Everton finalizes loan deal for Donovan

Landon Donovan (ISIphotos.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

Landon Donovan's loan move to Everton has been completed, sources confirmed to SBI on Thursday.

The U.S. national team star and Los Angeles Galaxy captain will join the Liverpool-based club when the transfer window opens on Jan. 1.

Donovan is being brought in to provide cover for an injury-depleted Everton offense that has struggled to produce goals this year. He will join U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard on an Everton side that will be competing in the Europa League and FA Cup during Donovan's loan spell.

No details on the deal were available, but Donovan is expected to join Everton on a short-term loan deal that would see him return to the Los Angeles Galaxy in time for the start of the 2010 MLS season.

What do you think of this move? Think Donovan will make an impact at Everton? Anxious to see him match up against teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal?

Share your thoughts below.

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168 Responses to Everton finalizes loan deal for Donovan

  1. GMD says:

    Go get em Landon. Good move. I just hope 2 months is enough to show something. May be tough..

  2. Mike from Linden says:


  3. lasoccer says:

    Hope there is an option for him to finish out the season at Everton if things are going well.

  4. mcjones says:

    Is it 2 or 3 months?

  5. A Casanova12 says:

    does anyone know if that option does exist for him? that would be great, didnt he say he wanted a permanent move anyway?

  6. mcjones says:

    What happens if Donovan impresses at Everton? Will they have the chance to sign him or will he have to wait until the conclusion of the next MLS season?

  7. Jason says:

    I thought the window opened January 15.

  8. EssEff says:

    Make sure you clean up after yourself when you are bunking at Timmy’s.

    But seriously, so excited to see him test himself. I’m sure he’ll do fine. If he rips it up, I can’t imagine Everton letting him go before the end of the EPL season.

    Make us proud, Landon!

  9. michael wright says:

    everton’s season will be finished by the time his loan is over….

  10. OmarVizquel says:

    Let’s hope Landon doesn’t change his mind once he gets a load of Everton’s “baby bib” jerseys…..

    Perfect. My favorite player goes to the Premiership, and I wouldn’t touch his team’s jersey with a 10-ft pole.

  11. Felix says:

    I wish Everton didn’t change to those hideous kit shirts they have this year, or I might have bought a Everton kit.

    Either way I’m happy for Donovan and truly hope he shines.

  12. GMD says:

    Two…He will play for Everton January and Feb, and will return to Galaxy in March.

  13. David says:

    I think Landon needs to stop doing Europe half way. I don’t think 2 or 3 months is enough time to make a real impact. If he really wants to go to Europe he needs to find a perminant move not another loan. I think at the end of the day he feels pressure to prove himself in Europe but deep down he has no interest in playing there.

    I hope it works out but I just don’t think he is really invested in making a move to Europe and ultimately that is what holds him back from being successful there.

  14. TimN says:

    Yeh, I’m hoping there’s an option for him to stay until season’s end if he is doing well. I’m not sure if the Galaxy would want to reveal that though.

    Regardless, this is the move he SHOULD HAVE DONE. I always thought the Bundesliga was a poor fit for his style of play. The EPL is a league built around a fast pace of play, and Landon certainly has the speed for it.

  15. Keith G. says:

    This is great for Donovan, now lets hope he doesnt flop there like he did in the Bundesliga. If he flops it will hurt the US, show that our best all around player, cant play any where but in the MLS. So I am hoping he catches on fast with his teamates, and gets into the starting line-up by his 2nd game, and in 3 months can have atleast 7 goals in all compatitions.

  16. Metro Boy says:

    Just finished ordering official Landon Donovan ‘Everton’ jersey !!!

  17. Jim Jimson says:

    Good luck Donovan! I think he will be able to fit in pretty quickly with a US teammate already on the team. Hope he gets plenty of playing time. ESPN better play some of his games….

  18. DadRyan says:

    Christ, who cares about the stupid shirt. Would you buy a hideous Gals jersey?
    Good news for Donovan if he’s in the starting XI and not stuck on the bench.

  19. I want him to kick ass and earn a full transfer. There is no greater praise for MLS than the most successful League in the world (EPL) tapping into the American Market.

  20. japan says:

    This may be his last shot at Europe. Make us proud.

  21. Al17 says:


    I’m one of the few who thinks this is a lousy move.

    He’s be better off in Italy or Spain in my opinion however as long as he’s playing from day one and on a regular basis, that’s all that matters to me.

  22. Fantastic! Good luck LD!

  23. GMD says:

    Anyone have some links for FSC/ESPN televised games going forward? I’d like to see how many times we actually will be able to see him.

