LA Galaxy issue statement regarding Donovan/Everton move

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The Los Angeles Galaxy issued a statement on Thursday afternoon regarding the Landon Donovan loan move to Everton that we reported earlier today as being a done deal. The Galaxy has denied that a deal has been reached.

Here is the team's statement:

“We are aware of Everton’s interest in Landon Donovan, as they are one of a number of clubs who have contacted the Galaxy about the possibility of a short term loan agreement for Landon.  The Galaxy, MLS and Landon’s representative will work together to determine if and whether an arrangement with Everton or any other club would be beneficial to all parties.”

I will stand by my earlier report that that the sides have reached an agreement on a deal.

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68 Responses to LA Galaxy issue statement regarding Donovan/Everton move

  1. dbex says:

    Ugh. Written by a bunch of annoying lawyers. Let’s hope they don’t manage to blow this by trying to hold out for top dollar.

  2. Clint says:

    Cite your source Ives!

    (SBI-Sources are anonymous and will remain so.)

  3. Chris says:

    I wish they would just get this over with and give him to Everton…I have a feeling they might blow the deal.

  4. julio says:


    Why is this an issue if I read somewhere that Landon Donovan is a free agent, or his contract with the Galazy was finished, why do they get to be involved or have a say, is it different in Soccer than other US Sports (when it pertains to free agency) ?

  5. Al_OC says:

    Jozy has offered his congrats to Landon on his twitter. So, either it’s a done deal or Jozy is a frequent visitor of SBI.

    (SBI-Or both.)

  6. Be careful for what we wish for!

  7. Al_OC says:

    I think he has 1 more year on his contract.

  8. Grant says:

    The Galaxy can continue to exercise an option on Landon for 2 more years. So while his contract was “expired” all the Galaxy have to do is say that they want to extend it for another year, and then do the same the next year after that.

    The reason Landon has some leverage is that he is easily the most important American player in the league, and is probably the 2nd or 3rd most known name after Beckham and Blanco. The last thing MLS wants is an unhappy megastar. Donovan has said he is “ready to be adequately compensated,” so he will ask for more money, even though MLS doesn’t HAVE to give it to him. He’s already a DP, so it doesn’t affect the cap, it’s just AEG on the line for any additional cash.

  9. mwc says:

    Yes, Ives. Cite your source. Please publish the name, address, home phone number and photo of your source ASAP. I want to contact your source and verify this report for myself.

  10. Mig22 says:

    odd that this can’t get reported consistently.

  11. A.S. says:

    I find journalists’ obsession with getting a story first to be kind of annoying. Nothing against Ives personally – it affects the entire profession.

    (SBI-Journalists want to report the news. That’s not exactly a new development. I don’t have an obsession with getting a story first. My goal is deliver news to my readers in a timely manner, so when there’s something to report, I will report it. If I happen to be the first to do so, then that’s a bonus, but not what drives me. Providing my readers with a place where they know they’ll get the news they want is what drives me.)

  12. Double M says:

    Yup…just like when Bruce Arena said Beckham would be back at the start of the MLS season.

  13. David says:

    MLS is so petty. I am sure this probably is a done deal but they have such a Napolean complex that they have to first deny it is done and then announce it themselves. Same as with Beckham. Done deal forever but has to be announced on their terms.

  14. Rastafari --SBI Herbsman says:

    “ready to be adequately compensated,” Time for the 2nd DP slot to go in effect. it’s the only way LA can keep him.

  15. Rastafari --SBI Herbsman says:

    Where do you look or your footie info SBI or ESPN? exactly

  16. derrick says:

    great that you stood by your statement. Still can’t prove there’s a deal done right now.

  17. RYC says:

    But why would LA deny that the deal was complete if it was in fact complete. Just don’t see what their motive would be there.

  18. Rory says:

    Also, get them to put their housekey on a little sheet of paper and trace around it (neatly) with a pen for me along with a list of times they will not be home.


  19. CobiDred says:

    Anyone buying that statement isn’t too bright. Either that or you have short memories and don’t remember the Galaxy’s statement about the reported Beckham/Milan loan deal. Before that deal was announced we were treated to a “There’s no deal happening” statement from LA.

