Report: Cooper headed to Plymouth on loan (UPDATED)

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A transfer move that started with so much promise has reportedly come to an abrupt end for Kenny Cooper.

The U.S. national team striker and former FC Dallas star appears to have played his last game at 1860 Munich after, according to reports out of Germany, an argument over playing time helped precipitate a move to English Championship side Plymouth Argyle on loan.

Sky Sports is reporting that no deal has been done, but that Cooper would be open to a move to Plymouth.

(UPDATE-Plymouth officials, including manager Paul Mariner, have told Yanks Abroad thatno deal for Cooper is done and that 1860 Munich has jumped the gun.)

If a deal goes through, Cooper would join former New England Revolution assistant and current Plymouth manager Paul Mariner on a squad currently in the League Championship relegation zone, with Mariner hoping that Cooper could help an offense that has scored a league-low 22 goals this season.

Things reportedly turned messy for Cooper at 1860 after his father and 1860 Munich manager Ewald Lienen argued over Cooper's playing time. According to Lienen, Cooper's father insisted that Cooper needed to play more in order to help his World Cup chances.

Those with long memories will recall Lienen's last run-in with an American too eager for more playing time. Back in 2004, Clint Mathis wound up in Lienen's doghouse when both were at Hannover 96 when Mathis pointed to his watch in the direction of Lienen after scoring a goal as a second-half substitute. Mathis eventually found a permanent place on the bench soon after and ultimately returned to MLS in the next transfer window.

What is our take on the situation? A move to Plymouth wouldn't be a terrible one for Cooper. He would be going to a manager who is very familiar with his abilities and also a manager who is far more of a player's coach than Lienen, a reputed taskmaster. The whole Lienen-Cooper's father fiasco seems like a strange thing for Lienen to air out publicly, but it should be noted that Kenny Cooper Sr. has acted as Cooper's agent in the past and could have been acting in that capacity when he addressed concerns about playing time with Lienen. Either way, it looks like Cooper needs a change of scenery and he could do worse than Plymouth.

What do you think of this story? Disappointed to see Cooper leave Germany? Think Plymouth is a better place for him?

Share your thoughts below.

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125 Responses to Report: Cooper headed to Plymouth on loan (UPDATED)

  1. Matthew says:

    Kenny was pretty far down the pecking order as it was. This sure doesn’t help his chances for making the trip to South Africa

  2. Keith G. says:

    Im sad to hear this, I was really hoping Cooper would have a great season with 1860. I would have loved to see him help the team get permoted and see him playing against Bayern Munchen, and guys like Bradley at Monchengladbach.

    Wow just read that the Red Bulls are getting Oka Nikolov from Eintracht Franfurt to be there new GK. Now the move isnt going to happen until this summer, but what does this mean for Coundoul as keeper. What if the Red Bulls are having a great season and Coundoul is getting the shut outs will Nikolov still be the stater when he gets to NY? I will say though when I seen the article title of Bundesliga keeper going to the MLS, I was really excited, but then was a little disapointed, but hey if the guy helps the team then I am all for the move. Would much rather see Jorg Butt, in a Red Bulls jersey. GO RED BULLS!!

  3. Josh D says:

    Absolutely love Plymouth! My second division team, very excited by his arrival!!!

    I think he’ll get more playing time and in a better league. Get in there!!!

  4. SuperCooper says:

    I think this will be a great move for him. Mariner will definitely give him plying time. It is sad to see him leave a good German league. Just goes to show that you can dominate in MLS, but MLS is still very low in the soccer world. (yes, I know it is getting better)

  5. bigdeadbat says:

    sure the manager likes him, sure he’ll get pt

  6. Champions of England says:

    His father was complaining to the Manager? Maybe its time for dad to step out of the picture and let his son control his career. Good greif.

  7. DynamoFan says:

    I didn’t know that Cooper was 11 years old and 1860 was a U-12 club team in Munich!

    Seriously, when does excessive parent involvement with their childrens’ coaches ever work out, even when they are young?

    Kenny, here’s a friendly tip:
    Grow up, take control of your own career, and tell daddy to sit down and shut up. Its your life, not his.

