Report: Adu booted by Belenenses

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Freddy Adu's tenure at Portuguese club Belenenses appears over.

According to Portuguese publication Record, new Belenenses manager Toni has started his term as head coach by cutting some dead weight from the roster, including Adu, who is being sent back to Benfica.

On loan from Benfica since the start of the fall campaign, Adu had struggled for playing time with his new club, but will now face even stiffer competition for minutes at Benfica. That is, unless he makes another move this winter. Adu has been hinting on Twitter that he has a big decision to make regarding his career. Whether that means considering a return to MLS, or a move to a smaller league like Denmark or Belgium remains to be seen. What appears clear at this point is that Adu looks unlikely to break through in Portugal.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed he didn't get playing time for Belenenses? Think it's time for him to come back to MLS? Hoping Adu heads to Holland or a smaller European league?

Share your thoughts below.

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115 Responses to Report: Adu booted by Belenenses

  1. adu #1! says:

    he should go try another sport. one in which being physical isn’t a requirement. say, track and field?

  2. Dannyc58 says:

    He’s so young he can turn it around, but my goodness his professional career has been a borderline disaster thus far.

  3. Mike in Long Island says:

    He might really be able to light it up in the USL!

  4. Stephen M says:

    Freddy who?

  5. Joey says:

    this is the best news for young Freddy. Hopefully he can secure a move north. Just find PT!

  6. billq says:

    Adu’s progress and that of the new DC United stadium. Coincidence?

  7. Joe from El Paso says:

    Can he afford to move to another club? Will MLS pay him the big money he thinks he deserves and is accustomed to? Who in MLS would take him? How about the Galaxy? Maybe Beckham could nurture home to respectability.

  8. Chris says:

    This kid is running out of options…$150k is all an MLS team would pay him, he might double that in Denmark but may not play…at least he made some money while he could

  9. malkin says:

    come back to MLS, Freddy.

  10. JMR says:

    What development? This is the (hi)story of Freddy’s career.

  11. Adam says:

    Good, he was wasting his time at that club!

  12. bryan says:

    i hope things work out for him

  13. jon says:

    i don’t get it! he played so well in the tournament in canada with jozy summer of ’07. it seems everyone else from that tournament has gone on to something positive except for him. has anyone fizzled the way he has?

  14. Jay says:

    I hope he really is 20 and there is still time to develop him. Because if he’s really 22 or 23 it might be too late.

  15. Jay says:

    And for those who say it’s not fair to question his age. Well, the only time Freddy has looked brilliant has been in age restricted competition. So I think the speculation at least is fair.

  16. gerald says:

    freddy just needs to find a place to play. He may have to take less in salary but he needs to start playing and I hope he realizes that.

  17. Adam says:


    It would definitely be on par with the signing of Pele for the league….


  18. Josh D says:

    Danny Szelta bombed and has come back to MLS (albeit with my hometown team so no complaints!!).

    This is the best news for Freddy he could receive. He wasn’t going to get playing time there and was rotting. All the lot claiming his career is over, yadda yadda forget how young he is. A move to a smaller league where he can get his confidence up and get the playing time he needs at his age. It is still hard for Americans to head over to Europe and get real playing time.

    Northern Europe has treated our boys right over the years, let’s hope he can move somewhere in Denmark or Sweden.

    Keep your head up high Freddy, this could very well save your World Cup chances!!

  19. Lorenzo says:


    Adu doesn’t need to be a superstar. In all reality the USA doesn’t need him… ever. Sure, if he was able to measure up to the high standards we set for him it would be great… but all signs point to him just needed to figure out how to play as a professional. Looks like he is going to have to fight for playing time as a professional just like any other kid out of college would be…

  20. United says:

    Why don’t you get it? The soccer world is full of kids that did well at youth level and ended up having disappointing careers. He’s one of thousands. I suppose there’s still plenty of time to turn things around, but you get my point – there is nothing surprising or mysterious about this.

  21. Andy in Atlanta says:

    It just baffles me that players like Pato are worth so much more and get the chances when Adu was every bit as good as him in the u20 WC in 07’… Bradley is darn near a star, Pato, Vella, Hoffer…the list is long…the only two that seem to be making little to no impact are Adu and Jozy… seems that it might be an attitude thing… poor training habits etc…

    The sad thing is Adu… was doing fine for Benefica early on…what is to say he cant do that if given a run of games?

  22. Isaac says:

    The thing about that tournament was that the team was built around Freddy, which was why he played so well. He had wingers who stretched the field with their skill and pace. All of Adu’s goals against Poland came from assists from either Rogers or Zizzo. He had defensive midfielders who could be gritty on the defensive side but combined well with him offensively. He had a target forward whose movement made life tough for the centerbacks and drew attention away from Adu. When Adu gets to a team that’s willing to build itself around him, he’ll start to become the player he truly can be. The problem is no team wants to build itself around him because he’s playing just average. Teams barely want to buy him because of the price tag on this kid; He’s in a real pickle. I say he takes a pay cut and finds a lower level team that will play him.

