Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind

DaMarcus Beasley 2 (Getty Images)


DaMarcus Beasley has been one of the most criticized players on the U.S. national team this year due to his lack of sharpness and sporadic minutes at the club level, but the Rangers midfielder took a positive step towards resurrecting a career that appeared to be in shambles.

Beasley followed up his midweek Champions League start with another in Rangers' league game against St Johnstone, and he did not take long to make his presence felt. It took less than 30 seconds for Beasley to dish out an assist, setting the tone for Rangers' 3-0 victory. Beasley, who had two shots on goal, also helped set up the final goal of the game with a right-footed pass that looked similar to his assist against Ghana in the 2006 World Cup.

Beasley's performance was just one of a handful of stellar outings this weekend. Jay DeMerit earned his first start for Watford since returning from an eye injury, and a trio of American goalkeepers managed favorable results against top competition.

Here is how the Americans Abroad performed this weekend:



  • Tim Howard started, played 90 minutes and made four saves in Everton's 3-3 draw vs. Chelsea on Saturday.
  • Jozy Altidore came off the bench, played 24 minutes and received a yellow card in Hull City's 0-0 draw vs. Blackburn Rovers on Saturday.
  • Clint Dempsey started and played 90 minutes in Fulham's 1-1 draw vs. Burnley on Saturday.
  • Eddie Johnson did not dress in Fulham's 1-1 draw vs. Burnley on Saturday.
  • Jonathan Spector dressed but did not play in West Ham's 1-0 loss vs. Birmingham on Saturday.
  • Brad Friedel started, played 90 minutes and made four saves in Aston Villa's 1-0 win vs. Manchester United on Saturday.
  • Brad Guzan dressed but did not play in Aston Villa's 1-0 win vs. Manchester United on Saturday.

  • Marcus Hahnemann started, played 90 minutes, made seven saves and received a yellow card in Wolverhampton Wanderers' 1-0 win vs. Tottenham on Saturday.


  • Jay DeMerit started and played 90 minutes in Watford's 1-0 loss vs. Derby County on Saturday.
  • Frank Simek did not dress in Sheffield Wednesday's 3-0 loss vs. Leicester City on Saturday.


  • Zak Whitbread did not dress in Millwall's 3-2 win vs. Hartlepool United on Saturday.
  • Ian Joyce dressed but did not play in Southend United's 1-0 loss vs. Charlton Athletic on Saturday.
  • Mike Grella dressed but did not play in Leeds United's 0-0 draw vs. Brentford on Saturday.
  • Jemal Johnson did not dress in Milton Keynes Dons' 2-1 win vs. Leyton Orient on Saturday.
  • Jon-Paul Pittman came off the bench and played 10 minutes in Wycombe Wanderers' 1-0 loss vs. Carlisle United on Saturday. 


  • Maurice Edu did not dress in Rangers' 3-0 win vs. St Johnstone on Saturday.
  • DaMarcus Beasley started, played 73 minutes, assisted on a goal and helped set up another in Rangers' 3-0 win vs. St Johnstone on Saturday.

  • Dominic Cervi did not dress in Celtic's 3-2 win vs. Motherwell on Saturday. 


  • Oguchi Onyewu did not dress in AC Milan's 2-0 loss vs. Palermo on Sunday. He is recovering from a knee injury.



  • Michael Bradley started, played 90 minutes, and scored a GOAL in Borussia Moenchengladbach's 5-3 win vs. Hannover 96 on Saturday.

  • Steve Cherundolo started and played 69 minutes in Hannover 96's 5-3 loss vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach on Saturday.
  • Sal Zizzo did not dress in Hannover 96's 5-3 loss vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach on Saturday. He is recovering from a knee injury.
  • Jermaine Jones did not dress in Schalke 04's 2-0 win vs. Werder Bremen on Saturday.


  • Kenny Cooper did not dress in TSV 1860 Munich's 1-0 win vs. FC Augsburg on Saturday. He is recovering from a knee injury.
  • Luis Robles dressed but did not play in Kaiserslautern's 3-0 win vs. TUS Koblenz on Friday.
  • Matt Taylor dressed but did not play in FSV Frankfurt's 0-0 draw vs. Ahlen on Saturday.
  • David Yeldell started, played 59 minutes and made four saves in TUS Koblenz's 3-0 loss vs. Kaiserslautern on Saturday.


  • Carlos Bocanegra did not dress in Stade Rennes' 2-1 win vs. AS Nancy Lorraine on Saturday.


