Fox to launch second soccer channel


Fans of soccer in the United States will have yet another viewing outlet to get their fix. Fox has announced plans for a new soccer channel that will be launch in the next two months.

The new channel will be known as Fox Soccer Plus, and is scheduled to carry Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and Serie A matches that are already broadcast on FSC. By bringing in a new channel, Fox will be able to increase the number of games available in America.

March 1 is the scheduled launch date for the new channel that will also be broadcast in high definition. No word yet on how the channel will be accessible.

What do you think of Fox Soccer Plus? Excited to see more European soccer on TV?

Share your thoughts below.

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103 Responses to Fox to launch second soccer channel

  1. Milkshake of Despair says:

    Just as important, it will be in HD!!!!

  2. Franky says:

    When will FSC be in HD????

  3. Father of Francesca says:

    Francesca’s mom is not going to like this…

  4. afrim says:

    this is just sick. FSC couldnt fit all that soccer in one channel.

  5. Landis says:

    Excited, but my provider (Insight – Louisville) won’t carry it and if they do it will be part of an upgrade that costs another $20 a month.

  6. DL says:

    FSCHD is coming soon. Would not be surprised if it coincides with this new channel.

  7. over there says:

    Um…FSC is a channel that fills dead airspace with paid programming. Making FSC a more respectable 24/7 network would be better than adding a 2nd.

  8. John V. says:

    Uh, if they’re only broadcasting games that are already available on FSC, then how are they increasing the soccer viewing options in this country?

  9. Fitz says:

    Was watching FSC last night and there were commercials for FSC HD “presented by Sylvania” coming soon. says this month: link to

  10. JT says:

    Hurray! Great news for American soccer fans.

  11. jjraines says:

    How about they just upgrade the existing channel to where I don’t feel like I’m going back 30 years in TV broadcasting.

  12. YO says:

    Good! Now I can cancel my Setanta, I am tired of paying when they only show a few games –not a Rugby fan!

  13. Gerraraldiño says:

    I like the news, but am confused. What does it show? Reruns? Why isn’t more content created to fill the dead air on FSC1 (is it a “no games that time of day issue)?

    Also, why is it called FSC+? To me that means some kind of premium content that I won’t be able to get.

    Wait and see I suppose.

  14. Rory says:

    If it creates more soccer out there, I’m happy. But I hope it will be packaged with the sports packs on Dish and Direct so I don’t have to pay more for it.

  15. Rory says:

    One good thing about living in Western Kentucky is that there’s no tall buildings to block out my sat dish. Take that Louisville!

  16. Rory says:

    Hopefully we will see more leagues represented on air between the two channels.

  17. Seriously? says:

    Does this have anything to do with the Setanta USA rumors? After those reports last weekend, and the removal of the EPL games from their online schedule, Setanta showed the Arsenal-Everton match. Now they’re schedule is back to listing matches for this weekend.

    Is it possible there was some agreement, and Setanta will go away when FSC+ comes up? If so, then it’ll either be great if you don’t have to pay for FSC+, or it’ll be a wash if your provider makes you pay for it.

    If Setanta sticks around, there aren’t a whole lot of English games left that aren’t covered by ESPN, FSC and Setanta, France is covered by Setanta, and Spain is covered by Gol and ESPN, so I would think it would be more Italian matches, and perhaps more smaller or lower league games.

  18. Rory says:

    Oh and hopefully the new channel will not have the “beep-boob-beeb’s” that FSC has.

  19. STX81 says:

    Good point. However, I need another outlet to catch up on Dreamteam reruns.

  20. SG says:

    Curious as to what they will be providing on te channel that’s exclusive. Hope they don’t just have the same crappy production as FSC. And there will most likely be additional fees and cost for viewers when they should provide already customers of FSC with a free or reduced fee.

  21. Marco says:

    I think they’re broadcasting more games from LEAGUES that are already on FSC, but the games will be different.

  22. nate says:

    No one is going to be celebrating when FSC moves it’s best matches to FSC+ and slaps on a PPV subscription fee on the new channel.

    IMO this has the possiblity to create a much worse situation than we’ve had the past few seasons. Especially for those that didn’t pay the $15 for Setanta.

  23. Rob says:

    As the LA Times article says, “The new network will draw content from Setanta USA, whose sublicenses with Fox are expiring.”

  24. Seriously? says:

    I’m curious, what do you mean by making it more respectable? What would that entail? Showing more re-runs of matches or news? The fact is, there are only so many slots when there are live games to show.

    Having a 2nd channel gives them the ability to show another live game, and not make people have to wait to see games on delay.

    They only have paid programming during, as you said, dead airspace, why not let the channel make some money in that time, especially if it helps keep subscriber costs down? I just don’t understand what else you would like. Having more internally generated programming would cost them more money, as opposed to perhaps making a little bit on paid programming.

