Dempsey suffers knee injury, will undergo scans Monday

Clint Dempsey 9 (Reuters) 

Clint Dempsey has enjoyed a stellar season for Fulham, playing with confidence while also leading the club in goals scored, but Dempsey's latest game for the Cottagers is sure to give U.S. national team fans nightmares.

Dempsey suffered a knee injury and hobbled off the field in the second half of Fulham's 2-0 loss to Blackburn on Sunday. The initial prognosis is that Dempsey suffered ligament damage, but scans will be done on Monday to precisely determine the extent of the injury.

"Clint will be scanned on Monday but we feel it might be a posterior cruciate knee ligament which would be very bad for us and he would be out for a while," Fulham manager Roy Hodgson told

Dempsey's injury puts his World Cup status up in the air, and adds to the injury woes of the U.S. team, who are currently threatened by potential absences from forward Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu.

What do you think of Dempsey being hurt? How concerned are you? Do you see him recovering in time for the World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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126 Responses to Dempsey suffers knee injury, will undergo scans Monday

  1. Jim says:

    So, SO bummed about Dempsey. Really hoping for good news tomorrow. Could the US catch a friggin break?? The team that beat Spain last year could suffer major injuries to 4 key players, plus loads of lost playing time for several others. Trying very hard to stay positive.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sigh. Also trying really hard to stay positive.

  3. Ecualung says:

    Pretty bad news, most definitely. Only an injury to Donovan (*knocks on wood*) would have been worse.

  4. UK-DCDave says:

    I am not a big fan of Dempsey, but he has been in terrific form of late and IMO is more important to the US teams success than many of the projected choices for the WC….I hope that the news is not as bad as feared and wish him a speedy recovery, whatever the injury turns out to be

  5. GO USA says:

    I am sweating bullets

  6. Mark says:

    Awful news. When he’s playing well, he’s an offensive force. Really Hope Holden gets playing time wherever he signs, and that another striker emerges to partner with Altidore, or Davies can do the impossible and come back to play at a high level.

  7. Bellus Ludas says:

    CRAP! Here is hoping that he just tweaked it….Thanks for keeping us posted Ives.

  8. plzno says:

    OMFG. If Dempsey misses the World Cup, will any other national team there have a worse injury situation than us?

  9. HBO2003 says:

    The USMNT isnt built to play through major injuries and the fans shouldn’t expect them to.

    The overall excitement over the “easy” draw was to optimistic… all anyone had to do is look at the roster Bob Bradley had available that Dec. afternoon and realize this USMNT isnt deep or all that talented. The team that could be fielded today ( or in 4 months) is a lot different than the team fielded against Spain last July.

  10. viva nashvegas says:

    Are you f’n kidding me. This is awful news..

  11. A.J. says:

    Fantastic Charlie, Onyewu, and now Dempsey what a bad situation for the national team, they are key contributers without them they’re even less productive hope some good news comes around .

  12. MemRook says:

    Without sounding too “The world is ending,” if Deuce sits out the World Cup, USA might not make it out of group play; I think he is that important to our team, especially the form he has been in. I think he’s been stepping up his game every month since the summer in preparation for his second go.

    However, I think that even if the worst is announced Monday, there is still time for him to work back to fitness after getting healthy. Here’s to hoping *crosses fingers*

  13. bigdeadbat says:

    three and out

  14. Nick says:

    Best case…Dempsey out 8 weeks, gives him a rest (he has played A LOT in the past two seasons), comes back and gets 2 months of game time to get fit

    Worst case…Dempsey joins Davies, Gooch, and Jones in the stands…WTF!!!???

  15. wilyboy says:

    Is fate trying to pay us back for the Confed Cup? Geez.

  16. MemRook says:

    Also, what in the world is going on with my Cottagers? What the F is Fulham going to do without Deuce, Bobby Z and even Paintsil??? Ah crap! I hope ole Roy has something up his sleeve…

  17. Quick, wrap Landon in bubble wrap!

    At this rate we’re going to be fielding a team of USASA players in South Africa…

  18. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Their world cup draw isn’t a big enough break for you?

