2010 MLS Draft Commentary

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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The draft is just 15 minutes away and Don Garber is addressing the crowd.

Sorry about the late start, but some technical difficulties have forced a computer change. Excitement is building as the draft nears.

I'll be providing commentary below. Feel free to share your thoughts on during and after the draft in the comments section. Enjoy the draft.


6:2pm- Defender Kris Banghart is the 2010 Mr. Irrelevant, going to RSL. That concludes the 2010 Draft — thanks for reading, and be sure to check out tomorrow's MLS Draft content.


6:28pm- Real Salt Lake is up, and hold the draft's last pick. The four hour marathon is almost over.


6:27pm- The Crew take Shaun Francis from Lindsey Wilson.


6:25pm- Columbus has piled up three fourth round picks at the tail end. It's them and Real Salt Lake, and we're finished here.


6:24pm- Yanez scored the long shot from the combine. Dynamo take Euan Holden, Stuart Holden's brother (who will probably sign in Europe).


6:20pm- If posts suddenly turn to gibberish, it's because my eyes can barely see the screen. Columbus take two — Kwaku Nyamekye from Harvard and Othaniel Yanez out of Louisville. Three more!


6:20pm- Jamel Wallace is picked up by Seattle. Five more to go.


6:19pm- The draft lasted long enough they've shown a Clint Dempsey highlight video twice. Yes, there are a couple of fans left. Just barely.


6:18pm- Midfielder Chris Ross gets nabbed by Chivas. Be honest — anyone left?


6:16pm- New England goes with Adam Welch from Lehigh University. Seven picks left.


6:15pm- Chris Cutshaw is Colorado's pick with the 56th selection.


6:12pm- Jordan Graye, a defender from North Carolina becomes D.C. United's only pick of the day.


6:10pm- FC Dallas select Dane Saintus from SMU. Anyone shocked? Hyndman loves his SMU players.


6:08pm- Toronto grabs Nane Joseph from ODU with 53.


6:05pm- Ofori Sarkodie, a defender from Indiana goes to Kansas City with the 52nd pick.


6:01pm- Chicago Fire take Johnson. Still here, and thankful to the Fire for his chance. A good pick this late, as he'll have that GA contract and a few years to develop behind Jon Busch.


5:58pm- Red Bulls last pick of the day: Irving Garcia, midfielder from UC-Irvine.


5:54pm- What's Nowak's last move of the day? They go with Brian Perk from UCLA. For those keeping score that's three UCLA players heading to Philly today. Perk mentions that "it took awhile" but he finally got picked up.


5:52pm- Who might be a fourth round steal? Hard to know at this point, but Johnson's GA contract means that he'll likely go. Union are now up — time to finish off the team's first draft.


5:50pm- Into the fourth round we go. As I've said before, Johnson and Perk are still out there. Anyone going to pick up the two keepers?


5:48pm- Kentucky defender Jason Griffiths goes to New England in the last pick in the third round. Hopefully, timeouts at this point are outlawed. One round left.


5:46pm- Alecko Eskandarian's Twitter: "Breaking news! I haven't been traded today!" Not yet, anyways. Who knows what Arena has up his sleeves.


5:45pm- Chivas gets Ben Zemanski, a midfielder from Akron. One pick left in the third round.


5:42pm- Boston University's Samuel Appiah is Houston's second pick of the day. If anyone is still here let me know in the comments section.


5:39pm- Steven Kinney, a defender from Elon goes to Chicago at 45.


5:38pm- D.C. United is the only team who hasn't picked yet. Ben Olsen looks like he wishes he was still a player.


5:37pm- Eric Alexander from Indiana goes to FC Dallas. For those who have seen the highlights, he's one of the combine goal scorers.


5:35pm- Toward the end of the third round and no goalies have gone — a reflection of a rather weak draft class. Sean Johnson and Brian Perk remain available.


5:33pm- Houston goes with David Walker from UCSB. FC Dallas on the clock.


5:29pm- They go with Isaac Kissi from the University of Dayton. Houston Dynamo is on the clock for their first pick of the day.


5:25pm- Chivas is taking a five minute timeout.


5:23pm- Midfielder Mauro Fuzetti from Michigan gets picked up by Kansas City.


5:20pm- Chad Borak from the Cal State Northridge. No response from the crowd.


5:15pm- Another Los Angeles and Real Salt Lake trade. LA gave up their third round pick to RSL in exchange for another pick from 2011 and Chris Schuler went to RSL.


5:11pm- Jason Yeisley from FC Dallas is the pick. Not in attendance.


5:09pm- FC Dallas is next on the clock. Union supporters are lingering, but the fans have mostly filtered out already.


5:07pm- Combine goalscorer Andrew Hoxie (who is in attendance) gets picked up by the Earthquakes in the third round.


5:04pm- Wizards are up next. They go with defender Nick Cardenas from San Diego St. Sean Johnson is still in the building.


5:02pm- Chivas USA takes University of Maryland defender Kevin Tangney.


