Bradley’s assist vs. Bayern Munich

BradleyM (Getty Images)

Borussia Moenchengladbach saw its five-match unbeaten streak ended by Bayern Munich on Friday, but U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley did enjoy one of the bright spots of the match for the underdogs, a clever assist on Moenchengladbach's lone goal.

Here is Bradley's assist:


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62 Responses to Bradley’s assist vs. Bayern Munich

  1. Chuck says:

    What a beautiful first time touch. He’s really been playing great this season.

  2. Brian says:

    Suck it haters!!

  3. Kevin in Denver says:

    That’s a world-class ball.

    Before you hate, remember, I didn’t say he was world-class. I said the ball was. If he can remain in form in the midfield, look out England.

  4. Pico says:

    I hope that one touch pass makes up for the lackadaisical defending on Bayer’s first goal. He should have closed in fast since he had a clear shot at Gomes. Good to see him getting minutes though.


  5. afrim says:

    If Bradley’s last name was “Smith” there would be a lot less hate for the player. The guy is only 2 years older than Jozy and look how much love that guy gets. Cant wait to see him pushed further up the field with Jones cleaning up the junk behind him.

    Going to holland was the best thing that ever happend to him

  6. IMSYE87 says:

    thatta boy m-brad!

    not only his game but borussia’s mochendsjlakfjlksad has definitely been playing better football this season (*KNOCK ON WOOD*)

    good stuff from both, keep it up

  7. joe says:

    I could not agree with you anymore. Jozy just gets love because he is a forward but Bradley is doing all the work.

  8. ahm says:

    agreed. i think bradley-jones pairing at the WC would be a MAJOR boost to the squad. real ability to get the ball and hang onto it

  9. andrew in tampa says:

    chuck D radio interview on stu holden’s web site link to

  10. grubbsbl says:

    yea he is pretty bad……. can’t wait to see him pushed up higher more often with Jones lying deep.

  11. DC Josh says:

    22 years old and yet to reach his potential. Great player.

  12. BCC says:

    Eh, he was only in the game because his dad is the coach.

  13. Bradleyis666 says:

    Bayern still wants to work marketing angles in the US so they let the American kid assist on this to boost US interest. More evidence of the Gulati-Bradley axis of evil, the conspiracy to foist Michael Bradley on the American public as a good soccer player. Don’t be fooled. It’s all a sham.

  14. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I bet with a little searching, we can find posters who think Bradley’s spot on the national team is the result of nepotism and should be given to Adu…

  15. Matt Mathai says:

    I can’t believe you had to go and ruin the whole evil scheme by exposing it here! Way to go.

  16. wilbur06 says:

    adu would have scored instead of getting the assist. He’d have probably gotten a hat-trick in this game. he is the answer to every question on our team.

  17. miked says:

    more proof that anyone who says anything about ‘nepotism’ and mikey bradley is a clown. kid can play, and does so more consistently than any of the vaunted u20s he came up with.

  18. dena says:

    Bradley should regrow his hair.

  19. CrispyST3 says:

    hell yah, even CB!!!

  20. Mattdillon says:

    If somebody not named Bradley had made a play like that in the Uzbek 3rd division, half the soccer blogosphere would have been ripping Bob for not calling the guy up.

  21. afrim says:

    i like the hooligan look. just by looking at him you’d expect him to speak in a liverpoolian dock worker accent.

    its better than those latin primadonna’s with shoe laces around their heads and pony tails

  22. KCB says:

    Baby Bradley! We can take the English midfield, and beat them.

  23. Roxy says:

    I know! He looks better with hair. Gotta stop shaving that head.

  24. Lorenzo says:

    Beasley came on at 64th and drew a penalty for Rangers…

  25. sjquakes says:

    Additionally, the Gulati-Bradley axis is also the conspiracy behind 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, faking the landing on the moon, and secretly trying to poison us by putting fluoride in our drinking water.

  26. Jacopo Belbo says:

    did anybody notice that the Bundesliga is already using the WC Jabulani ball? advantage Germany? the Prem is still using that ugly arse yellow Nike ball.

  27. Mason says:

    Don’t forget H1N1 influenza!

  28. Isaac says:


  29. Isaac says:

    Bradley is turning out to be a Ballack/Gerrard/Scholes mix. A two-way player with fairly good ball skill, exquisite touch, pinpoint distribution, and a 90 minute intensity and work rate. For all the ragging that people do on his passing, his passing and distribution lead to a lot of goals

    -Bradley found Donovan on the 3rd goal against Trinidad
    -Bradley combined with Donovan on the 2nd goal against Egypt
    -Bradley found Spector out wide on the 3rd goal against Egypt
    -Bradley found Davies out wide on the 1st goal against Spain
    -Bradley found Feilhaber out wide on the 2nd goal against Spain
    -Bradley found Donovan on the goal against Mexico
    -Bradley found Donovan on the 2nd goal against El Salvador
    -Bradley skinned a Costa Rican defender and found Donovan leading to the corner for the second goal.

    There is also this goal as well. He shows nice mobility, vision, and touch to play that ball right away. No, his passing isn’t perfect, but it’s improving every game, and I think I’m most excited to see how he does in the World Cup.

  30. SrySnffy says:

    He’s going bald. . .

  31. Ted Decker says:

    It’s supposed to be the roundest ball yet.

  32. Isaac says:

    Roundest ball yet? What the hell was wrong with the other ones?

  33. Isaac says:

    Yes, post collegiate age baldness is very common….

