Beasley looking to extend Rangers contract

DaMarcus Beasley 3 (Getty Images)

DaMarcus Beasley figured to be heading out of Rangers in search of playing time when the winter transfer window opened. That all changed when Beasley went on a tear in December, displaying an impressive run of form that has given the U.S. national team midfielder a change of heart.

Beasley is in the final six months of his current contract, and would like to stay with the reigning Scottish Premier League champs, but Rangers have yet to contact him about a contract extension. Beasley, who is currently sidelined with a thigh tear, is hoping Rangers makes a move for him soon, but he has not ruled out talking to other teams.

Beasley scored two goals and assisted on four others in his four games in December.

What do you think of this development? Should Beasley extend his contract with Rangers, or should he look for an offer elsewhere? Where would you like to see Beasley play next if not in Scotland?

Share your thoughts below.

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56 Responses to Beasley looking to extend Rangers contract

  1. GREG says:

    ARIS FC!

  2. Sergio of SF says:

    Six months until the World Cup, I would stay. Especially since it looks like he is getting playing time again, and scoring. I hope he stays in form. I would like to see him at the World Cup, that way Dempsey can move up top with Jozy, assuming Charlie doesn’t make the roster.

  3. bryan says:

    just. get. playing. time.

  4. petaluman says:

    What Bryan said…

  5. Charles says:

    How much does he make there ?

  6. Colin says:

    Just in case people were wondering…

    link to

  7. LC says:

    Leave at the end of the season!!! The SPL will only shorten your playing career.

  8. Idaho Brian says:

    Playing time is most important, so if regular time on the pitch is now in the cards at Rangers…perhaps the argument is to stay. However, long term I still believe that DMBs skill set would be better suited in Spain, Portugal, or the Netherlands. Ideally I would love to see him stay healthy in the SPL for the remainder of this season, (which could be difficult in a very physical league), and then seek a transfer to Spain after the World Cup…

  9. Robert says:

    Stay.. play.. World Cup.. change teams in Europe or come back to MLS.. He’s definitely back

  10. Goldmedalcam says:

    Greece would be a good destination for him. Personally, I think he should leave Rangers. I just don’t believe the SPL is the best league for his style of play. It would be a HUGE boost to our World Cup squad if he regains his best form and that is probably more likely to happen some place other than Scotland.

  11. evan eleven says:

    Scotland is the wrong league. France, Spain, Portugal or back to Holland would be better for DMB

  12. Felix says:

    leave the SPL, the league is too physical for him. He is still capable of having good games there, but he will always encounter injury troubles there with his skinny frame.

  13. Adam R. says:

    He has a thigh tear? That sounds serious.

  14. jig says:


  15. Eric_the_King says:

    I know I’m being cynical but…

    Surprise surprise! He’s injured!

    But I do agree with most of the posts on here. The SPL isn’t for him. I think moving back to the Eredivisie would be good. He grew and excelled there. Why not bring it on back and recapture that form consistently.

  16. JC says:

    1) I think he was getting playing time so Rangers can sell him to another team. Sort of like an audition. That doesn’t look possible now that he’s sidelined again.

    2) Hopefully, Landon Donovan getting #9 isn’t a curse. Jozy also received #9 from Hull and look how he’s doing.

  17. whatagame says:

    What league is he least likely to get hurt in? Holland? Norway? I can’t see Rangers rushing to renew his contract when they basically have a part-time player.

  18. Josh D says:

    WOW that’s a big number to hand someone who you only plan having on loan for a few weeks…..

    Represent it well Landycakes!

  19. Josh D says:

    I think people are forgetting the rest of the statement: “Get playing time….stay injury free!”

    Playing time really hasn’t been too much of an issue for Beasley, in the past two years it has been staying injury free. Playing time comes from remaining injury free.

  20. Ferris says:

    Unless he thinks he can also possibly compete for a World Cup roster spot in 2014, he should go wherever he’s comfortable and can get sufficient playing time to prep for this year – and after the cup (when the 6 months is up on his rangers contract) go back to MLS for the season/rejoin Rangers then/find another European club.

    If he continues on his current trend he might be more valuable and get a better deal in 6 months than he would now.

  21. Pete says:

    He should consider the french league

  22. Al17 says:

    This makes my head hurt. Why in the HELL would he stay on a team who’s manager was on record this time last year stating that he wanted to sell a number of players including DMB? He’s gotta have an IDIOT as an agent since this comes off more as him not having many options in regards to teams that he could play for and make similar change. I know he’s getting paid well in Scotland – the big 2 there have the money to do it and they spend it but this one makes no sense to me at all. I just hope to see him back with the National Team this summer.

  23. over there says:


  24. over there says:

    Fulhamerica II as rumored? I wouldn’t mind seeing him post-WC at a class non-UK team like Porto.

  25. Chris in Belfast says:

    Yipes, Everton. No pressure, huh? Do work, Landon. I’m sure he’ll wear it well.

  26. Sergio of SF says:

    I was wondering actually. Thanks.

  27. Jeff says:

    Run, run, run away!!

  28. Mike says:

    Agreed. Talk to me when he plays for 4 months without being injured.

  29. wilyboy says:

    I don’t really care what he does, because he can’t stay uninjured for any period of time. While Davies is doing his best impression of Wolverine, Beasley has proven that he is the most fragile athlete on the planet, in the same league with Michael Owen and Tiny Tim.

  30. OmarVizquel says:

    Perma-injured aging player seeks multi-year guaranteed contract? Shocking!