  19. Zach says:

    Adding on to your point, without Dempsey (and probably without Davies) it begs the question, where will any goals come from? Altidore showed flashes of brilliance last summer but has struggled mightily thus far, and with Zaki reportedly joining Hull, it doesn’t look like Jozy will get much playing time.

    Even if Davies is healthy in time, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be in form because he’ll have extremely limited playing time.

    Arguably, midfield is our biggest strength, but one would have to say that America’s offensive production will struggle unless someone steps up huge.

  20. If it is a PCL, that is better than the ACL or MCL. From my limited knowledge, PCL’s don’t necessarily need surgery. Rehab could be sufficient and surgery can be delayed to a more convenient time (if it’s necessary).

  21. EA says:

    Let me begin by saying that a have a great appreciation for Deuce’s flair, skill and grit….. that he shows with Fulham. I cheer for him, just like I do with every Yank and potential Yank.

    However, for the past couple years with the national team, he’s shown a lot of indifference, and seems to want to give it his all only when he feels like it, and is playing where and how he wants to.

    His little display at the end of the first Brazil match in the Confederations Cup first comes to mind.

    Clint seems like he’s all about Clint, and there’s good and bad associated with that.

    The US T-E-A-M can over come an injury to Deuce moreso than they could with others.

    All that said, I hope he’s healthy by June!

  22. BCC says:

    Given Torres’s history, Spain will probably have issues. But they have a bit more depth, haha.

  23. BCC says:

    With all due respect, Dempsey has had some absolutely bizarre games for the USMNT. Never seen a guy who can be the best player on the field one week and the worst the next.

    While this hurts, he is not indispensable.

    But all of that aside, I hope the injury is not as bad as first thought. I don’t wish harm on anyone.

  24. Neumannator says:

    Think of how an injury to Dempsey will change American strategy (only an injured Donovan would change it more). If you thought we were bunkered in before, just wait…

  25. Jamie says:

    I agree in that the U.S. team has very little depth and there is a big drop off in talent after the starting 11 at many positions. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a team more racked my injuries at this point. Its a shame because we won’t be fielding our best team in South Africa now and most people won’t know that.

  26. bryan says:

    awful news

  27. over there says:

    I saw this and threw up

  28. bob says:

    Does anyone remember Donavon and Beas in 2002, they were just 20 year old no names. Maybe some of our no name young guys will go crazy at the WC.

  29. SG says:

    It’s like the US Team is cursed this year. Without Dempsey we are screwed. Damn this is getting depressing…….

  30. ECSSpokane says:

    Does anyone know of a god or gods that answer request on a regular basis? I’ve tries a few different ones and nothing ever happened but THIS is important. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  31. OmarVizquel says:

    “Don’t Tread on M[y Kne]e”

  32. jpc says:

    did anyone see the injury, from the picture I saw it looked like he was walking off the field w/out any help, which is a good sign…

    If its bad its not the end of the world. Stuart Holden, Benny Feilhaber, a DMB on the top of his game (IF), even Michael Bradley would all be fighting it out, and one imo would emerge as at least an adequate stand in for Dempsey…

    If there is one position we can afford injuries in, its midfield. Lets just pray that Spector and Cherundolo are healthy come WC time, and that Altidore doesn’t get hurt either. Those would be disastrous

  33. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    F*ck. This is probably the worse news that have could have come out today. With Davies out Dempsey was really the only viable option up top paired with Altidore IMO. Hopefully we will get better news after the scan.

  34. GMD says:

    This means that Stuart Holden needs to get some serious field time up until the world cup. I’m not so sure that this Bolton move is the best for him.

  35. OmarVizquel says:

    It’s not the end of the world, no. Dempsey can frustrate the daylights out of you, and more than a few (perhaps misguided fans) were calling for his benching last year. But don’t forget his big goals against Honduras, Spain, Brazil, and our only real goal in WC’06. Plus, he’s a good header of the ball, adds some height, etc etc. He seems to rise to the big occasions.