  25. Baldman says:

    I’d like to see what more details come out. If the new channel gets us more live games I’m in. I’d like to see SPL if Setanta USA folds up.

  26. Darius says:

    Most weekends they show games on a delay in the evenings– I assume that these might be live instead

  27. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    Wonder when we will find out more details? Coverage? Cost if any? ect.

  28. Beckster says:

    more soccer and more importantly, in HD! What is not to like?

  29. Keith G. says:

    I couldnt be more excited about this news, I new the day was going to come. I would like them to now be able to air the Bundesliga, and La Leage on one of the channels. If they can begin to do that for next season, that would be the best thing they could ever do. Congrats to FSC, and keep bringing better soccer coverage every day.

  30. Oog says:

    Anything with the word “Plus” in it isn’t going to be free. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay more for this premium channel.

  31. Metro Boy says:

    if FSC goes HD and their second channel will also be HD, i might bust lol

  32. John V. says:

    “The new channel will be known as Fox Soccer Plus, and is scheduled to carry Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and Serie A matches that are already broadcast on FSC.”

    I took this to mean the very same matches that are available on FSC, not just the leagues.

  33. M says:

    I’d like to see the Dutch Eredivisie and France’s Ligue 1. FSC used to show those leagues years ago when it was Fox Sports World.

  34. over there says:

    I mean show more games. Fill the time they already have available. I’d love to see some more A-League, or Ligue 1, or even Greek Super League games. I don’t care if you show them to me at 6pm on a Tuesday, because I’m not checking scores. Yes, we all want to see or Premier League and MLS games lives, but we don’t need that with every league. Heck, show programs like the Greatest, or the Contenders at more than just weekday night slots.

    I know if its American and has anything to do with soccer, it must be absolutely perfect as is, but come on, there is plenty more they could be doing. Will having a second channel make them more money, sure. That’s why they are doing it. But if you don’t understand what else I would like, you have no imagination.

  35. smokedgouda says:

    Good news but they should budget more for their nightly FSReport. It looks very cheaply made.

  36. Phil says:

    Man, I hate Serie A. I was hoping for SPL, more Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and English-language Eredivisie. Maybe even some Championship and 2. Bundesliga.

  37. dhawk says:

    Jeez guys. Look at the link. In it you’ll find the answers to most of your questions:

    “As America’s interest in the world’s game is increasing, the launch of Fox Soccer Plus will complement and enhance our current programming on Fox Soccer Channel,” new FSC general manager David Nathanson said.

    The new network will draw content from Setanta USA, whose sublicenses with Fox are expiring, a person familiar with the negotiations said Monday, speaking on condition of anonymity because that detail won’t be included in the announcement.

    Fox, a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, is negotiating with cable carriers to determine what tiers the new network will be placed on. The new network will be broadcast in high definition; Fox also has been preparing to start high definition telecasts of FSC.

  38. ManicMessiah says:

    Well, the way the reigonal fox sports channels in the NY reigon are set up, the plus label are given to the overflow channels; most of the time they show programming identical to their station (msg+ to msg, msg2+ to msg)- the only time they show differing content is when they need extra room for games happening at the same time.

    It seems to me that fsc+ might show exactly what the original channel shows most of the time, only being used to show different matches at the same time slot.

  39. BK says:

    Still no La Liga?

  40. dhawk says:

    Something else: There is a link to tell your cable/ satellite provider that you want the station. It is link to

  41. over there says:

    All I want is more. I’ll be happy with more EPL, more MLS, more serie A, more any other league they can get the rights to. I just wish I could turn on FSC at an odd hour and a least catch a crappy J-League game or something.

  42. quakes says:

    Exactly, when is FSC HD going to happen? Everyone said January 2010 but it doesn’t look like any of the big companies like Comcast are going to pick it up.

  43. Oranje Mike says:

    I could care less. I can’t afford FSC as it is. Cable companies suck. More soccer that I won’t be watching.

  44. Tony says:

    Personal Hope:

    FSC1: Obtains Setanta’s rights to show Rugby, Cricket, etc. in US Market. And combines them with current FSC programming. (AKA an upgraded version of the old FSW)

    FSC+: Soccer only, in HD. Hopefully more time for MLS/USSF Div 2 or in the alternative some more A and J League. I love the Prem. and Euro leagues but I love variety more.

  45. nate says:

    I’d be surprised if they show even one new league that isn’t currently shown by FSC or Setanta, especially if it’s not a fee based channel.

    Where do you guys think they are going to get the money to just start showing Germany, Holland, Greece, etc???

  46. Dudeinho says:

    maybe now we can get an MLS weekly show.

  47. doug says:

    OK. I just upgraded from DISH Bronze to DISH Gold because that’s the only way to get FSC1. That’s an extra $23 extra for one stinking channel that I really care about. I pray that they can get this included with that package.

  48. nicc says:

    according to FSC an hour ago, via twitter, it already is in HD and broadcasting. when pressed as to what carriers are showing it they are mum… lots of people on bigsoccer are reporting that they cant find it no matter which provider they ask.

    its rumored that as of now only commercial subscriptions (bars, pubs, etc) can get the HD feed.

  49. r.benjamin says:

    Here’s what I expect unfortunately.

    * FSC+ is HD at launch but FSC is not.. Pushing people to FSC+

    * Big4 and most interesting games including UEFA semis are on FSC+ but not FSC.

    * FSC plays mostly Italian, French and Russian games

    * FSC+ is $15

    * FSC is $10 by virtue of the sports bundle on DTV.

  50. STX81 says:

    Also as much as I enjoy Fox Soccer Report it is a Canada-centric show and it time it shows. The hosts usually show more genuine emotion when it come to the Canadian MNT and TFC. The whole purpose of the Max’s Minute segment was to give an American angle to the events of the day. FSC would be better served if the were more US based soccer programing on the channel. Hiring Wynalda on FFF was a vast improvement to the euro snobbery that he replaced.

    Also, they can improve the production quality of daily news show (if they choose to keep FSR.) It’s annoying that the highlight packages never includes games that ended shortly before the live FSR airing. Can’t they hire producer who can work with up to the minute information?

  51. BAJ says:

    Ugg I want them to pick up Championship games. I want to see my royals.

  52. DC Josh says:

    I GOTTA get my PIP function fixed on my TV now!!!!!!

  53. Seriously? says:

    I just didn’t understand what was meant by the term “respectable”. I wasn’t sure what that implied, and if you were looking for more so to speak “high brow” programs or something.

    As for showing other leagues, yes, it would be awesome to be able to see games for all Yanks abroad, but it’s a cost benefit thing. Obviously, showing more games for contracts they already have, like the Premier League, would be cheaper than getting more contracts. Could they get a contract from Greece or Sweden or Denmark that would allow them to pick games involving Americans, the matches that would draw the highest ratings here, or would they only be able to get the nationally televised game, so to speak? And either way, would those games get high enough ratings to justify paying the rights fees, instead of showing paid programming or re-runs matches from the bigger leagues?

    Obviously the highest ratings, and therefore highest revenue, will come from live games in the biggest leagues, so I can see why they’d want to be able to show more live and shortly delayed matches. Right now FSC comes ‘free’ with a sports pack (generally), the more they have to pay in rights fees, the more cost they have to forward onto the consumer.

    I’d love to see games from other countries, but if FSC+ shows the same stuff that’s on Setanta now, nothing else, and it’s free, great. Showing the same stuff but you have to pay for it, then no change there really, and if they show just the Prem and maybe Championship matches from Setanta, but not the other stuff, and you have to pay extra for it, then it’s kind of a loss, actually.

    So I’m in wait and see mode.

  54. Double M says:

    Thanks goodness. Totally waiting to see what the little price tag is for carrying it at the soccer shop. Sure to be a wowzer…

  55. nate says:

    yeah – what’s with that??

  56. ELAC says:

    Waht about the MLS? Any games in HD?

  57. brentmcd says:

    Skin Care Army!

  58. Dannyc58 says:

    Its going to show the Setanta time slots. Who wants to watch Stoke vs Wolves at 1am? Its better to have it live on a 2nd channel.

  59. Adam in Irvine says:

    That’s what I hate about DISH, I have every channel I want for $70 a month but then I have to pay the $23 to upgrade to get FSC and another $15 for Setanta. It’d be nice if FSC and FSCHD got added to the Sports package I already pay $5 a month for.

  60. Kasey says:

    Doesn’t seem like FSC HD and FSC Plus will be available in all regions of the country. I think it’s only being bought up my certain providers who receive popular demand in certain areas of the U.S.

  61. BCC says:

    Many, many “respectable” channels run paid programming at night and in early morning.

  62. BCC says:

    Not sure how they would get La Liga with ESPN and GolTV already holding the rights to those games.

  63. BCC says:

    Why would a soccer channel show rugby and cricket?

  64. last i read, MAR 2010.

  65. V says:

    I hope FSC+ = 24/7 Dreamteam network

  66. that isn’t going to change anything. the point of having a second channel is to show games LIVE that you would have not been previously able to show due to only having one channel. expect both channels to run paid programming late night…

  67. Charles says:

    I bet that the cable providers and FSC are in a battle right now.

    FSC: Give us more money and we will provide HD.

    Cable company: No, we are making money on this already.

    Who do you side with, the devil or satan ?

    IF I am stating the obvious sorry…

    Will FSC II be any different? Dont count on it.

    But if the NFL network and others are any indication, they filter down so poor boys like me can get them eventually.

