Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Pedrito (Getty Images)

Barcelona will attempt to conquer the world today as it plays in the FIFA Club World Cup Final against Argentine side Estudiantes.

Barca will look to add the Club World Cup to its European and La Liga titles and will be favored to do so even without injured star Andres Iniesta.

If league action is more your speed, then you can watch two Americans face top opponents as Jozy Altidore and Hull take on Arsenal while Clint Dempsey and Fulham face Manchester United.

If you will be watching any of today's soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


7:45am- ESPN2- Portsmouth vs. Liverpool

8am-FSC- Pohang Steelers vs. Atlante (Club World Cup)

10am- Setanta USA_ Fulham vs. Manchester United

10am- FSC- Manchester City vs. Sunderland

10:15am- RAI- Vicenza vs. Torino

11am- FSE- Estudiantes La Plata vs. FC Barcelona

Noon- Bologna vs. Atalanta

12:20pm- Setanta USA- Nottingham Forest vs. Preston

12:30pm- FSC- Arsenal vs. Hull City

1:30pm- FSE- Arsenal vs. Hull City (Delayed)

2pm- GolTV- Sevilla vs. Getafe

2pm- ESPN Deportes- AZ Alkmaar vs. ADO Den Haag (Delayed)

2:45pm- FSC/RAI- Fiorentina vs. AC Milan

3pm- Setanta USA- St. Etienne vs. Olympique Marseille

3:30pm- FSE- Fiorentina vs. AC Milan (Delayed)

4pm- GolTV- Real Madrid vs. Real Zaragoza

5pm- FSC- Aston Villa vs. Stoke City

7:30pm- FSE- Manchester City vs Sunderland (Delayed)

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131 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. DC Josh says:

    Got a good 6″ of snow here in DC. Expected to get the worst snow yet, so the fire is blazing, 30 pack is on chill, computer is running Setanta, TV on. It’s going to be a good day of soccer.

  2. michael wright says:

    haha pretty much my day to be exact…. monchengladbach at 930, fulham at 10, and hull at 1230 perfect.

  3. J mann says:

    Fulham vs. ManU

    link to

    This will get you ready for the game. LOL

  4. Hokie_Futbol says:

    bahahahahaha bye liverpool

  5. Mig22 says:

    ding dong, Rafa’s gone. I. LOVE. THIS.

  6. froboy says:

    heck of a showing by portsmith, although bad for the American boys, Hull and West Ham don’t want to see Portsmith getting 3 points against liverpool

  7. DC Josh says:

    that’s classic

  8. Matt Dillon says:

    Lil Bradley about to start for BMG at leaders Leverkusen, DMB in Gers’ starting lineup, Clint in Fulham’s lineup vs Man U.

    Didn’t see Pompey-Liverpool, but looks like first Pompey goal came from Algerian int’l Nadir Belhadj. Also going 90 for Pompey was another Algerian starter, Hassan Yebda, who was an U-17 world champion for France and is on loan from Benfica. Meanwhile, their intl teammate Madjid Bougherra in the first XI for Glasgow Rangers again today.

    We better not underestimate these guys — I’m sure many in US media will (or already have) provoked them by predicting an easy US win vs Algeria.

  9. DC Josh says:

    who the heck is de laet? (spelling?)

    Love Liverpool falling down the table. Nothing better than an even playing field for once.

    Love the atmosphere at Fratton Park btw. The bells, bugle, constant “Pompey” chant.

  10. DC Josh says:

    Belhadj goal was stunning. Very tight angle and he hit it perfectly on the volley. Reina allowed both goals from tight angles however, leaving a lot to be desired.

    That’s great news about our three yanks.

  11. malkin says:

    I can’t get iraqgoals’ stream to work for Fulham v Man U. Anybody have another stream?

  12. malkin says:

    nevermind, working for me now.

    Link: link to

  13. Mig22 says:

    scholes with yet another tackle that risks breaking an ankle. The guy has been a plague for his entire career.