4:58pm- New York select Conor Chin from the University of San Francisco.


4:55pm- Philadelphia add Kyle Nakazawa with the first pick of the third round. Their solid draft continues.


4:53pm- United fans have already left back to D.C. without getting to see a United selection thanks to the trade that brought Troy Perkins back to D.C.


4:48pm- Justin Davis of New Mexico is Real Salt Lake's second round selection. That's the last pick of the round — five minute break between rounds.


4:48pm- Best draft at this point has to be Philadelphia. Of course, that's a bit easier to pull off with three first rounders and the first pick of the second round.


4:45pm- Zak Boggs from South Florida is the Revolution's pick. After it was the school was announced, everyone assumed Sean Johnson.


4:41pm- San Jose selects midfielder Steve Beitashour, first non-combine player to go in the draft.


4:39pm- Chicago goes with Drew Yates from Maryland. Sean Johnson is the last Generation adidas player still on the board.


4:35pm- Justin Morrow from Notre Dame goes next to the San Jose Earthquakes.  Morrow joins his old college teammate Michael Thomas in San Jose.


4:30pm- It's a lot quieter here in the Convention Center. Fans are still around, but as the draft heads into the second round, not much noise. Seattle goes with Mike Seamon from Villanova — a local kid.


4:27pm- Kwame Watson-Siriboe goes to Chicago with the 26th pick.


4:20pm- Chicago takes a five minute timeout.


4:17pm- My predictions go out the window once again. Defender Seth Sinovic goes to the Revolution. Fire are now on the clock.


4:15pm- New England picks next. No one has picked a goalie yet, perhaps with the loss of Knighton and Reis' injury we'll see the Revolution take one.


4:14pm- Toronto FC take Zach Herold from the U-17 US team.


4:13pm- Nope. It's midfielder Ross LaBauex from UVA.


4:09pm- Colorado with a second pick coming shortly. Defensive help perhaps?


4:06pm- Rapids go with Andre Akpan from Harvard.


4:04pm- Colorado picks back-to-back for their first picks of the day.


4:03pm- They settle for Wiedeman.


4:00pm- FC Dallas is on the clock. Might they go with a forward? Akpan and Wiedeman are still up.


3:56pm- Kansas City goes with Korede Aiyegbusi from North Carolina St.


3:51pm- Michael Thomas of Notre Dame goes to San Jose. Thomas scored that free kick at the combine.


3:49pm- San Jose is on the clock. Hopefully the second round picks up a bit more. Andrew Wiedeman and Andre Akpan are two big names available. Sean Johnson and Brian Perk, both keepers are also available.


3:47pm- New York go with Tim Ream from St. Louis with the 18th pick.


3:45pm- Philly has had quite a draft. Stahl is a more unusual story. He's 24, a bit older than most (or all) rookies and could contribute immediately, adding bit to Philly's midfield.


3:40pm- Union select Toni Stahl from the University of Connecticut. It's a great pick — his international status likely pulled him into the second round. He says a few words in Finnish that sound quite strange.


3:40pm- Philadelphia is on the clock for the second round.


3:37pm- A five minute break between rounds is underway.


3:31pm- A trade has gone down. LA have traded their 15th overall pick and third round pick in the 2011 draft to Real Salt Lake for Clint Mathis. From the resulting picks, Real selects Colin Warner. LA select Michael Stevens from UCLA.


3:25pm- The Galaxy use their timeout.


3:23pm- Just Los Angeles and Real Salt Lake left in the first round. Toni Stahl is still out there, as is Andre Akpan. Stahl's international status likely made him slip.


3:21pm- Wake Forest with four picks in the first round this far. Clearly the premier pro-producing university of late.


3:20pm- Red Bulls keep the pick, go with Austin da Luz. Decent pick, projected as a late first rounder.


3:18pm- What's going to happen with the 14th pick? Hard to say at this point. Red Bulls may be looking to deal.


3:16pm- Spotted on the floor: Samuel Dalembert. He's really tall.


3:15pm- Red Bulls use their timeout.


3:11pm- New York is now on the clock. Bone is off the table, and will certainly be out for revenge once the season starts against those teams who passed on him.


3:09pm- Chicago goes with Corben Bone. His slight drop ends as he'll play for the Fire (unless they look to deal him).


3:05pm- After all that Bright Dike becomes a first round pick. He's not in attendance today. Where's Bone going to end up? Chicago might very well take him or entertain deals for their pick. If he drops one more spot, New York would get a shot at him.


3:03pm- With Bone still on the table, Columbus is likely trying to work out a deal with a club who wants to jump up to snag the Wake Forest midfielder.


3:00pm- The Columbus Crew have used their timeout. Five extra minutes. Trade talk afoot?


2:57pm- Five picks left in the first round, Columbus is on the clock. Bone is consensus pick for best player available, but Columbus already has picked a midfielder today.


2:56pm- The Sounders go with David Estrada, who isn't here today. Surprise pick of the day? Has to be, with players like Corben Bone and Andre Akpan still available.


