NCAA Men’s College Cup Semifinals: Match night commentary


The four best men's teams in NCAA soccer will square off tonight for a chance to play in Sunday's College Cup Final.

Tonight's semifinals in Cary, North Carolina will be played in frigid and wintry conditions, but that shouldn't stop some of the nation's most talented players from showing their stuff.

The University of Virginia takes on Wake Forest in today's first semifinal (5pm, ESPN2), while undefeated Akron meets North Carolina in the nightcap (7:30pm, ESPNU).

I will be providing commentary on both matches throughout the night so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


FINAL– Akron wins on penalties, 5-4. Akron will now face Virginia in the College Cup Final on Sunday at 1pm on ESPN2.

That's all for me. Please feel free to share your thoughts on tonight's matches in the comments section below.










PENALTY KICKS– Sarkodie for Akron SCORES




PENALTY KICKS– Zemanski for Akron SCORES


PENALTY KICKS– Loyd for UNC. SCORES down the middle.


PENALTY KICKS– Valentin for Akron. SCORES


PENALTY KICKS– We are about to start. Michael Farfan for UNC. SCORED!!


END OF OVERTIME– Akron 0, North Carolina 0. Akron didn't show much in overtime but the Tar Heels created some very dangerous chances. Both goalkeepers have come up with big saves tonight.

On to penalty kicks!


109th Minute– SAVE MEVES!!!! He stones Enzo Martinez. Not before Akron cleared another UNC shot off the line. Carolina wants the win.


108th Minute– SAVE MEVES!!! Michael Farfan's curling shot forces a great save.


105th Minute– Five minutes left. Can Akron find a way to keep its perfect record intact?


103rd Minute– SAVE HAGGARTY!!! UNC clears out the subsequent corner and starts a counterattack. The clock keeps ticking.


101st Minute– Akron earns a dangerous free kick. UNC clears it away.


END OF OVERTIME FIRST HALF– Akron's body language doesn't look great right now. If this goes to PKs my money is on North Carolina.


END OF OVERTIME FIRST HALF– Still scoreless and Akron is playing without standout midfielder Anthony Ampaipitakwong. He was key to their first half success, but is apparently nursing an injury. His absence isn't an excuse for an Akron attack that still boasts Bunbury, Nagbe, Gavin and Sarkodie. They're just not coming up with good ideas to break down the Tar Heels defensive wall.


100th Minute– UNC is defending well, and Akron just doesn't show any sense of urgency.


98th Minute– You haven't missed much. Akron knocks it around, but can't crack UNC's defense.


91st Minute– We'll have a golden goal overtime, followed by penalty kicks (though I may need a nap as boring as this game as gotten).


END OF REGULATION– Akron 0, North Carolina 0. UNC is holding on despite being a man down. The Zips have had more possession, but haven't done much with that possession.


88th Minute– Nagbe goes down on a 50/50 challenge from Loyd. Clean challenge there.


85th Minute– Gavin with a shot from 18 but he blasts it into the stands.


83rd Minute– I thought this game would be more exciting, but this game is now making the first game look like a shootout thriller.

Bunbury goes to ground again. Early favorite for the Alejandro Moreno Award for Diver of the Tournament.


80th Minute– Akron just not looking sharp right now despite the man advantage. Carolina is defending well.


77th Minute– Haggarty races off his line again to beat Bunbury to a dangerous pass.

UNC is holding on right now.


75th minute- SAVE HAGGARTY!!! Bunbury gets in on goal on a great Gavin pass, but Haggarty runs out and blocks the shot. Nice save.


71st Minute– Akron is up a man and has no excuse for not creating some dangerous chances now.


70th Minute– UNC's King gets a second yellow for a push from behind. He's gone and Akron has a long but potentially dangerous free kick. It hits the wall.


68th Minute– We're back. Will Akron regain the first-half rhythm?


67th Minute– It's Timeout time. Getting used to it yet?

If you are following the commentary, please let me know in the comments section.


67th Minute– A dangerous UNC counter is thwarted by an offside call. Akron's defense is young, but has moved well and held its line well.