  14. OmarVizquel says:

    What does Algeria have that the USA does not? A striker who has scored a goal in the Prem.

    Nadir Belhadj.

  15. froboy says:

    Dempsey with a sweet bicycle kick, had a chance on te goal, Dempsey is looking dangerous and so is Fulham

  16. Nestor F. says:

    Happy holidays to all of youz!!!!!

    Y vamos Estudiantes, vamos Sudamerica, vamos!!

  17. froboy says:

    Golllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fulham 1-0, Danny Murphy, poor turnover by Scholes, nice finish

  18. mcjones says:

    Nice goal by Murphy!

  19. Mig22 says:

    There is a decided possibility that both Hughes and Rafa could be sacked this week. Wouldn’t that be something?

  20. Matt Dillon says:

    Omar, I believe Belhadj is an attack-minded left back/left winger. Don’t know exactly how he lines up for Pompey or Algeria.

    As for strikers, Algeria starter Abdelkadir Ghezzal scored a winning goal off the bench last week in Serie A for Siena. Jozy’s Hull buddy Ghilas has seen some action for Algeria also.

    I’m telling you, we’d better watch these guys.

  21. Rocco says:

    Still? It hasn’t worked a bit for me.

  22. simms21 says:

    Wow this Man City vs Sunderland game is crackin! Already 2-2 after 23 mins!

  23. froboy says:

    Dempsey playing really dangerously, he is really in form right now

  24. Mig22 says:

    You gotta hand it to City…they are entertaining.

  25. simms21 says:


  26. OmarVizquel says:

    You’re right, he’s not an out and out striker. You’re also right that we can’t be satisfied because we have a handful of players in England, because Slovenia and Algeria sure do too.

  27. matt dillon says:

    Stevie C goes 90 in Hannover’s 2-0 win over bochum. But I can’t get this Iraq goals feed to work for Fulham-Man U dammit.

    this from soccernet re our Algerian foes in SA: “Belhadj started the move himself by nutmegging Emiliano Insua to set up the attack. When the ball was cleared, Kevin-Prince Boateng forced Pepe Reina into a save with a powerful volley, former Pompey full-back Glen Johnson cleared the ball only as far as Belhadj and the Algerian lashed in at the near post. Belhadj has been out of favour under Grant, this was his first game since October and resulted in his first goal of the campaign.

  28. Mig22 says:

    I’m worried about getting to the third game and still having a chance to advance. Slovenia is no patsy and we have to expect to lose to England. This draw is shaped a lot like ’06 in that the team we have the best chance to beat is in the last group match.

  29. Mig22 says:

    It was a hell of a strike by Belhadj. He was offside and interfering with play and it wasn’t called but Glen Johnson made a bad header to gift him the opportunity.

  30. froboy says:

    2-1 gladbach is up on leverkusen

  31. OmarVizquel says:

    Right. I think we can pencil in a big ol’ 0 for the first game (even though I know we can sting a team….I just have to think the odds are we will lose). That means the second game will be critical, and I’m scared we’ll get snakebit if we’re not careful. It’s going to be a must-win, even before the last game…

  32. Dylan says:

    It looks like the H96 game is actually in the 57th right now at 2-2…

    I can’t get the Fulham-Man U to work either… so am watching the Monchengladbach and Villa games.

    Belhadj’s strike was indeed awesome this morning. Algeria will definitely be tough, I think.

  33. Mig22 says:

    exactly, OmarV. We COULD get a point from England but realistically…probably a big bagel.

  34. Jon says:

    You jinxed Hannover! j/k. It is 2-2 now.

  35. Jacob A. says:

    Was that Dempsey on the header back to Zamora for Fulham’s second in the 45th?

  36. simms21 says:

    Wow what a great start to the half for Fulham!!

  37. OJ says:

    zamora scored again vs man utd.

  38. froboy says:

    beautiful header assist for Dempsey as zamora finishes a pretty easy one, 2-0 Fulham, they are looking the far better team

  39. mcjones says:

    Fulham 2-0!! Dempsey’s knocked down header falls to Zamora who finishes!

