Howard backs Donovan move to Everton as Moyes confirms deal is being finalized

Tim Howard 3 (

Though it shouldn't come as much of a surprise, U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard has thrown his support behind Landon Donovan's impending loan move to Everton, stating emphatically that Donovan could provide a boost for the Toffees.

'From playing with him in the USA team I know he is a tremendous player,' Howard told Everton's official website.

'He'd be a good addition to any team and particularly this team. He is a star, he really is."

While both the Los Angeles Galaxy and Everton have issued statements saying the loan move has not yet happened, sources have told SBI that the loan has been agreed to in principle and is going through final details before an announcement later this month.

Everton manager David Moyes confirmed in a Friday press conference that the Toffees are closing in on a Donovan loan deal.

“I can't tell you too much just now because we are just finalising things," Moyes said. "But I think that will probably happen in a couple of weeks."

Moyes stopped short of saying the deal was already finished, and choose to withhold more comment until everything was complete.

"I would rather wait until it's done. Maybe in a couple of weeks we will be able to tell you a little bit more," Moyes said of the impending deal.

Howard made it clear that Donovan has the qualities to jump in and contribute right away in the English Premier League.

'Donovan can bring several strengths to the team," Howard said. "He can play wide right and underneath the strikers, he has got good pace with the ball and he runs and runs all day long.'He's got a fantastic touch with both his left and right. He can cross the ball well and shoot the ball well – he has got a bunch of attributes that mean he'll do well in the Premier League."

What do you think of Howard backing Donovan's move? Excited to hear that the move is being finalized? Looking forward to seeing Donovan lining up against teams like Chelsea and Manchester United?

Share your thoughts below.

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61 Responses to Howard backs Donovan move to Everton as Moyes confirms deal is being finalized

  1. Brian says:

    I’m just hoping we get to see some of these games on ESPN!

  2. WiscFan says:

    Truthfully, its the last frontier for Donovan. He needs this challenge, MLS can not give it to him. Hopefully he does well, the Nats need him to be in top form heading into the Cup.

  3. Tom From Syracuse says:

    He will change the look of this team drastically. Great move for him, better move for Everton.

  4. d-bar says:

    After all the talk how “He’s not going to get minutes, failed 3x in Europe, etc.,” I loved hearing Howard’s comments. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

  5. Tom From Syracuse says:

    I predict he’ll be a bit like a Jason Bay for the Red Sox. Before he came, playing for the Pirates, he was highly rated but no one thought he would be a huge success for the Red Sox. I think he’ll turn heads in the EPL just like Bay did for the BoSox.

  6. Hincha Tim says:


    Do you know if Donovan could go over and train with Everton before the transfer window opens, so he could step in and play as soon as the window opens, and if so, is that in the plans?

  7. wjmooner says:

    If this deal were made permanent I think I’d have to switch my allegiance from Fulham to Everton. And Howard is correct, of course. Everton has some quality players (Yakubu, Pienaar, Afro dude) but I think Landon is their best field player if Arteta hasn’t come back from injury.

  8. dadryan says:

    Guess it wasn’t a done deal as reported…hmm.

    (SBI-Guess again.)

  9. einar says:

    ESPN will hopefully try to target on showing everton games now for the rest of the season. I mean come on our two best players of the national team on the same club team? cant get better than that unless dempsey was transfered to everton lol

  10. Hincha Tim says:

    Also, do you know what the LAG received for loaning Beckham and Donovan last year? Was it your sense that the loan covered most of their salaries (so they essentially played for free last year for the LAG)?

  11. MexicanBlueFish says:

    I predict serious success, possibly the kind that finally gets some offers that he deserves.

  12. John B says:

    Come on dadryan, are you that clueless? If the deal weren’t done do you really think Moyes would be discussing Donovan at all?

  13. Brian says:


  14. Andrew in STL says:

    Lets see how Bradley does at the World Cup. Its amazing how quickly people will turn their back on a coach that got the USMNT to a second place finish in South Africa just 6 months ago. I love the what have you done for me lately attitude everyone seems to have. If he does not prove his worth at the World Cup, then lets search for a new coach. You have to give Bradley the chance to prove himself on the biggest stage before we can finally make any complete judgements on him.