65th Minute– Gotta love when the field mic is near an angry player. Akron corner kick.


62nd Minute– URSO GOES WIDE!! Carolina is playing much better now. Akron's not playing as well as in the first half.


60th Minute– Carolina with a DANGEROUS ball across the penalty area, but nobody is there to latch onto it. Tar Heels starting to show a bit more confidence in attack.


58th Minute– Dixon with a swing and a miss on a shot attempt. Nice pass from Enzo Martinez though.


56th Minute– A yellow card, just when you were wondering if these refs had cards.

Jordan Graye tried to pull off a spin dribble, but managed to turn the ball over after it. You know every MLS coach in attendance just groaned.


56th Minute– Nice play by Dustin McCarty to track down Bunbury and get the ball away from him. Yes, that's Dax McCarty's brother.


55th Minute– We aren't going to get to see it, but an Akron-Wake Forest Final would have been fun to watch.


53rd Minute– UNC with more possession this half. Akron has taken the foot off the gas for now.


49th Minute– UNC's Zach Loyd is a quality player. He's playing centerback tonight and doing well, but his future in MLS will be as a defensive midfielder.


48th Minute– Cameron Brown is fouled and wins the award for the Cristiano Ronaldo injury embellishment award.

UNC can't do anything with the free kick. Not much direction in the Tar Heels attack.


47th Minute– Odd play by Haggarty, almost a bad mistake. Never seen a goalkeeper dummy a ball rolling toward his own goal.


46th Minute– The second half is underway.


HALFTIME– Akron 0, UNC 0. The Zips controlled possession, but weren't really that dangerous. The Tar Heels have stayed disciplined defensively, but need to start getting the ball to Schuler, Dixon and Farfan more. Their attack has been invisible.


45th Minute– Anyone wondering if Akron wouldn't be able to handle the step up in class in competition now knows that the Zips can play at this level and play well.


42nd Minute– UNC is doing well to keep Akron from maintaining possession for long stretches. The Zips look dangerous when they can get it to the final third, but they're not spending enough time up there as the UNC tandem of Urso and McCarty is helping keep the possession game close. Akron is still winning it, but not dominating it.


37th Minute– One of the knocks on Farfan is that he disappears from games too much. We're seeing that tonight.


35th Minute– BUNBURY WIDE!! He runs at the UNC defense and sends a blast just wide of goal. He's an impressive-looking player. Can't see him not going pro.


32nd Minute– Darlington Nagbe has looked very sharp for Akron, and while Bunbury is a good bet to go pro, I'm hearing that Nagbe will play one more season before going pro.


30th Minute– Meves with a better looking play to make a save.

WOW, Ben Speas with a nice left-footed shot that just misses wide for Akron.


28th Minute– UNC earns a corner after a nice sequence forces Akron's keeper to come off his line to make a save. Mevis, Akron's keeper nearly gets caught out on the subsequent corner.


25th Minute– We're back, and Bunbury tries to dive. He needs to stay on his feet. He's too strong to be going down that easily. MLS ref Alex Prus isn't having that.


23rd Minute– We've got a timeout.

UNC goalkeeper Brooks Haggarty is a top-notch goalkeeper and he will have to have a big game today if UNC is going to hand Akron its first loss.

Still waiting for Teal Bunbury to make an impact.


22nd Minute– SAVE HAGGARTY!!! Nice Akron free kick is stopped by a diving save. Akron's corner is dealt with on the next play.


21st Minute– Akron with a DANGEROUS free kick opportunity.


17th Minute– This game should be a more wide-open encounter than the first semifinal.


15th Minute– The Tar Heels are doing a good job of disrupting Akron's posession game. The result is a match without much rhythm early on.


11th Minute– Alex Dixon earns UNC a corner kick.


9th Minute– North Carolina has yet to really get going offensively. They're trying to match up with an Akron attack that is just so dangerous.


7th Minute– Some nice ball movement from Akron. No shots on goal yet.


3rd Minute– In order to avoid spelling his name wrong, I'm going to call Akron's Anthony Ampaipitakwong by the nickname Amp. Deal? Done.


