Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind

Marcus Hahnemann1 


Wolverhampton Wanderers entered the Premiership season struggling mightily, having won only two games in its first three-and-a-half months in the league. But the tide turned for the club when Marcus Hahnemann made his team debut on Nov. 29, and this weekend's result was just the latest piece of evidence that Hahnemann is still capable of playing at a high level. 

Hahnemann, who has helped Wolves win three out of the fives games he's played in, enjoyed a solid outing, as he made five saves against Burnley en route to posting his second shut-out of the season. The U.S. national team goalkeeper's performance in the 2-0 win helped push Wolves to 12th place in the Premiership's standings.

Hahnemann wasn't the only player to enjoy a solid weekend. DaMarcus Beasley continued his fine form by adding a goal and an assist in Rangers' rout of Motherwell, and Clint Dempsey notched an assist seconds into the second half of Fulham's 3-0 dismantling of Manchester United.

Not all was positive this weekend, though. Carlos Bocanegra failed to see the field for the third straight game for Stade Rennes, who defeated Paris Saint-Germain 1-0. Bocanegra, who has played in 14 league games this season, dressed, but was a spectator in the club's shut-out win as he was an unused substitute.

Here is how the Americans Abroad fared this weekend:



  • Tim Howard started and played 90 minutes in Everton's 1-1 draw vs. Birmingham on Saturday.
  • Jozy Altidore did not dress in Hull City's 3-0 loss vs. Arsenal on Saturday.
  • Clint Dempsey started, played 90 minutes and had an ASSIST in Fulham's 3-0 win vs. Manchester United on Saturday.

  • Eddie Johnson did not dress in Fulham's 3-0 win vs. Manchester United on Saturday.
  • Jonathan Spector dressed but did not play in West Ham's 1-1 draw vs. Chelsea on Saturday.
  • Brad Friedel started and played 90 minutes in Aston Villa's 1-0 win vs. Stoke City on Saturday.
  • Brad Guzan dressed but did not play in Aston Villa's 1-0 win vs. Stoke City on Saturday.

  • Marcus Hahnemann started, played 90 minutes and made five saves in Wolverhampton Wanderers' 2-0 win vs. Burnley on Saturday.


  • Jay DeMerit started and played 90 minutes in Watford's 2-1 loss vs. Peterborough United on Saturday.
  • Frank Simek came off the bench and played 36 minutes in Sheffield Wednesday's 2-0 loss vs. Swansea City on Saturday.


  • Zak Whitbread did not dress in Millwall's 4-4 draw vs. Charlton Athletic on Saturday.
  • Ian Joyce dressed but did not play in Southend United's 1-0 loss vs. Exeter City on Saturday.
  • Mike Grella dressed but did not play in Leeds United's 1-0 win vs. Southampton on Saturday.
  • Jemal Johnson dressed but did not play in Milton Keynes Dons' 1-0 loss vs. Brentford on Saturday.
  • Jon-Paul Pittman came off the bench and played 37 minutes in Wycombe Wanderers' 2-2 draw vs. Oldham Athletic on Saturday. 


  • Maurice Edu did not dress in Rangers' 6-1 win vs. Motherwell on Saturday.
  • DaMarcus Beasley started, played 90 minutes, had an ASSIST and scored a GOAL in Rangers' 6-1 win vs. Motherwell on Saturday.

  • Dominic Cervi did not dress in Celtic's 2-1 loss vs. Heart of Midlothian on Saturday. 


  • Oguchi Onyewu and AC Milan's game vs. Fiorentina was postponed due to snow. Onyewu is still recovering from a knee injury.



  • Michael Bradley started and played 90 minutes in Borussia Moenchengladbach's 3-2 loss vs. Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday.
  • Steve Cherundolo started, played 90 minutes and received a yellow card in Hannover 96's 3-2 loss vs. VfL Bochum on Saturday.
  • Sal Zizzo did not dress in Hannover 96's 3-2 loss vs. VfL Bochum on Saturday. He is recovering from a knee injury.
  • Jermaine Jones did not dress in Schalke 04's 1-0 win vs. Mainz on Friday. He is recovering from a leg injury.


  • Kenny Cooper did not dress in TSV 1860 Munich's 1-1 draw vs. FC Union Berlin on Sunday. He is recovering from a knee injury.
  • Luis Robles and Kaiserslautern play FC Augsburg on Monday.
  • Matt Taylor dressed but did not play in FSV Frankfurt's 1-0 win vs. TUS Koblenz on Friday.
  • David Yeldell did not dress in TUS Koblenz's 1-0 loss vs. FSV Frankfurt on Friday. He is recovering from an injury.


