Evening Ticker: England-Mexico friendly set, Egypt cruises past Algeria and more



Fabio Capello wanted his team to have a CONCACAF dress rehearsal before this summer's World Cup, and the England manager has his wish.

England will host Mexico on May 24 at Wembley Stadium in what should make for an intriguing international friendly for U.S. fans.

Capello reportedly believes that a match with Mexico will best prepare the Three Lions for their June 12 World Cup date with the U.S.

Mexico, meanwhile, adds another top-notch opponent to its friendly slate that already included Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Ecuador.

The match will be shown in the United States on Telemundo, which has broadcast rights for the Mexican national team. No word yet on which English-language network will broadcast the match.

Here are a couple of other stories to get you through the night:


Two-time defending African Cup of Nations champions Egypt are through to the final after dismantling Algeria 4-0 in Thursday's second semifinal. Ghana defeated Nigeria 1-0 to claim the other spot in Sunday's final.

Algeria finished the game with eight men after having three sent off in the run of play.

Rafik Halliche's 38th-minute red card for a harsh tackle in the box allowed Hosni Abd Rabou to open the scoring from the penalty spot.

Also sent off for Algeria were Nadir Belhadj, who saw red in the 70th minute for a vicious tackle, and keeper Faouzi Chaouchi, who picked up his second yellow of the match in the 88th.

Mohamed Zidan doubled Egypt's lead in the 65th minute, Mohamed Abdelshafy tacked on another goal in the 81st and Mohamed Gedo finished things off with a 90th-minute score.

The win allowed Egypt to exact some measure of revenge on Algeria for defeating the Pharaohs in a playoff for Africa's final World Cup spot.


Sporting the game's premiere player, winning the league's regular season crown and reaching the championship game weren't enough to keep the Los Angeles Sol afloat.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Women's Professional Soccer franchise will fold after one season because of financial issues.

The crux of the issue, according to the Times, is that co-owner AEG tried, but failed, to sell its share of the team, and co-owner Blue Star, LLC didn't have the resources to run the team on its own. 

It's not as if Los Angeles was the only WPS franchise with money issues. None of the seven teams made a profit in the league's inaugural season. Expansion teams in Atlanta and Philadelphia are joining the league for the 2010 season.

The Sol players will be scattered around the now-eight-team league through a dispersal draft. It is unclear what will happen with Marta, the four-time reigning FIFA World Player of the Year. She is currently playing on loan for Brazilian club Santos.


What will you root for in the England-Mexico friendly? Hope Algeria is as undisciplined come June? Shocked that the Sol are going under?

Share your thoughts below.

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88 Responses to Evening Ticker: England-Mexico friendly set, Egypt cruises past Algeria and more

  1. fischy says:

    In what way does the Mexico team resemble the USA team? Except for Torres and Castillo, our guys are more like big European types.

  2. I don’t like the Sol, but it’s sad to see this happen so soon. Makes you wonder just what’s going on there. It’s not like anyone was expecting to make a profit. AEG was ready to jump ship so soon? A little odd, if you ask me.

  3. twigg says:

    I always want Mexico to lose by at least 4 goals. I just like listening to the excuses afterward.

  4. Erik says:

    Why can’t the US schedule some decent friendlies. I am sorry but El Salvador and Honduras with our C team doesn’t cut it. How does Mexico have Italy,Holland, England and New Zealand?


  5. Jenkins says:

    so mexico gets friendlies vs england, portugal, netherlands, and italy, while we only get netherlands and el salvador? what the hell?

  6. RLW2020 says:

    any word on USSF working on getting a date with anyone?

  7. blokhin says:

    I’m glad they dumb enough to think that we play like Mexico…. England should be playing Scotland or Northern Ireland, or, even better, the England B-team in preparation vs US.

