Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

Jozy Altidore 2 (Getty Images)

There are only two club matches of any consequence today, but since both will feature American players, it is worth having a running commentary for.

Brad Friedel and Aston Villa face Liverpool while Jozy Altidore and Hull City takes on Bolton in a relegation battle. Altidore earns another start for the Tigers.

If you are watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

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121 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. G says:

    Jozy starting.. nil – nil 10th minute.

  2. JSW says:

    Heavy snow in Birmingham for Villa-Pool. Aquilani gets his second start for the club.

  3. erik says:

    anyone else having trouble w/ the FSC & Setanta feeds today?

  4. jey says:

    anyone have a link to the game?

  5. Lorenzo says:

    link to the Hull City game? I’d like one too if anyone has one

  6. Spectra says: has both of them

  7. Spectra says:

    should have been an assist for Jozy

  8. jmac says:

    Hopefully Jozy plays better today than he did over the weekend against Man Utd. If is form does not improve, I think you have to question the assumption that he is an automatic starter at the WC.

  9. andrew in tampa says:

    what’s misssing from a lot of the commentary about Josy’s play is the context. Hull is a terrible team. The forwards get few opportunities facing goal. It is tough to be great when you are outnumbered and getting terrible service. I’m still waiting for one decent cross to a forward who can either head or shoot on goal.

  10. Illmatic74 says:

    Who would start over him? He is the only option right now.

  11. G says:

    yes you are correct,, people forget how bad hull is until you get a chance to watch couple of games. This game so far would be a good example..but Bolton is equally bad.

    the link to the game
    link to

  12. afrim says:

    andrew hit the nail on the head.. Hull has no defense or midfield..hunt is the only midfielder worth a damn..Garcia is horrible. Forwards need service..peroid. Hopefully Hull gets a midfielder and a defender come january

  13. Spectra says:

    Is there anyone here watching the Bolton Hull game that still thinks Landon and Holden can’t play with these guys. They don’t belong on the big four but come on these guys are sloppy and provide poor service

  14. G says:

    Seriously Jozy is getting fouled every time he touches the hes setting up lots of good free kick chances around the box.

  15. Spectra says:

    Jozy with a decent free kick curved about eight yards out side of goal

  16. viva nashvegas says:

    Andrews: no disputing Hull is bad. BUT you cannot honnestly say jozy looked good on Saturday. He was bad. That said he needs minutes (which it looks like he may be starting to get). He has to have games to be ready for SA.

  17. Mig22 says:

    Yeah, young Josmer is not seeing a lot of the ball because the team is so bad. BUT…he does seem to wander around without a purpose when Hull is in the “half-court offense”. It’s troubling.

  18. Andy in Atlanta says:

    8 yards away from the goal? How is that decent? That is an entire goal away from the goal… :o)

  19. Mig22 says:

    good point. These teams can barely string two square passes together.

  20. viva nashvegas says:

    You can look at McBride who ran his a$$ off for several poor epl teams, got no service but still improved his game significantly. Now jozy has way more potential than McBride, but its not clear he will do what it takes in practices to realize it. Lets hope he does.

  21. Raffi says:

    Totally correct. He doesn’t seem to know where to be. And he doesn’t seem to challenge to occupy a defender — even when it is clear you won’t win the ball, you should at least challenge. Really, you root hard for the guy and he isn’t getting good service but he isn’t showing particularly well either. Poor touch/not precise enough/doesn’t battle hard enough. Hopefully, something better in the next 45.

  22. Raffi says:

    But I will add, boy, does Hull look terrible overall. The whole team seems to lack, well, skill and heart/effort.

  23. G says:

    I understand what you are saying, but which 19year old wants to do that extra running if you don’t have to?

  24. Jacopo Belbo says:

    A. i have to think that not only is the Hull team around Jozy poor, i cannot imagine that the coaching is the best nor do they really have the motivation, had they the coaching talent, to really invest in honing his talent as he is only a loan player right?

    B. how great is watching football in the snow … totally awesome!

  25. viva nashvegas says:

    But as raffi said Hull is really really bad. Just wish h didn’t look so disinterested as he does at time

  26. viva nashvegas says:

    Anyone watching the Liverpool Villa game?

  27. Kevin_amold says:

    The conditions must be really bad at Villa Park. One shot in the second half? That’s horrid.

  28. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Alexandre Pato, Lionel Messi, Bojan Krkic, Kun Aguerro…need I go on… god given talent is one thing…the drive to be the best is another… Jozy needs to get some drive…

  29. Beckster says:

    Switching between the Hull and Villa games. Jozy has not been impressive. The conditions are bad for Villa and Liverpool and they are just trying to get the ball forward. Both goalies have had 1 great save. Liverpool looks slightly more likely to score.

  30. Andrew H. says:

    I think Jozy has been alright. He has gone at goal or drawn fouls in dangerous spots several times. What roubles me about his game with his back to the goal is not as much his first touch, but rather his inability to win headers. I realize he is not that tall, but he seemed to be able to jump higher than he now is.

  31. not surprised Jozy was replaced this early

  32. Fred says:

    It still surprises me that Phil Brown doesn’t start Geovanni. Especially with Jimmy Bullard injured, it seems Hull could use Geovanni’s offensive vision.

  33. Josh D says:

    Jozy has run his socks off for one game and that was the Costa Rica game after Charlie’s accident and boy did he play fantastic. If he only put forth that effort every game, he would be catching the eye of mid table teams. Lazy strikers can only last but so long on pure talent. Especially lazy strikers who can’t even score…

    Reminds me of Roy Keane’s quote where he said “We (Man United) would play against teams at the bottom of the table and they would put such an effort in and play with such heart, they would give us as tough a game as Liverpool or Arsenal. If only they put in that effort every week, they wouldn’t be bottom of the table.” Same with Jozy.

  34. Dave says:

    Hull sucks, jozy had 1 opportunity on the ball in the second half and gets pulled-sweet.

  35. ian says:

    And he’s out….

  36. Aston Villa is about to score anytime now. Liverpool looks shaky right now

  37. Ted in MN says:

    I’m surprised that Jozy came out before Fagan. He has been offsides constantly and completely failed with Jozy’s beautiful pass. Obviously Jozy didn’t have a great game but still.

  38. Is anyone even watching Hull game now that Jozy is out? 😀

  39. Jacopo Belbo says:

    wow. off in the 55th minute? ouch.

    and man, villa totally looks like the better team in the second half. much more like a “big 4″ side than does liverfail even with the winter wonderland conditions. the big boys better come raiding villa park for these players soon or aston villa is going to be a force to contend with for the foreseeable future.

  40. viva nashvegas says:

    Josh you are exactly right! He just doesn’t put forth a high enough level of effort consistently.

  41. Ted in MN says:

    Terrible terrible goal keeping by Myhill

  42. Dave says:

    again, Hull sucks

  43. Fagan wasn’t as active as he was this past weekend but at least he was chasing after the balls. Jozy, well, was mostly standing around.

  44. says:

    atrocious play by the keeper

  45. Ted in MN says:

    You can’t really blame Phil Brown for this.

  46. If Liverpool wants to have any shot of having a better 2nd half, then they need to sell players like Ryan Babel (who isn’t getting much playing time)and bring in some players.

  47. matt dillon says:

    wow, “awful goalkeeping” indeed. Myhill is not usually bad at all, sometimes eeven excellent. but what was he doing there — other than leaving his goal open? And Hull, down 2-0, hoofs the ball mindlessly out of play.

  48. Raffi says:

    Well, we now know the answer to which 19yr olds want to put in extra running. The answer is those that want to stay in more than 55 mins. Seriously, I would have pulled him too. He looked tire. If he wasn’t tired, he looked very casual and uninspired in his effort. Even the way he closes down defenders. He is still young, but they used to rave about his attitude, etc. when he was in MLS. Neither he or Fagan looked remotely dangerous but at least Fagan was running around.

