MMCB: Red Bulls draw closer to coaching hire and another American striker emerges


The New York Red Bulls will move one step closer to trying to organize the mess that is the club's front office when it formally introduces Erik Soler today as the team's new general manager. Soler will step in and be in charge of all soccer-related operations for a club still picking up the pieces following a nightmare 2009 season.

What will this mean for the club's immediate future? That depends on who the club will hire to be its new head coach. You probably thought I was kidding when I mentioned former Arsenal star and failed Portsmouth manager Tony Adams was in the running for the Red Bulls job, but now the link has reached the UK, leaving us to wonder if Soler is really ready to hire a coach who knows as little about MLS as he does.

Red Bulls fans shouldn't jump into panic mode just yet. The club is considering coaches with MLS experience, with at least one MLS veteran earning an interview last week. A hire will need to be made in the next week or so if a new coach and coaching staff is going to be in position to prepare for the 2010 MLS Draft, which the Red Bulls have two first-round picks in. The longer the club delays in hiring a head coach, the more likely Jeff Agoos (the man who Soler has essentially replaced and the man who apparently cannot be fired by the Red Bulls) will play a key role in the club's draft strategy.

Those wondering what that may mean to New York should consider what teams sources called Agoos' most significant contribution to last year's draft. When the Red Bulls were poised to select with the No. 18 overall pick, then-head coach Juan Carlos Osorio had his sights set on fullback Evan Brown, a player expected to be available at 18. Seattle ruined those plans by grabbing Brown at No. 16, which left the Red Bulls scrambling. Agoos wound up recommending that the club take Babajide Ogunbiyi, an imposing defender who had impressed at the Combine. The only problem with that selection was that Ogunbiyi had European club aspirations and had no intention of signing in MLS for anything short of a senior contract. This information was common knowledge among other MLS front offices, which is how Ogunbiyi slipped to No. 18 in the first place. Nobody told Agoos though, and he wound up wasting a draft pick on a player the team never signed.


If you are wondering which forwards might emerge to challenge for spots in U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley's pecking order, one name you might want to start considering is Marcus Tracy.

Just a year ago, Tracy was playing for Wake Forest and was regarded as the top prospect in a loaded MLS Draft class. That was before he bolted for Denmark, where he signed for Aalborg BK. After getting limited playing time last season, Tracy has emerged in recent weeks as a regular starter for the Danish club. The 23-year-old striker has started four straight matches and wasted no time making an impact, scoring the winning goal in Aalborg's 1-0 win vs. FC Copenhagen, his first of those four straight starts.

Aalborg played its final match before the winter break last Saturday, a 2-0 loss to Sonderjyske, and won't return to action until the Danish League returns to action in early March. In the meantime, Tracy just might have done enough to be considered one of the leading candidates for a call-up to the U.S. team's January training camp in Carson, California.

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106 Responses to MMCB: Red Bulls draw closer to coaching hire and another American striker emerges

  1. IMSYE87 says:

    Hiring tony adams would be an absolute mistake by red bull. Hire richie williams already. I would rather waste my money going to red bull games where we lose under richie williams than under tony adams

  2. EDB says:

    Really the Danish league is on par with the MLS. I don’t see how a guy who just started to earn time with a club is now the next big thing. Lets remember Chris Rolfe and Yuri both got signed to be forwards in the same league. Just because it’s europe doesn’t automatically make it better.

  3. einar says:

    yes ives thank u. u must of seen my comment of marcus tracy under the americans abroad column yesterday. he should get a look as it seems he was starting and getting more minutes late in the season. but what is it a sign in just the coach letting young players play to grow for the future knowing there was nothing left to play for if they were stuck mid table? or did he very much challenge and earn a spot in the starting 11?

    (SBI-Is there anything better than when people want credit for “discovering” things? Come on kid, I’ve written repeatedly about Tracy, including saying in a recent Q&A that he’s one of the people I think should be called up in January, so no, I didn’t write this based on your comment. Hey, maybe you wrote your comment based on what I’ve written.)

  4. 3VIL L33T says:

    did anyone in MLS get Marcus Tracy’s player rights?

    (SBI-The Dynamo drafted Tracy late in the 2009 draft, and keep his rights for two years. I think it’s fair to say Tracy won’t be coming back in time for those rights to matter.)

  5. Dannyc58 says:


    1) Will you be at the press conference?

