Donovan scores first European goal in Everton victory

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Landon Donovan has had a fine club career full of highlights and milestones, but Donovan accomplished something on Tuesday that he had never done before. He scored his first European club goal.

Donovan opened his European club scoresheet with a fine finish in Everton's 2-0 victory over Sunderland. Donovan latched onto a headed pass from forward Tim Cahill before chesting the ball down and easily finishing with his left foot.

If you missed the goal or would like to see it again, here are full highlights from the match (including Donovan's goal, near second goal and Tim Howard's clutch saves late):

While Donovan's goal was certainly a key moment in the match, Tim Howard also deserves credit for several key saves in the waning moments of the match. The clean sheet was Howard's fifth of the season.

What do you think of Donovan's goal? Impressed? Think this will help him get on a scoring streak? Do you see him staying with Everton until season's end?

Share your thoughts below. 

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175 Responses to Donovan scores first European goal in Everton victory

  1. matt says:

    as cool as you like!

  2. Ed says:

    Better than I expected.

  3. Oog says:

    Awesome! Glad to see he is enjoying his time in England. Great goal and a great finish.

  4. Sg says:

    great start to his term in the EPL I would say

  5. bluexmas says:


  6. D says:

    It’s on now

  7. I think this will definitely help Donovan.

    A goal always builds confidence in the player himself and from teammates.

    I hope that the Neville boy was paying attention.

    Good finish and showed his off-the-ball speed.

  8. afc says:

    Forget MLS. Its time to stay in England.

  9. Eric says:

    One more than Jozy in the EPL?

  10. Rich says:

    If Donovan keeps this up, I don’t see why he would ever want to come back to MLS.

    Ives, any idea if Donovan’s MLS contract has an out clause? Or is he at the mercy of MLS?

  11. francesco says:

    one more goal than jozy in about 10 less apprearances

  12. elduderino says:

    Everton gives LD better service than Jozy. You rarely if ever see a Hull mid head down a ball like that so perfectly as Cahill did.

  13. fischy says:

    I have to agree. Looks like he’s landed in a good place for him. Don’t see the point in coming back here — at least not during the English season. Maybe, do a Beckham and come back for a half season, after the World Cup, before going full-time back to Everton (or continuing to do split-duty). The best thing, though, would be to stay there.

  14. Pooch says:

    If LD stays on with Everton full-time, who will be the new poster-child for the MLS?

  15. Martek says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would be shocked if Donovan was back in MLS before the World Cup. It would be a disservice both to him and to the United States. He needs to be at that level of competition and doing as well as he is. Coming back to MLS before the World Cup would be useless.

    Of course, I am not a LAG fan, hence my ability to make that point.

  16. Neumannator says:

    This is a great situation for LD (or LC as he’s sometimes called) exactly because he IS going back to MLS and doesn’t have any pressure on him. Best to him, he certainly looks like he’s having fun.

  17. Big Chil says:

    That was freaking awesome. Too bad Fado Denver is not showing this game for another 45 minutes.

    (Thanks for ruining it, Ives. JK 😉

  18. baldguy says:

    While I think it’s great Landon scored the goal, I’m not overly impressed. I’m a huge fan of the guy and his work ethic. He was calm in the finish which is great to see.

    Just have to point out that the man marking on his off the ball running was very poor and the keeper wasn’t positioned well considering there should have been some anticipation of Landon’s main touch option. Also, the ball was not tucked neatly into the corner, but rather hammered low next to the keeper.

    Nice to see the score, but some realism has to creep in somewhere. Am I wrong with this analysis?

  19. alisonrose says:

    No one is saying it’s a freaking Goal of the Year or something. It was a good trap and good control, and he shot with his left foot – I’d say he deserves some congrats for it, and I don’t see the need to play it down like the only reason he scored is because other people messed up. Come on, dude…

  20. El Michael says:

    So what you are saying is that the EPL has poor quality players and that’s why LD scored

  21. bob says:

    Donavon scoring goals (you know he will hit more) in England, Beas getting playing time (before the latest injury) Davies getting better faster than expected, Gooch about to go back to AC Milan, hopefully Demps gets well soon…… I smell best come back team of the WC. Holden and Clark going to europe. Now if only Jozy could find the net.

  22. ryan says:

    I’m all for injecting a dose of reality, but this was better left unsaid and, ultimately, is a bit frivolous. It was a good run and a tidy finish. I’m impressed, and I’m sure Moyes, his teammates and the Everton faithful also are duly impressed.



  24. Joe Quake says:

    I think you are right if you just look at the goal as a moment in time – really, other variables would have changed the play and LD would not have scored.

    However, if you look at LD’s overall body of work for Everton, he has been playing pretty well, and the cool part is that he is capable of playing even better.

  25. BowieAlumni# 7 says: about being overly critical

  26. The first one is always the toughest. Goals can come on bunches so hopefully this is just the beginning. Great run and touch from Landon on the goal.

  27. baldguy says:

    Agreed all around Ryan. I was simply answering Ives question. I am sure they are impressed. It’s great to see him perform.

  28. TomM says:

    Agree with the other responses.

