Report: Everton eyeing Landon Donovan loan

Landon Donovan 4 (

Landon Donovan figures to be headed somewhere on loan this winter, and a new destination has emerged as a possibility.

English club Everton, home of U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard, has its sights on landing Landon Donovan on loan, The Guardian reported on Tuesday.

Everton has been home to several Americans in the past, including Brian McBride and Joe-Max Moore, and the Toffees need for some attacking punch is limited by the club's lack of transfer funds, which would make a Donovan loan even more attractive.

What is the SBI take? Everton would be a perfect short-term destination for Donovan.

The Toffees need the attacking help and Donovan would have a number of high-quality matches to play in during his loan spell, whether it extends into March or all the way to the summer. With Everton competing in the Europa League, FA Cup and playing a brutal schedule from January to March (including games vs. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham all before March), Donovan would have his fill of high-level matches against top-flight competition (not to mention getting the chance to face some of the same England players he will face in the World Cup).

With Yakubu set to play in the African Cup of Nations, Jo struggling to score, and Louis Saha a notorious injury risk, Donovan could certainly get minutes in what will be a congested fixture schedule. Nevermind the fact that Donovan can contribute at multiple positions.

Donovan can spend less than three months with Everton, play in a handful of high-level matches, and return to the Galaxy having gained some valuable experience and potentially increased his value. A successful stint with Everton would certainly ease concerns foreign clubs might have about buying him this summer given his past stints in Europe.

What do you think of Donovan joining Everton on loan? Like the idea of Donovan playing in the EPL, or were you hoping he would head to Spain instead? Does that list of opponents Donovan could face make you even more excited about this possible move?

Share your thoughts below.

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164 Responses to Report: Everton eyeing Landon Donovan loan

  1. Steve says:

    Landon it’s a trap! Don’t go!

    They’re scared of the Yanks and they want to take youout before June!!!!!

  2. Anon says:

    It would be nice to be able to watch him with Tim Howard and to get acclimated to the EPL game before Game 1 of the WC.

  3. dave says:

    with the england match up, along with the potential of germany, england got more attractive after the draw from a nats perspective. would love to see it

  4. patrick says:

    WHile it’s a good team, after the debacle last year, I have to wonder if donovan is looking for as close to a guarantee of playing time as he can. Everton would be great but being on the everton bench, not so much

  5. Cindy says:

    just don’t get hurt Landon!

  6. Idahosa says:


  7. DS says:

    Um, it’s the Guardian, not the Telegraph…
    Everton would be a good fit for him, primarily because they’re always playing for something till the end of the season, so Donovan will get some high-pressure action (CL/Europa cup spot usually, but this time it might as well be to avoid relegation). Moyes is a good coach, but I would’ve liked to see him play for a stronger (as of now) team like Tottenham (despite the saved PK and what not).

  8. Will-yo says:

    Wherever he ends up, I just want him playin’. Then if he does play, he needs to have some success.

    As we know with Landon, without on the pitch success, comes a depressed Landon. That will not be good for the USA come WC2010.

  9. wilbur06 says:

    I think he could break into their squad as either a winger or a forward. They have some need for the speed that he can bring to their attack.

  10. DC Josh says:

    he would work his way into the starting XI within 2-3 games. Ye of little faith, grow in heart.

  11. Tim says:

    we’ll see about this but England will be a tough place for Donovan. Going to be physical. If he could stay healthy this would be a great place for him to get world class training and competition

  12. DC Josh says:

    This would be great for Landon. A fellow Yank on the squad, GREAT coach, great soccer city, top quality competition.

    If he has the chance, I’d say go, now.

  13. Aaron in StL says:

    As long as Jo doesn’t magically turn it on this could work out (depending on how they want to use him). My one worry is he’s too similar to Cahill in that he’s a tweener (M/F), but with more speed.

  14. japan says:

    I am not a fan of a player switching teams 6 months before the World Cup unless he is guarenteed to start. He would have tough time getting into a fully fit Everton side. After the World Cup, I would love to see this happen.

  15. JA says:

    Go! Now!

  16. CHJ says:

    I am worried about Landon getting playing time in the EPL because I don’t think the league suits his style. That is why I think Spain, Italy or Holland would be a better fit. That said, if he actually got regular playing time in the EPL then it could potentially help his game because he will have to adapt to a physical style and getting manhandled a bit. It would maybe toughen him up. But its interesting that fast yanks have struggled in England. Beasley and Johnson did not find success. Clearly, Donovan is better then Beasley or Johnson. Dempsey, O’Brien and Reyna (I suppose Harkes should be thrown on that list as well) are the American field players that have had the best success in the league and speed was not really an element of any of there games.

  17. Obe says:

    What do you think of this, Ives?

  18. Katatonia says:

    when arteta comes back the competition for places will be pretty fierce.

    arteta, billy, pienaar,fellaini,rodwell,cahill….
    would be fun watch him play with saha though considering the way saha has been playing.

  19. Joe from El Paso says:

    Anywhere but LA for Donovan. It’s now or never for him.

  20. Citronomics says:

    I’m skeptical of this potential move. One – EPL does not suit his style of play Two – Everton is not fighting for a spot in Europe at this juncture in the season and wonder if the coach will only go with “known” quantities.