  36. TimN says:

    Very bad news indeed. I’m relatively young, very active and fit, and play club soccer. I just had to have my ACL reconstructed after a tear, and total recovery time will be 6 months. A PCL tear is a different injury, so it’s a little bit of an apples to oranges comparison, but it usually takes serious force to injure the PCL, so Dempsey is likely to be sidelined for a while if it is torn. Hopefully it’s just a sprain…

  37. FulhamPete says:

    Uh, not when it comes with 4 major injuries to starters and one of them was near death…

    No. Not good enough.

  38. Matt Lawson says:

    This is the absolute worst thing that could have happen to the USA other than Donovan getting hurt. Eff

  39. Austin says:

    i think it is premature and even idiotic to worry about Dempsey going to the World Cup, lets atleast know for sure what is wrong with him(Monday) before flipping out and saying weve lost another one this summer.

    Just pray tonight that Dempsey wont be as badly injured as they think and maybe Dempsey wont be so bad off with this injury.

  40. ahm says:

    i smell a 4-5-1 next june

  41. MiamiAl says:

    We need to take all of our starters and freeze them in Carbonite until June…

  42. salchipapa619 says:

    Never an easy draw in the World Cup and shame on US fans for letting emotions interfere with reason. We will see how good of a team we really are is Douche is out. It will test Bradley as a coach in terms of match ups and our players heart! Please do not use this as an excuse if we do not advance! We will sound like Mexican fans who always make excuses. This could open door for Torres, Beasly may make return, Landon up top……WE ARE AMERICANS! WE OVERCOME! NO EXCUSES! Finally, if we do not advance, than we are not that great of a team and will be another example of underachievement!

  43. Tres says:

    These are good points, Zach — and don’t forget the offensive power of Gooch on set pieces.

    Man, I swear, it’s always three steps forward, two steps back with soccer in the United States. Just for once I’d like everything to go right for a little while.

    (By the way, just some helpful advice: “begs the question” doesn’t mean what you think it means.)

  44. Matt says:

    guys! calm down. we have adu. and casey.

  45. Tres says:

    Dempsey’s runs and positioning — both offensively and defensively — are very advanced and VERY important.

    People tend to downplay his USMNT performances while overlooking these more subtle but extremely crucial contributions.

    There’s no way around it: Losing Dempsey would be a massive blow to the team. Look, I want to be as optimistic as the next guy, but the harsh reality is that sometimes bad situations really are just bad situations, and there’s no point pretending otherwise.

  46. Tres says:

    Let’s hope your best case is THE case, Nick. From your post to God’s ears…

  47. fischy says:

    No, they weren’t. They were very much the hope of the USMNT program since their sterling performances in the U17 Cup. Gooch, too. No one comes out of nowhere any more.

  48. Nick says:

    That’s a great point matt…don’t forget klejstan, bornstein and ej

  49. Never First says:

    Not good, but injuries are frequent. In the past, we haven’t had this many Americans playing regularly in Europe. It takes a toll on the body. That’s why depth is so important. There is no curse. Now if something happens to Howard or Donovan …

  50. Judging Amy says:

    Haha well put, Pete.

  51. Eric says:

    What does “begs the question mean?”

  52. Matt says:

    sorry but i thik this is better for the national team. Dempseys performance with the USMNT sickens me. sure he scores some goals but he is lazy and useless on defence. even our current strategy (bunker) would be more effective if he would move and get back on defence. and his goals in qualifying and confed were anything but great play by him but more perfect service into him.

  53. aristotle says:

    While it certainly is bad news to hear Dempsey may have ligament damage, as someone else here said, it’s certainly not the end of the world. Dempsey is having a good run of form right now, but overall he is definitely overrated. Much like Donovan he can look great at times but then he just fades away for a while. Also, much like Donovan, he seems to come up just short way too many times. Today’s Fulham game was a good example. He makes a great move to setup what should be an easy chance, but then he misses it. Then to make matters worse he charges after the rebound and prevents a follow up shot by his own teammate. We need to make that progression from having some near great players to having truly great players.

