USA to face Netherlands on March 3 in Amsterdam

It took several months to finally become official, but the long-rumored USA friendly vs. the Netherlands in Amsterdam has been formally announced by U.S. Soccer.

The Americans will face the Dutch at Amsterdam ArenA on March 3 (2:30pm, ESPN2/Galavision). The Netherlands, currently No. 3 in the World, is the second World Cup participant the United States has secured a friendly with for 2010, with Honduras being the other (and with a rumored Mexico friendly in the works as well).

The match is being played on a FIFA international fixture date, meaning all players will be available for the match. It should be the last chance U.S. coach Bob Bradley has to see his full squad in action before selecting his 23-man World Cup roster.

What do you think of this news? Excited to see the U.S. team face the Dutch? Thinking of making the trip?

Share your thoughts below.

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65 Responses to USA to face Netherlands on March 3 in Amsterdam

  1. smorebs says:

    I think I want to book my tickets now.

  2. Andy in Chicago says:

    Happy to see us test ourselves against a true world power team. We’ll probably lose but I will have fun watching this one.

  3. shingo says:

    Another interesting friendly for the US. I wonder what kind of line-up we will see from each team.

  4. Matt says:

    I am so stoked. This will be an even bigger test than Spain in my opinion. We will be going into the Netherlands to face one of the best teams in the world. Hostile environment + less motivation(only a friendly) will make this a tough game for the U.S. I think a draw here would do wonders for team morale and be a big boost heading into SA 2010. I’m glad we are actually challenging ourselves, rather than booking CONCACAF cupcakes (Barbados, etc.) I’m stoked to watch tho. USA!!!

  5. Mike says:

    Jermaine Jones time????

  6. agnigrin says:

    f he ever can get healthy again :(

  7. Supsam says:

    Get well Jones!! This will be your last shot to impress (assuming Bradley doesnt select players he has never seen once in training)

  8. Erik says:

    As a Dutch and American citizen I cannot think of a more exciting friendly than this one!! I’m sure Holland will field their strongest team and hope Bradley will do the same!

  9. nick says:

    So let’s say everyone is at full strength with the exception of Chuck Deezy. What lineup do you think we go with?
    I’m hoping for this one

    LD Jones Bradley Holden/Torres
    Boca Demerit Gooch Cherundolo/Spector
    Timmy H

    It would just depend on who’s in form at that point for the RB and RM positions. I would say that if you went with Holden that Dolo would be good to have, but if you have Torres then you want size with Spector.
    Subs: Guzan, Castillo, Feilhaber, Clark, Edu, Beasley, and Hahnemann.

  10. M says:

    Did I miss something? What was the point of the Donovan press conference if it was just a new contract. That’s not really a “Major Player Announcement”.

  11. Saul says:

    Great to hear about this fixture, should be interesting.

    Nick, I don’t mind that lineup, at all.

    If Gooch is still out…slide Spector into the center back spot with Demerit? (To be honest, I’d prefer to have Spector play over Gooch, so that we have someone that can play out of the back at center-back). I’d like to see Holden play right side of mid, and use Torres to come on to slow the game down and keep some possession, if needed…

    Also, I’d prefer to see Benny play with Jones (but we all know that Jr. will never see the touchline while BB is at the helm).

  12. METROrevolutionF*CK DC says:

    this’ll be a great game

  13. Sammy Gupta says:

    While I like the US lining up high-profile and strong teams who present more of a challenge than other nations (think Tunisia/Morocco etc.) I don’t know about how playing the dutch will help with our world cup preparations. Sure we will get a chance to gauge our talent against a world power, but is playing against the 4-3-3 style of the dutch going to help us prepare for England, Slovenia, and Algeria?

    What I’m trying to say is that I would much rather see us schedule quality teams with styles similar to those in our group, to better help us prepare for those tactics and evaluate our talent relative to those challenges we will see in June. Maybe that’s what we’ll see with some late-May friendlies?

  14. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    My two favorite National clubs. “Total football” vs the “Stars and Bars”…too bad its a Wednesday.

    It’ll be Boca in the middle until Gooch is back. Spector was not good enough against Denmark, how do you expect him to pair up with DeMerrit? Spector and Gooch together, maybe. but not Spector and Demerrit.

  15. madmax says:


  16. Roscoe P. Soultrain says:

    Stars and Stripes. Stars and Bars was the Confederacy.

  17. Aaron in StL says:

    Agreed with this Wednesday afternoon business. When will they figure out ‘Mericans have jobs and watching these games is difficult at these hours.

    I am, however, greatful that I can plan to take off a Friday and maybe a half day Wednesday in June for the WC. Always good to plan ahead.

  18. Voice of Reason says:

    Here’s the lineup I would like to see:













    Obviously there is no Davies, Gooch, Jones, Edu, etc. because they aren’t in form or healthy. Give Castillo and Cunningham/Findley (whoever is called up) the ENTIRE 2nd half to evaluate the roster. Look good Ives?

