It’s MLS Draft Q&A Time

2010 MLS Draft

With the MLS Combine in the books, it is time to start looking toward Thursday's 2010 MLS Draft.

In case you haven't seen them, here is my First Round Mock Draft for, as well as my list of players who had their stock rise or fall at the Combine. As far as the stock moving story, those were far from the only players to help or hurt their stock, but just a handful of each.

Since I know many of you have all sorts of questions about the draft, I figured it was as good a time as any to do a Q&A. Post your draft-related questions in the comments section below and I will answer as many of them as I can for Wednesday. I will also be posting a new two-round Mock Draft (maybe three rounds if time permits) as well as the final Big Board before the Draft. Both posts will appear on Wednesday.

Send your questions my way.

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113 Responses to It’s MLS Draft Q&A Time

  1. Avery says:

    Ives, do you see any way that the Red Bulls could select either Tchani or Opara with the second choice and find a way to still get Duka by trading up?

    Also, what are the trade rumblings that you mentioned before?

  2. Sean says:

    Tchani’s size reminds me of a Shalrie Joseph type player. Is this a fair assessment?

  3. Chad says:

    Hey Ives,

    KC has the fourth pick. There are rumors we’ll trade it (maybe to Toronto). How do you see this playing out? Do you still see us taking Burnby?


  4. Ives- what is a fair comparison (in style of play) for the following players:


    Who do you honestly feel would be the better pick at number 2 for the Red Bulls

  5. Jim says:


    Rumours up north are that Mo is willing to deal Frei and Wynne to grab a stud CB. What are you hearing? And how much influence could Preki have on what TFC does? Any chance for Bunbury to play in a Canadian shirt like his dad used to?

  6. Danny says:

    What are the real possibilities for FC Dallas to move one (or both) of their picks in the 1st round? Who seems to be most interested at this point? Who has a real shot at getting them?

  7. ahm says:

    great coverage. i’m curious how you think this draft class will look in a few years. so 3 years from now who do you see being labeled “the steal” of this class and who do you think will be the inevitable bust?

  8. O'Brien fan says:

    You seem to like O’Brien this combine. Do you think he did enough to get drafted?

  9. UK-DCDave says:

    Ives, thanks for the great coverage of the combine and the draft – I am actually really excited to see how the draft plays out (thanks to you)

    Question; I was surprised by your “pick” of Okugo for DCU…With Bone, Duka and now Loyd about don’t you think it more likely that they would look at these three if they are around?

    DCU has that Big Game mentality that Duka would fill, Bone would be a good replacement for Olsen…ehhhh Loyd I don’t know about, but your description has me thinking that he would fit as well.

  10. SCNewJersey says:

    What do you think the chances are of RBNY getting Dave Van Den Berg in some sort of draft day deal with FC Dallas?

  11. Kevin in Denver says:

    In hindsight, how much could the Rapids have used that 8th pick and Dilly Duka along with it?

  12. SJ says:

    What is the history of players coming into the combine as “needing to prove something” and success in the league? Is there a high (or any) correlation between combine performance and success in MLS?

  13. Ryan says:

    What can you tell me about the four UCLA kids, Perk, Stephens, Estrada and Nakazawa?

  14. ifishie says:

    Do you think any players who weren’t at the combine might get drafted in the latter rounds?

  15. Jake says:

    I know Danny Mwanga is from Congo, but he has yet to play for them and had been in the US for several years now. How far away from citizenship is he and does he have any interest in representing the US?

  16. RAW says:

    What do you think of RBNY not selecting Duka? He is a NJ native and has said he would like to play for them? I know that if I was in RBNYs position, I would see that we really need an attacking midfielder since there really is not too much help for JPA up front.

  17. BrianK says:


    Any chance Red Bulls can take Tchani at #2 and engineer a trade for the #3 pick and take Opara?

  18. Someone call Soler and get this deal done…. Wynne needs to come back to the red bulls and lord knows we could use frei…..

    Miller on the Left and Wynne on the right would give the Red Bulls the Best Full Backs in the League

  19. D2 Soccer SID says:

    Ives, I spend a lot of time in D-II soccer and I’m wondering if you think any if the lesser knowns have a shot, like Milien out of Tampa on F50i?

  20. Randall says:

    Andrew Hoxie got some pub at the combine after a couple of goals. Is he for real or just the lucky guy who got teamed up with Tchani and Lloyd. Where do you see him going in the draft.

  21. ELAC says:

    Could you see Chivas USA drafting Irving Garcia in the first round?

    We already have Michael Lahoud, Gerson Mayen, Jorge Flores in that same mold.

  22. Mr. Knowledge says:

    Wynne is overrated. Nice kid and freak athlete…no soccer head on him.

  23. Frank says:

    How did Two-Boys Gumede fare at the combine? stock up or down?