  40. Jacob A. says:


  41. OmarVizquel says:

    I would like to see Man U lose. Make it so, Deuce.

  42. Rocco says:

    Good play by Beas on the build up to that goal

  43. Isaac says:

    Ge’m Beez!

  44. froboy says:

    i don’t think I have ever seen ManU get destroyed by a team as much as Fulham is taking it to them today, impressive show from Fulham

  45. Isaac says:

    WHAT A BRILLIANT TOUCH BY ZAMORA! Duff gets the goal! 3-0 Fulham! Zamora touches it on his chest and lays it off for Duff who cracks a volley low and hard into the corner. It is over.

  46. ahm says:

    i now take joy in watching ferguson lose. i can’t wait for his excuse about the officials or the fulham fans were too excited and the 4th official needed to use some tear gas to quiet them down. can’t wait for the postgame press conference

  47. Isaac says:

    Dempsey nearly had an assist on an aerial backheel but a good challenge from Anderson.

  48. Mig22 says:

    Yeah, the joy of Sir Rednose whining is unmatched.

  49. OmarVizquel says:

    “I thought the referee left a lot to be desired. We should have had at LEAST 15 minutes of added time, by my count” etc.

  50. Rocco says:


  51. Rocco says:

    WOW is he on fire

  52. CrispyST3 says:

    HAHA, oh man, funny stuff, Dempsey was too clever, Rooney thought he was going left thats why he stuck his elbow out…Dempsey’s a lil devil

  53. USMNT says:

    Bob Bradley has to me impressed with the recent work of DaMarcus Beasley. Great Goal.

  54. froboy says:

    Estudiantes is up 1-0 on Barça

  55. Rocco says:

    And he was key part to their 6th! goal. Unreal.

  56. Danny says:

    Beasley keeps it rolling with a goal this week too. He’s having quite a run eh? His confidence has to be sky high right now. That’s what the Nats need. Confidence.

  57. USMNT says:

    Another assist by DaMarcus Beasley. World Class performance.

  58. Isaac says:

    Anybody got a stream for this ga- I mean slaughterfest?

  59. Lee says:

    Jozy not even on the bench? Damn I was going to watch that game.

  60. USMNT says:

    Jozy Altidore does not make Hull City roster against Arsenal

  61. Brett says:

    Remember how excited everyone was when Jozy got picked up by Hull… I’m guessing that excitement has waned a bit since. I know I’m disappointed.

  62. erik says:

    Jozy Didnt even dress today. A bit surprised considering Arsenal is undersized at the back.

  63. Frankie Ballz says:

    I forgot to get my case of beer before this damn snow storm in Philly! But I did like the thrashing I saw Fulham give United. Deuce is a man for Fulham. I just wish his attributes were better exhibited for the National team.

  64. Alex says:

    Jozy and Freddy…..lay off the twitter.

  65. ahm says:

    i said this last week and people freaked out. i said he wasnt consistent and that he wasn’t in the good graces of phil brown and again people freaked out. this is not good at all for jozy and im not surprised. gotta step up

  66. Alex says:

    seems like now Jozy had better success w/Villareal than Hull

  67. Freddie Footballer says:

    has there ever been a resurgence (and in such an unexpected way) in a USMNT player as we’re seeing in Beasley? I’m guessing not.

  68. El Michael says:

    Even so… he’s without question one of their best players. His inconsistent play can be partly contributed to playing on a crappy team. I mean without Bullard he rarely sees the ball. I wonder if the fact that he’s on lone has anything to do with it.

  69. anovato says:

    not surprising that jozy played great at villareal, a real club with a good coach, and has struggled at hull, a bad club with a terrible coach

  70. Joamiq says:

    Happy to see Beasley continue his strong play. I watched the Tottenham-Blackburn match this morning – good game from Spurs, back in the top 4 (briefly at least)

  71. Joamiq says:

    Jozy has no one to blame but himself. He’s been getting minutes, not playing badly, but not scoring either

  72. Carlo says:

    Damn right! Beasley scores again!

  73. ahm says:

    i think US fans, like myself, will undoubtedly say he’s one of their best players but in international club play he hasn’t done all that much. ya he struggled without bullard getting him the ball but he was on the roster earlier in the year when bullard wasn’t around. bottom line is he hasn’t scored a goal yet this year, isn’t at the point where he can attack defenders on his own, and other members of the hull city roster can play target man better than he can. have to hope he has a minor injury and thats why he’s not there, otherwise this really doesnt bode well

  74. ahm says:

    and yes i know he scored a goal in non-league play, in the EPL he has yet to tap one in

  75. Isaac says:

    link to

    Highlights of the 6-1 trashing of Motherwell by Rangers. Beasley with a composed finished and a lovely lofted ball for an assist.

  76. Josh says:

    Altidore isnt even on the bench for Hull wth?!?!

  77. ole! says:

    Maybe Freddy and Jozy can sign up to be Beasley’s water boy in South Africa?

  78. Isaac says:

    Like I said Monday, Beasley playing on the right makes him play to the inside and help his team control pace of the game. It’s helped him assist those goals against St. Johnstone and Dundee United. In the meantime, he can still make the runs down the flank, like the kind that lead to his goal today and Rangers’ third goal against St. Johnstone.

    He’s on his way back.

  79. Mike says:

    What happened to Altidore? not starting and not even a sub?

  80. Brett says:

    The staff at Villarreal kept him in line. That loan spell to Xerez got him started on bad training habits and it appears to have carried over. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, Freddy has the same problem.

  81. matt dillon says:

    Dempsey gets an 8 rating (“Creative”) from Sky Sports. (Only Zamora had a higher mark, with Konchesky, Murphy and Duff also at 8). He also was lauded in other British media for his “enthusiasm” and his “brave” header that set up Zamora for the 2nd goal.

    As for DMB, he also got an 8 from (Only Kenny Miller did better, at 9). “Another good afternoon’s work for the American. A well taken goal by the man determined to make the World Cup.”

    Both DMB’s goal and long-ball assist with right foot. Earlier in the half, he made some nice dribbles down the right flank but shanked a right-footed shot.

  82. anovato says:

    jozy is not even on the bench?

    how does phil brown still have a job

  83. matt dillon says:

    Sky praises Beasley as “lively.” Seems besides the goal and assist, he had what we might call a secondary assist and had also been involved in the build-up to the first. So you could say he had a hand in four of six Rangers goals. In MLS it would have been one goal, two assists.

  84. r.benjamin says:

    All things aside.. I do like watching Pompey home games in HD. Something about the small stadium atmosphere and the camera angles.

  85. ole! says:

    Repent Americans.. Beasley is our savior.. REPENT!

  86. Mike says:

    I lurk on a lot of EPL team forums and the general pulse I’ve seen from British footy fans is that Altidore is talented but lacks talent around him to be successful. I think we, as Americans, tend to hold Jozy to a higher standard and expect goals, but the Brits seem to be far more forgiving, on a whole.

    I know I saw posters at Everton, Sunderland, Wolves, etc all say they would gladly take Altidore if Hull doesn’t want him. I think many British fans know that despite not scoring goals, Altidore is a good player.

    Oh well. Disappointed Altidore isn’t even on the bench. That’s a slap.

  87. Barry U says:

    So Jozy has not scored goals? But Craig Fagan is a goal machine? No! I do not know why he does not play but the guys playing ahead of him have proved nothing other than they have sucked before for Hull IMO.

    So what does that say about Jozy? Either he has bad luck with clubs/managers or he sucks? From what we’ve seen in the USMNT in the last year and when he does play for Hull the idea that he sucks is remote.

    I hope he had a little physical tweak and will get a chance in the coming games. If this is just his quality/form then we looking real weak up top for the WC.

  88. matt dillon says:

    only bad news is of course Jozy not playing and Michael Bradley was partially at fault for tying and winning goals by Leverkusen in 3-2 loss at leaders.