    There’s too much evaluation of players based on single game performances and individual plays. Look at LD’s 4 games so far- he’s quietly putting together steady performances, and is generally one of Everton’s better players. This goal was just reward. He nearly bagged a second.

  29. bryan says:


  30. bryan says:

    LA fan or not, a USMNT fan cannot make the argument he should come back to MLS. so lets see if Garber is really a USMNT fan.

  31. Auguste says:

    *looks at scoreboard*

    Yeah, you’re wrong.

    (Every goal means someone on the opposing team did less than they could have. Every goal, every time.)

  32. bryan says:

    how was his overall play today? i didn’t see the game and espn live commentary mentioned his name once in the second half…but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t that involved.

  33. Mig22 says:

    I don’t think you’re wrong, Baldguy, in that there waws some pretty poor defending there. But most goals in top leagues involve SOME form of defensive mistake.

    However, part of what LD does to defenses is screw up their man marking off the ball because of his pace. It played a part here and you can’t fault him for the direction of the run which was perfect.

    Good goal.


  34. Mango says:


    If every defender and goal keeper in the EPL always did everything right, there would be very few goals at all. Donovan put himself in a place where he could score, his teammate set him up, and he finished the goal.

    Would you be happier if he had stopped with the ball and allowed everyone to get into place before he shot?

  35. M says:

    “As easy as you like”

    Really? Chesting the ball at full speed and then running past a defender is easy?

  36. Steven says:

    As a forward providing service to a midfielder Cahill did the job that Altidore is supposed to be doing. It is much more rare for a target forward to get that type of ball played back to him, and Altidore shouldn’t expect that kind of service from a Hull midfielder.

    All that said, Jozy does have an assist to his credit. Come on Jozy, let’s get into the starting 11!

  37. Cesar Barrientos says:

    do you guys understand that the good form that ,Landon and David have are because of MLS. dont forget that david was all ready wash out upond coming to mls and now everybody wants him so MLS needs some creidt too

  38. bigdeadbat says:

    any video of the one that was cleared off the line?

  39. bob says:

    Damn straight. LD got talent but got to give MLS its dues

  40. Nicole says:

    good lord, can’t you just enjoy it? I’m sure Landon is.

    Now let’s hear you downplay Cahill’s goal while you’re at it.

  41. Marty says:

    I think he was referring how simple he made a complicated finish look. I took it as a compliment to his poise rather than a knock on his goal…

  42. smokedgouda says:

    Yee-haw! Congrats to Landon!

  43. Nicole says:

    He had another shot cleared off the line by a defender after LD had rounded the keeper. Said defender crashed into the post to stop the shot. He also nearly had an assist as well. His overall game was good.

  44. Steven says:

    I assume the announcer meant it as in: he made it LOOK as easy as you like. or he handled it as easy as you like.

    It’s a pretty common phrase. -Alternatively, as cool as you like.

  45. BCC says:

    I agree he should stay in England but probably not with Everton. Don’t think they have the funds.

    If he can continue this form, maybe some of the richer clubs will take a chance on him.

  46. Lunt says:

    Awsome chest trap, with a pretty finish, American all the way baby!!!!

  47. bryan says:

    sweet. thanks!

  48. bryan says:


  49. DarthGreedo says:

    He didn’t need to shot it into the corner. Why risk blowing the shot wide? I don’t think you’re wrong about the defending looking bad but good players make the other team look bad. He made a great run to space and finished his chance perfectly without risking a miss.

  50. dantheblue says:

    That was a typical Donovan goal. Beat his man to the spot, excellent 1st touch, and world class finish. Anyone who sees it otherwise hasn’t watched him play for the past 10 years.

    If Everton doesn’t buy him outright from MLS some other EPL team will. How can that league NOT be paying attention to how Landon is disecting the “premier league in the world” (sarcastic tone intimated)

  51. BCC says:

    This is pure obfuscation. Your point is the old cliche, “terrible defending.”

    People, goals are often scored because of “terrible defending.” It usually goes without saying, yet you still try to say it.

    But keep it coming — makes me laugh.

  52. einar says:

    as an LAG fan……stay there!!!! lol what a goal! Cant wait for Holden to start playing for Bolton now. He will end up in the starting lineup in 3 weeks i bet

  53. Hunt says:

    Hey did anybody get to actually watch the game? I was watching the Arsenal/Villa match online so I didn’t get a chance to view it. If so, I’d like to hear how Landon looked besides his nice goal.


  54. Hunt says:

    Einar I’m a little worried that Coyle has brought in too many players for the same position at Bolton. If I’m not mistaken, he’s signed Vladimir Weiss, Jack Wilshere, and Holden all until the end of the campaign. I’m a bit worried that he might get squeezed out a bit due to the buzz surrounding the young Slovak and Englishman.

  55. joel says:

    nice goal, well taken.

  56. Tyler Walter says:

    DO WORK DONOVAN! That’s the best way I can put it.

  57. Metro Boy says:

    fifa hasnt updated on xbox live yet.. donovan still aint on the roster…smh

  58. Jose S. says:

    He meant that he did it so calmly and cool that it looked easy.