  • Carlos Bocanegra dressed but did not play in Stade Rennes' 1-0 win vs. Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday.


  • Freddy Adu dressed but did not play in Belenenses' 1-0 loss vs. Uniao de Leiria on Sunday.
  • Kamani Hill did not dress in Vitoria de Guimaraes' 1-0 win vs. Rio Ave on Saturday.


What do you think of these performances? Should Hahnemann be the U.S. team's number two goalkeeper? How optimistic are you about Beasley's form? What did you think of Dempsey's assist? Concerned by Bocanegra's benching, or do you think he will regain his starting spot?

Share your thoughts below.  

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76 Responses to Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind

  1. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Freddy’s team has played 14 matches and scored 7 goals…now I am not expert but it would seem to me that the manager might want to try something different… Freddy may not be the answer but what can it hurt when your team just blows…

  2. Rich says:

    Any idea why Jozy didn’t make the 18?

  3. Isaac says:

    Could Jemal Johnson be a possible target for the MLS?

  4. b-hags says:

    Ives, any word why Boca is riding the pine?

  5. JT says:

    It is great to see Beasley finally fully fit and playing with confidence. If he continues to find minutes for Rangers, he will be going to South Africa, and might even be starting. Any news on Jozy? Why wasn’t he even on the bench?

  6. alexandria says:

    I think boca not playing is good cause it will force bob to play someone else. Think of the day when our backline could actually play out of the back instead of booting the ball forward.

  7. Big Chil says:

    Awesome. I love Americans Abroad. It’s one of my favorite services you provide, Ives. Gonna go up to the top and read it now :)

  8. wilyboy says:

    I think Beasley has ample time to make his way back on the national team, and plenty of time to lose his current form in time for the big show. His critics are not venomous because he has no importance or talent. They are critical because, in the most crucial contests, both in 06 and at the Confed Cup, he has lost confidence and displayed unbelievable timidity. We can’t keep him away if he plays well right up to the WC, but I fear that one week is all he needs to fall apart.

    I don’t think Hahnemann is our number two, Guzan has been exceptional whenever given an opportunity. Both Could easily be taken to South Africa as a judgement call. But I think Guzan has more than enough ability, and is the future in back for the nats.

    As for those on the bench and injured… let’s hope it leads to a groundswell after the winter break.

  9. madmax says:

    I think too many of the chaps dressed for the match.

  10. El Michael says:

    The assist by DMB was really nice. What a well played ball. The goal was Ok just DMB out running a slow white boy

  11. Jason says:

    seems like Hull was playing ultra-defensive from the get go. anyways, it didn’t work.

  12. OmarVizquel says:

    You’d think his size might have gotten him in the line-up against height-deprived Arsenal…

  13. RLW2020 says:

    ya any word on why Jozy and Boca did not play/make the roster?

    and #2 keeper; i agree that Guzan is the number 2, but if quality minutes with club decided national team spots, like it does with other positions, then Marcus would be it. but the number 2 GK is different than the number 2 left back or other positions, so no; Guzan keeps it

  14. Big Chil says:

    I think Guzan’s the clear #2 based on starts & performance in qualifying, Confed Cup, and friendlies. In addition, the 25-year-old Guzan will be handed the keys to the team after Tim Howard.

    The question is, do you bring your 37-year-old #3 from the last World Cup, or one of your previous starters, Kasey Keller (40), Brad Friedel (38), just in case?

    They’re all starting somewhere. Friedel, apparently may not be receptive to being a #3.

  15. Warren says:

    maaaaan….so many “did not dress” or “dressed but did not play.”

  16. joe says:

    Can we trade one of our extra goalkeepers for another country’s defender or midfielder??

  17. Lorenzo says:

    hey! lol

  18. Big Chil says:

    Sorry, I guess Friedel is actually formally retired from the USMNT, despite starting for the #4 EPL side…

    His 2002 WC campaign was just awesome.

  19. Big Chil says:

    Heh. I wish. But, any motivated government can do whatever they want with paperwork 😉

    “Hey, Marcus, did you know Brazil is awfully nice this time of year?” 😉

  20. japan says:

    out of Boca, Gooch, and DeMarit, Boca is the only one that can play out of the back…

  21. Topher says:

    There’s a lot of white guys on England and Slovenia….just saying.