  20. Jorge says:

    Speaking of American abroad, there are also reports that Roy Hodgson is interested in DaMarcus Beasley.

  21. David says:

    I read that too. Honestly I don’t see it. Seems someone said to themselve, “Hey Fulham have signed a lot of Americans maybe Beasley is going there.” because of all the position on the pitch Fulham has the most cover at the wings. Dempsey, Duff, Davies, Gera, and Riise have all logged minutes on the wings for the first team. Dempsey and Duff are probably their most potent attackers this year and both start at that position regularily. Maybe the Beasley of 3 years ago, but I can’t imagine Hodgson spending money on a player who has been injured and sat for 2 years in the position he has the most players in already.

  22. David says:

    The only scenerio i can see panning out on this is that Paul Konchesky leaves Fulham (current starting left back) and Roy decides to take Beasley on as a project and convert him to a left back for real. Hodgson’s fullbacks overlap and get forward quite a bit, especially on the left since Dempsey pinches inside towards the box all the time so I could see Roy picking up a true winger like Beasley to convert but there is no way he is getting him to actually play on the wing.

  23. Jacopo Belbo says:

    the problem with this deal that doesn’t make sense is that the “upside” sucks for one or both of the teams. if landycakes ends up sucking, no problem … everton dump him back to the rec league of MLS and LA gets its star back a bit tarnished but he is still better than any two chumps on their roster combined.

    BUT. If Mandon plays good/great then either A. Everton will have to send him back to LA right when they are going to need him the most or B. LA lets him stay (hahahahaha yeah right) and is without the only truly quality player they have (that isn’t 109 years old with the haircut of an 14 year old nonce).

    Landon needs to man up and demand the MLS let him go permanently play in a real league or admit he is comfortable being the ‘big fish’ in the ‘small pond’ so we can write him off as a footballing great.

  24. CG says:

    For the record, Ives, I’d say you’re doing a good job if that’s what drives you.

  25. pete says:

    Hasn’t Jozy learned his lesson?

  26. G says:

    yeah man..i read that this AM too. CNN Soccer reporting can get kind of tabloidy…I lump Fan House into CNN Soccer…weak

  27. Stephen says:

    Yeah, but all of the comments on it ripped him a new one…even a person from England.

  28. RM07 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  29. Dontreadondeuce says:

    What on earth compelled him to sign such a contract with the Galaxy to begin with? To be so locked in when he’s in the prime of his career is a shame. Anyone know the specs on his current contract, or even better, what it would take to get out of it?

  30. Andy says:

    Fulham has a better chance of signing Altidore in January than Beasley.

    They’re at least in the market for a Forward and Hull has money issues. (and yes, he’s still officially a Villarreal player)

    Of course, the odds of Fulham signing Jozy are slim to none, so that puts Bease in perspective :-)

  31. JonP says:

    All standard MLS contracts are 2 year + 2 option. They are very much against any changes to those terms. This has been an even bigger problem for many players in the past because MLS is very apt to not allow transfers/trades (Joseph and Twellman for NE come to mind offhand as well as Cooper).

    I believe this is also the sticking point in the current talks with Stuart Holden who is out of contract come Jan. More than just money, I think players like that are looking for some extra out-clause control so things like this aren’t a problem going forward.

  32. A.S. says:

    I get my footie info from Ives because SBI is comprehensive and (usually) accurate. IMO, journalists should sacrifice speed for more accuracy, but I suppose if you feel you’ve got the story…

    (SBI-I hear you on that A.S., but as you know, the business is a far different animal than it was ten years ago. I won’t lie. I miss the days when you could have a scoop and sit on it and know it was going to run the next day. Now you chase and sometimes scoops fall in your lap, but either way, when you have it and confirm it you run it. No waiting.)

  33. Brian (not that Brian ^) says:

    Maybe it’s Shawn Francis? I mean he is the MLS INSIDER! HAHA

  34. Jdavids says:

    Bossy little thing aren’t you, Clint? If we were a legit mafia you might have the kneecaps busted.

  35. Dontreadondeuce says:

    Thanks. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to such things. 2+2 is quite a commitment. Seems like it might discourage a lot of potential signees.

