USA World Cup ticket allotment now up for sale

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If you haven't already scored some tickets to U.S. national team matches at the 2010 World Cup, the time is fast approaching to do just that.

U.S. Soccer announced on Monday that the USA's allotment of tickets is now for sale to the general U.S. public.

All U.S. citizens and residents can apply for tickets from U.S. Soccer's allotment submitting pre-application data by Jan. 11. You can submit your information here.

Members of U.S. Soccer's Supporters Club who applied by Dec. 3 will have priority when applying for tickets to the three U.S. group matches at the World Cup.

Have you already secured tickets? Are you making plans to go to South Africa? Still debating whether to make the trip?

Share your thoughts below.

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8 Responses to USA World Cup ticket allotment now up for sale

  1. Steve says:

    Nice, good luck to all applying. Already got my TST-4 Class 1 tix, booked the travel package, and just got my flight yesterday. Going to be amazing.

  2. crazy steve says:

    put down my deposit for ao but the prices have just sky rocketed on everything. I might have to back out now. Sucks.

  3. darko don says:

    oh man, is this news? no it seems like random speculation to me… or is it just half of a rumor and half a news story?

    (SBI-It’s speculation, but not “random” speculation seeing as how it’s tied in to the fact that he was released from his loan with Belenenses and has an uncertain club future right now.)

  4. Little Meow says:

    If the USSF is opening up sales to the general public does this mean that they anticipate all of USSC (priority) applications will be successful?

    I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes down to all of this…I’m a part of an impending USSC application as a guest, and am a little uneasy not knowing what our/my chances are of having a successful application (especially since I already bought my airfare)

  5. Scott says:

    Yes it should mean this. However (with my experiences this year so far and my experience 4 years ago) USSF has no clue when it comes to dealing with ticket allocations.

  6. Andrew says:

    Damn, definitely forgot to do priority registration because of finals. My bad.

  7. Cabrito says:

    I’ve talked myself out of going. $6,000 to spend a couple weeks in Johannesburg in the winter, and possibly get robbed again when I get there??? No thanks.

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