  23. noffke3000 says:

    He could come to the NPSL and get some minutes….

  24. jspot says:

    I would build my coed rec team around him… no problem.

  25. John in FL says:

    Cause he sucks. Can’t blame the coaches in 5 teams anymore now can we?

  26. Jack says:

    All these teams can’t be wrong. If the kid had it, he would be playing. He would be much better off in MLS

  27. David K. says:

    Just to add a little perspective. I remember a ways back we had this kid who went to Germany as a 16 yo and didnt get hardly any PT he came back to MLS and people thought he might be a washout. What was his name? Landon Donnovan I think? Whatever happened to that guy? Well History is full of kids who didnt make it in Europe by 20 and were just useless after that. Too bad Freddy, you could have been good.

  28. Pat says:

    I hate to say that he shouldn’t have left MLS before accomplishing something, because it’s really tough not to leave for Europe if given the opportunity. But has there ever been a player who has accomplished so little in the MLS and made a move to a decent league in Europe?

  29. TK says:

    Sorry, this is a US fan shortcoming of epic proportions. Maybe it’s lack of understanding. The players you mentioned have soccer brains clearly superior to Jose or Freddy. They already have th ebasci mental tools with regards to spacing, positioning, making runs, off the ball moveemnt that US kids so dearly lack, and have to learn later in life. While there is quality in both of our players a rudimentary evaluation of their play clearly shows the shortcomings. We like looking at tht ehighlights of our players, and convienently, willingly for get everything else it takes ot be a successfull prized pro – or it’s more possible we just don’t understand enough as a culture yet, as we are still very new to the game, and menatlly we clearly lag. That’s not a shot at anyone. That is the reality.

    Take away the Freddy flashes and there is a player who can’t do/doesn’t know how to do many basic things. It is what it is. As they learn they will get better, problem is that they will be leanring what those other youngsters have known since their early teens.

  30. Ulrich says:

    What an asinine comment from Adu#1

    Yeah, because having average speed is a plus in Track & Field – Freddy hardly has wheels….. and I guess you’ve never run a mile race so you have no idea how much elbowing goes on… and running professionally takes far more dedication than being a soccer player, it’s well publicized that Adu’s work ethic is hardly that of an over-achiever.

  31. Jonathan says:

    poor training habits? attitude? these adjectives hint of both european xenophobia (specifically targeted towards americnas) and/or borderline racism… I mean a 20 year old korean kid? he’s just awesome right? but a 19 year old behometh of a striker like jozy… bad attitude, bad work habits… looks awful. It’s absurd how the american fan is infulence by nonsensical european rational

  32. NC Jeff says:

    First, he is STILL very young for a male pro athlete. If he goes where the money’s good, I fear he’d struggle for playing-time and continue to not get a chance to hone his skills. However, if he goes where the money’s not as good, he’d likely get playing time, a chance to develop his skills, and THEN the chance at big money AND playing time. To go the latter route properly, he’d have to pick no more than 3 really good and experienced advisors, and go to a place that will commit to both play him and help him develop.

    Neither option is free of pitfalls, but I believe the latter, considering he’s still young, provides a clearer blueprint for a successful career … of course, it leads to the first question he must consider: Does he still truly desire a professional soccer playing career (with the travel, time away from home, physical punishment, the politics, and the public scrutiny, does he still believe the pros outweigh those cons)?

  33. Tony in Quakeland says:

    He needs to find a place to play, period. That and suspend his twitter account. The idea that he is not a superstar is not a big deal. But not playing? Not EVER playing ANYwhere? For his own sake, he needs to find a place to play and forget everything else.

    And it’s a shame, by the way.

  34. Easy Answer says:

    Don’t confuse playing well in a few games with being “every bit as good” as players like Pato. A string of coaches have agreed that Freddy Adu cannot play at high levels of the professional game whereas Pato has scored in nearly half of the matches he has played in the Serie A. A comparison between the two is ridiculous. Pato is 20 and a burgeoning international superstar. Freddy is 20 (maybe) and is nearly already washed up.

  35. Isaac says:

    I totally agree; I think Freddy just needs to suck it up, take a pay cut, and find a less glamorous club to be playing for. I would say he go to everybody’s favorite Swedish club, Hammarby. They know how Charlie Davies took a little while to develop and they stuck with him until he finally got the goals. It all started with that hat-trick against Gais. Hammarby were patient with Davies, I think they could do the same for Freddy.

  36. Master of the Obvious says:

    Very nice assesment….