  15. Andrew in STL says:

    As for Donovan, I couldnt be happier. Ives, please let the good news continue to role in.

  16. OmarVizquel says:

    Great news! I’m so sick of that Bob Bradley. Maybe Klinsmann will qualify us for the World Cup! (oops…) Well, maybe he’ll help us top our CONCACAF group! (umm…) Maybe he’ll advance us at the Confederations Cup out of the group of death! (oh…) Well, maybe he’ll lead us over Spain and our first silver medal at a FIFA final!! (erm…………)

  17. Aaron in StL says:

    The move, in part, has to do with Yakubu’s constant health issues. Hopefully Lando just stays healthy over there.

  18. Brent McD says:

    I don’t understand the Klinsi obsession. He is not a tactician. Would prefer Hiddink. Our teams need to learn how to pass, move without the ball, receive, and control possession.

  19. OmarVizquel says:

    I’ve got to think Bradley will decide to leave his position as head coach of the USA no matter what happens at the World Cup. Laugh if you will, but with what he’s accomplished at every single level he’s managed, he could entertain some offers to make a lot more dough than he makes at the USMNT.

  20. A.S. says:

    Seems to me that dadryan has it right.

    The deal “has been completed” (Ives from last Thursday)” is not the same thing as “closing in on a Donovan loan deal” (Ives today) or “rather wait until it’s done” (Moyes). I know that Ives objects and feels his reporting is accurate, but the disparity makes me uncomfortable.

    Like Hincha Tim, I would also like to know if LD will go over to Everton early to begin training, but I suspect that part hasn’t been completed yet either.

  21. zacindy says:

    I want Mourinho. That would be loads of fun. He can be such an a-hole which the American media would gobble up (that is every four years when the mainstream media pays attention to the USMNT)

  22. Andrew in STL says:

    Omarvizquel you hit a homerun with that comment. Could not have said it better myself.

  23. David says:

    Best field player? Seriously?

    He may be made of glass but I would say Saha is their best field player by a mile, including Landon should this deal happen. I think annointing Landon their best player over a number of proven Premier League players before he has even hits the pitch is premature.

  24. obxfly says:

    Assuming he makes us proud in South Africa, what’s left for Bob Bradley except a move overseas? Finding out what Bob Bradley wants to do next would be a good scoop but I bet no one can get it until after July 11.

  25. Hood_Rich says:

    How does one become a professional player and progress to the national team without some of those attributes? If those deficiencies are realized, then the coach should bring “something” to the table. BB does not bring anything to the table for his deficient players. Is he going to teach a guy like Beaseley or Hedjuk those things, no. Guys like Beaseley and Hedjuk will just learn after 15 years of pro soccer. That’s what happened to Agoos; he just sucked early and mid-career, and finally he became a consistently decent player near the end.

  26. LukeInNC says:

    Is this deal end at the beginning of the MLS season? Or will it end at the end of the EPL season?

    He may not get to do too much if it only lasts until March again….

  27. Daryl says:

    Its all a conspiracy theory, I’m sure JT is licking his lips waiting to get into that first crunching tackle effectively taking him out of the WC, CONSPIRACY I SAY CONSPIRACY!!!

  28. ec says:

    Curious – how do salaries work for loans like this? Donovan has finished the season he’s under contract for, so I’m guessing he’s received all of his money from the Galaxy for the year, unless he has some sort of deal to pro-rate his salary year round. And it seems silly that he would play in the EPL for a few months uncompensated. What happened for last year’s loan? Would part of the hold up be negotiating a salary for Donovan?

  29. Daryl2 says:

    Bob Bradley got us to the WC, and he sure as hell is going to coach us threw it, I’ve had my doubts but if anyone is in the players heads its Bradley, the players look up to him as a father-esque figure and of course they are going to give everything have at the WC for this man, as evidence in the Confed. Cup.

  30. miakel says:

    EC, I have that same question myself? Whereas most EPL players are being paid 15,000 – 40,000 pounds a week I wonder where Donovan fits in that spectrum? I would say he’ll earn about 15,000 if not more a week for playing and he’ll be happy about that, he’ll not only get paid but get paid to play in the offseason and not only get to play..but pay to play in the offseason in the EPL for christ’s sakes! I really really hope LandyCakes does us proud maybe finally it’ll shut up all the Dono haters.