    A Leverkusen player beat Bradley and set up the tying goal. Then Keissling cut on Bradley and passed back for the go-ahead goal. Bradley overcommitted and that let Keissling drop it back to Kroos for the 3rd goal. Although to be fair, there were a lot of other BMG players just standing around in the box. Still, i think Bradley should not have allowed that kind of room to his man.

    A sour note to end a pretty good first half. It seems BMG has some breathing room from the relegation zone. Bradley had a poor start to the season and was even benched, but I think he has started something like 10 games in a row now and averaged about a 3.25 rating from Kicker for last 7 or 8 games, a stretch when BMG has only lost twice, including today.

  89. OmarVizquel says:

    Utter speculation. What do you know about Jozy’s training habits? Seriously.

  90. Isaac says:

    He played a nice ball(with his right, I might add) down the flank on the 2nd goal, then layed off a ball on a throw in to help the 4th, scored the 5th and directly assisted the 6th with a lofted pass to the forward.

  91. ComoPark says:

    Even if Brown thinks Jozy is inconsistent, he’s been the best striker on the team. He should have drawn a penalty last week that could easily have made the difference and he’s a physical handful for most defenders.
    There are two reasons I can see for not dressing him this week: 1) he picked up a knock in practice or 2) the Gunners back line is more athletic than physical and Jozy wouldn’t be the best match up. We didn’t hear about #1 and I disagree with #2.
    I’m hoping he’ll pull a Zamora-like resurgence with the right team.

  92. OmarVizquel says:

    3) Jozy’s at the hotel asleep

  93. anovato says:

    jozy was great with villareal

    hull city is just a crap team with one of the worst coaches we’ve ever seen

  94. El Michael says:

    At the end of the day I think this is Browns way of motivating Jozy to do… whatever? practice harder? better attitude? It’s hard to say. From everything I read and heard about Jozy is that he is a great guy,good teammate and works hard. He just turned 20 so I don’t think in the end this is a big deal. This season will probably continue to be a rollercoaster for him with periods of starting time and no time at all.

    Unlike Freddy, Jozy has his teams fan base in full support of him being on the pitch

  95. Rocco says:

    It’s kinda hard for a striker to score when he gets no service and his coach is schizophrenic. Let’s lay off the kid. It’s so annoying how these blogs get loaded with bile when one of our guys is down a bit. Doesn’t Beasley prove that production may ebb and flow and the only thing we can do and show our support and hope the flow comes sooner rather than later?

  96. OmarVizquel says:

    You’re probably right. But it’s hard to feel too rational when the US’s #1 striker option hasn’t yet scored.

  97. froboy says:

    Twitter is working for Beasley, he’s been tweeting a lot lately and seems to be playing well

  98. RM07 says:

    ………..Nobody mentioned benchwarming Bocanegra?

  99. Jose S. says:

    Barcelona down 1-0 score in 88th minute to tie. Pedro with the goal

    Messi just scored a goal with his chest to give Barcelona a 2-1 lead in the 110 minute

  100. erik says:

    Bocanegra on the bench for Rennes today. Any clue as to why he has been overlooked as of late?

  101. El Michael says:

    On one of the Everton forums the Toffes were all wanting Jozy instead of Landon. How many 20 year olds actually playingin the EPL, not many

  102. muto says:

    4) Emirates doesn’t have 3G coverage for twitter

  103. Brian says:

    DMB is playing out of motherf*&king mind!!!

  104. El Michael says:

    Half Time and Hull has one shot and none on goal. It clear that Hull’s problems are not Jozy’s

  105. El Michael says:

    No but that’s 3 in a row.

  106. japan says:

    Toure was called out of the dressing room at half time and was informed Hughes was history. He then had to go back to the dressing room to inform the team. Wow City showing no sympathy

  107. Grant says:

    You guys see Mark Hughs is out at Manchester City?

  108. DC Josh says:

    yes Duece had an assist.

    Going to be a great weekend for yanks abroad, I can feel it.