    I really don’t believe the U.S. has any chance of making any impact at the world cup this year, regardless of injuries. I also think the officiating bias against the U.S. will be a much bigger problem than injuries. Look for the usual phantom penalties, fouls, and off sides calls against the U.S. Plus the mandatory sending off of any player who dares to make a tough tackle. After all of that happens, look for the usual chorus of responses that say everybody gets “bad breaks.”

  54. Frank Simek says:

    I think what Zach’s sayin is that “begs the question” is often improperly interpreted as meaning “to raise the question”. It’s actually a statement that implies a logical fallacy. Something along the lines of “i think the USMNT plays poor soccer because we always suck”. Perhaps there’s a better example out there haha. But you get my drift.

  55. JR says:

    Scoring goals is the entire point of the game. You don’t get special style points for beautiful play, all the goals count the same. And Dempsey scores lots of them.

  56. Michael Vann says:

    Like him or not Dempsey scores HUGE goals for the US. Huge. When the game is on the line and the odds are against us Dempsey shines. He’s done it over and over for the US. It’s frustrating because he can be ho-hum sometimes but when it matters he is CLUTCH. Donovan has this ability and has demonstrated it, too but aside from these two it’s slim pickens. Someone is going to have to assume that heroic, game changer role if Dempsey is out long-term. But who? I can’t think of one outfield player.

  57. Big Chil says:

    F*** F*** F*** This better not be serious. You people above don’t think Donvovan-Dempsey is one of the top wide midfield tandems in the world, say Top 5?

  58. Paul says:

    For those wondering what a PCL vs ACL team means. I just looked it up.

    “Isolated PCL tears do occur in sports, but they are less frequent and less disabling than ACL tears. PCL tears are often missed or misdiagnosed, and therefore probably more common than once believed. Most patients do not have significant functional problems and do not complain of giving way, which is a common problem in ACL deficiency and meniscal tears. Most PCL tears are interstitial and heal with time, developing a firm endpoint although in a lax position. Most people are able to return to full activities with nonsurgical therapy”.

    Not sure what this means for Clint..but this sounds more hopeful then if he comes back with ACL/MCL/LCL tear. Fingers crossed he’s able to recover in 8 weeks or so…take the time to heal all other nagging injuries and be fresh/hungary for WC.

    As for all those that don’t think he’ll be missed…I would like to see someone else step up and deliver big goals in big games. To date, it’s been slim pickings on this front and Dempsey has at least shown that ability. Losing Dempsey in my mind takes an asset away from an already depleted offensive attacking core. Having him, Donovan, Davies on the field changed ways defenses played the US. If defenses can cheat because his backup is less threatening, this could hurt the US’s ability to attack in ways that might not show up on his stat sheet. My .02

  59. peaceful assembly says:

    Oh well. At least we can still root for Honduras! Go concacaf*!

    *(except el Tri!)

  60. Jon from Chicago says:

    I’ll keep this short. If you don’t think Dempsey missing the world cup is a big deal. You are a fool. Even factoring in his bad games with the Yanks, he would be a major loss when we are looking for someone to pair up with Altidore. Being that hes had such a great year this season with Fulham going right into S.A., it would be a major hit on our team. For those of you who are saying otherwise for the sake of being witty, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Duece is one of our best, and his play in the EPL proves it. (btw- I’m one for believing that his lack of form with the Nats is due to B.Bradley’s bunker style tactics and with no build up in offense and only counter attack style, Dempsey’s playing style gets interuppted.

    Now, I’ll also agree that we need to remain calm before the doctor’s release reports on the injury. He did walk off the field on his own (which still doesn’t rule out a tear to his ACL) so lets hear out all the facts before we panic.

    But lets not sit here and act like this wouldn’t be a big loss for our Yanks…

  61. over there says:

    Help us Stuart Holden…you are our only hope

  62. ed smith says:

    “knock on wood” singular, not plural

  63. Dominghosa says:

    The one attacker that is fearless against international opponents. Great. (Though Donovan is and has been looking mighty great nowadays.)