2:55pm- Seattle is up next. According to the Red Bull fans, they're just a suburb of Canada.


2:50pm- Chivas USA up next and get Blair Gaven from Akron.


2:48pm- Zach Schilawski goes to Revolution, then forgets who picks him by thanking the Columbus Crew. Oops.


2:44pm- New England with the next pick. Who's coming off the board to the Revolution?


2:43pm- Red Bull fans do their best to make it clear they don't like this pick.


2:40pm- Dilly Duka goes to Columbus with the eighth pick.


2:40pm- Philadelphia has landed three talented (but very young) players. It might take them awhile to contribute regularly, but they all have tremendous potential.


2:38pm- Columbus is next on the clock. Will McInerney succeed as a pro?


2:36pm- It's neither. Jack McInerney goes to Philadelphia. Union stocking young talent.


2:32pm- Philly with one more pick. Is Corben Bone on his way too? Or will Duka join the Union?


2:29pm- Philadelphia with their second pick in the first round go with Amobi Okugo out of UCLA. A young talent who will help the Union in the their first year.


2:27pm- Supporters are keeping things lively between picks. Dallas goes with Zach Loyd from UNC. Union are back on the clock.


2:24pm- Who is going to Dallas?


2:20pm- Kansas City goes with Forward Teal Bunbury from Akron. 


2:15pm- And Opara is heading out West to San Jose.


2:10pm- Tony Tchani goes to the Red Bulls at number two.


2:05pm- Mwanga with a nice acceptance speech. Today is the best day of his life, and he thanks his family, Union fans and Coach Nowak for the opportunity.


2:05pm- First pick from the Union is Danny Mwanga as expected. Union already have a cheer for him, so that's good. Red Bulls are up next.


2:00pm- Union are now on the clock — for real. Adjusting to a new computer, again for the funky fonts.


1:56pm- Getting loud in the ballroom as the Sons of Ben dominate the supporters' cheers.


1:54pm- The Union are now on the clock.


1:52pm- Don Garber is wrapping up his speech. Forgive the lateness of the post.

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  1. Freddy A. says:


  2. NYRBS says:

    And with the first pick of the 2010 MLS Draft the Union…… Pass

  3. Gb says:

    Why start the clock before ESPN2 is on the air?

  4. hendrix says:

    anyone got a stream for this?

  5. bryan says:

    any streams up?!

  6. tbeck says:

    dear redbulls,

    please don’t completely screw this up!


  7. Red Bulls says:

    Whoops, too late

  8. DC Josh says:


    supporters sound like they are going at it. Sons of Ben sound good, got some good chants.

  9. DC Josh says:

    haha, bet espn360 didn’t expect to have to edit out the wipeout chant. excellent!

  10. bryan says:

    dammmmit, i cant use 360 here and justin TV is failing. anyone have another stream?

  11. Rory says:

    How Odd is it that the Sons Of Ben are now regular supporters? I tip my hat to all their hard work.

  12. DC Josh says:

    I remember meeting Sons of Ben two years ago when they visited RFK. Can’t wait to meet them for the first game in Philly.

  13. Rory says:

    How funny is it that the draft lets coaches/gm’s have time-outs when there is no such thing in our game.

  14. Rory says:

    And kick their teeth in!

    Just kidding.

  15. ELAC says:

    C’mon Goats! Tony Stahl or top defensive mid available.

  16. Rory says:

    What was the chant?

  17. Fred says:

    Is Mwanga eligible / interested in playing for US?

  18. RAW says:

    Hahaha I heard that too.

  19. DC Josh says:

    The wipeout chant.

    *team name* aint nothing to f— with. to the tune of Wipeout.

  20. kpugs says:

    Holy crap! Did RBNY just make–dare I say it–a smart move?

  21. DC Josh says:

    How does this look on TV? The 360 feed has one camera on the podium, and no commentation, not that I miss Lalas or Stone babbling.

  22. Adrian says:

    Not surprising

  23. Rory says:

    All I made out was “Union” I think. Good thing my students didn’t hear that. (Yeah, I’m making them watch it).

  24. Adrian says:

    so we’re looking at

    tony tchani + thierry henry + juan pablo angel

    did RBNY just become a title contender?

  25. DC Josh says:

    Poor Opara… at least he has beautiful scenery.

  26. Rory says:

    Basically we get that floating camera technique on Lalas and Stone babbling. You know how it looks like it waves in and out of zoom? It sucks, but we see some highlights every now and then.

  27. DC Josh says:

    Did I just see a highlight reel featuring a play where he whiffs on a shot? ESPN -1.

  28. Union says:

    Wear an sbi shirt and I won’t throw batteries at you;)

  29. Marco says:

    If you’re that bored, look up Subbuteo (a cool table soccer game that has an American players association and regional tournaments). Just google American Subbuteo Association

  30. Seattle Oranje says:

    Can’t Opara finish is degree on-line? I mean sheesh this is the digital age. U can’t miss a 1/4 of the season.