  37. PetedeLA says:

    While I don’t know the line up of Belenenses, another issue is that you can only have a fixed amount of non EU members on the field at once.

    Because it’s Portugal, you can assume there are a number of talented Brazilians and probably Africans that he has to compete with.

    As a prodigy, he probably never had to learn all the ‘raise up your sleeves and get on with it’ traits you need to succeed in top flight soccer.

    That soda pop contract he got at 14 or whatever age that was has probably turned out to be a curse.

    It basically sent a message that said you don’t really have to work hard to get somewhere.

    It just seems like he’s way too soft to handle being a professional in Europe.

    He should just go back to MLS or do the softie route– look for clubs where other Yanks are playing and beg to get a trial. Then he can have a nice bunk mate he feels comfortable with.

    Like Tiger, maybe Freddie just isn’t as sharp or savvy as one would hope.

    He’s young enough to still have a good career, but he needs to make a 180 from the path he’s taking– fast.

    Wish him the best of luck, though.

    Despite all my criticism, I still think he has a special ability to cut through a defense if given the right circumstances.

    My worthless advice:
    Less tweeting, less weight lifting, more humble pie eating.

  38. DadRyan says:

    Adu needs to put the stupid blackberry away and WORK. I know being a Twit is THE thing right now, but all this twattering can’t be helping him.

  39. BellusLudas says:

    Adu indeed is at a crossroads. He has been milking the youth world championships for years and now has to prove he is worth the paycheck. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Benefica let him go on free transfer. He can continue to chase the dollar in Europe or come home to MLS for some playing time. He is still young, but not getting younger.

  40. tsingletonvt says:

    Does anybody know the details of his contract with Benefica? In particular, how many years left and at what salary?

    Could Freddy request the termination or restructuring of his contract? Maybe that is the big decision he is grappling with?

    (SBI-If I were a betting man I would bet Benfica has offered him that option. The club knows it’s not going to sell him for any real transfer and his big salary makes him a tough sell as a loan option for most teams. The question becomes whether Adu is ready to leave some serious money on the table for a chance at playing time, and perhaps in his mind, a run at the 2010 World Cup squad.)

  41. TK says:

    The problem with this is that multiple teams and coaches saw and understood his talent…it was the mental part that concerned them. From a talent standpoint there was never a doubt LD could be very successfull as a pro. With Freddy…maybe. We shall see.

  42. Kevin_Amold says:

    I mostly agree, but I get a little tired with fans that are always telling athletes to eliminate certain activities, as if that in and of itself will make the kid better.

    e.g. “Less tweeting.”

    Honestly, is the kid supposed to train every waking hour? Is he Ivan Drago? He’s not allowed to write 140 characters a few times a day? I get a little tired of fans pointing out activities of athletes and saying “That’s why you are failing.”

    (SBI-I don’t think anybody is saying that Adu’s Tweeting is why he is failing. The Twitter issue with Adu is that the tone of his Tweets is a very delusional one and only makes things look worse as his career continues to slide. Updates about how the coaches really like him and how it’s only a matter of time sounded okay at first, but have long since begun to ring hollow. It boils down to the Twitter account putting even more pressure on him in my opinion. I would compare it to someone who was in a bad break-up Tweeting about it and sharing all the sad and disappointing aspects of it with the world when he probably shouldn’t.

    Adu should look at what Beasley and Holden do with their Tweets. They can update fans on basic stuff and activities, but the whole emotional aspect of Adu’s tweets is where the whole thing becomes a bit depressing. And that’s something I’ve heard from people who know Adu very well.)

  43. TK says:

    While there is clearly a bias against most things US around the world it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see Freddy’s issues. There are also hundreds of kids in his boat. Hot shot youth prospects who struggle, and it’s easy to trot out excuses like yours. Yeah, it’s harder to play a abroad, for various reasons. No doubt. However, excuse making like yours is born of weakness…not strength. Freddy has issues as a player. Agaisnt adults he needs work. Not hard to see…unless you are fanboy or excuse maker.

    Jose is playing. For all of the “supposed” excuses he gets on the field.

    If poor Freddy feels put upon he can always come home.

  44. PetedeLA says:

    Don’t know where you’re going with this.

    Koreans (and I live here so I should know a bit about the subject) generally have a very solid training in fundamentals. The whole country is under the influence of Guus Hiddink’s Dutch philosophy.

    Tell a pro Korean to sprint 50 yards as fast as he can, and hit the upper far post from 20 yards from a 90 degree angle with his weak foot and I almost guarantee he can do it. And smile.

    Freddy would probably just look at him and say…”Whatchyou talkin’ bout Coach?” (If you’re under 30 you probably won’t get the reference, sorry).

    If you want to play the race issue… the more likely problem is that he’s in competition with other “African” players. Who probably trains better, a player who has turned to football because he’s from a country where those are the only people who can make a living, or Freddy Adu?

