Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Clint Dempsey 1 (Reuters)

Clint Dempsey has been on a roll lately, and he will look to keep his recent hot streak going for Fulham against Sunderland.

Today's slate of soccer matches on TV isn't confined to ones featuring Americans Abroad, though Dempsey and Tim Howard will both be playing matches on TV today. The day's schedule also features some of the world's best rivalries, including Roma-Lazio and Nacional-Penarol.

If you are a fan of the women's game, then you will want to see the NCAA College Cup Final between unbeaten Stanford perennial power North Carolina.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's schedule of matches is after the jump):


9am- FSC/RAI- Genoa vs. Parma

9:30am- ESPN2- Notre Dame vs. North Carolina (Women's College Cup, REPLAY)

10am- Setanta USA- Fulham vs. Sunderland

11am- DirecTV- Espanyol vs. Racing Santander

11am- DirecTV- Mallorca vs. Real Zaragoza

11am- DirecTV- Malaga vs. Osasuna

11am- FSC- Everton vs. Tottenham

11:30am- ESPN Deportes- Schalke 04 vs. Hertha Berlin

1pm- GolTV- Villarreal vs. Getafe

1pm- Telemundo- Toluca vs. Monterrey

1pm- ESPN2- Stanford vs. North Carolina (NCAA Women's Final)

2pm- GolTV- Flamengo vs. Gremio

2:45pm- FSC/RAI- AS Roma vs. Lazio

3pm- ESPN Deportes- Athletic Bilbao vs. Valencia

3pm- Setanta USA- Lille vs. Lyon

5pm- FSC- Velez Sarsfield vs. River Plate (Delayed)

5pm- GolTV- Nacional vs. Penarol (Delayed)


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68 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. OmarVizquel says:

    The more I see of Clint playing for Fulham, especially in the past few weeks, the more I think he could really help out some struggling upper echelon PL teams that are lacking goal power (Liverpool comes to mind, and so does Everton — that is, if you consider them to be a bigger club than Fulham. I’m not so sure about that anymore these days…).

    I love how Clint plays for Fulham.

  2. dunbar says:

    As good as that would be, I would rather see him playing every time against top competition than occasionally or never by being on the bench of a good team.

  3. RNG says:

    Agree. It’s not about the team–it’s all about the playing time…

  4. AdamTheRed says:

    USA v Norther Ireland in May!

    Just read on the BBC….. Clint v Baird and Hughes!

  5. JMS says:

    Anyone have a link to video?

  6. Lenny says:

    Fulham v. Sunderland:

    link to

    Fulham up 1-0 on Zamora header.

  7. Carl says:

    What was the score for the USA game yesterday?

  8. Mig22 says:

    This Genoa Parma game is a real corker.

  9. Rusty says:

    USA U17 tied Brazil 1-1

  10. Citronomics says:

    To anyone watching the Fulham match, how’s tha Deuce playing?

  11. Spectra says:

    demspey just had a great free kick. I think he should be taking more of the free kicks on goal and let landy take the swinging free kicks

  12. madmax says:

    Howard nice game so far with make shift defenders filling in. Defoe will be a handful for USA, more so than Rooney.

    For those saying Jozy must score soon, here’s a nice comparison. Jo the 19 mil pounds Brazilian at Everton has zero goals with probably more than twice the minutes.

  13. madmax says:

    Not a great challenge, not impressed at all.

  14. Fred says:

    According to Wikipedia, Jo has three goals this season — one league, one cup, and one in Europe.

  15. DC Josh says:

    Come on you Whites. Dempsey got hacked a lot and had a close call in a clash of heads where the other player needed stitches. I was thinking how he is never injured and had thought I’d jinxed him. Played very well though, ran his butt off.

  16. ahm says:

    watching world cup draw analysis show, interesting to hear the british analyst say that britsh fans/media respect dempsey much more than donovan. makes sense that they see the dempsey who works his tail off in the EPL but interesting how much of a contrast that is with how most US fans feel about donovan vs. dempsey. dempsey did look pretty darn good again today on the wing but i still think his role in the WC is up top with Jozy. he’s been at his most effective there and it opens up a spot for one of the feilhaber, holden, torres, rogers group on the wing, a group id rather pick from than the casey, cooper, ching etc. up front. would love to have chuckie davies back for the cup but a more realistic, and potentially as important, goal is having both demerit and gooch in shape to give us depth at CB

  17. japan says:

    just checked the stats on fantasy premier league and Jozy has 565 minutes while Jo has 458. I understand your point but no country is relying on Jo to bang in the goals in South Africa but Americans are relying on Jozy to. That is the difference.

    and yea Howard is having a good game.