  59. Jose S. says:

    EA has said they won’t update the rosters until the transfer window closes like they normally do.

  60. jonk says:

    While he’ll certainly be battling the other new signings, I think he’s got a very good chance of beating out those guys for a spot. He’s a bit more of a seasoned pro then either Weiss or Wilshere and hopefully he can use that to his advantage to work hard in training and make the most of his playing time when he gets on the field.

  61. Joe says:

    Jimmy “Red Card” Conrad… jack a$$

  62. mchughes says:

    a ball shot hard like that next to the keeper is sometimes harder to save than one farther away from the keeper. Especially if the keeper is taller. Also the way the keeper was standing on his right foot he couldnt kick save it. Trust me, im a goalkeeper.

  63. tbeck says:

    that just put a huge smile on a lot of faces… well done landon

  64. Daniel says:

    Too bad he did it a little late.

  65. G in Humboldt says:

    I saw the first half before I lost the feed. Landon looked as good as he did in his first two games, maybe a little bit more comfortable in his role. He got back on defence pretty well. He closed Bent (I think) down from behind poked the ball away at the top of the Everton box during a dangerous build-up.

    He was better than this past weekend in the Everton loss where I thought he was anonymous.

  66. G in Humboldt says:

    What do you mean, Daniel? Late in….? In his career?

  67. Tim says:

    I think they could get together 6.5 million pounds if he keeps impressing. That amount should be able to get him, especially since there is rumored to be a set price in his contract.

  68. PGS says:


    fantastic finish. he really did make it look easy.

  69. Dominghosa says:

    He is on live season for ps3

  70. Dominghosa says:


  71. FAther of Francesca says:

    Sweet – he’s on my fantasy team!

  72. Brian says:

    On my PS3 Davey Becks is on the Galaxy and AC Milan when I play online. Why not Landy?

  73. BCC says:

    No way. If Jozy is worth $10 million, Donovan is easily worth double.

  74. Isaac says:

    I still kind of think Donovan should play as a left midfielder for Everton. He, and whoever is on the right, would be allowed to float into the center and combine with Fellaini and Pienaar, who are playing excellent football as of late. It would also allow for Baines and Neville to get up the flanks, provide service, and play that dangerous diagonal long ball that has proved quite dangerous, and also led to Landon’s goal.

    Still, Landon looks to have settled in pretty well on the right, so Moyes can’t be blamed if he’s kept there.

  75. Jorge says:

    You guys should head over to the ESPN board (link to So many Landon haters. Unbelievable! Some can’t be happy and proud of the kid.

  76. Gary says:

    AMERICA….F@ck Yeah!!!!

    Coming to save the motherf@cking day!!!

  77. J mann says:

    “Also, the ball was not tucked neatly into the corner, but rather hammered low next to the keeper.” baldguy

    low next to the keeper is one of the harder shots to stop for a keeper. even harder than some corner shots.

    defensive breakdowns are what lead to most goal scoring chances and LD capitalized on this one

  78. keep says:

    I feel like the majority of the comments on ESPN and Fox are either trolls or USMNT haters…..I don’t even bother anymore

  79. Josh.2 says:

    Villareal paid that much for potential. Clubs tend to pay more for young players then they do for players getting into their late twenties. In terms of effectiveness, it’s another thing.

  80. alisonrose says:

    It’s amusing to me at this point, that people can’t just get over it and accept that he’s a good player. You still get people bringing up Leverkusen and it’s like….jeez, obsessed much? Dude has done a lot since then and if you look at his numbers for club and country, you’d have to be a complete idiot to say “Nah, this guy’s no good”.

    Of course…most of those trolls *are* idiots, so… :)

    But yeah, I feel like he could score a hat trick in every game and they would still say he sucks. Whatever…haters gonna hate, what can you do?

  81. BrianK says:


    “Their latest success may have been aided by Sunderland’s generosity but that should not detract from Everton’s growing sense of confidence in a season that had threatened to go off the rails. The addition of Donovan, an intelligent, thoughtful footballer whose lively movement off the ball was epitomised by Everton’s second goal, has clearly helped in this respect. So, for that matter, has the return to form of Cahill, who opened the scoring with a trademark header.

    “I thought Landon played really well,” Moyes said. “He’s got a great goalscoring record in the USA, I think it is one every two games. He was unlucky not to get another when Sunderland cleared his shot off the line, so if he can add us a goal or two, that will be great. Tim Cahill has improved in the last month and I think he just needs more goals to go with that, so hopefully tonight will be the first.””

    Not too shabby.

  82. RNG says:

    Jozy has three or four assists to his credit and is Hull’s second leading assist man.

  83. Daniel says:

    Yes. He’ll be 28 soon. I just can’t understand why he failed before.

  84. Dr.Gonzo says:


  85. Matt Snyder says:

    The signing of that new contract with the Galazy instantly made Donovan staying in Europe after the loan period during MLS seson a “No Go” option.

    We of course don’t know the contracts details (release clauses, buy out clauses, etc…), but it definitely sounds like Bruce EXPECTS him back with the LAG to begin the season.

    If he were to ever leave MLS, it is more than likely to happen after the World Cup – IF ever.