  • Freddy Adu and Belenenses play Vitoria de Guimaraes on Monday.
  • Kamani Hill and Vitoria de Guimaraes play Belenenses on Monday.  


What do you think of these performances? Think Beasley is slowly playing himself back into the national team mix? Should he still leave Rangers in the transfer window? Happy to see DeMerit go the distance so quickly?

Share your thoughts below.  

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97 Responses to Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind

  1. David K says:

    Great strike from Michael Bradley this weekend. I’m psyched to see he’s getting those free kick chances at BM. Thanks, Franco.

  2. SG says:

    Great to see DeMerit back in action. He will be needed in SA.

  3. Beckster says:

    Lots of good performances and especially happy to see DeMerit back. At this rate, he should be fully fit for South Africa.

    Hahnemann is the goalie in the BBC’s Garth Brook’s team of the week. Great to see him playing and doing well.

  4. IMSYE87 says:

    anyone have video of this infamous corner that beasley took, where he completely shanks it?

    edu was giving him hell a long with everyone else to beasley on twitter about it lol

  5. OmarVizquel says:

    Too bad it doesn’t matter if you have 15 world class goalies (hyperbole…), you can only play one of them at a time….

    How come we can never have a surplus of strikers?

  6. This is great news for the US if Beasley is getting match fit again.

    He is a strong player for us.

  7. Stuart Holden says:

    Beasley is overrated

  8. JR says:

    What’s up with Bocanegra not playing? Did he pick up a card suspension or something. Because he almost always plays 90 for Rennes.

  9. Robbie Rogers says:


  10. ALT says:

    I think he had a card accumulation

  11. Brian says:

    Serving a suspension for accumulated yellow cards I believe

  12. Brian says:

    Note about Jozy: I heard that he picked up a yellow for “diving”, when in fact it actually should have been a penalty

  13. Drewskibaby says:

    stuart holden is overrated…

  14. darko don says:

    hate to break it to everyone, but it looks like Beasley is getting time to up his transfer value

  15. AmericanRanger says:

    Don’t forget Lichaj who got an assist.

  16. hernandez says:

    That may be the case……but it is never bad to have a part in creating 2 goals. Unless they are own goals…………

  17. Brian says:

    lol, probably

  18. afc says:

    Ives doesn’t follow League Two in England. Lichaj is doing great though. Villa seem really keen on him as one for the future. Its nice to see him get some first team action.

  19. Nels, man de L.A. says:

    lol @ the music in the first beasley clip.

  20. patrick says:

    not counting on beasley, but if he can get a transfer and shake the rust off, he’d be great to have at the world cup. His minutes are about showcasing him, but thats irrelevant for him, and us. Minutes are minutes and if he plays well, gets a transfer to a club where he can play week in and week out, he’s a big plus for the US. Would make putting clint up top a lot more palatable

  21. CSD says:

    Good. It is better than Eddie Johnson who isn’t playing having more time on the weekends in London to upgrade his wardrobe to get ready for his free transfer.

  22. Antonio says:

    if you watch the highlights, he got a yellow for infringement prior to the possible penalty. It wasn’t for diving according to the commentator.
    link to

  23. anovato says:

    who cares why he is playing

    he is playing, and he is playing well, two assists in 3 games, and a hand in another

  24. Ken says:

    Isn’t Fulham trying to sign him? Maybe Dempsey can show him how to be a winger.

  25. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Ives, don’t you mean Freddy Adu will be watching as Belenenses play Vitoria de Guimaraes? 😉

  26. steve says:

    what so he come back to mls with the same value that rangers brought him for, if he plays for the usa squad then its all a joke beasley

  27. Robbie Rogers says:


  28. facundo Lopez says:

    Adu should go play for a English League 1 or 2 team.

  29. harry says:

    fulham sign beasley are u joking do u know how soccer is play in europe pls ken thats why you never see americans playin over seas cuz you have players like adu and beasley and plenty of others that get hyped up little to much and euro scouts never want americans for there clubs and one game that they play doesn’t make them allstars, maybe if they play a game against a top ranked team in the league and i doubt that will ever happen they need americans that have real skill on the ball not jokes

  30. rob says:

    yea adu needs to play somewhere he can play and it might not be the top divion

  31. einar says:

    and dont forget Hill. It will be a great matchup for the staring contest on the sidelines.

  32. Lorenzo says:

    Beasley’s “hand” in a goal was a f’n handball (should have been called on beasley) which he was wacked down .5 second later and got a pk. It’s not like he beat the last defender and was taken down by the keeper. Dear god lets keep it in perspective.