  64. harry balsac says:

    1. might as well not even go to SA
    2. let be be the first to say, fire Bradley, it’s with out doubt his fault

  65. PGS says:

    im trying to stay positive about SA, but you have got to be kidding me.

    i hope for clint’s sake and the fate of the nats that he has a speedy recovery.


  66. Matt D says:

    Well, let’s hope it’s not a long layoff, for if, like some have said, Davies, Gooch, and Dempsey are all out of the World Cup, it’ll definitely be more difficult to advance out of the group stage.

  67. Lil' Zeke says:

    best for you?

  68. Watching the replays, the injury probably occured near the 50th minute when he went down and landed on his knees, the right one particularly hard. In the 59:45 timeframe, Dempsey is jogging, then walks, and then turns to the bench and signals for a sub.

    Paul posted a good description of a PCL tear. I had a PCL injury in Jan 2009. I landed on my left knee really hard. Decided to “run-it-off” … was chasing a defender, planted my left to cut and out it gave. 3 months of amateur rehab, back playing with a knee wrap. Didn’t really feel good until the 5 to 6th month.

    Hopefully with professional rehab, Dempsey will be ok.

  69. Lil' Zeke says:

    Yep, at least we’re reasonably well assured Dempsey won’t injure himself for the next 6-8 weeks.

  70. Alex says:

    Horse placenta.

  71. Lil' Zeke says:

    But 3 GA beats 2 GF any day. Er, every day. Track back on defense like Cakes, or we die.

  72. Lil' Zeke says:

    Holden done somthing like that at the Gold Cup

  73. Sean says:

    Aristotle, you clearly don’t deserve that name if you’re describing Donovan that way. Even the top players in the world can’t be ever present, ever brilliant. Donovan is a cut above Dempsey. Having said that, a loss of Dempsey is extremely disappointing considering his form as of late and the hope Bradley was ready to put him up front so he didn’t need to defend as much, which he’s proven himself a liability. But, it does give us the possibility of a diamond in the rough making himself known. Could an underrated, unknown, or youngster have a breakout?

  74. MiamiAl says:

    Paging Freddy Adu!

  75. Ty says:

    Although Demspey is a good club player his laziness non defensive mentality, and “I’m the best player USA has ever seen” (remember how he looked like an ass against Brazil) attitude with the Nats will not be missed by ME. Maybe he can write some more rap songs while he’s out. This is a great chance for Stuart Holden to show he should be the man starting at RM.

    Also on a side note, Jozy you’d better step it up too…were heading to the World Cup not the US Open Cup. Guys who want to work and not spend all day on Twitter should be the ones representing USA. Jozy is no better than Eddie Johnson at this point.

  76. Jon from Chicago says:

    Jozy is no better than Eddie…lol..yeah okay…

  77. Turgid Jacobian says:

    No, but better than our team ranking (which is slightly too high). So: a pretty good tandem. They need to both be slightly more consistent–though Donovan has made strides this year in that direction, and Dempsey’s club form is actually pretty damn consistent (if only he was less streaky for country!).

  78. TheDude says:

    Who is drinking heavily at this point.

    Man this sucks.

  79. afrim says:

    I considered Dempsey as a Forward once Davies went down and Donovan started to thrive on the midfield flanks.

    If horrible news comes out tommarow (god forbid) i’ll be catching a lot of 1860 Munich games online

  80. Fredy's Cat says:

    Its time for Coach BB to take some risks.

    uh oh

  81. Ian says:

    Balls. F’ing hell. So if bad things come in threes we are done. Some big voids to fill.

  82. tz0n3 says:

    Frustrating. Scary. Why can’t we get players to not go down to injury? I swear, this is a freakin conspiracy.

  83. JS says:

    Ok Aristotle…tell me which great player in the world buries every chance? I’ll answer it for you…Nobody. Last thing we need is fans like you doubting our players and dreaming up all of these conspiracies of why we can’t win.

