More on Davies and his road to recovery (UPDATED)

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Charlie Davies has a message for all the doubters who didn't believe him when he said he would be back for the 2010 World Cup.

You just don't know.

If you've read my story on Davies, you know how determined he is to come back, and just how far he has already come since the accident.

While I was able to provide plenty of the details of Davies' road to recovery, there was much that I wasn't able to get into the story, including where he thought he was when he first woke up following the accident, the first soccer game he watched after the accident and the ways Davies believes he has changed since surviving last October's deadly car crash.

Here is more from my interview with Davies:


“The next part I remember was just waking up in the hospital and thinking I was in Honduras, thinking that people were trying to steal my organs. That’s how I woke up. It was maybe the third day and I was really confused about where I was.

"A nurse came up to me and said, 'What are you doing Mr. Davies? Relax.'

“No. You tell me why I’m here.”

“You were in a car accident.”

“No, anybody could say that. Where am I?”

“You’re in Washington D.C.”

(Davies, who had torn out five staples from the incision in his stomach after waking up, realized that the story made sense and proceeded to pass out again.)


"When I’m running on the treadmill, it’s like this mirror basically, and I just look into it and think, 'You’re going to be the best in this World Cup. You’re going to score goals and people’s jaws are just going to drop at the progress that you’ve come back from.' “

“I don’t want to just come back and be able just to play, and I didn’t want to be back and be the same person I was. I want to come back and be better. I want to build on the last Confederations Cup, where I was really able to show Coach Bradley and the players that I’m ready and can play at this level. Now, I want to be a player that people are watching out for.”

“I’ve gone through shoulder pain, elbow, both feet, legs, toes, knees, the whole works, and just getting through each week is crazy, but I’ve been able to do it and now I feel like I’m going to start surprising people when I get back on the field."


"Before I knew a timetable, in my head I had always said I’m gonna make it back for the World Cup, 100 percent. I didn’t know if I’d make it back for my French season, but I was like, 'One hundred percent, I’m going to be back for the World Cup'. There’s nothing that’s keeping me out of that.

"People would ask, and I’d say ‘I’m not sure. Hopefully’, because I didn’t want to say I’d do it and if it didn’t happen it would be even worse, but I always had it in my head that I’d be back for it. It was kind of just hopeful, but now that I’m getting positive input from the doctor and (trainer Jim Hashimoto), now I know it’s realistic. I think it’ll just be not only a shocker to myself, but to everyone else, that I could come back early and it’s a reality."


"He's slightly Bionic."

(Davies has had six surgeries and has titanium rods in his left femur and tiba, multiple metal plates in his face and a metal plate in his left elbow.)


"It was just a stupid thing. I thought I wasn’t going to play on Wednesday because I had a little bit of a groin issue. We had just qualified for the World Cup so I didn’t think it would be a big issue, but when you look back now it just shows how little things like that can do damage and define things that happen to you.

“It’s all about making smart choices and being professional. That’s not going to be an issue for me again, I can tell you that.”


"First game I watched was USA vs. Denmark,” Davies said. “It was probably one of the toughest things I ever had to do was to watch the national team play a game I would be in and should be in. It was definitely really painful and I haven’t been able to watch soccer as much as I used to, but I’m gradually getting there. I’m starting to watch highlights of games now and I feel like I’ve made such huge strides now that soccer is going to be in my future pretty soon."


"The coach told me 'We need you back, we’re making a push for Europe, we’re only three points back from seventh place and you’re going to make the difference. We know you’re going to make the difference. I know we’re going to have you the last two months so expect to be ready because as soon as you’re ready to play you’re going to play.'

"I’m pretty excited about going back to France and starting where I left off."


"The past week I’ve been visualizing my first game back (for Sochaux), and coming in off the bench, subbing in, and seeing everybody in the stadium on their feet, and then have me run in and score a goal."


“I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but I also feel like it’d be hard to watch. I was able to watch the video of after and a little bit of during the match. That was tough. I definitely shed some tears watching that one. It was difficult, but it was good to see.”


“That’s when I got the sense that people enjoyed watching me play and I was missed. It definitely gave me a positive feeling when I was in the hospital, when I definitely needed it. It means a lot to me to see that, and to see MLS team’s fans supporting me even though I never got a chance to play in MLS."


"I miss it. I think about it all the time. I can’t wait to score a goal and have that feeling again. I’m going to give all the credit to the lord for saving my life and helping me get back to full health.”


"I’ve definitely changed. I still feel like I’m going to be the outgoing, easy-going guy that I’ve always been, but I’ve definitely become more religious. Appreciate life much more than I did before."

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  1. Matt C says:

    And this is why I religiously check this site about a dozen times a day. THANK YOU IVES!

  2. Jack says:

    Great interview, Ives. I enjoyed the ESPN piece, glad to see more of it.

  3. Bootsy says:

    I so hope it all comes true for him.

    Thanks for the work on this, Ives.