  18. Wolfgang Depner says:

    Switching leagues and going off-field, Stuttgart fired its coach and former EPL player Markus Babbel today after thousands of fans had protested the team’s poor performance following its 1-1-1 draw yesterday. Stuttgart — which still has a chance to make the final 16 in Champions League play — has 12 points out of 15 games. Yesterday’s protest began shortly after the game and eventually became violent with minor scuffles between fans and police who had to guard the entrance to the section of the stadium where club officials were meeting through the night to discuss the fortunes of the team.

  19. Mig22 says:

    Wow, that Everton defense sucks. Of course, so does their attack which explains why they sit 16th in the table. Poor Timmy.

  20. AdamTheRed says:

    Yeah, But I would definitely go to the game! Prob just because my family is from Belfast though…

  21. Aaron in StL says:

    Agreed on the Deuce. I think if Jozy can cause trouble up top and at least just run around for 90 minutes, Dempsey could fill in that underneath role and find plenty of opportunities.

  22. Brett says:

    Unfortunately, I think Jozy’s max on “running around” is about 65 minutes. After that it’s ‘hands-on-hips’ and trotting.

  23. Aristophanes says:

    That was brilliant from cahill. Everton showing some real spirit here.

  24. says:

    Everton to press in the final 4 of stoppage time.

  25. JSW says:

    Timmy with a last second PK save!

  26. Aristophanes says:


  27. Chris A says:

    What an ending

  28. japan says:

    Well done Howard!!! Super finish from Cahill and Coleman has done himself real proud that game.

    2-0 and you f it up. Not worthy of top 4.

  29. Nothing But Love says:


  30. PBG says:

    We know who won’t be taking a PK in the US-England game… Dafoe…Timmy Howard is in your head now!

  31. Mcbride20 says:

    chants of USA USA USA raining down from the stands at Goodison Park

  32. EvertonBrian says:

    Come on Toffees!

    Hopefully this show of passion and resilience will be a springboard to a run of results in the weeks to come… Yakubu is working his way back to fitness, Pienaar is finally back, and Jags and Arteta will be back in training before you know it!

    I thought, prior to Defoe’s PK, “come on Timmy, show these bastards what they can expect on June 12…” AWESOME.

  33. DC Josh says:

    were you there? I didn’t hear it on the FSC audio feed.

  34. DC Josh says:

    Wow the Everton/Spurs game had an unbelievable final 30 minutes + stoppage time. That young buck Coleman on the right filling in for Neville is an absolute beast. If he continues to perform like that he’ll be right behind Ashley Cole (assuming he’s English). The Toffee fans really got behind their team and I thought it was over when Saha hit that bicycle kick. Yet it was no where close to being finished when Palacios found himself running in on goal. My heart dropped when Hibbert stuck his head in and knocked out Palacios. I had a small portion of faith that Timmy would save the penalty, but Defoe took it poorly, and Timmy guessed correctly, making a fantastic save with his legs. That could well be a turning point for Everton’s season.

  35. dunbar says:

    If Everton has injury problems in the back line and ac milan wont play gooch, i think gooch should try getting a loan to everton. Where he could get some quality playing time and play with howard.

  36. EvertonBrian says:

    Coleman is Irish. He did look a force today, particularly in helping out the attack.

  37. madmax says:

    Games Goals Assists
    13 0 1
    Full Name Jô

    Since fans were saying Jozy needed to score I guessed a fair comparison would be EPL games.

  38. ahm says:

    thatd be a cool idea and i agree that gooch has to go elsewhere to get playing time, especially with milan turning it on lately, but i wonder if his injury makes it next to impossible to get a loan move. if hes rehabbing in delaware i guess it won’t matter to him as much as if he was rehabbing with the milan training staff who are supposedly excellent. anyone have any more knowledge on what he can do this transfer window?

  39. madmax says:

    Good catch. I thought he was a full time starter at 19 million pounds. I should have looked it up.

  40. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Not surprising, since they assume if he is in the EPL he must be better. Also they have probably seen at most a half dozen Donovan games, if that. When it comes to the Nats players and coaches (as well as almost all close observers), the idea that Dempsey is better than Donovan does not even enter the conversation. Because it is a silly notion – he just isn’t.