  49. Rekro says:

    Even if jozy goes back to villarreal he’ll, at best, be a #3 striker behind Giuseppe Rossi and Joseba Llorente.

  50. Sergio of SF says:

    Is Jozy still playing? I haven’t seen him in a while.

  51. Ted in MN says:

    I’m not going to deny that. Jozy has looked lazy. However, when he has got the ball he has done something with it. Fagan up until that shot had just been wasting posession (spellcheck on that?). I’m not sure what is worth.

  52. I doubt Jozy will be 3rd option at Villareal even if he returns. No way Villareal is gonna depend on Jozy when he can’t even score for Hull City

  53. Raffi says:

    It is tough to keep watching this slop. Hull is miserable. I don’t know who I would compare these bottom two sides to but, seriously, they don’t look too different from MLS teams. Don’t want to start the whole discussion thing but the best from MLS are probably worse (IMO) but they can’t be far off.

  54. Brandon says:

    Jozy tweeted a couple days ago about a tear in his leg that he’s had for two years, excuse or a genuine injury that is slowing him down?

  55. mikey d says:

    hull isn’t so bad that they are going to just bend over. NICE GOAL HULL CITY TOO BAD JOZY WASNT IN THE F***ING GAME.

  56. TJPierce says:

    Jozy had a cross to head in against ManU! He got the PK but he didn’t exactly inspire much confidence with his approach to the header. It’s impossible to say what “would” have happened had he not been fouled, but it seemed to me like he wasn’t going to get a very good shot on the ball and the foul was ticky tacky.

    PS – I love the guy, but it wasn’t a great attempt.

  57. Most soccer players have minor injury here and there. If Hull City is starting him, then it can’t be a major injury. Jozy needs to suck up and instead, develop other technical skills to compensate for loss of pace/speed if he did have minor tear in his leg.

  58. Ted in MN says:

    wow, being wrong really leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  59. JDavids says:

    Nice qoute. Well done making good point.

  60. He saves Liverpool…well mostly, Rafa.

  61. Ted in MN says:

    Hull gets magically better just as jozy leaves…I really hope that is just a coincidence. There is the tie

  62. And Hull ties the game 2-2. Everything goes right without Jozy, huh?

  63. Barry U says:

    That goal was the best movement Hull had all day other than the free kicks that Jozy won, or his pass to Fagan and the corner that Jozy won that was cleared off the line. Jozy is playing fine IMO.

    The guys that need replacing is he Hull defense.

  64. Ted in MN says:

    Hunt is really really impressive. Would have loved to see him at the world cup…

  65. Martin O’Neill looks heart broken on the sidelines. Feel bad for him.

  66. Hull defense does suck. I agree with you. But Jozy really wasn’t doing much, to be fair.

  67. BFT says:

    Definitely turned off the game once Jozy got subbed, couldn’t watch any more. Hull are astonishingly poor, their closest thing to a moment of quality was Jozy’s decent pass to Fagan who promptly dribbled it right to the keeper.

  68. Ted in MN says:

    Yeah Jozy needs to find his legs and use them like there is no tomorrow

  69. Katatonia says:

    only a matter of time until altidore is mid 20s and still full of ‘potential’.

  70. Josh D says:

    He’s out and Hull score two!! That’s Jozy benched for the next few games.

    Yes he was doing more when he had the ball but you can see the value of having two strikers on the pitch willing to chase balls down. Things happen. Errors happen by the defense and goalie. Look at Tevez – not much skill but runs his socks off enough that something is bound to happen. Same with Bellamy.

  71. Jacopo Belbo says:

    man. aston villa just got hosed … they outplayed liverpool for 90 minutes and have one guy slip and get one bad ricochet and torres kills them … as a man utd fan i really wanted to see a tie or more scouser misery, but i have to hand it to torres … that guy is good. i’d take him to pair with wayne any day.

  72. BFT says:

    HA and as I’m slowly typing Hull get back in the game.

  73. Barry U says:

    That is strange or not. Since I see Hunt running more, I see Geovanni playing, Fagan had his fisrt good cross of the game, etc… I also see a Bolton D that is terrible and it was only time before they conceded a goal. Are you saying Jozy made all that magically happen by going out of the game?