  31. OmarVizquel says:

    A few weeks in a national team camp each year is not the time or place to learn rudiments of soccer. Passing and ball control are systemic fundamentals that these players should have been learning for years. I’m not sure if Guus Hiddink is going to teach Jozy Altidore to maintain better possession of the ball.

    All a national team coach can do is put in place a system that any player — whether he is a regular or newbie — should have learned farther down the youth ranks. From what I’ve seen and read, Bob Bradley has done about as excellent a job of this as I think most available coaches can be expected do.

  32. Ray Smith says:

    Since it’s a loan and not a transfer I don’t think they have to wait for the window to open to complete the deal. I would suspect that they are waiting until January to give him a bit of a rest considering he has been playing non stop since his loan to Bayern Munich last January.

  33. ohhaight says:

    this is gonna be sweet

  34. J mann says:

    They should also be fueled from 2006. I feel good about this WC.

  35. dadryan says:

    Who you callin’ clueless John B? I was referring to the inaccurate report dropped last Thursday that the deal was “done”.

    (SBI-Not sure how many times I will say that we are sticking by our report that the deal is done. If the sides want to hold off on calling it done while some peripheral aspects of the deal are dealt with, that’s one thing, and if you want to go ahead and accept that at face value go ahead, but coming on here and repeatedly calling out our report smells a bit fishy. Do you have a point exactly?)

  36. Lester says:

    I like this move, and I’m excited to see him play. But will he get better at this point in his career?

  37. tom v says:

    i’m excited by this for two reasons:

    1 – everton is really hurting without arteta, and i’m an everton fan. i’m not 100% sure where donovan would play in this system. as a forward, donovan isn’t a good foil for saha, he would do much better with yakubu, but due to saha’s form and yakubu’s injury saha will likely be the starter.

    in the midfield, everton has skill on the width with piennar and bili and cahill has the ability to play out there and i believe phil neville will be returning soon. my guess for donovan would be as part of a 4-5-1 type system where donovan – cahill – fellaini make up fluid center midfield with saha/jo/yakubu as a lone striker.

    2 – i think donovan can succeed here. everton is currently struggling but their fans are resilient and used to getting by without much, putting less pressure on him than when he was at perennial powerhouse/financial giant bayern munich and was the only player being brough in to a struggling team. that and donovan wont be relied on to be the star. he doesn’t need to fill arteta’s shoes, but if he can provide a spark of creativity and speed, he will do incredibly well with all the hard working, tough nosed players surrounding him…

    finally, with respect to the bob bradley debate. he’s a good coach, you can’t question his accomplishments. but that’s all he is, good. for us to get to the next level we need a great coach. is that klinnsman? i’m not sure, but it isn’t bradley. bradley will never get us to WC semis or have us consistently beating even mid level european teams (denmark, norway, etc.). does that mean he’s a bad coach, no, he’s great at what he does, but we need more in the future to take our program to the next level…or maybe i’m just too optimistic.

  38. Rory says:

    I’ve never heard of a soccer team called the Red Sox? Are they a J-League team?

  39. DC Josh says:

    WiscFan said…
    Truthfully, its the last frontier for Donovan. He needs this challenge, MLS can not give it to him. Hopefully he does well, the Nats need him to be in top form heading into the Cup.

    what he (or she) said.

    Let me just add that he WILL play well in England.

  40. Franky says:

    I did not mean to criticize BB. I am just thinking that he will not return for the next 4 years (as most coaches do not).

  41. Supsam says:


  42. Sergio of SF says:

    He lived here before, does not mean he will be coaching the USMNT. Besides he was offered the job after the 2006 World Cup, and he declined.

  43. Mike in Long Island says:


  44. roysterer says:

    Saha is just amazingly good. It’s unfortunate that he’s probably going to leave.

    Although from what I remember about Arteta (it’s been a while), he’s also a huge player for Everton.