  19. Voice of Reason says:

    Record it then. Its being played overseas.

  20. jim says:

    if Beasley is truly back, that is a dangerous lineup. if gooch and jones were in there for torres and who ever in the back, that sounds good to me.

  21. DingDong says:

    What styles do Algeria and Slovenia play?

  22. DingDong says:

    There’s no limit on subs in friendlies, right, even if FIFA-sanctioned?

  23. srfinger says:

    18 man final roster. Teams agree to the number of subs.

  24. A.S. says:

    I just hope we don’t get killed by the Dutch – which is very possible. Last World Cup, we played Germany in this fixture date, and the Germans destroyed us. And we were never the same again.

  25. patrick says:

    aaron, the netherlands is 5 or 6 hours ahead and it’s a FIFA international date, when would you like them to play, 2am local time? Get a grip my man

  26. Connor Walsh says:

    Is there not going to be a send off series like in 2006? We sure could use some extra games, the more the better.

  27. DC Josh says:

    hopefully two full world cup squads.

  28. DC Josh says:

    galaxy being galaxy

  29. DC Josh says:

    Slovenia plays very organized and maintains their shape defensively. They epitomize “teamwork”. They won’t be easy to break down, but we should win.

    I say this from seeing only one leg against Russia. If we match their heart we’ll win.

  30. DC Josh says:

    I would love to go see this match, but I have a cruise and a trip to the motherland (UK) planned all ready next year, plus hopefully 2-3 weeks off for the group/knockout world cup games.

  31. vivalosburros says:

    I am excited for the game and I am in the Netherlands so I will definitely be going, but I was also at the last Holland USA game in the Netherlands and it was pretty boring stuff. Not necessarily saying it will be that way this time, but I do not think it will be anything on the level of the Confederations Cup

  32. Joamiq says:

    Jermaine Jones PLEASE

  33. DC Josh says:

    what’s the dutch reaction to this friendly?

  34. DC Josh says:

    Soooooo, tickets on Kayak start at $1,100.

    My couch sounds better.

  35. DC Josh says:!!

  36. Reid says:

    thats dedication my friend.

    I don’t think my bottom line or my boss would ever go for 2-3 weeks off for the world cup

  37. Big Chil says:

    It’s a little early to speculate on lineups, but I would suspect that any speedy striker (Findley, Cunningham, Tracy) who emerges during the January camp and friendly will be slotted up top, and we’ll stay with the Confederations Cup 4 4 2 core, minus Gooch, whom I wouldn’t expect to be ready.

    So, 3 positions, really, to be filled — left back, one center back, striker.

    This may also be Jermaine Jones’ only chance to get a call up, so hopefully it’ll happen since he only has to travel a few hundred miles.

  38. chris says:

    do u think US Soccer will sell tickets from their site and how much will they be? i’ll be over in London for the weekends before/after the game and want to fly over…

  39. Big Chil says:

    That’s not to say that players such as an in-form Beasley, Torres, Edu, Jones, Castillo, etc. won’t get tossed into the mix if they’re there.

    This is probably more of a World Cup tuneup than anything else, since the remaining core of the MNT lineup won’t have played together since October.

  40. IMSYE87 says:

    very excited!!! lets gooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  41. Rastafari --SBI Herbsman says:

    Whatever effort it took to get this lined up should be repeated as many times as possible over the next decade

  42. Big Chil says:

    I don’t see Bradley moving Dempsey up to striker, since Dempsey will not be available in January to try it out.

    Therefore, the January camp is, in major part a search for a new striking partner for Jozy.

  43. john says:

    tailgating at a “coffee” shop!

  44. bottlcaps says:

    Very Important game for the US. Bob Bradley will (hopefully) has his starting 11 down, or close to it. More importantly it is not the time to experiment, with 90 days left til the WC, the US team will need this time to solidify as a team and, with a few exceptions, not look to integrate new players.

    The Dutch match will also be important as a win would set a positive vibe for the US up to it’s opening WC match. A loss will not set back the US effort terribly, but a blowout would. At that late juncture it would be incredibly difficult for the US “to go back to the drawing board”, but a close loss would allow Bradley to make the tweaks necessary for the team to optimize in time for the WC. It will also be a warning shot to see if the US is prepared. Players who perform poorly, especially those on the fringe, can see there hope of a WC spot go up in smoke.

    The biggest “if” in this match will be the fitness and preparedness of the MLS/domestic based players. Those players will have played their last competitive match over 5 months previously can only look to some pre-world cup friendlies and some pre-season matches with their domestic clubs, hardly good preparation for one of the world’s best teams.

  45. fischy says:

    It’s not? They sign the best American player in MLS to a new 4-year deal, and you don’t think it’s a major announcement? You think a two-month loan would be a bigger deal?

