Everton announces Donovan loan move

Landon Donovan (ISIphotos.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

Everton FC formally announced the completion of the Landon Donovan loan move on Friday, clearing the way for the U.S. men's national team star to make his temporary move to the English Premier League.

Donovan will join U.S. teammate Tim Howard and the Toffees after the New Year, pending acceptance of his UK work permit application, which is a formality given Donovan's U.S. national team status.

Donovan's loan will last for roughly ten weeks and have him back with the LA Galaxy in time for its season opener vs. New England on March 27.

So who will Everton be facing during those ten weeks? Try nearly every top team in the EPL. Here is a rundown of Everton's schedule during Donovan's loan:

Jan. 2- vs. Carlisle United (FA Cup)

Jan. 9- at Arsenal

Jan. 16- vs. Manchester City

Jan. 27- vs. Sunderland

Jan. 30- vs. Wigan

Feb. 6- at Liverpool

Feb. 10- vs. Chelsea

Feb. 18- vs. Sporting Lisbon (Europa League)

Feb. 20- vs. Manchester United

Feb. 25- at Sporting Lisbon (Europa League)

Feb. 27- at Tottenham

March 6- vs. Hull

March 13- vs. Birmingham

What do you think of Donovan joining Everton? Will you be looking forward to watching him face the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United? Hoping he winds up in England permanently come a year from now?

Share your thoughts below.

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113 Responses to Everton announces Donovan loan move

  1. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Excellent. Really hope he excels.

  2. jonk says:

    Alright, now get your butt over there early, spend Christmas with the Howards, and get integrated with the team.

  3. Chris says:

    How many games will be on ESPN or FSC?

  4. Adam says:

    If he plays well can he extend the loan like Beckham did last year? Just up to the world cup?

  5. wally says:

    Awesome. Brutal strech of games for Everton, but all those maquee matchups are sure to be televised!

  6. HoneyHell says:

    I wish him the best of luck in the move and hope he gets plenty of Playing time. This could help and hurt the US in the WC match with England as He can learn some of the tendancies of the english players he’ll line up against…but they can do the same to him.

  7. Clark says:

    This is great.

  8. That’s some great competition for our #10. When the Merseyside Derby comes about, I hope Landon says something like “Well we play Chivas USA in the Super Clasico so I know what this is all about”, making Englishmen’s heads explode.

  9. The Toffees website incorrectly describes Donovan as the US captain. Last time I checked Bocanegra was the captain.

  10. j says:

    all of the big four that’s good competition

  11. Bob says:

    That will all depend on his work permit/visa. Once he obtains his work permit he will need to get his visa through the UK ocnsulate in LA. He has to enter the UK with the visa and work permit to get it stamped.

  12. Charles says:

    He says in the press conference he was sick of losing.

    So he signs with the 16th place team for 10 weeks of that schedule?

    The ideal situation would be for him to get crushed over there, not too hard to see happen, then WIN the World Cup and play out his career in MLS bringing in 100s of thousands of fans.

  13. Sauldinho says:

    Iron Fists, that’s hilarious. Thanks for the morning laugh.

    In all seriousness, this is great news. I think LD will take a few games to settle in, and then he’ll hold his own. I doubt he will excel or be the “star” they’re looking for, but, regardless, this is great for his game and the USMNT.

  14. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    I think they can win 7 out of 13 of those games. Also he can get more games with a run in the FA Cup and Europa League. I cannot wait for the New Year!!!

  15. Kevin in Denver says:

    And all of the sudden, every single Everton match becomes must see TV for fans of the USMNT.

  16. Peter says:

    I hope Landon excels with the Toffees, they could really use a shot in the arm….

    The EPL is a rough place and will certainly give him great experience. But, we should all cross our fingers that Steven Gerrard (Feb 6), John Terry/Frank Lampard (Feb 10) and/or Wayne Rooney (Feb.20) don’t decide to aid England’s first match chances with a well (poorly?) timed tackle to the knees, shins, ankles or metatarsal area.

  17. Big Willy Style says:

    I like it, and I hope that if he is contributing and Everton advance in the Europa league that the loan will be extended

  18. Rooch says:

    Is he eligible for the Europa league matches?


  19. Matt says:

    What happens if there is a Work stoppage in the MLS can Landy stay with everton until any possible stoppage is worked out?

    (SBI-No, because he’s still bound by FIFA transfer windows, so if he stays beyond that deadline he’ll then have to stay until the end of the year and then not rejoin MLS until July.)

  20. Tim Howard says:

    Thanks for your support Kevin.