  8. TomM says:

    Not surprised his Dad precipitated this. Kenny- time to make some decisions on your own…

  9. ahm says:

    or it shows that he started well, got injured and his dad interfered… buttttt i guess blaming MLS the day after their star product scored his first goal in the “best league in the world” makes more sense

  10. tj says:

    Maybe his dad should have stayed out of it! Of course he needs game time, but what kind of reputation do you want for him? The guy who’s daddy will argue with a MANAGER about his son not getting playing time. This could burn bridges with other clubs who may want Cooper in the future

  11. Tom says:

    What the hell is a professional player’s father doing arguing with a professional coach over playing time? No wonder they want him gone.

  12. Toumba says:

    I totally agree. Why was the manager even talking to a players father? This sounds like the same crap my high school coach had to go through. I used to watch another players father stalk him after the game to go over “minutes played”. Pretty sure professional coaches don’t want to be bothered by mommy and daddy.

  13. El Michael says:

    very funny. you beat me to it

  14. ben says:

    why is any parent involved in an adult child’s career? seriously that’s ridiculous. maybe cooper sr can get with craig james and start the “parents against coaches” group or something.

  15. Sounds like one of these douche bag helicopter parents! Like a parent calling a college professor to discuss 22 year old daughter’s grade in upper division chemistry! What a punk! No wonder Kenny sucks, daddy stunting progress! Put him in the category of ” should have been aborted!” Dad = Douche!

  16. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Guys… you are being a bit harsh…This is not exactly a lateral move in terms of skill but is actually better in terms of exposure… if comes in and scores 10 goals for Plymouth and they stave off relegation.. I could easily see him making a move to a top CCC side or low prem side… Cardiff wanted Cooper and may be ready to move up to the Prem this year and need another big striker behind Bothroyd.

    Let us not forget that Cooper has MANU(RE) pedigree and a UK passport… He scored 3 goals in 8 games at a young age for Oldham so I think he will adjust well.

  17. patrick says:

    i believe Kenny’s dad also acts as his agent, so it’s not quite as simple as his “father” getting involved. Never been a big fan of coopers game so I can’t say I’m that upset over the move. Seems this is more of a lateral move than anything else. I can’t blame him for trying to get PT before the world cup, its no different than luca toni, or robinho or many others looking to move so they can impress. The problem is, Kenny has never impressed anywhere outside of Pizza Hut Park

  18. Dunk says:

    Isn’t his dad Kenny Cooper the old Balitmore Blast geezer? Talk about helicopter parenting!

  19. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Did you really just say that? I will not go anywhere near defending his father but his father was a rather prominent GK in England and the NASL and has an A coaching liscense… we are not talking about some chump little league dad…

  20. Will says:

    haha…parents arguing with coaches about their kids’ playing time, an American tradition. Arent you a little old for this Kenny?

  21. UK-DCDave says:

    Best Move for him – Will thrive at Plymouth (with a coach that understands MLS Players better)

  22. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Yes… impressed so little that Alex Fergusen wanted him to stay wiht Manu(re)… Come on guys Kenny is a pretty good player who got hurt and it locked him out of first team football..

  23. jig says:

    no chance he scores half that.

  24. Bumble Biddle Bobble says:

    Cooper’s father was a professional footballer and I am sure acts in the same capacity as an agent would. Agents lobbying for their client’s playing time is nothing new to any professional sport.

  25. bumble biddle bobble says:

    “should have been aborted!”

    that was crass and uncalled for no matter the circumstances.

  26. John says:

    I was going to say the same thing. If his dad is his agent then it is his job to lobby for more playing time. However, if you are a father/agent you can’t let your emotions take over which is what probably happened.

  27. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Might I also point out… his 4 goals in 10 games for the US nats is every bit as good as Jozys 8 in 21… Jozy has also logged way more minutes in those appearances… Give Cooper a look with our first team MF and watch what he does.. we have very few strong players that can creat out of nothing… (Michael, Clint, Landon, Charlie and Jozy when his head is right)… Would you all rather Connor Casey?