3rd Minute– This game should be a more wide-open encounter than the first semifinal.


2nd Minute– Bunbury with his first shot, sends it wide, but you see how Akron gets numbers into the attack.


1st Minute– And we're off.


PRE-GAME– So who will you be watching for in the second match? Akron striker Teal Bunbury will be the marquee player. He's highly-coveted and a safe bet to sign with MLS. He's a Top Three pick in the draft if he comes out, and could even go first overall.

UNC's top player is playmaker Michael Farfan, who is a talented junior who hasn't quite gotten the buzz as a draft prospect that some other ACC midfielders have gotten. Tonight will go a long way toward determining if he has a chance at being in the 2010 MLS Draft.

While Bunbury gets the headlines for Akron, Blair Gavin, is one to watch. UNC's Billy Schuler is also one to watch.


PRE-GAME– The overtime in the first game has pushed back the schedule for the doubleheader so stay tuned. 


PRE-GAME– On to Game Two. It's undefeated Akron against North Carolina. The Zips will be the favorites, though UNC will have somewhat of a home-field advantage. It may not matter though because Akron's attack is so dangerous. 


FINAL– For those who didn't follow the Under-20 World Cup, and are wondering about our fascination with Ownby. He became a bit of a sympathetic figure after being so terrible in the first U.S. Under-20 World Cup match, but came back and scored an improbable goal in the next match. Tonight, he showed why he's such a dangerous college player (and he'd be starting for UVA if not for the groin injury he had been nursing).


FINAL– Could that be the end of the road for Opara and Bone? The two Wake stars could go 1-2 in the draft, but this loss might make them consider staying in school (I wouldn't bet on it though).

Opara will be thinking about that Ownby goal. He raced back to try and catch Ownby, who had already gotten a step on the other Wake CB, but the pass was too perfect and Ownby's chip was equally perfect.


FINAL– A shame that Wake Forest falls considering the Demon Deacons were the better team in regulation, but the missed chances came back to haunt them. UVA took two great chances out of just a few, while Wake missed basically every chance it got.


FINAL– How perfect a pass was that from Villanueva, right into Ownby's path, and the U.S. Under-20 national teamer finishes it off. Virginia is in the NCAA Final.


FINAL– You thought I was kidding when I said Ownby was a legend, right? The kid is something else. WOW. Villanueva with the beautiful long pass and Ownby races onto it and chips the keeper for the golden goal.


95th- GOAL VIRGINIA!!!! And it's Brian Ownby with the FINISH. WOW. Unbelievable. WOW. OWNBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


91st Minute– Will Wake Forest finally test Virginia's goalkeeper? The Demon Deacons have yet to put a serious shot on goal (the goal came on an own goal).


END OF REGULATION– Wake Forest 1, Virginia 1. Wake Forest has really dominated this match, but has not been able to finish chances. We will be heading to overtime, and if there are no goals there, we will have a PK shootout. These teams finished in a PK shootout the last time they met, with Virginia winning the ACC semis on penalties.


89th Minute– LUBAHN SHOT WIDE!!!! What a look, another nice passing sequence from Wake.


88th Minute– SAVE FITZGERALD!! ANd it was OWNBY with the chance on his first touch. He's a legend.


87th Minute– Brian Ownby is in the match for Virginia. Yes, THAT Brian Ownby (regular SBI readers will know what I mean).


85th Minute– Tchani with a decent look but he skies his shot.


84th Minute– Opara has looked very sharp tonight. Some of his long passes have been errant, but he's won everything in the air and has shown scary acceleration to step up and break up plays.


83rd Minute– Tchani's free kick is right at the keeper.


82nd Minute– Villanueva draws a free kick in a dangerous spot, just above the arc.


80th Minute– Some good back-and-forth action. Can't see these teams keeping this pace up much longer.


77th Minute– Shouts for a penalty by Wake, but no call there. Da Luz looks to have been crashed into by Monaco, but no call.


75th Minute– What a bad call by the ref. He has let them play all night, but not on a simple 50-50 challenge.