  46. fischy says:

    A logistical question: Is that really the last time to see the full squad in action before announcing the roster? There will surely be a friendly or two after they assemble a training camp. I’m guessing that Bradley will invite more than 23 players for training camp, no? Especially given the health and fitness questions the USA will be dealing with. Wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t still a tryout or two at that time…

  47. OLE! says:

    Mushrooms, Buds, Titties, and USA Soccer… Can I get a oh yeah?! OH YEAH BABY!

  48. Erik says:

    I’m sure you can find a better deal than that. that is way to high. Plus the dutch federation is cracking down hard on black market trade so I would go through the official channels first.

  49. forest says:

    Uh yaaay I think

  50. Erik says:

    Just went to the KNVB website. Most expensive tickets listed there are 55 Euros. Tickets will go on sale Jan 9th 2010. Here’s a link for english instruction on how to order.
    link to

    Wish I could go but unfortunately I planned a trip back to holland for April. ARGH!!!

  51. K1p says:

    Uhm, I think DC Josh was talking about airline tickets.

  52. Erik says:

    ha! that’s why it was so high! my bad. But even for a flight thats high. Any way hope the info I posted about tickets price will be help poeple that are looking for tickets

  53. Big Chil says:

    The Dutch match won’t be the last one, no. Most likely Mexico or another regional opponent during the final pre-WC camp, but Mexico, since they’ve also qualified.

  54. Brian says:

    Can we somehow put Jermaine Jones in a hyperbaric chamber so that he’ll be healthy for this one?

  55. AdamTheRed says:

    Sounds like we will be stopping in Tunisia on the way to SA.

    Also if we play Tunisia on the 26th that means the WC Send off may be shorter this time around. No tears shed here!

  56. NC Jeff says:

    With Gooch, Davies, Edu, Jones, etc. all possibly returning to full health, and throw in guys like Beasley possibly returning to top form, and the US squad will certainly improve over the next 6 months. How best to measure that progress half-way between now and then: They’ll take on the world’s #3 at their place. Excellent – especially when you figure the Dutch probably had plenty of others asking for a game. In prepping the team for the WC, I say Bradley and his staff are doing an excellent job.

  57. ggregg says:

    I love watching the Dutch team play. Win or lose this will be an entertaining match for me.

  58. HoneyHell says:

    Nick I hole hartedly agree with your line-up based on what we’ve seen/know at the moment. However if Gooch isn’t back at this time I’d expect to see Boca paired with DeMerit and either Castillo (my choice) or Bornstein out on the Left Defense. Additionally if Beasley continues to play the way he has the last couple days (big IF) wouldn’t be supprised to see him get the Start at R/L Mid-Wing (opposite LD) with Holden as the backup (although I think Holden is better defensivly than Beasley). Otherwise I agree 100%.

  59. Mick James says:

    I think it will be a major eye opening event that will truly show exactly how ready we really are for the WC.

    This is not the first time we’ve played the Dutch just before the WC.

    I see no value in playing Honduras or Mexico again. We know them, know their style and it will not help us prepare for Euro teams. Maybe that’s the best we could get? Maybe we’re not an attractive opponent for higher profile teams? Why don’t we ever play France?

  60. Jamie Z. says:

    Yeah, another Civil War would wreak some havoc on our squad. But I call Jones for the North!

    “John Brown’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave, His soul’s marching on!”

  61. Tickets go on sale on 9 Jan, see you there…Go Red, White and Blue!

  62. If Jones isn’t give an audition by this match, he isn’t playing for the RW&B. As much as I wanted to see this happen-then the injury-the memories of David Regis haunt me(us)===chemistry?

  63. r.benjamin says:

    I agree with this completely. Hopefully there is time and opportunity to schedule one or two more in addition to this.

    I’ve heard commentators say that Slovenia is (as DC Josh says) super organized and very difficult to breakdown. They play in a lot of 1-0 games. Algeria has been compared to Egypt.

    Likewise it is good to schedule games against familiar opponents of teams in your group. If you noticed England and Mexico scheduled a friendly. Undoubtedly England will review that match against our many to exam exposures and matchups.

  64. HoneyHell says:

    Kaiser…haven’t heard much on Jones beyond the notice that he was back training with his club, but I agree if he can’t get into camp and on the pitch for this match he may well need to be left off the squad. This would be a huge blow for me, as I was hoping that he’d give us a bit more experiance and grit in the central defensive mid position. That being said I’ve also got me fingers crossed for Gooch & Edu getting some PT as well. I’m glad to see Beasely making a run…but if he doesn’t contine making an impact I’m fine with him being left off. Biggest concerns right now as I see it are the Striker partnership(s), and Gooch getting healthy and PT before the cup.

  65. der_amerikanische_kaiser says:

    HH – About 2-3 days agp, the Shalke04 website had an update on Jones and he said his biggest goal in life is to play for this summer in the World Cup.