  24. swansuite@gmail.com says:

    Yes, the option exists…. it’s called buying him outright. If he impresses, I guarantee he won’t be back in MLS.

  25. Dontreadondeuce says:

    This is awesome! It would be wonderful if he could stay longer.

  26. Don says:

    This is madness. Not only are English footballers notoriously physical and cynical, England v USA just happens to be our first World Cup game. The odds of Donovan leading us at the World Cup just went down drastically.

  27. CSD says:

    To everyone worried about his career and where he will end up remember the World Cup is next summer and at this point that is the most important thing in his career. The move to Everton will help him get ready for that. If he impresses on the biggest stage he will get huge offers from Europe and if he doesn’t he will be back in the MLS living a very comfortable life.

    At this point I think this transfer is excellent for him. Good work by him and his people for getting it done.

  28. Double M says:

    You know what? Best of luck to him. I do mean that. Hopefully the move will raise his profile, raise the profile of Major League Soccer – and also get him in some tough battles as he gets ready for the World Cup run. Its a positive all the way around.

  29. CSD says:

    Uh, what?

  30. jpc says:

    please don’t play him at forward

    please don’t play him at forward

    please don’t play him at forward

    please don’t play him at forward

    please don’t play him at forward

  31. ahm says:

    is he allowed to go over and train with them before january or does he have to wait until january to even go over there? feel like going over and training with them for a month would really expedite his introduction to game time

  32. Coheed says:

    When does Donovan’s MLS contract expire??

  33. kpugs says:

    This is a joke, Lando wake up and smell the coffee, this needs to be a permanent transfer.

  34. Grant says:

    Entire month of January.

  35. DC Josh says:


    Fantastic news. I’m very happy for Landon. He can finally prove himself to all the nay-sayers. I can’t wait to see him in blue running at opposing defenders. I just hope Moyes uses him in the attacking winger role ALA Walcott, Lennon.

    I know he said he will be taking some time off in his interview on ESPN at Nevada Smith’s, but I hope he’s in the gym preparing for the best league in the world. With his confidence riding high, he shouldn’t just rely on his raw talent, but strive for the best he can be.

  36. Grant says:

    He will play from Jan. 9 to Mar. 20

  37. Master of the Obvious says:


  38. Bonji says:

    I’d rather see Landycakes take some time off, be tip top for the start of MLS and get into World Cup fitness through the first half of the MLS season. I don’t see the point of extending into his off-season.

  39. Green76 says:

    It will be great seeing Donovan play in EPL. My young sons have been asking for him to be on their fantasy EPL teams since August. I’ll finaly be able to transfer him in.

  40. jpc says:

    actually he may be able to play forward better in the EPL than he was able to in the Bundesliga…

    I know people think that the EPL is better than any other league in every way, but that’s not the truth really… The defenses in the EPL are probably the worst out of the other big European leagues, save the top 3 or 4 teams. In the Bundesliga he was basically vying for crosses against bigger stronger players; But in the EPL he might have a lot more room to roam up top, so this may be a much better destination than most people think

  41. Aaron in StL says:

    You don’t think he’d liked to??? MLS has a stranglhold on his contract, they won’t let it go for anything most Euro clubs would like to pay…unless he tears it up this spring.

  42. babieca says:

    The internet is no place for rational analysis.

    The correct answer is either:

    ZOMG!!! Capello is going to pay Jeff Gilluly to kneecap Mandon and then FIFA will tell the U.S. to stay home and send Ireland intsead


    ZOMG!!! Mandon is going to crush those fancy boy eurosnobs, score eleventy goals, and get an offer from Real Madrid.

  43. Lee says:

    So that means that Clint and Timmy will both be targeted as well? Don’t think so.

  44. Aaron in StL says:

    What’s the deal with the boo-birds here?? I don’t think you guys understand that he is getting what he can. He has to perform in Europe before they’ll pony up, because MLS will charge a hefty fee for an outright transfer. If this is your main gripe than have some perspective already.

  45. Good luck Landon. Sounds like a good situation, and playing time in FA Cup and Europa League.

  46. Idaho Brian says:

    I love the move; I can’t think of a better fit in the EPL for him. Its a short window, but hopefully he has time to impress and turn a 3 month stint into a long term deal…

    If it doesn’t turn into a long term deal, Landon has still assured himself top flight training and the opportunity to play against the best in the world. I can’t understand how anyone would think that is a bad thing in a world cup year…

  47. Aaron in StL says:

    This is a great audition for Landon. With solid performances in the spring he’ll be on the radar. Follow that up with a great WC display, and he’ll finally find his permanent Euro transfer.