  45. Oranje Mike says:

    Would anyone care about Adu if MLS hadn’t overhyped the kid as the American Pele?

    Bells and whistles.

    It’s time for him to take a cut in wages and earn his paycheck.

  46. jon jones says:

    Jozy has made an impact, both at the senior international level (dominant in Concacaf, goal against spain), and at the club level (starter on an EPL team). The fact that he isn’t lighting it up yet doesn’t take away from the fact that he is playing well in a top flight league, and is still highly touted within his club. Jozy is still improving and playing.

    Freddy has made no impact at the senior level (struggled against Haiti) and absolutely no impact at the club level.

    People say to move to a smaller club, but they don’t get much smaller than Belenenses. MLS is arguable as good as Belenenses.

    Maybe he should go to USL

  47. Felix says:

    It’s getting to the point where I can see this kid retiring in a couple of years. I know he’s still young and has alot of ability, yada yada. But this is the same story wherever he goes – think about it, of all the clubs he’s played for:

    DC United

    Real Salt Lake

    SL Benfica

    AS Monaco

    Os Belenenses

    He has never excelled for a long stretch or put together a good season. He’s had good spurts, has shown some flashes of brilliance. But his club career overall has been a disappointment. I wonder how much longer he can deal with these setbacks.

  48. Charles says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the people ripping on Adu are the same people that were yelling for him to get a chance a few years back ?

    Ummm because they are.

    He is not the first American to go for the money and not get playing time in Europe. I bet if you looked hard enough you could find a few on the national team now 😉 Maybe they are on better teams, but Americans face an uphill climb everytime they chose the Europe route for a variety of reasons.

    To have success for the USA, we need support for a home league. Come on back Freddie, the money isn’t great, but you are young and maybe MLS can finally start drawing some fans with your name.

  49. Smith says:

    Freddy is actually 32 years old & on the decline.

  50. Scooter Pie says:

    Yes, Freddy would greatly benefit from more playing time. It’s unfortunate his stint with Belenenses went so poorly, but for every player like Pato (who is getting regular playing time) and Balotelli there are young phenoms like Gio Dos Santos, Bojan Krkic, and Vladimir Weiss (off the top of my head – I am sure there are more) who are seemingly lost in the shuffle much like Freddy. Yes, there is a difference between sitting on the bench at Barcelona (Krkic) and Belenenses – I get that. But do not forget that players like Dos Santos and Krkic were getting more playing time two years ago than they are now. Even Jozy, who is getting pretty regular playing time with Hull, couldn’t get a sniff at second division Xerez last season. There are plenty of other differences, but the point is that none of them are old enough to be considered busts, washed up, or anything of the sort. They just may take some time to come good. I have no doubts that Freddy will eventually become a quality starter for a good team -but it may yet be a few years.

  51. Austin says:

    its interesting to see how he would actually do in MLS now if he came back. It would definately give him more confidence though, being back home….

    i think its possible Nowak may make a call for a loan or if Freddy just leaves then you could see Freddy anywhere in MLS. I definately think MLS is what Freddy is referring to on Twitter however.

  52. Isaac says:

    Freddy Adu’s job is to be the player who does fantastic things with the ball. Whether they come in flashes or for 90 minutes is up to his playing time. He’ll learn to do the basic things at a smaller club when they start his development from the bottom up and then we’ll see the skills he has more frequently.

  53. PetedeLA says:

    Ives, if that’s the case, do you think he can still find a suitor from the Dutch, Belgian, or Danish leagues?

  54. afrim says:

    the problem is all mental IMO. I am no shrink but from the looks of it he got these delusions of grandeur issues (ives hit it on the head)

    When you’re 14 and got Garber bowing down at your feet, varous sponsors throwing money at you, lil wayne mentioning you in his rap songs, of courser this stuff is going to screw with his head. Classic child celeberty case.

    He should seriously walk the earth ala Lee Nguyen and rediscover himself

  55. garbaggio says:

    He should take the paycut that a move back home to MLS would earn him.

    He’s still among the most skilled American players on the ball. Yet he also has clear weaknesses in dealing with physical play and meshing well with his teammates both on and off the ball.

    I bet almost any team in MLS would take him – and play him – if he were willing to play for $100K a year.

  56. Jason H says:

    Oh, listen to all of you slaughtering your golden calf. You hype him up as the messiah and now you’re ready to throw him on the rack.

    Freddy Adu is a great player. I still believe that, because I’ve seen it. He can still run circles around the likes of fakin’ Jamaican Beckerman. Even when not getting full playing time at Benfica he managed to sink 5 goals for them. Benfica obviously wants to hold on to him for some reason if they are just loaning him out, and I doubt they’ll let him go on a free transfer in the transfer window.

