Dempsey has moderate ligament damage, may return before end of EPL season

Clint Dempsey 1 (Reuters)

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Clint Dempsey is expected to return to action for Fulham before the end of the English Premier League season after scans on his injured knee revealed "moderate damage to a ligament", Fulham revealed on its website on Tuesday evening.

The injury will not require surgery and Dempsey should return before the end of the EPL season, meaning that, barring a setback, Dempsey should be able to recover in time to take part in the 2010 World Cup.

Here is the statement issued by Fulham on the club website:

During the Blackburn Rovers fixture on Sunday 17 January, Clint Dempsey sustained moderate damage to a ligament in his right knee. Following the results of a scan, early indications are positive in that no operation is required. At this stage it is thought that the injury will not prevent him from featuring for Fulham, prior to the end of the season.

That sound you hear is the largest collective exhale in American soccer history.

U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley expressed confidence in Dempsey's ability to recover in time to play a part in this summer's world Cup.

“The news about Clint's injury is positive, especially given the fact that he will not require surgery,” Bradley said. “We are confident that Clint will be ready to be an important part of our team during the World Cup."

According to U.S. Soccer, the U.S. team medical staff has been in contact with Fulham on a daily basis, and will continue to monitor his progress in the coming months.

What do you think of this development? Think Dempsey can return in time to be an impact player in South Africa? Wondering who will step up if Dempsey isn't ready? Just glad Dempsey's chances of playing in the World Cup are good?

Share your thoughts (and relief) in the comments section below.

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145 Responses to Dempsey has moderate ligament damage, may return before end of EPL season

  1. Tetsuo54 says:


  2. Mingjai says:


    Though it sucks that he had to get injured in the first place.

  3. JTnTexas says:

    Prayers Answered

  4. lazo says:

    now he will be fresh in june.

  5. says:

    thank goodness…question ives, whats goin on with jermaine jones? havent seen/heard any updates recently?

  6. Anon says:

    Good news, but sometimes when you don’t do an operation it’s hard to put a timeline on a player’s return to top form. If it doesn’t respond to treatment, you end up having to get surgery after all. So, just a bit of uncertainty still in all of this even though it’s better not to have to worry about scar tissue and rehab.

  7. Sean says:

    Absolutely awesome news!

  8. nick says:

    Is it still the PCL?

  9. El Michael says:

    Can’t wait for more details. Moderate is a scary word. Hopefully he’s back well before the WC, not in late April or early May

  10. Sergio of SF says:

    Outstanding! Too bad it happened though, he has been scoring and playing well lately.

  11. Kevin in Denver says:

    I’ll believe he’ll be back for the end of the EPL series when I see it.

    But either way, looks like he’ll be okay for the WC, which, let’s be honest, is the USMNT’s main concern, and probably Dempsey’s too.

  12. Aaron in StL says:

    Good news. Get healthy Clint, we’re sure going to need you.

  13. sef-one says:

    Great news. heal up! hopefully rest and rehab will go a long way to having clint rebuilt stronger, faster and better.

  14. Adam in Cali says:

    I’m quite anxious to eventually hear how long they believe he will be on the sidelines…? A couple of months out is very different than returning at the end of the season, where there isn’t much time to get match fit before South Africa. Here’s to hoping his rehab is successful and he’s back on the field scoring wonder goals again in no time!

  15. OmarVizquel says:

    Dr. Hodgson’s diagnosis was off.

  16. mike says:

    could they be more vague?

  17. Aaron in StL says:

    Also, that has to be one of the longest(if not the longest) SBI thread titles I’ve every seen.

    For as much attention as it’s garnered, it deserves a lengthy title.

    (SBI-Felt like I had to let people know the story since everyone waited so long, but I’ve shortened the headline since.

  18. Clayton says:

    Phew. Need to get all the big guns back for the WC. It looks like Clint and Gooch will be ready … Charlie? What’s the latest with Mr. Davies and Jermaine Jones?

  19. Tris says:

    Sweet, I was totally scared of the possibility of seeing Conor Casey and Ching as our two forwards.

  20. viva nashvegas says:

    Doing the happy dance.

  21. Fedorov Cadmius says:

    Like my french cousin would say: Qu’est-ce qu’un bâtard chanceux!