    Best case at Everton is an extension to the end of the year. They can’t afford and outright buy, so really this will hopefully put other clubs on notice that he’s ready for a big move after the WC.

  48. kernel klink says:

    I’m happy for Landon.

    Excited by what I think he’ll do.

    Worried a bit that this may tire him out.

    Overall though, this looks promising.

  49. Galaxy G says:

    Why are people blaming Donovan for it being a loan deal? To question him on that basis is ridiculous. I guarantee you he wants more than anything to be playing for a good club in a top level league. Guess what? MLS OWNS HIS CONTRACT! He’s the best player in the league so there’s no way they’re going to let him go for anything short of a large transfer fee.

    As good as I think Donovan is, there is absolutely no reason for any club to offer more than a moderate fee for him. I love the guy but he hasn’t proved himself on that level so a loan is the only option.

    I hope he does incredibly well. I’m a Man U fan that would gladly watch him run circles around whoever may be playing right back at the time. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

  50. cfig says:

    Happy to see this, he finally has his shot. C’mon Landon, make us proud man!

  51. Stephen says:

    From where?

  52. Judging Amy says:


  53. Ulrich says:

    He can go over anytime he wants – much like any player going on trial with a team. He just can’t suit up in a league match until the transfer window opens and Everton gets hold of his player card.

    He’s likely to be over there immediately to start training and gaining a familiarity with his teammates.

  54. Judging Amy says:


  55. ko'd says:

    Yea. That’s much more appealing.

  56. Aaron in StL says:

    I agree to an extent. I wouldn’t say they are the worst, they’re just not as much of a focus as Italy or Germany.

    The defense is often times on their own in England, so for some clubs the back line is the only line of defense, whereas in Germany teams build from the back forward.

  57. Aaron in StL says:

    By the way, kudos to Ives on the break. I can’t find any other news outlet that’s confirmed it yet.

    ESPN just needs to toss their section on U.S. soccer and just link it straight here.

  58. A.S. says:

    Exactly right. By the time the World Cup comes around, Landon will have played soccer continuously for nearly 2 and a half years, between this loan, the Bayern loan, the Confed Cup and Galaxy seasons. I don’t see any way in the world that his play in South Africa is not affected poorly by this.

    He needs a couple of months – at least – to rest and recover. There is a reason that so many top players play poorly in the World Cup – they are exhausted after a long club season. Well, that problem is going to be double for Landon.

    I am happy for Landon, I guess, but this is just going to be another blow to our World Cup chances.

  59. ahm says:

    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. Does anyone know his status on the work permit issues that plague other players?

  60. michael vann says:

    For all those thinking he should push for a full transfer, it’s not that easy. He has two huge stumbling blocks: MLS will pickup his option and MLS is probably asking way too much money given his European track record. I would prefer a full transfer but right now a loan will do. I would love to see the loan extended until the end of the season. I wonder if that clause is inserted into the loan agreement. Whatever the case I’m elated to see Landon play in the Premiership. Everton play a helluva league schedule during LD’s time with Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd., and Spurs all on the docket. We are going to see him against the best. That’s what we all want, right?

  61. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Haha. Omar’s a Liverpool supporter, that’s why he won’t touch it.

    Me either!

  62. I am thrilled by the #Donovan loan to #Everton. He joins my favorite #USMNT player on my favorite #EPL team. I hope it is a good experience for Donovan and can help replenish the depleted #Toffees.

  63. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. His worth to the MLS is considerable. From a business standpoint they’re going to try to get a lot for him because they lose a lot if he leaves. For European clubs used to getting Americans on the cheap they might not want to cough up the money.

  64. Yossarian says:

    Seems like as good a move as can be expected. Ives, what is his current contract status? How many years and at what $$? What kind of a transfer fee do you think MLS would charge? Is it reasonable to think he’ll get picked up if the loan goes well or will MLS try to hold up Everton with unreasonable demands?

    (SBI-My take on this is that Everton isn’t a realistic final destination for Donovan because Everton isn’t known for spending much money and MLS will want a sizeable fee. Could there be options to extend the loan through to the World Cup? I suppose it’s possible but I can’t see LA letting both its starts go on loan and miss the first half of the MLS season.)

  65. RM07 says:

    a 2 F***ing month loan deal!!!

    what a disgrace!

    (SBI-What exactly is disgraceful about it?)

  66. sammysounder says:

    It’s called a loan, but it’s a trial. If he does well then Everton will look to finalize it.

    If he does real well then other clubs will come-a-calling, too.

    (SBI-Wouldn’t call it a trial because Everton’s not a club that spends tons of money so it shouldn’t be assumed they will buy if he does well. Besides, if he does well, then why sign now when you can parlay a good World Cup into a bigger deal this summer?)