    2) If the choices are Onafalo or Adams, I’m not that upset. I think Richie should get the job, but Onafalo is completely unappealing to me.

  6. Collin says:

    I say give him minutes in a friendly or two in early 2010. It would certainly be more productive than giving someone like Eddie Johnson another run out.

  7. Matt says:

    Ives, I love your Red Bull posts. You provide us with about a half dozen different reasons why we should be in full-scale panic mode and then tell us we should not be panicking. Do you have information from anyone actually inside the organization that Adams is being considered, or is it just conjecture based on the Henry rumors? I suspect the link “has reached the UK” because someone saw your story, or saw it repeated. None of the subsequent stories on the RBNY/Adams connection offer any additional information or insight, much less confirmation from a credible source.

    (SBI-Fair point about the UK thing, and the Mail has been known to be a bit shady, but since they went so far as to provide quotes on the Adams-NY links (albeit from unnamed sources), I figured it was a sign of the deal being legit.

    And I didn’t say you shouldn’t panic at all, just not yet since there’s SOME possibility that the team hires a coach with some MLS experience.)

  8. Torporindy says:

    Houston has Tracy’s MLS rights.

  9. Murphy says:

    wow the red bulls keep finding ways for me not to root for that team. i’m still planning on going to my first red bulls game in april just to check out the new stadium. but please put a decent team behind angel so we can see a good game. adams would be a mistake. and hiring onalfo would be ridiculous–why not keep williams?

    bring tracy in for the january camp–we know pretty much everything about the other u.s.-based forwards, why not take a look at him?

  10. CHJ says:

    I think its fairly obvious that Marcus Tracy should be brought into the next USMNT camp. Hell, we are sort of holding open auditions so clearly he should get a look. I hope that he proves to be capable replacement for Davies. He seems more promising then Lee Ngyen based on his recent success against higher qualities talent. But frankly, I hope that anyone does. I’ve never seen him play. What is his style? I’ve been assuming that he is a fast and quick type player. Is that correct? How is his technique? What is he like in the air? Is he big enough or strong enough to hold off challenges?

  11. CHJ says:

    I think the Danish league is better quality then MLS. Not sure anybody would actually argue against that.

  12. Matt says:

    Yes, but if that coach with MLS experience ends up being someone like Curt Onalfo how is that any better than failing with a European? 😉

    (SBI-To be fair, Onalfo took a team that hadn’t made the playoffs in years and led them to the playoffs two straight years. Not sure he should simply be written off as a bad coach. More importantly, Onalfo actually has a clue about players in MLS and the college system, and can’t possibly be a worse talent evaluator than Jeff Agoos.)

  13. Matt in Detroit. says:

    How does this work again with the retaining of a player’s rights?

    You say Houston has Tracy’s MLS rights for two years.

    But Houston (or maybe LA) reportly got some allocation money or something for Califf when Phili traded for him. He’d been out of MLS for four years.

    Are there different rules for draftees and veterans in terms of how long they keep the rights?

    (SBI-Yes, draft rights last two years, rights to a player you actually had under contract and who left as a free agent are apparently infinite so long as the team made the player an offer before they left (which is crap since teams don’t stand to lose anything because they just make bad offers in order to set the precedent and keep the rights). This is one of the key issues in the current labor talks, and something MLS needs to do away with.)

  14. Smith says:

    Ives –

    Nothing Red Bull does will panic me as much as having Osorio as coach. That was truly frightening last season. His ability to stick with the 4-5-1 on the road though it never earned a result is beyond mind-boggling.

  15. Matt says:

    Fair enough! I’m certainly no fan of Agoos.

  16. Fred says:

    Right, I think there’s a significant difference. Look at Califf, who is not even making the bench in Denmark at this point, and will be coming in as one of the marquee players for the Philly Union; and Parkhurst, who was considered a top defender in MLS and has struggled to stay in the starting lineup for a mid- to lower-level Danish team.

  17. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I think I saw Tracy play once for Wake Forrest. Can someone describe his game a bit? Is he speed/size combination type? Who is he similar too in the pool? Thanks

  18. Tomo says:

    Can anyone make a reasonable argument for Tony Adams? I’m a Pompey fan and know that he is not what you’d call a tactical genius, nor is he a good “players’ manager” as relationships between him and the squad (especially veteran players) got very strained very quickly. No track record of success, unless you count a 21/3 win percentage over 2 different clubs.