  22. ComoPark says:

    I’m not a doctor (though I play one on TV), but the release sounds consistent with a partial PCL tear. Pretty tough to surgically repair the PCL, so intense PT is generally the thing to do.

  23. Jason says:

    damn I was looking forward to seeing him against the Netherlands

  24. USA4Life says:

    Why? Those are the 2 best forwards America has ever produced! I mean they play in an MLS league that is on par with the bottom third of the EPL and they dominate!

  25. Indigo Montoya says:

    Exhale now…whew.

  26. El Michael says:

    I hope you are right

    If it’s a partial PCL tear he could be back in 6-8 weeks.

  27. alisonrose says:

    Thank the baby Jesus for that one!

  28. Aaron says:

    I just threw up in my mouth reading this . . .please don’t ever suggest something like this again.

  29. Al_OC says:

    Yes, but will he be game fit? But at this point, I’ll take it; it’s definitely better than not having him around in SA.

  30. JS says:

    Oh..Thank you Jesus (or insert your own deity)…though with how my beloved whites have been playing lately its scary to see who will pick up the slack

  31. My left teste is missing.

  32. The Beard says:

    Does ESPN ever get mad at you for posting news here before a story is up there?

  33. munkyman says:

    news is slowly trickling out to the rest of the sports websites. USAToday, ESPN, all already have their stories up. Forgot how big the news was. Hopefully he’s back to full strength by the World Cup. It’s pretty hard to be playing effectively at “80%”

  34. Jonathan says:

    You’re french is terrible 1. 2. This is an english speaking site, so if you want to pat yourself on the back for knowing a couple of words in french do it on your own time. 3. you’re french is really terrible— poor translation, in colloquial speech one would rarely actually spell nevertheless say Qu’est-ce qu’un… and chanceux batard is the direct translation to lucky batard (s). When in french we would most likely say, sal not lucky, we’d say dirty but more in an a lucky type of way…. The end

  35. jonk says:

    As slow as they are, they can hardly complain. Most times it seems like they wait for another news agency to write the article, then post that…though I have seen a handful of “soccernet” authored articles.

  36. Matt D. says:

    Fantastic! This, combined with Gooch’s interview, means that each player could yet recover in time for the World Cup…phew!

  37. EDB says:

    I hope its not one of those things that can heal with out surgery but isn’t assured then requires the knife later.

  38. whb says:

    Really fantastic news. (I’m sure Dempsey will be relieved as well). He just needs to go see Dr. Spaceman and he’ll be alright.

  39. Jonathan says:

    This actually isn’t good news… he may be “back” but not really. I believe I had a similar tear, (along with being french, I played D-1 American football) (yes true story, i went to highschool in america and picked up the game pretty quickly). It happened in may, and by august I thought i was back up to full speed. Unfortunately I had the worst season of my life, never really had my former explosiveness back, and whenever i got hit straight on it, it would swell up like a grapefruit. It actually took closer to a year for me to feel no after affects at all…. Depmsey won’t be back to his current form by the world cup… we are not very lucky…

  40. Derek says:


  41. sir coble says:

    I hope dempsey soaks his knee in some horse placenta… With the question of his fitness for south africa, can we hope BBradley will throw him up top?

  42. Shmenge says:

    I think I offered the Gods something similar in return for good news.

  43. Sammy Gupta says:

    So excited by the news…definitely spent the last few days praying to the soccer gods (i still believe they exist) that deuce would still feature in the world cup. I think he will be able to regain form quicker than most because of his athleticism and rigorous physical therapy which is what will be required over the next few months to strengthen the area around the pcl while the ligament itself re-builds.

    By the way…only in the UK would it take 3 full days to get the results and opinion from doctors regarding an MRI…darn the NHS and National Healthcare

  44. over there says:

    Ahhhhh…vague feeling of hopelessness and despair is now gone :)

  45. Kevin in Denver says:

    Pot, meet kettle.

  46. I guess we can share the credit for this one.

  47. Franky says:


    How about a piece on all the walking wounded yanks (Davies, Clint, Gooch, J Jones, etc.)? You have a ton of really anxious readers and USMNT fans. Maybe get a word or two from each about their return timetable? Worth asking.