    It’s a head scratcher as to what is holding him back. It possibly is immaturity and not pushing himself in training (sometimes I hear Eddie Johnson was notoriously guilty of when at FC Dallas)

    I think right now Adu needs to slug it out in the Danish, Dutch, or even Swedish league to salvage his European prospects than go back to the security blanket of the MLS.

  57. William the Terror says:

    my thoughts exactly. i think the revised edition of the Tampa Bay Rowdies is looking for a benchwarmer. maybe he can earn jis keep by carrying the team’s equipment and driving the bus on road trips.

  58. Oranje Mike says:

    “fakin’ Jamaican Beckerman”

    That was epic!

  59. quakes says:

    Question: If he came back to MLS and specifically to San Jose, would he be better or worse than Bobby Convey?

  60. Matt D. says:

    I hope Freddy goes to some club where he can play, irregardless of the league or club. MLS is fine, Denmark, Belgium, or the Netherlands as well. Let’s go Freddy! Find a club, work hard, and break the starting lineup!

  61. Keith G. says:

    If he was smart he should come back to the MLS, and maybe be lucky to get a move to the Union (assuming RSL still ownes his rights) and get there DP spot. This way his pay cut wont be as drastic, and he wont be so upset over it. He needs to come back to the MLS, before it is to late, or his career will be over before he knows it. I know I would take him with the Red Bulls, he would be a good offensive tool to have and he would be a big name to help turn around the Red Bulls and bring the fans to Red Bull Arena. That is of course if the Red Bulls cant bring Henry to NY. Flat out though Freddy needs to go back to the MLS, and hope for a Landon Donovan type career now.

    (SBI-Peter Nowak will shave his head and become a rapper before Freddy Adu gets Philly’s DP slot.)

  62. John1 says:

    I Think a smaller European league would be a good fit. He is only 20.

  63. Kevin_Amold says:

    I’ll admit, I haven’t looked at his tweets, but i just assumed that the issue was the pure quantity of his tweets, rather than the content of them.

    Chalk that one up to ignorance.

  64. Fanguito says:

    He should play at League 1 or 2 in England.

  65. Brad says:

    This is good news..Freddy was obviously never going to play for them, even though he is clearly good enough. He needs a fresh start. He is so young there is plenty of time in his career to regain form..

  66. Rufus Firefly says:

    Adu is his generation’s Jovan Kirovski. Except Kirovski has more size and pace. I watched Adu during his seasons with DCU and he just didn’t get better, once and awhile something sublime, but a whole lot of ordinary in between. He should return to MLS, where he would get playing time. However, playing time will not improve lack of pace and small size. In many ways, his skill set is more deficient that a similarly sized U.S. player — Bobby Convey.

  67. sciroccer says:

    If he did come back to the MLS? Who gets him? RSL, or DC United or do they share his rights? I can’t remember what the terms of the trade were? If it’s RSL, maybe the could trade him. I would still take him over Pablo Campos on the roster though. He’s a good player, just dosent fit RSL anymore. Maybe you could answer this for me Ives, or anyone?

    (SBI-It’s always tough to tell since MLS rules are always changing, but as far as I understand it a team loses the rights to a player if it spends the transfer revenue earned from that player’s departure. If so, then nobody has Adu’s rights and he goes to the first team in the Allocation order to use a pick on him.)

  68. japan says:

    I see inconsistencies in what posters say all the time on this site. Many of them change their minds every week.

  69. Rod says:

    For most of you out there ripping up Freddy right now…

    I believe you guys are being tremendously unfair to a kid who has done quite a bit for the hype of football in America. Ill be the first to say that Freddy hasnt had the type of career we all had hoped or wished for, but to be honest, the amount of pressure on him at such an early age was unfair. However, he has brought a lot of people into the sport through his popularity and the hype created around him. It’s time that people start being realistic about who he is and what type of player he is. He is still young, and can definitely still have a good career as a professional footballer, probably wont be a superstar though. Dont hold that against him. If he could see solid time playing at a technical level that is any higher than the MLS, growth will occur. he has yet to find the right team. I just dont think people have a grasp on the reality of his situation and take it out on him in a negative way. Ives?

  70. cfig says:

    Bingo. The thing is, we can speculate all we want to but we really don’t know why he isn’t playing. And the only thing that’s going to solve that is Freddy getting somewhere, working his butt off in training to prove the naysayers wrong, and play lots of minutes. Here’s hoping you do man, some of us are still pulling for ya.

  71. Nick says:

    I watched Adu during his career at United. I wasn’t impressed then and I’m not surprised now.

    I think Adu has been more hype than substance throughout his career. Also, just because a kid has some success at age 15 doesn’t necessarily translate into senior level achievement.