    I’m not saying he should be hired, but I can give you 5 good reasons for Richie Williams. Can you think of 1 for Adams–and don’t say “Henry.” Henry was talking about Red Bull long before Adams’ name surfaced. Henry doesn’t have to worry about a non-supportive coach if he comes to MLS.

  19. chupacabra says:

    I would. Who here can actually name a team from Denmark (other than FC Copenhagen) without looking it up?

  20. Sarcasm says:

    So he can score 1 out of every 4 games in the vaunted Danish League. Wow, hand him the ballon d’or right now!!

  21. Fred says:

    I’ve never really seen Tracy either. Here are a couple of goals. They don’t really reveal much about his style of play, though.

    link to

    link to

  22. SP says:

    great argument. now go ask a danish person if they can name an mls team besides la galaxy.

  23. DC Josh says:

    I saw him at College Park last year. He is big, fast, strong. Reminds me of Eddie Johnson, but with a boat load of confidence.

  24. CHJ says:

    Aalborg BK (because two americans play on it). And I believe there is a team called something like Aauhus or something. But I am not exactly sure why an American being able to name the teams in a league is much of an indication of a leagues quality. I think familiarity with a league table has more to do with the leagues exposure in the US then anything else. We can all name MLS teams because its our local league and gets covered over here. But no one would claim that familiarity with the Red Bulls means that they are not a horrendous team.

  25. DC Josh says:

    Poor Red Bulls. They need to stick to their guns and sign Richie Williams. This is a joke talking with other coaches. They’re just wasting valuable personnel time looking elsewhere.

  26. ec says:

    I don’t see why having MLS experience/knowledge is critical. As long as the coach is a good coach, respects the league, and pays attention to the salary cap and how MLS teams acquire players (attend the draft!), I’m sure they would do fine. Not that fulfilling those criteria have been a given by any stretch in the past…

  27. CHJ says:

    I did not realize that is the way retaining domestic rights works. That is total crap! I guess the argument is that teams want to get something in return. If they are under contract and sold then they got some of the fee. I suppose holding the rights to an unsigned player is the classic free agency thing in sports.

  28. CHJ says:

    I actually agree with you, but only if they have strong assistant coaches with deep MLS knowledge. Knowing how games are called and familiarity with the other players in the league is helpful when you game planning.

  29. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Thanks. That was my brief impression, but I wasn’t really focusing on him. So maybe he’s what Eddie SHOULD be, eh? We can drean

  30. Didier says:

    I’m not convinced that hiring a European coach and European technical director is automatically the wrong way to go.

    It might not be the safest move, but everybody has to start somewhere, and if Soler and a European coach come into it with an open mind I am not going to immediately write them off.

    Recycling Curt Onalfo or giving Richie Williams an opportunity might be a little safer, but neither offers a sure-fire solution, and you could argue that both set the bar a little low. I mean, the proven coaches within MLS are all with a team right now.

  31. CHJ says:

    Hopefully with a bit more talent and understanding of the game. I would actually trade a little bit of Johnson speed for that.

  32. PetedeLA says:

    So in other news Fabian Johnson (dual citizenship, Germany and US) scored from the left back position for Wolfsburg. I can’t possibly imagine him being in the mix for 2010, but it would be prudent for Bob to at least send his mother a Christmas card.


  33. Matt Mueller says:


    I want to preface this by saying I haven’t seen Tracy play, but shouldn’t Robbie Findley be the next striker to get a run-out with the nats? It seems like before Davies got injured we were content playing a counter-attacking style which used the speed of Davies and Donovan to get behind defenses. This seemed to be effective against Spain and Brazil. Instead of changing that style wouldn’t it be better to replace Davies with a similar speedy striker like Findley.

  34. madmax says:

    I asked for a Tracy try while he was still at Wake. I may be his first promoter, sorry mates.

  35. strider says:

    Obviously you don’t look at the Yanks Abroad posts on this site very carefully. Benny Feilhaber & Jeremiah White are both on Aarhus. Califf is on Midytland, Parkhurst is on Nords(something), and Tracy is on Aalborg (isn’t this where Rolfe is going too?). I think the level of play we saw from the Danish team during our recent friendly also gave a good indication of what the level of play is like in Denmark. Most of the players Denmark used were from their home league as they were missing several of their better player that play abroad. Based on all of this and the other comments I think it is clear that the Danish league is stronger than MLS regardless of how many teams you can name.