    That assist today was NOT reminiscent of his assist in the Ghana game, are you kidding me?

    I hope for the best for Beasley, but for JC lets keep it objective. Right now the guy has not shown the form to crack our midfielder pool for 4 years.

  33. Brian says:

    “for pulling back Samba first”? That seemed like a weak a$$ call to me. Jozy didn’t really seem to touch him all that much

  34. Ken says:

    Woh calm down. It was a rumor and the people on Fulham’s board were discussing it so I’m just bringing it up.

  35. Manny F says:

    Cus everyone grows up playing with their hands.

  36. Manny F says:

    And not a natural winger.

  37. j says:

    I’d like to see lichaj get called up for a freindly

  38. Joamiq says:

    I just wanted to point out that this is one of the more incoherent and useless comments I’ve seen on this site. “you never see americans playin over seas”? Did you somehow miss… this entire post? I am stupider for having read this.

  39. JRS says:

    Lorenzo, which league and/or clubs do you think would be a good fit for Beasley? I have no idea about any of the current speculation, but given Beasley’s WC experience it would be nice to see him transfer to a team where he gets the opportunity to play through the rust while staying motivated and challenged.

  40. Topher says:

    League mo… f… Two, man. C’mon. That’s the fourth best league in a country. At this point we probably should be moving away from anyone that isn’t playing first division football…(Jay DeMerit an exception since he has Premiership experience).

  41. Joamiq says:

    Franco said his play on the last goal was reminiscent to the Ghana assist, not the first goal. And it was. Franco didn’t even mention the PK. Dear God, learn to read.

  42. Joamiq says:

    Man oh man, I hope this is the start of Bease getting back in form. If he does… watch out next summer. He is BY FAR the most talented American winger.

  43. ahm says:

    agreed. Harry you do realize that beasley has had a relatively successful european career right? and me thinks euro scouts do in fact want americans on their team based on the fact that this article is called “americans abroad.” grammar and logic not your strong suits eh?

  44. Zak1fck says:

    David Yeldell was injured in the loss to Kaiserslautern. He was playing really poorly and was injured on a mistake that resulting in a goal.

  45. harry says:

    ok let me say it in a better way so you can understand the only americans that are playing and playing good in europe are the goalies, and Clint Dempsey and Bradley and they all play against the top league teams, theres maybe a few players in mls that can play in europe but arent and there are some that i heard that are just starting there careers now that could be great players for the usa with good kills on the ball so we have to wait and see

  46. bill says:

    hey does anyone know when is the mls super draft

  47. j says:

    He was a starter for the villa’s reserves which I believe are in 1st place in the reserve leauge and he played well in the peace cup in pre-season in which they used pretty much their starters so that’s why I wanted to see him called up and yeah it bothers me when people say we should call up people like jemal johnson and pittman who play in a leauge that’s worse then mls and don’t even score consistently

  48. ahm says:

    so basically you’re backing away entirely from your previous statement of “there’s no americans in europe cause they all suck” and changing it to “american has good goalies and a few solid players in europe. there’s also a new generation of players moving over there in a stage of their careers where it’s too early to assess so there’s a chance things are changing for the better.” thank you for reneging on your previous statement and are now stating the obvious in that america has a history of talented keepers and is now making progress in getting talented, younger players some exposure overseas. thank you

  49. Sgc says:

    In the US, watching Scottish football on an Arabic broadcaster (complete with kooky soundtrack) through some Russian youtube hack . . . ain’t globalization a trip?

  50. Goalscorer24 says:

    I like to see Beasley hustling! That is what has been missing, much better. Hopefully he continues form.

  51. Isaac says:

    Well as I live and breathe, harry’s back; and what a surprise, he marks his return with a comment containing only pure opinions and conspiracy theories with no facts or figures to back them up.

  52. Victor says:

    Question…..any reason as to why Bocanegra didn’t make the bench for the game?

  53. Isaac says:

    I’m not thoroughly convinced that Walter Smith is on the take from Bob Bradley. No, not because Beasley getting minutes all of a sudden is that unbelievable, it’s just the fact that Beasley has been played on the right, an area of the field where the USA has been looking for someone who can fill the attacking and defensive capabilities. While it’s only St.Johnstone, who’re 10 out of 12 in the Premier League table, at least after this game, we saw the Beasley of old pop out of that hole he’s been in for what seems like forever. If we get Beasley to not only play well, but play well on the right, something he failed to do against the Czech Republic, we might be looking at an fine starting lineup for WC 2010:







    This is purely speculative, I’m not saying this is what SHOULD happen or this is what WILL happen.