  28. Seriously? says:

    Maybe dad was just trying to show the rest of the world how we do things here. If your child isn’t playing all game every game, yell at the coach. Earning playing time is for losers, all coaches should know that my little Johnny or Jenny is the best player who’s ever lived, and not seeing him or her play shows that the coach has no clue about anything.

    This is something that is just as unacceptable at u11 as it is in the pro’s. It’s embarrassing.

  29. I’ve heard of Stage Mothers but a Stage Father? How about Daddy stops crying and whining, and Jr. actually EARNS his playing time? Bummed to see him go, was hoping he had a good showing. I remember when he first went there and someone here mentioned the same point about his coach and Mathis, saying it could easily turn in to the same situation. Well, done.

  30. SuperCooper says:

    Who is blaming MLS for anything? It just shows their place in the soccer world and I hope the delusional MLS fans who actually believe that MLS is on par with the bottom 3rd of the EPL understand this.

  31. Mingjai says:

    In other news, back in December, Craig James threatened to sue Texas Tech if Mike Leach didn’t give his son more playing time… I mean… if Texas Tech didn’t investigate Mike Leach’s actions toward his son.

  32. Pete says:

    Seriously!!! “Hey Daddy. I’m better then the other kids. The coach hates me!!! Can you help me? Please Daddy?”

    This is a player who really had no chance of making the WC roster anyway unless there were some injuries.

    Maybe Daddy can call BB and whine for his son again.

    Hey Kenny, grow a pair, fight your own battles, sit down, and wait your turn.

  33. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Friendly wager? Plymouth loves to put the ball in the box… I say he scores 8…

  34. Aaron in StL says:

    My main concern would be that is Mariner definitely going to play him? Or is this just a favor to his father from one English bloak to another?

    It’s kind of funny and ironic for Cooper that his departure opened up a chance for Cunningham in Dallas, and in turn given him a leg up on Cooper for a WC spot. Whoops! Career move doesn’t look to have worked, although I though he had a real shot to make an impression at 1860 and was doing so pre-injury.

  35. Ulrich says:

    Cooper’s father is his agent.

    Ignorance is bliss…. many athletes employ family members as their agents/managers.

  36. Felix says:

    I find this development pretty surprising. KC was just getting back to fitness and was playing well for 1860 – when he did play.

    So I would have imagined that he would have played more once he got back into full fitness and some good training. Plus what is his dad doing arguing with the manager? That’s kind of a ridiculous scenario if you ask me.

    Regardless, hopefully, he does well at Plymouth, which is having a problem scoring goals and has a manager who is familiar with and rates him.

  37. Felix says:

    I think Coundoul is a good keeper. I don’t know why they would pick some aging keeper from Frankfurt.

  38. BBthefool says:

    Maybe BB will stop looking at MLS for all his *new* favorites. I wonder if Clark will get less time with the Nats because he does not play in MLS anymore.

  39. Sg says:

    Bocanrgra looks to be on the move as well.

  40. That makes him more of a DOUCHE BAG for knowing the ins and outs of coaching and getting of the middle of his son’s playing time! n Sounds like daddy making up for him sucking eggs and not making a world cup squad! SHBA=Should have been aborted!

  41. yes it was…….But so what

  42. K1p says:

    Exactly my thoughts. Time to get out of Sr’s shadow Kenny. You have a lot of potential but daddy is holding you back.

  43. Goalscorer24 says:

    Sounds like his Dad is getting involved in stuff that really should not be his concern. Hopefully he gets more playing time with his new team.

  44. Which begs the questions, why have family member involved as agent?

  45. SuperCooper says:

    Is it really that hard for you to understand that his father is his agent? It is his job to get involved with stuff like this.

  46. Michael Vann says:

    I don’t see extacly how and arguement ensued considering Kenny’s been hurt. He’s been hurt since early Nov and 1860 are just coming off Winter break. Kenny was getting good minutes before the injury. Oh well, what do I know! When I heard the rumor yesterday I had a hunch Mariner and Plymouth were behind it. But didn’t think it was all that likely considering Kenny was coming off injury. Nonetheless, Plymouth need the help and Kenny can help them. I hope the injury is healed and Kenny’s ready to go.