  86. Dan says:

    I bet you would say Maradona’s Goal of the Century was the product of terrible defending

  87. Fireball says:

    What difference does it make if he’s on the left? He’s already been floating middle the last two games. Osman is already doing the same from the left.

  88. Hush says:

    I love the LD critics on this board!lol It seems Baldguy wants to be the Peter Gammons of soccer.haha The way you go about evaluating a player shows the lack of knowledge you have in the game of Futbol.

    Example: Jordan scored too easy during his era, not because he was good, but because the lack of talented players during his era. :).. Oooook! Give credit where credit is due.

    Fox & ESPN are full of USMNT haters, I don’t bother reading ignorant comments from those sites.

    Team America, fuk yeah!

  89. EA says:

    That’s a great finish.

    BTW, if any US fans are interested, you can purchase a Donovan jersey from Everton (or a Hull City Jozy jersey, or a Watford DeMerit shirt, or a Spector West Ham shirt) for about $60-65, delivered to the US. Lots of EPL clubs are having sales right now.

    I ordered one from Everton, and it got here last week, and it is NICE.

  90. Seth says:

    oh hell yeah

  91. BeatThemAtTheirGame says:

    Watched every second. Awesome game for him all around. The near-goal later in the game was perfect. The comentators rightly said he did everything right. Exceptional defense kept it out (baldguy, take note. even better work by donovan for the one that didn’t go in…and, start supporting your balding brother)

    Setanta has been awesome showing Everton games this past month. Fox couldn’t have predicted that Americans would want to watch them. The next few weeks should be good for Donovan on Fox with Liverpool, Chelsea, and ManU.

  92. BCC says:

    Landon is an established player in his prime. The discounts for veterans do not generally start until they have either hit 30 or been playing since a very young age (Raul, for example).

    Zidane set what had been the transfer record when he was 28 or 29. Henry fetched about $30 million from Barcelona when he was 30. I am not saying that LD is close to either of these guys, but he is at 28 years old worth 60% of what Henry was at age 30 and it is not uncommon for older players to fetch substantial fees.

  93. Brett says:

    Well, he was just a kid when he was at Leverkusen, and he didn’t so much fail there as get homesick. It’s not as if he never made an appearance for them, he just wasn’t enjoying playing there.

    His next foray into Europe was a loan stint at a club fighting for a title. The ownership of Bayern Munich didn’t want him. He was there on Klinsmann’s word, but he still never even gave him a start in the league. He proved he could play with the team at training and during the friendlies, and he looked lively when used as a sub. I never quite understood why they wouldn’t give him a couple of starts to really see if he could make an impact.

  94. Clintinho says:

    anybody know where i can locate a torrent for this one?

  95. Union fan says:

    YEAH BABY!!!!! WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proud of ya, man! Let all of England know the name Landon Donovan!!!!!

  96. ETGoodyman says:

    I played keeper for years and the hardest saves to make are hard shots right next to your body…it’s tough to get down quickly enough to stop them. I’m well-pleased with Donovan’s performance as are Everton fans it would appear from their comments on toffeeweb. I was not impressed with Neville. He seems to always opt for the long ball instead of linking with Donovan down the sideline.

  97. ahm says:

    wilshere didn’t end up materializing but i do agree that Weiss presents a rather formidable challenge for holden. that being said he is guaranteed to go back to city next year while bolton could view holden as a long term asset thus being more inclined to give him some run and develop him

  98. johnnycougar says:

    Wow baldguy, you’re getting killed out here!

    I will admit, my sequence of thoughts went like this:
    1. *reading internet at work* hmm Donovan scored? Bet it was a scuffed shot or tap in. He’s had some good goals in MLS but it’s hard to know if that’s just bad defending.
    2. *watching highlight* hmm, nice run off the ball, great trap, wish he’d stuck that in the corner.
    3. On second thought, low hard shot probably just too fast for the keeper to react to from that close.
    4. At least he didn’t kick it over the bar.
    5. Maybe the defender should have got there in time but Landycakes is quite quick
    6. Decent first goal, he’s played well so far and he got a deserved reward

    So I wasn’t as impressed by the goal as some commenters here were, but it wasn’t half bad. Definitely better than I was expecting. If he keeps playing like this and staying on the first team it can only mean good things for this summer!

  99. Kevin in Denver says:

    He’s had three good games and one goal. He’s not the second coming of Christ yet.

  100. johnnycougar says:

    I agree with your general point, but you have to concede that Sunderland’s defense is hardly top class, especially away from home. They’ve given up 15 goals in the last four road games.

    However, taken in context with what Donovan has been able to do the entire time since he’s moved abroad, it’s unsurprising that he should make a defender look like a ninny.

  101. JJ says:

    Bigger MLS contract = Bigger transfer fee = bigger payday for MLS = that’s why MLS broke their own rules when giving him his new contract

    Donovan will stay at Everton. Mark my words. Great for USMNT, Bad for Galaxy.

    WIN, WIN!