  74. United says:

    Tevez not much skill. I respectfully disagree.

  75. fischy says:

    What a coincidence. Jozy leaves the game, and Hull scores…twice. Totally taking over the game. Too bad he wasn’t in the game when he goals were scored, huh?

  76. OmarVizquel says:

    Hull have a knack of scoring right after Jozy’s subbed….seriously, check the results. Depressing for young Josmer.

  77. Ted in MN says:

    Too many passes. One of them should have just shot it. The let it get blocked. Where is the greed? Terrible cross by Fagan. Great ball by Hunt. I’m really starting to like that guy. He is like a magical little leprechaun.

  78. Ted in MN says:


  79. Ted in MN says:

    not really but he damn well got his moneys worth out of it

  80. Ted in MN says:

    And there it is. Depressing day for Jozy. Decent day for Hull

  81. jig says:

    hmmm, sounds like another US forward in the pool. whats his name again? ching?

  82. jig says:

    #4…nilmar is nasty.

  83. Alexandria says:

    right on Andrew… and the fact that Boateng stays in the game after he walked more than half of it is laughable. Jozy can’t wait for this loan to be over.

  84. BrooklynFC says:

    Why doesn’t Hull extend an offer to both Holden and Clark….. they could use a good attacking mid and a good defensive mid… both are free transfers

  85. BrooklynFC says:

    and if Freddy Adu becomes a free agent hull should try and sign him too……

  86. Father of Francesca says:

    Maybe I’m wearing rose colored glasses but Hull’s midfield was just awful until going down by 2. Jozy was dnagerous when he had the ball. He made a very nice pwerful run down the midfield and won a free kick. then he set up his teammate with a very nice through pass but instead of one touching it towards the net the guy chunks his first touch and turns it over. I saw Jozy playing (chasing down) balls on both wings. There was another foul he drew outside the 18 where he took the free kick which was powerful and cleared the wall but he put to much funk on it and it swerved off target. I wouldn’t say he killed it on the pitch today but in the 50 odd minutes he was on the pitch he looked as dangerous as any of his teammates.

    It wasn’t until Bolton thought they had the game wrapped up and gave Hull room that Hull were able to make the come back. That incidently happened after Jozy was subbed. Hull being 2 down was 100% on their midfield unable to maintain any possesion at all. Them coming back was 100% Bolton being a suck a$$ team that stopped competing – nothing to do with Hull being better wothout Jozy on the field.

  87. Alexandria says:

    Whats the point of running around aimlessly like Fagan? Several people have made this point about atleast he runs around, but he’s not doing anything? The problem with Jozy’s output is simple he needs someone to playoff of, switch Fagan with Venegoor and Jozy is more effective he is not a back to goal forward, Neither is Fernando Torres and Liverpool do not ask him to play that way, he plays towards his strength which is to run at defenders. With Geovvanni on the field hull are a different team. And since we are bashing the 19 y/o for not busting his but and running the whole game what a bout boateng, He walked through the majority of it.

  88. Alexandria says:

    WHAT!!! Houston, DC, LA, and Salt lake would rape hull, your delusional! They couldn’t hold on to a ball to save their lives. Did you see there back line? Even MLS teams can send crosses into the box! Ridiculous.

  89. doug says:

    Torres!!! Last second smash and grab saves the season for the Reds. 2 deflections and the ball found Torres unmarked from 18 who takes a touch into the area and slots home far post to take the full 3. Commence the annual Villa slide out of the top 4 and Liverpool’s ascent into it. Cruel way to finish the game for Villa, but thats the difference between Agbonlahor and Torres. Gaby, 3 chances and no goals. Torres, 1 chance , 1 goal. YNWA

  90. Fanguito says:

    Jozy needs to stop being Lazy Altidore.

  91. Alexandria says:

    Here Here!