  84. DC Josh says:

    ugh. I just hope he recovers quickly for the benefit of his well-being.

  85. JC says:

    “we have adu and casey”

    OMG! If we have to rely on Adu and Casey in the WC,……oh, I am having trouble breathing….

  86. gabe says:

    “sorry but i thik this is better for the national team. Dempseys performance with the USMNT sickens me.”


  87. adam says:

    ur being sarcastic right?

  88. Thomas says:

    I rehabbed a partially torn PCL and was back playing in 8 weeks, although I was a goalkeeper. Lets hope Deuce’s isn’t fully torn and he should be able to do the same…maybe.

  89. Matt says:

    name one game that dempsey hasnt scored in that he contributed greatly? his only contributions have been goals that were very few in this last year

  90. Tom R. says:

    Robbie Rogers will be asked to step up no doubt. This could be his year:

    link to

  91. kickysonker says:

    Donovan with Altidore up top. Holden comes in to play wide left and a resurgent Beasley comes back from Rangers for a brilliant World Cup run at right mid. Bradley attacking mid, Demerit will be back, Spector will be solid (right back?) Bocanegra and possibly Bornstein in middle D. Then I just don’t know the last midfield spot….Clark or Kjlestan or Torres???

  92. SKing says:

    Bingo. I think with a healthy Dempsey, Onyewu, and Davies this is a top 20 team and a team that can play with Brazil, Spain, et al. If we’re missing those guys, players like Casey, Conrad, and Holden who were borderline to make the roster at all for the WC are all of a sudden forced to be starters and major contributors.

  93. Stephen says:


  94. Aaron in StL says:

    Man…no matter how I try to look at it, with whatever positive goggles, I just can’t make myself believe we’d be ok with out Deuce, Davies and Gooch. Hopefully Dempsey’s injury isn’t terrible and his recovery time will be fast. But we do not have the depth (especially experienced depth) to deal with these injuries.

    More than anything we just need our guys playing and getting minutes. Looking at you Stu Holden.

  95. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Biggest problem with this injury is that we may be losing depth – can’t just think of starting 11, in the WC you need 15-16 starting quality players due to niggling injuries, fatigue, match up, etc. If you look back at the last 3 WCs for the US, you always get a handful of lineup changes game to game, regardless of who “the starters” appear to be going into the Cup. As we saw with the Gold Cup, the US doesn’t have tremendous depth. The more top shelf guys we lose to injury, the more mediocre guys we’re going to have to give minutes to. So while Dempsey may be replaceable, it’s not his immediate replacement in the starting lineup (say Holden) that I’m worried about, it is the mediocre player (say Eddie Johnson or Conor Casey) who will now get minutes as the 15th or 16th player if Dempsey is really injured enough to keep him out of the WC picture.

  96. El Michael says:

    The WC is still a ways off and a a lot can happen between now and then. 6 months ago CD wasn’t on the radar,he gets hurt and the world ends. Now Dempey’s hurt and we are ready to forfeit going to SA.

    I’m optomistic things will work out. Maurice Edu has returned and I strongly believe J Jones will be ready. Our CM’s are really strong. Jozy is a capable forward when playing with better players than what he has at HULL. I still believe a guy like Tracy or Pitman will eventually earn a spot upfront. They both should be seeing playing time leading up to the WC. I know Tracy and Pitman are no where near the class of CD, but you never know until they are given an opportunity. and that is the one thing BB does well. He looks at a lot of players and realizes that there are a lot of capable players out there.

    As for Dempsey hopefully he will return, if it’s a PCL?.. from everything I heard he could recover in a couple of months. If not we press on. Don’t under estimate our players..Holden will impress in the EPl, Spector will continue to get better. Gale Aggassaomone will crack Bragga’s starting line up and become an international stud.

    Just saying the glass can be half filled too

  97. Jonny2bad says:

    that’s wrong too. look it up. 😉

  98. antonio says:

    brian mcbride?