  48. El Michael says:

    The EPL ends May 9. So for Clint to be back in action AND make it worthwhile for Fulham to bring him back i.e. more than one or two games I would think he would need to be back training by Mid March. That would allow enough time to work him back in the line up in April.

    This time line could support a minor PCL tear diagnosis.

  49. gabe says:

    i bet somewhere that matt character is well upset

  50. timmyg says:

    Okay, first of all, the release does not even state which ligament is damaged. There are 3 in each knee, whichever one was injured has a different healing time. Considering there was a scan, the med team (and PR dept) would know.

    Secondly, the last sentence sense in the first paragraph is completely nonsensical and a double negative.

    More proof we needs journalists and not press releases to get our information from.

  51. fischy says:

    The question really is will it heal in the interim – or, will it be setting up for further. more severe injury down the line.

  52. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    Did anyone else hear that sound at 5:47 when this got posted? Yeah, that was every American soccer fan exhaling.

  53. jig says:

    i hope he’s gonna be alright, but honestly there is nothing in this statement to make me feel confident that he will actually be back to his old self in South Africa.

  54. TheJester525 says:

    Good news. Tho there’s been a few stories this last year of players who put off surgery only to ultimately need it and then they ended up missing a larger chunk of playing time. Hopefully PT will be enuf, Dempsey will do his thing at the WC, and all will be well in the world.

  55. froboy says:

    hopefully he doesn’t turn into the new Jermaine Jones

  56. FulhamPete says:

    That is the best laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you.

  57. jonk says:

    Duly noted. However, based on your skills I will not be recommending you for the position.

    As far as not mentioning which ligament, if it’s not a full tear it might not be completely apparent which one it is other than speculating based on how the injury occured and/or other diagnostic tests.

  58. Keith G. says:

    This is what I like to hear, and I think with this news, I think Bradley should play Dempsey as a striker, to allow less running for him as to playing in the midfield. I am starting to see the starting 11 as:


    Spector, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Bornstien

    Bradley, Clark/Edu

    Donovan Beasley/Holden

    Dempsey Altidore

  59. agnigrin says:

    Ecrase couchon!

  60. agnigrin says:

    It should have said: Ecrase cochon!

  61. Felix says:

    We dodged a bullet here, but we still need him to be in some semblance of form going into June, its not like we can roll the ball out there and he’s going to start dribbling his way through the English defense.

    But its still good news.

  62. Mojo44 says:

    true, but there isn’t anything in there that sez he won’t, which was possible. It’s good enough for now.

  63. DC Josh says:


  64. DC Josh says:


  65. Phil says:

    Charlie, Gooch, Clint – doesn’t matter how good are draw is if we don’t field our best 11

  66. Eric says:

    GREAT news!

  67. agnigrin says:

    Perhaps but you didn’t have the mega buck PT that the Deuce will have either and your livehood wasn’t on the line either back in HS.
    So can you please put lid on the cynicism?
    Espece de connard!

  68. donovanfoever17 says:

    great news….but lets see somethin about the other USMNT injuries. i wanna hear about davies and jones!!

  69. Paul says:

    Let’s cut out all the amateur diagnosis and prognosis here, even if you’ve had a similar injury. Until we’ve seen Dempsey’s actual medical report — and probably not even then, since we’re not experts — I don’t think any of us are qualified to offer predictions.

  70. brad says:

    I’ll take it… it could have been way more severe…

  71. MiamiAl says:

    See, prayer does work…

  72. Tris says:

    Yeah, me too since my other nightmare pairing was EJ and Rolfe. Think of this as merely a little spitup.

  73. Halle-freaking-lujah.

  74. jai_brooklyn says:

    Interesting interview with McBride on Fulham’s website. He said he is not thinking of a Nat team comeback but wouldn’t turn it down if there was a ‘crazy amount of injuries’.

    I for one would have no problem having McBride back in the mix.

  75. Brian says:

    I agree for the most part, at least formation wise.

    If Jones ever gets healthy he could be competing with Edu and fellow Bundesliger Clark.

    As for the back 4, it’s really hard to tell what it’s going to be like come June 12th. Will Onyewu be healthy and fit? With all his playing time concerns will Bocanegra be starting (and will he still be captain?)?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see DeMerit starting in the center with Bocanegra (if Gooch isn’t healthy), or in the center with Gooch and with Bocanegra on the wing. Another possibility could be an outside back pairing of Spector and Cherundolo (most likely with Spector on the left).