  8. Hush says:

    It’s about time the mexican team starts playing worthy opponents. In the last 10 years or so all they do is play friendlies against, China,Jamiaca,Guatemala,etc… I guess there starting to go the U.S way of going about soccer business.:)

    I hope they get their asses handed over in europe.lol

  9. Shark says:

    What I love about England is they are playing Mexico (who plays nothing like the USA)in London. It would make more sense to go Mexico City and get used to the altitude. I think that in itself gives the USA an advantage over England. Our guys have all played at altitude in Mexico, Colorado and Salt Lake City and of course in South Africa. Thus, we know how to play in such conditions. Not to mention the site for the USA v England game is the highest altitude of any stadium in the World Cup.

    Also playing Egypt (who they think are like Algeria) at Wembley. Play it in Egypt as might help them replicate the conditions too.

    European teams will have no advantage in South Africa.

    England needs to worry about their goal keeping situation which is a mess and their defense. Terry and Fredinand are slow of foot and will get exposed by speedy teams. They have no right-back worth a hoot. Cole is world class, but he can’t do it by himself…and if Rooney goes down they are toast.

    Should be fun on 12 June…:)

  10. KungFuSoccer says:

    Hey Ives or Soccer Nerds. Do the 3 reds for Algeria have any ramifications for player elibigility at the World Cup Group rounds? If so what game(s)?

  11. Jeremy says:

    I heard rumors of a US-Northern Ireland friendly in Philly- any truth to that?

  12. RLW2020 says:

    the mexican team also has a 6 game tour of the US vs. Boliva, New Zealand, Iceland, Ecuador, Senegal and two more before taking on Chile, England, Netherlands, Portugal and Italy.. Wow, the wonder of having most of your players on domestic teams!

  13. LEEDOG says:


  14. Tony T says:

    Awesome! High profile games before the world cup!

  15. BetaMale says:

    Yea, but we got Honduras and El Salvador. Take that Mexico! Nothing but the top notch preparations for us!

  16. Shark says:

    Never said we didn’t….simply talking about England who everyone seems to be in love with…FWIW we have the speed and athleticism to beat England…just go ask Spain…who owns England of late…

    With my mom being English I follow them pretty closely….they have some issues that many folks are over looking…

  17. autonomous1 says:

    that’s my concern as well… does anybody know if the suspensions would carry over to the next competitive match [e.g. world cup] or would it impact friendlies?

  18. BetaMale says:

    Their B team is still better than us. Their C team or Wales would be a good warm up for USA

  19. OmarVizquel says:

    Always a laugh to read the words “Mexico” and “friendly” in the same sentence.

    *I’m talking about the Mexican team, obviously, and not the Mexican people as a whole. Lovely gente.

  20. j says:

    algeria seems like an up and down team will be interesting to see how they do in the world cup

  21. j says:

    same can be said for slovenia we have the most beatable group yet both could wind up making it one of the toughest

  22. Steve B says:

    So who should I root for in this game? Mexico is our arch-rival, but England is our world cup opponent. I imagine England are favorites, especially at Wembley.

  23. Jacob says:

    That’s true but speed and athleticism hasn’t done much for us.

  24. j says:

    england a win against mexico wouldn’t mean too much for them

  25. Jacob says:

    They play us all the time, aren’t we worthy?

  26. Manny F says:

    Those El Sal and Honduras games aren’t World Cup prep games. They are more scrimmages.

  27. matt dillon says:

    if capello thinks usa is akin to mexico, just because both teams are Concacrap sides, then he doesn’t know our team very well at all. Unless he was watching Everton play lately …

  28. ELAC says:

    I honestly believe that this is the year Mexico surpasses the USA as the premiere CONCACAF team. They have progressed under El Vasco and have found a way to mix youth and veterans. Very dynamic.

    The USMNT seems to stifle any real progress by selcting the same type of players to play the same type of soccer. We lack creativity and ball control. We have to outmuscle opponents in order to give ourselves a chance. We depend on the same dependable players without investing in harvesting new kinds of talent.

    I hope that Hondurass game seves as a wake up call to many players and coaches.

  29. Casey C. says:

    The sky is falling ELAC.

  30. leedog says:

    obviously every team has issues… I was born and raised in England til I was 11 but support both teams… the speed and athleticism won’t help. both teams have players with pros and cons and speed and athleticism, for me it is going to be tactics and thats where I see England having the edge…and overall higher level players. I dont see how the Mexico game is going to “help” the three lions beat USA but Capello wanted to play a concacaf team to let the team have a go at the “style” of play that concacaf teams play. should be fun to watch rooney and co beat up on el tri

  31. Christian says:

    That’s funny. I remember people flippin’ out around here during the Gold Cup because the US lost to Mexico while people like you did their best to sugarcoat the loss by throwing out the F team excuse.

  32. Christian says:

    Mexico played Ghana at Craven Cottage, Holland in Amsterdam, France at Stade de France, Paraguay at Azteca, USA at Reliant all during the last four years and not to mention Copa America 07, which was played in Venezuela.

  33. Al_OC says:

    Agreed. I thought, if they really want to try a CONCACAF opponent that’s similar to the US, then Honduras would’ve probably been a better opponent.

  34. Christian says:

    Having a strong domestic league affords you the luxury of forming a B team from local players.

    In 1998, USA had more European based players than Mexico but that didn’t help them, in fact, they finished last in the tournament.

  35. Christian says:

    Last time Mexico played England…..it was ugly.


  36. fischy says:


  37. martha says:

    Strange way to prepare Mexico and the US are nothing alike. A better game to prepare for teh US woulda been Englands A team versus Englands B team.

  38. YO says:

    Not sure what Mexico is going to get out of their scheduled games, obvously they didn’t consult BB. They should play El Salvador and Honduras.

  39. D says:

    There is a rumor of a three team competition here in the states with the Yanks, Czechs, and Turks in may. That would be a great way to prepare for the tourny

  40. Goalscorer24 says:

    Hopefully England picks up some of Mexico’s technique in playing against the US, which is to lose to us. Ha Ha!

  41. 123 says:

    Dang-it! What will I do without the Los Angeles Sol?!?!?!?!?!

  42. jimmygreaves says:

    I’ll be very interested to see the posts on SBI if Mexico beats or ties England

    I’ves- any word on other US friendlies?

  43. Christian says:


    The US is 1-1-2 against Mexico in their last four games.

    Matter of fact, the US is 0-1-3 in their last four games.

  44. patrick says:

    if true, thats a perfect set up for us. Czech=slovenia turks=algeria. It’s not perfect, but they play similar styles

  45. B1879 says:

    People need to chill. We will add friendlies to prep the final 23. El Salvador and Honduras are a bonus to look at the fringe players.

  46. Enquiring Minds says:

    Well, the USMNT roster for the Honduras game was composed of the players who are not the first 16 or so right?

    You then have to assume the 30 guys called into this camp were the best of the rest, right?

    And you have to assume the 17 or so who played against Honduras were the best of the 30,right?

    So where are and who are this “new kinds of talent” if they aren’t amongst those 46 guys or so I just mentioned?.

    You are suggesting the US dump this second 30 right? So tell me the other 30 new players are.

  47. patrick says:

    everyone is thinking that by saying its good preparation that england see us as mexico. Perhaps, its to see what mexico does WELL as they have had recent success against us. Maybe they want to see how dos santos and others worked against us, and see them up close? Capello isn’t dumb enough to think that mexico and us play similar styles. I think he wants to see styles that work well against the US. The typical england style isn’t exactly a style that would burn the US (the players are though). Capello’s style isnt much different. He’s getting ideas, not practicing against a team that plays like the US.

  48. patrick says:

    false. They would, but Algeria has a 3rd place match so it doesnt matter, that will be the game they sit out

  49. patrick says:

    they would be transferable. It’s the same situation M bradley was in after brazil. Unfortunately, Algeria has a 3rd place game which they will serve their suspension during.

  50. jimoh8002 says:

    A Whole Lot …..

  51. Hush says:

    Really?lol Go back 10 years or so, and do your math.