    Think about how many promising apprentice pros you have at Arsenal or Man United or Chelse or Liverpool, that never make a serious impact in the EPL or in any major league.

  72. creige says:

    I think the guiding rule for a lot of our young guys in Europe is that if you aren’t seeing regular playing time after 3 years, then it’s time to come home or find a lesser league where you can play.

  73. Alexandria says:

    It was his high pay that stopped him from moving to the belgian team because they couldn’t pay his wages. I think like most people he needs to suck it up and find a team that will play him and work his butt off. I think he won’t come back to MLS for a few reasons. 1. the money 2. He feels he’s better than the league and the players in it. 3. If He fails to find time in MLS then his career will seriously be over. As long as he stays in europe, we here can always speculate as to whats happening with him, we’ll never truly know the truth, if he came back here his issues would be clear as day. Personally I’m over him, I’m more excited about Torres, Holden, Luis Gil and some of the kids I see coming up like Oliver on the u17 he looks like the next robbie rogers so I’d rather watch the development of these kids then hash on the shortcomings of a guy who believed his own hype.

  74. barry says:

    Poor training habits…

    Spot on Andy!

    Word on the Street is that Adu has been enjoying the European night life a little too much. He’s gained “bad” weight and lost a step. Quickness and guile is his game. Without it, good luck to him. He needs to become a true professional…otherwise…no one will touch him.

  75. wilyboy says:

    “Pato” was the best forward from Brazil at the time, and “Adu” was the best playmaker from… Oh, right, America. That doesn’t tempt anyone. Except certain teams that just wanted him for the name, for some kind of relief from the press. So he went to Benfica, where the management was only using him.

    Pato didn’t do amazing things his first year with AC Milan, but he still got playing time, and his teammates at the time included Kaka and the rest of the Milan legends (in short, they have more money and quality than most in Italy). And the next year, surprise, he started playing really well. (I’m betting Jozy will do the same thing next season).

    Pato probably is more talented than Adu, but not to the degree that most people seem to think. I still remember when Adu, trapped in a corner by two Brazilian U-20’s, juggled his way between them and sparked Jozy’s second goal.

    Yes, I think he needs a lot of attention, and no, he’s not going to be a superstar as many had hoped. But he got the worst of both worlds, a Huge name and celebrity combined with a poor international value.

  76. cj says:

    This guy needs to fire his agent or whoever is giving him counsel, humble himself and start over. He needs to find a league where he can get meaningful playing time and work his butt off to improve his game.

    This guy has been given awful counsel and needs to humble himself and realize he has made some mistakes. He needs to commit himself to his work and not to his popularity on his Twitter account.

    Freddy this is a wake up call for you. Will you hear the alarm. This is coming from a brother in Christ. Read Proverbs 2:1-5, 3:1-6 and Proverbs 4. Get wisdom and get some good counsel!

  77. Patrick says:

    Bash Freddy about his lack of playing time, physicality or skill. Not tabloid-y garbage about his age.

    Two and half seasons with 24 League appearences with 2 goals.

    Says all that needs to be said.

    Still he 20. If he finds somewhere that values him enough to play. Maybe he has a shot at WC 2014 at age 25.

  78. Matt Snyder says:

    He’s soooooooooffffft menatlly and physically.

    His last hope for a non-US paycheck is to attempt to prove himself in denmark, holland, or Belgium. Even then, he likely will never make a larger squad in a top-Euro league.

    The word is out on him = no work ethic and lack of soccer brains due to reliance on skill.

    He will be back in MLS within 2 yrs and become the average midfielder that shows sparks of talent —- resembling Mathis.

    Picture the sports car that looks REALLY cool, but you can never keep it out of the shop due to constant minor malfunctions.

  79. bct81 says:

    this will be a lesson for many other young players to carefully watch .. choose your career path carefully and wisely and be a student of the game as well as a consummate professional …..

  80. Jose S. says:

    You guys are overblowing this.

    The two players that were on loan to Belenenses have been sent back to their respective teams. A third Felipe Bastos,also on loan from Benfica, went back once the manager was fired.

  81. matt says:

    got to face it sooner rather than later, ADU is not as good as US fans had hoped. He has proved time and time again that he cannot perform at the highest level. it’s time to stop pinning your hopes on him coming good and see him for what he is….an average player with too much hype attached to him

  82. MrDot says:

    Freddy is in a tough spot. The World Cup would a great shot a redemption for him, but in order to make the team, he needs playing time right now. He can’t wait for the start of the MLS season.