  76. dunbar says:

    I am so thrilled that Dempsey will be back. However I would not want our current best field player abroad other than Donovan risking injury that would hurt his chances for the future cause he has another world cup in his future. I also like how Ricardo Clark and Jared Jeffrey have quietly signed with a good clubs unlike the other americans testing the waters abroad who have just caused wide speculation for the last 2 weeks.

  77. Brian says:

    He is 37 and didn’t show that well in the Olympics. Still it’s nice to know that the possibility exists especially if Davies isn’t able to go and God forbid this Dempsey injury is worse than being reported.

    I’m not sure I’d put him above Conor Casey or even Brian Ching at this point though.

  78. ryan says:

    Phewww! (McBride is too old).

  79. Brian says:

    I’ll do it one worse…Josh Wolff

  80. JS says:

    Whats all this talk of bastard chances and erasing couches?

  81. JS says:

    Good post…people latch on to the craziest concepts sometimes and go running with it. I love McBride..but he’s well past it

  82. DCD33 says:

    Given that we were extremely unlikely to read a press release saying “oops — there wasn’t any injury, after all. Our bad.” this is really great news. Obviously, it could end up being worse than they think now. Yes, it would be better had the injury never happened. As the alternatives were various forms of surgery, however, I think we’re justified in our collective sigh of relief. Except for John Harkes.

  83. Tom patton says:

    I find the news a mix. No operation-good- recovery time to regain form and fitness?

    Depends how long it takes to recover. You can recover fitness but it takes a lot longer to recover form. And he was in a very rich vein of form.

    We will have to wait and see

  84. Franky says:

    McBride was too old in 2006

  85. gerald says:

    Positive news but I rather check back in 4-6 weeks as everyone heals differently

  86. Clizzle Dizzle says:


  87. Adam in Cali says:

    There’s actually 4 ligaments in each knee… 2 cruciate (ACL & PCL), and 2 collateral (MCL & LCL)

  88. Tris says:

    One word, Kirovski. Although, Wolff is definately a dirty word in my household.

  89. baquito alyeska says:

    Was looking forward to a post from Conor Casey’s Knee saying “There, but for the grace of Bob, go I…”

    Come on CC’sK, make me proud, make us lol.

  90. A.J. says:

    Good news haven’t had any surrounding the national team in a while.

  91. Jon says:

    Wow Jonathan. Just, wow.

  92. Loadof27 says:

    YES! I’m confident that he’ll be fit for the World Cup!

  93. Isaac says:

    Considering that he didn’t get proper service during the Olympics, I’d say he did about what he was expected to do. He drew an INSANE amount of fouls, passed well, held up the ball, won 50/50’s and at least placed himself well enough for some sort of service. I can remember him having one very nice header saved by the Dutch goalkeeper Vermeer.

    I’m not going to say that McBride would step in and be the best striker in the pool, but I think he’d provide a veteran presence, maybe of the bench, that can in no way be replicated. He’s the only American who can say he’s scored in more than one World Cup, so Jozy could definitely grow from being around him.

  94. Brian says:

    I love McBride as well, but I don’t really see this happening unless Jozy or Casey/Ching (knocks on wood) gets hurt. McBride is and was a target striker (probably with a better knack of scoring goals than Casey and definitely Ching) so the only person he would be called on to replace is Jozy or Casey/Ching.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Ching or Casey, but Ching is very good at what he does (holding the ball up, passing) and Casey scored a lot of goals this past MLS season (he just needs a someone to create for him, i.e. Omar Cummings or Landon Donovan). Both of these guys and Jozy are better options than McBridge.

  95. Brian says:

    lol sorry McBride.

  96. asdasdasd says:

    takes about a month to get upwards of 90% back, so if he features for 3 or 4 games to end fulhams season all should be well.

    actually it may be good for him, as he’s been playing with no rest for quite a while. after the 08 summer qualifiers and the 09 confed cup, he’s basically had like 3 weeks off every year. this season especially, given europa league midweek duties this season, being the most capped player for fulham. Some rest may do him good, also, keep him from injury.

    shame though, i know how much he wanted 10 this season, was on pace too.