  21. Felix says:

    I hope he does well, this is all predicated on him doing well. If he does well in this short loan spell AND has a good World Cup, a European club will come in and offer a good transfer fee for Donovan (especially with his new contract).

    On one hand, this situation does put alot of pressure on Donovan, cause he has so little time to acclimate to a new league, country, etc and to excel. At the same time, especially with the WC looming, if it doesn’t work out, he won’t rot away on a bench but be able to return to the Galaxy and play into form. This unique situation has both positives and negatives – but everything depends on Donovan’s play.

    The unique deal also ensures that he will play, since Everton will want to get the mileage out of him that they will need since they are suffering injuries, fatigue and fixture congestion.

  22. Aaron in StL says:

    Too bad they aren’t playing Villa, too. I’d like to see him go up against old Friedel.

    13 games, go prove yourself young Landon. I can’t see why he wouldn’t get his chances in that squad.

  23. matt says:

    Ives, i thought that the MLS window was open until 4/15 so if there was a stoppage that would be the last date that he would be able to come back before having to sit out until July

  24. Aaron in StL says:

    Just has to be registered for the competition, which shouldn’t be a big deal.

    If it was CL (like at Bayern last year) it would be a different story, as no team would want to register a guy that would be gone for the final stages.

  25. AF92 says:

    On another topic, DCU signs Cristian Castillo. From Behind the Badge;

    Please welcome the newest member of D.C. United – Salvadoran international Cristian Castillo. General Manager Dave Kasper has confirmed the 25-year old’s signing this morning, telling us the midfielder will join the Black-and-Red on loan from Mexico’s Leon FC.

    Here’s what Kasper had to say about the club’s newest player:

    “We are excited to acquire a young player like Cristian, who we feel is one of the most talented players in El Salvador. He has performed well at the club level and certainly established himself as one of the most important players on the national team in the recent World Cup qualifying campaign. Cristian has excellent speed and technical ability, and will be an exciting addition to our midfield.”

  26. OmarVizquel says:

    Maybe Landon will take the initiative himself.

  27. OmarVizquel says:

    I think he’s immediately the second-best player on that squad, but maybe I’m biased…

  28. Kizz says:

    Expect most of those games on FSC, unless early then on ESPN2.

  29. D-nice in Philly says:

    And the question of Donovan’s career: Where does he line up?
    Feb 6 will be great. I hope US TV picks that up. I’m a ‘Pool fan (sadly). Conflict of interest there. Though I’d be happy with a Donovan goal, Howard shut out, and a Rafa firing!

  30. Kizz says:

    Obviously a mistake, but you think the English or the world really cares who the US captain is? Get a grip.

  31. Sam says:

    FSC would do well to debut their HD capability for these games.

  32. Charles says:

    You do realize……

    IF even half as much as excitement was for him staying in the US, the league would be on par with England and we could watch him here rather than hoping it is on FSC.

  33. Schedule Analyzer says:

    Liverpool vs Everton, February 6th, ESPN2

  34. Kizz says:

    He stands to make over 2 million in MLS next season. No top European club will buy him at his age. Also No small club will pay him 2 mil. Does Dempsey even make that much playing for Fulham? And he is probably the highest earning American in Europe.

  35. Kizz says:

    Yes you are biased. Tim Cahill, Tim Howard, Louis Saha, Yakubu are all ahead of him. Typical to put the blinders on.

  36. Kizz says:

    A liverpool fan rooting for Everton to win? You are not a fan of the Kop. No Liverpool fan will root for the team across the park regardless of who is playing at Goodison Park.

  37. Senad says:

    but why would he stay in the US
    he has more potential
    he needs to be recognized and the US soccer clubs are falling apart anyway
    England is the best place in the world to play in
    and he is perfect i would say for Arsenal, Chelsea, or well i don’t see him in AC Milan, but probably Manchester United

  38. IMSYE87 says:

    seriously. go to everton mate. enjoy the championship next season.

  39. Jeff says:

    This time he really needs to create things when he gets the ball. I think his mistake at Bayern Munich was to try to conform to their system, when what they really needed was an attacker to run at defenders. He needs to try and make a huge impact instead of just finding a niche.

  40. tony t says:

    That kid Castillo has some nasty moves. Good signing.

  41. El Michael says:

    The second best player after Howard. No question

  42. CSD says:

    March 6- vs. Hull

    This game should be fun to watch if Altidore and Donovan are both starting. Probably the two biggest USMNT goal scoring threats in an upcoming World Cup on the same pitch in the EPL would be something new.