  67. DC Josh says:

    haha what?

  68. OmarVizquel says:

    He doesn’t even have a number yet, dude….

  69. Nutmegger says:

    Watching Everton this year just got a whole lot more interesting. I just hope they get some players back to shore up their defense.

    And for those worried about injury – he hasn’t missed games due to injury very frequently in MLS, which is also a very physical league.

    So go Landon go and get ready for SA 2010 and beyond.


  70. Jorge says:

    It seems to me that Everton is really missing Arteta.

  71. Jorge says:

    Congratulations to Landon. I’m happy for him.

  72. obxfly says:

    Landon will be back in the MLS unless he goes on a scoring frenzy in the EPL. Right now he is much more valuable to the MLS than he is to any premire league club. Unless he does something to change that he won’t stay.

  73. Melissa says:

    As a Liverpool fan, this breaks my heart and presents a moral conflict.

    As a Landon fan, this is a pretty sweet deal as long as there is an “option to buy outright” clause or something. That way, if he does play well, he can stay. And while Everton’s season may be effectively over, he’s still going to be playing TOP competition. And with everyone being injured, and the team stinking, he might actually get legit playing time.

    Liverpools an awesome city. I hope he’s happy there@!!

  74. jonk says:

    Just make sure he doesn’t play Birmingham City…

  75. QuakesTilliDie says:

    I think he can handle the EPL just fine. I just don’t think he will get any playing time. Because of negative stereotypes about American players, it’s harder for them to earn playing time overseas. They pretty much have to be obviously superior to the other starters in order to earn a spot… if the Americans are equal or only somewhat better than the other starters, they ride the bench. I think this is a terrible move and he will just warm a lot of cold english benches.

  76. RM07 says:

    Ives…..think for a minute.

    Have you ever heard of a 2 month loan deal?

    I’ve never heard of this ever.

    (SBI-Well, aside from Donovan’s loan with Bayern last winter, or say Henrik Laarson’s last stint with Manchester United, I suppose never might apply, but it doesn’t.

    Donovan can return to MLS within the league’s transfer window, which is in March, so he can move from MLS to the EPL in January, then return to MLS in March. Not sure what’s so hard to understand about that.)

  77. Jorge says:

    Landon going to the EPL and Raul of RM possibly heading to the MLS. Interesting!

  78. Derek says:

    Wow, now I won’t miss Toffee games either. The wife will be SO happy!

  79. john godfrey says:

    The next loan that needs to happen: Brad Guzan to someplace where he can get a sniff of the pitch. He’s culturally acclimated by now, so let’s get some game action, please.

  80. JT says:

    What exactly is his contract situation. I know he is under contract with MLS and would need to be bought out. I also know that MLS holds an Option on te contract. When does the current contract expire and how many options does the MLS have on his existing contract. If I was MLS, it would be a cold day in h*ll before I’d let him go, so I guess the basic question is “What are his options and when does he control his own destiny?”

  81. Joamiq says:

    He’s been off since the MLS season ended and will be off for another month…

  82. Joamiq says:

    Awesome. Really excited about this!

  83. Paul Johnson says:

    Into the breach Donovan and prove your mettle. We love your play and will watch Everton even closer now that you have joined Timmy. 2months, one month-No disgrace, thats the league and their contract. Just play your best and prepare to beat England in South Africa and advance.
    What’s disgraceful is France advancing over Ireland. First with two players clearly offside and then a blatant handball. Not once but two in quick succession. Disgraceful. Beat France.

  84. MVK says:

    while I love seeing him once a year in person, he needs to stay over there at the end of the loan

  85. Stephen says:

    I know the Everton website doesn’t have anything about the final deal yet.

    (SBI-Deals don’t get announced immediately after they’re completed. Not sure when they will announce it, but it’s done.)

  86. jig says:

    i dont know how you included landon and your discontect for france in the same post, but somehow you did.

  87. Nicole says:

    That’s what he’s been trying to do, David. It isn’t that easy – teams have to pay the huge price MLS has slapped on him. This is all he can get right now.

  88. jig says:

    please provide examples of american players being better than their european counterparts, but still not playing.

  89. Goalscorer24 says:

    Great! Lets see how he does some where else besides Germany. Hopefully he can produce and it would really set him up to move overseas after 2010. Stay injury free, and good luck.

  90. RM07 says:

    Because at his prime age of 27 he should be signing a long term contract with a european team not preparing to go back to Don Garber’s park league in March after two months.