  102. MVK says:

    when you square with a guy like that as a keeper and have to step up, the hardest spot to get to is just around that area you cant quite get a quick kick save to… as a striker you put the ball in the net, no point in cutting it close when you have the goal….. AND NEWSFLASH, MOST GOALS SCORED ARE FROM DEFENSIVE MISTAKES OF SOME KIND

  103. Lil' Zeke says:

    I don’t know, I like them both but I’d be fascinated to see Landon bring up the level in MLS for a couple of months, while English players forget what he’s bringing.

  104. El Michael says:

    Off subject but does anyone know what was said in the article on espn re: Jones / injury

  105. Daniel says:

    Didn’t Landon score a couple goals for Bayern? Wouldn’t those be “european” goals? Or are you just talking about this year? The title struck me a bit strange.

  106. Brian says:

    where is here?

  107. Brian says:

    like where did you buy it from?

  108. ShaggyReAL says:

    Who the hell would want to buy a Hull city kit? 😛

    Nice goal by Sir Landon of Donovan

  109. Brian says:

    What article?

  110. Brian says:

    Oh the ESPN insider one. Goddamit I hate ESPN insider. Why the f@ck would i pay for espn?

  111. bford says:

    Landon has played very well since being with Everton… he certainly brings pace that the team lacks overall..

    As for him being worth 20 million.. no way.. I doubt any euro team would pay more than 8-10 million for him.

    I hope he stays with Everton… he could spend his prime there.. 28-32 and have a great chance at the 2014 World Cup.

  112. Matt Snyder says:


    No one more than I would LOVe to see LD succeed and then stay at Everton. Your logic makes sense (new/bigger contract = a required minimum bid for LD), and I happen to prefer your logic and hope you are right.

    But I doubt Everton will pay it, especially after only a short loan when their injured players begin to regain their health. Other Premier teams will likely wait until after the WC to even make a bid — much less a high enough to bid after such a short time period. The final thought that gives me a sinking feeling about it all — that the MLS, Galaxy, and Arena all are saying and acting as if they –really do expect LD back after the loan period. LD is the only one of all of them who even leaves such a “door” open when talking, which he must in order to be polite with English fans/press/and team. I say all of this also becuase the MLS has a history of playing hardball with VERY reasonable offers for other players. The precendent has not been to cultivate, develop, and sell talent. Such sales velocity would encourage other players to come to MLS, but the precedent is set not to do so. Much less to sell their one and only, and most marketable star. At best, and I HOPE it happens, I think he may be allowed to leave after the WC….and only after a very high bid. FYI—the MLS has motivation to hold their star until after the WC as it is a chance to show the world one of their homegrown superstars.

    I hope you are right and logic says you might be, but my gut tells me the MLS are bunch of shortsighted jerks. Later, Matt

  113. ThaDeuce says:

    You got crushed for your comment baldguy, and that is funny. However, I was disappointed in something too. His celebration. It sucks. What is it he is doing when he taps his chest? “U.S.A”? No, I’m pretty sure its “ME” “ME” “ME”. Was he an only child? Was he not taught that it is rude to be so cocky? Can he not acknowledge his teamates or be more creative? Clearly I am tired of his selfish celebration. I think he could acknowlege Cahill for the assist, or God, or the fans, or be funny or creative, but “ME ME ME” sucks. I also never liked Davies Stanky Leg, but it was creative. I can’t wait to see what Davies decides to do next time he scores.

  114. Jose S. says:

    He scored 4 goals in friendlies for Bayern, they are not considered official.

  115. ThaDeuce says:

    I forgot the most important part…Besides the crappy and getting old celebration, this is a cause for celebration! Congratulations Donovan!!! I surely hope you get many more and continue your strong run of form…Just please work on your celebration before the next one!

  116. Stephen says:

    Man, I want to read that Jones article so bad…

  117. GoUSAworldCup says:

    Haha. That’ll stick. Jimmy “Red Card” Conrad. I’m gonna start using that. Classic.

  118. Keith G. says:

    Congrats Donovan, here is to you scoring my goals and hopefully signing a multi year contract with Everton.

  119. tnnelson says:

    very true. jozy is an incredible athlete and a great football player, it’s just a shame that he is on such a poor team. many of the world’s best wouldn’t be able to shine at hull, much less a 19 year old playing in the epl for the first time. give him time, and altidore will really make a name for himself as one of football’s greats

  120. tnnelson says:

    well said. every goal is a result of some defensive mistake. if defenders never made mistakes, then no goals would ever be scored. in theory, the way defenses are lined up are supposed to rule out any chance of a goal. but it never works out that way

  121. tnnelson says:

    yea, and you can really look at any goal and say it was a result of poor defending, but thats just what happens. good players are good not just by what they do with the ball, but what they do without it. landon’s pace off the ball has been a problem for defenders ever since he began playing the game, and in this game, he kept defenders busy all game. he capitalized off of a defender’s mistake and put in a cool, classy finish. good goal. and he should have had two if it wasn’t for an incredible defensive play. if the defender had missed that and he had scored another, would people be saying that was poor defense? i would hope not

  122. Carl says:

    How was the rest of the game for him?

  123. Matt Mathai says:

    Every contract has a buy-out clause. There’s not a club in the world that won’t listen to offers, no matter how long the contract still has to run.