  99. martha says:

    BIG blow we might as well not even go

  100. C2 says:

    that was a SICK overhead attempt in the first half that left the crossbar shaking for a good 30 seconds.

    thats what my Fulham will be missing for a bit. By his reaction coming off I cant picture it being that serious where he would miss any part of the world cup.

  101. RNG says:

    Yes–did you guys see that bicycle kick in the first half?

    That level of skill and inspiration is exactly what the US team would be missing.

    But I’d like to hope that it’s just a bang for a week or two, and nothing that needs surgery….

    My prediction: Clint will be in SA.

  102. RJ says:

    Connor Casey is absolutely terrible. He shouldn’t touch the field for more than 35 minutes in any given game if he makes it to the World Cup. For the International level he’s very poor technically, his work rate is terrible, and he’s incredibly slow. He doesn’t even hold the ball up well at the international level. He’s very much an MLS player capable of great feats in the MLS but not much at the international level (this should remind you of Brian Ching). Please don’t get me started on Brian Ching. This is a terrible prognosis for the US National Team, but we have to have confidence in some of the young player who we’ve haven’t seen just yet. Charlie Davies was one of these such players only 1.5 years ago. Marcus Tracy is a player that may surprise a lot of people (and was recently called into National Camp). He’s a Wake Forest product that plays in the Danish League for a Champions League team. He’s a great player about 6’1, with wheels and technical skill. In this upcoming friendly, it’s an absolute must that Bradley play the new players he’s brought into camp. All in all, I agree though, this is terrible news!

  103. kurgen99 says:

    TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE NEWS. Hoping for the best.
    Anyone hating on Clint HASN’T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION, to be polite.
    Clint is clutch.

  104. DL says:

    First reaction is that this sucks but it is time for Holden to shine. Then I realized I already thought Holden would start out wide and Dempsey alongside Altidore. Replacing Dempsey on the wing is much easier b.c. of Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Rogers etc. Replacing him at FWD…….well now we may be screwed. Only realistic option is to move LD up top but of course it takes him out of his best position (for his production and providing a link for his team) and puts the position in the hands of Torres or Feilhaber who are not natural wingers. The one striker formation will not work against high class teams. And the remaining forward options are no good. Need either Demps or Davies to be able to play well. We can deal with not having Jones and Gooch but FWD is not the place we could lose someone.

  105. Bob says:

    oooohhh! Danny Mwaaanga! Do it!

  106. greg says:

    I don’t expect every one of Onyewu, Davies, and Dempsey to miss the world cup. However, if they weren’t we’d probably be forced to move Donovan up top.






  107. Brian says:

    Marcus Tracy left the camp. Tendinitis problems

  108. Brian says:

    Say it with me folks….We’re f*&ked

  109. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    ” He makes a great move to setup what should be an easy chance, but then he misses it. ”

    WTF are you talking about? I watched the game and replayed every touch of Dempsey.

    Surely you are not talking about the reception, turn and shoot that was saved?

    What minute was this blown opportunity?

  110. der_amerkianische_kaiser says:

    I’m on my 12th beer now….

  111. dks says:

    Say what you want to say about his defensive displays with the US, but Dempsey is not lazy. He’s worked incredibly hard ever since he got to England, adding different pieces to his game. His ball control and running off the ball have improved greatly, and he’s obviously been working on his free kicks, too. And he’s fearless, to boot. This is terrible news, both for him and the Nats. He was in the form of his life. No one else (besides Landon) in the national team pool can bring what Deuce brings to the table.

  112. SoccerJohn says:

    Are you kidding? If Dempsey’s seriously injured, four of our best five eligible field players will be out or coming back from serious injuries: our best forward, Davies; our second-best attacker and second-best field player overall, Dempsey; our best defensive midfield option, Jones (remember, I said eligible); and our best defender, Onyewu. Each of those guys is irreplaceable, in the sense that the MNT has nobody to fill thier shoes with even close to the same quality. We only have two other players who are “irreplaceable” in that sense, Donovan and Bradley. Unless we get most of the four injured players back–and in form–by SA10, we’ll be looking at a team that’s a shadow of its Confed Cup self.