    That’s the point Ives…he needs to leave MLS for good and play REAL football,not mickey mouse soccer in MLS,

  91. John F says:

    Everton’s EPL schedule for January 9 to March 20:

    @ Arsenal

    Manchester City


    @ Wigan

    @ Liverpool


    Manchester United

    @ Tottenham


    @ Birmingham


    They also potentially three FA Cup rounds and four Europa League games.

    That’s some pretty serious potential experience for just two and a half months.

  92. hockeymot says:

    This is the best of both worlds for me (Everton and USA international fan)!

    This is exactly what Donovan needs; (at least) a loan deal for him to keep his fitness up during the winter as well as a rise in the level of play that he participates in. These things are crucial for him to enter the World Cup in top form. However, I think that once he fits in and gets going with Everton, March will come too soon. I hope the MLS and the Galaxy are not stupid about things and demand he return home in March. Landon needs to stay the whole season and win the Europa League and the FA Cup with Everton.

    As for Everton, this is a tight knit club from top to bottom. Not only will he get playing time from Moyes, but he will be welcomed by his fellow players. The Goodison faithful are going to love him.

    As for this ‘rumor’ about Saha being sold, that sure as hell better not happen. He is too good and Moyes/Elstone are not dumb.

  93. Katatonia says:

    how is Everton’s season effectively over while theyre still in the FA Cup and Europa League knockout stage?


  94. Nicole says:

    He’s actually in Hawaii at the moment.

  95. mknudy says:

    pretty please keep him, toffees. he doesnt deserve to mull around in the mls any longer.

  96. Nicole says:

    He just played the final year on his contract (2009) but MLS holds 2 option years on him, which they will of course exercise. Galaxy at the moment are trying to re-negotiate his contract. But if nothing else, MLS holds him for 2 more years before he can go on a “free.”

  97. Hood Rich says:

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. He did suck and look invisible against Liverpool in the CL while on loan to Bayern.

    In this league, almost everyone will be just as fast as him so he’s not going to outrun anyone after pushing the ball to the side. And they will anticipate what he’s going to do next as they are a little be more tactically aware than the average MLS player.

  98. DC Josh says:

    Agree, he needs a loan out somewhere to keep up to game speed.

  99. Aaron in StL says:

    Wow…talk about a way to showcase yourself. If he mans up and holds his own, he’ll get a deal from somebody after the WC.

    That’s a brutal way for Everton to start the new year though. They better solidify that backline like now, or Timmy is going to be in a little trouble. Although it is good to get the heavy hitters out early (Arsenal, MC, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U & Spurs) if you’re going to be in a relegation battle down the stretch.

  100. DC Josh says:

    Wow, I only see two or three guaranteed wins out of that schedule. They will be lucky to get into the top 10 this season.

  101. DC josh says:

    Donovan at Bayern should be erased from your memory. It was a nightmare of a season under Klinsman. Lot’s of political S*$! and the completely wrong fit for Landon.

    If he sucks at Everton, he may never get another offer, unless he lights it up at the World Cup, which he will.

  102. Donovan to Everton is the best news I’ve heard all year!

  103. David says:

    If he really wanted to he wouldn’t say he is 50/50 on whether he is going to make the jump. I think he likes being the face of MLS. There is nothing wrong with that. Having the “greatest american player” in the US league is a good thing. But if he really isn’t into going to Europe perminently he should just stop making cameo appearances.

  104. Sninho says:

    He may flop, I don’t know, some players just never adapt well to Europe. However, I think that people in Liverpool and London know that there are Americans that can play in the EPL, no matter how well Landon does.

  105. DC Josh says:

    Something not mentioned is the pressue Donovan will face in England.

    First I need to say I’m a huge Donovan fan and always have been. He’s my favorite player on the MNT behind Timmy. But the English media are hounds. They are crazy over their soccer, especially in the Liverpool/Manchester area. They know nothing about Landon, but hear everything about him. They will finally get to see what he is all about when he arrives at Everton. He will have so much attention, I wonder which Donovan will show up. Will it be the pressure loving Donovan we saw in 2009 who seems to thrive off intense situations, or will it be the Donovan who totally scuffed his PK in the MLS Cup and has failed to show up in big games for the MNT years past? Just something that has been in the back of my head.

    My answer is he will show up in top form and light the field on fire. He has never been a player to try and do everything himself. By distributing the ball and gaining confidence against chippy players, he will slowly build steam and eventually play like himself.

    Come on Donovan.

  106. Al_OC says:

    Don’t get injured!!!!

  107. VMan says:

    This is a great opportunity for him, but I kind of worry about guys not having an offseason heading into the world cup. I am amazed that Beckham has managed to stay on the field given how much soccer he has played over the past couple of years.