  31. RAW says:

    God I wish I had a teacher like you hahaha

  32. Haig says:

    Did PU fans really steal “Wipeout” from the ESC?


  33. Rory says:

    Nice that the Commish noted Banbury’s father’s time in MLS from the podium.

  34. Seattle Oranje says:

    Really, Poor Teal he doesn’t even get scenery…

  35. Texar says:

    nice ives, you are 4 of 4 in your predictions

  36. Rory says:

    Just like the Seattle fans stole it from pretty much all of the EPL who sing it to Man United

    link to bigmachine47.multiply.com

  37. Rory says:

    Hahahaha ESPN pimps it’s ESPN Dallas page after FCD’s pick, and of course the graphic shows players from every sport in Dallas except soccer.

  38. Rory says:

    Yes, because Defense is totally not needed in this league. Keepers aren’t that useful either.

  39. RLW2020 says:

    nobody knows

  40. aga says:

    now 5 for 5. props to ives

  41. Seattle Oranje says:

    Who is the Union’s GK now?

  42. Dom says:

    Amobi Okugo was listed as a GK by ESPN2 when he was picked.

  43. Haig says:

    “Just like the Seattle fans stole it from pretty much all of the EPL who sing it to Man United”

    “Wipeout”/Wu-Tang is an ESC original. Started up in the Villegas era. It ain’t for sale, or rent.

    Filthadelphia fans should stick to “Four Leaf Clover.”

  44. jig says:

    harkes also called him “okuku”. this is his job, right?

  45. Adrian says:

    hm, didn’t expect that

  46. Seattle Oranje says:

    Philly with a developmental pick with #7.

  47. Rory says:

    Jacm Mc going early!

  48. Seattle Oranje says:

    Philly should have picked up Morrow.

  49. C-note says:

    Piotor Nowak on the scene

  50. Adrian says:

    wonder if philly is expecting a big european team coming after jack

  51. Gary says:

    As a union fan: FAIL. As a usmnt fan: glad he’s in Philly with nowak.

  52. Rory says:

    My bad, I didn’t realize it was a ghetto version of the ghetto Wu-Tang version of the song.

    Carry on then.

    And when you sing it you guys really are ACES.

  53. JohnC says:

    Philly has to go down as making the three youngest picks in the first round ever. 18, 18 and 17. Some of these guys might be out of the league in europe before being able to drink. I am excited that Jack and Okugo get to play together with the U20 team.

  54. Brian says:

    Alexi hating on Jacky Mac and Freddy.

  55. Rory says:

    That’s an excellent point. Although I was hoping he’d land on a team with superliga or Concacaf CL games so he’d get some extra playing time.

  56. Brian says:

    or you could just flip on ESPN2

  57. Seattle Oranje says:

    Philly could’ve parlayed those picks into some more physically imposing or older experienced players, could this backfire on them?

  58. Seattle Oranje says:

    New England pick baffles?

  59. Rory says:

    And we should trust his opinion because he did soooooo well in LA’s front office… and NY’s before that.

  60. Rory says:

    A LOT of talent slipped to their spot… got a tough choice to make now.

  61. Rory says:

    Or they could trade those players next year or maybe mid-season.

  62. Seattle Oranje says:

    Looks like Philly will be leaking goals this year. Maybe Califf comes in has a world beating CB but I doubt it.

  63. Brian says:

    I hear ya

  64. otergod says:

    seitz and knighton

  65. Josh D says:

    No reason youth can’t play their first year. I think Philly are taking the gamble of getting them prepped for a mid/late season surge by slowly introducing them throughout the first season.

    Beauty of being a new team means there are no expectations to win silverware off the bat. Seattle kind of screwed with this, but Philly have time to mess with youth.

    I think we will see all three gaining large amounts of time come August.

  66. Brian says:

    ESPN spells Jesse Marsch’s name wrong. What’s up with the question marks? Is he considering retirement?

  67. Seattle Oranje says:

    Doubt with Jacky Mac..

  68. gigi says:

    Don Garber is such a pickle smoocher for not letting duka sign with the team who trained him. What the hell is the point of having acadamies? that would be like the usa training nazis during world war 2.

  69. Seattle Oranje says:

    My boys on the clock, need a winger or RB here maybe a CAM.

  70. 50fg20-jdj says:

    who’s better adrian serioux or zach loyd?

  71. Rory says:


  72. Adrian says:

    Out of nowhere with that pick.

  73. Seattle Oranje says:

    Me want Hoxie in the 2nd rd. Was looking at Estrada, Sigi stays with the Bruins.

  74. Matt in Detroit says:

    Well, I guess Corban Bone gets the “who dropped the fastest prize” of this draft.

    I’m not sure if he is a winger or playmaker but he could be special.

  75. Seattle Oranje says:

    Dam, this guy was too small for me. Sigi blowin in the wind.

  76. Adrian says:


    duka joined the academy very late, and was not with the academy long enough to be allowed a direct signing

  77. TJPierce says:

    pickle smoocher had me cracking up!

