Dempsey verdict set for Tuesday

Clint Dempsey (Getty Images) 

If you were waiting for an update on Clint Dempsey's health status, it appears as though you will have to wait until Tuesday for an official verdict.

Dempsey underwent scans on Monday on the right knee he injured during Fulham's 2-0 loss to Blackburn on Sunday and while the early prognosis before the scans was a PCL injury, Yanks Abroad is reporting that official word on Dempsey's injury won't come until Tuesday.

Roy Hodgson made comments after Sunday's match stating that the early prognosis was cruciate ligament damage. Nothing official has come after that, leaving us to wait on word on whether the injury is a serious one that will force Dempsey out of the World Cup, or a mild injury that will require rehab that can be completed before June.

If any word on Dempsey's status surfaces before Tuesday, we will pass it along.

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43 Responses to Dempsey verdict set for Tuesday

  1. reilly says:

    keeping my fingers crossed but expecting the worst.

  2. froboy says:

    USMNT and Fulham are going to be saying a lot of extra prayers

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Looks like God is doing a good job cooling our excitement for 2010 after 2009. At least we’re not North Korea…

  4. Peter says:

    Best wishes Clint! Hoping for a quick recovery. Anyone know the status of Gooch? Is he training again?

  5. Erik says:

    Hans Brix stole our World Cup!

  6. Franky says:

    Gooch is on an interview on saying he is running again and doing later movement as well. He said he hoped to be in the March camp for the Holland game but that may be too early for him to get a full match in.

    Whats the latest with Davies?

  7. Mike says:

    Ives- If the Dempsey injury is serious don’t you think Bradely has to lure McBride back to the National team?

  8. kyle says:

    THanks for the for update Ives, US fans should keep dempsey in their prayers. tell us the moment you hear anything.

  9. inkedAG says:

    I’m hoping for the best for Clint!

  10. Josh D says:

    Why? No expectations then!

  11. Peter says:

    Thanks for the Gooch update. This is good news. Given there’s still 6 months to the big dance, I would think there’s a good chance for him to get back to full strength given playing time.

  12. Judging Amy says:

    Any doctors out there know how long recovery could be expected to take if it is cruciate ligament damage?

  13. ian says:

    C’mon Clint and Clint’s knee!

  14. GJJ says:

    When will the bad news end? Davies, Onyewu, Dempsey, Jones, Demerit, Spector, etc. I am very worried about the WC.

  15. Charles says:

    Wow, can it get any worse for the US?

    Here is a good idea, Landon should go play 10 weeks of meaningless games over there…what is the worst that could happen ?

  16. Tim says:

    Fulham lost 2-0 to Blackburn with Christopher Samba and Ryan Nelsen scoring.

  17. SwerveZ says:

    Can anyone post that NASTY bike shot off the post that Deuce hit? Good lord this is horrible, but let’s just hope it’s not as bad as it sounds and he gets a good doc and can recover before WC. In the knee world, 6 months should be good, but he’s gotta be fit well before that…so we’ll see.

  18. JohnC says:

    Depends on the ligament..if it is ACL and he has it repaired then he doesn’t start training for 6 months (in Europe, soccer players seem to start training after 4 months but watch the progression of any footballer be it European Football or American Football and there is no way they are even close to their oldselves until 9-12 months after surgery). If it is MCL then he prob. won’t get that repaired but go through physical therapy for 2 months. I have no experience with PCL. Hodgson suggested PCL after the game- any sports trainer knows how to check for a torn ACL without an MRI and it might be good news that speculation has not led to that it is the ACL.

  19. William the Terror says:

    there is no god.

  20. jig says:

    all good points.

  21. Dave says:

    In general, PCL is slower than ACL so figure 6-9 mos before anything (according to my physical therapist a few years back. I was doing rehab for an ACL surgery)

    Here’s hoping it is not a complete tear, then the rules change completely.

  22. El Michael says:

    PCL’s can be diagnosed as level 1,2, or 3 If Clint is a 1 or 2 he could be back in 6-8 weeks.

    It’s a vey common rugby injury and in most instances the players are back in 6 weeks.

  23. Lorenzo says:

    Onyewu, Dempsey, Davies injuries… Edu comeback form uncertain, Jermain Jones future availability in doubt, Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark club future uncertain, Beasley unable to stay healthy, Bocanegra not finding club time, Kenny Cooper injury, Altidore’s inability to do well in Europe so far, no other striker stepping up….

    come on, don’t tell me expectations aren’t tempered. But.. we have a good WC group and some players getting good mins (Bradley, Donovan, Howard, Cherundelo, Feilhaber, Demerit, Spector). We will see come May I guess.