    Rather see Landon go to PSG (Ives – you reported there was some interest from PSG; they still in the mix?) or club in Holland, Spain where his strengths will be emphasized.

  21. John1 says:

    I stiil think Spain is a better fit for him. Wherever he goes, may he have lots success.

  22. smokedgouda says:

    Great move for him. EPL all the way.

  23. Davidaubudavid says:

    Is he still under mls contract? I thought his contract is up, but all i am hearing about is loans. Doesn’t this seem a little sketchy? or am i wrong and he has one year left?

  24. CrispyST3 says:

    I liked La Liga better, but if Everton has come forward then i’m liking it, unless some great option from Spain comes, but being on a team with Timmy isnt too bad either, its tempting

  25. wilbur06 says:

    how do you feel the speed of the EPL does not suit his style of play?
    and while they may be in Europe right now they are in 15th in the EPL so its not like they are exactly fighting for a spot in Europe.

  26. NateinSF says:

    They are going to be playing in the Europa League knockout stages, not sure about the domestic cup(s)..

    Point being that they dont have a large squad for that many competitions, he would be utilized. All of those thinking this isnt a good idea are crazy. If there’s a team interested in another league then we can debate which is better, but going to Everton is clearly a better solution than not playing…since MLS is out of season….you know that, right?

  27. Xing says:

    Landycakes stay away. Everton is cursed. You’ll just get injured like everyone else.

  28. michael vann says:

    quite the contrary on Beasley. He hasn’t done so well in Scotland as it doesn’t suit him but he found success at Man City. Injury limited him in the beginning but I distinctly remember DMB having string of good games. Man City were on the verge of shambles, a take over was ongoing, and Stuart Pearce was on the hot seat. I think they wanted Beasley but he was unsure of their immediate future and the direction of new ownership. Not 100% sure on that though. So don’t quote me!

    As to Donovan I think Everton could use him immediately. When they are on their game plan they plan an attractive style. One suitable for Landon but they are wretched when they aren’t. Landon could jump start their attack. But I still contend defending is their problem. The need a CB.

  29. Jamie says:

    I think they have club options for the next two years, so I guess hypothetically they could use the option for the next year, and then loan him out. I could be wrong though.

  30. Pete says:

    Good. Go. Goodbye. See ya. Have enough of you here. Best player the US has but can’t make a European club? GOODBYE!!!!!

  31. Freddy says:

    I somewhat seriously agree with you!

  32. ohhaight says:

    yeah son

  33. Citronomics says:


    Agree that speed of play does “fit” Landon’s game but in a league like France or Holland… he will likely be isolated against wingbacks much more which is where he uses his pace; otherwise IMO Landon’s game is much more suited to steady build through midfield with linkup so he gets involved with touches and triangle passing. Outside of top 5 or 6 EPL teams, most play route 1 ball which IMO does not present a recipe for success as Landon goes up against brutish EPL centerbacks.

    Wherever he lands, hope he plays regulary, is on form and comes to WC2010 in the right frame of mind.

  34. madmax says:

    I was hoping fpr Spain. Everton needs help at the back desperately, Landon signing doesn’t make sense.

  35. Get this man to Europe!

  36. wilbur06 says:

    link to

    “Tactics are a little bit more stressed here[France], it’s good because I don’t feel as though I’m left out on an island just having to defend wingers flying at you all day,” [Bocanegra] said, surely echoing the sentiments of every Premiership full-back. “In England, it’s attack, attack attack – it’s a frantic pace at times,”

    This is of course if Landon is playing as a winger. which I feel that he should given his blazing speed.

  37. south says:

    Are teams allowed to alter Europa lineups in January?

    My inclination says since Donovan is coming from a non-europaleague team he would be allowed for registration.

    Could someone who knows clarify for me?

  38. Jacopo Belbo says:

    i think landon is fantastic and his time at Bayern is no indication of how great he can be in europe. but everton is about the last side i would see him go to … the only thing everton actually has going for them is depth at midfield … lots of depth at midfield, like a ridiculous amount:

    T. Cahill
    M. Arteta
    S. Pienaar
    M. Fellani
    P. Neville
    L. Osman
    J. Rodwell
    D. Bilyaletdinov

    I am not sure Landycakes breaks into that lineup when everybody is healthy.

    Now it is too bad that Gooch didn’t go to Everton isntead of AC Milan because they could definitely use him (if he were healthy).

  39. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Funny how everyone worries that the EPL might be too physical for Landon, when the players who come to the states from EPL (Ljungberg, Beckham) complain about the physical play in MLS. I’d rather he go to Spain just because I prefer watching La Liga, but he’d be fine in EPL.

  40. Martin Funkhauser says:

    Donovan and Cahill are only similar in position and hair color. Cahill has a totally different type of game. He’s more of an active targetman who’s great in the air. They would be a great combo together.

    I do agree with you about Jo. I’ve never understood what Moyes sees in him.

  41. Martin Funkhauser says:

    Yes, there is an addt’l registration period for the next phase. It’s at the end of January after the window has closed.