  78. Seattle Oranje says:

    Hate when my team throws out a brain fart. Sigi is known for these like Jaqua on the wing BS.

  79. kmaxhokie says:

    Why hasnt Bone been picked yet, he was a top 5 pick a week ago.

  80. jig says:

    yeah dude, gotta get those CAMs, whatever they are.

  81. Rory says:

    Worst/Favorite Post EVER!

    You included the phrase “pickle smoocher” and made the most baffling Nazi reference I’ve ever read! I applaud you.

    In 9 years when you reach 21 I’m taking you out for a beer.

  82. Rory says:

    Seriously, another beer for whoever explains how that nazi reference could possibly relate to this situation.

  83. T says:

    How does one sing “____ ain’t nothing to f— with” to the tune of “Wipe Out,” exactly?

    How does one sing ANYTHING to the tune of “Wipe Out,” for that matter?!

  84. Erik says:

    Booooooooo @ Estrada

    Someone talk me off the ledge here.

  85. Adrian says:

    Sigi knows what he’s doing.

    Try having a little faith in the league’s top coach.

  86. Marco says:


  87. Arcticrules says:

    Who’s David estrada?

  88. Rory says:

    Martin Tyler Commercials are pretty sweet!

  89. Charles says:

    Time out ? In soccer ?

    Too bad Columbus didn’t have those time outs when they lost to Salt Lake 3 times this year.

  90. Rory says:

    Didn’t play one of the cops on Chips? :-)

  91. Matt in Detroit says:

    Estrada? They could have gotten him in the third round! Akpan’s stock must have really dropped at the combine. Not that Estrada was reported to have done any better.

  92. Rory says:


  93. austin says:

    estrada must have had a good combine correct?

  94. A-Lott says:

    Who’s the foxy older woman on scarf-draping duty?

  95. Matt in Detroit says:

    Columbus will pick a forward here.

  96. Rory says:

    “Who Ate All The Pies, Who Ate All The Pies” Sigi did! Sigi did!

    I hear Estrada comes with a years supply of Twinkies.

  97. Rory says:

    I always assumed Dike’s name was pronounced like Dyke… Bright Dyke had a good (re: hilarious) ring to it.

  98. Charles says:

    Makes you wonder if there is a trade or if Seattle surprised them and took their pick.

  99. Jordan says:

    So did Bone lose a leg or something? What’s going on with his stock?

  100. EA says:

    Let’s get out of the habit of posting streams. That’s how they get taken down.

    Post a source, not an actual stream…

  101. brian says:

    Bright Dike. fans are gonna have fun with that name

  102. rory says:

    Uhm, he was considering leaving to take a coaching job so his status is kind of up in the air.

  103. rory says:

    CAM’s are awesome (in Fifa 2010, which is the only place that possition exists).

  104. JohnC says:

    I think the Columbus Crew got some weed past security and our currently high. Does anyone know if the Crew Table laughed uncontrollably after Don announced the name Bright Dike?

  105. Adrian says:


  106. rory says:

    Finally gets picked… looks like both legs are still attached.

  107. jonk says:

    so is that first hour of draft coverage all that is being televised anywhere?

  108. FDV says:

    Be careful when google searching “Bright Dike.”

  109. Adrian says:

    you made me laugh, hard

  110. 50fg20-jdj says:

    any streams beside espn360

  111. jonk says:

    the 360 coverage ended a few minutes ago, which is why i was wondering if espn is even still broadcasting it

  112. gigi says:

    I cant even explain it so if someone could ill buy them a beer in 9 years also.

  113. south says:

    They are, I’m watching it.

    I think when the first round ends it will revert to whatever is suppose to be on @ 2.

  114. Manny F says:

    Hahahaha right?! I can’t believe Seattle messed up this bad, who are they my Red Bulls?

    (said sarcastically of course.)

  115. Adrian says:

    NYRB get a steal of a pick.

  116. Isaac says:

    Excellent pick by the Red Bulls. Austin Da Luz will be a bit there.

  117. Adrian says:


  118. einar says:

    hey the galaxy wanted him lol. but i knew it was too good to be true to get him

  119. Rex says:

    Half of the 1st round players will be a bust and at least one will end up on a Dommic Kinnear coached team and relaunch his career…

  120. Rory says:

    Clint Mathis headed to LA?

    Yep, Donovan’s gone.

  121. Anonymous says:

    how does the mls superdraft always manage to disappoint?

    Maybe it has to do with the fact they always pull it from tv, and never make it available for free online.

    I hope they get rid of the draft.

  122. Einar says:

    I hope we dont get mathis

  123. Adrian says:

    clint mathis

  124. Einar says:


  125. Rory says:

    RSL traded Clint Mathis to move up one spot and get a third next year?

  126. Isaac says:

    ROFL!!!!! THE WHOLE crowd said AAAAAAAAWWW as Mathis was announced to go to the Galaxy.