  24. TimN says:

    Best case: MCL sprain or even tear; doesn’t require surgery, and depending on the grade of tear, he could be back in 2-3 months.

    Worst case: ACL tear; would require surgery, 8-12 weeks of rehab, and a minimum 5-6 months before he could get back to training, and even then he would be severely out of form.

    If it’s PCL, then it could also be bad, but treatment and rehab would vary greatly depending on how severe it were. Isolated PCL tears in sports are not as common as ACL tears. It requires quite a bit of force to tear the PCL. It most commonly occurs in motor vehicle trauma when high force hits the lower leg while it is bent, typically against the dashboard. If it is the worst case, a grade III tear, he may need surgery, which would likely mean several months of recovery.

  25. baquito alyeska says:

    DO WANT.

  26. DC Josh says:

    PCL isn’t as bad as ACL. He did walk off, so any injury to the ACL would be only partial, although it’s still just as bad as a rupture. We have to hope it’s isolated to only one ligament.

    Here’s hoping it’s not too serious and he’s back in April at the latest…

  27. Mig22 says:

    Hey, I can be as pessimistic as the next guy but let’s remember that MOST knee injuries these days are scoped out, not laid wide open. Thus, this could be 3-4 weeks. (wow, I’m not usually the glass-half-full guy)

  28. Dave says:

    STEADMAN HAWKINS! (clap clap clap clap clap) STEADMAN HAWKINS! See you in Vail, Deuce.

  29. Steven says:

    Hopefully this is just the beginning of good news regarding our boys.

  30. jonathan says:

    How can England be so lucky? Gooch, Davies, now Dempsey?? If donavan goes out… I will have 0 expectations for our team and will be happy with a point… Hell i have close to zero as it stands now

  31. Stevenst says:

    Sorry, this comment was intended for the Onyewu post.

  32. Rocco says:

    The worst really should be expected. A simple drawer test will usually give a trainer a positive (negative depending how you look at it) indication of a tear. The most likely positive scenario here is good treatment and speedy recovery. Sad as it sounds, Clint is probably going to spend a lot of time off in the coming months.

  33. RLW2020 says:


  34. OmarVizquel says:

    5 months left. Things change fast in this sport.

  35. joosetiger says:

    I found full match highlights including the BRILLIANT bicycle kick attempt by Dempsey. Its incredible, well struck, and a shame to not go in. He hit it too well, actually. Also, his turn and shoot attempt later in the game would have been an equally impressive goal. The turn alone is worthy of some of the best strikers in the game. Deuce, please start your recovery now!! Does anyone have any extra horse placenta??!!

    Enjoy the highlights: link to

  36. Clayton says:

    Fingers crossed for Clint! Gotta have you for the summer, my man. What’s the latest on the Charlie Davies recovery?

  37. ESPN is reporting that it is the PCL which is in question. It looked like is simple knock when it happened. You could see Dempsey flexing his leg and testing it pretty aggressively afterwards. He stayed on the pitch for a corner before going off and never seemed seriously uncomfortable in the way you would expect from a severe injury. If it is serious, it would be one of the most benign looking injuries of its kind that I’ve seen.

  38. Dempsey is the only USMNT player I’ve seen capable of making those two plays. Probably the best form he’s ever been in, and would make an injury all the more heart-breaking.

  39. Andy in Andy says:

    Tore my PCL in u17 (very high level select)… took 6 months to get it back to normal… was playable on 4-5 months but I was not mentally ready to cut and turn they way I wanted to… kept worrying becuase it would twinge every so often when I moved at pace… that was back in 1993. I would imagine that medicine and PT techniques have improved but still will be cutting it close… if he ruptured it… no chance really.

  40. Andy in Atlanta says:

    PCLs look that way… you can actually still tough it out and run on them for a few minutes… I finished out an indoor match and mine happened from a tackle from behind that was not really that viscious..

  41. JS says:

    So I’m guessing ya’ll missed the Olympics and the Fire’s season…I love McBride but he’s no longer competitive on the international level.

  42. AngelUSAfan says:

    Wow it look like Bob Bradley have to start looking to deep for guys that can play with Dempsey style of football(Soccer). It look like he have to start looking for replacement of Ouchie, Davis, & Dempsey and I hope now that Donovan is in The EPL doesn’t get hurt either since he is been playing without a rest. But I heart that there is a new comer playing for Estudiante de Argentina his name is Micheal Hoyos Born in California his parents are from Argentina. He even score against Boca Junior. IVES can you find out more about this guy. And have Bob Bradley scout this fellow.

  43. patrick says:

    ives will get him on the bat phone immediately