  43. Kizz says:

    LOL, look at Yakubu and Saha’s scoring records in the EPL. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about; too funny. Yak and Saha along with Cahil and Fellaini are ahead of him. Keep dreaming that some MLS player is better than the two most expensive players in Everton history (Fellaini and Yak). Yak at Portsmouth and Middlesbrough was one of the most successful EPL goal scorers this century only behind Thierry Henry. Look it up before you make an such uninformed and ridiculous statement.

  44. Aaron in StL says:

    Yakubu and Saha are very inconsistent, mainly due to injury. If they were clearly better players, LanDo wouldn’t be coming. But they can’t stay healthy for a long stretch.

    I would say he’s on par with the available field players, and any given day one could excel over another.

  45. Kizz says:

    I can care less about either teams in Liverpool. Plus this whole madness about him starting. Everton has injuries, but not at the forward position. They are missing defenders and midfielders. So unless he is coming to create and fill the void left by Mikel Arteta, he is not taking Yak, Saha, Cahill or Fellaini’s spot on that team. Maybe out wide as a winger.

  46. Kizz says:

    Arsenal? Chelsea? He won’t even smell their reserves!!!! Joke of the day.

  47. Fire BB says:

    I’ll be excited when Landycakes decides to cut the umbilical chord for good and transfer to a proper league. Simply put, he’s wasting his talent in MLS.

  48. einar says:

    hey ives can u get more in to detail of whats going on at rangers. Because i heard the coach wants beasley to stay and is not playing him to showcase and sell him.

  49. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    I think everyon eis comparing curent form and ability. Not that of the past. So yes I would also rank him above Yakubu and Fellani. Prolly not Cahill and Saha though.

  50. Cindy says:

    go on Landon, do work! very best of luck to him! i hope he succeeds wildly beyond expectations!

  51. Robert says:

    i doubt it but there’s always a chance

  52. Goalscorer24 says:

    It’s great. I hope he does well so his inability to succeed outside of the US is put to rest. I guess we shall see!

  53. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    I doubt it too considering how he slapped Becks for doing that.

  54. Mingjai says:

    I’m no immigration expert, but assuming Donovan still has his passport in his possession,he would be able to enter the UK on a visitors visa for the next few weeks (though he wouldn’t be able to “work”), and then once the work permit is approved, he leaves the UK, obtains his visa, and re-enters now able to work while in the UK.

  55. sammysounder says:

    He’s contracted to LA, but it will matter how well he does. MLS isn’t going to let him go without a hefty transfer fee.

    If he has a hat trick every game then someone will cough up the dough to keep him in Europe, even if it’s not Everton.

  56. roysterer says:

    If Everton are in the Championship next year I will eat my hat.

  57. Chris in Belfast says:

    It’s hard to believe that that process hasn’t already been kick started.

    Once you send in your materials it takes three weeks at the most for this to go through with the UK, usually much less.

  58. Kizz says:

    He better use Yak’s spot while he away. Watch Yak come back from the African Cup and Donovan won’t even smell the bench, unless Moyes uses Donovan as support which means he goes after Cahill’s spot and that ain’t happen…

  59. CSD says:

    If Beasley is healthy and playing in 3 months give us an update.

    If Beasley isn’t injured come spring his play will have some relevance. Past experience has shown there is almost no chance he will not be injured again shortly.

  60. Chris in Belfast says:

    Landon might as well be the captain of the team. As he goes, so do the Nats. Boca is captain by band only.

  61. JohnC says:

    These are the signings that give me a lot of hope for the league- teams are going after some of these young guys from Central America, undeveloped African Countries (Revs with Gambia) and reaching into South America (Seatlle with Montero and Hertado). Continuing to attain young and exciting prospects outside of the states combined with a growing number of our own young and exciting prospects will make this league so much stronger- sorry Ljunberg, Angel and Blanco- I have really enjoyed watching you but your type will not what takes this league to the next level.

  62. keep says:

    another Yank note
    Beas cracks Sky Sports goal of the week

  63. DS says:


  64. Chris in Belfast says:

    It would appear that you don’t quite understand how Landon is best used… he’s not really a forward, so he’s not going to be competing for spots mano a mano with Yakubu and Saha. Your argument is a nonstarter.

  65. green says:

    “but why would he stay in the US”

    It’s obvious. . . to be here for Charles. That, and he’s waiting for all his MNT teammates to sign for his club, so they can have their own MLS team and hundreds of thousands of fans will show up to watch them. Plus, it’s just like the EPL.