    Not too long ago we played, Sweden 3 times,England,Spain 2,Argentina,Brazil 2,Poland,S.A,Switzer,Den,Slov.

    Mexico played Argentina,Jamiaca,Peru,china,bolivia,colombia,chile. They played Ghana in England which by the way is the closest they have ever gotten to playing someone in Europe.lol They played Sweden once in the states.

    Copa America?lol Yeah, our USMNT kids were at the event too. :) Not including this tourn since both teams attended.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that the USMNT have played against better opponents than mexico in the last 10 years. The Mexican federation is always too worried about dropping points in the standings the FIFA ranking table, maybe that is why they take the easy way out.:)

    France & Holland? When & where? I don’t remember these teams playing mexico recently.

  52. RLW2020 says:

    would defiantly be good match-ups. still think if possible Russia or France would be ideal match-ups. but czech and turkey would be great games for us.

  53. BetaMale says:

    true. Probably the most sensible thing I’ve read on here in awhile. Thanks for putting it into perspective

  54. Charles says:

    that is funny, that is why I always want England to lose by 1 goal. Guarenteed to be some call or Hand of God they will complain about for 100 years.

  55. Charles says:

    THIS is the year?

    ummm Mexico have never failed to make it out of Group stage for longer than some of the players have been alive. (except when FIFA wouldnt let them play )

    US didn’t get out of group stage two out of the last three WCups.

  56. Charles says:

    THIS is the year ?

    ummm, Mexico hasn’t failed to make it out of group stage for longer than some of the players have been alive (except when FIFA wouldn’t let them play )

    The US may have missed a couple of times ?

  57. Chris A says:


  58. JSmiley says:

    OK, good point. US fans throw out excuses when their C team loses. Mexico fans throw out excuses when their A team loses. I guess that’s the same thing.

  59. Dan says:

    This comment just shows you are a noob. One things is you hating Mexico and another is being so ignorant. That statement is valid only if you say “Go back 4 years”. I guess Opponents at the last world cup dont count.

  60. bryan says:

    this is just a bunch of BS. we played england less than a year ago…they KNOW how we play.

  61. Stephen says:

    So, I may be showing my limited soccer IQ here, but what happens when the keeper gets ejected? I don’t think I’ve ever seen/heard of that happening (although I’m not dumb enough to think that it doesn’t).

    Do they put a field player? Do they sub another player out for a goal keeper (which would cost a field player)?

    What exactly is the scenario?

  62. Stephen says:

    But what about the 4 before that?

  63. Shark says:

    Well we have something in common…my mother is English as I said and I lived their for 8 years as a kid…

    Where we disagree as I see the USA beating England…even as I sit next to my mother in her England shirt…:)

  64. Neal says:

    Usually sub a field player for the back up goalie. Unless, they are out of subs, then I guess a field player puts on the gloves.

  65. Shark says:

    Tell that to Spain….

  66. Irma says:

    This is true. Happened during an Arsenal-Sheffield United game a few years back. Surprisingly, SU managed to hold on to their draw despite not having a real keeper.

  67. Stephen says:

    Ok, here’s another question, what could the goalkeeper possibly do to have gotten not 1, but 2, yellow cards?

  68. CrispyST3 says:

    They usually get straight Reds, although it happens VERY VERY rarely

  69. Brian says:

    Fischy, they would but because of the 3rd place game they won’t. If you remember back in October against Costa Rica after Jozy picked up his first yellow, Bob told him on the sidelines, “hey don’t be an idiot and take your shirt off in tribute to Charlie otherwise your ass gonna be sitting out the first game of the WC”

  70. Brian says:

    “and keeper Faouzi Chaouchi, who picked up his second yellow of the match in the 88th.”

  71. Brian says:

    yeah I’d say Honduras, or even the Canuckistanis would be better prep.

  72. Jacob says:

    Isn’t calling our team a C-team an excuse? How is it an excuse you say? Lack of depth.