  108. Katatonia says:

    3 month loans are as gay as liverpool

  109. Sninho says:

    Just getting him into the experience of the Liverpool derby is worth this loan. I would venture to say he’s never experienced an atmosphere like that in his club time and probably the only closest thing to it is the USA-Mexican games.

  110. Sninho says:

    It actually should be good for him to play with teams that are as quick as he is. It will hopefully force him into becoming more creative and possession skilled, not that he isn’t already. Landon seems like the type of fierce competitor, at least at this stage of his career, that will try and figure out what he needs to do to get his advantage back.

  111. Al17 says:


    Also one of the reasons why I would prefer to see him in Serie A since he would improve his thinking in regards to breaking down defenses and Landon’s smart at it to begin with, so it would only make him better.

    Max Respect JPC for calling it.

  112. Skinn says:

    He’s not going to play forward. 4 reasons. 1. Moyes prefers five in the midfield. 2. Saha. 3. Yakubu. 4. Jo.

  113. green says:

    ding, ding, ding.

  114. jonk says:

    Everton has to contend with the African Cup of Nations in January, a busy fixture schedule, and injuries, so I think Donovan will get his chance to play.

  115. Skinn says:

    Everton’s season is far from over. Not only are they still in the FA cup and the UEFA knockout round, but there’s still more than half a season to claw their way back into a European spot for next year.

  116. Brian says:

    Great…now the useless Donovan fanboys will think he’s an even greater talent because he went on loan for 3 months with an English outfit.

    The fact of the matter is, this is good for USMNT, Donovan and that’s it. It really all depends on how Moyes uses him – if he is used in an attacking midfield/SS role, he has a chance to do some good things. If he is used as a winger…forget it – he lacks the pace or dribbling skills necessary to beat Premier League fullbacks as will be asked of him on the flank.

  117. Aaron in StL says:

    Quality insight!

  118. Herm says:

    He lacks the pace? Seriously?

  119. Skinn says:

    Wow. Phobic much? Nice.

  120. Mingjai says:

    I guess when you’re the head football coach of ACC champion Georgia Tech, you can say whatever you want!

  121. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Wow. New candidate for “Most Blinded by Hatred” post of the year. Lacks pace and dribbling – astonishing!

  122. A.S. says:

    “He’s been off since the MLS season ended”

    In other words, two and a half weeks.

    “and will be off for another month…”

    It’s only 3 weeks until January. And who knows whether he will go there earlier to start training again. But in any case, the maximum time he will have off is 5 weeks or so. He’s just going to be dead exhausted in June.

  123. Brian says:

    Lol, you fanboys can be deluded all you want, but I’ve been watching him for years.

    He is not pacey enough to play as a winger, on the international level or in the Premier League. He is quick, but lacks the skill to utilize that to beat defenders one on one. The man has NO skill moves – in fact, Charlie Davies puts LD’s dribbling to shame and he plays as an out-and-out striker!

    If he plays as a winger in England he will fail miserably.

  124. JFC says:

    congrats landy-cakes!

  125. Stephen says:

    I figured. I was just pointing out that I knew he didn’t have a number yet.

  126. Stephen says:

    Um, he wouldn’t be able to compete on the highest level if he wasn’t in amazing shape. Athletes never stop training. He should be able to handle it.

  127. einar says:

    and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (louds chants and cheers for donovan from yank fans and donovan fans [people that may not like the USA but like donovan]) usa! usa! usa! usa!

  128. einar says:

    “If he plays as a winger in england he will fail miserably” thats what your mom said about u! woooooooooooooooooo!!! (does the bender dance)

  129. madmax says:

    Even as a Donovan fan I see this loan having little or no impact on Everton’s performances. Everton need CD’s first, FB’s second, and Target Striker third. Donovan can’t help them where most needed but he will add some attacking mid-field play.

  130. Pete says:

    Give those scurvy limeys hell, Landon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Stephen says:

    Haha. TRUE!!!

  132. Joamiq says:

    Six weeks is more than enough off time. He’s a big boy. I think he and his handlers have a good enough grip on his fitness that they don’t need our advice.

  133. Judging Amy says:

    Definitely. On the professional level I think the risk of a lack of form is worse than a risk of exhaustion.

  134. Judging Amy says:

    I agree. And thats a great point about Donovan being an unselfish player. One of his more overlooked qualities I think.

  135. Joamiq says:

    Agreed. His 90th minute workrate is consistently outstanding. I’m not concerned about his fitness in June. His form, on the other hand… see 2006.

  136. Judging Amy says:

    David Beckham, is that you?

  137. A.S. says:

    He’s not going to be out of form if he takes the rest of the winter off and starts training again in February/March when the Galaxy start training camp. The World Cup isn’t until June.