    : ]

  66. kptx says:

    Actually, if you look at the article, Moyes says he “has captained the USA…” Which is correct since he’s taken the armband many times in Boca’s absence.

    Like others have said though, it really doesn’t matter too much one way or the other. He has been capped many times and is a leader for the national team, and I think Moyes was just wanting to stress his experience.

  67. fischy says:

    The Europa League schedule is crazy, because they won’t play on UEFA CL days. So, a big club like Man Utd will have 3 or 4 days until they play Everton, but Everton plays the Red Devils 2 days after a Europa League match. THis happens 2 weeks in a row, such that they play 4 games in nine days. The question is whether they play the reserves against Sporting in Europa League, or against Man Utd and Spurs. No way the starting 11 plays in Europa and EPL games 2 days apart. Few, if any players can be expected to do that.

  68. CHJ says:

    I could not agree more strongly. I get very excited about luring young up and comers from overseas, even if after a few years they then make the leap to Europe (which I think will very likely happen with Montero). That said, I think a well placed veteran DP can really make a team jell and take them to the next level. But only if all of the other pieces are in place. It would be nice to see some of those DP’s in the future be experienced Americans who play at the highest level in Europe and then return to states to finish there careers. I’m thinking Keller types, but field players.

  69. fischy says:

    Well, to be fair, no one has figured out how Landon is best used — certainly not any of his coaches…but, maybe you know better than any of them.

  70. AdamTheRed says:

    Does ANYONE have an idea what his # will be?

    i want to order a shirt!

    Arteta is already #10!

  71. Aaron in StL says:

    Just because you throw an “LOL” in your argument doesn’t make you look like you have a better idea than someone else.

    Please look at Yak’s stats, and tell me if Landon couldn’t do as well/better:

    link to soccernet.espn.go.com

    LD isn’t as injury prone as Yakubu, and that’s huge for a squad like Everton trying to move up the table. Saha is a different story, he’s actually delivering.

  72. fischy says:

    Here’s the piece you’re missing: If Donovan can establish himself as a genuine top-rank player over there, when he comes back here he will be a far bigger star than he has ever been before — which is why this deal makes so much sense for MLS and the Galaxy.

  73. Josh D says:

    Great move for Landycakes (if he doesn’t bottle it…again).

    Great move for Everton’s marketing to the US.

  74. Panos says:

    He won’t play

  75. Wispy says:

    Actually, in the article Moyes is quoted as saying Donovan “has captained the US team” which is true. He has been the captain, many times, he’s just not right now.

  76. dbex says:

    LOL at your LOL. Right, Donovan is just “some MLS player.” I get as frustrated as anyone with his sometimes streaky form, but when he’s on (and he’s been on since the Confed Cup) he’d pretty devastating. I don’t see him playing striker anyway, but since when does the fact a player is “the most expensive in [x] club’s history” mean squat? Yakubu and Saha can both be very effective *when healthy* (and not off at the ACN tournament)….Donovan will have plenty of time to prove himself and should do well.

  77. south says:

    Don’t be so quick to judge.

    Everton have been having injury problems. Their starting XI haven’t been playing that great either.

    If Donovan comes in and does well, he’ll play.

    Moyes is no fool, and he’ll pick the best players at his disposal for the derby. If Donovan can play like he was during qualifiers, I see him cementing a spot in the lineup

  78. south says:

    If you’re going to order a shirt,

    order last seasons.

  79. jjraines says:

    How is the (bad) ending not already written?

    Unless he just crushes, which yes, I think he’s capable of — this WILL be another short term adventure failing to stick in Europe.

    Even though every time it has been by his choice, the meme is set and by signing that contract he just made sure it happens again.

    It helps that everyone will actually see him play, because afterall, the MLS doesn’t exist in their worlds.

    I’m just not seeing how this is any different from last year’s Bayern loan — except that it’s in the EPL, and with no chance of extending the deal.

  80. jonk says:

    Actually, it won’t be quite that bad for the 1st Europa game. The home fixture against Lisbon will be played on a Tuesday not Thursday because of some kind of conflict with Liverpool playing their game on the Thursday just down the road.

  81. Nicole says:

    No, he didn’t. That is such a misconception of Donovan’s gripe with Becks. His complaints were Becks’ lack of effort while with the Galaxy. And he said those words long before Becks ever left for Milan. donovan said he understood why Beckham wanted to stay at Milan while he was there.

  82. skinn says:

    you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  83. Jamie Z. says:

    IVES – Ahem, I think you mean “every top team in the EPL, minus Aston Villa.” I’ll let it slide this time.