  36. Steed says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tony Adams do an apprenticeship at Toronto FC as part of getting his UEFA Pro License. It might have been someone else, but I think it was him. That doesn’t make him familiar with MLS but its something.

  37. PetedeLA says:

    Brondby (spelling?) is usually at least in some kind of qualification round for the Uefa Cup (now Europa League).

    It’s obviously better than MLS because there’s far more competition for spots.

    Look around the top MLS teams. Most of them play with pretty much the same lineup through out most of the season. You don’t see that in any of the decent European leagues because of the competition.

    Also, if you play badly in Europe, the fans will not let you go peacefully. The fans expect much more than MLS fans.

  38. Surprised says:

    Ives, are you really suggesting Bradley give a look to a forward who has scored two professional goals?

  39. PetedeLA says:

    Very good point.

  40. strider says:

    Well, do you want to have two upper level managers who know little to nothing about how things work here and have to rely solely on Mr. Agoos? As a Fire fan I sure hope you all do that. It will guarantee us dominion until they wise up. Really, the problem is that our whole system is so bizarre: college, draft, single-entity MLS contracts, allocation $$, retaining rights on players long gone, and so on, that it is REALLY difficut for an outsider to succeed in a reasonable time. Can you give an example of a coach that came from outside that succeeded? There are lots of examples of foreign coaches, some with great Euro credentials, that failed.

  41. CHJ says:

    Ruud Gulitt? (just kidding)

  42. CSD says:

    Did you wake up today and thing you were in Brazil? It isn’t like we tons of great options. In the last World Cup we scored 2 goals in 3 games. Who would you suggest we partner with Altidore?

  43. Peter says:

    Ives, I think it can be said that the Red Bulls are the Detroit Lions of the MLS. This can proven by not hiring Williams.

  44. Rod says:

    Not to be extremely crude, but Jeff Agoos should just go ahead and die already. Atleast in the eyes of the soccer community. This man has done as much to destroy american soccer than anyone else I could name. Whether it be by scoring the most own goals by a single player in USMNT history, complelely awful performances for the USMNT, or attempting to take down the RBNY franchise by offering his “talents” as a scout. No animosity or anything; just sayin’

  45. CSD says:

    thing = think
    we tons = we have tons

    My apologies for the grammatical errors.

  46. fubar says:

    Then why not give Grella a run out as well? Shoot, he’s playing with Leeds on a fairly regular basis. And then why not Lichaj too?

  47. ivanovich says:

    How about Clint Dempsey next to Altidore?

    And yes, I am 100% serious. He is scoring goals in the premier league and has scored many goals for the Nats. As an added plus, he won’t hurt our defensive formation anymore..

  48. ernj says:

    Ives —

    What is the deal with Jeremiah White? Getting time in Denmark and looks like he is very quick. I heard he had a falling out with US Soccer over the Gold Cup, but given the MNT’s need for a speedy striker it seems to me he should at least have been called in for the Denmark game. Thought I read somewhere is is out of contract in January. Call him in for Honduras?

  49. Aaron in StL says:

    Ha, I like how you prefaced that one. As if the “sorry…” makes it a little less mean. But I agree, Agoos is a hack job, as a player and administrative man. I think I just dislike him still from his shoddy performance in WC ’02.

  50. ajr says:

    wheres Babajide Ogunbiyi now?

  51. kpugs says:

    As a Red Bulls fan, I don’t have even a shred of confidence in this team. In fact, my disappointment with the organization has grown since the end of the season (the awesome final game aside).

    How is it possible that a team that needs to make SO MANY changes on the player level still does not have a coach, when they have one already employed by them in Williams?

    The way this club is handled is an even bigger joke now than it was with the MetroStars. Hire, fire, hire, fire, hire, fire, hire, fire. Then just sit around doing nothing. Then hire a clueless nobody (relative to MLS, I get it, I’m not trashing the guy’s European career) to operate the team. Then just sit around and do nothing. Great work RBNY.

  52. Jacopo Belbo says:

    speaking of usmnt players what about those headed overseas before the WC …. Holden? Clark? and of couse Landycakes?

    So where should landycakes go? i am trying to decide what EPL team(s) would be a good fit for him, balancing quality of the side/club with the assurity of a regular Dempsey-esque starting role? Any ideas?

    Hull – Injury to Bullard? Team with Jozy? Kinda suck?