  42. Eli says:

    Seriously. Thats all I want Dutch,French,Spanish or English who cares.

  43. C says:

    Everton is my favorite team (after the Fire).

    This would be GREAT! Everton is a great team. They are down in the table at the moment, but they have quality players and a fantastic coach.

    They play good solid hard nosed attacking soccer. It’d be great to see another American on the field when I watch the toffees.

  44. ahm says:

    would be cool and there’s not too much to lose considering the mls would be out of season before the WC and he wouldn’t be playing anyway. that being said i think he mentioned he didn’t want a loan this time around and also i would imagine a team having to out-right buy him as opposed to securing a loan deal would put more pressure on the club to make good on their investment and not just use him as security before he heads back to someone else’s side. i certainly think he’s good enough to play in the everton midfield but as previous posters have pointed out they have quite a few options and my guess is that they would like to develop their own players rather than play someone who was potentially leaving in a few months. i think the best fit would be either a quality side like everton who actually buys his contract and demonstrates they want a long-term relationship or a lower level side where even if he was on loan he’d be guaranteed regular minutes. good to hear interest from quality sides either way!

  45. SoccerJohn says:

    Can anyone tell me, is there a player on a team in the top half of the table in England who plays a game similar to Donovan’s?

    I’d love to see him in Spain or Italy, even France. I think if he goes to Everton, he’s shooting himself in the foot (and the MNT, too).

  46. jjraines says:

    Everton is terrible this year, and in fact while I watched last week’s Tot-Eve match — I thought about how they could really use Donovan right now.

    There’s always risk with playing time — but with so many injuries, an American-friendly club, and a willingness/need to step up — I think LD could jump right in successfully.

    And there’s no better place to silence the Eurosnobs than to play well in the Premiership. If he does even decent, coupled with the World Cup and added attention from England, he should have no problem making a permanent home there. Go for it.

  47. ahm says:

    scratch what i said about the mls being “out of season,” as obviously the season gets under way earlier in the spring. still it’s not like he’s moving away mid-season before the world cup

  48. In all seriousness Landon should go to Club America in Mexico. As much as he thinks Mexico hates him he would be idolized if he were to break into America and tear the Mexican league up. Plus he would be close enough to home that he could fly up when he didn’t have a game, sort of the same thing Blanco did for the Fire when he needed miracle treatments 😉

  49. DS says:

    there seems to be a general tendency to say that spain, italy, etc. suit his playing style better – i disagree. these comments seem to stem from the fact that he is small, compared to the typical EPL player. however, landon is mighty fast and quite strong on the ball. arshavin and robinho are somewhat comparable, but with better technical ability, and they are both stars there. i am sure donovan will do quite well in the prem.

  50. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Word. I assume those comments are made by people who actually never watch MLS.

  51. sjquakes says:

    No freaking way should he go there. He would struggle for playing time and be benched the whole time and be rusty for the WC.

    Everton already have Yakubu, Saha, and Jo at the forward position. What the hell would donovan do as a fourth striker?

    (SBI-What a surprise, a San Jose fan believing Donovan has no chance to succeed. Seriously though, Yakubu will be playing in the African Cup of Nations and Jo has been a flop. Then you have Saha, who isn’t exactly known as being durable. Lastly, Donovan can play more than just forward, and that versatility will all but assure him playing time in what will be a congested fixture list for Everton.)

  52. Thaim says:

    Spain or Italy.

  53. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I think Spain does suit Landon because unlike most US players, he is technical enough to play there. (It is a far more technical league than the EPL.) However, the idea that the EPL doesn’t suit him is bewildering. His speed is ideal for it.

    As for Bayren Munich last year, in the mid season break games when donovan was used in a withdrawn or mid role, he was very effective. The problem was Luca Toni got hurt and for some bizarre reason they put him in that role. It was managing, not Donovan that destroyed that chance

  54. Skinn says:

    God no. Keep (Landon) away from my Toffees.

    (SBI-Seriously? What’s up with the language?)

  55. Katatonia says:

    saha has been great this year and is no doubt # 1. but jo has been very dissapointing and yakubu has been a bit pedestrian. he would get time. even with a crowded midfield, he would find time as second striker or mid. moyes plays everyone.

  56. south says:

    Better than doing nothing during an MLS off/pre season.

  57. Lenny says:

    I would LOVE this move for Donovan if it weren’t six months before the World Cup. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but the thought of no playing time or worse, an injury just makes me uneasy.

    (SBI-He can do the short-term loan like he did with Bayern and spend just three months there. No real risk there and you can’t turn down moves because of fears of injury. That doesn’t make much sense.)

  58. George says:


  59. CA says:

    I’m glad that Donovan has the interest of EPL teams, but I wish it was for an actual transfer, rather than a loan. I think Donovan, or any American footballer, needs time to get acquainted and work the jitters out. There is so much pressure and scrutiny whenever an American goes to play in Europe that a short-term loan often doesn’t provide enough time to settle in.

  60. 57Tele says:

    I would rather he stay with LA until the World Cup. He is at the top of his game now and he got there playing in the MLS. There will be time after the World Cup to try Europe again if he plays well, but in the MLS, refs will be told to protect him (like MJ, Brady, and other stars in American sports). I just don’t want to see him get injured (knock on wood) because he is too important to the national team. I don’t think people will go after him in the EPL, but considering all of the European injuries the US has had to deal with, a transfer makes me nervous. I do think he would be a target in Mexico and I hope he does not go there.