  109. DC Josh says:

    agree 100%, way better than Emirates, which is more in tune with Olympic stadiums. Even the front row seats have binoculars under the seats.

  110. Jugular says:

    Pep is crying. Overcome with emotion. Champions once again!

  111. anovato says:

    hopefully brown gets sacked too

  112. Ian says:

    Bs penalty for hull. Glad almunia made the save.

  113. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Okay, that was funny!

  114. hawaiinate says:

    Anyone notice that Dempsey played CF behind Zamora today? I think he is proving more and more that he can play as a support forward.

  115. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The possibility of DOnovan on the left, BEASLEY (of all people) on the right, with Dempsey in a support role behind Josy is looking increasingly intriguing….

  116. dunbar says:

    Altidore has been the best forward at hull. Every time he has stepped onto the pitch, he has done something to try and get a goal. It is difficult when you are the only striker, and the only midlfielder capable of playing in the EPL is out injured.

  117. George says:

    Maybe this means Jozy is getting a transfer.

  118. anovato says:

    just go back to villareal jozy

  119. alexandria says:

    I agree Hulls midfield is horrible, but I think the real reason Jozy didn’t play is because of matchups, Hull was going to play with only one up top, Jozy isn’t the best hold up guy in my opinion and I think, this game was always going to be defensive, I think honestly Hull were never going to win, I think its just sad Jozy misses the oportunity to play at the emirates but I don’t think this has anything to do with training habits or form and it was just a tactical decision, made by a piss poor coach, How does Hull have the wage bill that they do and have soooo many horrible players, just horrible. They are so tough to watch.

  120. brant says:

    from Rangers’ website match report:

    “Man of the Match – Steven Davis got the award from the home support and deservedly so but DaMarcus Beasley and Kenny Miller were also superb. ”

  121. Brett says:

    You’re leaving out the most likely option.

    If Jozy plays and produces at the international level, but is routinely left out of the gameday squad with his club, it could (read: probably does) mean that he doesn’t train well during the week. This problem creeped up during his stint at Xerez and it led to him getting ZERO playing time.

  122. Brett says:

    Even better would be Dempsey supporting Davies and Jozy as a sub.

  123. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Nice finish from Beasley, but I think the Redbulls would have shredded Motherwell

  124. Tony in Quakeland says:

    That’s asking a lot of Davies…but who knows?

  125. Barry U says:

    Like I said in my post I do not know why he doesn’t play. But with your logic Jozy only trains hard for Bob Bradley. Right? Maybe he is not a practice player and Bob Bradley is the only one that gets it.

    As far as Xerez reports came out during the summer that they wanted him to come back to the squad for this year. Would they want someone who does not train hard? Xerez did not like that he was gone with the USMNT and also had niggling injuries when he was with them. That was reported a few times.

    The only evidence I have is what I see on game day. On gameday Jozy is better than Cousin, Fagan and JVH. I’ve seen him against Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Egypt etc… and in those games he caused world class players problems. In the games Hull has played in the PL this year he has caused problems for their opponents. He has set up goals and he has set up teammates that have blown chances. I can only talk about what I see and I see a 20 year old kid that can play not a stiff that does not try hard. Also, go check out some of the game grades that Jozy has gotten from the BBC. He is a 6 and above almost every game. Again they go by what they see on the pitch.

  126. SuperChivo says:

    You guys seem to have overlooked that Jozy may have simply shown up late for the match, or maybe he got lost on the way.

  127. wjmooner says:

    Jozy and Ghilas seemed to be a perfect combination when they were on the field together early in the season, similar to the Jozy/Davies partnership.

    Of course, now it seems they haven’t played together in months. Great coaching job there.

  128. SD says:

    posted this under a later article and it may be too late now….why did Jozy not make the bench for Hull….is arsenal too good so the coach doesn’t even include him as a sub….it’s true he hasn’t scored and yes we can say he needs to create his chances, but Jozy needs good service to be effective and he gets better service when he plays for the nats than at hull….hull’s midfield is not very good