with two friendlies to work with.

We should expect to see additions to the squad for the Denmark game from the loser of the Galaxy-Dynamo playoff match as well as from the Mexican league.

What do you think of this group? Glad to see Cunningham get a look? Surprised to see Eddie Johnson back in the mix? What's your Starting XI vs. Slovakia?

Share your thoughts below.

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222 Responses to USMNT names 22-man squad for Slovakia friendly

  1. patagonia says:

    No Castillo?

  2. Jags98 says:


  3. DC Josh says:

    Heath Pearce?? Really??? REALLYYYYYYY?

  4. Defensive Striker says:

    My guess is that Castillo and Torres were not called in for the game because there are still games in the Mexican League on Saturday. Maybe they’ll be in the squad for Denmark?

  5. RamosForLife says:

    Do you know that Bob Bradley is considering changes for Denmark from speaking with him or are you just guessing?

    (SBI-USMNT said he would.)

  6. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Eddie has worked very hard on self improvement this past year… I think people will see a different player…

  7. froboy says:

    glad to see Eddie Johnson back in the mix, if he had any other name, we’d all be excited to have a forward making the bench in the EPL, I think he has a chance to come back and help the team, I’m worried about our forwards, I don’t see Jozy getting the job done, but time will tell, hopefully Dempsey will be able to play up top and save the day

  8. AdamTheRed says:

    F–king Dax McCarty? Mikkel Diskerud is more deserving! As is Alejandro Bedoya! Sweet hell BOB!

  9. Andy in Atlanta says:


    Dolo, Spector/Conrad, Boca, Bornstein

    Dempsey, Feilhaber, Bradley, Rogers

    Casey, Altidore

  10. Defensive Striker says:

    By the way, I shouldn’t say it’s my guess – now I notice that the information is actually in the post above (although I did “verify” it by checking the Mexican League schedule on Saturday). Shouldn’t take credit where it isn’t due 😉

  11. zongzap says:

    What a shocker. Why even bother having these friendlies? Most of these guys have been playing for BB as long as he’s been the boss. I know MLS playoffs are keeping some off the roster but my questions are:

    1) What has Heath Pierce done to get another chance
    2) How far off the bench is Adu? I’m thinking terminal for him
    3) Do we really need to see Frankie, Boca, Bornstein, Dolo Conrad or Marshall again? Has anything changed?
    4) What happened to that guy in the Mexican league?
    5) Why no Parkhurst? He’s still better then 1/2 called
    6) Cunningham still doesn’t understand offsides but I’m glad to see him get another shot. We need a speed forward
    7) The return of Sacha
    8) Thank God Mikey is available. Where is Torres?

  12. Jags98 says:

    I know its crazy about Dax, very difficult not to have issues with Bob’s thought process. He is not the only one, there are a couple of others here. That one just happens to be the worst ever.

  13. Joamiq says:

    Oh boy. People are going to go crazy over the inclusion of Pearce, Kljestan, Casey, and probably McCarty and Hejduk. There will probably be applause for Cunningham and Johnson. Basically, I think this is a strong core with some fringe players who should be looked at for possible bench/supporting roles. IMO, Kljestan has looked better of late but probably isn’t quite ready to contribute again yet. I don’t think Cunningham and Johnson are or ever will be good enough to contribute, but hey, it would be awesome if they did. More than anything, I think this is an opportunity for the core players to step up and show they can control a game without Donovan (and Davies and Onyewu and Demerit).

  14. Andrew says:

    The mexican league is not in playoffs are they? Torres would probably be a starter if there, so isnt that more important that an a league game? Castillo needs to be looked at, so same question as above?..Not the best decision making Bobo!

  15. afrim says:

    guys..Bob is not going to bring a totally new squad for this friendly without assimilating them first with some sort of long camp. Do you want a bunch of guys who dont know eachother playing a game against a WC bound team on short notice?? what good would that seriously do?

    January isnt that far away ppl, relax. The world class legends like Bedoya, white,adu and diskerrud will all get the january call up chill out

  16. SeaOtter says:

    1.Pearce played the best of any in our “LB pool” when he was getting playing time. He’s gotten playing time again, so its time for another look.

    2. Very far.

    3. Yes we need to see them. Gooch got injured is what changed, which only drives home the point that our pool of “involved” players should be deeper.

    4. Both guys in the Mexican league have a game….against each other.

    5. I wonder about Parkhurst myself. My guess is Bob believes he has to be better to make up for the lack of size.

    6. I’m glad he got called too. Deserves it.

    7. Hope that kid’s got his head back on straight.

    8. Torres has a game for Pachuca.

  17. Dennis says:

    The european leagues are off, MLS is in playoffs (so no Donavon, Ching or Holden), and the Mexican league is playing. So I am not surprised to see Torres missingt. I’ve never seen Castillo play, some seem high on him, but I worry it is just the lure of a new face. (He has not been on the Mexican team since U-20 or so, why? Mexico is not bad but they’re not that great a team defensively and he wasn’t getting a call-up there.)

    Torres is getting time every game, but not the full 90, Bradley probably does not want to jeopardize Torres’ relationship with Pachuca.

    Heavy on the MLS defenders, that might argue Castillo should be in the mix, if only for the experience; I think he is getting 90 minutes so hemight be at less risk if he missed 10 days.

    Is Howard injured or is Bradley just giving Guzan a chance to play?

    (SBI-Howard has been playing pretty much non-stop since August and pulling double-duty with Everton on the league and Europa League side. He also didn’t get much of a rest in the summer, so I’d bet he’s simply getting a rest.)

  18. eric says:

    What’s up with the hate for Dax? This is a friendly and he’s earned it. He’s been effective, as long as BB wants to change his formation. This is how he’s deployed at FCD:


  19. Andrew says:

    Affirm: really, is Adu a “world class legend”? I wish you were right….

    And Torres is not a new face, but should be getting as much playing time as possible.

  20. Matt says:






  21. Joamiq says:

    Man, some of you guys just do not read.

    Also, who exactly were you planning on starting in defense if not any of the guys you listed?

  22. Jags98 says:

    Dax is getting a look bc of all the investment we put into this kid early in his career and bobby has a hold on him.

    Not to bash the kid, but your telling me there is no one else that may actually have a shot at making this team for the summer.

  23. soccerjohn says:

    I’m disappointed to see Torres and Castillo out of the roster. It’s easier to undertand Holden’s absence, but that’s also pretty disappointing. Those are the three guys I really wanted to see.

    Unless one of the new guys really shines, it’ll be hard to evaluate him because the team that’s around him will be so different from the team that qualified.

  24. Joamiq says:

    Just when you figured the sarcasm couldn’t be more obvious…

  25. Blokhin says:

    yuck.. I was hoping that rejects like Klestjan, Eddie Johnson and Heath Pearce would have forced their way off this roster permanently with terrible play. None of them have done anything on the club level to earn their way back….

    This is like Halloween for USMNT fans… let’s hope we don’t ever see half of these guys dress again for this team…

  26. Kevin in Denver says:

    We are shockingly thin at the back minus castillo, onyewu and demerit. Glad Beas wasn’t called up, though.

  27. Mike says:

    It’s amazing how thin our team looks as soon as you take out Donovan and Howard.

  28. Michael says:

    It seems that most people want to see experimental players on the roster for these friendlies. I say go with the best possible team available, minus those that have important club games upcoming (MLS, Mexican League). These friendlies can go a long way to possibly moving up in the world rankings ahead of the WC draw in a few weeks. I realize that a seeded spot in the draw is unlikely, but anything but 2 wins will surely see that possibly lose. There are still some good Euro teams ahead of the US that have not qualified yet, and if France and Portugal somehow lose, that could open the door.