  22. ds says:

    easy to play sunday evening centerback. beasley has shown that he can pick up the pieces after several disappointments and work his way up the depth chart and into good form. his so-called timidity in wc-06 was because arena wanted him to drop back so deep to cover for the inept fullback (can you name the left fullback against italy?) he’ll be perfectly fine and will likely be a better option at forward than over-hyped jozy altidore

  23. froboy says:

    might wanna pick another country, Brazil has arguably the best keeper in the world with Julio Cesar, try England they could use one

  24. Brian says:

    Lol you’re about 5 years late to the party

  25. Carlo says:

    Good point. Who the hell was the LB in that game. Cherundolo, Gooch, Pope. Wasn’t Boca playing LB

  26. DC Josh says:

    Seems we can’t have all of our yanks across the pond playing at the same time.

    Bottom line is they all just aren’t good enough. They are in one-on-one battles for their positions, and are losing out in training. Bradley went through it last season, and came out stronger.

    Same old story for Freddy. I’m over it. He needs to get out of Europe and get over himself, go somewhere where he will play, not make a splash in the newspapers and blogs. Nothing wrong with playing in the lower leagues of the world.

    If Beasley keeps up this form, there is no way he doesn’t go to South Africa. It’s safe to say none of us saw this coming, and it will provide even MORE depth in the midfield for the Yanks.

  27. Big Chil says:

    But, who wants to live in England this time of year?

  28. froboy says:

    apparently Hahnemann does b/c that is where he lives, but i agree, wish we could trade our keeper depth for field players

  29. El Michael says:

    I kid

  30. WillyBoy-

    Beasley does not have a confidence problem. He had a knee injury and is coming back into form.

    Beasley is one of our most accomplished Yanks Abroad having played for a championship PSV side that also made a deep run into the Champions League. I believe Beasley has gotten the furthest as an American.

    How quickly we all forget.

  31. QuakesTilliDie says:

    Another great Americans Abroad… it’s pretty clear that at least a few managers are making terrible decisions by benching some of our boys abroad… notably Adu and Altidore.

    I don’t know what is a worse problem for the USMNT right now, the stubborn anti-american managers or the long list of injured players like Gooch/Jones/Davies.

  32. Disheartening to see Altidore on the pine. Would rather see him in a mid-level Euro league getting weekly time. I know he’s young, but I feel he is essential to the #USMNT in 2010 and 2014

  33. Al17 says:

    Don’t lose any sleep over Boca not playing this week with Rennes. He’s fine. One of the three matches he didn’t play was due to Yellow Card Suspension. He’ll play for Rennnes Wednesday which is their last match before the Christmas break in France.

  34. John1 says:

    Jilio Cesar is very good, but I think I’d take Howard over a him any day. Lately Julio Cesar looks he has eaten at his share of rodizios.

  35. JS says:

    well what does it say when your team only scores 7 goals in 14 games and you still cant get off the bench…

  36. Never First says:

    When players go from team to team and still never see any playing time, it’s not the managers’ fault. If they’re good enough, they’ll play.

  37. ahm says:

    i find it hard to believe that if bob bradley came to him and offered him the number two job that he’d decline, at least i’m hoping this. guy can play and i couldn’t care less he wasn’t around for qualifying. i dont know how many other people follow baseball but i feel like it could be a scenario similar to a team signing a “retired” pitcher to a contract for the last 2 months of the year and playoffs. would be a major pickup even though i have total faith in guzan being the number two

  38. Bill says:

    Re: Beasley, is he more effective because he’s playing on the left–where Guus played him at PSV–or do people think that is just a coincidence.

  39. MemRook says:

    I haven’t been able to see all his recent games, but from everything I’ve seen live and in highlights, Beasley has been on the right most of the time for Rangers. So I don’t think it’s coincidence or him playing on the left. I think it’s Beasley turning his game around and getting back on track. He must have worked very, very hard after this summer’s fiasco. Kudos to him and I’m very proud.

  40. Hush says:

    If Timmy had Lucio,Maicon,Juan,Alvez, protecting the backfield, he would be consider the best goal keeper in the world!! :) Cesar is a bit overated if you ask me.

  41. wilyboy says:

    One Good thing about Altidore not playing against Arsenal: All the other forwards got absolutely nothing done. Hopefully, he gets back in it by default.

    Overall, should really consider another club in a trade. I think he’s learned valuable lessons (how hard it is to start, not to mention score, against top class opposition), but he needs to learn how to score and play at the international level. Aint going to happen if he gets second rate passes and the clogged up play that Hull deliver. He won’t impress anyone.

  42. wilyboy says:

    sorry, didn’t mean trade, meant as a transfer, obviously after the WC.

  43. usa says:

    i think we should play jake ouimet up top with mike dunphy out wide

  44. Down with the redcoats says:

    I am concerned some managers in England may be deliberately denying their American players playing time ahead of the World Cup.