  47. jig says:

    so does that mean I can take the under?

  48. Aaron in StL says:

    Yea he looks like hes done at Rennes. Supposedly they’re lining up another defender to take his place. Not good for Boca.

  49. Not only that, wasn’t Mariner a forward himself?

    It could be great to be mentored by a former great.

    A loan is good because Lienen appears to only stay a clubs for a year at a time. He left Hannover right after the year with Mathis. Had Mathis stayed, he would have had a new coach.

    I don’t think Plymouth would have the funds to buy Cooper.

  50. Michael Vann says:

    Oh yeah guys, his father is not his agent. He may act as a de facto agent but it is really Kon Schramm.

  51. TomM says:

    Apparently this deal is nowhere near done: link to

  52. You are correct. Ronaldhinho’s brother is his.

  53. fischy says:

    Wow — right in the middle of writing that stuff about Cooper, you read the bit about Nikolov and the Pink Cows? Stay on task much?

  54. fischy says:

    Because he’s really good, and at 35 he’s probably in his peak years as a goalie?

  55. TJPierce says:

    I wish only the best for Mr. Cooper, but this whole business with his Dad just makes for a bizarre twist to the story. It seems, from afar, granted, that Kenny Jr. should take a chance by coming out of his Dad’s shadow and starting to run his own career.

  56. 1860 Munich is an American forward wasteland. Josh Wolff’s career came to a screeching halt at 1860 and now so has Cooper’s. The good news is that Cooper Sr. had the balls to get things back on track with this loan move (if he is the agent then I presume he help make the loan possible).

  57. DC Josh says:

    This story is straight out of a high school locker room haha.

  58. James says:

    Kenny’s Dad is a known nutter…

    He got into arguments about his son a lot on BS back in the day.

    Step back dad.

  59. Shmenge says:

    How is it not painfully obvious that leaving MLS for Europe means a Cooper-level player is not guaranteed playing time, even in a 2nd division somewhere?

    You want the money, those are the breaks.

    I can hear Lienen now–“Mr. Cooper, your son can’t score with his head and we don’t have the time to teach him.”

  60. EA says:

    Sounds like Kenny Cooper’s pops, and the Williams sisters’ dad should get together for a drink.

    I’m guessing his dad needs to STFU and GTFO of Kenny’s business. He’s 26 years old for crying out loud.

  61. kpugs says:

    In defense of Mathis, for the very, very short time he DID play for Hannover he was pretty much (arguably, of course) their best and most effective striker.

    I’m not sure how smart it is of Cooper’s dad to start a row over playing time when his kid has been injured.

    That said, Lienen is a stubborn a-hole in his own right, who often seems not to know what is best for his team and also does not know how to adapt to different situations, period.

    I hope Kenny gets playing time with Plymouth…and while I don’t think he’ll go to South Africa, I’d sacrifice my left arm to have him instead of Conor Casey.

  62. peter says:

    As someone that has watched Kenny through the years locally in high school and with FCD, I have to wonder if what really is going on is that Kenny’s shortcomings as a player are catching up with him.

    Kenny has size and a shot, but he plays his game differently from the talents that were given to him. Coop has for a long time needed to realize that he’s more of a Duncan Ferguson than a Nani. Kenny believes that he can hang out wide to bring the ball in and beat defenders, but really he’s just a bit too slow for that.

    Kenny is oh-so dangerous when he is in the box, using that height and frame to muscle for headers and close in shots. Bu the doesn’t fancy that of himself and FCD coaches were driven crazy (and not just one staff) over the fact they couldn’t get Kenny to be smarter about his soccer.

    To be fair to Kenny, I have not watched him at 1860. So I don’t know if this is really the issue, but I do know that it was at FCD, read discussions about it at ManU and certainly a concern that BB has had about him for the USMNT.

    Kenny CAN be a valuable tool for a team on any level, he simply needs to play to his strengths.

  63. Scott says:

    Kenny sucks

  64. EA says:

    Sounds like the 7 footers in basketball, who stand in the corner and shoot 3’s.

    At some point, either he’ll figure out that he needs to use the natural gifts he has (size + strength) or he’ll get marginalized because he can’t contribute the way he “wants” to.

    It’s funny… Everyone hates Conor Casey. But I believe if Cooper used his size and strength the way Casey does, he’d be damn near unstoppable.

  65. JCC says:

    Spot on. I’ve always believed that parents as agents or managers are a bad idea. They let their emotions cloud their judgment, no matter how professional they might come across, there’s already a conflict of interest and an emotional tie to the situation that’s almost impossible to sever.

  66. Eric_the_King says:

    I’m sure i’ll offend many a person with this, but I don’t think Cooper is making the WC squad… nor do I think he deserves to. I think he’s too slow and not all that intelligent. Yes he’s got size and strength, but that’s about it. Very limited capabilities. I’m sure he can be useful to many clubs, but they will always be in 2nd or 3rd tier leagues with his skillset, or lack thereof.

  67. Eric_the_King says:

    Hahahaha. I just wrote a nice well thought-out reaction to all this. But the whole time I kept thinking in my head… “Cooper is garbage”. Glad you had the stones to throw it out there.

  68. otergod says:

    ouch, is this youth travel??

    his dad complaining about his PT??

    KC mustve been embarrassed

  69. Al_OC says:

    Congrats on the nomination Ives! And I already voted for ya!

    It looks like you are the only American among the nominee?

  70. green says:

    Not to mention that this sort of speaking up for your client, er son, should have happened early days when arranging the contract, not mid season. Get the expectations out of the way first and foremost. This always prevents misunderstandings down the road.

  71. WK says:

    someone needs to tell agent/father to go back to the stands. He is. not. helping.

  72. art says:

    Parents should never represent their kids, they are the least objective people on the planet when it comes to their kids. Don’t know if this episode is sad or just pathetic.

  73. garbaggio says:

    How come so many posters think they know what may went down b/w the 1860 coach and Cooper Sr?

    I think Plymouth will be a good destination for Kenny Cooper. Paul Mariner and John Carver coach the team and are both familiar w what Kenny can do from their time as coaches in MLS.

    Normally I like to see our US foreign legion spread around in different countries so players can develop in different environments and learn from different experiences. But in Cooper’s case, England might be a good destination as Plymouth’s coaches will know what they are getting.

  74. garbaggio says:

    Plus + Paul Mariner’s a brilliant manager.

    His team Plymouth just gained 10 points on Crystal Palace. Without even playing a game!

    link to

  75. bailong76 says:

    therefore salchipap619 = douche bag Extraordinaire

  76. OmarVizquel says:

    Ahhh, Soccer Dads. As bad as Soccer Moms?

    In what other sport will parents take it upon themselves to talk with a son’s coach — at the professional level?

  77. patrick says:

    I love that everyone comes back to Man Utd. He never played for the first team and couldn’t even get PT in portugal. He came back ot Mant Utd where they loaned him again, and then cut ties with him. he’s a pretty good player, but pretty good players dont play in the EPL, or Bundesliga for that matter. He’s done NOTHING outside of the MLS that would warrant getting exciting about him. Don’t we already have guys in the enbgland lower leagues scoring goals? Why would he be any different?

  78. smokedgouda says:

    His dad is the problem.

    This is the second time Cooper’s dad has gotten in the middle of things for him. The last time it was to bash MLS for its transfer posturing.

    Cooper needs to hire a real manager and let his dad stay in Texas or wherever he’s from.

  79. Austin says:

    i thought cooper was injured? i also thought he was getting plenty of playing time, i thought he was starting infact…..i guess i wasnt paying that good of attention

    i dont like the fact that Cooper just keeps on bouncing around the 1st divisions of Europe, but i cant do anything about it….i honestly wasnt sure about the 1860 move at first and i thought it was a dumb move if he wanted to be in the world cup b/c every body knows BB wont pay attention to the Bundesliga 2, he would have had a much better chance staying in MLS…..i think Senior Cooper is misunderstanding something here

  80. Austin says:

    you mean agent?

  81. Dynamo Fan says:

    Sorry, I didn’t know that his father was his agent.

    This makes it worse to me. I would want an agent to be objective. Having a father/agent makes the advice to the client/child even worse.

    BTW, just because one good player has a relative-agent doesn’t make it a good decision.

  82. BBB says:

    Anybody else think that if Jamie Kennedy cut his hair and hit the ‘roids, he’d look like KCoop?

  83. sef-one says:

    Well said. Ha!

    And get a different agent. Parent Manager/ Agents, even if acting in the best interest of their client appear to have emotional attachment and will not be taken as seriously as an independent agent.

    Money motivation is easier to understand and tolerate than parental expectation and hopes.

  84. John says:

    Do any of you read the previous posts before weighing in with your expert opinion? Of the 70 or so posts on the KC subject, at least 60 say the EXACT SAME THING! Really, are you THAT desperate to see your words in print? Some of your next original thoughts will be your FIRST!

  85. A says:

    funny that everyone’s ignoring this post while it’s the most relevant one here

  86. brad says:

    I like the move..all that matters for Cooper is that they are playing 90 minutes..

  87. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am, Hope you feel better Bailong76. Sounds like you are a candidate as well DB!

  88. Scott says:

    hahah right… I had actually written somthing out similiar to this, but then decided to just get to the point.. HES NOT THAT GOOD… trust me when I saw how big he was and that he started off with Manchester United I figured he might do somthing great on the national team… then we gave him a chance, and he did nothing. Im a Chicago Fire fan, and I dont even want him.

  89. Nicole says:

    I think Kenny’s dad needs to step back and let someone else be Kenny’s agent. Kenny is a grown man and it just doesn’t seem right. But maybe that’s just me.

  90. green says:

    “Share your thoughts below.”

    I don’t see an “original” between the “your” and the “thoughts.”

    Go figure, a few people have common thoughts. Who could believe that craziness?

  91. Brian says:

    Well Ewald Lienen is a big fat d*ckface then. I think a move to Plymouth Argyle would be good. He’ll definitely get playing time there

  92. ThaDeuce says:


  93. smokeminside says:

    Jig: You’re right; that would be mathematically impossible.

  94. smokeminside says:

    sorry if this is a repost but you’re right, Jig….No way he scores half of three goals.

  95. Rory says:

    Pretty Much what I expected all along. Less then a year later and Cooper is out of Germany and on his way to the bottom of the English 2nd division. As for playing time, he can play all he want but as far as the pecking order for possesion forwards are concerned we have firmly established he’s bellow Altidore, Casey, and Ching. Unless he suddenly gets a boost in speed.

  96. Rory says:

    Well Colorado decided the aging keeper from America, Preston Burpo was better then him two seasons ago so I don’t think it’d be a surprise that they’re looking aorund.

  97. bob says:

    next stop Greece

  98. Rory says:

    Lets not forget that Cooper’s FCD team became a MUCH MUCH better offense once he was gone.

    I’ve got to go now, my dad is here to complain to my boss about my hours getting cut back. It’s sooooo embarrassing… I mean, I’m 17 and my father is wanting to fight battles for me, I’m not in middle school anymore dad.

  99. Brian says:

    I completley agree. His dad needs to let go this isn’t little league anymore. If I remember correctly his dad made a big fuss when he left MLS, although I did agree with some of the things he said about MLS.

  100. Rory says:

    Funny story, I had a professor (Master’s Level) tell the story that one day a College Freshman girls’ mom called to complain about a grade she made on a paper. His response was “Even if I was legally allowed to talk to you about her grade, I wouldn’t.”

    From that point on he started telling all of his classes on the first day of class “If your parents call me about your grades I will tell them to $%@%-Off.”

  101. Marco says:

    Yeah, we’re not talking about Tim Tebow here.


  102. zenabi says:

    1. as an FCD season ticket holder I can say that he was at best a mixed blessing. very popular, hustled his ass off, but did a lot of waseful running. not that he’s a role model, but look at carlos ruiz- smaller than cooper and twice as physical, knew how to use muscle and guile in the box (OK, dive alot too).

    2. yanks considering a move abroad, quit with germany. the footballing culture there is threatened by americans (and those yank-influenced like klinsi). look at donovan’s reception there vs. england. mathis is a pain but in most leagues his antics would be the norm. ballack got out and seems a helluva lot happier.

  103. Rory says:

    Ok, so his daddy is his agent. We get that. But how many times have we heard that a player had to move because his agent got in a fight with his coach? Uhm… not often. That’s the problem with relative-managers… it’s a whole other mess of emotions. If someone ignores/pisses off your agent you might get upset, but if they ignore/blow off you dad…

  104. Rory says:

    Maybe it’s because BB saw that Cunningham did MUCH better with the same team then Cooper did. Seriously… you’re trashing BB for looking at a guy who did a better job than Cooper at the exact same team in the same season.


    And yes, Clark will get lest time for the Nats because he’s probably not going to be playing as much overseas and, oh yeah, Clark got most of his playing time because Edu was hurt.

  105. Rory says:

    For a tall guy, Cooper isn’t that good with his head, is he?

    Is this a curse of tall players? Do Coaches see someone tall and think “Man, they’ll be killer with headers in the box” when in all reality, how much of a difference would three to five inches have in getting to a ball that is coming into the box on a high cross (12-15 feet high at its highest point) that probably isn’t goint to be in a perfect position for anyone anyway?

    I wondered if the “he must be good, he’s tall… oh wait, he’s just as bad as out other three guys” curse isn’t what has made a journeyman out of Nate Jaqua (traded from LA to Houstan then picked by Seattle in the Expansion draft after Houstan decided he wasn’t worth protecting)

  106. green says:

    You must know that Germans, in general, have a laugh at Bayern’s expense on an almost daily basis.

    Bayern is the exception, not the norm. You can’t really say Bayern = German football. Anybody that follows German football gets that.

    Just saying.

    And do you really think they are threatened by Americans? The only Americans they are threatened by right now is the CIA.

  107. Rory says:


    Absolutely. Then back to MLS with his tail tucked between his legs. Can’t wait to see who overpays for the rights to land Eddie Johnson, Freddy Adu, and Kenny Cooper one day.

  108. Rory says:

    Do any of you read the previous posts before weighing in with your expert opinion? Of the 70 or so posts on the KC subject, at least 60 say the EXACT SAME THING! Really, are you THAT desperate to see your words in print? Some of your next original thoughts will be your FIRST!

  109. Isaac says:

    Anyone who was around these blogs saw that I wasn’t exactly approving of Kenny Cooper. He’s grown on me though, and while doesn’t have, or refuses to use his target striker skills, He’ got incredible skill, shiftiness, finishing, and tactical aptitude for a guy his size. He’s a guy in the Roy Makaay role where his job is to create and/or finish goal-scoring opportunities out of basically anything and nothing. That kind of forward doesn’t always work for the USA who need someone up top who knows how to hold the ball(i.e. Ching, Altidore, Casey) since their midfield isn’t made up of the best possession holders, but I think we’re coming to an age where that might change. With players like Torres, Feilhaber, and Holden starting to break the ranks and looking like future starters more and more every day, Cooper’s growth is definitely something to keep an eye on.

  110. Rory says:

    Well when I’m wrong I’m wrong.

    Here’s a link to a father who also got his son in trouble with the coach, but I don’t think he’s his agent…

    link to

  111. euroman says:

    Doesn’t matter if Coop plays or doesn’t play; whether his dad talks or doesn’t talk to the manager Coop isn’t even being considered for the WC at least not the one in SA this summer.

  112. Rex says:

    Why is it that every news story i hear about Cooper involves his father?

  113. We really do not know what was said, or how it was said. Everything being said on this board is pure speculation.

    The interview on Yanks Abroad from Cooper Sr. when the switch was being made, he seemed to be pretty level headed about player values and MLS. He did not sound like a Dad protecting his kid. He sounded more like a professional who understands the global player market. He is his agent.

    The record of Lienen is public. He is a 1-2 year Manager at each of his clubs. His leadership style is questionable.