  29. Blitzkrieg says:

    Do you actually read the story before replying or is flying off the handle and complaining just your default mode?

  30. afrim says:

    i think we would have seen Beckerman instad of Dax had RSL been elminated

  31. Blitzkrieg says:

    Don’t you mean we are shockingly thin without Onyewu and Demerit? Since when does missing a player who has NEVER played for us constitute a loss of any type?

  32. Jose says:

    Questions: If everyone is saying that Casey probably won’t be playing at the WC, then why keep bringing him in instead of giving others a chance to play?

  33. Ian says:

    Holy hell. That is one of the worst rosters I’ve seen for the US since…. since…. the Gold Cup? Dax, Sacha and EJ? Bob, please tell me you’re just trying to make them feel better and they won’t see the field. Sacha will complete more passes to Slovakia and Denmark than to our players…just a hunch.

  34. Charlie says:

    I have a funny feeling that I will be calling in sick from work that day….

  35. Kyle Feller says:

    I like this Motley Crew. A couple of guys I’m always curious about are Chad Marshall, Robbie Rogers, and Eddie Johnson.

    Also, I’ve been leading the charge for Jeff Cunningham in my social circles over the past few months, hopefully he’ll not make me regret it.

  36. Kutama Nenty says:

    At least Jeremiah White should have been invited, especially playing in Europe as he is already familiar with the European setup……..probably pissed BB when he decline playing in the Gold Cup.

  37. froboy says:

    last week of the season, Pachuca needs a win to have a chance to make the playoffs

  38. Melissa says:

    considering the stars still in MLS, and the injuries we’ve got, I’m quite pleased with this squad. This will also give guys like heath and sacha a chance to show if they’re back up to snuff. However, with this squad, I won’t be dying to get to my DVR to watch it on saturday evening either. It will be inconvenient to avoid the score tho!

    GL to all the guys,

  39. froboy says:

    again, last week of the Mexican season, Pachuca needs a big win to have a chance at the playoffs, they’ll probably get the call for the second game, especially if Pachuca doesn’t win by enough to make up the goal differential with Puebla (a tie for Puebla makes the playoffs, a loss and a 7 goal differential swing and Pachuca is in) Vamos Franja!!!

  40. Deac says:

    All the Freddy haters answer this:

    Does he not add more than Dax McCarty?

    Does he not play as much as Eddie Johnson?

  41. Jason says:


    Why a line up with Kljestan over Rogers. Rogers on the left, where he plays for The Crew, and Feilhaber paired with Bradley is an EASY switch, and one in which the quality of players on the pitch is upgraded.

    (SBI-I just think Kljestan has played well in MLS play lately and when he’s on, he partners well with Bradley. It could be Rogers on the left, that wouldn’t really be a surprise, but my initial hunch is Kljestan starting.)

  42. anon says:


    Beasley – He’s been making the bench for Rangers, played first 45 min of season last weekend. Is Rogers really better than him on the left?

    Bedoya – Been starting for Swedish top-half team.

    Diskeruud – Been playing a lot in Norway, did he do well in u-20 world cup?

    Cooper – He’s been coming of the bench in 2nd bundesliga. has to be at least starting at that level to merit a call-up.

    Jeremiah White – Maybe gets called in for Denmark friendly, but probably too fringe to make the squad anyway.

    Parkhurst – Just not big/tall enough. Conrad, Goodson and Marshall all ahead of him in the pecking order.

    Freddy Adu – Needs to play.

    Frank Simek – Bradley has plenty of options at right back, he’s behind specs, dolo and hejduk.

    Marcus Tracy – Would have liked to see him in this camp. He’s been training with Aalborg for year, let’s see what he brings to the table.

  43. SD says:

    do you really think parkhurst is better than the defenders listed? he couldn’t cut it against gold cup competition…he barely makes the bench for his club team….agreed with the you read the blog after posting?

  44. Kutama Nenty says:

    Freddy Adu & D. Beasley should have been called up. Okay, the main question I am gonna ask is that, What is the purpose for this friendlies? Isn’t it to determine or to establish the bench players to the 24th man on the World Cup squad. Does this mean that the aforementioned guys aren’t considered? Now I know, these are friendlies among the many other friendlies that we are gonna play & there will be time to evaluate these players eventually (probably BB is using this technique to tell them that they better start getting playing time OR ELSE……..& pls don’t mention the January call up cos only the Scandanevian Countries have a 3 month break while the rest of Europe have a two week break not favoring Freddy & DB though might favor J. White) then in that case, he brought in EJ who hasn’t accumulated as much playing time as Freddy & DB but he is called up (probably an exception due to Charlie Davis’ situation). I guess BB knows best. Any comments to this posting is welcomed

  45. Michael Vann says:

    I think people complain just to complain. They are most happy when they do. Did anyone think this was going to be our strongest roster with the playoffs ongoing and with our injuries? Seriously have a little perspective about what’s going on before complaining.

    As to Castillo and Torres. They are needed with their clubs. Simple as that. Pachuca is struggling sitting 5th in a very tight Group 2. They are in serious danger of missing the playoffs but with 1 (maybe 2) games to play they need points. They need to win. Castillo and Tigres are in a similar situation sitting 4th in Group 3. It’s a tight group as well. In fact with the cooky way relegation works in Mexico they might be in danger of relegation. On top of all that, it just so happens that Tigres and Pachuca face off Saturday. If one progresses to the playoffs it will knock them out of the Denmark game as well.

  46. Topher says:

    These are fair questions. I think Adu should have gotten Dax’s spot on the squad (not hating on Dax though).

  47. afc says:

    I would like to see Pittman called up but thats still a long shot. He’s only 23 though, plenty of time. He is doing well for Wycombe despite their horrible defense.

  48. SD says:

    my bad, i confused parkhurst with califf when i said he was barely making the bench…monday morining….but nonetheless not sure parkhurst is so great…he wasn’t effective during gold cup

  49. nate says:

    Poor Jerry White.

  50. HoneyHell says:

    Agree with you SeaOtter, on most points. However would have preferred to see Michael Orozco, Drew Moor, or Geoff Cameron get called in than Jimmy Conrad and Frankie Hejduk. Also seem a little thin on the Midfield call ups. Hopefully others will be added for the friendly on the 18th…(Torres, Castillo, Donovan, Holden).

  51. Why? says:

    It’s not Halloween, it’s reality and unfortunately, these will be the same guys that make the world cup roster.

  52. Smacking says:

    Glad we are going to get to see more of Guzan. Although we (as fans) probably wont see much of it, there is likely going to be a real battle going on for the number three spot.

  53. Phil says:

    I think Ives addressed Torres and Castillo….why not ask Donovan while you’re at it?

  54. Phil says:


    OH MY! WHYYYYYY???!!!!


  55. Freddy's Mom says:

    Dax starts in the MLS. Freddy wouldnt. Did you watch the GC? He was the worst player out there by far.

  56. David Wagner says:

    For all you Euro lovers/MLS haters, why not clamour for Matt Taylor? He is starting for a club in the same league where Cooper is sub.

    Next great hope?

  57. jig says:

    how do you figure mix or bedoya are more deserving?