  34. Joseph says:

    It was a nice pass BUT, at this level, anybody on the field could have made that pass. I don’t think it was anything special. Good result but nothing special

    (SBI-You never have anything good to say about anybody named Bradley, do you? Still think the USA is going three-and-out?)

  35. Paul says:

    Isaac makes some good points; Bradley might be better than many US fans, including myself, think. (I tend to think that the US’s current crop of youngsters, including Bradley and Jozy, are only slighly worse than Mexico’s vaulted youth.) The problem with Bradley is not that he fails to produce good moments–the problem is that he produces about as many bad moments. It is on the afternoons Bradley gives up the ball that the US fails to play well. If Bradley can play well and keep possession for the US, along with chipping in a goal or two, then the US can do very well in this World Cup. Replacing Clark with Jones or Edu will help Bradley on both the offensive and defensive ends, and this simple upgrade should not be underestimated as improving American play on both ends of the pitch.

  36. espruell says:

    Anyone could’ve made that pass? Give me a break. Thats a world class deft touch.

  37. Isaac says:

    It’s easy to SEE a pass like that, but a lot of players will play the ball to heavily or too lightly. Bradley hit the ball on the sweet spot with the perfect amount of weight on it.

  38. Lorenzo says:

    wow, that was a handball by Beasley…

  39. bob says:

    Darn it, you beat me to the punch

  40. wtf bbq says:

    duh, they weren’t round enough.


  41. Roxy says:

    Haha. He’s not. He’s got really blonde hair that makes him look like he’s going bald. He will eventually, but not yet. I’ve examined hi-res pics. 😀

  42. Nels, man de L.A. says:

    it appears the video is down, here’s a link to the entire match highlights (in english)

    other notes taken from said highlights:

    Bradley could have done much more to defend the first goal against ‘gladbach, he was ball watching with Mario Gomes sizing up a shot at the edge of the box, not great defense.

    also bradley’s touch lets him down on a good chance to go 1on1 with the bayern keeper, hits it too far.

    and bradley also set up another glorious opportunity for a teamate that could have been a goal with a better shot.

    link to

  43. arisrules says:

    Bradley was amazing as an 18 year old for the Metrostars. Unfortunately nobody realized it then.

    One of the best plays I’ve seen an American make in a while was the second goal against Costa Rica. Bradley absolutely breaks ankles to get by one player (the guy ended up in maryland). Now Bradley had two obvious options. He had space to run into (which 50% of players in that position would do). He could dink it into the box and hope something happens (the other 49.9%). No he took the third option which didn’t seem to exist at first which was play Landon out wide with a PERFECT ball. Landon then crosses and Sequiera (or whoever it was) gives up the inane corner.

    Bradley stills needs some polishing. As some have noted that he can make some bad plays. Sometimes his will to win also gets the better of him. What is obvious is that he’s probably the best d-mid we’ve ever had at the age of 22. John Harkes playing in a similar position had 6 goals in 90 games. In 38 games Bradley has 7 goals and most have come in BIG games.

    He’s class.

  44. dadryan says:

    must be the shoes.

  45. Yasha says:

    Those announcers sound like the two guards at the border crossing in Stripes. (Though yes, I realize the guards were supposed to be Czech and I am pretty sure the announcers were Polish.)

    Nice leave, Mikey.

  46. kofi_x5 says:

    We love the 1 touch assist

  47. peaceful assembly says:

    Good thing I skipped college. 😀

    Terrible defending IMAO by the way.

  48. hernandez says:

    Way to go Bradley!!!!!

  49. Brian says:

    ya seriously…how is that not a handball?

  50. JRhode says:

    Why was he subbed out? Coach didn’t look too pleased with him when he came off either. I thought he was the best player on the pith for ‘Gladbach.

  51. Obe says:

    Rumor was he was losing his cool and he’s on a yellow, so the coach yanked him out. Beautiful assist, by the way. It felt like Bradley was “one” with that ball– such control to get it to his teammate.

  52. James says:


  53. badabing says:

    Correct, he was on a yellow and then committed one more foul shortly before he was taken out; he was on the brink of being sent off…

    Bradley has earned his spot after some weaker matches in the beginning of the season.

  54. Bradleyis666 says:

    You have reckoned without the Gulati- Bradley axis of evil. They are paying off the Beleneses people (and Lalas as well) to keep Freddy down. Nothing must threaten M. Bradely’s status as a starter. Don’t be surprised if they are found to have connections with the medical staff at Schalke. They are also planning to steal Castillo’s passort, just in case he thinks he can move into the midfield. And who do you suppose is behind Torres’ “personal issues”? Be afraid, be very afraid.

  55. Bradleyis666 says:

    That wasn’t M. Bradley. Did you see Slovakia? They have a bunch of guys with shaved heads who look just like him and are way more skilled. The Gulati-Bradley evil axis has been paying them to play for him and build up his rep so that Freddy/Torres/ Jones and the like can’t threaten baby Bradley’s place. Michael is actually on a beach in the Maldives.

  56. BCC says:

    Didn’t you see Ireland/France? Handballs are legal now.

  57. BCC says:

    What have Mexico’s vaunted youth actually accomplished? I’m sorry, but El Tri are a pack of paper champions.

    Vela, Dos Santos, Guardado . . . what have they won? What have they accomplished?

  58. MVK says:

    Do you know why I drink only pure grain alcohol Mandrake?

  59. Me from Germany says:

    Funny! Holland? You’re serious?