72nd Minute– Going back to Wake's goal, Bone sent in a hard cross toward the front of goal and it looked to have deflected off Restrepo and into the net.


71st Minute– Wow, Villanueva nearly has a chance for an equalizer but shanks it.


70th Minute- GOAL WAKE FOREST!!!!! And it's Corben Bone with a beautiful dance along the endline before slipping a shot from an impossible angle that hits a UVA player and goes in. We are TIED!!!


69th Minute– Wake's sub draws a foul right after coming in. Here comes Wake.


67th Minute– Kato Kaelin is Wake Forest's head coach. Who knew? (Kidding).


67th Minute– OFF THE CROSSBAR!! Da Luz with a nice curling left-footed shot that skimmed the top of the crossbar. Another nice passing sequence.

TIMEOUT (Admit it, you're starting to like the Timeout idea. Okay, maybe not.)


65th Minute– Don't be surprised to see Opara get forward more as we get closer to the end of the match. He'll slide forward to try and give Wake numbers.


63rd Minute– We're almost two-third through this match and Wake has yet to really test Restrepo with a good shot on goal. You can move the ball around with nice passing, but if you can't shoot it on frame, you won't win.


61st Minute– Once again, Wake Forest strings some nice passes together only to lose possession on a lazy final pass.


60th Minute– Schilawski with ANOTHER open look in front of goal from 18, but he skies it over. UVA's set-piece defending has been shaky.


57th Minute– Schilawski shanks an open look from the top of the box.

How will Wake respond? Will Virginia pile on the pressure, or bunker in?


56th Minute– Virginia scores against the run of play, but credit to Villanueva and Tchani to create that. Wake needs to keep pressing. Chances will come.


55th Minute- GOAL VIRGINIA!!!! Tony Tchani with the finish but it was Villanueva with the beautiful moves in the box, has his shot saved, and Tchani pounces on the rebound. UVA 1, Wake Forest 0.


53rd Minute– Wake deals with the corner, Lubahn hits a nice turn to find some space on the counter, but Wake can't keep the ball.


52nd Minute– UVA with a corner kick.


50th Minute– Wake puts a ball into the box, but nobody gets to it, Norman hits a long shot but it's not even close.


47th Minute– We're back and Virginia comes out moving the ball better.


HALFTIME– Da Luz and Schilawski were very active in the first half. Bone struggled to find space early, but eventually found room to operate later in the half. Wake's fullbacks haven't been effective, but if they were, this game would not be scoreless.

Virginia needs to stop pumping balls up to Bates. Tchani and Villanueva need to move the ball around in midfield and look for the cracks in Wake's defense. Sending long passes at Ike Opara isn't a strategy that will work.


HALFTIME– Wake Forest 0, Virginia 0. Wake controlled much of the first half, while UVA's defense gave up more chances than you would expect, but they never did break, and that shutout streak is still going. 


45th Minute– Heading for a scoreless first half.


44th Minute– Da Luz isn't hurting his draft stock tonight. He's moving up the SBI MLS Draft Big Board as we speak.


43rd Minute– Nice work by Opara to intercept a dangerous cross into the area.


40th Minute– Jay Vidovich's decision to put Da Luz on the left flank and Bone in the middle has paid off. Da Luz has had a lot of the ball on the left while Bone has been able to float all over the field.


36th Minute– What will UVA do going forward? Does it stick with this 4-5-1 even though Wake is dominating, or do the Cavs add another attacker and force Wake to defend more?


35th Minute– Hard shot from UVA is saved. First decent chance from UVA in a long time.


34th Minute– SAVE RESTREPO!! Not the hardest shot from Bone, but the sequence was beautiful for Wake.


32nd Minute– Wake on the break again, but a UVA block thwarts the challenge.


31st Minute– It's going to be tough for Bone to get going in the middle of the field considering the numbers UVA has there, but that attention being paid to him is creating space on the wings for Da Luz and Norman.


29th Minute– Anyone else getting a young Patrick Viera vibe from watching Tchani?


23rd Minute– We're back. Wake has had the better of the play, while UVA's offense has been non-existent.