    And I don’t care how great his training habits are, all professional atheletes need significant time off to let their bodies recover from the toll taken during a long season. It appears to me that Donovan isn’t going to get that.

  138. Brett says:

    I’m not really feeling the ‘short term loan’ aspect. I’d like to see him get on with a team and stay for a year or so to truly get acclimated. You can’t really expect him to have an impact when he’ll only be there for 3 or 4 months.

  139. Gaute says:


    They televise matches from the English premier league on the net.

    I’m an Everton suppoerter from Norway. I believe LD could make it in the EPL, and I’m glad it is Everton he’s going to play for.

    Good luck, yankee

  140. Gaute says:

    Cody Arnoux and Anton Peterlin are two other americans in the Everton team. So LD will be the fourth american in the current team.

    LD will not be a lone yank in the team

  141. Rob says:

    Onyewu – AC Milan at the beginning of the season.

    Bradley – for a period of time this season

    Donvan with Bayern last loan period – he lead the team in goals during the winter break friendly games – but was never given a chance when the season started back and the other players were not scoring.

    Adu – Plenty of times with all three teams that he has played with in europe.

    Edu – with Rangers in the beginning.

    Dempsey for a period at the beginning of last season after having already proved himself the prior season.

    On and on and on with examples (you may not agree with all of these, but they are examples)

    I think the point is if they just do with Donvan what Bayern did last season and only bring him on for the last 10 minutes of a game it is going to be difficult for him to prove anything.

  142. tim says:

    If you dont think the pink and blacks are awesome than I feel bad for you.

  143. tim says:

    Or he wont play at all. 1. Cahill 2. Bily 3. Fellaini 4. Pienar 5. Rodwell 6. Osman …. not to mention when Arteta gets back. I’m not sure where Donovan fits in here. He could push Pienar for the right winger spot… but I think Pienar is a better player.

  144. Brian says:

    Raul? Yawn…just another Euro looking to cash in.

  145. Brian (not that Brian ^) says:

    Shut it man! Did he or did he not come back from Bayern Munich a better player than he has ever been from? Yeah that’s what I thought

  146. alex says:

    WHAT!!!! Pienar is no where near donovan, you are delusional, Fellani, rodwell they don’t even play the same position as donovan just becuase you’re in the midfield doesn’t mean you’re battiling everyone. I bet he plays on day one, he comes in as a sub. For all your arguments this is the same team thats played dan gosling, who looks like wind could blow him over.

  147. alex says:

    Yeah real FOOTBALL like the kind wigan and hull city play!!! give us n f’n break,. I’d rather watch colorado vs toronto then watch wigan vs anyone in the prem anyday of the week. We all know the only good games in the prem are played by teams 7 and up the rest just kick and chase.

  148. alex says:

    The point to being on the win is to serve in quality balls and to keep the backs honest, by your example no cross lennon is the best wing player on the planet just cause he’s fast… please….there goes lennon loads of pace but ooooh who was that final ball to??? happens everytime.

  149. richard says:

    haha, for the guy who said Steven Pienaar is nowhere near LD, I can’t wait to see LD play…. who is he… Ronaldo? Messi? Pienaar is utter class. I’m an Everton season ticket holder and really hope that LD is better than Steven Pienaar because if he is.. we’ll have one hell of a player…

    Good luck to both!!!!!!


  150. MiamiFC duros says:

    I’m happy about it.He deserves a chance to play at the highest level again. Hope he tears it up.

  151. Ski Fast! says:

    He’s gonna have to score some goals quickly there for such a short stint, Everton need the help. Hopefully he can pull a McBride over there.

  152. KC Stu says:

    Everton are not in too bad a position given the terrible amount of injuries they’ve had this year. They’re currently at the same stage of European competition as Liverpool, have a relatively easy FA Cup 3rd round draw (a competition they got to the final of last year), and are only a few wins from the European places in the Premier League, of which there is still 23 out of 38 games to go. Many of their star players such as Arteta, Jagielka and Neville are coming back soon from long term injury, and many excellent players such as Pienaar and Yakubu are gradually getting back into match fitness after injury. Donovan is a fantastic signing for Everton, and I have no doubt he’ll be into the first team very quickly more than likely as an attacking midfielder. With the big games they’ve got, Donovan will get a huge amount of exposure in the US on ESPN2, FSC and DirectTV Europa League channels. If he does tear it up I think Everton will move mountains to try to buy him outright, as they bitterly regretted not doing that with Brian McBride a few years back. One thing is for sure though Melissa…Everton’s season is a long, long way from being effectively over.