  124. Matt Mathai says:

    OK. It was terrible defending. He was unmarked in the box.

    And he was offside.


  125. Stephen says:

    But, it was a nice goal. I hope there’s plenty more.

  126. Matt Mathai says:

    You know, you might consider he was touching the badge.

  127. Matt Mathai says:

    Sorry, this is dead wrong. Beckham had a huge part in Milan’s success before he came to MLS. He was in the England picture.

    By NO stretch of the imagination was he washed up.

    I think MLS does pretty well preparing players, and I think it’s under-rated by the rest of the world, but Beckham’s not a good example.

  128. Brett says:

    Better highlights up now all over the place. The goal actually looks like it deflected off of the defender. You’ll see it on the very last replay.

  129. Stephen says:

    Seriously, can we make Felaini an American? He is for real.

  130. BCC says:


    It really was a nice goal. He showed composure and good touch.

  131. BCC says:

    If there is one truism in world football, it is that EVERY player has a price. Length, clauses . . . none of that stuff really matters if a team offers enough cash.

  132. Josh.2 says:

    I certainly hope Holden gets playing time but…have you seen those two kids play? especially Wilshere. The kid is not afraid of anyone. And he’s got mad skills, something Holden does not possess.

  133. Josh.2 says:

    Wilshere is like 17 or 18…I’d hardly say he didn’t end up materializing. As talented as he is, not just anyone walks into the Arsenal first team. I think Wilshere is more of a challenge than Weiss is. I’m not knocking Weiss at all, but again, have you seen Wilshere play? Coyle wants to play like Arsenal, and he wouldn’t have gone after Wilshere if he wasn’t serious.

  134. Josh.2 says:

    I get what you’re saying, but you also have to think about the context in which Landon will be viewed as a player. Let’s not even compare him to Zidane or Henry, those two have won pretty much everything there is to win in Europe, including the world cup. So when they moved there was a shitload of rep that they carried. So even though Landon is in his mid twenties, he doesn’t have Champions League pedigree, and even though he is considered the US’s best player, that doesn’t carry that much weight. A top 4 club might not pay a lot for him, because he’s not a player that gets a lot of people and fans excited like Zidane and Henry when they moved. Now teams in the middle or lower, if they’re looking for a marquee player, might fork out the money. But one of the problems with the EPL is that if the player is not English, they don’t really want to pay a lot of money for him. I wouldn’t have paid 10 mil for Altidore, but I guess the spaniards saw something?

  135. Taylor says:

    LOL kid read a book or something, Beckham never played for Milan before coming to MLS.

  136. Well done, Landon!

    A very cooly taken goal, though it seems like he tempted the keeper instead of putting it in the corner.

    Donovan looks to be in a very good place and I would expect it to do nothing but improve his game. Good coach, organized team on the rise, top league. It’d be great if he were able to stay there at least through English season end to make him as sharp as possible for the World Cup.

    Who is Beckham? I’d say right now Donovan is a bigger factor in club and national football. That is to say – we know Landon will start WC matches and be pivotal to his country’s success. So if Beckham managed to come back to MLS late, Landon should be permitted the same

  137. Slyboy says:

    While i think you there is truth in what you say, a player that we can look at for comparison is Andrei Arshavin. He had good, but not GREAT numbers in the russian league, had a great euro and suddently Zenit was asking 22 million pounds for him (they got 15), and he is almost a full year older then Donovan. And i dont even think Arshavin is a whole lot better then donovan.

  138. Uf says:

    lucky slight deflection, but well done LD.

  139. lolaso says:

    lol pwnt

  140. Scott A says:

    Some quotes from Moyes after the game:
    “I thought in his first two games he did really well against Arsenal and Manchester City, which is not easy.

    “He has not had many chances in those games but tonight he got his first one and he took it.

    “He has a great goalscoring record in America – I think it is one in two – and he deserved that tonight.”

    “Landon has settled in really quickly and when you consider he had a record of near enough a goal every other game in America, there is every reason for believing there will be more to come from him.”

  141. Scott A says:


  142. DC Josh says:

    You SOB. Of course he scores on the afternoon I have class.

    Donovaaaaan, donovaaaaan, donovaaaaaaaan, donovaaaaan, donovaaaaan, donovaaan! Hey!

  143. obxfly says:

    Donovan was subbed out with 15 minutes left for Arteta. Isn’t this guy trying to get back in the lineup? Will he take more time from Donovan?

  144. Matt Snyder says:

    Couldn’t agree more. HE SCORED!!! WooHoo….let’s all just be happy for him and hope for the best for him.

    Great player’s are thos who capitalize on other’s mistakes.

    BY the way, BCC — you are correct about “every player having a price”….I am LD fan and I certainly hope MLS trys to “make a deal” and doesn’t get selfish on him. He has given alot to the league by staying as long as he has.

  145. brad says:


    we need a new link, i still havnt seen the goal…

    (SBI-Done, for now.)