  92. ahm says:

    i agree with some of what you said but i do think there’s a MAJOR difference in Jozy’s game when he plays like he did against Costa Rica in the last game of qualifying. in that game he was a man amongst boys against the CR back four and had he had a real partner and not casey the US would have run them over attacking. he was getting much better service in that game but at the same time he created opportunities on his own in that game just by pressuring the other side and i think that is something he could do for hull. as for torres, i think part of liverpool’s struggles this year rest in the lone striker formation they use. torres is often asked to play target man and he takes a beating from it. its like taking a porsche off-roading, sure it can go there but do you want it to? boateng sucks, geovanni and bullard need to be out there and they could use holden and/or clark but i wouldnt want more US players on a sinking ship

  93. Indigo Montoya says:

    Jozy has demonstrated the delicate touch of an atomic bomb. Dude needs to seriously work on holding up / laying off the ball – or Hull, and the USMNT this summer, are in serious trouble

  94. Schalke 04 destroyer says:

    Jozy has shown some promise, but right now he needs to score goals. Jozy has one goal to his credit, a free kick in a cup game against a lower tier club. Same problem for Freddy Adu, an attacking player who hasn’t scored in 2 yrs. You need to play guys in form. Conor Casey and Jeff Cunningham for all their faults are in form strikers and both have scored more goals at intl and club level than Jozy or Freddy in the past few games.

    I read posts on here that Hull’s team is poor and Jozy gets no service. This is not an excuse. Jozy has scored more goals at international level when he can get pinpoint service from Donovan. Freddy Adu was sensational in the 07 under 20 wc, playing with the caliber of player like Sal Zizzo, Jozy, Michael Bradley. Jozy and Freddy needs to create their own shot, make the right runs etc. But these things are a product of when a player is in form.

    Right noe Jozy is not in good enough form to start against England. Unbelievably, Beasley is a better option than Jozy for striker as Bease is killing it right now.

  95. Beckster says:

    Ted, Hunt had a pretty good game today but he is a hot and cold player. He typically starts the season on fire and is DOA by January. Ask Reading fans the past two seasons when Hunt just didn’t show up for the last half of the season and as a result, Reading didn’t win. There are a lot better left wingers out there and many of them will be in South Africa. Hunt missing the world cup is no loss.

  96. Brian says:

    Beasley at striker? You must off your rocker

  97. D-Wreck says:

    Once again Phil Brown sticks Jozy out there with a more defensive minded midfield and plays “boot the ball” to Jozy. While Jozy did not have a great day, why not start Ghilas with him up top and play Geovanni at central mid? When Geovanni was on the field the whole mentality and distribution of the ball changed for Hull, yet Jozy didn’t get to benefit from this more competent approach as he was yanked at 55min. Sad.

    Landon Donovan Interview before leaving for Everton here on youtube: link to

  98. D-Wreck says:

    The real option right now is going to be Clint Dempsey if Beasley is healthy and in form and can play the wing position. Then you shift Dempsey to striker like Fulham does occasionally when they need a big goal.

    link to

  99. D-Wreck says:

    No, I’d say it wasn’t until they put in Geovanni that the Hull midfield stopped looking totally incompetent. But Jozy didn’t get to benefit from this…

  100. D-Wreck says:

    So he cramps up like he did on Sunday after 60min… Jozy needs to get fit and practice harder so his legs last 90min. His fitness is a sad joke right now and everyone in the league knows it…Sadly, he doesn’t.

  101. scott47a says:


    I’ll buy that Houston, LA, Salt Lake and last year’s Columbus team — possibly Seattle — could hang with Hull.

    But DC couldn’t even hang with MLS playoff teams last year.

  102. Taylor says:

    No not Ching but if his health returns as expected … dare I say his name …. TWELLMAM

  103. ST Lopez says:

    Anyone else notice that Jozy NEVER contests on headers inside or near the box? He always waits on the fringes, hoping ball will come to him off of someone else–which it never does. This drives me crazy. Maybe this makes sense from Landon, who is 5’9″ and skinny. But Jozy is a big dude and needs to be in there. If someone can motivate him he can really make a career in a top league–people complain about his touch, but it’s his lack of aggressiveness that holds him back. Echoes of Eddie Johnson but in a bigger body? I hope not.