  61. MikeD says:

    Moyes is Scottish! If anything he’ll want to make sure Landon is as prepared to beat the English as he can possibly be.

  62. japan says:

    I should have read the article before I posted anything. I thought it was a loan move like Beckham’s where he is there till the World Cup. This is more like his Bayern loan where his back in March. I am all for it then. My bad.

  63. SrySnffy says:

    Haha this is truth.

  64. fan4usa says:

    A perfect warm-up to match against England!

    A great opportunity for LD to prove to HIMSELF that he can make it. To me, that is most important as he seems to play as well as his confidence allows him to!

    Agree that a loan is the best option, also, as it provides a positive landing if he doesn’t cut it.

    I hope it works, and if he succeeds in EPL, he can play anywhere.

  65. jtd says:

    such insight. thanks for gracing us with your pop-intellect. must be fun repeating statements you’ve read in columns years ago.

  66. jig says:

    ugh, i dunno.

    I think he’d have a very hard time getting into that midfield. it certainly wouldnt be anything immediate. if im looking for a short loan like this im looking at a place where I can walk into the team, get games against good competition and stay sharp before June. I just dont see that happening with a team like Everton.

  67. fan4usa says:

    SBI – I read the entire article this time!

  68. ahm says:

    im sure this isn’t news SBI, just thought it was interesting that Jeff Cuningham is training with Auxerre for the rest of December. i don’t know all that much about him but it’s nice to see a potential replacement for charlie get some opportunities. he took his opportunity in denmark and he’s been given a great opportunity now with Auxerre, certainly can’t hurt (knocked on wood after realizing the potential irony if he got injured during training). gotta admit i do love the speculation in adding more americans abroad to the weekend rewind sections

  69. Freddie Footballer says:

    give him an option to return to the Galaxy by April if it’s not working out for him. Kidding. Well, sort of. He needs to stay sharp, particularly in the spring before June.

  70. john.q says:

    i pray to God almighty… PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

  71. A.S. says:

    I would prefer he not go ANYWHERE prior to the World Cup. He should stay home and rest for a few months. Then he should spend the early MLS season getting in shape. He should move to Europe in August.

  72. AdamTheRed says:

    ONLY if he can go until the World Cup, none of this 3 months sh-t!

  73. Jammer says:

    I think he can tear it up in EPL, but I hope they put him in as a winger since he plays better there than at striker.

  74. A Casanova12 says:

    quick question, if he does do a three month short loan at Everton, can they choose to buy him permanently if he does well?

  75. James T. says:

    This would be a perfect move. If it happens, hopefully it will lead to a permanent move abroad for undoubtedly the best American outfield player.

  76. Lil' Zeke says:

    There’s physical (strong on the ball) and then there’s physical (arriving late at full speed). Landon knows how to steer clear of the latter, but I think people wonder if he can hang with the former.

  77. Pico says:

    Actually La Liga is not a good fit for Donovan for a couple of reasons.

    First, he does not posses the short game that is used by Spanish teams. Neither the Galaxy nor the USMNT use the type of touch and movement off the ball and he would need time to acclimate to get used to it. That would mean he would not start immediately.

    Second, he cannot break a defender one-on-one off the dribble or change direction to create space for his teammates. He can do that on the run to the ball, but if you watch enough La Liga games you would see that there is a different type of build up and teams are not playing to the counter all the time.

    He might be better suited for the Dutch or French leagues.


  78. Fireman451 says:

    Love this idea. I’d like it even more if he did well enough to stay until the WC. Great exposure to high level competitions, exposure to England NT players and other World Cup quality players.

  79. HoBo says:

    forget about Spain (the bench for americans), EPL is the place for him to go.

  80. salvy epps says:

    cahill and felleni feeding donovan passes could be deadly if he plays up top, smart move. and hell play against englands back four, hell get to know them. smart move if it happens

  81. Out of all the possible countries in Europe, England is the one I’d recommend he go to. The level of play is high, yet the culture shock will not be so great as the other options… no new language to learn, and as Pico points out, the style of play is more similar to what he’s used to playing.

  82. That’s a fairly simple question… yes, if they can outbid any other parties whom may express interest at that point.

  83. Danny says:

    I would love if this move goes through…Always wanted to see LD playing in the EPL…Everton would be a good fit for him as well…Hope I see the two best American players playing with each other in the near future…

    Forca Donovan & Howard!

  84. BCC says:

    I agree with you, but I also think the EPL tends to be kinder to American players.

  85. afrim says:

    Hull needs him more…he’ll a starter for Hull the second he steps on the field. With Bullard hurt they need more offense in midfield to stay up. Donovan on the right(garcia is trash) and Hunt on the left would be really fun to watch.

  86. japan says:

    not necessairly… transfer window would be closed so they might have to wait until the summer.

  87. Aaron in StL says:

    But Funkhauser – neither are true forwards or true MF’s. So my point is, can you afford to have to guys drifting in the middle that won’t offer much in the way of defense, but also won’t be outright strikers? Could be serious competition for minutes there

  88. tim says:

    Not going to happen. Everton has better quality at all the positions Landon can play. Bily, Pienar, Jo, Saha, Cahill, Fellaini >> Donovan. Saha a “notorious” injury risk? Hardly. Someone has a bad spell with a big 4 club and all of a sudden they are “notorious”. Ives once again isnt beyond English bs.

  89. PN says:

    This could be a fine move. However, Donovan should insist on the same deal as Beckham, and stay until the World Cup. Last year at Bayern showed that three months is too short a stay.


  90. fischy says:

    Ives — Please correct me if I’m wrong: You keep saying that Donovan could do this as a short-term loan, like he did last year. In truth, Donovan was never picked up by Bayern. He played in exhibition matches only. If memory serves, he wasn’t there through March, at all. Bayern decided not to add him to the team roster and he went home. That’s not what Everton seems to have in mind. In fact, it’s not what Klinsmann had in mind last year, either — but that is how it worked out.

    Unless I’m wrong FIFA has some rules against being added to the roster for a short-term loan. I’m not sure about the specifics, but FIFA shot down the idea last year of loaning out Beckham until the start of the MLS season. FIFA required Beckham to stay with Milan until the end of their season. I would imagine the same regulation would require Donovn to stay with Everton, if the Toffees used him in EPL or UEFA sanctioned games.

  91. hernandez says:

    I have heard that Club America is interested in getting Donovan on loan…..does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

  92. hernandez says:

    A move to Spain would not require Donovan to learn a new language either……he speaks pretty good Spanish from what I have heard.

  93. Andrew H. says:

    I have been saying for weeks that a loan to Everton makes the most sense.

  94. CJ from OC says:


  95. Chris H says:

    I’d watch all the Everton matches on ESPN2/Fox/SETANTA if he joins, that’s for sure. I watch some because of Tim Howard, but they’ve been playing so poorly this season that it’s sometimes hard to watch. Nothing but upsides in my book.

  96. CJ from OC says:

    I totally agree, and I think this is a problem that the USMT has had (referring to 2d paragraph).

    As to the next paragraph, i can only add that Donovan’s creativity comes off the ball and his passing vision–and that latter quality is not always there as much as top flight football demands.

    That said, I hope this move works and he gets time.

  97. sandtrout says:

    A question: Who in the EPL plays like Donovan? Who would you compare him to?

  98. Goalscorer24 says:

    Do it! Try something different then Germany. Plus he has Howard to get him acclimated.

  99. Nelson Mandela says:

    I agree. Go to Spain. Leave the EPL alone!!! You speak the language, you play the style and would flourish in Southern Europe…

  100. Landon came back a better player from Bayern. His developed ability to create and pass got the US through qualifying. He needs to go somewhere. He’ll get minutes at Everton. At bayern he had a coach on the hotseat and two in form strikers ahead of him. It’s amazing that a year ago he was considered mainly a striker when he’s looked brillant as a wide player.

    Moyes saw Donovan play at the all star game. He’s got a good rep as a coach and is stable in his job. The names in Everton’s roster are impressive but their recent form hasn’t been great making everyone’s position vunerable. Tim Howard being there helps. Plus we all get to watch him play with English commentary in the best leauge in the world.

  101. Stephen says:

    That’s cool. I think it will be good, at least for a short term loan. I don’t think he is respected enough to go to a huge team right now so I think that Everton will be a good fit.

    SBI–any news on Clark and Holden?

  102. Indigo Montoya says:

    Wow, the sacrosanct for Everton’s “quality” is amazing around here. Sure they’re a good club, but it is a farce to hear claims he would not feature, maybe even regularly.

    Landon Donovan is a very good player by any standard (world class [whatever that is], international, club). I know it’s an inconvenient truth for certain segments of the world, but it’s a truth nonetheless.

    …of course, with a high potential for bottling as well!!!

  103. Brian says:

    6 sub appearances in league games. He SCORED only in exhibition matches, scoring 4 goals in 5 exhibition matches. He also had 1 sub appearance in the DFB Pokal.

  104. Brian says:

    Also, I’m pretty sure Beckham and Milan were the ones who wanted to extend the loan from March until the end of Milan’s season. FIFA had nothing to do with it. Don’t you remember MLS getting a payout (most likely from Beck’s himself) because of the extended loan?

  105. vik says:

    this gets less and less absurd the more i think about it.

  106. Gabe says:

    “Not going to happen. Everton has better quality at all the positions Landon can play. Bily, Pienar, Jo, Saha, Cahill, Fellaini >> Donovan. Saha a “notorious” injury risk? Hardly. Someone has a bad spell with a big 4 club and all of a sudden they are “notorious”. Ives once again isnt beyond English bs.”

    This is silly, man. Jo is certainly not the player Donovan is, nor is Pienar. Also, Landon gives you versatility Fellaini lacks and Saha IS injury prone. I rate Donovan higher than Yakubu as well. However, you are right when you rate Cahill higher. What are you on about man?

    I think this is a great move.