  24. Everyone seems to say that San Jose is completely disinterested in the draft and all drafts for that matter…. so maybe some allocation money and dane richards could get us that 3rd pick….. one could dream or many could dream i should say

  25. BESoccerfan says:

    Ives, thanks for the incredible content throughout the combine.
    What is your prediction for some of the players who came into the combine under the radar and seemed to make a name for themselves during the three games? Alexander, Hoxie and Seamon stood out to me? also, how did Beccera do?

  26. Don’t you think Hans Backe could teach him some soccer

  27. Evan says:

    How “rigged” is the draft–if it is? In other words since all draftees are signed by the MLS and not by the individual teams, how much influence does the league have over the selections? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Freddy Adu get drafted by DC United after some manipulation by the league? Is it in the best interest of the league to place certain players into certain teams?

  28. dvkenned says:

    re: O’Brien fan

    I’m also interested in hearing your take on O’Brien– how he stacked up, what chances he might have.

  29. Sean M says:

    Irving Garcia has himself a hell of a combine,where do you see him going,second round perhaps???I would love to see my Galaxy take a risk and go for him,If not Da Luz seems like a good signing.Garcia isn’t aftaid to take people on,part of the reason I like him alot.

  30. Mike says:

    How did the San Diego guys do?

    Particularly Nick Cardenas?

  31. Ryan says:

    As a former Loyola (MD) Greyhound, I’m curious how Tennant McVea fared. Where do you expect him to be picked?

    Another, unrelated question: Which of the combine players do you foresee vying for spots on the US WC 2014 roster? Give me 5 and tell us how soon you’d expect them to be on the scene.

  32. mffinla says:

    Greetings from LA. Perk is a good keeper. Stephens is a good player, but needs to be stronger on the ball. Estrada = Jon Bornstein IMHO. Nakazawa has always lacked motivation.

  33. jimmygreaves says:


    MLS teams presumably have scouts around America.

    My question is how does it work for them abroad, i.e Central and South America and the Caribbean?

    Do any teams scout Europe, Asia, and Asia?

    Do these teams employ their own scouts or do they employ contract scouts or a scouting service?

    Finally, and a little off the subject, does the USMNT use scouts to keep track of their Americans Abroad in Europe and elsewhere? If not, how do they keep tabs on the progress of these guys?


  34. Isaac says:

    Alright, so would you be shocked if you checked back into the national team picture an a year or two and saw Austin da Luz in it? He seems to possess tactical awareness, technical ability and composure comparable to Feilhaber, Reyna and O’Brien. Where do you think he goes this draft?

  35. ahm says:

    i’d have to guess ike opara would top anyone’s list. it looks like he was created by the footy gods to play CB

  36. mffinla says:


    Thanks for the great coverage.

    With your mock draft, I think you’re forgetting the rule of Nick (Besagno that is). Even in a weak draft, I don’t think teams are willing to spend a top 10 pick on 17/18 year old who won’t contribute for 2 years…if he develops at all. Even Jozy went #17. At the time, I thought that was way too late, but he was an obvious freak at 16. He had the body of a grown man and he rang the crossbar from 40 yards at the combine.

    So unless you’re saying Okugo is Jozy quality, I don’t see him going to DC.

  37. mffinla says:

    There probably aren’t 5 guys from this draft who will be vying for spots on the USMNT in 2010. It’s not last year’s draft. The talent just isn’t there.

  38. mffinla says:


  39. Isaac says:

    He’s lacking in the tactical and technical department on both sides of the ball, yes, but that’s why a transfer is important so he can gain some soccer knowledge and not be just another athletic wingback.

  40. j1mbr0wn says:

    Jack McInerney seems a bit young. What is the best scenario for him to develop? What would be the worst?

  41. Nick says:

    Is Tony Tchani eligible to play for the UNMNT? If not, how close is he/does he have any desire to?

  42. Sean says:

    I second this question, if only for name only.

  43. Nick says:


  44. Mentz says:

    What is the point of the Red Bulls having a youth academy when the best player to come from there cannot be signed directly by RBNY? Now I hear we are attempting to trade up to get Duka? Weak.

  45. Evan says:

    Who do you see as a late rounder that could turn heads, and have a shot at becoming a future national team player?

  46. Javier says:

    great idea for a Q&A! i have a few questions, but i’ll prioritize them, in case you can only answer one or 2.

    1) of the guys in this year’s draft class, which do you think have a legitimate shot at playing on the national team level one day, and which country would you guys they’d be most likely to play for, if you had to GUESS? (i realize that some of these guys play college ball in our country but might prefer to play for their home country. a kid like Tchani who grew up in Cameroon comes to mind..)

    2) how are the combine teams put together? is there a draft so that no team has to many of the supposed best players?

    3) was there much talk among the players about a Lockout or a Strike possibly delaying their debuts?

  47. Charles says:

    MLS has done a great job, IMHO, of getting people signed.