  58. Coach Beck says:

    Why is everyone insistent that we have to play 4 in the back when we r withour a true centerback why can’t we look at a 3-5-2? our midfield is our best core of players right now! Lets get our best players on the field that’s what good things do. We are being brain washed into the bunker down mentality. It doesn’t have to be that way what better time to try a new wrinkle!

    (SBI-So your answer to playing without a lockdown centerback is to play with just one central defender? And since when does four in the back automatically mean bunkering down?)

  59. jig says:

    ahahaha amazing

  60. EA says:

    Glad to see Hahnemann back in the mix.

    And despite everyone’s bitching, I like the roster. Enough regulars to keep us competitive, enough fringe to help with determining depth.

    Didn’t we have to bring alternates to the ’02 and ’06 World Cups? We need to figure out not only players 12-23, we need to figure out 24-30, in the event of an injury.

    With 7 subs for both games, I think there’s a VERY good chance you could see Torres, Castillo, White, Beasley and Adu in Denmark.

  61. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Ummmm… Why would you not want a pacey striker who is at times making the bench for a top 10 prem team in the mix for the US… to even make the banch for them is basically like starting in any other non top 3 European League… You can complain all you want about EJ but unless you have actually seen him play then in the last year you have no merit to the argument… Eddie’s game has grown a great deal over the last year…he is calmer on the ball, keeps his head up and is now chasing down defenders when not in possession… that is honestly more than I see Jozy doing often…Also watched Sacha last night… he was actually quite decent…

  62. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    I am really liking the EJ call up since Davies is not longer int he picture. I have a feelin ghe is going to shut some people up come Saturday.

  63. jig says:

    what “investment”? please clarify.

    he was in residency, went to UNC, got drafted and has been rock solid for 4 years in MLS. He plays the ball on the deck, makes the right decisions and can even finish a little bit. I don’t see a problem.

  64. Michael Vann says:

    Nope. Taylor has firmly been planted on the bench for his new club, FSV Frankfurt since his move from Koblenz. I think he’s only made a handful of appearances. IIRC, he’s been plagued by injuries this season.

  65. Brent McD says:

    Eddie Johnson = Mr. Excitement! Really hoping all this talk about his “hard work” and “looks good in training” finally comes good again for us. We really need the G.A.M. to step up in 2010.

  66. Felix says:

    I wouldnt have called in EJ, he’s not playing. Other than I have no major quibbles. I would like to see some Mexican-based players for the Denmark game though.

  67. PetedeLA says:

    Completely agree. IMO Altidore (who I actually really like) looked completely lost in that must win match against Stoke. From what I’ve seen from EJ, he’d be much more of an asset to the team than Altidore. Of course, there’s no real need to throw Altidore under the bus. I’d play both. Let Altidore be the Anelka to EJ’s Drogba. (Yes, I know that’s a big stretch.)

  68. HoneyHell says:

    I’m with you…I’ve wanted to see a 3-5-2 for a while now. unfortunately Bob didn’t call in enough Mifield support to play it this time. In my opinion using the players identified in the call up we should try something along the lines of:






    Would have preferred to have seen Torres over Kljestan, Holden over McCarthy, and Donovan over Rogers in the midfield, but player constraints have forced it. In defense would push Boca to the Left over Bornstein and use DeMerit/Gooch as the central Defender if they were healthy.

  69. tsingletonvt says:

    I feel bad for Cunningham if this is his only real chance. This is the type of lineup that he has seen in most of his USMNT games. I don’t expect a lot of build up or cohesion from this midfield and do expect a lot of boom balls out of the back. If this game/appearance is going to have a large role in evaluating their abilities to contribute on an international level, then EJ and JC will be lucky not to start or appear in this game.

  70. gene says:

    I don’t think it is fair to criticize Bradley for not trying new people — there are a few people that were due for another shot (Cunningham, E. Johnson), as well as a few 2nd-tier players, along with a few vets. He can’t just play a completely new team in these, and he does need to develop a group of players that can step in and play a part in SA should an injury occur.

    Does anyone know if US Soccer has any friendlies in the works in addition to Slovakia and Denmark? We should try to play a South American or an African team.

  71. PetedeLA says:

    I’m kind of wondering if there will come a day when fans here will be like…”OK. I don’t necessarily agree with one or two names on that roster, but I believe in Bob. He’s already done a superb job so far.”

    Just saying.

  72. Fanguito says:

    They need to add a couple more friendly games to test Torres and Castillo.

    Adu needs to be realistic and eat humble pie. He needs to start in a league like the English Championship (e.g. Charlton or Reading) or English Football League 1 (e.g. Leeds United or Nottingham County). I do not think he is a whiz player that can play with Chelsea or Inter-Milan. He has potential, but not with high end teams.

  73. Blokhin says:

    You are 100% correct- I have not seen Eddie Johnson play over the past year. Perhaps this is because he hasn’t played over the past year (a paradox of sorts- I haven’t seen him play therefore I can’t pass judgment)… and I haven’t seen him play most of the year before that and even before that either…. Is there a Fulham training session channel that I need to subscribe to?

    making the bench for Fulham is not a major accomplishement, it does not merit a call-up and it is not equivalent to starting for a team in France, Germany, or Italy (whichever non top 3 league you meant)…

    The sad part is that fans like you are still waiting for EJ to play like it’s 2004 and Panama is his opponent- I think that it’s quite pathetic actually. It’s been long enough to let go and focus on other players ….

  74. Brian says:

    Did he definitely decline a Gold Cup call up?

  75. Bootsy says:

    It hasn’t translated into minutes for his squad. An indicator of how we’re still a “small nation” (as Reyna put it) is that we’re still calling up players who aren’t earning minutes with their club teams.

  76. Kutama Nenty says:

    I think by end of March 10′, BB should identify at least the first 18 players to the WC. I presume there will be a slew of friendlies at that time to determine 19-24, or probably to 28 just in case of injuries or so. When is the deadline for countries to submit their WC roster? Is it end of May. I think the last WC, it was end of May.

  77. Phil says:

    Note: I was being sarcastic in my earlier post. Sometimes you can’t tell on the internet.

  78. Kutama says:

    This is the time BB can experiment with the squad, bringing in new, unknown & out of favor/form players to determine if they are compatible with our current players and even with the Jan 10′ call up but this time is limited and as I said earlier, at least by Mar 10′ he better quit experimenting and focus on the players he & his coaches will deem fit to represent us in SA. This is why I thought he might call in Freddy, DB, though he’as called up a few Mlser…..his job is pretty difficult, any head coach job is difficult as constant criticism is a norm for them be it in good times or in bad times but he is getting paid good (~500k/yr) to deal with this

  79. markspence02 says:

    Clearly you didn’t watch FCD’s run of play at the end of the season. Dax, as much as Cunningham & Ferrera, was a huge reason why.

    Also – he has a unique ability that apparently few on the USMNT posses…that is, the ability to complete a pass to a teammate in the last 20 minutes of a game.

  80. Frank Borghi says:

    Not a big complaint, but I would like to have seen Chris Rolfe get a call-up, partly because of fit: he’s an “in-the-hole” striker who can play behind Jozy/Casey and switch off with Dempsey on the right.

    I’m a big fan of Hahnemann–I think he was playing better than Howard while Reading were in the Premiership–but I agree with Capello in that players should not be called up if they’re not playing for their clubs. I’m rooting for Eddie Johnson to get things going at Fulham but I’d prefer that he get more playing time there before he gets a call-up.

    Also, glad to see Kljestan back in the mix. The lack of control and distribution in central midfield is a continued concern.

  81. JavaLavaJoe says:

    No Adu??? :-) Sorry, had to do it.