    Everton – Timmy? Great club/coaching? Too much midfield talent?

    Blackburn – Good club history? Definite starter/star?

    Birmingham – Good sized club? Probable starter?

    Sunderland – Great club size/history? Final piece to their puzzle? Regular starter?

    What do you guys think?

  53. kpugs says:

    This is a fantastic question. The last I heard on him was that he wanted to go on trial in Europe, probably Norway. I can’t find any remotely recent information on him.

  54. Kutama says:

    At least it is better than Altidore who has not scored a goal in any EPL games with Hull and he plays regularly for Hull & for the USMNT. We are not saying to hand over a starting role to Tracy, we just want to take a look at him this january like some other unknown players……remember, BB has to field 11 best US players out there and in order for him to do just that, he has to look at very many players in which he had been doing since he got hired. Marcus deserve a call up & if he performs well, then BB will continue evaluating him to see if he can be part of the WC squad, if not, he won’t be called up (at least for this WC) until he has gotten better before he can earn subsequent call ups.

  55. BSU SC says:

    I would like to see several forwards who are off the radar get a shot with the national team. With Charlie Davies likely out for South Africa, BB might need to think outside the box for another striker to take that spot. In addition to Marcus Tracy there is Jeremiah White, Jon-Paul Pittman, and there is an American playing in Sweden whose name escapes me at the moment. Hopefully someone is ready to step up and fill the big shoes left vacant by the loss of CD9.

  56. CHJ says:

    Unlesss someone steps up big time then I agree with ivanovich. Move Dempsey up top to partner with Altidore. Clearly, he’s not the speedster that opens up the field the way Davies did, but he is much more then capable up top. It would be a bit of a stylistic change though. In the meantime, everyone and their grandmother at this point should be given a chance to impress (Cunningham, Casey, Fiendley, Tracey, Ngyun, Grella, etc.)

  57. CHJ says:

    I think that I would like to see him not go to an English club. It just does not seem to suit his style.

  58. To' Azeredo says:

    That’s right. Throw out a line of laughable dubiosity, and then make sure the rubes know that no dissent is to be considered.

    Of course many would [actually, yer know] argue with that. By all means let FC Copenhagen or Aarhus come trundlin’ over for their bitch slap of MLS teams. Would love to see them try.

    Califf was a long time starter for a top Danish team, when he was an average MLS defender. He goes to Philadelphia because he, and they, are desperate –each in their own way. No more, no less. He is going to what will likely be the worst team in MLS next year, and he will-betcha all the kroner Denmark once had– have a very hard slog of it.

    Parkhurst is starting for his team. He struggles only in the sense he has competition, not in the sense of failing to do well when he plays.

    Also, if you actually followed MLS with sufficient attention, would know that in his last year with New England Parkhurst did struggle to play well there. Just review some of the Revs lowlights from last year. Yet he starts, cool as cucumber, in ol’ Daneland.

  59. CHJ says:

    Well, here are some relatively obscure American forwards plying their trade in Europe. I don’t know anything about most of these players. Not sure who you are thinking of in Sweden.(Is Ferrari the kid he grew up in the States but has pledged to the Italian national side?)

    Ferrari, Gabriel Forward Sampdoria Italy Serie A

    Grella, Mike Forward Leeds United England

    Harris, Seb Forward Northampton Town England League Two

    Hill, Kamani Forward Vitoria de Guimaraes Portugal Superliga

    Johnson, Jemal Forward Milton Keynes Dons England League One

    Smith, Johann Forward NK Rijeka Croatia Prva Hrvatska Nogometna Liga

    Smith, Lawrence Forward Vaasan Palloseura Finland Veikkausliiga

    Taylor, Matt Forward FSV Frankfurt Germany 2 Bundesliga

    Waltrip, Brian Mid/Fwd Molde Norway Eliteserien

    Zizzo, Sal Mid/Fwd Hannover 96 Germany Bundesliga

  60. madmax says:

    Think, Zamora, Kamara, Jo, etal, with Jo being a 19 million pound (around $31 mil.) acquisition. Perhaps Brazilian flops get more slack in Europe, no?

  61. Astan says:

    If you want to compare the leagues this is how you can do it: is a german soccer site that tries to estimate the transfer value of players. They are wrong with many individuals and sometimes late with their adjustments but on average they are fairly good. This is their english language page:

    link to

    If you look at the leagues and clubs you get averages. Try to see that as the price that you would have to pay if you wanted to transfer in the whole squad today.