  54. Isaac says:

    I’m *NOW thoroughly convinced

    mah bad.

  55. Isaac says:

    I don’t think Beasley’s hustle has ever been missing. He may have slowed a couple of steps, and lost some of his cleverness, but he’s never been lazy, on or off the ball.

  56. Isaac says:

    card accumulation

  57. afrim says:

    beasley a step slower than what he was is still a very useful to the USNT. Hopefully he goes back to Holland where it all beganfor him and has a strong 2nd half

  58. Erik says:

    Rangers are shopping Beasley for sure, but Rangers looked absolutely garbage in the Champions League so maybe he is also getting playing time because the team just isn’t very good. Nacho Novo is all I have to say.

    It’s good to see the Beas getting minutes, if he keeps playing week in and week out, he will be on the plane to South Africa. The experience of two World Cups work in his favor. I would much rather have him there than one of these Columbus Crew type of players. What’s his name? Rogers?

  59. andrew in tamp says:

    the thing i like about the clip with the first goal was that after beasely made the pass, he was moving in position for the return pass for a shot on goal. he used to score those goals for the US MNT. It looks like his confidence is returning. that can only be good. remember Bease knows how to put the ball in the back of the net.

  60. tim from texas says:

    harry, before you do, just don’t. And next time you think of doing, again, just don’t…ever

  61. tim from texas says:

    lol the clip was a little too fuzzy for me to say if it was a handball or not, but i agree that the assist was definitely not reminiscent of his vs Ghana.

    I so hope Beasley gets back to form come World Cup time. Beasley on the right, Dempsey on the left, with Landy up top

  62. Isaac says:

    True. Technically speaking, that brace he scored against Cuba took us to the final round of Qualifying last week.

    The other thing is that Beasley challenged for the subsequent long ball from Bougherra. In fact I think he won it. Either way, the ball fell to the center back’s feet, who cleared it poorly straight to Beasley, leading to the goal.

  63. tim from texas says:

    Robbie, and i definitely agree

  64. Isaac says:

    I’m not sure if people actually realize how important Beasley’s potential resurgence is to the national team with Charlie Davies now questionable for the World Cup. We’re now missing speedy player who can take players on, and cover tons of ground. If Beasley gets back into form, the question of Davies recovery, while still something weighing on the hearts and minds of US Soccer fans, might not contain as much of an impact.

  65. afc says:

    Pittman scores a lot more than Jemal Johnson. Johnson has been pretty much non-existent this season. Pittman has 6 goals. He’ll get a callup at some point. He’s only 23, he has plenty of time.

  66. Isaac says:

    scratch that ‘last week’ part.

  67. jig says:

    i hope they have plans to use him soon, because he’s not exactly a baby. at 21, there are plenty of players that are in or around the villa first team that are much younger.

    i would love to learn why they loaned him to a side so far down the league set up. why not a championship or league one side?

  68. Lorenzo says:

    I would say club is more important than league.
    To be honest I say England, Eredivise, or MLS. I think his succuess would depend more on which club than which league.

    i.e. I bet if Convey returned to LAG or HOU he’d be in better form, but he returned to SJ who shuffled him around and put too much responsability on him, when he just needed to take care of himself.

    I don’t know enough about all the clubs in europe, their coaches, or rosters, so I can only guess that if I was to pick a team for Beasley it would be LAG or Sounders. I can see Arena or Schmid “getting the most” out of a player.

  69. Lorenzo says:

    Adu should return to MLS and pray it does for him what it did for Donovan. DC United seems like a team who could use a striker under 30 years old :)

  70. speekeasy says:

    two concerns with that formation, which i do like:

    1) Jones not being ready or having enough time with the team to get into the starting XI. (i think he’s the key to the our midfield)

    2) I’m worried about Jozy havin to play up top by himself because he seams to struggle for club and country as a lone striker. Though he has gotten better at hold-up play according to some Hull City reviews. I’d rather pair Dempsey up top with him and let our speedy wings (Donovan and Beasely/Holden/Rogers) make runs of the two of them.

  71. speekeasy says:

    Rogers impressed me against Costa Rica he’s got some pace and he’s not a bad crosser either. though Beasely’s experience defintaely would give him the edge

  72. Ryan says:

    garth COOKS

  73. mwc says:

    It would be immense if Beasley could return to form. Sure, he is being shopped, but that is the best thing for him. The SPL is no league for a guy like Beasley and I will never understand him going there to begin with.