  83. Chicagobest says:

    I never believed any of the Adu story and see no reason to change my mind now. I don’t think he is 5.8 as listed. I think he is more like 5.3, too small for anything beyond high school. I don’t think he is 20. He graduated high school when he was 14 and I sure do not think he skipped 3 grades along the way. I think he is around 27 and recent photos seem to show him losing his hair. I could be wrong about these opinions but I doubt it. I do think he has shown little or no hustle, team loyalty or grit. He left Salt Lake City on game day and the National Team in the middle of the Gold Cup. Would a team player do that? Freddy is strictly about Freddy, and I think it is a tragedy that the National Team and MLS were rebranded as the Freddy Adu Show. The damage is incalculable. Don’t you think damage control is long overdue and other US players should get a little of the spotlight? Ignore him until he does something of value on the soccer pitch. You may well be waiting for a long time.

  84. Futuregrace says:

    He’ll get made fun of here by many, but the us is the only place anyone will care to see him play. he should come back

  85. einar says:

    just pull a donovan adu! and comeback to MLS plz. can anyone wih twitter just tweet that to him over and over again please?

  86. Chicagobest says:

    No MLS team wants him. A year and a half ago a few MLS and USL clubs said they were not interested, which is why he ended up in Monaco. Press reports, including a New York Times article, confirmed this lack of interest. Adu’s ego is such that he would probably turn up is nose at any MLS or USL team that could be talked into taking him. I think he is finished and the biggest problem seems to be his attitude, not his age, height or relative lack of speed.

  87. Erik says:

    Adu was/is overrated. Not so much anymore because people are starting to realize he isn’t the second coming he was made out to be.

    Hey could come back and make an impact in MLS, but unless something changes dramatically, I don’t think he has a future in Europe.

  88. DC Josh says:

    wholeheartedly agree. Let’s hope he sets his ego down and goes somewhere where he can play regularly and progress at a steady pace. One thing he certainly needs is focus and patience.

  89. Dudeinho says:

    he needs to go back to DC playing in front of family might rejuvenate his career call it a reset if you will. lets all forget he was 14 when he went pro.

  90. DC Josh says:

    Ives I can’t wait to read an article with your point of view on this situation. I can only hope Adu learns from Benfica/Monaco/the other Portuguese team where he couldn’t find the pitch.

    He is very young but goodness he needs someone to sit him and down and tell him to focus his drive and talents towards the pitch, drop twitter, facebook, and all the other time-wasting websites, and build the drive and patience to be the player we all know he can be.

    It’s tough to call at this point in his career what he’ll become, but it’s a huge shame that the last 5 years of his development have been ruined, albeit not 100% a waste.

    Being one of the US’s top youth prospects, why doesn’t the USSF do something about his career? Put out a public statement asking him to come home to get more playing time or something. I feel as if his agent is misguiding him instead of focusing their energy on how to further his development.

    I’d gladly welcome him back to DC…

  91. jig says:

    dos santos, krkic and weiss are all clearly better than freddy adu.

  92. jig says:

    im not on freddy’s bandwagon, but you’re just talking out of your ass, dude.

  93. Tbone. says:

    Is he still14? LOL. He is a wash has been a wash. Bringing him back to MLS will be a disaster for the league. You have players such as DB, Freddy L. that are trying still to play in a high level and working their tails off and then you are trying to bring back a Hollywood Adu. He need to go back to Potomac Soccer club and play Super Y. He is still 14? LOL.

  94. D-Wreck says:

    Its sad really. They’re dead last so they’re cleaning house and starting fresh for the last half to see if they can get out of relegation. Besides, as I reported on FN not long ago, his last number of starts and times off the bench have been dim…

    What now?

    Check out my interview with Landon Donovan before he leaves for Everton (faux?):

    link to

  95. D-Wreck says:

    Good point, but his play certainly didn’t warrent any extension on the loan. Even a new manager trys to keep his best players when he comes in….

    Latest Donovan interview (faux):

    link to

  96. cj says:

    From Freddy’s Twitter Account:

    dont worry my friends this was agreed upon a while ago. Never even met this new coach at Belenenses.

  97. Supsam says:

    Dont give up Freddy Adu! As long as you dont quit on us, we wont quit on you!

  98. 123 says:

    the next pele…. lol. americans are funny.

  99. cj says:

    From Freddy’s Twitter Account:

    fellas i have had a deal on the table but we have to think about what the best situation is. Cant rush into anything. has to be right!

  100. 123 says:

    “Pato didn’t do amazing things his first year with AC Milan, but he still got playing time”

    Considering he went to Milan in January ’08 when he turned 18 and right away scored 9 goals in 18 games, I think he did do pretty amazing things. He was Milan’s 3rd best scorer despite only playing half a season.

  101. Polish Wonder says:

    Years ago an Arsenal scout said they were not interested in Freddy because he had largely reached his potential. I think this has played out to be true. He still doesn’t have a solid grasp of tactics. The way he wants to play limits his role to that of an offensive sub.