  45. Paul Johnson says:

    Dempsey is on a smoking hot streak. the assist header was sweet. I cannot wait to see him taking it to the English in the wc along with beasley.

  46. CrispyST3 says:

    No, i think he (Altidore) should stay on one team……and EARN his starting spot….can you imagine if Dempsey got up and ran when he first started at Fulham, in the beginning he didnt get playing time at all, now he’s one of their stars, i just think that Jozy needs to get settled in a team that can get him service, and STAY THERE, cuz moving from team to team won’t get him anywhere

    Same goes for ADU

  47. OmarVizquel says:

    That’s laughable. Ever consider the fact that Jozy hasn’t scored for Hull (and barely gets near the target), Spector is a spectator on too many goals, Aston Villa is ALREADY playing an American ‘keeper, Dempsey IS playing…..

    I mean, if I have to hear one more person comment that they’re concerned about English players deliberately hurting American players or English managers aren’t playing Americans b/c they’re worried we’ll be too sharp come World Cup time….

  48. OmarVizquel says:

    Jozy’s only there until the end of the season, and then it’s back to Villareal. He better get settled quick.

  49. mwc says:

    Dempsey did not start very well this year, but has really come on. His assist was fantastic as it was something he would not have done last year. A simple knockdown showing vision and touch. He was almost instrumental in another goal with an excellent long ball into Zamora. He has come from a guy who was criticized for too many tricks and not being “Prem quality” to a guy other teams plan for. Unfortunately, I think Hodgson gets more out of Dempsey than Bradley does. I don’t know if it is the quality of the supporting cast, lack of a defined role, team formation, style of play, but Dempsey is far better for Fulham than the USMNT.

  50. mwc says:

    While I know this is heresey to many on this site but, I said it when Jozy transfered and I will say it again: I do not think Jozy is ready to be a starter in the Premier League. His first touch is not good enough, his hold up play is not good enough, his finishing is not good enough, and he does not have the one-v-one skills to take on a defender. Realx, I am not saying he sucks, I am just saying he is not ready to be the #1 guy on a team in one of the best leagues in the world. Unfortunately, I don’t think Hull is the place for him to develop into that, either. It is not a good team and I do not trust the manager. He is stuck there until the end of the season and will likely have inconsistent playing time throughout. This is not good leading up to the World Cup or for his return to Villareal. They paid a lot without much return yet. However, I do hold out hope for the WC as Jozy has shown that he does not need to play all the time in order to produce for the USMNT. I think he is our best option up front right now and I hope he keeps his head down during training with an eye toward South Africa.

  51. Mick says:

    What does it say when you can’t play with any team you’re assigned to in Europe? Hello MLS

  52. JR says:

    Adu’s situation is different than Altidore’s. Hull has a squad rotation and Altidore is part of it, but he hasn’t proven enough yet to break the rotation. He is still getting regular time though. Hull is also still considering purchasing his contract. Adu is on loan with a club that doesn’t appear to be interested in purchasing or even playing him. If he is going to fight for a spot then he needs to go back to Benfica right now.

  53. El Michael says:

    I agree JR except for him going back to Benfica. They have may it clear that they don’t want him. Freddy’s in difficult situation. Large contract and no one wants him

  54. El Michael says:

    Jozy is the real deal, but he just turned 20 and has not shown the consistency to play full time. If Hull has the money i think they will purchase his contract. If not he goes back to Villa. In the meantime he needs to keep working hard and eventually thing will work for him. In a couple of years he will be a full time starter and playing time will not be an issue. and we will be concerned about the next young american star not getting playing time.

  55. DClee says:

    Jovan Kirovski. He became the first American player to score in the Champions League as he helped Dortmund win the competition in 1997. The goal came in a 3-0 win over Sparta Prague on 12/10/96.

  56. DClee says:

    In his mind he would probably want to be #1 as it was his until he retired and he still might have it had he not retired. I don’t know why he did because he was a huge reason we made the quarters in ’02. Guess he and Arena had it out or something. And he retired before playing in England if I remeber correctly as he was with Columbus, I believe.

  57. DClee says:

    Agreed. He wasn’t even starting for the Red Bulls most of the time over here so obviously he still has a lot to learn.

  58. DClee says:

    Lets have all our players go to Europe and 70% of them ride the pine. Real progress for the national team;) Adu needs to get back to the MLS or go play in a league where he sees the field!

  59. Citronomics says:


    Is the Sun’s reporting Stu Holden has a 4 year offer from Blackburn legit?