  146. Ryan says:

    Is the Wilshere loan official? Wilshere is a mammoth talent, and, assuming that the deal is in fact done, the fact is that Wenger would not loan him out if there was not an expectation that he’d play quite a bit. So you have to expect that Wilshere will get time. To say that Wilshere didn’t end up materializing is rubbish; in fact, Wenger believes he’s the future of the club. As for Weiss, he also seems a promising talent and presumably is on loan with expectation to play as well. That makes Holden’s job much more difficult. Add in to the mix that Matty Taylor is a good left-sided player and that Lee has been Bolton’s brightest light in the past few games, and that spells potential trouble for Holden. There is more competition for playing time on the flanks at Bolton that at any other position, by far. Perhaps the only thing working in Holden’s favor is that Taylor, Weiss and Wilshere are all naturally left footed players. I believe Wilshere is comfortable on either side, and has lined up on the right for Arsenal, but Weiss and Taylor seem to be fully left-sided players. Also, Coyle’s systems seems to utilize true winger play, with wingers trying to get to the by-line and serve into the box, rather than find space cutting into the middle. All of this is to say that Holden’s major (and perhaps only) competition may be Lee. Nonetheless, a tall order given Lee’s form. In the end, I think Holden has great ability, and I think he will grow from this experience, and the competition for places. Hopefully he gets an opportunity or two to play in a long stretch and shows well.

  147. Bob says:

    His non-goal was more impressive despite the clearance off the line. He made a run overlapping from the right. He saw the play developing and was in the right place made the keeper miss and took a good shot.

  148. NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

    Thank you Mr. Neville. He’ll keep making the runs, just pass him the ball.

  149. Scott says:

    hahah Chad Barrett… thats a JOKE

  150. mwc says:

    Good on Donovan. Aside from taking his chance, he played well otherwise. He was in the right position on a couple of plays including showing excellent speed in making a run to be available before it was tackled away from Saha in the 2nd half. A couple of thoughts:

    1) While Neville seems not to work well with Donovan yet, does it appear to anyone else that Cahill and Donovan are getting on well?

    2) This is a Donovan thread, but Howard had 2 excellent saves.

    3) Moyes said he expects to have people getting match fit in the next 3-4 weeks. Donovan has to keep it up every time out. Welcome to top flight football.

  151. A Guest says:

    This is the comparison I usually make. But I think Arshavin is a cut above Landycakes, whom I love. If LD had stuck it out in Leverkeusen somehow (or made his way to a different team with Euro play) he’d probably be on par with Andrei. But what they say about the speed of play is true!

  152. Manny F says:

    I don’t get your point. Every goal in one way or another is a mess up on the defense. Whether someone lost their mark or didn’t pressure enough. The keeper didn’t see it, or wasn’t positioned well. As far as I know, if you let a goal in, you messed up in some capacity. How many guys mess up that type of shot anyway? Countless do and maybe LD would have missed it too or will miss it in the future. The point is, he did what he intended to do and succeeded in doing it. He did everything good. He shot a low ball when many would have tried to rip the shot and would have sent it midbody where a goalie might have had a better chance. But he didn’t. He has 1 goal and 1 assist in 3-4 games? Those are good production numbers. Considering that he isn’t playing forward, I don’t expect him to score every 2 games. I expect him to assist maybe every 2 games or score every 4. That seems to be realistic to me.

  153. Manny F says:

    Son, I think you misread on Wikipedia, it was Real Madrid. lol

  154. baldguy says:

    Johnnycougar – thanks for the rational analysis! It’s pretty funny how a poster on a blog becomes an uneducated soccer/futbol fan, USMNT hater, and an LD critic because they answer a question posed by the author: Impressed? Really, I wasn’t overly impressed. When he scored versus Brazil in the Confederations Cup I was very impressed and jumping out of my seat. When he scored versus Mexico in 2002 I was impressed.

    Also, I appreciate the gk’s analysis about low hard shots next to the body – fully understood. However, can anyone disagree that beautiful shots tucked into corners are more impressive? Matter of preference?

    Finally, these Landon goals impress me!

    link to

    All love! All love! Happy to spark some not-so-friendly banter.

  155. Kaiser says:

    I am a Galaxy fan, but I would love to see Landon make the move permanent! I think he fits well into the club, has a good coach, and has another American to help with the adjustment. The best thing for Landon and the USMNT is for him to stay!

    I have faith Bruce will figure out a way to keep the Galaxy competitive without Landon.

  156. LDforPrez says:

    TBF that ball was deflected off the defender. Itlooked like it was going to go straight at the keeper, but none of that matters Donovan got his first goal….hopefully many will follow.

  157. soccerdude says:

    Donovan should have cut his second chance on goal back to Saha, and then the Saha breakaway should have been put back to Donovan, if that happened then it would have been reminiscent of the CD9 assist during the confed cup against brazil, ahhh what a goal that was. Landy has got to stay in Europe. Eff MLS.

  158. EvertonBrian says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this point..

    I would accept either of these celebrations;

    1) the weird, cocky chest pound followed by a run to Cahill or the Goodison faithful and an applaud to them.

    2) a run over to Cahill or the Goodison faithful followed by an akward “no big deal” non-celebration thing…

    Unfortunately LD couples the two less favorable parts together, the –

    the weird, cocky chest pound followed by an akward “no big deal” non-celebration thing…

  159. Dj Dainja says:

    Thank you Ives. there is NO OTHER PLACE on the net i could find this goal. No wonder you were voted the best US soccer blog! GOLASO FOR IVES!