  82. golfstrom says:

    Man these comments are hysterical. Reading comprehension not a strong suit for many on here. The wrath directed at Bob Bradley for the 22nd player on the roster is priceless. Always gotta have something to whine about.

  83. Frank says:

    Castillo said he declined to play in these friendlies to stay and help Tigres.

  84. Joe says:

    Ugghh. This team is anemic.

  85. Bill T. says:

    What about Beckerman?

  86. WonsanUnited says:

    I really wanted to See Bedoya and Diskerud, but oh well.

  87. jh says:

    Very well put.

  88. Kevin Z says:

    It’s a very good point. Dax takes care of the ball. Feilhaber can be a creative force, but he can also be dangerous to his own team with the turnovers.

    The unit needs a Claudio Reyna type, and McCarty is the only true linking midfielder in the “pool.” (Don’t claim Michael Bradley, yes he plays box to box, but passing is not his strength)

    I see Dax as more of a long term prospect in a more traditional two-way midfield that could look something like this…
    Torres – Bradley – McCarty – Holden

  89. davidaubudavid says:

    i am pretty sure E.J has played 3 or 4 games this year, And how many has Altidore played? And which team is twice as good with an intelligent coach? Which team is lacking on strikers and which team has quite a bit of depth in their striker pool? And please get your stats right E.J. played over 30 games last year, sure it was at cardiff but where was jozy? Is playing in the spanish 3 division really that much better than playing in the coca cola championship? I really think you should pay attention to whats going on before you go off on a topic you clearly know very little about

  90. JRhode says:

    Gotta say, I was at the game last night and Kljestan’s contributions for Chivas were MINIMAL.

  91. tomr says:

    I think you will probably see Rogers starting on the left. he is the logical back you for Donovan on the left and third in line on the right so it makes sense.

    Glad to see Sacha and dax back in the mix. They bring good energy when they are on the field.

  92. JRhode says:

    Sacha decent? How many passes did he complete? Shots on frame? I was at the game, wish I would have kept track.

  93. Yossarian says:

    I would kind of like to see BB call in Adu if only to talk him through his issues and attempt to fix his head. He was able to do it w/ Benny when he was getting no run, but maybe Freddy is more hard-headed.

    The only real change I’d like to make from Ives’ lineup is to put Deuce up top to get him used to pairing w/ Jozy. There aren’t THAT many friendlies left to experiment.





  94. Yossarian says:

    He must lack the sarcasm gene.

  95. Robert says:

    I sure hope Castillo gets called up for the Denmark match. I was looking forward to that. Any news on TV for that game?

  96. Yossarian says:

    I feel like every time we’ve experimented with formations, we’ve gotten destroyed. I’m not sure this is the time for playing with that. We don’t have that much time to throw around ideas. Maybe once Edu and Jones get healthy, you throw that formation up against the wall once to see if it sticks, but I don’t think we have the speed and the defensive prowess in the midfield to pull that off right now, do you?

  97. ETJ says:

    Answer: because the “everyone” you’re referring to has the memory of a goldfish

  98. Brian says:

    Well given the MLS playoffs absences (Donovan, Ching, Holden, Clark, Beckerman, Findley), and the injuries (Davies, DeMerit, Gooch and Jones), I’m not too dissatisfied with this roster.

    I was hoping to see Castillo and some extended Torres action, but this is only a friendly and if they have an important club match they should by all means be there. Still I thought this was a FIFA International date? I guess Mexico doesn’t follow the FIFA calendar either? Anyways, I’m really hoping both of them get called up for the friendly against Denmark next Wednesday.

    The roster is pretty much what I expected. Nothing to get real excited about. We all know Tim Howard is the undisputed number 1, so I have no problem with him taking some time off (have fun Timmy, spend it with your family). The more action we can give to Brad Guzan, the better off we’ll be (if God forbid) something happens to Timmy. Plus, this might also give us some time to determine who the number 3 goalkeeper is (Hahnemann or Perkins).

    Again given the injuries to Gooch and DeMerit, and Castillo not being available, this is more or less what I expected for the defender call ups. Not exactly thrilled to see Heath Pearce back in the fold, but I guess we don’t have any other options at left back right now besides Bornstein. Also, I like Frankie but he was terrible against RSL in the playoffs and didn’t really have that great of a season. He’s still probably the next best right back, once you get past Dolo and Spector (Wynne not ready yet, and I don’t really know about Simek), but IMO we could of used that roster spot for another midfielder (White, Mix or Bedoya, perhaps) or another striker (Cooper).

    The midfielders called up are pretty much the best available. Never been a big of fan of Sacha (made me so happy to see him get a yellow for mouthing off to Alex Prus against the Galaxy yesterday), but I think he’s been playing better lately. Still I don’t think he should start. I’d much rather see Benny in the middle with Bradley, and Rogers out wide. I’m intrigued with the selection of Dax McCarty. I don’t watch the youth national teams much so I’m curious to see how this kid plays.

    My starting XI:




  99. Brian says:

    playoffs, homes

  100. Dexter says:

    This is actually a pretty solid roster. McCarty and Cunningham were killing with FCD the last bit of the season, and going with the hot players at the right time is as important as anything. BB has made good choices here.

  101. Blokhin says:

    awesome… we’re making progress with these EJ cult maniacs… now we’ve gone from being on the EPL bench as the reason to call him in, to being a sub for a Coca Cola Championship team… before you know it, working hard in practice, tying his shoes and properly putting on his uniform will be their reasons…

    I’m not sure whether you’re ripping on Jozy solely because you’re trying to prop us EJ, or you actually believe that Jozy, who gets playing time in the EPL this season and has started a couple of games is somehow equal to or inferior to EJ making the bench of an EPL team on some occasions….

    EJ has gotten a grand total of 133 minutes this year in 4 games for Fulham in all competitions, while Jozy has gotten 383 minutes in 9 games, but clearly, I’m the one who does not know what I’m talking about…

  102. Brian says:


    I’m hoping to see him against Denmark.

  103. madmax says:

    I see at least 5 wasted picks, based on the premise that these picks will go to SA or need to be looked at as might go.

    Pearce, EJ, Conrad, no need to look again probably will not make SA squad, Bradley knows exactly what they can do, nothing has changed.

    Hejduk and Kljestan, poor form, and I hope they are not being considered for SA, that would be a huge step back.

    Who should replace them, if available, players who have a legitimate shot, or players in good form seldom or never looked at.

    Those five choices were wasted. My biggest concern is that Bradley is trying to sneak Kljestan back into SA. I guess he missed all the Chivas games and Sasha’s blow-up last night against the Galaxy.

  104. HoneyHell says:

    Gene…the FIFA site lists a friendly against the Neitherlands on 3/3/10. Other than that its too early to schedule additional matches. Expect to see future matches planned after the draw on 12/4, so they can pick teams with similar styles as those in our pool for the WC.

  105. JK says:

    Playoff game with RSL on Saturday night.

  106. smokeminside says:

    guys, be nice or Andrew won’t play with us anymore.

  107. davidaubudavid says:

    And are either of those good numbers? And do not tell me it is easier to get into the fulham starting lineup than the hull city one. And you are right about Jozy, and i am not ripping on him. I am just saying if he is the best we have than why is E.J. not even deserving of a call up. Who else is? Really? And i didn’t hear anybody complain when jozy scored for us in the confederation cup after not making the bench for a spanish league 2 team. If you look at overall legitimate playing time over the last 2 years Ej has gotten quite a bit more.