  107. roysterer says:

    I am thrilled about this both as a US National Team supporter and an Everton Supporter. Everton could definitely use Donovan, and Donovan could definitely use the experience and playing time.

    I would be shocked if Donovan did not start regularly for the entire duration of the loan. When you combine Everton’s ridiculous amount of injuries with Donovan’s ability to play at several positions, I just don’t see how he’d end up not playing. Like, in their last game against the Spurs, I could easily see Moyes putting him in at forward, central midfielder, or even right back.

  108. Stephen says:

    Please not right back. I hope that if he goes he at least gets to play one of the two positions that he will play in the World Cup.

  109. Stephen says:

    If he plays striker here, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get time there in the upcoming friendlies and possibly at the World Cup. But, I think we (USMNT) needs him as a midfielder.

  110. CHJ says:

    I now have to share my one of my top football memories. I’m in Manchester visiting my girlfriend and I got to watch Man City play Newcastle at the new Man City Stadium. Newcastle has some of the most dedicated fans and its a short car ride from Manchester. The atmosphere was INCREDIBLE. They where both bottom third on the table. I was 10th row behind the goal. Reyna (who I briefly played against in HS) and Beasley where on the field. The relationship ended soon after by that game will stay with me forever.

  111. Michael F. says:

    I think he needs to transfer in January. Not go out on loan.

  112. I personally think he is best suited for Spain.

    He would open up a lot defenses with his speed. I am not sure the same would be done in England.

  113. DC Josh says:

    Ives, thanks for adding your opinion in an updated article.

    I really think he fits in perfectly in the EPL. One of his weaknesses (no pun intended) is that he is weak on the ball. Adding a couple pounds of muscle and learning how to use his shoulders will only help his game. Everton is a very skilled side and he will only benefit from that environment. I only see good things coming out of this.

    He will be a Toffee unless a better team comes calling. But I don’t know how you can pass up Europa games and games against Champions League teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U).

  114. Father of Francesca says:

    I wouldn’t mind if he gets spot duty. He’s been playing non-stop and could use a rest before the WC (IMHO). Training and seeing spot duty with the Toffees would keep him sharp while still allowing a bit of a rest.

    This is the worst case scenario if he does head to Everton…

  115. RNG says:

    What happened to Paris St Germain? What happened to Livorno? What happened to La Liga?

    Folks on this site get all pumped up cause they watch the EPL, but if Donovan’s agent is any good, this is most likely just one of many offers they are juggling.

  116. Sean says:

    I prefer Everton to Club America. Everton is a club I believe Donovan can succeed at. First, there’s the comfort level of having a fellow American on the squad with Tim Howard. Second, there is a huge competitive opportunity and I think Landon welcomes that at this point in his career. Yes, it’s a physical league but I think it’s now or never for Donovan and he has the speed and vision to cope with the physical game. He tends to draw fluid fouls because of his speed off the mark. Plus, I think he’s shown himself to be very resilient to tackles and challenges over the years.

    His slight size will just make it that much more important for him to push his game to the limit so his speed gets him around players, without having to push them off the ball. Put in the right positions, I believe he can do that.

    Yes, Mexico is a very good league and the style is very good for him. However, I don’t think he’s better off there. Will any fans or drug cartels have it out for him after all the shots he’s taken at Mexico over the years? LOL. And, I believe in Donovan. I believe he can succeed and get consistent playing time at Everton.

    I just hope they have the money.

    And, for anyone saying LD isn’t good enough to crack the starting 11? Give me a break. Donovan is as good as a Dempsey, an EPL starter. His speed, vision, and deft through passing will cause nerves for almost any club in the EPL. He CAN contribute and right away.

  117. Greg Ginn/Drinking Black Coffee says:

    Get in there son!!!!!!!!!!!! This is prefect for the kid!

  118. Barry U says:

    Go LD Go!!! I always see Steven Pinear and SWP playing well in the EPL and just do not get how LD could not have similar success. I like that Moyes has already had/has US players on the team. And I think that in the back of his mind he would like to help someone cause England some pain in the world cup and bring a spark to the club in the process. Maybe just wishful thinking but I like the angle. LOL

  119. Everton could certainly use the help. Do It Landon!

  120. bf says:

    Spain would be less culture shock for a Californian… only problem is no Spanish side is interested (yet)

  121. bf says:

    good luck getting Donovan acclimated. Middle to Northern England in the winter has got to be one of the most depressing places on earth. It is freezing, raining, and dark all the time (London – in the south of England – is north of Maine). A short term adjustment to it getting light at 10 AM and then dark at 4 PM can really mess you up – especially if you have to be at the top of your game.

  122. Eric B says:

    Actually, this was my first thought too, some English thug taking him out with a nasty tackle…

  123. schwarzweißblau says:

    Whyyyyyy not an option to extend if hes getting playing time?
    that is to say, short term loan, and if BOTH parties are interested (he plays well, and is satisfied with the amount of time he gets), extend said loan. PT with Everton is better than PT with LA.

  124. Aaron in StL says:

    If he ended up there permanently, I’d have to consider getting this season’s away jersey with a Landon number 9 (Arteta already has 10).

  125. jig says:

    im gonna go ahead and say that pienaar is every bit as good as donovan.