    – A Villa Fan

  84. Jamie Z. says:

    Especially since you said “nearly.”

    Ives, 1: Jamie, 0.

  85. ThaDeuce says:


  86. Kizz says:

    @ Aaron and Dbex, Yak is proven, lol or not. Saha is proven on the European LEVEL, not MLS. Sorry boys. Donovan will ride the bench. I said that last year at Bayern; I stand by it again. Once Yak returns from Angola, he will get his spot back. Donovan is going up against Steven Pienaar, Tim Cahill, Bilyaletdinov. Felliani’s spot is sealed, so is Yak and Saha good luck.

  87. mwc says:

    Good one. That would be even more hilarious if he said it after scoring a few goals.

  88. Kizz says:

    I don’t give a crap how Donovan is used in MLS or US. Except for Americans, who cares?

  89. Kizz says:

    At 27 not much talent is left. 27 is a veteran in football. Who will sign him? No major club so some small team might take a chance at spending $5 million (no more) on him. MLS would be lucky if they got that much for a 27 year-old failure in European football.

  90. Kizz says:

    Who cares? It American soccer.

  91. Kizz says:

    Like those guys are scared of an MLS player? You guys are too funny. Terry will push him off the ball all day. He won’t even see Lampard all game and Stevie G is too focused to think of some midget from MLS that will always get robbed of the ball.

  92. Kizz says:

    Playing which position? Midfield or forward?

  93. Fabio Capello says:

    Spender√ɬ≤ molto tempo a Goodison quest’inverno.

  94. Danny says:

    Anyone know what number he’ll be wearing?

  95. CrispyST3 says:

    Thats what Iniesta and Xavi said also, but then look what happened

  96. dantheblue says:

    If by “Who cares? It American soccer.” you are cracking on our boys, I ask why you bother reading about them and bringing that negativity to a normally positive and upbeat look at our version of the game?

    If you did not mean that, mea culpa.

  97. dantheblue says:

    Charles, he said that when he was discussing the previous few years with the Galaxy and how Arena had turned it around. It is not relevant to going to EPL and playing with Everton.

  98. CrispyST3 says:

    Kizz has been on a mission for multiple things

    1. Hate on Donovan to the fullest

    2. Hate on Donovan to the fullest

    3. Argue with anyone that sends their support to Landon or is anyway excited about the loan

    4. Express his mad crush he has for Yak, Saha, Cahill and Fellaini, by saying multiple times that Donovan won’t take their spots

    5. Talk major smack until he looks like a total douche

    Seriously man, what is your deal? Express your opinion is fine, we got the point that you think Donovan is not good enough, say it once and stop acting like a little girl…..

  99. Todd says:

    if Clint Dempsey can do well in the EPL, then there’s a good chance that Donovan could be an incredible success over there!

  100. Grip says:

    In the rest of the world being the captain means a great deal more than it does here. So yeah, football fans over there are about that. Also, while Los is the current captain, Donovan has captained the side in the past.

  101. Secondrate says:

    Yakubu and Saha? Who has blinders on now? That is very debatable. Yakubu is pretty inconsistent and Saha can’t stay healthy, which is a big deal when evaluating players. He would still be at Man. U if he could stay out of the trainer’s room.

    Howard is a keeper and is not relevant to the discussion. Also he is not the best American keeper, Friedel is, while Donovan is the single most irreplaceable US player.

    Cahill is also debatable but he’s better than Yakubu and Saha.

  102. Dominghosa says:

    OK, Moyes, now lets get a defender or three. (Though, I know it’s really not up to you.)

  103. Niccollo says:

    wow… he has got all of the matchups to make a difference! get it done donovan

  104. Tim says:

    27 is someone at his prime. So teams looking for a player to contribute immediately will be attracted by the possibility.

  105. AdamTheRed says:

    But I really like rave pink!

  106. Joamiq says:

    Ha! Brilliant indeed

  107. GO ON LANDON! Make us proud.

  108. JS says:

    Clint makes just over 3 million a year. $58,334 USD per week.

  109. Marcus in California says:

    Hey Kizz, Why don’t you mellow out with the provocation?

  110. Marcus in California says:

    Guess you can eat crow for that comment, huh?

  111. Marcus in California says:

    Kizz, You you should go jump in a very deep lake, ok?

  112. Marcus in California says:

    Spot on.

    In truth, I suspect Kizz is just little kid that has learned to use the Internet… We should just ignore his immature antics.