  108. kswiss says:

    I’d like to see Dempsey up top, too. But how do you replace him in the midfield? I’m thinking Rogers comes in, either on the right like he was for Costa Rica, or something like this:


    Truth be told, though, I think Ives has it right as far as what will happen.

  109. Isaac says:







    After subs:





    Not a bad group of players, I’ve wanted to see McCarty for a while now, but I figured I’d have to wait until January( even after FC Dallas failed to make the playoffs). He’s been with the USA youth systems for a while and this would be a good time to give the kid a go with the full team.

  110. madmax says:

    Add Conor Casey to my wasted choices list, making it six. There’s no need to look at Casey again, unless Bradley intends to bring him to SA, yikes.

    Now that Beasley has played 45 minutes this year, and Adu has dressed, almost played, the demands to include them are pouring in. Have we all fallen down a rabbit hole?

  111. Isaac says:

    Why not? Sacha was about as close to being Bradley’s consistent central midfield partner as any other players have been. It was that one screwed up transfer by MLS that saw him fall out of form. If he gets to Europe, he’s got a tiny chance of getting into SA.

  112. Socrates says:

    Dax is a nice player, but not the “ONLY” linking mf we have — JFT is pretty good at this role and performs at a higher level than Dax. Feilhaber and Holden can do it too. Yes, they have some turnovers but so does Dax.

  113. jimmygreaves says:

    The difference between Jozy and EJ? Both don’t get a lot of club minutes (though I’m betting by the end of this Prem season Jozy wil have a lot more than EJ) but Jozy scores a lot more for the US lately. All of EJ’s goals were a real long time ago and then he just stopped scoring. And playing in the reserves lacks the competitive edge. Just ask Spurs who now send most of the guys who they want to have playing experience out on loan. They didn’t even field a reserve team this season.

    I want both to succceed but basically EJ looks good but doesn’t produce while Jozy looks bad but produces.

  114. Socrates says:

    Cameron = still playing in MLS playoffs
    Conrad >>>>> Drew Moor
    Hejduk > Drew Moor

  115. attenborough says:

    Sacha Kljestan is the most overrated (assuming he’s even garnering a rating from people still) and undeserving player in all of the player pool. After playing like a lost delinquent the past year and acting like one on the field (see last night), I’m very perplexed as to how any coach representing his nation could still slot him on a roster.

    Anyone advocating otherwise has a very short-spanning memory to forget the great number of minutes in which he contributed literally nothing to this team on the field.

  116. dman says:

    Any word on Charlie’s condition update???

    Still nothing on the cause of the crash

  117. Isaac says:

    I totally agree. McCarty isn’t as skilled on the ball as Feilhaber, but he’s still got some good footwork. His distribution from deep midfield was excellent this season.

  118. Jameson says:

    Dax McCarty is a tremendous player… and I played against him in high school so that’s kinda cool too!

  119. Isaac says:

    And the fact that some of these guys never seem to read the story doesn’t make me want to take anything they say afterwards seriously.

  120. HoneyHell says:

    Madmax…5 wasted spots? Really I thought it was a bit more, and other players than you mentioned. I agree with your mention of Conrad, Hejduk, and probably Kljestan. I’d add to that Goodson, Casey, and Dax (?). I don’t have a problem with giving Pearce and EJ shots, and hope they do well. Would like to see Torres, Castillo, Orozco, Cooper, Cammeron, Moor, and maybe White called in for the 2nd match on the 18th. If the other MLS players become available would replace some with the likes of Gonzalez, Donovan, Holden, & Clark.

  121. Connor says:

    wayyyy to many MLSers on this squad. Slovakia brings a full strength squad and we bring a B+ team (I do understand the club commitments from the MLS guys and Mexican contingent), but where are Howard, White, Cooper, Califf, Parkhurst, Adu, Beasley?. Heres my starting 11 from this:






    Im gonna say 2-0 to the home side, our D without Gooch against an aggressive, physical team like Slovakia will suffer and our offense will certainly be knocked down a peg without LD or CD9.

  122. Isaac says:

    True, but Sacha was being played out of position on the left. As soon as he played centrally, he started linking passes, opening up the game, and blazing shots at the goal, including one that just shaved the top of the net.

  123. Isaac says:

    I’m pretty sure the kid played for the U-20 and U-23 teams.

  124. AdamTheRed says:

    So….you cloned Dempsey?

  125. Socrates says:

    Rolfe = still in MLS playoffs, like Donovan etc.

  126. Isaac says:

    I don’t see what your problem is with the trio. All have played for the USA on the U20 and U23 levels, Sacha was on his way to Europe before the MLS absolutely screwed over his transfer, EJ IS in Europe for the reserve and, occasionally, the first team for Fulham. They’re all players with potential and even though they have an outside chance for the USA in SA, try to name other players who have a chance that are available.

  127. Brian says:

    you really think Cooper, Califf, Parkhurst, Adu and Beasley will make that much of a difference? The reason we’re lacking our star power is the MLS playoffs and injuries.

  128. Isaac says:

    meeeeeh…..I think Adu would actually start for an MLS team. If he was getting time from an MLS team he probably wouldn’t have been in as bad form as he was.

  129. Isaac says:

    It might happen… might also rain gumdrops tomorrow….

  130. Socrates says:

    BB’s Left Back progression:

    2007: the Year of Bornstein
    2008: the Year of Pearce
    2009: the Year of experiments (some Bornstein, some Bocanegra, a horrible bit of Beasley, back to Bornstein, working on Castillo, and now a Heath Pearce sighting)

    Let’s hope that in 2010 we can settle on someone.

  131. Yossarian says:

    Just busting, Andrew – it’s all in good fun. It happens to all of us at some point – no worries. I would fully expect the same level of ridicule were I to miss a bunny like that.

  132. Isaac says:

    It’s somewhat of a dilemma in the right back situation. Cherundolo will most likely be more affective against Slovakia, a less physical team, but won’t be around as many attacking players as if he played against Denmark, a more physical team.

  133. Yossarian says:

    Ha! I’m an eedjit, I am. sorry, folks. I meant to put Benny on the right and Robbie on the left like:





  134. Socrates says:

    Before we hyperventilate about Dax, consider that Bob has a track record of taking a look a guys who show some promise but aren’t quite ready yet (esp. MLS guys). This is a good thing that Bob does. Previous examples include:

    Brian Carroll, Colin Clark, Bobby Convey, Sam Cronin, Brad Davis, Brad Evans, Eddie Gaven, Jack Jewsbury, Nick Labrocca, Justin Mapp, Jesse Marsch, Lee Nguyen, Ben Olsen, Logan Pause, Santino Quaranta, Steve Ralston, Danny Szetela, John Thorrington, Jerry White, Sal Zizzo.

    Is Dax really some sort of big step down from these players? Seems like he fits right in line with BB’s precedent of giving borderline guys a shot, a few at a time, when the schedule allows. Good for Dax that caught Bob’s eye. Good for Bob that he’s not stuck on a small pool of players.

  135. Isaac says:






  136. Jason says:

    we’re allowed six subs in this game right?

  137. CrispyST3 says:

    Socrates, you culdnt have put it better haha

  138. Supsam says:

    wow very thin in terms of forwards…since this is a friendly i hope to see a Altidore-Cunny pairing just for the hell of it. Davis has speed and so does Cunningham but Cunningham has a more polished finishing touch. Well thats my opinion.