    There is a report that Lienen and his staff pissed off the Greek players he was coaching. The result was he was fired.

    “According to “Lienen,” Cooper’s father insisted that Cooper needed to play more in order to help his World Cup chances.”

    The source is Lienen. Das stimmt nicht, glaube ich.

  114. TimN says:

    Cooper definitely should shuck Dad being his agent, if that’s the case. It could have just been his dad acting on his own and voicing concern.

    Regardless, I would have to think Cooper is on Bradley’s radar. Altidore and Ching I think are definites. The interesting thing to see will be what works out with Davies. The reports on him being ahead of rehab schedule have been encouraging, but I would still have to think it would be maybe a 25-30% chance that he goes. So, that leaves Casey and Cooper as back-ups as far as I can see. If Davies were to go, then I would think either Casey or Cooper get left home.

  115. John says:

    So why repeat them ad nauseum? Once the thought is posted by someone before you, it’s no longer “yours”. Don’t be a parrot, people!

  116. Zak1fck says:

    1860 needs to get some cash to avoid losing their license to play professional soccer. That is what this is about.

  117. Nonutter says:

    I would argue that.

    First of all I don’t believe everything I read especially when it’s Lienen the manager saying Cooper Sr. said all tht stuff. Cooper Sr. has a very long and respected career as a player, manager and agent.

    Second of all if Cooper Jr. is truly now with Paul Mariner that’s a good thing. Mariner is a great coach and was a former England center forward. Not a bad role model for Cooper. If Kenny does well for Plymouth it could lead to some good things.

  118. zenabi says:

    to green: guilty as charged re: foosball. still, yanks seem to adapt better in england, and i think for cultural as much as sporting reasons. seems like many players there get in the doghouse easily…let’s face it, it’s not known for touchy-feely managers. Of course english players typically flop there too (when they can be convinced to go that is) and to an extent vice versa.

  119. Not a nutter says:

    From Wikipedia:

    “Cooper began his career with the Blackburn Rovers. He decided to leave England for the North American Soccer League. He signed with the Dallas Tornado and quickly established himself as the team’s keeper of choice, playing twenty games that season. In 1971, injuries limited him to nine games, but the Tornado won the NASL championship. In 1972 and 1973, he was named a first team All Star and in 1975, he was a second team All Star.


    In 1979, Cooper retired from playing and was immediately hired to replace Timo Liekoski as the head coach of the Houston Summit of Major Indoor Soccer League. Cooper took the Summit to the 1980 MISL championship game, where it lost to the New York Arrows. In 1984, he coached the Blast to its only championship in the original MISL and was the 1984 and 1988 MISL Coach of the Year. Cooper also served as the Blast’s general manager. With the collapse of the Blast, Cooper was instrumental in the forming of the Baltimore Spirit in July 1992. The Spirit entered the indoor National Professional Soccer League. Cooper took the Spirit to the playoffs in both of his seasons as coach. In 1994, stepped down as head coach, but remained as the team president. In 1995, Cooper joined with Bill Collins, a minor-league baseball owner, to enter an exspansion team into the NPSL. He went on to serve as general manager and coach for the team, known as the Tampa Bay Terror. He took the team to a 14-26 record and was replaced by Perry Van der Beck for the 1996-1997 season.”

  120. smokedgouda says:

    Yes, he needs a new agent.

  121. BCC says:

    Cooper “dominated” in MLS? How many championships did he win? How many MVPs?

    He’s not even a consistent member of the National Team.

    Yes, he scored some goals, but I do not think his performance abroad has any bearing on the quality of MLS. I might also suggest that he tell his daddy to pipe down and let his play do the talking.

  122. wupapi39 says:

    2nd division either way. At least he can speak the language, and is with a coach who respects the leage where he had most of his success. not a bad play even if they do get relegated, if he scores goals he could catch on with another Champ. side

  123. wupapi39 says:

    soon to be your third division team.

  124. wupapi39 says:

    German 2nd division not exactly a huge leap from MLS

  125. ,ichael G. says:

    Kenny Cooper has now officially signed with Plymouth Argyle

    link to,,10364~1949016,00.html