  4. reverb says:

    Good for you Charlie! Keep on rollin’ bro!


    Love the kid! All heart….

    What’s the status of Gooch’s return?

  6. Ben says:

    Calling it right here..Charlie scores the winning goal in the USA-England game..and thousands of Americans are moved to tears of joy, but really I believe desire and passion is more important than form or anything else when it comes to the world cup and Charlie is going to have that more than any player there. GO USA!!

  7. johninatl says:

    Well done Ives. Great stuff.

  8. Mig22 says:

    I wonder how the other guy’s (in the car) family feels when they see CD praising his god for saving his life. Must sting a little, don’t you think?

  9. Andrew says:

    What a badass.

  10. futbolfanatik says:

    god is only on the winning side, come on you know this…

    stupid luck is more like it.. though you gotta cut him some slack- he wasn’t the driver, he just happens to be famous and was in that accident- this is not a Leonard Little type of an incident

  11. Chuck says:

    I’m still cautiously optimistic. Sounds like he’s making great strides, but he still has a long way to go. And also he seems to have not encountered one setback yet which unfortunately is very likely to happen at some point. Time will tell and I’m rooting for him, but he’s not there until he’s actually playing in a real game.

  12. Mig22 says:

    Fair enough.

    Hey, he wasn’t driving and curfew breaking and bad decision making shouldn’t be fatal…I’m just thinking of the other poor SOB.


  13. Bigo says:

    Mig you are a classless idiot. Quit trolling.

  14. Rocco says:

    stupid SBI comment of the year

  15. Mig22 says:

    Not trolling at all. I really think it’s inconsiderate to say that stuff publicly when some other dude, doing exactly what CD was doing, got killed.

  16. Rocco says:

    I vote for somebody hitting the delete button on this

  17. bigdeadbat says:

    awesome news! don’t knwo if ya’ll saw johnson’s near goal. around two minutes in:
    link to
    awesome soundtrack too.

  18. wilyboy says:

    Charlie Davies, football player. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic pro. Charlie Davies will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. :)

  19. Sean says:

    Seriously two of the best articles I have read in awhile. What great questions and even better answers. I really feel like he is determined, humbled, and at the same time motivated. I like how he admitted missing curfew was a mistake and on being professional. I think him having said all those things really shows his maturity.

    I think its hard to argue that of all the National Team players, Davies aggressiveness, determination, swager, and confidence are probably second to none. I am not saying he is our best player (but he could be). I just wish more of our players had what he has. Imagine Donovans talent with that motor and aggresiveness.

  20. Eric says:

    Great piece, Ives. Good luck, Charlie.

  21. soccerroo says:

    Depends on which person you are talking about. The other survivor is probably saying the same thing. The person who died her family’s reaction will be based on their belief. It can go both ways. it can push someone away from God or draw them closer. I sincerly hope that you are not bashing/questioning Charlie and his belief because you do not share it.

  22. Jeremy says:

    only a dozen? slacker

  23. Vik says:

    That sochaux coach is the truth.

  24. Felix says:

    This kid is something. He’s got a fire you don’t see in many people period, let alone footballers. He is something.

  25. Josh D says:

    In a week and some days that hasn’t been kind to US fans (Dempsey, terrible display against Honduras) this really gives me hope that we’ll see our goal scoring threat back on the field soon enough.

    And it doesn’t matter if it was divine intervention or pure luck that he survived, what matters is what he does with his life now that he has been given a second chance. The situation is sad but Davies is rising above it and standing up like the man he is.

    I’ll see you in SA Davies!

  26. SAY says:


  27. soccerroo says:

    Great stories Ives. This is one of the reasons you are considered the Best Soccer Blog and one of the best Sports Blogs. Keep up the great reporting.

  28. Alex G says:

    Im very pleased with this story, I want to thank you Ives for following Davies recovery, I always knew hell make it to the WC, no doubt about it, I have faith inn Davies because of his character and determination… we can all learn from this, there are multiple lessons in this piece. Life is such a great thing and we should be thankful to be a part of it. Go Davies!!

  29. Jam says:

    You can do it Davies! we believe in you!

  30. Cindy says:

    great work Ives! i actually teared up reading Charlie’s quotes, i can only wish him the very best and hope things work out amazingly for him.

    as for the other person who passed away in the accident, we can only keep their family in our thoughts. let’s not judge people for the faith they hold in religion. Charlie wasn’t the only to make a bad decision that night, so he shouldn’t have to justify his faith because unfortunately Ashley Roberta passed away. the only thing anyone can do anymore is learn from these people. if a stronger belief in God is what helped Charlie then so be it, all the better for him.

  31. Mig22 says:

    Not bashing Davis for his belief at all.

    What I am critizing is a public figure being rather insensitive to the other guy’s family.

  32. Chad says:

    Come on Charlie!!!

  33. Ed says:

    Oh I do believe you are trolling, baiting people by posting an backhanded-inflammatory comment on Christianity.

    I get it dude, if you don’t believe in God that’s fine. Charlie does and so do a lot of other people; we each have our opinions, can’t we just leave it at that?

  34. idahosa says:

    lol same here im always looking for davies updates on here….but i probably check like 20 times or so

  35. Ives, thanks for the story. Great job as usual. I really enjoyed watching him play. Hope he makes it back as soon as he hopes. When you see him score goals like the one in Mexico, you feel as though he’s going to go off and have a hat trick in the first half. Here’s to the next hat ricj for Charlie D.

  36. idahosa says:


  37. El Michael says:

    awesome! Wasn’t Davies also a highschool wrestling champ? His personallity definately fits the profile. Total badass

  38. Mig22 says:

    Ed, I’ve been posting here for years and I am not trolling. You may disagree with me on whether CD was a bit inconsiderate but this is not about religion.

  39. The Original Situation says:

    don’t be a jerk dude…

    he isn’t being insensitive, he is allowed to be grateful for surviving

  40. Chris A says:

    What a tank! The way I see it I’m 99% sure Dempsey and CD will be all set for SA and 85% sure that Gooch will be too (he can’t get on the field in Milan)

  41. Vik says:

    Hey ives, if Charlie only comes back in April, is there time for Bradley to watch him play b4 he has to turn in his WC roster?

  42. tz0n3 says:

    Why would he think he was in Honduras getting his organs stolen?

  43. Mig22 says:

    Ah well, we disagree on his remarks. It happens.


  44. jh says:


  45. jh says:

    Why the hell does it matter? He was probably on a butt-load of pain killers and other sedatives. I’m sure a lot of s#$% crazier than that goes through one’s mind.

  46. Franky says:

    1) Ives, great interview. Thank you for the great info.

    2) I think its kinda funny he thought he was in Honduras getting his organs stolen. Or at least its a funny story for him to tell.

    3) CD is like a little kid. He is just so upbeat and positive and you can tell he legitimately believes he can do anything in the world.

    Here’s to hoping.

  47. Jerry Garcia Lite says:

    I got you all beat. I have a exclusive behind the scenes interview with Alan mutha f’ing Gordon.. stay tuned brah’s

  48. This Guy says:

    A. The person who died was a female not an SOB as you stated

    B. It’s Davies not Davis

    C. Ives, please delete this turd’s insensitive comments.

  49. Nicole says:

    Thanks, Ives. This is awesome stuff.

  50. Jesse says:

    Good news. I wish him the very best.

    Come on Charlie, WC 2010 awaits!

  51. CrispyST3 says:

    because it DOES happen, alot of people get kidnapped, then taken sum place, and they get stripped of their organs, then are sold off

  52. gel says:

    I think he has honduras confused with brazil,where they harvest organs.Heres to a speedy and full recovery Charlie.

  53. Modibo says:

    Ives, thanks for not only the original article, which was great, but for posting all this fantastic material!

    Most interesting to me were the parts about Davies waking up. I’ve been disoriented waking up from surgery before, but never feared I was a victim of organ-snatching. Paranoia? Hmm… The other thing that was interesting were his comments on breaking curfew. He’s admitting his mistake, which is crucial. Let him be an athlete, a person, who learns from past missteps, not someone doomed to repeat them.

    Finally, the quotes from the Sochaux coach were pretty insightful. It’s one thing for Davies and his trainer to say he’ll be back, it’s another for his coach to be looking for that to happen. And for a team that’s in the top of a European table for once, not battling relegation!

    All that said, I’m still a wary. Even with all the heart and healing power of his body and the medical staff’s expertise, sometimes you can’t put people back together again. It’s one thing to jog on a treadmill, but to come back and subject your body and mind to the strains of elite competition… that’s difficult and not always under anyone’s full control. If he does it, I’ll be stoked.

  54. baquito alyeska says:

    I’m thinking scoring goals at the World Cup may come easy to someone willing to tear a staple out of their stomach, let alone five of them.

    Keep being effing awesome, Charlie.

  55. CJ from OC says:

    really good piece, ives. Thank you. Best of luck to mr. davies

  56. Brian says:

    “Davies, who had torn out five staples from the incision in his stomach after waking up, realized that the story made sense and proceeded to pass out again”

    Dear God…

  57. CD! CD! CD! says:

    It’s pretty sad that Davies is going to go the world cup (you know there is no way he would let himself miss it) after going through a horrific accident and then you have bench warmers like Adu just talking about making it. I think players who have to face adversity for whatever reason should look to Charlie as an example of how to get back up.

  58. brian says:

    “When I’m running on the treadmill, it’s like this mirror basically, and I just look into it and think, ‘You’re going to be the best in this World Cup. You’re going to score goals and people’s jaws are just going to drop at the progress that you’ve come back from.”

    goose pimples

  59. Brian says:

    It was a girl who died Mig.

  60. Brian says:

    oh shiiiiiiiit

  61. Coffee and Ives blog are the 1st things I do after I get up in the morning!

  62. Easy Answer says:

    Mig22 –

    You are consistently the worst poster here. Take your lame trolling somewhere else you no-good loser.

  63. Easy Answer says:

    A lot of people have this happen to them? Source, please …

  64. Kutama says:

    Wow, this is one good news I have heard in the US soccer world in a long time…..I mean, since when we qualified for the World Cup, we have drawn once and lost three times, albeit because Landon Donovan& Charlie Davies wasn’t in the squad & a bit of good news after all.
    Charlie, continue doing what you are doing and just know that all of the soccer fans are behind you supporting you though I admit I was one of the many fans that seriously doubted you’d make it to the World cup after your horrific accident but with this piece of good news, I wholly believe that you’ll make it. I am a man of faith (though this may not be the right medium to say this and out of respect to others that might follow other religions or don’t believe) & I truly believe that God will grant your heart desire which is THE WORLD CUP. I can’t wait for you to strike fear, I mean mortal fear, to those snobby English defenders & when we do qualify for the 2nd round in which I have a feeling we might face Germany, their defenders too…..just like what you did with the Spanish & Brazilian defenders back in the Confed cup last summer. GO CHARLIE GO

  65. babieca says:

    I can’t wait to read the Yanks Abroad update next Sunday and see

    “Charlie Davies did not dress in Sochaux’s 1-0 win against Valenciennes. He is recovering from an injury.”

  66. Brett says:

    I laughed pretty hard at “I thought I was in Honduras and they were trying to steal my organs” part.

    I hope he makes it back. It would be one hell of a story.

  67. Brian says:

    EJ really couldn’t have hit that any worse.

  68. Fireball says:

    First McBride, now CD9, I kinda like the bionic trend with our WC strikers. Maybe we should only put guys with some kind of metal plate in their bodies up front.

  69. bryan says:

    haha LOVE it!

  70. Joamiq says:

    Davies is allowed to be grateful that he’s alive.

    Besides, I think the actual loss of the life probably stings a little bit more for the family than anything Davies says. I lost my father some years ago and Father’s Day stings every year, but you know what? It would be stupid of me to suggest that people should stop talking about Father’s Day just because it hurts me. Just like how it’s stupid of you to suggest that Davies shouldn’t say he’s grateful to be alive.

  71. Jdavids says:

    Man, I about teared up reading this. I’m pumped for Charlie and i’m really pumped for the world cup. USA!!!!!!!!!
    “Don’t tread on me”
    When he takes the field, it’s gonna be something special.

  72. Joamiq says:

    I look forward to his insights on why he’s so terrible

  73. Stephen says:

    Probably not, but I’m sure that if he’s as healthy and as he says he will be then Bradley will take a chance and add him. Aren’t there injury alternates? Also, he could possibly go to the USMNT training camp at the beginning of March and work out with the team.

  74. Isaac says:

    Are you a scientist or Kanye West?

  75. Katatonia says:

    Ives youre too good for espn.

  76. Isaac says:

    Best news I’ve gotten all year. Even if Charlie doesn’t make the World Cup squad, the manager of Sochaux has made it clear he’ll be back on the field when he’s healthy and not a moment sooner/later, which means he can start building for 2014. Plus, it’ll be an amazing boost to his confidence to be back on the field at all, he’s not the kind of player who gets down because of his failures. If Bradley chooses not to include him in the 23, he’ll work harder than he ever has before, and if he is included in the 23, he will STILL work harder than he ever has before. That’s what seperates Charlie from the rest; he makes no excuses, he works hard no matter what the circumstances, and only a near death experience stops him from doing so.

  77. Fredy's Cat says:

    CHUCK D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Stephen says:

    yeah. talk about being opportunisitic, but still he was working for it, and if it wasn’t for a world-class save it would have been a goal.

  79. speekeasy says:

    well said

  80. speekeasy says:

    hell yea

  81. Tetsuo54 says:

    This is awesome maybe he will start with Dempsey!

  82. speekeasy says:

    his interview reminded me of this speech (chills):

    link to

  83. Crumper says:

    I 2nd that Katatonia.

  84. KenC says:

    Charlie’s been watching too many X-Files! Stolen organs, hah!

    Charlie, start thinking about your book, get Ives to ghostwrite it or Grant Wahl from SI. Here’s your title, “It’s not about the soccerball”

  85. John says:

    At least be informed enough to know it wasn’t other “guys” or “dudes” in the car. Your ignorance nearly out does your insensitivity.

  86. Lee says:

    Wow just checked the stats for his French team. He is actually still tied for second in goals. I’d say they need him back just as bad as we do.

  87. boludo29 says:

    Im really excited about CD9 potentially being back for the world cup. Made my week. I hope he comes back and becomes his old goal scoring self in no time.

    although i really dont want him to be one of those “i belong to jesus” type footballers….

  88. SG says:

    cant even imagine the emotional lift he could bring to the US in the World Cup. Kid is solid

  89. Damian says:

    Good stuff, Ives. Can’t wait to see you back Charlie!

  90. freelancer says:

    Mig22 are reading the swill that you’re writing before you post? This is a story about the inspirational and possibly miraculous comeback of Charlie Davies in which virtually all of us here (outside of you) are greatful of Ives and CD for sharing with us…..NOT a theology debate on the accident itself….go somewhere (anywhere) else for that!

  91. FulhamPete says:

    1. He didn’t praise God for saving his life. He said he became more religious.

    2. Although I’m an atheist, even I can understand why someone with religious tendencies, who paid a terrible price for doing something foolish, might find solace and comfort in his faith structure, making him a greater devotee.

    CD9 seems to be a good guy, and would be very disappointed if his statement of faith was seen to be exclusive of other faiths or other fortunes.

  92. FulhamPete says:


    …although I’m also looking to the day where its

    “Charlie Davies subbed in on 75 min in Sochaux’s 2-1 win over Lyon with a GOAL and an assist.”

    Too much?

  93. DC Josh says:

    God bless him, he’s a warrior.

    Ives, can’t say thanks enough for all of this. As a devout US fan, this was one of the most inspiring stories I can remember having read. I appreciate the time you’ve put into this (even though it’s your job, we all can tell you put in the extra effort for your mafia).

  94. RG says:

    Ives–congratulations. Not just a genuine scoop. Also, a lovely feel good article. Well done getting the story ahead of everyone else… and then putting it together so well. As a fellow reporter, I’m as cynical as the next, but this was a really nice piece of news, well delivered…

    You just have to love that kid….

  95. DC Josh says:

    nothing wrong with some love for the one who kept him alive.

  96. BAJ says:

    Whatever, if he’s putting the ball in the back of the net he can belong to whomever he wishes.

  97. SwerveZ says:

    DAVIES WILL BE A LEGEND. EVERYONE BUY A DAVIES JERSEY…although, got to admit, not super impressed with our new kits coming out… :(

  98. DC Josh says:

    If Gooch is training in Milan, he’ll be at the World Cup, even if he doesn’t play one minute of first team football. Don’t fret.

  99. DC Josh says:

    and running back for the football team. He chose soccer over both sports.

  100. DC Josh says:

    One of the most intelligent and honest comments I’ve ever seen on this site.

  101. jai_brooklyn says:

    Thanks for this story, Ives!

    Wishing Charlie a speedy recovery and hoping to see him terrorize defenses soon.

  102. Jared Montz says:

    Great Interview, love to hear him so positive. All the best to Charlie in his comeback! The mind is a powerful thing. Keep Believing in it Charlie!

  103. wilyboy says:

    Never seen the Million Dollar Man?

  104. Yank in HK says:

    C Davies —

    Keep believing, dude.

    Best Wishes.

  105. ahm says:

    a thoughtful post. thank you for adding some sorely missed dignity to this discussion

  106. ahm says:

    excellent piece ives. i think the biggest thing charlie brings to the team isn’t just the speed, we’ve had great athletes before, it’s the guts and heart he shows every time he goes out there. the man is afraid of nothing and truly believes that he (and the team) can beat anyone on any day. we need more of that mindset for everyone on the team. not only do i think he’ll be at the WC, but if he says he wants to be one of the best in the world I will never be the one to question him. one of my favorite athletes in any sport

  107. jpc says:

    Jesus, he woke up thinking people in Honduras were stealing his organs???

    Hansel: So I’m rappelling down Mount Vesuvius when suddenly I slip, and I start to fall. Just falling, ahh ahh, I’ll never forget the terror. When suddenly I realize “Holy sh!t, Hansel, haven’t you been smoking Peyote for six straight days, and couldn’t some of this maybe be in your head?”
    Derek: And?
    Hansel: And it was. I was totally fine. I’ve never even been to Mount Vesuvius.

  108. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I think if he does score in the world cup, my head my explode…

  109. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I’m guessing you’ve never been on morphine. :-)

  110. PGS says:

    great stuff IVES. fantastic article, too.

    Charlie- keep fighting in your rehab process. can’t wait to see you dominate in SA!!!

  111. Dakota says:

    All praise Ives the God of American soccer reporting.
    I went to the bathroom in about every class today to check this site on my phone!
    Oh and Davies You are a true inspiration, and I wish you the world!

  112. Mig22 says:

    Since you took the time to write something sensible, Pete, I wanted to respond. I don’t care if Davies (typo correction) finds comfort in his newly found god, that’s cool. He went thru a lot.

    However, he does praise that god for saving his life,

    “I’m going to give all the credit to the lord for saving my life and helping me get back to full health.” and I think that was an ill considered thing to say since another person died there.

    That’s all, nothing more. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I don’t care about belief or atheism. I simply think it was a careless remark by him.

  113. John says:

    Thank you Ives!! Really a good article. I was waiting for news on Davis rehab and I hope we’ll be able to see him scoring goals for tha national Team. Keep going Charlie!!!!!!!1

  114. strider says:

    Charlie, Stay humble and keep working hard. We would love to see you back on the field for the USA at WC 2010. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    Ives, thanks for the details and the work on the piece. We all appreicate it.

  115. elbow injury says:

    he will start with Dempsey? how come? do you think that is a good idea?

  116. Tstaub says:

    I have a gut feeling that this year is going to be special, not only for Chuck, but for the team. As bad as it looked with Clint being injured, Boca/Bradley not playing, etc., suddenly everything is starting to turn around.

    Am I the only that has such a feeling?

  117. says:

    Kudos to anyone who is trying to be a better person and this is definitely a moving story. That said, are you guys sensitive much? My God 😉 – I am a HUGE Davies fan, but I’m also not a mindless fan boy. Do you really think God saved his life and killed the girl? Really?! Davies is an inspiration, and we all need inspiration, but don’t gang up on someone because they pointed out the one aspect of the story that isn’t perfect. You guys aren’t coming off as tolerant Christians, more like blade swinging, the lord almighty will smite you down, crusaders.

  118. says:

    Seriously! I had surgery on my MCL in high school and the pain was so bad I was on morphine for a week. I don’t remember what day I got out of the hospital; it was like living in a fog filled dream.

  119. Never First says:

    Mig22, I’ll get your back on this one. I don’t think we should pick apart Charlie’s words since he is just trying to think through this tragedy and show that he is grateful to be alive, but I don’t think you were picking him apart in your initial post. It always gets on my nerves when people say God saved them from a tragedy when others die. It’s like saying God wants us Americans to be rich (most Americans believe that according to polls), yet he allows poverty in Haiti. Why can’t we just admit we are very lucky and should make the most of it? This is not an anti-religious argument but a philosophical one. It’s also important not to brush this off as simply a guy was coming home after curfew. A girl died because of drinking and driving. I hope Charlie uses this as an opportunity to educate, and from what I’ve read about him, I believe he will when the time is right.

  120. Joamiq says:

    Well, tied for second with five other guys… but yeah, still a good point. It’s pretty scary that their leading goal scorer has only three…

  121. G says:

    Charlie Davies: Weapon X

  122. Brian says:

    Ummmm Bradley’s playing and has been playing.

    link to

    He’s only not started 3 games and not played in 2 games.

    As for Bocanegra he’s started the whole season, missed one game due to yellow card accumulation, was an unused sub in the next two, but started against St. Etienne last weekend.

  123. fischy says:

    Well, if it’s in “ALL CAPS” it must be true. You must really mean it.

  124. Katatonia says:

    think it was the second game of the season when he scored a brace against bordeaux. what a stud.

  125. Tetsuo54 says:

    Yea Davies and Dempsey up front plus Jozy as a super sub is cool

  126. jpc says:

    no doubt, but that’s quite an elaborate conspiracy to come up w/. He must have been in and out of consciousness or having some pretty crazy dreams to have that kind of paranoia…

    I’ve had a few shoulder surgeries, and coming back to consciousness was more of a bad hangover w/out the headache than a shock to the system where you start pullin out stiches and freakin out.

    Crazy story all the way around, topped off by what seems to be an impossible recovery. I just hope he’s not pushing himself too hard, b/c the will alone cannot fully heal a broken bone.

  127. r.benjamin says:

    Unreal. This story is amazing. Forget the WC.. just from the human element of survival and determination.

    All those hating on any aspect are holier than thou fools.

    Being a realist I had honestly hoped for a spring 11′ comeback at best.. and Brazil 14′ as a possibility.

    The kid is solid and 100% as legit as they come. His swagger was always full confidence and no bs..

    I have to imagine having Gooch there and vice versa has been huge for each other. You almost want Demspey there as well to feed off of it.

    Great articles, great access.. good work Ives.

  128. rastafari says:


  129. Jonathan says:

    The kid is a monster and a warrior, but he won’t be back… We need him more than anything, but I don’t want him back. Right now, the doctors and coaches don’t want to discourage his discovery, but noone in their right mind would clear him to play (would need one month to get fit) by may 12th. Just isn’t going to happen. God bless the kid for his perserverance and heart, but he should be planning to be back by Jan 1 2011, that’s a “realistic” date, and he shouldn’t be allowed to push it any earlier. The dude’s body was crushed, 9 months isn’t enough for anyone, I don’t care how amazing the recovery is… Jozy, step your weight up, b/c you look like a little bch compared to Charlie (nothing to do w/ haiti) I’m talking about the twitter fiasco, you’re inability to score, and the fact taht you’re 6″2, 215 and can’t score against some non-athletic englishman

  130. Jonathan says:

    Would like to reaterate, that my heart goes out to the victims of Haiti, and my knock on Jozy has nothing to do with the recent tragedy. Point blank the dude is 20, he needs to man up. Fabregas was running arsenal at age 20, Messi lighting up Barca… Jozy is still trying to learn?? I don’t know where the kid grew up, and the way he acts is a microcosm of why soccer hasn’t stretched to inner cities and disadvantaged youth. The kid acts like a little bch, he wouldn’t last 10 minutes in a real neighborhood, and that lack of backbone shows on the field. Soccer players in America don’t have to fight for much, the environment is a waspy soccer mom milieu. (donavan, mcbride and others being the exception). Most of our best players were badass kids with a chip on their shoulder. Dempsey, Howard, Mathis… all these guys have problems with authority, which translates to an edge and tenacity on the pitch… Altidore you need to get an attitude and I’m not talking about a whiney priss attitude, you need an attidue like someone is talking about your momma or you’re about to get jumped on the street corner. (i’m black by the way, so I can see these things)

  131. Cory says:

    Completely agree with this. I am a big fan of Davies, but, whether he realizes it or not, this is a very inconsiderate thing to say and I don’t even want to get into what I think it is tantamount to.

  132. Hush says:

    Thank ives for the update!

    You guys heard it here first from the HUSH man, I said he would be back faster than expected!!! Booya! Chuck D is back, we need to put him on the players out with an injury page! :)

    Onyewu got hurt just two days after CD;s accident, yet it seems that Chucky has recovered faster than the Gooch!:)

  133. Metro Boy says:

    LOL I DO SAME THING …i wake up brush my teeth.. get on my my iphone , go on my safari site site on iphone load up sbi site, make some quick eggs and toast and read whiile i eat… and also do that for every meal of the day

  134. JonathanHater says:

    You’re a d bag dude. First the french thing, now this. He may or may not be physically ready to play, and if he is, he may or may not recover his form, but WTF do you know about what amount of time is “right” for anyone. Doctors and trainers make objective evaluations about individual patients’ progress using a lot more data than your sketchy knowledge of french and hazy and standardless medical assessments.

    It does seem that you enjoy jumping out there and sh*tt!ng all over anything commenters on the board get excited. There is a term that covers self-aggrandizing behavior like that: it is d-bag. In conclusion, in case you missed it, you are a d-bag, that is all.

  135. Hush says:

    Jozy is not Fabregas or Messi, the comparison is just plain dumb. Jozy starts in some games in the best league in the world at the age of 20, and what blows me aways is the fact that he is an AMERICAN! How many Americans at the age of 20 start in the best leagues in the world? Not many huh.:)Jozy is doing just fine. Lets worry when we are a powerhouse in the world of futbol, right now we take what we have.

    Jozy needs attitude??! WTH?! I don’t want no damn thug on our team! He’s fine the way he is as a respectful human being. Messi,Torres,El cun,Ronaldiho,Drogba, don’t or have ever acted tough on the pitch! Especially Messi who comes from middle class bringings. The thug theory doesn’t play a factor in Football!

  136. JonathanHater says:

    And yes, lest you come right back at me, I made a few typos in there. It is the internet, but you are still a d-bag.

    And btw . . . long time reader, first time poster, so no need to concern yourself that I’m ‘hiding’ behind anything. If you like, I can continue posting as “JonathanHater.” :)

  137. JonathanHater says:

    Damn, this is just too easy, but I didn’t even READ the rest of your drivel on Jozy. “I’m black by the way, so I can see these things.” wow. just. wow.

  138. speekeasy says:

    If he (or anyone) believes in a all-powerful and all-knowing God who actively particpates in our lives (most major religions do) then of course he would thank the lord for saving him. And thats in no way a shot at the girl who died or her family because he is merely reaffirming his belief that God has a hand in everything that happens (including death even when it is tragic and untimely like in this case). Charlie, and other people who say such things like this in similar situations, have no illusion that they will never die, they just believe that for some reason their God has granted them more time to live. In this system of belief one gives credit to God for both life and death (and everything else in the middle).

    It’s his right to have those beliefs and express them, so just because you don’t beleive in them (and I’m not saying I do either) don’t use that as an excuse to call his statements inconsiderate or wrong… Because thats tantamount to using the same prejudiced, “crusading” language you accussed him of. Love the theological debate on the soccer blog though.


    Mig22 is a loser cause he starts this same ish on other sites, I saw him poppin off about the same stuff after Ive’s article on dude, you seem relatively intelligent go take a theology class and debate it with other students and teachers instead of in the comments sections of soccer articles.

  139. AllNats says:

    It doesn’t happen. There has never been a reported case of this occurring. But it is a big enough urban myth that most people accept it as true. I believed it until I read this: link to

  140. elmatador says:

    same here!!!

  141. elmatador says:


    what an amazing interview you’re #1..Vivia Peru or New York or wherever you’re from…haha

  142. Brad says:

    Great update Ives.. Thanks..

  143. Loadof27 says:

    Thanks for the updates Ives! Very encouraging news to hear.

