U.S. Soccer’s Best Video of 2009

USAFansCD9 (ISIphotos.com) 

Photo by ISIphotos.com

For U.S. Soccer fans, few nights have ever been as emotional as the night of Oct. 14, when the Americans tied Costa Rica in their final World Cup qualifier. The importance of the result wasn't just tied to finishing first in the CONCACAF qualifying group, but also to the ability to score a result and honor a fallen teammate who's absence left everyone with a heavy heart.

The U.S. team's valiant two-goal comeback that night was one of the most memorable scenes in recent memory, and made it easy for the behind-the-scenes video of that night to win Best ussoccer.com video of the year, as voted on by fans.

Whether you have seen it before, or in case you haven't, it is well worth watching again (and again). You can find the video at the end of this video clip:

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23 Responses to U.S. Soccer’s Best Video of 2009

  1. mwc says:

    Good video, but man, I had forgotten how woeful our finishing was in that game.

  2. The most comprehensive twitter guide to England on its road to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 | link to twitter.com

  3. Ed says:

    Are you gonna let me know when David Beckham gets a new haircut?

  4. Chris in Belfast says:

    Jose’s tackle… that was a spell of play from that young man. Sprinted all the way back to the corner to dispossess the Tico player, runs the ball back up to midfield lays it off to Bradley who makes the pass into the box that leads to the goal. Wow.

  5. Jacopo Belbo says:

    Please tell me i did not just see our national team deliriously celebrating like they just won $10M from Publishers Clearinghouse for managing to scrape out a draw …. with Costa Rica … at HOME!!!

    How about a little “Whew! We really avoided abject humiliation. Glad we played hard and salvaged the barest scrapings of respectability against a foe, at home, we should clearly dominate. We are thankful but certainly have nothing to celebrate like 16 year old schoolgirls.”

  6. Kevin_amold says:

    Buzzkill. IT was a very big deal. And if you’re surprised by the celebration after, it means you probably hadn’t seen it before. Which means you probably weren’t watching the game. Which means you’re probably not exactly the biggest US fan out there. Which makes your opinion of what we should and shouldn’t celebrate pretty much worthless, to me at least.

  7. DC Josh says:

    2009: the year my obsession of soccer rose to a new level. I check this blog at least 6 times a day, more on slow work days. I probably watch 4-6 matches each weekend on TV.

    I love the sport and I’ll never forget the US matches I saw live this year. Oh how I wish I could afford a trip to South Africa.

  8. Dave says:

    How about you should never type a post again.

    It was our last game of qualification, at home, after one of our star players was almost killed in a fatal car accident. And we came back from 2-0 down to salvage a draw and WIN our qualification group-in about as dramatic fashion possible-scoring a goal on the last play of the match. I wish I could punch you through this computer screen.


  9. I’m right there with you Josh. I liked soccer before. After this year I’m dangerously in love with it.

  10. El Michael says:

    You said it. Jose was unbelievable. I hope he has a big role 2010

  11. sarahsilky2006@yahoo.com says:

    Jacopo Belbo gets the award for dumbest post of the year. And being a 16 year old schoolgirl I am offended by your slur.

  12. Spectra says:

    2009 the year that brought me SBI and ATDHE

  13. Nutmegger says:

    Great video. You never get to hear how animated Bradley gets before games except in these All Access videos.

    And congrats again Ives on the blog award. You are in good company.


  14. Spectra says:

    I haven’t seen it covered much but wow what an epic fallout from Costa Rica. They looked like they would win the group back in the summer. then just started losing left and right. Then in the last match they go up 2-0 and look to qualify anyways. Then bornstein and then Uruguay. I think it might suck more to be a Costa Rican than Irish.

  15. And a dangerous addiction to worldsoccershop.com

  16. Brian says:

    Jose was clutch. I hope he feels appreciated. Sometimes I wonder if he feels like he isn’t, due to all the missed friendlies and such.

  17. DJ Barnett says:

    I watched that whole match live and was on the edge of my seat and tears just thinking about Charlie. After watching that video; the roar of the crowd, the 9th minute tribute, the goals, near misses and the whole spectacle of the game gave me shills even to this day. LOVED the heart and passion shown by our guys. Can’t wait for SA2010. It will be memorable.

    Afterthought: I have always been a huge Bob Bradley fan and after seeing the behind the scenes footage from this game I am even more of huge Bob Bradley fan. Whatver faults he has as a coach pail in comparision to the way he motivates and gets this team to play for him. At times it has not all been pretty or effective, I think he would be the first to admit that, but they love him and play all out for him and for right now that’s all I need!!!!

  18. Aristophanes says:

    Why is everything dangerous, haha?

    But I agree. I was at that game – my first pro-level soccer match – and fell in love immediately. I’ve been to a lot of big games at Fenway, the Garden, Dodgers Stadium, and nothing compared to the excitement and intensity of the fans at RFK.

    2009 also revealed to me an absolute wonder of a video game: PES 2010 for the Wii.

  19. Mine was US-Honduras at Soldier Field. I’ve been to Wrigley, United Center in the Jordan Era, a Super Bowl, and nothing felt quite like the atmosphere at a major soccer match. Can’t describe it accurately. Has to be experienced.

  20. art says:

    Bittersweet for me, it was a great moment for sure but it was also the game that saw Onyewu get hurt for no reason. I still think Bradley should have sat a few guys in that game, the US was already through.

  21. BAJ says:

    You don’t sit key players in that match for fear of injury. There is pride in every match, and more pride in winning the group and even more pride in keeping mexico from winning the group. How do you think that would effect a player like gooch to be benched in a match like that? Him and everyone else would be screaming a big WTF at Bradley

  22. Brad says:

    Watching a match from an intimate angle like the one in the video, and with the only sounds the sounds of the game, is so enjoyable. TV doesn’t do the beautiful game justice sometimes.

  23. ThaDeuce says: