2010 MLS Draft (Pre-Draft Commentary)

2010 MLS Draft

The day is finally here.

After months of trying to figure out which players MLS teams might want to draft, and weeks of trying to figure out who the top prospects are, the day has arrived when we will find out which top college and youth national team players will be heading to which teams.

The Philadelphia Union will select first in today's 2010 MLS Draft (2pm, ESPN2), but with the Union already coming to terms with Oregon State striker Danny Mwanga, the suspense over the first pick has already been erased.

There were multiple trades made on Wednesday evening, though only one has actually been officially reported. D.C. United dealt the No. 7 overall pick, midfielder Fred and an allocation to the Philadelphia Union in exchange for the top spot in the MLS Allocation Order, which D.C. used to acquire goalkeeper Troy Perkins.

What other trades have gone down? The New York Red Bulls have packaged picks No. 31 and 48 (not 34) to the New England Revolution for a player to be named later (well, a player who will be named once he is notified of the trade). I'll let you know who the player is as soon as possible. Feel free to speculate.

I will discuss other trade talk in the pre-draft commentary, along with thoughts on the DC-Philly trade, and various other tidbits. I will be writing the live commentary on the draft for ESPN.com so you can feel free to follow my take on the draft there. If you are an SBI die-hard who plans to spend your draft day here, Travis Clark will be providing live draft commentary from Philadelphia as well.

Let's get started:


1:30pm– Okay folks, I am about to sign off and move to the ESPN.com coverage. Travis Clark will be providing live commentary on today's draft so stay tuned. Thanks for following along with all of our MLS Draft coverage.


1:15pm– About that Colorado trade talk. The word I'm getting is that the Rapids and New England Revolution are discussing a deal involving Cory Gibbs and the rights to Jeff Larentowicz along with either a pick or allocation money. Haven't gotten it confirmed, but that's the word I'm getting.


12:07pm– The player is Chris Albright and from what I'm hearing it is a low risk, high reward deal for Albright. He won't be on a big salary number and the Red Bulls will be able to part ways if he's just not the same player anymore.


11:58am– Still no word on who the Red Bulls got from New England. Chris Albright was a player I identified as being on the trade block so he's a leading candidate.


11:42am– For those asking about how Philly has allocation money, expansion teams are given a pile of allocation money in year one to help build their team. Throw in the fact Philly also got allocation money in the DC trade and Peter Nowak has plenty of allocation funds to work with.


11:38am– Philly sent just allocation money to Dallas for the No. 6. That's pretty shocking. I know Dallas has a ton of young players but I think this will be a trade they regret.


11:27am– No word yet on what Philly gave up for the No. 6, but I'm sure allocation money is invoilved.

Philly now has the No. 1, 6 and 7 picks. Wow. They will take Danny Mwanga first, and I know they covet Amobi Okugo. Who could go at No. 6? Corben Bone if he's still there. If not, I'd bet on Dilly Duka going to the Union.


11:25am- Kyle McCarthy is reporting that Philadelphia has acquired the No. 6 overall pick from FC Dallas.


10:57am– In case you missed it, I posted a mock draft on Wednesday, and I threw in a third round to it later on last night.


10:30am– Okay folks, I will be heading over the draft now. Feel free to share your thoughts here. I will be back as soon as I am settled in.


10:15am– The DC/Philly deal for Troy Perkins moves New York into the first spot in the MLS Allocation order, which is used to determine who has first crack at returning American players to MLS. FC Dallas is looking to move up the allocation order to land Lee Nguyen, but I don't see New York giving up that spot any time soon. Perhaps after the European winter transfer window. Even then, holding on to the top spot could pay dividends this summer.


10:10am– Here is how I see the Top Five shaking out right now:

1. Philly-Danny Mwanga

2. NY- Tony Tchani

3. San Jose- Ike Opara

4. Kansas City- Teal Bunbury

5. FC Dallas- Zach Loyd

If it sounds crazy not to have Corben Bone in the Top Five, I agree but I also have good reason to believe Dallas will pass on Bone at 5 if he is available.


9:45am– Following up on my Dave Van Den Bergh story from Wednesday, if you are wondering what FC Dallas is looking for in a trade for Van Den Bergh, apparently it isn't much. I've been told the Dutch winger could be had for a partial allocation. So who is interested? It wouldn't surprise me if Los Angeles were one of the interested parties. It was Bruce Arena who acquired Van Den Bergh in New York from Kansas City in one of the better trades in MLS in the past few years.


9:38am– Early favorite for Youngest Looking Parent of a First Round Draft pick honors goes to Alex Bunbury, father of Akron striker Teal Bunbury. A Canadian national team legend, Bunbury looks much closer to 30 than 40 and actually looks younger than a few players in this draft (I won't name any names).

TFC fans might go crazy if they heard that Alex Bunbury and Mo Johnston were seen talking a lot last night, but it should be noted that Bunbury and Johnston were teammates on the 2000 Kansas City MLS Cup-winning team.

Did Toronto FC pull off any trades last night? I was told they did, but I'll wait for more details before saying that they definitely did.


9:35am– Plenty of Red Bulls stuff this morning. I spoke to a source close to Juan Pablo Angel last night and he squashed the Angel-to-River Plate rumors. You might have heard those making the rounds. It was baseless. Angel-to-River rumors are to Argentina what George Weah to MLS rumors used to be to New York.


9:32am- I am also hearing that FC Dallas is moving closer to dealing its No. 6 overall pick. Corben Bone and Amobi Okugo are players that are being highly-coveted in that part of the draft. 


9:30am– So what other trades were consumated last night? Colorado was involved in completing a deal, but I haven't been able to get details on what was involved. It sure sounds like New England was involved in making more than one deal last night. Hopefully we start hearing of these trades as players involved are notified and the league completes paperwork on them.


9:20am– Good morning all. It's a frigid Thursday morning on the East Coast and MLS Draft Day is sure to feature plenty of action for fans to enjoy. There will be trades (and have been already) and there will be surprising picks.

My early thoughts on the D.C. United-Philadelphia trade? I think D.C. overpaid badly, but I can understand the willingness to do so after having to endure a season with Josh Wicks and others in goal. Troy Perkins is a steady goalkeeper who should be able to add a handful of points that D.C. would have otherwise lost (and have lost the past two years). That said, I still think D.C. could have fought harder to pay less.

My question is whether Troy Perkins is a $300,000 goalkeeper. I was good in his first go-round with D.C., and has improved since moving to Europe, but is he "highest paid goalkeeper in MLS" good? Not sure about that one.

If Perkins has a stellar season, D.C. won't care what it paid, but if Fred rebounds and has a strong year and Philly's No. 7 overall pick winds up being a contributor, this deal could wind up being as lop-sided as many people feel it is.


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126 Responses to 2010 MLS Draft (Pre-Draft Commentary)

  1. Brian says:

    Any scuttlebutt on CBA issues, Ives?

  2. Dannyc58 says:

    I’m guessing NYRB got Albright and allocation money…

  3. Rory says:

    A Note for Viewers:

    I will also be making snarky smart-assed comments throughout the draft via the comment board.

  4. Charles says:

    Is there anywhere else to go for the inside scoop. Maybe someone else gets a random scoop once or twice, but you are always up to date here.

    IF Perkins is as good as another $300,000 goalie, Kasey Keller, DC is going to be very happy.

  5. caron says:

    The draft is such a waste of time.

  6. Eurosnob says:

    Ives, I fully agree with you re DC-Philadelphia deal. Is there any chance that Dan Snyder negotiated that deal for DC United?

  7. PetedeLA says:

    While I’d generally say that $300,000 is actually a fair price for a good goal keeper, I certainly hope there’s more room in the kitty so he’s not the franchise’s highest paid player.

    Clubs all over the league are battling low attendance and a team does this.

    Of course, I’ve never understood completely why most of my fellow American soccer fans are so interested in goal keeping.

    Give me a Zakuani or a Kandji over a goalkeeper any day of the week–unless he’s Chilavert or Jorge Campos.

  8. gerald says:

    I’m heading down to philly with about 50 other red bull supporters

  9. Kevin says:

    Fred? Rebound? HA

    He cost $257k, so I’m fine with paying a little more than that for an actual productive player, especially given how far under the cap DC is at the moment.

  10. Peretz48 says:

    Ives- It’s the old saying- a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Perkins is a known quantity. Who knows how the 7th pick will turn out?

  11. Charles says:

    No, Zakuani was a great pickup for the Sounders ( my team ).

    Started every game, wore my favorite number, and will be a fan favorite for years.

    Your post, that was a waste of time 😉

  12. Gary says:

    Stay home please. You’ll make it awkward

  13. Murphy says:

    Perkins looks like Buffon compared to Wicks.

  14. I’ll take a healthy Albright….. playing next to Tchani any day…. Albright (when healthy) has skils

  15. Does coming to MLS make Bradley want to take Perkins instead of Hahneman?

  16. Amit says:

    Thank you, Ives. Your coverage really makes me feel like soccer is becoming a top sport in America.

  17. jcl says:

    well said

  18. I have to go to court because I was at a park after 9pm…… I had been planing to go to this for months

  19. Word….. I don’t even know anyone that follows Hockey…. we should pass them soon

  20. afrim says:

    have the DC fans begun filing into the convention center to cheer for their 3rd round pick?

  21. burrito_town says:

    Ives – does they league view inter-owner trades with extra scrutiny? Like if Dallas and CBus trade draft picks?

  22. afrim says:

    So does John O’Brian

  23. Tuche
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  24. kofi_x5 says:

    DC did good to get Perkins. He’s qualified and confident and Wicks will likely be a solid back up for now.

    While Philly got Fred who I think can rebound if properly motivated. When he got here fresh from Brazil he torched MLS players in his first season. His second season showed a dip in productivity but given the proper motivation ( whatever Nowak comes up with) I think we’ll see the real Fred once again.

  25. dgrollins says:

    So we should expect a $50 million salary cap next year then?

    Perspective, friend.

  26. kofi_x5 says:

    Man I hope that happens! Albright & Tchani would be a strong combo

  27. NYRBS says:

    So you expect FCD to take Bone with the #6 instead of the #5?

  28. NYRBS says:

    So do you think NY would pass on Nguyen to keep the #1 allocation thus allowing FCD to negotiate with the next team in the allocation ranking (San Jose?)?

  29. DC Josh says:

    With about $1.5 million to spend, I can’t wait to see who DC brings in to add to our attack. I just hope he isn’t over 30 y/o, unless he’s Drogba (in my dreams).

  30. jspot says:

    Any thing is better than wicks… even more dissapointment.

  31. Matt in Detroit says:

    Not sure about the DC Trade.

    Sure Perkins is solid but is he 15% of your salary cap solid?

    Fred had a bad year but losing him, Emilio, Gomez, Jacobson and Olsen in the same year? Who is DC going to field?

    Throwing in the first round pick and their allocation seems excessive.

    Don’t see DC as a contender. Probably a rebuilding year. they have some tools but not enough to compete.

    The new salvadorean better be a monster, that’s all I can say.

    Nowak is a smart manager who got something for nothing.

    Bet Phili outpaces DC this year.

  32. Austin says:

    Albright is a right back and tchani is a central mid…..how is that a combo?

  33. markspence02 says:

    “FC Dallas is looking to move up the allocation order to land Lee Nguyen, but I don’t see New York giving up that spot any time soon. Perhaps after the European winter transfer window. Even then, holding on to the top spot could pay dividends this summer.”

    Then FCD can acquire the second spot. Ask MLS to sign Nguyen, and Red Bulls will pass, allowing FCD to sign him.

  34. Austin says:

    Gomez isnt gone

    you guys will have a strong midfield, but i worry about your strikers….i have faith in Pontius, but i dont think Moreno can give you his best any longer

  35. JohnC says:

    very valid point considering nearly every NHL team has a 5 million a year guy. But the sport is building: World Cup is coming, new exciting franchises, a draft seemingly more productive, larger contracts for keeping young talent and the beginning of a development system for youths from each club.

  36. kswiss says:

    I’m not Ives, but I think having Bone available at #6 might make teams more willing to fight and even overpay for the pick. If they want to trade the pick it’s smart to leave the more highly coveted of their two choices on the board.

  37. DC Josh says:

    Fred would have either played on the right or in the middle as a playmaker, but wasn’t a key ingredient. DC has a ton of money to spend, and will get an attacking midfielder and a forward. DC got the best available GK willing to come to the MLS, while letting go an aging and declining player. They should not have given their first pick away, big mistake.

    A bit early to say Philly will be better than DC this year when the Union don’t even have a FULL ROSTER haha.

  38. Kevin in Denver says:

    Any news of the Raps trade, Ives?

  39. sammysounder says:

    Zak was the #1 overall, but it seems like we can’t expect starters with anything past pick 4-5. There will be quality guys coming out of here, but it seems like a crapshoot as to whether or not you get anything at all.

  40. DadRyan says:

    Have you noticed that he can’t hit the broad side of a barn with his cannon ball shot?

  41. baquito alyeska says:

    Albright played midfield back in the good ol’ days.

  42. Berlin says:

    As a Houston fan, I’m not really into the draft, but I would gladly trade our 43rd round pick for another championship.

  43. sammysounder says:

    Conor Casey to Seattle 😉

    Just a rumor that was making the rounds awhile ago. Wouldn’t shock me to see Casey move on.

  44. patrick says:

    right, but the idea is that A) RBNY have no interest in nguyen, and B) I thin Ives was saying that there might be better players coming back ot MLS after the transfer window or world cup and it would be better for them to keep it rather than blow it here for DVB when, apaprently, he can be had for just some allocation $$

  45. sammysounder says:

    Anyone know if it’s possible to watch the draft live online?

  46. Keith G. says:

    I am hoping that the Red Bulls take Ike Opara 2nd in the draft. I would rather get a young deffender and go out and get an experienced midfielder. Plus I think Opara has the skill to get into the starting 11 faster then most in the draft. I just hope the Red Bulls make some great picks, and I cant wait to see what there trade with the Revs brings them. Go Red Bulls, we need a winning season this year.

  47. Chi-townMike says:

    It would be interesting to see, but I don’t think Casey will end up in Seattle.

  48. afrim says:

    good luck with that now Holden and Clark are as good as gone.

  49. Kevin in Denver says:

    Casey for Montero straight up? haha.

  50. afrim says:

    its not that easy..remember the whole fiasco when TFC had Mcbride’s rights? RB should sign Nguyen and keep him if no good deals come along. NY needs some midfield creativity

  51. JSmiley says:

    I hope this isn’t too far off topic, and I also hope it hasn’t been posted elsewhere on the blog, but NPR ran this story entitled “U.S. Soccer Star’s Turn In Mexican Ad Prompts Uproar”.

    link to npr.org

    Just thought it was worth mentioning.

  52. DJ Barnett says:

    Is it just me or does it seems like the MLS has it second consectitive draft with loads of talent?? Maybe these last two years have been a turning point in the talent that our country is producing? Just a thought.

  53. Boulder Rapdisfan says:

    Casey for Montero? That would be interesting to see!

    I’d have to wonder what Smith was up to, giving up a big man up front for little Freddy Montero.

    No slight on Montero, but he is rather shorter than Casey, and not as physically imposing.

    But this is all just BS speculation, right?

  54. Austin says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if DCU or SSFC got Casey in a trade, he was supposedly put on trade a while back…..Seattle and DC are two clubs that definately need strikers

  55. Eric_the_King says:

    H*ll yes! Make us proud. I’m sure you’ll get booed to no end, but this will be the start of a beautiful rivalry.

  56. RSLRob says:

    Probably my favorite post of the week

  57. over there says:

    NE-NJRB trade. I’m guessing Dhube or Mansally. Red Bulls could use the attackers, and I think the Revs are looking to free up foreign player slots.

  58. Amit says:

    We need time people. I don’t think Rocket Richard was making millions back in Hockey’s original days.

  59. Neumannator says:

    My union email says they gave up allocation money for #6.

  60. Boulder Rapidsfan says:

    I can see Sounders more than DC. I just don’t see anyone up front on DC that the Rapids could really use to change up their game. A Casey for Montero trade (is that even possible?) would be a huge change for both clubs. But maybe for the better? Maybe Sounders are looking for more strength and physcial dominance up front while Rapids are thinking more along the lines of finesse and sneakiness?

    To me it comes down to who is going to pair the best with Cummings. Say what you will about Casey, but you can’t deny that Cummings-Casey were the most productive striking duo in the leauge last year. Smith outdid himself there.

  61. PhiladelphiaUnion.com is reporting that, yes, allocation money was traded for that FCD 6th pick

    Source included as my website

  62. Bluethree says:

    Is Philly just going to own this entire draft?

  63. Josh D says:

    I think Perkins is far too much for a keeper. There are other solid keepers in MLS we could traded almost in equal value and with less salary.

    Hope he sticks with us for some years and glad to have him back!

  64. Matt says:

    How does Philly have allocation money to give away?

  65. Austin says:

    im not talking about that silly montero trade talk….i was just saying i could see Casey being with another MLS team that needs a striker

    Montero is a secondary striker and would never be traded for a pure physical striker when they already have jaqua

    i was thinking a trade involving jaqua and allocation or something….

  66. Brian says:

    I believe the expansion teams get a significant pot to help them build their team.

  67. Austin says:

    i could see Larentowicz going to Red Bull

  68. sammysounder says:

    I remember Casey saying he wanted to move on after the coach tried to make the team run laps. He marched off and asked for a move.

    The ‘to Seattle’ part is pure spec.

    I’d much rather have Montero than Casey though. Still on the upswing and more of a goal threat. Casey did end up with more goals, but wasn’t a big percentage PKs?

  69. bryan says:

    dude, Fred came from Australia…not Brasil. We signed him from Melbourne Victory. Either way, I agree that he could rebound.

  70. Matt says:

    I guess. They’ve already given money to Houston and now – one would assume – a healthy chunk of change to Dallas.

  71. nova says:

    is this considered a steal…? allocation for the 6th pick in a good draft.

  72. James17930 says:

    Any more news on whether TFC traded up or not?

  73. bryan says:

    im in agreement with most people here. Perkins is a good pick up, but $300,000 is a lot of money. Good news is, DC have a TON of cap space now (relative to MLS haha). lets hope they are smart about who they sign. in other words, don’t pull a Dan Snyder!

    with wallace, quaranta, szetela, and pontius already here, among others, DC United COULD do alright. not sure what is up with gomez and i don’t think we can rely on moreno. we really need a new, young, striker.

  74. brian says:

    ives, getting picks 6 and 7. what players are philly targeting?

  75. Charles says:

    You were never Sammy Sounder for real were you? If so thanks for the ball back in 2003 and the shirt a couple of years after.

  76. Murphy says:

    Ives could you just explain what allocation money is?

  77. Kevin in Denver says:

    Lots of PK, especially toward the end of the year.

    I could see Conor being mad about running laps. When you’re that big, you don’t need fitness. Or form, apparently.

  78. sammysounder says:

    LOL! That woulda been cool, but my name’s just a tribute to everone’s favorite extinct sea mammal.

  79. ernj says:

    ESPN2 at 2pm

  80. skinn says:

    It’s money you can spend above the cap, or to put it another way, to hide salary. So for instance, in Toronto, DeRo makes like 500K a year, but only 300K counts toward the cap because the other 200K comes from allocation money. (I might have the exact figures wrong here, but the illustration stands).

  81. DC Josh says:

    Goodness Philly is going to be a monster of a team in the future if they pick well in the first round. Nowak is just wheeling and dealing. Would it be possible to get both Bunbury and Mwanga?

  82. Rex says:

    I remember hearing “good luck with that now DeRo is gone..” and 2009 didnt turn out too bad.

  83. Charles says:

    Someone above said this draft is a waste of time and others agreed. Philly fans better hope not, they are counting big time on it.

    Sigi also is in a Sounder’s podcast where he says you need to excel in all four areas of picking up talent. Philly seems to be very focused on the draft.

  84. _VPjr_ says:

    Ives, what is a full allocation worth these days? $100K, 200K? More, less?

  85. Josh D says:

    For a new team, I think Philly must build by using youth to establish a team worthy of lasting the first season. This draft is full of future stars; not sure what next year’s is shaping up to be, but Philly are putting some hands in a few cakes.