  113. SoccerJohn says:

    Okay, I was just thinking that there hadn’t been many truly funny posts. But this got me to laugh out loud. Thanks.

  114. SoccerJohn says:

    Dear troglodytes,

    (and by this, I mean all of you who have responded to Dempsey’s injury with criticism of his MNT play or by suggesting that [insert name here] would be an adequate replacement)

    The guy took home the ^%#$@ Bronze Ball at the Confed Cup, for Pete’s sake! I don’t care whether you think he didn’t deserve it. The fact that he was considered for the award is all the evidence anyone would need to convincingly argue that you’re an idiot!

    Oh, and while I have your attention, I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that Freddy Adu will not save the MNT in SA and that Bob Bradley does not, in fact, deserve to be fired. Thank you.

  115. gabe says:

    “name one game that dempsey hasnt scored in that he contributed greatly? his only contributions have been goals that were very few in this last year”

    right. you obviously have a keen eye for the game. bahahahah

  116. Tres says:

    Explaining what “begs the question” really means is too complicated for this thread, but suffice it to say that it DOESN’T mean “raises the question,” which is the way Zach used it.

    Here’s a site about the phrase if anyone wants more: link to

  117. HoneyHell says:

    Ives – We really need a blog/post on the injured and the expected recovery/rehab progress.

    1) Dempsey

    2) Gooch

    3) Jones

    4) Davies

    5) Beasley

    6) Zizzo

    7) Cooper

    8) etc….

  118. baquito alyeska says:

    I personally enjoyed the part where Aristotle suggested that Dempsey shouldn’t charge rebounds.

  119. Tim H. says:

    didn’t you mean to say Donovan and Howard?

  120. inkedAG says:

    I feel for Clint Dempsey and I wish him a good recovery.

    For the Nats, we are three games, three losses and we are going home in South Africa this summer.

  121. MiamiAl says:

    Brian Ching back in the mix.

  122. aristotle says:

    What an idiotic and dishonest response. I never said any player buries every chance.

    We as sports fans can’t doubt any American players? Really? What are you, some kind of fascist?

    The LAST THING WE NEED ARE FANBOYS LIKE YOU who get their feelings hurt every time someone points out that someone isn’t perfect.

    You also might want to learn the definition of conspiracy before you start throwing the word around. “Conspiracies” are not composed of facts. I could write a book and create a full length movie with nothing but facts to show the absurdly disproportionate amount of bad calls against the U.S. in international games. Are you “doubting” this happens to our players?

  123. aristotle says:

    WTF are you talking about? You are either lying about watching the whole game, or you’re an imbecile.

    “Surely you are not talking about the reception, turn and shoot that was saved?”

    Are you for real? You point out exactly what it is I’m talking about and then ask “what opportunity?”

    That was an extremely close range shot with no one but the goalkeeper to beat. Of course it was a blown opportunity. That’s the kind of chance that is few and far between, and if it is not taken will eliminate you from competitions like the world cup. That’s my whole point. The real great players on the world stage will score with that opportunity about 90% or more of the time. Donovan and Dempsey are NOT on that level. Get over it.

  124. aristotle says:

    It’s amazing how many people who are so devoid of common sense and knowledge of the game that the only way they can avoid(unsuccessfully) looking stupid is to lie or distort what someone said.

    You must be suggesting that a player shouldn’t avoid taking away good scoring opportunities from his own teammates. When his teammate gestured his displeasure at Dempsey for blocking his opportunity, I’m sure Dempsey must have replied, “I find it amusing that you think I shouldn’t go after my rebound.”

  125. aristotle says:


    I would hope it is understood that when I talk about Donovan and Dempsey not being consistent enough to be considered great (on the world stage) that that doesn’t mean I am saying they should be “ever present, ever brilliant.” They are simply not “ever present, ever brilliant” enough to be great players in great leagues or on the world stage.