  153. Aliennation says:

    Onyewu hadn’t learned the system yet and Milan is notorious for bringing all players along slowly.

    Bradley was benched for disciplinary reasons.

    Donovan was Klinsi’s boy and by the time that loan went down, Klinsi was already in a death spiral with everyone else at Bayern.

    Adu. Are you serious? He was barely a regular player in America with DC and Salt Lake. Freddy is good for about 10 games a year then nothing. But obviously there is an international coaching conspiracy against Adu.

    Edu got his chance because Barry Ferguson got wasted and lost his mind. Mo played only a few games before his injury. The jury is still out on him.

    The question was where were American players who were better than their counterparts made to sit, even though they were better. I’m not naive enough to think that there isn’t a lot of prejudice against Americans players but your list isn’t a very convincing one. And there is a prejudice in most European countries against any foreigners looking to take jobs. Of course that doesn’t happen here in America.

  154. madmax says:

    I have a feeling that Landon could be scape-goated for Everton’s continued decline. I’m sure most Everton fans know that their immediate needs are at the back, and Landon won’t help there. The atmosphere is not as poisoned as at Bayern where Uli Hoeness told the world Bayern would not sign any more attackers while Landon was on trial, but the one similarity is that Landon is at another club with needs he can’t help.

  155. Phil says:

    as long as he gets plenty of playing time, it’s a great deal

  156. Brian says:

    I love the Galaxy—but I hope that he shines so bright over there that a big money transfer is worked out (not likely for cash-strapped Everton, but someone). He has done so much for the development of the MLS and for the Galaxy—-he has earned this and I hope he makes the most out of it. Give em hell Landon!!

  157. paul mcg says:

    Omar..if the shirt could talk, I doubt it would want you to touch it.
    Nil satis nisi optimum

  158. Lil' Zeke says:

    You’ve clearly described a legitimate concern. There’s a good chance you’re wrong and I hope so.

  159. Everton Chris in England! says:

    You mean he’s going to one of the oldest teams in the world, with a fantastic history and fan base?!! This is a good move for both sides, we (Everton) are missing our flair players hence the poor season, they return at the end of January and you will see a massive improvement! You say you wouldn’t touch Everton with a 10 ft pole, I’m sure the same applies to you from us!!

  160. Skinn says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. If Donovan plays from day one, it’s only because of all the injury problems–the same reason Gosling is on the pitch (and he’s 18 btw, so he’d not be playing if Moyes had the choice and has far more upside than Donovan). He’s not going to play forward, and as an attacking mid or winger on a completely healthy squad, he’s behind Arteta, Cahill, Fellaini, Osman, Bily, and, yes, Pienaar. Give me a break. Pienaar is heads and shoulders above Landycakes.

  161. Skinn says:

    Get real. He’s not going to be the scapegoat. Money and injury are the causes of Everton’s current poor form. It’s not a secret.

  162. A.S. says:

    “There’s a good chance you’re wrong and I hope so.”

    Me too.

  163. madmax says:

    Real? Their back line is terrible, get Real. A dose of Reality for you,
    15 Everton
    16 Hull City
    17 West Ham United
    18 Wolverhampton Wanderers
    19 Bolton Wanderers
    20 Portsmouth
    And 27 Real goals conceded.
    Enough Reality?

  164. madmax says:

    And just 3 points from relegation.

  165. ThaDeuce says:

    Cannot wait. I will buy cable or satellite in January if I have to.

  166. sammysounder says:

    Maybe not trial as in official trial with Everton looking to sign him. I’m just saying that if he can prove himself in the EPL there will be offers for him.

  167. Skinn says:

    Thanks for your observations. I’m glad you can read the table. What you can’t do is provide any real insight. I also can read the table, and see that they are only 8 points–one good run–out of the European spots. Perhaps that’s optimistic, but they dug themselves out of a pretty big hole last season to finish fifth.

    Yes, Everton’s having a terrible year defensively. And if you look at their last 3 seasons, its not at all in keeping with their record. All I was saying was that there is no way Donovan becomes the scapegoat because it is no secret that the club’s problems run deeper than one man–especially one that might arrive midseason. Like I said, money and injury are at the root of their problems. Money and the departure of Lescott and no funds to bring in a replacement. Injuries to Jagielka and now to Distin and Yobo. Injuries and money are at the root of their defensive problems. When you’ve got two right backs in the center of defense and a really young and untested player at right back, that’s going to cause some problems.

    If you’re going to say something about a team, at least know what the F you’re talking about. The point is that everybody (except you, apparently) knows the Toffees current woes are way beyond Donovan and there is NO WAY he would be a scapegoat if the rest of the season continues this way.