  126. madmax says:

    If Everton can’t find some defenders they will be fighting relegation. Landon is not a defender. Poor choice all the way around.

  127. PetedeLA says:

    Who the hell would get him the ball at Everton?

    Whenever I watch that team they are always fighting for possession. He’d be very similar to Pienaar, but without the fantastic shooting ability, dribbling,and close ball control. And Pienaar is still to make a serious impact. But in LD’s favor, he’s got much more speed. I also don’t know if Liverpool is the place for our LD. If he didn’t like Leverkusen, what is he going to make of Merseyside?

    I’m no expert on the EPL, but if he goes there, I’d much prefer he go to a place with a more cultivated attack. I just don’t see LD getting the space he needs to be effective. I’d much prefer he went to a team like Wigan, for example, where the coach is known for emphasizing passing.

  128. obxfly says:

    I don’t care where he plays as long we don’t have to watch him ride the bench.

  129. jpc says:

    If he has the opportunity to play on the wing I think its great. If he gets stuck playing forward like at Bayern, I’m not so sure…

    Donovan is just not a forward at the top level. although skilled, fast, and a great finisher, he’s just not strong at all, and needs room to roam against top flight competition

  130. Jdavids says:

    Thank you Gen. Akbar.

  131. Mason says:

    Thank you Gen. Akbar.


  132. Jdavids says:


  133. Jesse says:

    A great fit, and having Howard’s there would help him get settled in quickly with the team and staff. I would love to see it. Best case scenario, he becomes a starter and helps turn their season from disappointing to solid.

  134. BCC says:

    LD is better than all of these guys. Cahill and Arteta three years ago were probably superior, but not today.

  135. Joey says:

    The Eurosnobs will never be silenced. If Landon did go to Everton and did exceptional, the Eurosnobs would just say he couldn’t do it on a”top” club. Then of course they would not define “top” club so that if Donovan did go to a higher seeded club, they still wouldn’t have to justify their position…it just wouldn’t be a “top” club.

  136. madmax says:

    I believe Pienaar is a part time player with SA one of the weakest sides in WC 2010? Not sure though.

  137. madmax says:

    Correction, 47 caps in 7 years, would make him more than PT player.

  138. wildchild says:

    yeah, his Spanish is just OK. helluva a lot better than most gringos. 😉

    link to

  139. ahm says:

    ehhhhhhh… not a snowball’s chance in hell mi amigo

  140. AngelUSfan says:

    Wow I don’t care really where Donovan goes as long he stay fit to play in a high level for the World Cup. If he goes to Europa will be great as long that he gets to play and not be a bench warmer. But if the rumors down the south of the border is true even better because it will help Donovan become more sneaky and learn more tactical game. There are rumors that America & Cruz Azul are interested in him. I will prefer him play for Cruz Azul under Ojitos Mesa or Pachuca and even Toluca. They have a better type of game fit for Donovan.

  141. Keith G. says:

    Donovan needs to make this move. This move would be great for his career, and could make him even better. Lets just hope that he doesnt have another Bayern Munchen type of loan. Having a chance to play in the Priemer League and to play in the Europa League would be great experience for him. Plus the more Americans playing in England will be great for our national team, heading into our game with them at the World Cup.

  142. I would have thought this might be about the only place to fit Donovan prior to the WC10 draw, but after the draw, something in the back of my mind makes me wonder about “intent.”

    Come back to Deutschland Landon. The Germans would love to see you run over England in good match fitness.

  143. Xing says:

    Haha that would be even more frustrating for Everton fans since Gooch ended up hurt in that game against Honduras. But who knows? Maybe he wouldn’t have been hurt if he did sign with everton instead of milan. 😉

  144. Xing says:

    I’m not sure if LD fits well but it’s worth a shot. Rodwell just went down last week and we don’t know how long he’ll be out. Fellaini is a good player but picks up way too many cards. They definitely need a defensive minded mid, even though the main problem right now is scoring (and injuries).

  145. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    I seriously wonder whether going to *any* European team for a short-term loan would be good for Donovan at this stage. In soccer terms, he’s middle-aged. Unless he hopes to impress Everton enough to encourage an outright transfer, all he would be doing would be expending energy that he would need for the World Cup. He had a pretty full schedule last year, w/WC qualifying and Confederations Cup. This isn’t like Beckham being intimidated by Capello to go to Milan or else not be considered for a place on England’s national team. Donovan doesn’t *have* to go.

  146. chg says:

    Stars and Strips for Everton.

  147. Ski Fast! says:

    I like Everton. But I am tired of Donovan being loaned out for a couple of months. Please, someone just BUY him! Oh wait, that requires MLS to sell him…

  148. cfig says:

    I don’t know about Donovan at Tottenham, talk about a crowded bench. With strikers galore and a few killer wingers like Lennon and Bentley I don’t know that he’d ever see the pitch.

  149. cfig says:

    I don’t know that this is the same situation because of the World Cup. I think he’d play into April and then join the US team, he wouldn’t have an MLS season until after the World Cup (if at all).

    Also, as far as a loan, who is he being loaned from as he’s not currently with the Galaxy? MLS?