  68. they are. FSC will be in HD and a SECOND soccer channel run by Fox is being “released”…which will also be in HD. So, we are getting a second channel AND both channels will be in HD. just hope your cable provider decides to get them…

  69. YES, everyone, please do this!

  70. dhawk says:

    FSC is supposed to be broadcast in HD by the end of January although that does not mean that the cable companies or satellite providers will provide it that way.

  71. dhawk says:

    I doubt it’s a money issue. FSC wants thier customers to have the channel in HD because the customers are crying for it and the competition (ESPN) has it.

    If there is any issue with the cable companies and satellite providers it is with providing the extra bandwidth necessary for HD broadcasts.

  72. Cox Cable charges $2 more per month for the Sport Tier, which includes FSC, GolTV, NBATV, MLBTV, NFLTV, etc.

    Which company are you using where it is not affordable?

  73. Guys, just contact your service provider and tell them, as a customer, you expect them to carry it. For Cox Cable customers, state that you expect them to add this channel to the Sports Tier along with all the other “extra/premium” sports channels at no, or a slight, additional cost. Considering the tier is only $2, when I say slight, I mean <$1. The point is, the cable companies need to be assured they will make money by paying Fox for these channels. Which means they need to hear from YOU.

  74. JC says:

    Why do they need another channel. They don’t show enough games as it is….

  75. Tony says:

    Read part 1 again. I said I hope they acquire the requisite rights and make FSC1 more like the old FSW which carried rugby and cricket matches. Thus, it wouldnt only be a soccer channel anymore. Again just a personal hope.

  76. Ferris says:

    So last weekend, for example, the Everton game would have been broadcast on FSC 2 instead of Setanta. Awesome.

  77. south says:

    I would rather them optimize the one channel they have before adding another one.

    And if they’re going to add another one, why not call it FSC2 / FSC2HD

    Why the ‘ + ‘, what’s going to be PLUS about about it? What are they adding.


  78. Brian says:

    Is this the channel Sarah Palin will be on?

  79. over there says:

    But not many show less than 18 per week of worthwhile programming when there is so much more out there.

  80. M says:

    Cricket, ewww! That’s worse than baseball

  81. MrDot says:

    In my part of the East Coast, FSN is only available if you fork out $120 a month for their “Digital Premier” package. Which means it’s crappy streams for me.

  82. MrDot says:

    That would be Comcast :)

  83. Fox Sports World says:

    Anyone else miss Fox Sports World? You could turn on FSW at any time of day and you would find competition of some sort. Aussie rules football at 4pm on a Monday was better than Dreamteam reruns. How could FSW afford to rarely have infomercials?

  84. Nick_C says:

    well played 😉

  85. chupacabra says:

    FSReport is broadcast from Canada. It’s basically on the same level as Bob and Doug McKenzie.

    However, I’m not sure a US-based show would be any better since it would probably be hosted by Christian Miles and Max Bretos.

  86. chupacabra says:

    Yes to the J-League stuff, especially if it means getting rid of those crappy early morning infomercials. One of the bonuses of Setanta was not being subject to the restless ghost of Billy Mays when somewhere in the world a footy match was taking place.

  87. chupacabra says:

    If Rupert Murdoch is involved it most definitely is a money issue.

  88. Linda Block says:

    Yeah baby!!!!

  89. Idaho Brian says:

    nice work on the link. I have submitted my request to Dish Network…

  90. Tony says:

    Haha, its an acquired taste. Kinda like oxtail stew.

  91. tim says:

    Uh, besides cable news, movies, and mtv, what channels dont have paid programming during the early AM?

  92. Mirkael says:

    Setanta doesn’t show Cricket.

  93. Niccollo says:

    bollucks.. mr john v here is right.. i want them to double my input of BPL and add a lot more fa cup clashes! maybe even some championship… this may just be a disappointment fellas

  94. ChedarDog says:

    More importantly did they negotiate for the intellectual property rights for Special 1 TV?

    Those puppets have to be pretty dusty by now.

  95. kofi_x5 says:

    Giggity Giggity!

  96. A-Lott says:

    You betcha.

  97. Tim F. says:

    Excellent Fox! Way to go!!!

  98. Cabrito says:

    Making a second FSC and HD “available” is one thing. Getting your cable/dish provider to pick it up, is something entirely different.

  99. r.benjamin says:

    I sure hope its not a hockey mom channel..

  100. trueblueroo says:

    Anything as long it’s not NFL/CFL, baseball, basketball or hockey. North Americanspecific sports suck!

  101. Big Red says:

    Are they going to make us pay for the new channel over and above the fact we already pay for FSC. Also disappointing to see FSC is making us pay a package price for Champions League games.

  102. Mitch says:

    How about more coverage of the American game too? Bring me a second MLS game and a second USL/NASL game… I want to see my teams and my countrymen play on Cable TV!

  103. Scott A says:

    More MLS please