23rd Minute– If you are following along with the commentary, please let me know in the comments section.


23rd Minute– We have a timeout (Yes, they have those in college soccer. Don't ask.).


22nd Minute– SIDE-NETTING! Schilawski finishes off a beautiful passing sequence with a tight-angled shot that hits the side-netting. Wake is finding a good rhythm.


20th Minute– UVA dodges a bullet after giving up a soft corner kick.


19th Minute– Not loving this UVA 4-5-1. Bates as a sole striker doesn't look likely to produce many chances, though Tchani and Villanueva can come forward for their own chances.


18th Minute– Tchani took a shot to the face. He's been impressive early on. UVA can't afford to lose him.


16th Minute– Austin Da Luz is showing a good motor on the left flank today. Interesting to see him on the left and Corben Bone playing in his more natural central midfield position. Bone has played mainly on the left, with Da Luz in a central role this season.


15th Minute– Wake Forest has taken the momentum in this match. They're starting to move the ball with confidence.


12th Minute– CROSSBAR. Freshman Andy Lubahn with a chip that hits the frame. Great chance there. UVA's defense was beaten, which is pretty rare.


10th Minute– It's tough to not be impressed with the amount of ground Tchani covers with his long frame.


8th Minute– Virginia's ability to close down defensively makes it just so tough for opponents to string passes together. Even Wake, with all its talent, can't deal with the pressure early on.


6th Minute– Still waiting for Tony Tchani and Corben Bone to make their marks today.


4th Minute– MLS scouts are in abundance in Cary tonight. They should be. This match has at least a half dozen players who will be drafted in January.


3rd Minute– A rough start as both teams struggle to find a rhythm. The cold weather may not be helping.


1st Minute– Virginia-Wake Forest is underway.

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80 Responses to NCAA Men’s College Cup Semifinals: Match night commentary

  1. Yet to be cap-tied says:

    Whats the deal with the timeouts?

  2. Wake says:

    Following Ives … Looks like it’s only a matter of time for Wake … Need to see more from Bone

  3. baquito_alyeska says:

    Whoa, John Denver apparently faked his death and now goes by Jay Vidovich.

  4. Chad says:

    I always forget they allow time-outs in college soccer…very strange. Wake appears to be the better team so far.

  5. I like college soccer, but the timing rules (countdown, timeout, clock stoppage) drive me nuts.

  6. vivalosburros says:

    One thing watching college soccer you have to love the general lack of diving, just people going in hard

  7. Texar says:

    is the NCAA ever going to adopt more FIFA like rules? this is stupid

  8. Yet to be cap-tied says:

    wake plays a style much better than almost every other college team I’ve seen, lots more possession and less of the “route one” you generally see

  9. Chad says:

    uva doesnt have an answer for the da luz bone combo, if adams was on the same page they would be doing serious damage. That said, both should have drilled the ball on net that last run.

  10. anovato says:

    wake looks to be the better team overall

    i am a bit surprised to see creative and real football from a college team

    the possession of wake has been good and i hope they continue that form in the second half

  11. south says:

    to sell commercials.

  12. baquito_alyeska says:

    UVA’s keep, i think it was mentioned by the commentators, has a 0.29 goals per game stat which obviously would be impressive if i’m remembering that correctly. he looked freakishly quick on that shot from Schilawski that hit the side-netting.

  13. ec says:

    Another quality sign of soccer’s growth here, I live close to Cary and was poking around for tickets and was surprised to find them going between $50 – $85 on craigslist. With how cold it is today I probably could have picked some up cheaper on site, but it turned out to be a hot ticket.

  14. anovato says:

    da luz might be the most skilled player on the pitch

  15. timmy_u says:

    Hard to judge Bone vs. da Luz with how tight UVAs defense is centrally. Adams does seem out of the mix. I see a lot of good flank play from the deacons but they are missing an aerial target in the middle or a good final pass. UVA is struggling to handle the posession of wake, but seems to have mastered a bend-but-dont-break style of dealing with the playmakers. UVA needs some final 3rd posession from Tchani if they are going to threaten this rythym.