  86. brian says:

    dc united has done well this this trade! but i do wish DC would of got something else in return(2nd/3rd rd pick maybe) perkins fits right in. 2006 goalkeeper of year,and a leader in the locker room. potential starting lineup:4-2-2-1-1 perkins namoff james jakovic wallace simms szetala quaranta castillo moreno pontius. prediction: PLAYOFFS!!!!!! maybe a real salt lake run….

  87. over there says:

    out of contract. so it would only be his rights.

  88. Matt says:

    The player in the NE/NY deal is Albright. I don’t see how this helps the Red Bulls. Not a position where we need reinforcements, he’s been injured and he costs a fair amount. Hopefully he will be dealt to another club. If not I don’t like the move at all.

  89. Matt says:

    Bah, the Albright deal is so stupid. No, we didn’t give up a lot for him but WE DON’T NEED HIM, especially at something north of 100K. Red Bulls off to a flyer again.

  90. Einar says:

    wow I just woke up here in the west coast and all of a sudden mayhem on the trade blocks. I love it! gj for NYRB getting a solid veteran presence in the defence and Union just knew DC were truly desperate and now they have another pick? Is FC Dallas using that allocation for another brazilian? or for a better pick? what do u think ives?

  91. madmax says:

    If Nowak doesn’t trade the six or seven he sees something in this draft that other managers didn’t and at bargain prices.

  92. Knuckles says:

    The only way Montero gets dealt is if he goes to Europe. He is not getting traded to another MLS team.

  93. MVK says:

    it has been impactful the last couple years, wake up…. heck the MLS has sold drafted players to Europe…

  94. Knuckles says:

    I think Nowak is taking the SJ tack, and building with youth, rather than building for the playoffs.

  95. Murphy says:

    thanks a lot

  96. over there says:

    As a Revs fan, it kills me, but I absolutely LOVE every move Philly has made from day one. It looks like another class expansion team.

    Anyone have thoughts on when/how Tchani breaks into the national team setup? He could be a future Michael Bradley partner in the middle. I’m stoked already.

  97. Rory says:

    Hot Sauce!

  98. Rory says:

    Great, you 50 plus Ives will make 51 people willing to admit they’re RB fans.

  99. Rory says:

    As long as it helps the Galaxy the league is cool with it.

  100. Jorge says:

    A bit OT…

    FOX Soccer Channel having the Everton-Manchester City game (Live) on Saturday, January 16 at 12:30 PM (ET).

  101. RS says:

    I think he’s Cameroonian.

  102. JohnC says:

    What are you high? San Jose has traded away all of their first round picks since they started, they are no better off today then they were in season 1- I think Yallop has done an awful job building that team. Nowak is putting solid core players: G, CB, CM and F and then drafting guys to fill the outsides who are young.

  103. JohnC says:

    Awesome news!

  104. over there says:

    born in Norfolk, VA according to UVA bio.

  105. bla says:

    man ives is taking the longest lunch break here haha…

  106. cfig says:

    Bingo. I have full confidence that the Dynamo will reload, and I think this could be a breakout season for Brad Davis as he takes on a more predominant role (maybe taking over Holden’s CAM spot). And I think Cameron is only starting to show what he can do.

  107. Jersey Scouser says:

    Now why would Philly take the 6th pick from FC Dallas when they have the 1st and the 7th. Where is the big name player that will bring the casual fan out? Could they be packaging 6 & 7 for someone else?

  108. FireBobBradley! says:

    He could only be the next Michael Bradley if Tchani’s father ends up becoming the next USMNT coach.

  109. brian says:

    looks like the union wont be as competitive as the sounders in year one… young and exciting to watch,yes! especially if they draft duka and or corbin bone. but i think they should draft duka and okugo!

  110. CM says:

    Anyone know if Albright is remotely healthy enough to play?

  111. vik says:

    I heard that SJ rate bunbury above opara, so if NY takes tchani then SJ will probably go with bunbury. Is that as retarded a choice as it sounds?