  127. Einar says:

    but i like the stephens pick. they probably told RSL not to pick Stephens lol

  128. Rex says:

    Does Two-Boys Gumede just count as one pick?

  129. rory says:

    Direct link to Ives ESPN commentary assuming ESPN cuts the draft now that the first round is over.

    link to soccernet.espn.go.com

  130. Dom says:

    Third round or third overall next year?!? There is a big difference, Commissioner!

  131. camjam says:

    As an RSL fan, I hope this works out

  132. Joamiq says:

    Uh. Third round, obviously, seeing as how we don’t know who will have the third overall pick next year.

  133. Rory says:

    Yes, because it’s secretly two 10 year olds, one standing on the others shoulders and they’re wearing a large raincoat to cover it all up. Hard to believe how good they were in college and that refs allowed the raincoat on the field.

  134. einar says:

    I blame the Red Bulls for being dum again lol

  135. Joamiq says:

    I really love the da Luz pick. He’s so skilled. Great vision, great passing. Looking forward to some attractive soccer from him in the new stadium.

  136. camjam says:

    And If this is a 3rd next year, it’s a steal. 3rd round……. iffy

  137. Joamiq says:

    Being dumb with what? Red Bulls came away with two excellent talents.

  138. Sean M says:

    Stephens????Dammit Bruce.Should have got Garcia!!!!

  139. Seattle Oranje says:

    Like Jaqua on the wing yeah thats was a brilliant one.

  140. Matt in Detroit says:

    I’m a little suprised at the forwards being picked. Estrada and Dike aren’t that great. Dike is a bit of a stiff and didn’t have a good combine. Estrade hasn’t been producive since his freshman season.

    Akpan and Wiedeman had mediocre combines but is 270 minutes enough to erase four good years?

  141. john in fl says:

    wait..so LA traded the 15th to SLC for Matthis and a 3rd round pick in 2011 but still got tp pick here?? Did they get SLC pick in this round too??

  142. Seattle Oranje says:

    Stupid SSFC staff, throw this draft in the trash can. It’s kind of like paying Peter Vagenas $200K to hobble around Qwest.

  143. Seattle Oranje says:

    Estrada will no way be a forward in MLS. He will be pegged for the midfield. Three goals in a senior season indicates that he is not a forward.

  144. Matt in Detroit says:

    Stahl’s a good pick. He was semi-pro for a few years in Finland but injuries kept him from getting contract. Solid but will use a foreign slot. Talent alone would have indicated a higher slot.

  145. Matt in Detroit says:

    Tim Ream? Wasn’t he a fourth rounder BEFORE he had a terrible combine?

  146. piperfc says:

    Kinda surprised Akpan hasn’t been picked yet

  147. Joamiq says:

    Ives said he looked good as a center back in the combine. I hope he’s right…

  148. fischy says:

    Nah. Akpan.

  149. Joamiq says:

    I’ve never been impressed with him and he apparently had a horrible combine. I was never sure why he was projected to be drafted so highly in the first place…

  150. fischy says:

    That’s what I’m wondering. Insurance?

  151. J_S_F says:

    Korede Aiyegbusi from North Carolina St horrible pick. He’s too small to even carry the equipment.

    KC agrees with Ives is a bad sign for the organization.

  152. bryan says:

    so i just read that Vincenzo Bernardo is coming to play in MLS. so says his facebook. anyone heard this?

  153. bryan says:

    is NYRB going to get him too?!

  154. Smith says:

    I don’t know anything about him, but TIM REAM is a GREAT GREAT NAME!

    Next, we’re gonna draft Chest Rockwell.

  155. sciroccer says:

    What the??? What is RSL thinking? I’m not upset Mathis is gone, but what a lame trade. They should’ve got more for him. Why switch up a spot? I doubt that RSL’s pick get’s very much time on the pitch. They sould have traded for a striker at least. If I where Jason I would have keep 16th and taken Jovan as a potential back up netminder. Does anyone have any idea why this would be good for RSL?

  156. KungFuSoccer says:

    I think it means that Eskandarian is done.

  157. fischy says:

    They would be first in line for allocation. Not sure that Bernardo qualifies for that process, though.

  158. KungFuSoccer says:

    I assume this has some financial benefit to RSL re: Salary Cap. Right?

  159. 123 says:

    I believe Ståhl was the first Finn ever drafted in MLS.

  160. bryan says:

    yeah, from what i am reading now…it sounds like he gets to choose who he wants. NYRB and Philly have contacted him. I’m sure a few other have as well.

  161. Brian says:

    LA got Mathis for next to nothing.

  162. Dudeinho says:

    still no-one picks up irving garcia

  163. Mr. O' Sack says:

    I can’t believe RBNY didn’t trade up to draft Dilly Duka. This is a catastrophe of near biblical proportions! Stupid Corporate Energy Drink Ownership!No handleonlocal footy culture!

  164. JP says:

    Is their any links with live coverage or was iitonly for the first round?