  160. EA says:

    Sorry, purchased from Everton’s website, shipped to the good ol’ US of A, for about $60. $45ish for jersey/lettering + $10-15ish for shipping.

    Damn good price for a damn nice jersey.

    Lots of English teams have kits on sale right now.

  161. A Guest says:

    Of course, he might still acclimate. He certainly isn’t showing much sign of being out of his depth! But the Arsenal’s Artful Dodger is a goal to strive for.

  162. cesa barrientos says:

    hey Matt when Beckham sign with MLS The Galacticos wanted him out cause he was in bad form him coming to MLS got him back in the shape he need and then when big teams saw that the offers started to come

  163. Shadowdub says:

    As someone who has followed Everton for a few years it’s a tough call as to whether LD will stay. I think in a couple of weeks it will be tough for him to get consistent playing time. Doubtful that Moyes would pick LD over Fellaini, Pienaar, Cahill or Arteta once he gets back to 100%. He might take some time from Osman, but even that is not a given. He would probably get starts when someone needs a rest or picks up an injury. With the WC coming up would Donovan risk missing out on consistent starts? It’s possible, it’s not like Bradley would leave him off the team. Plus there is the money issue.

    I would like to see him stay with Everton, but it seems like a long shot.

  164. ryan says:

    guess what, even if the keeper was in good position and he tucked it into the corner it would have counted for exactly the same amount of goals so who really cares what it looked like, the ball went into the net.

  165. kenny_b says:

    Neville does seem very reluctant to give him the ball. Is that what you are referring to?

    Or is it just something I am seeing?

  166. kenny_b says:

    Nice little header, but indeed he was offsides. Marking of Fellani was terrible too. :)

    Oh wait… I think Nicole was being facetious.

  167. kenny_b says:

    That’s what I thought. I think he was trying to go corner and defender did get a touch on the ball. Even the announcer pointed out that the defender got a touch and commented Donovan was a bit lucky because the touch sent the shot off its course a bit. Only Donovan knows where he was aiming.

  168. kenny_b says:

    If I recall correctly, when it was announced Beckham had signed a huge contract with MLS he immediately fell out of favor with Real’s coach who basically said he wouldn’t play for Madrid again. Madrid struggled, Beckham continued to practice hard, the coach had a change of heart and put Beckham back in the starting lineup. Beckham helped Real win a title in his last year. The only title they won while Beckham played for them. Anybody remember differently?

  169. kenny_b says:

    Arteta has come on for Donovan two games in a row and is trying to get fit. I believe last night that when Arteta came on he didn’t take Donovan’s spot on the field. Somebody else shifted to where Donovan was playing. I could be wrong though. I do agree playing time is about to get real tough for him. Moyes will want a healthy player that is signed with his club on the field more than a player on loan. Donovan will have to continue to stay sharp. He can’t have games like he did against Birmingham.

  170. Luke says:

    “wilshere didn’t end up materializing” I believe that was in reference to the loan deal with Arseneal did not materialize. Last I heard, Wenger changed his mind about the proposed loan deal after 2 games in a week against Bolton. But there is still a couple of days for Wenger to change his mind again…

  171. Luke says:

    Wondering what will happen once Arteta is back at full strenghth. Who’s going to get dropped from the starting line-up? Arteta is usually the RM, where Donovan has been playing, but he’s been in fine form. I think if Donovan keeps playing the way he’s been playing, Moyes will have a tough decision.

  172. G in Humboldt says:

    I agree with you, Soccerdude. That’s the third time I noticed Saha ignoring a wide open Landon Donovan in the three games I’ve seen.

    Saha seems to take shots no matter how impossible the shot without even considering the pass. He’s Everton’s leading goal scorer, but he passes up good assist opportunities. Is he always like this?

    It could be Landon needs to gain his confidence, too. Hopefully, scoring goals will help.

  173. Micahg17 says:

    Did anyone notice his run in support on the Saha counter opportunity?? He caught up to the play while blazing past 3 or so defenders…

    I am a passive EPL fan in that i’ll look for good match ups and DVR them and watch. I honestly thought LD was a liability on our MNT at times with his lack of tracking back on defense…

    With that said I LOVE this combo…i have become a fan of Donovan, started following the website and am actively searching out everton games on TV…

    If Everton can find a way to sign him and he stays at Everton, i think he will actually do MORE for soccer in the US than if he comes back…more EPL (mainly Everton) games on TV with arguably our nations top 2 players and bigger interest from casual soccer fans as a whole…am i alone here??

  174. JamesC says:

    That’s how I remeber it. And wasn’t the manager Fabio Capello? Kind of funny that he’s now the England coach that suggested Beckham needed to play in Europe to have a chance at the World Cup.

  175. Adrian says:

    The best measure of Donovan at Everton is what Moyes thinks of him, what the Everton faithful think of him, and what the British press think of him. He gets nothing but high praise from all of them. Check out the fan ratings at Sky Sports and such.