  112. doug says:

    TFC should try and get bunbury. it is going to be an arms race north of the border for canadian talent next year when Vancouver enters the league. stockpile the limited supply of talent now mo!

    i think frei could be dealt – brian edwards can be a starting keeper in the league. if they can move wynne to get it done – i’d have no problem with that!

  113. Northzax says:

    I agree with the Perkins trade, I just don’t see who was sitting at 6 who was going to start this year. Now of course, we have four keepers, but there are worse problems. I don’t see your starting lineup, frankly. Jaime, as much as we love him, isn’t a starter anymore. I see tino moving to the withdrawn striker behind Pontius. Which leaves us needing a right wing.

  114. Socrates says:

    Man, Ives, for Revs sake I hope not. Larentowicz > Gibbs for sure. Corey has had his day and has not shown that he can get anywhere close to his old Charlton/St.Pauli glory form since his return to MLS. Jeff isn’t all that but he’s more solid on an MLS level than Gibbs. Is Gibbs even an improvement over Osei?

  115. Charles says:

    Yes thats true but now DeRo, Holden AND Clark are gone.

  116. Jacob says:

    Wow. I always forget that the Rapids exist. First time I’ve thought about them in a while, Ives.

  117. Keith G. says:

    I think the Albright move for the Red Bulls could be a good one, in getting a vetern player, that under a good coach might change his career around. Hey all our RB did last season was get a red card about every 4 games. Hoping to see a few more vetern players coming into the team before the season starts.

  118. JozyBoy17 says:

    Assuming Albright is healthy and will be the starting RB on opening day for RBNY, would that push Jeremy Hall into his natural midfield position?

  119. south says:

    FC DALLAS fan here.

    Schellas said he needed backup for CDM. CAM. ST.

    You’re telling me that a Zach Lloyd, Toni Stahl, Corben Bone, or Andre Akpan, whom you’d get a combo of with 5 & 6, only ONE being a GA player, that they don’t fit this criteria.

    Shocking, sounds like they’ve horribly mismanaged the situation with VDB too.
    Pretty disappointed with hearing about the allocation money, and we may have a young team, but the opportunity to draft TWO guys with top players in a loaded draft, when you say you need back up in positions talent heavy in the draft, I just don’t see what we gain with allocation money over a draft pick.

    I hope we bring back a Dallas boy, with 2 good players in positions Schellas has a need for, I still don’t see it happening, which is sad. It’s a big bonus to the fans when they’re able to watch people who developed in the area.

    But they didn’t go to SMU, just from Dallas, so I’m sure they’re miles off the radar.


  120. Johnny says:

    Albanians all over the world will be watching Dilly Duka!!!!! good luck

  121. Matt in Detroit says:

    Don’t disagree but Jacobson had potential in the long term. Gomez and Moreno are no longer prime players. Wallace and Pontius have talent but can’t be relied on quite yet.

    Beyong Perkins and Simms, I’m not sure they have anyone above average in their starting lineup and they surely don’t have depth.

  122. john says:

    Albanians all over the world will be watching Dilly Duka!!!!! good luck

  123. Matt in Detroit says:

    I’m not a DC or Phili guy but I’m starting to think that Phili has more established starters than DC and might have a better pipeline with 4 our of the top 17 picks.

    Expansion teams are usually terrible but Phili seems to be building a solid basis. Obviously they need a good striking combination but the defence is solid.

    I thought Phili made errors with their expansion draft but are coming along.

    They could have used an experience goaltender though.

  124. matt in detroit says:

    I agree, Moreno can’t score more than five goals from the field these days. Most of his goals penalty shots. He does good holdup work but can’t be the focus anymore.

    I’d heard Gomez was gone but might be in the same boat. Playmakers don’t last into their mid-thirties.

    Both can be role players but won’t carry a team. As I said before, that Salvadorean guy better be good.

    Either Way, DC needs a striker and bad.

    Without a striker and midfielder coming in and playing well immediately (with no time to adjust to the style), DC won’t make the playoffs.

  125. agnigrin says:

    He better be trade fodder!

  126. fubar says:

    You can’t hear ANY analysis on ESPN360.com. What is wrong with the sound? All you can hear is from the mic on stage. Tchani just went to NYRB