  36. BCC says:

    I bet his sources are The Special One and Wayne Rooney. Who could refute those guys?

  37. mwc says:

    “(neatly)” – hilarious

  38. Jorge says:

    Speaking of Twellman, is he still around?

  39. JonP says:

    It is and it does (foreign talent mostly). I think things will change with it, but only when there is a greater demand for domestic talent internationally at a younger age. MLS isn’t going to change its business model until competition forces it to.

  40. MiamiFCduros says:

    SBI comes first then if I have time ESPN or YA. Love SBI

  41. Ski Fast! says:

    It just means the papers haven’t been officially/legally signed just yet. But from a wealth of reports, the negotiations are at such an advanced stage, get over yourselves LA Galaxy & MLS!

  42. JonP says:

    He’s been kind of perma-hurt with concussion and neck symptoms the whole year (plus some other injuries the year before). Last I heard, he still planned to return next season. I’ll believe it when I see it plus you have to question what his fitness and form will look like after all this time.

  43. derrick says:

    no reason to sign Jose. He hasn’t looked like a goal threat.

  44. Jorge says:

    Hey, if he can still wear tight uniforms, he is fit… :-)

  45. CSD says:

    “We are aware of Everton’s interest in Landon Donovan, as they are one of a number of clubs who have contacted the Galaxy about the possibility of a short term loan agreement for Landon.”

    Damn you LA. When I called and asked if Landon could play on my team at the Y for a month you told me if I ordered 50 of the old Clint Mathis jerseys you still had sitting around he could join us. Now you are all like “everyone wants him”. Rats, fooled again. Why do I fall for your tricks every MLS off season.

  46. Aaron in StL says:

    What it really means is that L.A. is probably still trying to find a way to explain to it’s fans that their top 2 players are going out on loan (again) and will DEFINITELY come back, and possibly won’t. I’m sure that they’re worried Donovan could actually make an impression and be gone post-WC.

    I don’t doubt it’s a done deal, maybe they’re still hammering out the last details… hopefully regarding the possibility of LanDo staying until the end of the EPL season.

  47. south says:

    Any news on Holden and Clark?

    I remember a Livorno Clark deal, but Livorno has had some management changes IIRC, is that deal still in place?

    Is Holden going to SPL or another league, I wouldn’t really like to see him in SPL, unless he’s getting great training at Celtic/Rangers.

  48. Joamiq says:

    These days, cred comes from getting the story out first so everyone else is citing you. And that cred comes (subconsciously or consciously) from readers like us. I’m impressed by how Ives gets the story out so fast and gets it right.

  49. Joamiq says:

    Team PR machines like to believe that they control the flow of news about their players.

  50. Thierry says:

    typical statement by a non-lawyer.

  51. Isaac says:

    who said we weren’t a legit mafia? *smacks bat against hand*

  52. Isaac says:

    I don’t check any other website BUT SBI for updates on the football world. I understand that might be close-minded but it’s such a good site that it’s normally everything I need.

  53. Stephen says:

    So, is there really not that much happening in the world of Soccer/American soccer, because ESPNsoccernet has had the same headlines for like 3 days.

  54. Isaac says:

    I hope that transfer happens. It makes sense; I remember Hodgeson saying that he wanted a real left-footed player, and even though he bought Duff, he seems to be exceling on the right, the same way Dempsey seems to like playing on the left. Moreover, if Beasley plays at left back, not only do they have the chemistry, but Dempsey cuts inside the way he normally does and allows Beasley to move up the flank.

  55. Isaac says:

    Apparently Aberdeen dropped out of the race to sign Stuart Holden.

    link to

    “It’s likely we’ve missed the boat on that one now because there is no way we will be able to compete with the type of wages he is likely to be offered.”

    Too bad. Seemed like an ideal transfer and I wouldn’t have bet against him getting a starting place almost right away, and even if he didn’t have hometown rep status.

  56. speekeasy says:

    typical statement by a blood-sucker

  57. Scott A says:


  58. Lil' Zeke says:

    Squirelly little buttweasel aren’t you Jdavids

  59. LDM says:

    SBI just got some love on Fox Soccer Report (1am est). They are running with SBI’s report on LD’s move to Everton.