  45. roysterer says:

    Two words: Red Bulls

    Of course, four more words: never going to happen

  46. Tim says:

    man you guys blow the confederations cup way out of proportion. You win a game like that against spain 1 in 100 times. They looked horrible in the group phase and got a lucky result with help from Brazil. Bradley was solely to blame for the collapse in the final. Sorry any coach could get our team into the world cup from CONCACAF, not impressed.

  47. dadryan says:

    I’m just lookin’ for the truth Ives. For a professional you’re awfully touchy. Lighten up.

    (SBI-Your comments sure didn’t sound a thing like you “lookin for the truth.” They sound like someone with an agenda. And I’m not being “awfully touchy.” If you come to this site and repeatedly try to call me out, I’m going to have an issue with that.)

  48. madmax says:

    I like Howard backing him, but when he said the 6’3″ Landon could also play CB…………….

  49. Joe says:

    I really hope he gets some minutes and if he doesn’t, that he keeps plugging and working until he does. He’s always been the man in MLS and now he’s back in a situation where he’s a curiosity. I really want him to succeed this time because if he fails to impress this time, there won’t be another chance.

    I just wonder if he’s capable of bringing it every day? That’s what it will take for him to get minutes. He’s never had to fight for time in MLS.

  50. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I can’t wait to go over to bigsoccer to hear from all those posters who know better than Tim Howard about who can make it in the EPL!

  51. CrispyST3 says:

    You guys keep saying the next level???

    What exactly does that mean, ??? I don’t understand, i for one believe we’re already there, its just our consistency that needs to step it up, second

    you said, “bradley will never get us to WC semis or have us consistently beating even mid level european teams (denmark, norway, etc.).” ..ummmm, how do you know, has the World Cup happened yet? No, so how do you know that Bradley won’t make it to the semi’s, unless you’re psychic or sumthing

  52. tom v says:

    crispy. what i mean by next level in part includes, as you put it, our consistency stepping up. it’s relatively easy to win one game against spain compared to consistently competing against the top teams in the world or even OK teams like denmark. that to me is next level. and you’re right – the world cup hasnt happened yet, and i hope bob bradley gets us to the semis and further. but my point is that going off of US performances and more specifically the style of play the US has employed i dont think bob is that guy. let’s not forget we’ve been qualified for the WC since 1994 now and have gotten far in 2002, so getting us there or winning the gold cup isn’t enough. teams like denmark shouldn’t expect to beat us and teams like germany should be as scared of us as they are a serbia. a lot of that is definitely talent, which a coach does not control. and like i said, i think bob was the best domestic option for coach and has done a very good job, but i don’t think im in the minority when i say that the tactics bob bradley has employed (counterattacking, set pieces, bunkering down defensively) have been the same as his predecessors and won’t help us get to that next level, that we both seem to agree exists.

  53. Andrew says:

    Have you seen the way he has played over the past year? Of course he is capable of bringing it every day. He’s insanely driven.

  54. Mig22 says:

    I see no evidence that the US team could be any better than it is right now. Another coach? Who knows? There is simply no reason to believe that a different coach would do better than BB. Look at our players, where they play, etc. WHY should we be able to beat mid-level Euro teams consistently? We have the same number of players in top leagues as Sweden, Denmark, etc. They have as good or usually better home leagues than the US. So WHY would another coach make us better than those countries.

    Just makes no sense.

  55. Nick says:

    I agree that the National Team coach isn’t supposed to teach the basics, but he should put together training plans that help the team come together and play the system he is implementing. Which may include some of the basics such as movement off the ball, etc. The only real fault that I can find with Bradley is that his in-game tactical decisions seem to come too late in the game. Other than that, he’s gotten the most out of the group of players at his disposal, and aside from the WC which he hasn’t played in yet, has been more successful and less arrogant than DaBruce.

  56. Mike in Long Island says:

    And also all that stuff about giving great massages in the locker room seemed like too much information.

  57. Dontreadondeuce says:

    If SBI thinks the info is solid enough to run the story, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I like getting the inside scoop ASAP and its one of many reasons I get the great majority of my soccer news from SBI. In my time following the site, I don’t recall any big retractions or apologies for jumping the gun and I very much doubt we’ll get one here.

  58. Dontreadondeuce says:

    “Best field player? Seriously?”


  59. inkedAG says:

    Did he ever play for the Syracuse Chiefs? 😉