  104. Matthew N says:

    Jozy is lazy and out of shape. It isn’t just with Hull City. If you watched the most recent set of friendlies, you can tell he is lacking in the fitness department. He is young, so try not to get too down on him, but he clearly needs to work harder on his own. You guys can bash HCAFC and blame the poor play of his teammates for his inability to produce, but a lot of it is his fault. V of H is mediocre and he offers Hull much more. Without Bullard, they are definitely in a tight spot, but they aren’t as bad as everyone is making them out to be. They certainly have their moments.

  105. Matthew N says:

    I’m sure Clark and Holden don’t want to be playing in the Championship next year…

  106. Matthew N says:

    You and I must not have been watching the same match. Villa had a few quality chances but Liverpool dominated possession and were definitely in control of the match. Tough loss, but sometimes it all comes down to one chance.

  107. Goran Hunjak says:

    I’ve been watching Hull for a while. At the stadium and on tv. Before Jozy came along and during. As far as creative and/or attacking players here is best to worse:


    Average to Good:
    Vennegoor of Hesselink

    Middling to Average:

    This isn’t exhaustive…just the blokes who come to mind. Y’all need to stop with the hero worship and support your guy Jozy but not be blind to the weaknesses in his game.

  108. Pat says:

    We can sit here and make excuses, but forwards who don’t score for teams battling relegation won’t be playing. Phil Brown isn’t going to save his job by developing Altidore’s talent.

  109. BrooklynFC says:

    They could impress and move on……. Or there ability could keep them up
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  110. VMan says:

    While it is within everyone’s right to think that Jozy wasn’t too bad today, a striker coming off in the 55th minute with his team down 2-0 probably means his manager thinks the performance was complete crap … or Jozy is hurt.

  111. Josh.2 says:

    why does everyone think they can coach better than Phil Brown? Jozy simply needs to step it up. You don’t see other strikers bitching about the system the coaches are using. A lot of Italian teams tend to play difensively yet their strikers score goals…so…step it up Jozy and put in the work. If at the end of the game people have to drag you off the field, then you’ve played for your team. Jozy isn’t playing for Hull the way Torres, Gerrard and Kuyt play for Liverpool.

  112. gas huffer says:

    You don’t get drive. Either you have it or non.

  113. DClee says:

    And a good reason that there are some MLS teams that could certainly play in the epl if they had the depth of the Hull’s and Portsmouth’s of the world.

  114. Sky gave Jozy the lowest rating on players with a 5.

    “Little Threat”

    When you play on a team that does not give you service, sometimes you have to create chances yourself.

  115. Targetman says:

    If you mean shift Clint there for a half like he did in the Confed Cup, that is okay But, for the USMNT, Jozy plays alone a lot of the time. Clint is not suited for that. Conor Casey and Ching, the antichrist duo for US fans, are. Also, give DMB a little more time before you start anointing him as a saviour.

  116. mwc says:

    I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t help it. Hull is bad and Jozy is not ready to be a starter on a team in a top flight league. It’s just more of the fool’s gold for U.S. players. They think it’s the Premier League (or some other top flight league) so it HAS to be better for their career, but it usually turns out not to be. Jozy has potential, but he needs training and development that he has never had and likely will not get at a team in a top flight league. Even if he were to run his socks off for Hull, it does not appear he knows where to run to. In my opinion, Jozy could use a few weeks in the offseason living in Brian McBride’s basement. I’m just not seeing improvement in Jozy’s game. At best most fans are just hoping he knocks in a goal or two for Hull, gets some confidence and that magically leads to an improvement in his technical abilities and soccer IQ. Not likely. I think we should be seeing more improvement from Jozy by now and that’s the most frustrating thing for me about his career path. Hull is not a place for him to develop — how do you think Clint Dempsey would be faring were he at Hull instead of under Hodgson at Fulham? I hope Jozy gets to a place where he can play because that is the only way he’ll reach his maximum potential.

  117. E says:

    he wasnt cramping against Man U guy