    I think it is a fairly good tool to compare the strenghts of leagues and players. It gives you an idea of the difference in strenght between the US and the danish leagues.

  62. madmax says:

    and Ives, “and can’t possibly be a worse talent evaluator than Jeff Agoos.)”

    Alexi Lalas could give Agoos a run.

    (SBI-Lalas doesn’t still have a job evaluating talent for a pro club.)

  63. madmax says:

    “Reminds me of Eddie Johnson”
    That’s OK DC, because Eddie Johnson no longer reminds me of the powerful EJ , slayer of Panama.

  64. madmax says:

    The MLS has a salary cap how can they compare apples and oranges?

  65. Frank Walker says:

    Dempsey should move to Davies spot and Holden should move to the outside right mid spot

    Altidore Dempsey

    Donovan Bradley Holden


    Boca Demeritt Gouch Spector

  66. BSU SC says:

    Thanks for the list. I had completely forgotten about Johann Smith. I didn’t know that he’s in Croatia now.

    The guy in Sweden’s name is Josh Howard. I can’t find much on him but here is an article from earlier this year link to

    I guess that I’m just hoping that there is a Santiago Muñez (from the movie Goal) type person out there who has yet to be discovered.

  67. mwc says:

    Anyone who thinks the USA is going to waltz into the second round of the World Cup needs only to read the posts seeking to have Tracy called in for a look with the USMNT.

  68. BSU SC says:

    I’m starting to come around on the idea of Landon going to Mexico and playing with Club America.

  69. JFC says:

    ok Tony Adams not a great choice for RBNY manager but great choice for me to meet a former gunner and maybe a chance to sign henry.

  70. Aaron in StL says:

    I’d rather see him with a Spanish side, around mid-table. Espanyol, Deportivo, Mallorca, or even Atletico Madrid would be a great chance for him.

    I really think the style of play (and average size of his opponents) would suit him well. The German game is much too physical for him, and I think England would be as well.

  71. einar says:

    ya but that was unrealistic at the time

  72. Didier says:

    Ruud Gullit was not a high-quality manager, and that was evident before he came to MLS and after he came to MLS. He is famous because of his playing days.

  73. Jacopo Belbo says:

    good info. i am not familiar with spain but if he speaks the langauge that is a plus. i just want to see him play with as good a team as possible while still getting to start every game and maybe even shine as a ‘star’ … he is the key to our WC fortunes and needs to be at the top of his game.

  74. Zach says:

    Thanks for the list. One name on that list that I’ve been screaming for a shot is Jemal Johnson from MK Dons in league one. They *almost* won promotion to Championship last year and JJ was a consistent starter and scorer up top; however, MK Dons started using him more as a midfielder and a bench player and then from what I’ve read, Johnson had a falling out with either the coach of club officials over a contract dispute. He’s failed to even make the bench the last few games.

  75. Stan says:

    What about Masal Bugduv??? His mother is American, he should be eligible to play for USMNT? He’s been linked with a transfer to Arsenal… Bradley should call him up for January games and give some time off the bench at least…

  76. roysterer says:

    I don’t think I’ve watched a single Danish Super League match, and yet I’m convinced that the quality of play (in general) must be higher than in MLS. You know why? Because they can pay more. It’s just economics. If you can pay more money you get better players.

    There are some other factors, like club prestige and location, but it seems like playing in Europe would be preferable for most players if that were an issue.

  77. Rod says:

    haha, I can honestly say that there is no player that I like less than Jeff Agoos. I’m sure most of my dislike stems from the ’02 performance.

  78. Supsam says:

    Using Califf as an example is not appropiate when comparing leagues. The guy used to captain Aalborg and was regarded one of their best players in the Danish league before they couldnt negotiate a new contract at the end of the 08 season (which wasnt too long ago). At his newer Danish club, he just never gelled into the squad. he just needs a new club to regain his form.

  79. CHJ says:

    But what a great player he was. I loved those Dutch team with Van Basten and the rest. O’ the memories. And that crazy pyscedellic jersey they wore in the ’90 or ’94 world cup.

  80. CHJ says:

    salary cap does not influence transfer value. Its unfair, but the value of a player is measured by how much a club can sell a player for, not how much the player makes in wages. The fact that MLS pays some players such dreadful wages, does not influence their transfer value.