  139. Sean M says:

    I hate to say it but I’ve lost almost all hope in EJ,and that was a while back. I don’t think Kljestan deserved a call-up after how he acted after the game last night,Lee Nguyen anybody???

  140. RLW2020 says:

    plus Guzan is badass and it will be a win-win with him getting some minutes.

  141. RLW2020 says:

    i agree with Tracy, White and Cooper.. maybe Beasley

    this is the first of many friendlies this winter so there is time. overall i don’t have any huge problems with this lineup looking forward to the game!

  142. eric says:

    I wasn’t insisting, I was using Dallas’s formation. Also, this isn’t club football. You rarely see three in the back at the international level. If we did use three in the back, I wouldn’t use Bornstein like the next poster. In this group, we don’t have the right back three IMO.

  143. RLW2020 says:

    how about a mid table Portuguese team, why has that not worked? il check back with Adu before the 2014 WC and see if he has grown up by then

  144. baquito alyeska says:

    You got two Dempsey in here, Yoss. Not saying I don’t like the line up, it’s just that there’s at least a few years of debating the bio-ethics of cloning Clint before we’ll see this starting XI.

  145. RLW2020 says:

    i like the lineup with deuce up top and the idea of cloning our best players.

  146. baquito alyeska says:

    oops. refresh then reply, baquito. refresh then reply.

  147. bryan says:

    interesting call ups…but i guess it is expected when you have the MLS and Mexican leagues in an important stage of the season. im actually surprised Beasley didn’t get a call up. if he is calling on EJ, he should be calling on Beasley. beasley has played a good number of minutes in the last 2 weeks…certainly more than EJ.

  148. jig says:

    yeah, exactly, and he’s contributed positively to those teams as well. I’m happy about this and I think he will surprise a lot of people.

  149. M says:

    Hey guys, look on the bright side. At least Bob didn’t call in Jay Heaps

  150. bryan says:

    How does White not get a call up? Cooper probably deserves one. Grella, I would argue, deserves one…as well as Pittman. What about Tracy? Parkhurst? Beasley even deserves one if EJ does. Bob, you never stop amazing me…

  151. jig says:

    umm barring injury and severe dip in form i’d say that casey, klejstan and conrad all have a legitimate shot to get on the plane.

  152. jig says:

    hahahahah seriously! so you’re serious that kenny cooper and danny califf make this a legit roster? come on…

  153. Judging Amy says:

    I think the job is Bornstein’s until somebody (looking at you Edgar) takes it from him.

  154. Judging Amy says:

    I agree. I think its a justifiable call-up.

  155. Aaron says:

    Kleijstan has no business on this roster. Period. Even without Torres being available. And he certainly should not earn a start – though he probably will because of Bob Bradley’s senseless loyalty to certain players.

    I’d like to see Bradley rest Michael Bradley vs Denmark. I also want to see Marcus Tracy get called up and Edgar Castillo inserted into the lineup. With so many regulars unavailable for the Slovakia match it is almost worthless.

    But against Denmark I’d like to see the following:

    Spector – Bocanegra – Marshall – Castillo
    Donovan – Torres – Feilhaber – Holden
    Altidore – Dempsey

  156. Judging Amy says:

    Yep. EJ gets a lot of hate from people who think there is some magical striker off the radar who is going to come in and solve all of our problems at forward. Fact is after Jozy and Davies the talent level is pretty even.

  157. Judging Amy says:

    Torres, Castillo both have games. Cameron is in MLS playoffs. Cooper is coming off the bench at a B2 team. Him, Moor, Orozco, and White I could see added to this roster, but none of them are good enough to act like its some sort of crime that they weren’t included.

  158. Andrew says:

    But…he has red hair.

  159. Isaac says:

    I’m so sick of hearing this. We’re gonna leave Sacha out because of his attitude? He wouldn’t be the first guy on the MNT to bitch out a referee.

  160. Andrew says:

    Just because some of these guys play in MLS doesn’t mean they are worse than guys playing in fringe European leagues or on the bench in bigger leagues. MLS is not that bad people. I don’t think people move to the Norwegian or Swedish league for the top notch, overwhelmingly better than MLS quality of the football…they get paid better. Period.

  161. Alex says:

    While i agree with your point… get your facts straight. “Guys who show promise but aren’t there yet”- Bobby Convey and Ben Olsen were on the 2006 world cup team. Jesse Marsch was 34 when he got his second cap for the USMNT. Santino Quaranta and Steve Ralston were on the 2005 Gold Cup team. I’m not trying to pick a fight because I agree with what you’re saying… I just hate when people don’t have their facts right. Another case was last time we played Mexico in a friendly (i believe Feb 2008) and someone asked why they had “that kid Ramiro Corrales” playing left back… when Corrales was 30. I’m a nitpicky freak. Don’t mind me.

  162. Judging Amy says:

    I agree man. What is with all the Sacha hate these days? He’s not a starter on a full strength MNT right now. He was once close to being a lock starter. Is it so wrong to test out whether this guy can contribute for us again? JFT is a good player, but I wonder if theres a need to crap all over Sacha like he’s the worst player in the world just because you’d prefer to see someone else in his place.

  163. Andrew says:

    Also, how many of the people clamoring for Jon-Paul Pittman, Jemal Johnson, etc. have actually seen those guys play (beyond highlights)? And if you have seen them play, have you seen them more than once? This isn’t meant to get people riled up, I’m genuinely curious. I don’t catch a lot of League One here in the US.

  164. JR says:

    id like to see a mix at forward right off the bat so you can have EJ and cunningham out there with real service and possession from the midfield and defense

    we need to see who can finish up top

    dempsey and donovan are the only goal scoring options at the moment

    Jozy and Eddie Start
    Casey and Cunningham at half

    Jozy and Dempsey would be nice to see also

  165. jimmygreaves says:

    During his time at Fulham and on loan at Cardiff EJ has made a total of 41 appearances. He has scored two goals in that time, both for Cardiff. That amounts to a goal every 20.5 appearances.

    This is not good for a striker trying to show the US he is the man for the job. Maybe Fulham, a much deeper team, can afford EJ serving as a decoy but the US already has a number of those.

    EJ has 37 appearances and 12 goals for the US most of them early on. His last goal was in an 8-0 rout of Barbados.

    For the US Jozy has 21 appearances and 8 goals, a better percentage than EJ’s but not by that much. Still, 6 of those 8 came this year, even though he had little club PT, so in relative terms, for the US, the kid is hot.

    I hope EJ gets another look but, as someone who has seen both play a lot for the US my view is, for all his “laziness” and drifting around, Jozy is a very threatening, direct presence and seems to come up with enough goals. In contrast, once he cooled off, EJ always seemed clueless and aimless out there.

    Nevertheless, the guy who really displaced EJ (besides EJ) was Davies, who was all about being direct. Since Davies may never be back, EJ will get a longer look than he might otherwise have, assuming Findlay or Cunningham don’t impress.

  166. Sean Hef says:

    I guess Bob wanted another speed guy in Eddie Johnson instead of Kenny Cooper. Though its interesting that he went with Johnson (who hasn’t been getting anywhere near the pitch lately) over Cooper who’s been getting consistent playing time with 1860 Munich.

    Yet Marcus Tracey is a speed guy and scored over the weekend and doesn’t get the call. Also I don’t get why he called three right backs in Dolo, Spector, and Frankie and only six midfielders.

    I did like Bob’s McCarty/Cunningham call up though. FC Dallas was one of the hottest teams in MLS towards the end of the season large in part to the play to those two guys.