    Seriously though, Scotland is fine as long as he stays relatively healthy. He’s cemented his role there and has had some success. If he’s healthy, he’ll play, and that’s what the USMNT needs: an in-form attacker with experience at the top international level. Anyway, I’m still not sold on the idea that Scotland is as brutal a league as the people who KEEP writing that he should be in Holland or Spain would have us believe…

  31. RobbieFowler says:

    agreed. what is it with these athletes coming forward at such terrible times? i mean, it doesn’t make sense for Gers to commit time and money to someone who can’t stay on the pitch.

    i understand DB trying to leverage his recent hot streak, but he has to realize that maybe he should wait until he’s at least seeing the pitch before piping up about a contract. believe me, the club knows his contract status, they don’t tend to lose sight of these things.

  32. CSD says:

    If Rangers are dumb enough to offer him an extension he should take it. I see a near zero chance of Rangers getting any long term benefit from him with his continual injury problems.

  33. Milkshake of Despair says:

    ladies over 40 rec league in Boca Raton, Fl.

  34. adenovato says:

    small wirey frame + most physical league in the world =


    run luke, run

  35. aristotle says:

    I have to agree with CSD. I posted just recently on the last “Beasley is Doing Well” update, and said it really didn’t matter, because for the millionth time, he would soon be injured again. Sure enough, he’s injured again. For this article to suggest that Beasley’s recent play is reason enough for Rangers to re-sign him seems pretty silly. I would think they will just be glad they could get something out of him before his contract is up.

    I wouldn’t touch Beasley with a ten foot pole. Anyone who signs him should request a clause in the contract stating he doesn’t get paid if he is injured in the first year. (Yes, I know this can’t really be done.) I think from now on we should refer to Beasley as the Glass Man. He may be joining John O’Brien on the beach soon.

  36. Tim says:

    We should see if Landon and Jozy can get out of their loan deals and move to Aris, too.

  37. jloome says:

    He’s shown his skill lately, but he’s too fragile for the SPL and in all likelihood to get much of a serious look in Europe at any kind of top level. Even when he wasn’t benched, he was injured. Teams get wary of players who are getting older but have injury problems.

  38. Colin says:


  39. CSD says:

    As Beasley says himself. He really isn’t a position to have any leverage for contract talks with the minimal amounts of games he has gotten on the pitch

    link to

    “If the best thing is for me to stay, I would be more than happy to stay. I’ve only played five or six games so it’s kind of hard for me to talk about contract talks.

  40. Scott A says:

    I get the feeling the recent production was more of a blip–not saying he won’t produce elsewhere, just don’t think the SPL is for him. So yeah, I’d like to see him to somewhere else and get playing time

  41. Gesar says:

    Beasley should just hit the road…………..

  42. Kazatzidis says:

    The USAris era has begun.

    Frenti Antoy at Thesaloniki’s “Makendonia” airport today:

    link to

    Enti Tzonson is formally presented as an Aris player:

    link to

  43. salk007 says:

    DMB scored those goals against very poor sides. Just buys him a little credibility with the unwashed GM’s.

  44. Isaac says:

    I think that Beasley has improved and honed his technical ability a bit more and has figured out that his speed is not going to be enough to beat these SPL guys. He’s become a lot smarter/calmer on the ball, less prone to take the ball on the dribble and more likely to see the whole field and look for a good pass.

  45. Andrew says:

    Demarcus needs to GTFO of the Scottish league.

  46. madmax says:

    Beasley should parlay these past four games into an extended contract and a US spot.

  47. Micah King says:

    For real ! I am actually moving to Boca cool, lol. I think that DB should stay then transfer after the world cup. I could see him playing for Sunderland, Wigan, or Hanover 96.

  48. kfly says:

    And Howard and Dempsey, too. Hell, let’s send the whole team over to Greece!

  49. Isaac says:

    He was helping Rangers get a higher position in the league and was showing, skill, touch, effort, and nose for goal that made him so good. Claudio Reyna had just a difficult time adjusting to the physical play of Scotland but came out a with an even more expansive soccer IQ and understanding of how to manipulate the game against different opponents. No matter how weak technically the SPL teams are, their physical ability proves a problem for incredible players like Shunsuke Nakamura and Aiden McGeady. If Beasley has figured how to cope, then it’s a clear improvement we’ve been looking for from him for years now.

  50. Didier says:

    Everybody wanted Beasley to cop out and move to a smaller team in order to get playing time.

    I say props to Beasley for not accepting a bad situation and working hard to make it better. That kind of attitude and comeback is something USA fans should be very excited about going into the World Cup.

  51. Justin O says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I thought it was something a lot more innocuous sounding.

  52. BCC says:

    Why would anyone give this guy a long-term contract? He’s fragile, and when he is healthy is extremely streaky.

    Hate to say it, but he peaked in his early 20s. Where should he go next? Retirement, coaching . . .

    Funny how he has one good month and everyone is talking about how great he is, how he should return to the national team . . . give me a break.

  53. Chosun says:

    I tore my quad playing lacrosse, and it was nasty…I wasn’t able to do any hard sports for a while (maybe a month or so?). Then again, I took a particularly nasty hit which caused blood to buildup on my knee and drain down to my foot…it was disgusting. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like his is that serious, so I’m sure he’ll be good to go soon.

  54. Colin says:

    Any idea where I can watch the Everton Aresenal match this weekend. Fox Soccer Channel would be smart to swtich matches (Right now its Hull Chelsea), but I doubt they can/will do that. My guess is that I am going to the local pub to watch, but I want to exhaust all options of watching at home. Hopefully Landon will get a run, wonder how he has been in training?


  55. madmax says:

    Beasley should parlay his four game run into some fresh cash, then sit out.