  150. cfig says:

    I like this idea. Donovan has the pace to play the Premiership, and giving him a bit more of a physical runout is nothing but a bad thing for his physical and mental toughness. Also, if Arteta comes back healthy (which the law of averages says has to happen eventually) I think he and Landon along with Cahill and Saha could make for a really dangerous attacking combination. And having Timmy around can’t hurt either. Do it Landon!

  151. mike says:

    or they just want him so they can bench him and put him out of form come world cup time. I’ve been so paranoid about our English guys seeing fewer and fewer minutes. But at the same time the English are full of themselves and honestly probably don’t see any of our players as threats.

  152. mike in Long Island says:

    Anywhere but Germany … Landywurst!

  153. cfig says:

    The thing is I don’t see that he’d actually play with LA were he to just stay with them until the World Cup….he might play a few matches in April and then it would be off to the National Team.

  154. madmax says:

    Thank you Gabe, listing Everton’s players and then saying they are all better than Donovan, is nonsense. The only thing one can measure, the records, of those players cited are not great by any means. Thanks again Gabe.

    I don’t like the Everton move because they are brutally short at the back. So poor defense and relegation will dominate the club’s ideas the second half.

  155. Cubillas says:

    I didn’t know Donovan signed a new deal with MLS, otherwise who is loaning him?

  156. Hadroncollider says:

    Well, if he goes there he should be playing pretty soon. The EPL has no winter break and the MLS doesn’t start until around the end of March. So that is about 3 months when he could be on a beach somewhere, instead of freezing his butt off in Liverpool. If it doesn’t work out, he will have the start of the Galaxy season to get tuned up.

  157. Hadroncollider says:

    You are forgetting that Arnoux and Peterlin are on the squad as well, though they are not first teamers.

    (SBI-If they’re not on the first-team squad, why would I mention them?)

  158. hadroncollider says:

    There were a couple of guys who played a lot of games for Fulham who weren’t fast, I think they were named Carlos McBride and Brian Bocanegra or something like that. Pretty obscure, I know.

    Beasley and Johnson not doing so well had very little to do with speed other than the fact that speed was the most remarkable thing about them. Do you think for one minute those other guys wouldn’t have done better if they had EJ’s burst? Donovan has more than speed going for him but it doesn’t hurt that he is fast.

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks Donovan needs toughening up. He has faced plenty of dirty, brutal, physical teams in his time. The main toughening up that will occur is mental; in the EPL every minute counts so EPL regulars, like Dempsey, learn about mental toughess.

  159. Josh.2 says:

    People need to relax a little. I’m not against Donovan, but people are going a little over board with everything. Landon can play at Everton, but to say that he’s better than the players they already have, is a little rediculous. Landon is no Zidane. If you rank the top 50 players in the world on talent alone, Donovan wouldn’t be on that list. He’s a good player but he’s no genius. And those who think he’s better than Pienaar need to wake up. You don’t play regularly for Ajax and Dortmund because you’re rubbish. Landon can play in the Premier League, but he’s not some special player who’s unique in what he does. He wouldn’t even walk onto the field at Arsenal, but he can definitely help Everton, because they need help. He’s not going to be a star in England like he is in the US, because the players around him, will actually know what the hell they’re doing. I think Landon at Everton will be nothing other than a squad player who plays his role. Now if he were to go to a squad like Stoke or Hull he might be on the cover of the match day program…He certainly should not go to La Liga, unless it’s to the bottom club, cause those players are way ahead as far as the playing style. They don’t play that kick the ball and let Landon chase it game.

  160. madmax says:

    josh, “If you rank the top 50 players in the world on talent alone, Donovan wouldn’t be on that list.”

    And none of Everton’s current players are on that list, silly argument.

  161. Scott A says:

    Do it
    Just don’t get too tired for the World Cup
    But do it

  162. Mike Ufford says:

    The many people who are saying that the EPL is a bad fit because it is too physical and slow are mistaken. Its quite a good fit actually.

    MLS is easily as physical as the EPL. The games Donovan has played against Mexico and Chivas USA are far more physical and dangerous than anything he’ll see in the Premier League with Everton, even the Merseyside derby. He can handle it.

    The Premier League is statistically the quickest league in Europe, both in time between passes and average player speed. Donovan can pass the ball under pressure and can probably outpace most of the wingbacks, so speed of play won’t be a problem.

    Getting first hand experience with the English style he’ll encounter this summer is the best possible use of his time during the next three months, both for himself and for the Yanks. If I were in Moyes’ shoes and had to get a good temporary replacement to cover for the absent Africans and long term injuries, there’s no forward who represents better value for the money than Donovan. Its a perfect match really.


  163. Mike says:

    It’s a great move for Donovan, but the timing of it sucks. Blame MLS for not being on a similar football calendar as the rest of the world, but this guy is coming off a full MLS and WC qualifying schedule. Take a proper offseason to get ready for South Africa. For once, the U.S. gets a favorable draw; Donovan is our best player. Our best should be ready to go and at 100%.

    Not sure I’m buying the match fitness part of this. Remember, the MLS season doesn’t follow Europe’s match schedule, and with WC qualifying, he’s gotta be dogged. I think it’s a bad move.