    However, he is pretty darn good and if Davies does not come back at full strength, I do like him up top because (a) if keeps Donovan where he has been thriving and (b) opens the right for Holden, who I think may (MAY) be an upgrade on Dempsey’s play out there. (I will take bets right now that Holden will be considered our best player by 2014.)

  41. Ted in MN says:

    Great game for Howard. Nice save on the pk. If I were Tim Howard, I would look forward to seeing more of that Coleman guy. Outside of Howard’s save, Coleman won the point for Everton, and he didn’t look to bad in defense.

  42. madmax says:

    good idea, lescot with better hair

    but how many games would he get?

  43. Alex says:

    interesting as Tim Howard has said in the past as his dream move would be to play for Milan

  44. CrispyST3 says:

    mmmm, nahh, maybe it was 2 weeks ago, now it bumped up to 75 mins. and pretty soon he’ll be going the full 90 now that he’s been starting… takes time

  45. a-wood says:

    great save by Howard, but did he really have to punch the post in celebration? the last thing the USA needs right now is a #1 with a broken hand.

  46. Brian says:

    his hand is all good, right?

  47. DEUCEHEAD says:

    Did Dempsey Score?

  48. Hadroncollider says:

    Dempsey and Donovan are two different type players, who do different things. Comparing them is a waste of time. US fans should just be grateful both are playing for the US.

  49. USAWorldCup2010 says:

    anyone hear about this emergency USSF meeting they are having today in New York? Must be a NASL and USL thing I am guessing….

  50. EDB says:

    whew.. Roma played pretty terrible but eeked out the win!

  51. ahm says:

    im very happy to have two talented players on our team but i dont think its wrong to compare their international reputation

  52. SG says:

    Timmy Howard is nasty! love how fired up he gets

  53. honduran-salvadoran-american says:

    Honduras FA confirms USA-Honduras friendly on Jan. 24 at the Home Depot Center

    link to

  54. patrick says:

    2 friendlies announced, or leaked today which is good. We’re going to need all the minutes we can get to work out the kinks and define some roles on this team. From what i read on the bbc, it seems like its as close to a done del as you can get. It’ll be interesting to see where they play the game. Northern Ireland it seems, is open to even playing it in england.

  55. AK48 says:

    For me, the point is that their on-field chemistry sucks. I don’t know if they don’t respect each others’ games, or just don’t like each others’ personalities. Either way, the team is suffering for it.

  56. madmax says:

    I’m hoping Sunil and Rongen are retiring.

  57. brunomarmos7 says:

    Amazing how nobody has said any word about Flamengo being Champion in Brazil, the best soccer country in thw World, by far…

  58. DingDong says:

    Really, the last thing the US needs, I would think, is to play more Concacaf teams in the US. That’s the one thing we do well.

  59. Chase says:

    Sure, but the Brazilian league is far from the best professional league in the world…

  60. Mig22 says:

    The save the Roma keeper made on 60 minutes was one of the greatest stops I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  61. phil says:

    Brazilian league is featuring very good players and its a very competitive league, unlike in Europe where its always the same teams that win the championship…

    I saw todays game in GolTv and Maracana stadium was packed, very nice.. showed the passion for Soccer that Brazilians have! Not the best game, but for a “final” was the expected!

  62. nick says:

    I’m looking at all these people talking about friendlies and I wonder what USSF is thinking. In 2002 our friendlies were against Italy, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Uruguay and the Netherlands. We also had our most successful World Cup ever. In 2006 we played Canada, Norway, Morocco, Latvia, Germany, and Venezuela. We need to play strong opponents and Honduras just isn’t cutting it. Can someone give me some perspective on Northern Ireland too? I’m just feeling that any non world cup team outside of the top 30 won’t do. We should just schedule Russia.

  63. Hadroncollider says:

    You are gesticulating prematurely. Arranging these games isn’t just a matter of calling up Russsia and saying “Can Guus come out and play”? If you read Ive’s post on the topic, our European players won’t be available in January, so this is primarily for all those other fringe guys and may be their last chance to impress. Given that after January there will be three months left until the rosters have to be submitted, even this glorified scrimmage is vital. Honduras is a WC team and by definition is one of the best 32 teams in the world.

  64. Hadroncollider says:


    So which one of Dempsey or Donovan should Bradley leave off the World Cup squad?