  16. Jason says:

    goal UVA

  17. timmy_u says:

    Tchani with a successful poach. Lets see how Wake responds…

  18. adam says:

    Thanks for doing this, Ives. I’m sorry the Terps aren’t there with our fanbase to make the crowd sound a little more exciting, but I’m glad you’ve taken steps toward drawing attention to the game in this way. Go ACC.

  19. anovato says:

    you simply cannot blow a shot like that

    wide open and he blasts it 20 yards over again, unacceptable

  20. MiamiFCduros says:

    #12 WF gots the Spector hair going

  21. frank from sf says:

    to much route1 football. i really don’t see how any young prospect would want to go to college to get experience. can’t wait until all mls clubs are running their acadamies like the rest of the world. it’s really hard to sit thru games at the college level. it’s all athletisism nothing more.

  22. timmy_u says:

    argh. with the timeout again. da Luz still playing like hes on another level. Opara with some nice defensive flash – needs to find mid range targets when clearing the ball rather than just blasting it though.

  23. Isaac says:

    63rd Minute- We’re almost two-third through this match and Wake has yet to really test Restrepo with a good shot on goal. You can move the ball around with nice passing, but if you can’t shoot it on frame, you won’t win.

    Unless, of course, Alexi Lalas or Jeff Agoos is on the opposing team.

  24. Isaac says:

    You do realize the only goal of the match came on a fantastic piece of skill from Villanueva, right?

  25. anovato says:

    woah, what a bit of luck for wake forest

    own goal

  26. Jason says:


  27. jason i says:

    just saying there are only timeouts in the college cup and televised games, like tournament championships, thats it, not during regular season or early tournament games

  28. Chad says:

    wow, how does villanueva blow that??

  29. dan says:

    is this game online somewhere?

  30. timmy_u says:

    I have not been overly impressed with either goal. Bone’s endline dance was nice, as was Villaneuva’s side step to get the initial shot on UVA’s chance. Bone was reasonably lucky after a great move, and Tchani cleaned up after Villaneuva’a nice move. I am still waiting for Wake to connect on the final pass.

  31. Chad says:

    espn360 if you get that.

  32. timmy_u says:

    Virginia seems to have an aerial advantage at midfield. Suprised that they dont try to take more advantage of that around the goal. Monaco laid out da Luz on that last chance in the box and got nothin – dropped his shoulder like a linebacker.

  33. anovato says:

    even if he was hit a bit, he overhit that ball by a long shot and had no chance at getting it since opera already had it

  34. anovato says:

    opara has amazing speed, it’s very deceptive

  35. anovato says:

    the articles says that 3 teams came calling at the door about him

    it’s dated over a month ago, i doubt anything comes from it

  36. timmy_u says:

    extra session. Will Wake’s forward efforts leave them exposed at the back? Will Bone and da Luz keep possesion and pressure in UVAs half? tune in to find out.

  37. Billy says:

    Ownby? ugh.

  38. Dave says:

    Opara HAS to do better w/ that. Too bad-Wake were far superior.

  39. nick g. says:


  40. Dave says:

    I don’t like UVA, and I hope Akron spank them in the final-they have no class.

  41. Jason says:

    seriously. Anybody who follows the U-20’s hates Ownby

  42. Jacopo Belbo says:

    I must admit I do not usually watch college soccer … and after suffering thru this abysmal Wake vs UVA game I now know why …

    Seriously this is the level of US soccer at the 18-22 age level? No wonder we suck.

    I do watch the Man Utd reserves play regularly and I can confidently say that the Red Devil reserves would rip either of the teams I saw in this game a new a@@hole.

    I hope that there are a few talented kids on these teams that once with better players can show more than they did tonight and developmentally catch up from whatever they are not getting at American University programmes.

  43. nick g. says:

    I like UVA – and I hope we spank UNC in the final

  44. nick g, says:

    Earth to Jacopo. The USA’s best 18-22 year olds generally are not playing college soccer right now.

  45. south says:

    Okay, I’m tired of hearing about this stupid Oregon rap and how they rhymed words with ravioli.