  167. Freddy says:

    I know The Grown Ass man has been working hard to get back to form but I would rather find out what Marcus Tracy is capable of.

    My starters would be:

    GK: Guzan

    RB: Spector

    RCB: Conrad

    LCB: Bocanegra

    LB: Bornstein

    LM: Rogers

    LCM: Bradley

    RCM: Feilhaber

    RM: Dempsey

    CF: Cunningham

    ST: Altidore

  168. Brett says:

    Ideally, GAM would start alongside Jozy and Goodson and Bocanegra get paired in the middle. Conrad and Marshall are not replacements for Gooch, but Goodson can be.

    Let Dolo and Spector play as fullbacks and go with Dempsey – Bradley – Benny – Rogers in the midfield. Of course, if I’m dreaming we go 4-3-3 and play Jozy and GAM up top with Dempsey as the target and have Benny – Bradley – Rogers/Kljestan in the MF.

  169. Tim From Texas says:

    the tone of your response is kinda confusing. are you being critical or are you just retarded?

  170. Supsam says:

    well im just assuming that we lacking more in teh forward role rather than midfield. That is why Johnson was called up and not Adu. My main question is: WHy not Cooper??? Im positive that Cooper>>Johnson

  171. Tim From Texas says:

    oh, you mean the one where you seem retarded?

  172. Supsam says:

    if you guys remember, Adu could not even hold a consistent starting role any MLS team he played for.

  173. Tim From Texas says:

    i doubt you’ve seen either play enough to make that sort of judgment

  174. Isaac says:

    I think that people who are wanting to see younger players like Adu, Bedoya, Diskerudd and other guys I’m sure I’ve failed to name aren’t really thinking.

    Look at Jozy; Bob Bradley waited to call Jozy up so that he could earn his spot on Villareal and be in their future plans. He’s now more accomplished and I feel that Bob’s decision to wait on Altidore worked out well.

    Cooper, Tracy, Grella, Pittmann, Adu, Bedoya, and Diskerudd are all either in club situations where they’re getting playing time, you don’t want to disrupt them and the national team is fine without them, or they need to earn their spot on the team and they’ll only be able to do that by staying there and working hard.

    Be patient guys, most of these players won’t pay dividends until after the World Cup anyways. For fans who want instant satisfaction and feel all of the above are a way to get there, fine, but know that Bradley isn’t going to go for that and that’s what makes him a great manager.

  175. Supsam says:

    that stat was not really fair since majority of those appearances were not starts but ranged from 35-5 minutes

  176. Supsam says:

    agreed i mean Baby Bradley was punished for his “attitude” but no one is saying to not call him up cuz of that

  177. HoneyHell says:

    Agreed would be better with Edu, Jones and some of the other regulars/potential starters. Just think with the weekness we’ve shown in Defense lately we should explore playing to our strengths. As I see it we’ve got a slow defensive core and speed and depth in the Midfield. If we use this to our advantage we could control the midfield and work the ball forward…Vs. what we’ve been doing (booming the ball and running after it). We could use Castillo/Bornstein/Rogers as potential Left Mid-Wingers, Bradley/Jones/Torres/Clark, as central Holding Midfielders and then Donovan/Holden/Dempsey/Feilhaber as Rigth Mid-Wingers, then Play Donovan/Dempsey/Torres as central attacking Midfielders to distribute and make runs with the strikers. Subing out the Wingers after 50-60 minutes to keep them fresh leaving 1 open sub in the event of injury cards or poor performance. Also opens the option to moving Donovan or Dempsey up top if we can’t find a striker combination that works. Just my opinion.

  178. Isaac says:

    Did you even THINK about that comment? Who do you want inplace of Sacha exactly?

    Some of yall just don’t think….

  179. Stephen says:

    So did Castillo and Torres Decline coming or did their teams not let them?

  180. Stephen says:

    I like it!!

  181. Paul D says:

    I am interested in seeing what Marcus Tracy and Mike Grella can do like a lot of the rest of you, but please remember, they have been professional for one year. They both left college, skipping MLS to try to make it in Europe. We’ll see them at some point, it just isn’t that time yet. I really have no issues with the roster, other than maybe another midfielder like White, but he will probably be included in the Denmark game.

  182. Stephen says:

    I agree!!

  183. Mark says:

    Not that im a galaxy fan, but i kinda hope that Houston loses friday night. If so, I think Denmark would be a perfect place to get our first look at the lineup of holden on the right with dempsey STARTING at striker….what a fun game that will be to watch if we can see dempsey start at striker, torres start in the middle, and castillo starting at left back…

  184. The red headed step child says:

    Dude, that’s racist…er, hairist.

  185. jb says:

    I’ll reserve judgment for after the game when we actually get to see the players on the pitch. I hope the team approaches these friendlies with intensity and that BB finds a way to use plenty of subs without disrupting the team’s rhythm. Biggest question seems to be up top and I hope EJ and Cunningham see action and are served some decent balls. Worried about the midfield without Donovan, can Dempsey put forth the effort for us he does for fulham? We will really need him in these games, I think. Can we attack the flanks with different players out wide? Or (heaven forbid) do we try to build attacks thru the center of the field? I hope we can call in Castillo for the 2nd game and give him a shot on the back line (and Torres in midfield also). For me, Spector should be a lock on the outside. And need a big physical centerback to pair with Boca in the middle.

    I think we (USA) are still fighting to build the depth on the roster and it will take time. Despite all the complaints about the roster for these friendlies, I can’t think of anyone else that should be there. And despite all the complaints about BB, he is building a decent resume against top competition with very little world class talent. Of course SA will be what he is remembered for.

  186. jimmygreaves says:


    There is a reason EJ’s appearances ranged from 35-5 minutes. And it’s not a good one.

    The more he scores the more he plays. The less he scores the less he plays. Tough but that’s life. Why else do you have EJ on the roster? Of course the stat is fair. If EJ was playing better and scoring regularly he’d get more minutes.

  187. Not a Freddy hater….

    He does not deserve a call up. At this point, he needs to quietly remove himself from the spot light. Turn off his Twitter account. Bank his money and focus on being a professional Footballer.

    If he wants to become a professional Footballer, he needs to dedicate himself to game. He needs to quit listening to his own press.

    It might do Freddy some good to go back to Ghana and see what his life may have been without Football. Maybe he should go visit a banged up Charlie Davies to see how fragile life really is.

    He needs to get off the publicity train and back to the Football field.

    The kid has what it takes. He needs to start using it.

  188. Boodrow says:

    Brad Davis deserves a call-up, at least into camp. Guy’s been playing lights-out the last half of the MLS season. Sure he’s older, and he’s probably not an option to start/develop for the National Team, but he’s a quality veteran player that would provide depth for the team if needed.

  189. Sean_Hef says:

    I really like the idea of Altidore and Cunningham playing off each other with Jozy’s strength and Cunningham’s explosiveness.

  190. Phil says:

    Lost in internet translation. When Ives specifically addresses why Torres and Castillo weren’t called in, I have to inject a lil’ sarcasm.

  191. Chris in Belfast says:

    It is amazing to me how many people can spell Sacha Kljestan’s last name correctly but get his first name wrong. Maybe they’ve been reading his name in Serbian; but I don’t think most people on this site can read Cyrillic so I doubt it.

    Anyway, it’s a truism among a lot of American soccer fans that because it is a niche sport in the country our fans have to be smarter. The reactions to this roster prove that theory to be a lie. Basic reading comprehension skills don’t even seem to be necessary anymore.

  192. Brian says:

    How did the 4-3-3 work out last time we used it?