  60. 57Tele says:

    Already a bunch chiming in, but this is a blog and I like getting the inside info reported when SBI hears it and I don’t need to know who the sources are since they obviously want to remain anonymous and naming them would probably kill SBI’s relationship with them. Even if Donovan doesn’t end up with Everton, I like hearing the rumors and SBI’s opinion since I have no sources (other than SBI) and SBI does.

    Are Rangers considered better than Fulham? I don’t watch much European soccer but I was under the impression that Fulham is considered a better team. If Beasley is struggling for playing time with Rangers, it is reasonable to think he would get it with Fulham?

  61. CA says:

    Anyone else see Tommy Smith’s comments on I always get the feeling that Tommy Smith HATES saying anything positive about American soccer or players.

  62. JonP says:

    There hasn’t been any official word on Clark signing anywhere. But he’s also dropped pretty far off the radar after the Dynamo’s season ended. I have to believe he has a deal planned out though for a couple of reasons. 1st, the Livorno gm claimed he was going to come in once his contract was up. Now, there has been a lot of flux at Livorno and Italian managers seem to like to say whatever which makes that not a sure thing, but Livorno are in dire straits atm and need something to turn it around. So, it’s very possible that they still believe Clark could be that. 2nd, Clark is at this time the US starting cm for our World Cup team, but he has to know that his spot is in real danger from several people coming off injuries. Simply put, he cannot afford to lose playing time. And yet, he has already said he would not be renewing with MLS. No way he takes that chance without having something planned.

    According to Chris Canetti of the Dynamo Holden, Garber, and he were in NY today meeting about Holden’s future. The comments I’ve heard are that Garber is trying to make Holden the new face of the league, which makes sense on a lot of promotional fronts for MLS. Aberdeen dropped out of the hunt after Ranger’s manager said Holden was their #1 prospect to bring in. However, Rangers ownership is broke and trying to sell the team. Holden knows like Clark that he has to have playing time to go to World Cup, so expect him to make a decision before the new year. The ideal plan for Holden would be to sign a 1 year type of deal with MLS (or some other guaranteed out) and go to SA since showing there would yield the biggest payday for him. Canetti implied as much on Glenn Davis’s radio show Tuesday.

    As far as Rangers/Fulham, current form would say that Fulham is better than Rangers. That’s mainly due to that fact that Rangers and Celtic just don’t have the money to keep up with the EPL player pool right now and it’s been showing in their tournament performances. That has not been the case historically as both teams were solid mid table quality as little as 2-3 years ago. I personally can’t see Fulham picking up DM from Rangers if they are about to drop another American bench warmer in Eddie Johnson to make payroll room.

  63. DC Josh says:

    “Why can’t we all just get along!”

  64. DC Josh says:

    For US soccer, ESPN rarely updates daily unless it’s major news. They are a great site for blogs and opinions on the US game, but not so much for news.

  65. tg says:

    Players also like to believe they control the flow the news too.

    Oh wait, they do. Look at Lebron James.

  66. Rubecula says:

    Fulham play in the English Premier League and Rangers play in the Scottish Premier League.

    Rangers (and Celtic) have tried for a few years now to be accepted in the EPL as it is the more difficult, higher regarded league. They have both been turned down on numerous occasions.

    Is Rangers a better club than Fulham? How can they be compared? Rangers is a big club by any stretch of the imagination. Fulham are a middling club in a bigger league.

    Head to head I would expect a close call game. Perhaps in a one off, Rangers would be on top. But I would not like to risk betting on the outcome.

  67. mwc says:

    Do you all really think that Hodgson would try the experiment of Beasley at the back when that experiment already failed for the USMNT? A top flight manager has more options to shore up a back line than that. Never gonna happen.

  68. David says:

    I would say historicially Rangers are better but if the current squads squared off Fulham would win. Rangers have crashed out of Europe pretty spectacularily and Fulham is posed to move on to the next stage of Europa with another win. They have beaten Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man U in the last year. I am sure it has been a long time since Rangers beat any of those teams.