    And I have to laugh at those suggesting Philly. Maybe you were too young to remember his time with Nowak in DC. Most online posters (like at BigSoccer) were blaming Nowak, but most people have seen the light and now know the problem has been with Adu.

    Adu needs to suck it up and be a man. Take the pay cut and play for someone who is the right coach–the one who knows how to push your buttons and kick you in the arse, Freddy.

  102. Hush says:

    Really? I didn’t know that the few Benfica games he played in and the Spain,Argentina,Celtic,Madrid, games were youth games?!:) I yet to see an American perform individually like Adu has for the NATS. Go back to your Holden,Rogers,Beckerman,casey, prasing forums guy.

  103. Hush says:

    Yeah, true. I have been saying that since the first day Pato started getting playing time. Pato is just an average player, not as bright as Walter or Cutinho when he was in his teens. Also people forget who was feeding Pato with assists at Milan, too bad I can’t say the same for Adu.:)

    Adu was doing a bit better than Pato at the club level, but for some odd reason Adu never got a chance to get more playing time at Benfica. As for Pato, well, he got plenty of playing time even though he sucked 80% of the time. But, he is Brazilian, so they will manage to get playing time no matter what. Look at “Jo” for example. This kid was just an average player at the youth level, yet he got all kinds of playing time at Man and Everton.

    Americans will always struggle for playing time in Europe unless a “Jordan” type athlete steps up for us in the Soccer world.

  104. Hush says:

    LOL Ok!… Dos santos at the international level hasn’t played a worthy apponent. At Barca he had Ronaldihno and Xavi giving him free goals to put behing the Had Adu have the same support I assure you he would have contributed just a bit more than Santos. Adu has better ball control than Dos Santos and a better shooting range than Dos Santos, vids don’t lie. Look at their goals and performances against worthy apponents on youtube. Adu was far superior. Dos Santos just scored his first goals with the national team not to long ago, actually both Vela and Santos just started contributing too their national teams against wack apponents.

  105. Hush says:

    Oh my God!lol Jovan Kirovski, better pace than ADU??haha Your funny. Adu looked better than Jovan at the age of 15 than a 25yr old Jovan…. Jovan?,…hahaha.. that made my day

  106. SOcmd124190 says:

    Freddys is going to play in Greece.

  107. CrispyST3 says:

    You keep spelling his name “Jose”

    but its JOZY, very different, they are pronounced different

  108. Josh.2 says:

    Zidane didn’t become the player we know until he was in his mid-twenties, so Adu will be fine. He may not turn out to be anything close to Zidane, but he’ll be alright.

  109. I don’t get roping Jozy Altidore in with Adu. At. All.

    Altidore is a starter on a Hull City team that would be facing relegation regardless. The fact is, he has size, strength on the ball, and pace – everything Adu doesn’t have.

    Jozy is making an impact. His passing has improved significantly since spending some time in the EPL and he was responsible for drawing a penalty against Man United the other night – the only Hull goal in that game.

    Freddy Adu needs playing time. Anywhere. Plain and simple. He’s a passable player with decent skills, but he’s rotting in Portugal.

  110. C says:

    Andre Agassi, Michael Chang, Pete Sampras and Jim Courier were all getting their assess kicked by one David Wheaton when they were playing in the 18s.

    Is it Wheaton’s fault that the other 4 guys all went on to be grand slam winners and he was basically just a top 40 player? Probably not.

    The point here is, sometimes you just can’t make that next jump, while everyone else can/does. It isn’t necessarly your fault, but it’s time to face facts: Adu will never ever reach the level people thought he would when he was 14. He can still get better, but he’ll never be a starter for a major european team.

    He needs to revisit his options. MLS would probably be his best bet. He’s still got some star power in the US.

  111. inkedAG says:

    Hang em up Adu. You are going nowhere.

  112. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Having stood next to Freddy a couple of times… He is about 5’6 or 7 and really about the same height as Beas… He has bulked up since 2007 and does not seem to have that quick first step that he once had… Messi has that 1 quick step and change of direction that even though he is not world class sprint speed… he can blow by people… Adu had that and for some reason it is gone over the past year… maybe he was too busy bulking up and not maintaining his fast twitch muscle fibers? Any weight lifting a footballer should do should be explosiveness…it is all well and good to be strong on the ball like Jozy can be at times but when you are a midfielder you need to be able to burst out of tight space which was what Freddy was so good at… I miss that guy…

  113. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I love how people say size when guys like Messi, Aguero, Krkic etc… are all slight in stature but can play at the highest of high levels… Freddy is young and likely needs to get on the Jerry Rice plymetrics training reg.. He needs to get that lightning first step back… The guy still has skills but his attitude needs a ton of work in order to improve his game to where he can contribute weekly for a Euro side…

  114. Eric G says:

    oh i see what you did there…you sly dog ;D