  73. Jacob says:

    I’m not sure what the company is called that schedules Mexico’s friendlies, but I know its an American company and it’s headed by non other that Mr MLS commissioner. I kind of like how we control who they play, but the 10 year contract is about to expire…

  74. Jacob says:

    Tell them what, that we haven’t won a fifa championship at any level? That with 300m + population we have depth problems. That our greatest player just scored his very first goal in Europe at what age?

  75. DC Josh says:

    Mexico is respected more internationally than the US. They have a better record in the World Cup, and a longer history of success.

  76. Neal says:

    Not sure what the specific reason in this case could be, but yellows to keepers for time-wasting on goal kicks happens, especially late in games. Dissent is another possibility…

  77. Stephen says:

    True. I remember Boruc from Celtic getting a foul called on him for taking out Eduardo in the box, but it was clearly a dive and Eduardo hit the penalty and sent Arsenal through to CL. Can’t recall if he got a card for it though.

  78. Brent says:

    Unless you go to Azteca.

  79. Ted E. says:

    He got the first yellow for protesting the penalty kick (the kicker stopped in his track, waiting for the goal keeper to move before shooting, but the penalty was not re-taken). Apparently he attempted to headbutt the referee…

    Second yellow (like if it was needed) was given when he tried to punch an Egyptian player who had almost scored…

    In other words – he had it coming.

    I have a related question – will the Algeria red cards carry over to the World Cup? If so, they would be without two starting defenders and the goalkeeper for three games…

  80. Aaron in StL says:

    If you compare this squad to our ’94 WC squad, we are by no means a team of bohemaths.. we have quite a few guys on the slight of build size. We have more technically sound players, but our backline is not a bunch of goons like it used to be.

    England doesn’t need to try to play any team with a similar “style” as ours, they get the same treatment from almost anybody they play. We’ll pack it in and hope to spring a counter or score off a set piece.

  81. Aaron in StL says:

    Riiiight…here’s what our ’06 friendlies turned out to be, tell me this is incredibly challengin: Canada, Norway,Japan, Guatemala, Poland, Germany (lost 4-1), Jamaica, Morocco, Venezuela, Latvia (LATVIA!).

    Sounds pretty similar to your Mexico list…

  82. Josh D says:

    Mexico sort of puts our future friendlies into the category of “Bradley what in the world are you doing when you aren’t coaching one game every three months?!?!?!?!?!”

  83. Christian says:

    Not my fault the US has no depth.

    It’s pretty funny actually, most of you guys discount any game that doesn’t include your starting XI.

    Mexico vs Holland, in Eindoven, 2006.

    Mexico vs France at Stade de France, 2006. Zidane’s last game in france.

  84. Milkshake of Despair says:

    DC – I think you make a point, but I also wonder if it has some to do with the business side and the negotiations that take place to make these games happen. I have the impression Mexico is easier to negotiate with than US Soccer. For example, does US Soccer demand a higher share of the money or that it must be in the US vs traveling to Europe? I have not evidence or anecdotes to support this, it’s just a feeling….

  85. Shark says:

    Last I looked football is not the major sport in United States. However, growth in this country since 1990 has been amazing. Just look at the United States rise in world rankings since then and we have to compete with baseball, football, hockey and basketball for players. So what your saying is not correct.

    What major FIFA title has Spain won? NONE (unless you count Euro which means we get to count the Gold Cup). And England as football crazy as they are with 92 league teams hasn’t won a World Cup since 1966. So your point was what?

    So Spain would tell you back “we haven’t won a FIFA championship at any level either”

    So yeah go tell Spain….last I looked USA 2 Spain 0….just sayin’…:)

  86. Mason says:

    It’s been said repeatedly, but people who want to hyperventilate are going to find a reason. Hell – look at the reaction from some to LD’s goal. Complaints about how he should have put it in the corner or how it was a deflection… Whatever.

  87. Danil says:

    I dont think thats true. It has to do with the economic power the Mexican federation has and its sponsors.