  165. Austin says:

    bout an hour ago, whispers about Jimmy Conrad to NYRB

    NOW, their are rumors about a trade involving Burpo and Gibbs to New England for Wells Thompson and Jeff Larentowicz

  166. Jerseymob says:

    stolen from new york fans… nothing new, we love ya chant was stolen from ESC too

  167. Clayton says:

    FCD passed on Bone and Akpan … these guys picked better show up to play. I wanted the local kids to come back to play. Too bad. Good luck Corben and Andre.

  168. wupapi39 says:

    SBI, did I miss something?????? did Luis Gil not sign with MLS

  169. Andrew Essex says:

    Ives, are you the only one left at the draft? Also, if you were a NYRB supporter, how do you feel about this draft?

  170. Dominick says:

    Am I missing something? It seems liek Chicago had a damn good draft? From some guy’s espn site–Chicago got 2 of the top 15 prospects. Anyone care to enlighten me?

  171. Chris says:

    Does Houston even bother showing up, or do they literally phone in their 96th round selection? I wish they had more faith in the youth of our country so this draft would mean more to me than just wondering how well all these first rounders are going to fare against us.

  172. wupapi39 says:

    does anybody know what happened with Luis Gil??? and what are his future plans???? is he heading back to London?

  173. Harraby Harry says:

    I don’t understand this whole college draft concept! Where I come from all the big teams buy the players the small clubs spent years developing! Then we go to the grounds and beat the other team’s supporters senseless! Then we go to the bar, drink warm beer and fight some more! And we all have bad teeth! Now that’s football!

  174. wupapi39 says:

    I agree, if I remember SBI had them possibly taking Watson-Siriboe with their first pick. They really needed to re-load and I think the guys they have picked up today will help. The only way for me to judge since I’m not an authority on college soccer is that by reading combine notes, and scouting reports heading up to the draft I can remember all three names of the first three guys that they picked supposedly going higher.

  175. supplyanddemand says:


    i attempted to tivo this thing and the guide (like always) reads otherwise; soccer is always taking a back seat. business is business ( igetit)

  176. Dudeinho says:

    Still waiting on Irving Garcia Dammit Bruce should of picked this kid up. He obviously impressed whats the deal. oh yeah all we want tall physical players in MLS. sigh soo shortsided.

  177. wupapi39 says:

    Not sure…….the draft is such a crap-shoot, overall I would say Houston is one of the model franchises in MLS, and I think Kinnear will be the next USMNT coach.

  178. EdTheRed says:

    Yeah, I’m still here.

  179. trevor says:

    I’m here after school got out. Clint mathis to LA, as an rsl fan i’m a little confused but not really disappointed that much

  180. DL says:

    I am here

  181. AlexS says:

    Still here for some reason.

  182. soccer goals says:

    Im still here. Great live updates. THanks

  183. Rex says:

    Yes we are here. Ives chat went down. You are our only link

  184. Eric says:

    I’m still following.

  185. Blake says:

    still checking in on the draft picks

  186. smits says:


    just checked in, are the Dynamo getting anything outta this draft?

  187. abomb says:

    im here, when is tyler barry going to get picked up?

  188. KC says:

    i’m here. awesome job ives. why do you think Andre Akpan fell so far?

  189. Marty says:

    Hey Ives, flipping between here and the ESPN Live. Interesting day, just hoping Conor O’Brien gets a chance and wish Dilly went to RBNY or Philly Union.

  190. TJPierce says:

    Travis – I’m here but I’m about to leave. Are you in Philly?

  191. Daniel says:

    I’m still following along here. Thanks for the coverage. Don’t feel like you need to continue just for me though.

  192. ang says:

    yup, here

  193. JGray says:


  194. J Clark says:

    I’m here my man…keep it going!

  195. blag says:

    Hey Ives, I am still here, as a houston fan, i was hoping you might have some insight on the dynamo’s picks.

  196. sammysounder says:

    Still here. Do you know where I can find the upcoming order?

  197. Shaun says:

    Ives — still out here, but checking out. Thanks for the coverage!

  198. LV says:

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    still here.

  200. Fuegofan says:

    Still here, thanks!

  201. cfig says:

    There’s got to be a few of us Dynamo fans still following along…ya know, since we didn’t have any picks till now :-)

    Anything in the works with other player acquisitions Ives? There’s some big holes to fill with Clark and Holden heading out.

  202. sciroccer says:

    Still here IVES- Thx

  203. JGray says:

    Waiting to see where the keeps go! If they go?

  204. Brian says:

    Any more Rapids picks coming up? BTW: Thank you for doing this. You

    guys rock!

  205. Jordan says:

    still here

  206. Tom says:

    What is the whole goalkeeper situation?

  207. kpugs says:

    I’m still here! (because I’m at work…sorry Ives.)

  208. BAJ says:

    HAHA!!! Alecko.

  209. vik says:

    is sean johnson still unpicked?

    also if he is not drafted does he lose his GA contact?

  210. Enzo says:

    I’m here….