    Happy holidays to you and everyone in SBI nation

  60. Pappajohn says:

    Too many US players are sitting on the bench. I find this very distressing. Some of our top national team players like Boca, Spector, Copper are not getting the playing time that they need. Other national team prospects like Zizzo, Adu, Edu, Hill and Jones, don’t seem to be playing at all. Being in Europe is good experience only if you play. They all need to find teams willing to play them regularly.

  61. AJM says:

    What makes you think Freddy can play in the MLS? He sat at RLS and wasn’t a regular at DC United. He clearly hasn’t gotten any better since then.

  62. NomorerunDMB says:

    Hahnemann is the #3.

    Beasley might be back to his best but that isn’t good enough. The problem is he is good enough to get on the team but not good enough to displace the current midfielders. His best form was at PSV in 2004 but that was a long time ago and he was part of a great team and had a stellar coach. He has not been an integral part of the USMNT for some time now and I don’t see this being replicated in SA.

    If 7 of the 8 midfielders are Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Clark,Jones, Torres, and Benny, then you have to pick one of Holden, Rogers and DMB. And both Rogers and Holden offer more to the current set up than DMB does.

  63. HoneyHell says:


    Edu, Jones, Zizzo, and Cooper are all recovering from injury. Can’t play an injured player. As for Boca & Spector they get good minutes most of the time. Boca was out with a suspension for a match and then out based on Manager discression. He’ll get plenty of time after the winter brake. Spector…not sure why he’s been out but again after the break I hope to see him playing a lot at a single position instead of being bounced around the back line. Hill…don’t know enough about his situation.

  64. Kevin_Amold says:

    Julio Cesar is inarguably NOT the best keeper in the world. Sorry.

  65. ahm says:

    i agree that it makes the most sense to fight it out. you keep bouncing around like adu and never stick with anyone in particular. the truth is jozy just isnt ready to be a starting striker in the prem. to be effective in a starting lineup jozy needs a team with almost no depth at striker but has sufficient midfield talent to get him quality service… oh wait that’s the USMNT. jozy should settle somewhere with a quality coach, practice hard and take a full season to work himself into the starting lineup like deuce did

  66. THISISNOTMLB says:

    If you want Freidel that bad then drop Howard from the team for 2010.

    Freidel has made it very, very clear that he will only come back if Howard is out of the picture (presumably by injury but if you guys want Freidel so bad maybe Bradley will listen to you; but you can’t have both).

    I don’t have a problem with that as Freidel is better than Howard or at least as good right now. In fact you can make the case Guzan has played as well as Howard (or even better) for the US lately. However,if I was Howard, who hasn’t really done anything wrong, I’d be pretty upset and so would the other veterans.

    Overall, this would be a pretty stupid move as goalkeeping is about 40th on the list of issues that need to be addressed for the USMNT, but hey whatever you fans want.

  67. donttreadonme says:

    Basically, your concern is intensely paranoid.

    So Phil Brown, who is staring relegation in the face and probably the loss of his job, is so patriotic that he would not us a powerful goalscoring forward who can help him get that most treasured of commodities to a relegation fighting team, goals?

    Is the English FA going to put him on a stipend when he gets fired for getting Hull relegated?

    Brown may be pschyotic or stupid but he’s not that stupid. He would play Satan or Osama Bin Laden if they could score goals for Hull.

  68. Dontreadondeuce says:

    Brown has never let logic get in the way of his managing.

  69. Tim says:

    Can Zak Whitbread even be called a soccer player anymore? When was the last time he put on a uniform?

  70. Andrew says:

    Maybe this has been hashed over, but how bad is Jozy if he can’t start for Hull? They were terrible against Chelsea. No forwards at all and what an awful peno attempt. Of course the officiating was despicable– ruined the game– but that’s for another day…

  71. Kizz says:

    Daniel Cousin is back from injury that’s one of the major reasons Jozy didn’t make the team.

  72. Kizz says:

    Beasley is WAY better than Holden and Rogers combined. Not even close. What did both Holden and Rogers do in the Olympics, they were flops there and that was against solid competition.

  73. Luke says:

    I believe it was Eddie Lewis at LB. Who was converted by Arena from LM to LB for the Nats.

  74. Jorge says:

    Incredible about the Wolves. Weren’t they at the bottom of table not long ago?

  75. danny says:

    US MNT Starting Lineup if World Cup was next week:

    Bornstein–Bocanegra–Demerit– Cherundolo

    What do you guys think? How would this team do?

  76. Matt says:

    Hull can barely get past the halfway mark. They can’t even get it up the wings to put balls in the area. The appearances by Bullard looked hopeful, but we all knew he was going to break again. It’s unfortunate, and I don’t see them turning it around unless Stephen Hunt can give the players some of his hustle. Having big target men up front is a waste of time for that team.