  97. asdasdasd says:

    heh, what was the original title?

  98. Jon B says:

    Good news, but it’d be even better if I was confident our national team coach could get a decent performance out of Deuce (or that he’d look somewhat interested when he dons the national team jersey).

    I recall many readers here clamoring for Dempsey to lose his spot to Stu Holden just a few months ago…

  99. James says:

    Do you actually hear how you sound, Jonathan? The response you gave to quite the innocuous statement is entirely unwarranted. If Federov needs to check his French translation, you need to check your English translation – it is worse than colloquial, it’s profane.

  100. Isaac says:

    I recall John Harkes ready to bite Dempsey’s head off if he skewed one more pass.

  101. froboy says:

    I believe that was before his three goal performance that turned around our confederation cup, the US goes as far as Clint takes us, he is that one player that can take us over the top, our “X” factor

  102. Isaac says:

    The most likely World Cup lineup would be this:









    Good lineup. A front four, plus Bradley, that knows how to hold possession, and a back four, plus Bradley and Edu, that knows how to hold up against tough offenses.

  103. ab says:

    sheesh, i think he was just being realistic. these things take time to heal and it can take a long time to get back to 100%. Even with the best doctors, complications and reinjury can be common.

  104. Stu says:

    It could definitely be worst. From everything I’ve read, this sounds like the best case scenario. I can’t ask for more.

    Get well, Clint.

  105. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Casey has a nose for goal, and finishes better than most American forwards. Slow and ugly, though.

  106. dunbar says:

    well with hull city’s new imports, i doubt jozy will get playing time, and with the cba not really done in mls, i wonder if fulham would bring back mcbride on loan for the spring. I definantly would love to see him on the roster than ching or casey

  107. Goalscorer24 says:

    Who knows what playing condition he will be in if everything falls into place and he can comeback. Bradley has to be willing to take some risks with some young players, and give them a chance if need be.

  108. smokeminside says:

    I’m just wondering if anyone else is wondering if there’s any other place to throw up besides in one’s mouth? I mean, it’s a great place to start, and all, but….

  109. Timmyg says:

    Thanks for the kind words, jonk.

    And thanks for the tip Adam. That’s what editors are for.

  110. mwc says:

    Agree with Anon. Still a concern, I think.

  111. Isaac says:

    Dude, before his three goal performance at the Confederations Cup, Holden hadn’t even been CAPPED. People were calling for him to be benched after two poor performances against Brazil and Italy. Then, he had the three straight goals. After that, he had a couple of iffy performances against Mexico, El Salvador, and Trinidad and Tobago, and people wanted his head chopped off and his butt on the bench with Holden starting.

  112. jpc says:

    I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but everytime I’ve ever seen someone w/ a slight tear (which I’m assuming this is) and the team says it will heal w/out surgery, the guy always ends up needing surgery… I think he should fly back to the US and get a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews, rather than being used by the Fulham team Dr.

  113. froboy says:

    my point was that the US played world class soccer when dempsey played at a world class level, i’m not doubting he was playing poorly in some other games, but when he plays at a high level so does the US (1st half confed cup, US and Dempsey suck, 2nd half both are great, not sure which comes first the chicken or the egg, but I know Holden at this point does not have that effect), but either way, if the US is to have a chance to beat the world powers they need an in form Dempsey, he brings something to the table no one else can outside of maybe LD

  114. Chopper says:

    “You’re” english is terrible.

  115. nate says:

    biggest coolective exhale was Korea scoring on Portugal in 2002.

  116. Aaron in StL says:

    It was long but it told you exactly what you needed to know. One of those where you don’t want to leave it ambiguous, I just thought it was funny since it was about three lines deep.

  117. Aaron in StL says:

    Hah same here. Good work Dontdeuceontread.

  118. Fedorov Cadmius says:

    Je ne me soucie pas de votre avis. Je vais parler n’importe quelle langue que je veux dans n’importe quel endroit que je veux. Vous pouvez aller en enfer et de manger des excréments.

  119. JerseyNutjob says:

    i see what you did there, with the build up of a 6 month recovery to a 1-2… pretty clever soccer media

  120. fischy says:

    I can guarantee you that hey would not be talking about ligament damage unless they were seeing it on the MRI scan. They know which ligament. Hopefully, they are correct about it not needing surgery to correct it.