    Do I have it on the right channel?

  46. Brian says:

    What the hell match were you watching? That was a very entertaining and well played match, much more watchable than alot of pro games.

    And of course the Man U reserves would be an amateur team. Is that really a feather in their cap?

  47. Chad says:

    ugh, the least espnU could do is not annoy us to death while we wait.

  48. Jacopo Belbo says:

    (SBI-Jacobo, watch the language. Nobody said you had to like college soccer, but you don’t have to get vulgar about it.)

  49. Xander Crews says:

    Virginia fans are hoping to hell that North Carolina pulls the upset (won’t happen anyway) – Akron will tear that team apart.

    Let’s go Zips!

  50. Jacopo Belbo says:

    i was watching a game that didn’t have more than 3 passes strung together and turned over the ball over constantly. and the point is these kids are the same age (or older) than the man utd reserves (almost everyone who plays regularly for Ole’s reserve side is under 22 and most under 20).

    My whole point is how is the US supposed to excel at soccer if so many of these “talented” kids that the MLS is dying to get their hands on in 5 weeks (Opara, Bone, Etc) are playing at such a frightful level of soccer instead of playing a more professional level … the MLS definitely needs a reserve league if this is the best college soccer has to offer.

    (SBI-Jacobo, if you don’t think Wake strung more than three passes together multiple times then you weren’t really watching. Perhaps you were too busy kicking your television because you couldn’t watch a Man U reserve game instead. The college game has its flaws, but still manages to produce some players. Last time I checked, folks in England seem to think well of the likes of Clint Dempsey and Brad Friedel. I will agree with you that MLS teams need to step it up and get academies going, but crying about what the college game isn’t is a rather pointless exercise.)

  51. RM07 says:

    What’s with the Ives Gestapo deleting

    my post? =(

    The article was put on the website a few hours ago Anovato,you misread the date.

  52. Texar says:

    I dont get espnU nor esp360 :'(

  53. Jacopo Belbo says:

    Firstly, I am not crying … I couldn’t give a rat piss less about college soccer, and I went to a decent soccer power … I am simply pointing out that the OVERALL level of college soccer … if these semi-finals are any example … is pretty tragic. If this is the “best of the best” that is a sad statement.

    And if you learned to read carefully my point was not that there was no talent in college soccer but rather that the talent that is intermittently dispersed throughout college soccer would be better served spending their 16-20 years playing in the professional game. A few will do so in Europe and gain accordingly but the whole point in having a domestic league is so that a greater number of young talented players can play professionally and not waste their time in the college game. The MLS needs to do more than ‘rescue’ a handful of college age kids each year thru GA who then often do not get to play. They need a reserve league and the ability to spend more for larger squads and get more kids with the talent into the professional game.

    And for the record I watch just as much soccer as you do Ives and tonight’s game was pathetic from a team/tactical standpoint. The passing and possession was wretched. If I was kicking my TV it was because the only worse soccer I have seen on TV is the WPS.

    (And the Man Utd reserve games come thru quite nicely via my subscription to MUTV Online.)

    (SBI-Jacopo, nobody’s disagreeing with you (I’ve written enough times that MLS teams need to hurry up and establish real academies). I just don’t see the point of you coming on here with so much anger. Relax man, you’ll live longer. Blaming the college game for the state of player development in the USA is like blaming supermarkets for poor people not having food to eat. Your venom is a bit misguided. The college game has plenty of flaws, but it serves a purpose, and fills a void, and there are plenty of players who have benefited from it.

    And Jacopo, I can read just fine, the problem is your point was buried in all your mock outrage. If you had a point, which you apparently did, it got lost in your angry translation.

    And while the Wake-UVA game wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t nearly as awful as you’re saying it was. You can choose to disagree.)

  54. Evan says:

    Is this on espn360? It doesn’t seem to be.

  55. Brian says:

    Don’t feed the troll ives.

    (SBI-Jacopo’s an SBI regular, which is why I’m discussing it. If it were a drive-by troll, I would have ignored him.)

  56. Briank says:

    Akron is MUCH better than Carolina. They are controlling the game.