  81. Geoff says:

    Tracy starts 4 straight games, scores a goal. He should be starting.

    If he does get a call, it says a lot about how desperate we’re getting

  82. CHJ says:

    In full disclosure, I pulled the list from link to It might be a bit outdated but has an alphabetical list of scores of players.

  83. Goalscorer24 says:

    Give Tracy a shot! I cam remember back when Davies was not considered good enough by Bradley to be the starting forward, and how quickly that changed after he was pratcially forced to use him in the Confederations Cup.

  84. Nick says:

    Scoring one goal in the Danish league is hopefully not all that’s required on the resume to get a look in our national team…I would like to believe we are better than that.

  85. J mann says:

    Four strikers I wouldn’t mind seeing at the January camp: Jeff Cunningham, Robbie Findley, Marcus Tracy, and Tony Taylor.

  86. CHJ says:

    Who is Tony Taylor? Why would he be good for USMNT?

  87. John in FL says:

    Rejoice all Adu fans…all he has to do is start 4 games and he’s back in the USMNT!!!!!!

    (SBI-How about starting ONE game? And last time I checked Adu wasn’t a forward, which is a glaring area of need for the national team and IS the position Marcus Tracy plays for a club that was playing Champions League soccer just a year ago.)

  88. Tetsuo says:

    Tracy is the next Davies

  89. SrySnffy says:

    Not enough speed in that combo. Findley next to Dempsey would be much more effective.

  90. dantheblue says:

    Not relevant to this discussion. General knowledge does not indicate caliber of quality.

  91. SrySnffy says:

    Tony Taylor has a ton of potential, but he needs to be playing pro ball before he gets a cap.

  92. SrySnffy says:

    People.. Tracy is not a “speedster”. He’s much more of a target forward, who’s barely faster than Jozy.

  93. SrySnffy says:

    Myself, I hope the next forwards to get looks are: 1 Findley 2 Cunningham 3 Tracy 4 Lee Nguyen.

  94. jaime says:

    Tracy has always been strong and fairly fast. He has decent height and is good in the air and is fairly composed on the ball. He was able to take people on off the drible in college but not sure if that ability has transferred to the Danish league. His senior year at Wake he torched the rest of the ACC the first half of the season but then struggled a bit when teams starting keying on him, which opened up things for Cody Arnoux, his opposite striker, who is now playing with Everton’s reserves.

    Overall, great size and a decent soccer IQ for someone whose technical ability is catching up to his physical gifts, which are plentiful.

  95. CHJ says:

    Whats the latest on Connor Cassy. He had a good start over in Europe but I have to admit that I have no been following him all that closely.

  96. J mann says:

    Tony Taylor

    link to

    IMO Tony has a great dribbling ability and can create a chance for others off the dribble. I don’t see that too much in our current forward players. The only thing I don’t like about him is his finishing. He isn’t a guy that would make the team for SA 2010. Mainly just a guy to bring into camp and get affiliated with the full national team.

  97. J mann says:

    You probably mean Kenny Cooper over in the Bundesliga 2. Cooper I think is out with an injury right now, but was doing good with his team. Connor Casey is in the MLS offseason.

  98. CHJ says:

    Correct you are. Thanks. (Too many forwards whose last name start with a C).

  99. K1p says:

    Yeah, I was hoping he was getting tired of riding the pine and would be coming back. Oh well, good for him and good for the Nats, bad for Houston.

  100. chg says:

    I commented about Tracy when he scored four goals and provided the juice boxes for a seven year olds rec league game.

  101. bryan says:

    that is a stupid argument.

  102. The Hammer says:

    I really appreciate you following Marcus Tracy. I really hope he develops at a high rate over the next several months. I think that he could be a good addition to the WC. I am really worried about our options/depth at forward.

    Ives, are guys like Bedoya, Kamani Hill, Nguyen, Jeremiah White, Grella, Ferrari, Johan Smith, or Jemal Johnson worth following for serious looks for the WC? If so who? and What likelihood? Would there be benefit long term to sending a young forward to the 2010 WC along with or instead of a Cunningham, Ching, Casey type?

  103. The Hammer says:

    I agree but would really prefer to see Tracy and Nguyen. Any update on where Nguyen is going to land. FC Dallas?

  104. Donjuego says:

    I’ve seen no evidence that the Danish league has better players than MLS. MLS players easily move there and get time, even when they are only mediocre journeymen in MLS.

    What evidence do you have?