  74. Rocco says:

    …complete with comical grammar and epic run-on sentences.

  75. Rocco says:

    Imagine a world with an in form Davies, Donovan, and Beasley? A blitzkrieg counter attack offense that would scare any team. Ahhh what could have been, or, maybe…could be?

  76. jpc says:

    Beasley looked real good yesterday. Actually was attacking the other team. I haven’t seen that out of him in over a year, maybe two… Look out Robbie Rogers, Stuart Holden, and anyone else that thinks they have a spot on the National team. Beasley at his best is a great weapon to have, It may allow Dempsey to play more centrally

  77. kawa says:

    some of you guys are just plain idiots , why the heck would beasley want to transfer when he’s not starting and making good plays impressing his coach again.

  78. OmarVizquel says:

    Maybe the question you should be asking yourself is: Why is Beasley miraculously starting all of the sudden, just weeks away from the transfer deadline, whereas he hasn’t been starting (or playing much) for several months?

  79. DingDong says:

    Consider asking this question without insulting most of the other posters on the board.

  80. Kevin says:


    In an article I read last week, Beasley is seeking a transfer. Here’s the quote from him.

    “My current situation is not ideal… it’s been frustrating,” Beasley recently told YA. “I’m looking to move away from Rangers because I want to play. It’s not that I’m not happy with the club, it’s just that I want to play. I’m only 27 and I feel like I have another six, seven or even eight years left.”

    “My options are open,” continued Beasley. “It might be a move back to Holland or maybe Spain, but it needs to be the right situation where I get a chance to play and stake my claim to Bob [Bradley] about getting back on the US national team and playing at the World Cup next summer.”

  81. DC Josh says:

    Pretty good weekend for YA’s. Dissapointed with Jozy’s current form. Our number one striker should be starting. Given that he’s only 20, I cut him some slack but it’d be nice if he was on a more offensive team.

    I don’t understnd all the Beasley hate. If he can work his way back on the MNT, then kudos to him. He won’t be on the squad unless he’s playing well, which will only make the 23 spots more competitive.

    Pumped we have another MNTeamer playing consistently in DeMerit. He’ll be in top form come June, barring any injuries.

  82. mwc says:

    Oh, I don’t know . . . maybe he said he wanted a transfer. What a plain idiot I am.

  83. Erik says:

    He’s still too green for my taste. There is something missing in the crop of new players it seems. When Beasley and Donovan showed up at the world cup in ’02 they literally ran defenses ragged and showed no fear.

    I see fear from Rogers and some of the newer kids coming up.

  84. Josh D says:

    Does Ives update this for the guys who play on Mondays? Never bothered checking as I always forget!

  85. madmax says:

    I believe Beasley has played around 200 minutes (just over 2 full games) in 2009 for Rangers in SPL games.

  86. smokeminside says:

    And Manny F means EVERYONE, not just soccer players.

  87. Steve says:

    Hey Ives – how about Gabriel Funes and River Plate?

    Is he in any full or youth nat’l team mix, and if so, can you list him here?

  88. BrooklynFC says:

    Word….. and the cross on the second clip was simply beautiful

  89. Mike in Long Island says:


  90. Andrew in STL says:

    Why not have more players to pull from for the World Cup? Im glad to see Beasley play well. Hopefully he can start a resurgence for Americans as these past few months have been rough with the amount of injuries that have occurred. Get Edu back, keep Davies in our prayers, and who knows what the team will look like in 6 months. I am just glad to hear good news about American players on a consistent basis recently, and hopefully the momentum will start to build.

  91. jonk says:

    Speaking of Gabriel Funes, he scored a goal for River Plate the other day. video is here: link to

  92. Pappajohn says:

    What about Beasley as a striker for the USM National Team? Guus Hiddick played him forward for PSV and he did very well. He may be just as fast as Charlie Davies.

  93. Jose S. says:

    Freddy Adu has to get out of Portugal right this moment!

    This is unbelievable. Belenenses has scored only 7 goals in 13 games and have only one home win and this manager won’t give Adu a shot to see if he could spark the offense? Idiot.

  94. Mike in Long Island says:

    Beasley has lost a step, he’s never been a pure goal scorer, and let’s face it…. he’s rubbish…. along with Freddy…. let’s all move on.

  95. madmax says:

    Agree, his 200 playing minutes wouldn’t take him through a double feature.

  96. Josh D says:

    So Ives, what happened with Freddy? You should update this after Monday as well…