  121. bryan says:

    line up for the Netherlands game is going to be…interesting

  122. JTnTexas says:

    With the length of time it took to get the opinion, I hope someone saw him in a Birmingham, AL airport getting into a limo heading over to see Dr. Andrews.

  123. TG says:

    If it’s a partial PCL injury, we could see Deuce as early as the first few weeks of April. I had the same injury in high school and rehabbed it after 8 weeks.

  124. Lorenzo says:

    agree. sometimes he is just BURNT OUT. i hope he recovers well.

  125. r.benjamin says:

    Honestly, I’d rather have EJ or Findley trying to run behind defenders creating space for Landon than McBride sitting in the middle pretty much immobile for WC purposes.

    I see no reason for Clint to play for Fulham again this year. Send him to wherever Gooch and Davies are and target the extended camp (May) for his return.

  126. r.benjamin says:

    I actually appreciate all the amatuer diagnosis. I think it often puts a perspective on something that I know little about..

    And ironically I now think the nagging minor pain in my knee the past month is a degree one pcl issue.. lol. of course i’m not taking as fact, but its worth something none the less.

  127. meyers7 says:

    Jonathon, are you Fedorov’s cousin? Then how do you know what he would say?

  128. Stephen says:

    I agree too. What do they mean by “moderate ligament damage”? Is it just a strain, or a partial tear, or what? With a little rehab it should be ok, but if it is a partial tear there’s no way to fully repair it unless you do surgery. Orthroscopic surgery at least, it doesn’t keep people out long. But, still, good news overall.

  129. Stephen says:

    That’s my question, too.

  130. Stephen says:

    I mean he could have surgery after the WC…

  131. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    Yeah, no thank you to McBride at his point. Not been in the picture for quite some time because he took himself out of it and hasn’t been playing on the highest level that he used to.

  132. Dave says:

    YOUR English could use some work.

  133. USA5life says:

    What do you mean dominate? McBride was better than Casey or Ching.

  134. HoneyHell says:

    Isaac, I think along the same for a line-up, but HOPE Jermaine Jones is healthy and can be used instead of Edu.

    Subs being:

    Edu for Jones

    Benny for Bradley

    Beasley/Rogers for Holden

    Dolo for Spector

    Castillo for Donovan (Pushing Donovan up top to replace Dempsey/Altidore).

  135. Bumble Biddle Bobble says:

    I wonder if they can use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy on ligmants the way they use it on tendons?

    Many althletes swear by it (woods, H.Ward, T.Polomalu,etc…)

  136. Reverb says:

    I once moderately injured my right MCL when I was in my late 20’s and it took 3 months before I was able to move the knee freely without any lingering weakness. It was another 3-4 months after that before I could claim full fitness despite doing the required rehab exercises daily and strengthening on a bicycle.
    I would expect that Dempsey has access to medical and training support far advanced from anything I could expect on a daily basis. Let’s hope that this can help accelerate his recovery in as timely a manner as possible, if not for the US team then for Dempsey himself.
    Feeling healthy and 100% fit is one of the most important (if not the most) in performing at peak form and the essence from which derives self-confidence. Go Deuce!

  137. Bumble Biddle Bobble says:

    Bornstien? really? Tell me you are kidding. Please tell me you are kidding.

    Or tell me you are die hard Chivas fan and I will consider forgiving you.

    I dont know what happened while Bradley was coach of Chivas that has so endeared his former players to him, but for the sake of USMNT he can not keep this love affair with his former players going.

  138. Tyler Walter says:

    Such a relief, it would have been extremely devastating if Dempsey would miss South Africa. We can’t afford to lose any top players at this point, and after this past autumn.

  139. Juan from L.A. says:


    Could had not said it better Ives…feelings exactly!!!

  140. Juan from L.A. says:

    Sorry meant to quote this that dien’t come out…’That sound you hear is the largest collective exhale in American soccer history…’

  141. inkedAG says:

    I’m glad it is not as bad as first feared.

    Get well Clint!

  142. troy mcclure says:

    Im curious, was that Blackburn game his best one of the year?

    Its the first Fulham game that Ive watched this year and Dempsey looked phenomenal.

  143. SG says:

    good news he should be healthy