  193. Brian says:

    We’re not going to have Donovan AND Holden. Whoever wins the Western Conference Finals on Friday I’m sure will be not be going to Denmark.

  194. alex says:

    MlS didn’t screw sasha’s transfer he was going to celtic who if you haven’t notice have been unloading players and not signing many because of the revenue problems in the SPL to want 2.5 mill DOLLARS not pounds for one of your bright stars is not asking too much, they just didn’t value sascha at that price becase they are cheap, thats not MLS fault this is a business would you buy a mercedes for 50,000 and sell it for 5 because the person buying wants it at that price? I think not.

  195. Goalscorer24 says:

    I would have liked to see Pittman called in.

  196. jmac says:

    probably right, but I think Dax does bring a little more pace and speed in the center of midfield than Beckerman.

  197. Jags98 says:

    Look, he is a good player just not there yet. Please play him so we can put this to bed for now. He will get his chance later, give him some years.

    Like Isaac said, he played with youth nationals, there is your investment.

    He contributes, that is it. Rock solid? Dont get too crazy with the Super Dax stuff.

  198. madmax says:

    Exactly right, there is no need to look at him, none.

  199. madmax says:

    There is no need for cheer-leading at SBI, that’s what network sportscasters are paid to do.

  200. madmax says:

    I agree 100%. Bradley including Kljestan is scary because he’s probably trying to sneak him into SA, his Roy Wegerle, or Eddie Lewis, his personal allowance. A very strange pick based on Sacha’s form and temperament.

  201. madmax says:

    Amy, Preki has it right, but you’re just hoping. He doesn’t deserve a spot because of poor play at Chivas.

    That’s not jumping on him, but agreeing with his present coach.

  202. madmax says:

    “Beasley. beasley has played a good number of minutes in the last 2 weeks”

    but 45 minutes over two years?

  203. jimmygreaves says:


    EJ has a total of 7 appearances in the League and 1 appearance in Europe for Fulham. 0 goals.

    Jozy has 8 total appearances for Hull with 1 goal in the League Cup.

    Neither has scored in the Premiership. However Jozy’s record has been compiled in a few months while EJ’s has been compiled over about three years, a period when Fulham was better than the Hull outfit you see today, but maybe not by much. I’d bet on Jozy scoring sooner and, ultimately, in greater numbers than EJ.

    But, as I have said elsewhere. the important thing is what they will do for the US and right now, I’d say Jozy is far more proven and important for the US than EJ is. 6 important goals this year tells you that.

  204. jimmygreaves says:


    1.- Hard to answer since Adu won’t get called up until he starts playing for his club. And he ain’t playing it seems.

    2.- No. EJ has one league appearance and one appearance in Europe for Fulham this year. I believe Freddy has one, possibly two appearances, for Beleneses this year so they are tied. Neither guy should be happy about that.

    Regardless, McCarty is an unknown quantity at this point so I see no harm in finding out about him, if Bradley can fit him in. As for Freddy, we’ve already seen what a rusty Adu can do, which is doo doo.

  205. jimmygreaves says:

    EJ’s presence is due almost entirely to Davies’ car accident.

    As far as I can tell , EJ and Findlay are the only US forwards with the physical tools and the experience to replace Charlie directly (I haven’t seen Cunningham play so I can’t comment on him.). Cooper is a deadlier scoring threat but he is a different type of player from Davies, EJ and Findlay. I love Cooper but I’m not sure he fits in that well with the style I believe Bradley wants to play but that may change.

  206. jimmygreaves says:


    Don’t tell me Bradley hasn’t tried with Adu.

    Adu spent two tournaments (Confed Cup and Gold Cup )this summer with the USMNT, evn though he had zip minutes with Monaco all season and apparently, still couldn’t get it up in practice.

    How much talking and hand holding does Bradley need to do?

  207. jimmygreaves says:

    I’m not a Sascha fan but it’s worth noting he played well with Bradley and, given that most of the rest of the midfield candidates are munchkins, he is a big healthy sort. My guess is he is insurance in case Jones doesn’t work out and because Bradley needs to work out as many potential injury alternates as possible.

  208. roysterer says:

    He played in two games in the Gold Cup, and he was plenty effective in one of them. And in the other there was about a 10 minute team-wide collapse, which, yes, included Parkhurst.

    But, he is too small, especially to be paired with Bocanegra.

  209. Jerome says:

    Why Kjlestan’s call-up?, the boy is terrible and he proved it vs quality in the CC,and yet he still gets called up? Doing good in MLS does not mean anyhting for some players..for Kjlestan this applies. I guess being a close freind to the coach(Bradley) will always help.

  210. rick says:

    Why not Spector on the left side? If he is good enough to play on the left in the EPL, he should be good enough to play on the left for the nats.

  211. RNG says:

    Any news on Charlie Davies?
    How is he doing?

  212. HoneyHell says:

    We got Killed in Costa Rica. 3-1 (1 being a PK). We need to play at least 4 in the Midfield to have a hope of controling the game. Still think a 3-5-2 is our best option until DeMarit/Gooch can return frim injury. Worked against Mexico in 2002 and is used by others in the club level. Just my opinion.

  213. FLUFFY says:

    I like your line up much better than Ives, though I would have to put Marshall over Conrad and a slash between Dolo and Spector.
    You know why I like it so much better? NO KLJESTAN!!!!

  214. FLUFFY says:

    Please, soccer Gods, don’t start Kljestan.
    Put in EJ!!!

  215. jimmygreaves says:

    Beasley is a midfielder. The US has more midfielders than SBI has people posting.

    EJ is a speedy striker who just happens to play essentially the same position as Charlie Davies. You may have heard that Davies is no longer available due to a car accident.

    Neither one really “deserves” a call up but the US talent pool is weak and thin. Fortunately for EJ, it’s very, very thin at striker. It’s a very old principle known as supply and demand.

    By the way 45 is not “a good number of minutes”.

  216. jimmygreaves says:

    Hejduk, Kljestan, Pearce, EJ, Conrad and Casey are wasted picks? There are 3 world Cup vets there and all of them have extensive experience with the US setup. My guess is that Bradley is looking at injury alternate possibilities.

    More importantly, max, if not these guys, then name me 6 realistic possible replacements for these guys as alternate possibilities.

  217. brentmcd says:

    my lineup (4-4-2):


  218. Paul says:

    Though no one else seems to think so by the prior messages, it seems as if we should be taking a look at “fringe” players who are actually based in Europe. I’m thinking of Jemal Johnson, Jon-Paul Pittman, Jerimiah White, Omar Bedoya, Adu, and Mike Grella. I’m sure I’m leaving one or two out, but why the heck not? Instead, BB is choosing to regurgitate Kljsten and Pearce?

  219. GWBushmen says:

    Frankly, I’d like a bit more certainty that these 2 players are going to get called up after their league match.

    Otherwise, Bradley needs to be put down.

  220. Stephen says:

    I’d like to see Robbie Finley get called in against Denmark if Real Salt Lake loses. I think he’s another option for a pacy striker who is dangerous. Although, I would like to see Real Salt lake win and go to the final.

  221. jimmygreaves says:

    “Why the heck not?”

    After Slovakia and Denmarkb the US will have only one officialy sanctioned FIFA date. This means that is one game where Bradley can be more or less sure of getting the players he needs.

    Besides that the US will have maybe 7 more tuneup games before May when the rosters have to be submitted. Given the US’ question marks, that is not a lot of time to screw around with fringe guys.