  144. philmatt24 says:

    Well they did play in Honduras on 10/10/09, three days before the incident. After severe trauma, people sometimes lose short-term memory so it’s quite possible he couldn’t remember traveling back to the States – at least not right away after waking for the first time. And whether or not stuff like organ harvesting really happens, if you couldn’t remember getting hurt and woke up with staples in your stomach, you might be a bit paranoid for a few minutes…

  145. JavaLavaJoe says:

    As someone who believes in God I understand how Charlie feels. I also understand the anger that some feel towards the faith that we share. “Believers” have done and continue to do terrible things in the name of God. I just hope you can separate your feelings about God from His followers. Some of us mean well, some don’t…but God loves all the same. Peace…

  146. JavaLavaJoe says:

    Ives, this is just great, great stuff. Thank you so much for the article…keep up the great work.

  147. says:

    The ‘crusading language’ was for the intolerant posters, not Davies. However, I think anyone who truly believes “God” makes decisions about saving one person and killing another doesn’t know enough good people that have died or enough assholes (not Davies!) who have lived. I also think that there is no way the two sides of this discussion are going to come to terms in the comments section of SBI.

    I’ll leave with the final statement that whatever his motivation, Davies is determined to be the best soccer player and person he can be. As horrible as the accident was, he seems to have turned out the better for it. My bet is that he succeeds in not only getting to the world cup, but in showing the world what the upstart American spirit can accomplish!

  148. jonathan says:

    Riight… Rooney–> Thug, Zidane—-> Thug, Henry—> My fellow man from les antilles, Cano, Beckham (from a dirt poor family), Maradonna—> Clear thugh, Roberto Carlow??? Umm Thug!?? (just went down some of the best footballers of our generation) nuff said you vanilla cake pssy

  149. PJ says:

    You’re all a bunch of tools for getting into a theology debate on

  150. MiamiAl says:

    We’re getting Charlie Davies back! We’re getting Charlie Davies back! Things are looking up!

  151. eric says:

    Seriously? People can discuss whatever they like wherever they want if they do so with respect to diverse opinions. A philosophical debate should never be discouraged. What exactly is wrong with discussing a public figure’s remark under the circumstances of life, death, religion, and medical science?

  152. PJ says:

    Charlie Davies is a hero, can’t wait to see him in the World Cup… Hopefully he can throw some of that fire Gooch’s way.

  153. PJ says:

    …and the largest of the tools voices his opinion…

  154. says:

    PJ, while both humorous and commendable that you recognize yourself as the self proclaimed largest tool, take a deep breath. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

  155. Felix says:

    Hey Ives, when is the Onyewu interview going up?

  156. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Curious … What is it tantamount to?

  157. Steve C says:

    I wonder if CD is healthy enough yet to see the footage of LD doing the skanky leg?

  158. Steve C says:

    *Stanky. sorry

  159. The Word says:

    “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thes. 5:18 (in the Bible).

    Maybe this is why Charlie said what he said.

    Good luck Charlie. Best wishes.

  160. philmatt24 says:

    Mig & everyone,

    Clearly Charlie made a grievous error in judgment that night – actually several. Clearly, as a survivor, he should be careful to respect the girl who did not survive the accident, and her family. But I think you’re reading more into his comments than is fair.

    Whether you believe that supernatural powers had a hand in who survived and who didn’t, or that it’s just fate, or just blind luck, fact is two of three people involved are still alive. All three made the same mistakes – drinking and driving/riding, speeding (or not saying “hey, slow down!”), etc. – and for whatever reason, one paid more dearly than the others. It’s not Charlie’s fault he survived and Ashley Roberta did not. It’s also not his fault that he’s a public figure and thus exposed to media questioning and the critical eyes of all of us. The third party in the crash isn’t being interviewed for, is he?

    Charlie’s mistakes that night were very unfortunate. But we all make mistakes. The important thing is what we learn from them. Charlie knows he nearly died, and it’s clear from the article here & on ESPN that he’s not taking his “second chance” for granted. He’s more dedicated than ever to being the best soccer player he can be, and it seems his dedication is also focused on being the best person he can be. I hope that this is sincere and lasting, and that he uses his celebrity to further noble causes rather than

    I’m choosing to view this story as a positive for humanity, and consider it a motivational influence for my own life to strive for greatness and not take my many blessings for granted. I hope you all do the same.

  161. philmatt24 says:

    Lost the end of a sentence… “rather than selfish ends.”

  162. Jay in Charlotte says:

    Great ESPN article and updates Ives! The whole story is really just amazing… i’m so happy for Charlie! I pray there’s no setbacks on his way back!!!

  163. kofi_x5 says:

    this kid is inspirational. i’m pulling for him and my whole family is praying for him.

  164. Pete from Chicago says:

    Charlie Davies you and I share something in adversity where we both have to come up after serious surgeries and share our love of the game. I have had to recover from open heart surgery to play soccer once again.