    (SBI-Control doesn’t always win, at least that’s what Wake Forest told me.)

  57. shantz says:

    where is the former McDonalds player of the year chris agorsor

  58. madmax says:

    Did Opara get own by?

    Last year the Zips had Zakuani aslo.

  59. dan says:

    Jacobo…. next time, simply turn the tv off and don’t watch any more ( a nice feature tv’s have for when you don’t like a particular program) though you may not like the quality of the game, there are some of us that enjoy the game for what it is… college soccer… not for what some may wish it was. Please… go watch MU and leave the college game alone!!

  60. madmax says:

    atdhe has it

  61. madmax says:

    Zips have serious team speed, could they beat NYRB?

    (SBI-Have they put a shot on goal? I’d say no. Not even close. Wake would have a better chance, but still no.)

  62. Brian says:

    Why do you think there is no talk of MLS teams going after Vidovich? The style of play that he is able to instill in his teams is amazing for the college level. Wake’s off-the-ball movement is just head and shoulders above everyone. Yet his name never seems to get thrown during MLS coach hunts.

    I love my tarheels, but I feel like I’m watching the rest of the ACC shift to more pro-style possession-oriented teams while we still play “kick it out in front of the fast guy”. We did it when we had corey ashe, we do it now, and I’m sure we’re going to do it as long as Elmar is coaching.

  63. Brian says:

    I’m still following the commentary. These games are ruining my chances of doing well on my final tomorrow.

  64. john says:


  65. gunner04 says:

    yeah, im following too.

  66. gunner04 says:

    i thught this was sold out/ standing room only. why are there so many empty seats behind the akron goalie?

  67. Texar says:

    man, the timeouts annoy the hell out of me :'(

  68. Brian says:

    Alot of the tickets sold were to UVA and Wake fans, both of those groups have left. Don’t forget it’s below 30 there.

  69. darko don says:

    and you know what else grinds my gears? bears on unicycles!!!!!! IT MAKES NO DAMN SENSE… I can ride a unicycle so much better than a bear, so why the hell would anyone watch a damn bear do such a crappy job of it

  70. Kyle says:

    Just joined…taking a study break. Thanks for the updates Ives.

  71. madmax says:

    Bunbury and Nagbe have not looked sharp. NC defenders have taken them off their game?

  72. baquito_alyeska says:


  73. Chad says:

    this has been a more entertaining game than the first. tense, and more open.

  74. madmax says:

    I think the Zip coach omitted Bunbury and Nagbe from PKs, good move? I think they looked exhausted.

  75. Chad says:

    Thanks Ives. Have a good night.

  76. brandon says:

    Leading scorer in the nation, favorite for the hermann award, teal bunbury doesn’t take a pk???

  77. Chad says:

    agreed. those guys were running on fumes. I was actually really surprised by Sarkodie. for how much work he put in, he never seemed to slow down.

  78. gunner04 says:

    good point. i didnt think of that

  79. sjquakes says:

    Yakubu scores for Everton. Where does Donovan fit in to this Everton lineup between Yakubu and Saha??? I smell benchwarmer.

  80. TimN says:

    Well first, I’ll comment on the UNC-Akron game, as I went to UNC, and it held more interest for me. The game itself was hamstrung by the sending off of the UNC player. It forced them to play back and look for quick counters…that gets boring to watch after a while. Having said that, I was immensely disappointed that UNC couldn’t finish it’s chances down the stretch. Akron’s keeper came up BIG. Late in the game as well, there was a save on a free kick that UNC’s keeper distributed perfectly. UNC had a one on one with the Akron defender, only to see it squandered by a horribly played pass to the center that went behind our striker, forcing him to have to nearly stop to get it, and allowed Akron’s defense to catch up.

    One last thing, there was a lesson for the young players out there. DON’T GO HIGH ON PK’S!! A LOW, hard drive to the corner will almost NEVER be saved by the keeper unless he guesses correctly and has the extension to get to it. A high PK is begging to be sent over the crossbar…all it takes is leaning back just a little too far. Why, why, why do guys still do this??