  211. Ed says:

    Haha that would suck to be known as the first GA signing to not get picked in the draft.

  212. vik says:

    can you have Gen Ad contract while playing on an USL-2 team?

  213. Daniel says:

    Nowak loves him some UCLA doesn’t he? And I guess Pac-10 in general.

  214. Mr. O'Sack says:

    I’m English & I know everything there is to know about footy as opposed to you ignorant Yanks. Red Bulls had a bad draft and if any of you Yanks knew anything at all about footy, you’d know that.

    We traded for and drafted at 18 a fullback..a position we did not need to fill. Then drafted a forward…which we dont need.

    We failed to move up and land Duka and we didnt get van den bergh when dalas was ready to deal him.

    Terrible draft for us given our position and your approval further confirms to me that any of you who think they had a good draft are delusional.

    Trust me. I’m English & therefore superior!

    I’m going back to England where a man can settle in for the night with an unattractive woman and some spotted dick!

  215. Timmy says:

    I’m still kicking around, Travis – thanks for your hard work.

  216. Juan Epstein says:

    Irving Garcia! I like that!

  217. vik says:

    wow a bad attempt at comedy in the comments section. That is new.

  218. James says:

    Keepers finally go. Better to be in Chicago with the Fire than at UCF, no matter what round.

  219. Skip Walker says:

    No Irving Garcia.

  220. Chris says:

    Irving Garcia might be the steal of the draft

  221. adam says:

    funnest comment conversation i have ever heard!!

  222. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I’m tuning in once in awhile Ives.

    Sarkodie dropping to the fourth round? Yuck. You can’t tell me the combine didn’t have an effect on his draft status. He was projected originally by most as a late first round pick.

  223. over there says:

    still hanging in there. great work

  224. j says:

    Is two-boys guemde gonna get drafted or did he stink it up at the combine?

  225. Interesting pick by Philly to start the 4th round. Not only going with Perk over Johnson, but with Seitz and Knighton, they now have three young goalkeepers.

  226. Scott A says:

    Excited to see Tchani play

  227. vik says:

    Still here
    any ideas why Johnson fell so far?

  228. ang says:

    You got that last one up before the MLS tracker did. Im here

  229. BB74 says:

    Maybe you’re getting ESC mixed up with ECS. I have never heard anyone here in Seattle sing Wipeout. I had to look it up in fact.

  230. smits says:

    still here , not sure why, i guess I could be eating instead of waiting for the Dynamo’s first spring cut.

  231. Krista says:

    Ives, have there been any good speeches??

  232. J Clark says:

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    Great Job, thank you for posting

  236. NYRB4Life says:

    What happened to two-boys? I thought he looked good enough for late 2nd- early third round.

  237. BrianK says:

    Some initial thoughts:

    Philadelphia did well,…they got their man at #1, shook down DCU in the Perkins deal and added Okugo and McInerney at #6 and #7, respectively. Good job by Nowak.

    Red Bulls,…it seems they got the best player in the draft (no Steve Shak,…thank you) and added Austin da Luz,…who I suspect is going to be the surprise of the draft.

    Chicago may have quietly had a very nice draft with Bone, Watson-Siriboe and Yates.

  238. carlos says:

    what happen to the forward from guatemala carlos villa does anyone know

  239. madmax says:

    Nowak ate their lunch. If this had been a boxing match the ref would have ended it in the first round. I’m surprised he didn’t get Bunbury and Tchani also. Five solid picks plus Fred for a fist full of beans.

  240. Carl says:

    Kris Banghart..
    Solid pick

  241. Frank Simek says:

    Nobody wants Sheanon Williams?

  242. Dylan says:

    I think he used to be on CHIPS.

  243. gerald says:

    There was 50+ ESC members at the draft you probably heard us instead of the Union fans

  244. clueeero says:

    Wow. How did Perk get taken so late? SO LATE. Was his combine that bad, or do GMs expect him to bolt for Europe?

  245. Pete From Chicago says:


  246. Pete from Chicago says:

    I completly agree, I mean Bright Dike is a beast but the Crew Staff must have been high and busy laughing at his name. This pick was WAY too early. Well it works out for the Fire who get the steal of the draft once again . Just like when they got Nyarko

  247. Pete from Chicago says:

    WTF right I recorded it too and the program ended with Rob Stone halfway into a sentence and then there’s the Scott Van Pelt Show. I tell ya no respect for soccer on ESPN.

  248. Ben says:

    Why didn’t Nelson Becerra get picked?

  249. Tim F. says:

    Thanks for the draft coverage Ives!

  250. elmatador says:

    Very Amazing Job everyone in SBI, you rock! great coverage….Congratulations!!! and thank you

  251. marin says:

    there is no way that some of these guys picked are betterthan nelson becerra and mike pezza. some of the players are absulte garbage, their athletes not soccer players. this is one of the reasons MLS struggles to find viewership, cause all you see is running and pressing and little ability on the ball…

  252. Pierre says:

    Skilachi will be a monster