    What about the CBA ? If it isn’t figured out in the next two weeks, then are all the great signings MLS has done gone up in smoke, all of them are free to go where ever they want. IF true seems like a huge risk to the owners to me.

  48. Sam says:

    Of the players in this draft, who do you see going abroad the soonest?

  49. ELAC says:

    He could be the next Cienfuegos.

  50. bob says:

    Which of these guys can you see playing for the USMNT (in the future) outside of those who have already played in an U-20 ect. teams.

  51. ETJ says:

    Ives, how did this draft class compare to last year’s class? where would it rank in the history of MLS?

  52. Eshad15 says:

    How good is Eric Alexander? How much did he raise his stock at the combine?

  53. National Team Scout says:

    IVES: Can you list off which players are US eligable or have expressed an interest in playing for the US if they have dual citizenship?

  54. National Team Scout says:

    Ives, Just a random comment that I’m putting here figuring you’ll read it.

    I know you’re super busy with the draft, but some posts on how Algeria is doing at the ANC would be awesome. I saw they lost the first 3-0…a post after the group stage summarizing what happened and what scouts who watched the games have learned about them would be awesome. Thanks in advance. Stay Busy!

  55. Dudeinho says:

    i cant stand the scouts in this country first thing they always say. ” he too small ” We need to get away from emphasizing size so much. its how we end up with Alan Gordons. AJ de La Garza is small, Sean franklin is small, both have been great for the galaxy. I hope we take a chance on him It would totally make me look at Bruce in a different light. Good on Irving its great to see something different brough to the combine.

  56. Neil says:

    There ain’t not draft anymore.

    There was one.

    Your thoughts?

  57. Ne-Dub says:

    Hey Ives,

    Did Justin Davis, F from University of New Mexico, play at the combine? I saw his name on the list before it took place but haven’t heard anything since. If so how did he look?

  58. Tim says:

    I’ve seen John Moore play a bit in college and think he’s (on your board) vastly underrated. Big, athletic, good in the air and a decent distributor. Did you see him at all and of what you saw, what were your impressions in terms of him playing in MLS?

  59. RLW2020 says:

    good question. also could we see Gil be “placed/drafted” by one of the LA teams like Adu was put on DC?

  60. DC Josh says:

    Thanks for all the in depth coverage of the draft. Which player do you think will have progressed the farthest in 5 years (in terms of club playing on, international form, media/peer recognition)?

  61. KungFuSoccer says:

    Which teams have $$ available to trade up in the draft.

    Which teams will trade up in the draft for $$ or players.

    Which team will give up draft spots for players or $$$.

  62. Dannyc58 says:

    Hey Ives,

    Thanks for the excellent coverage so far, really helpful and insightful.

    If the season started tomorrow, where would you play Tchiani? Is he best as a holding/attacking/box to box mid right now?

    Also, NYRB hold the most picks in Thursday’s draft, do you expect them to make moves up/down or sit tight and use all the picks?



  63. wilyboy says:

    What are the chances of DC taking McInerney? Seeing as they were thinking of taking Wiedeman, and he probably is going to fall.

  64. RLW2020 says:

    What teams/coaches would you say are best for young future stars like Gil, Duka and McInerney?

    Also in the future when every team has a functioning youth system do you see the draft being phased out or of lesser importance?

  65. Mark says:

    Love to see Red Bull package the 11th and 14th picks to jump up to 7 or 8 to pick Duka. Be a shame not to see him playing in Harrison.

    A Tchani-Duka midfield could become the team’s future in the center of the field until they both go off to Europe in 2-3 years. At least they’ll likely fetch a nice transfer fee assuming they develop…

  66. DC Josh says:

    This could get confusing, but here goes: With all of the foreign talent in college, do you see it as:

    1. A good thing: it raises the level of competition in college and MLS, while also giving American players more experience against better players.

    2. A bad thing: college and MLS roster slots that could be filled by American players are filled by foreign players, possibly helping foreign youth players develop faster than American born players.

    I completely am in support of anyone coming into this country legally and enjoying the fruits of their labor. In terms of soccer, it only helps MLS grow as a whole and makes the product on the field better, as more players are going abroad.

  67. Joao Moutinho says:

    It seems as though your latest mock draft is very similar to your mock draft before the combine. In looking at the order, there are no players who entered the first round after the combine. Could you shed some light on how this could possibly be the case? Are you a clairvoyant?

  68. Cm says:

    Any chance the Crew would trade #8 for #14 & 18?

  69. Pico says:


    If for some weird reason both Da Luz and Duka are available for the Red Bulls, who would you take? If it is true that the team will take Tchani, who will be a better compliment in that midfield


  70. Hincha Tim says:

    From your description of Irving Garcia, he sounds like he would be a perfect fit for RSL.

  71. gerald says:

    Duka didn’t qualify as a homegrown at the time under the current rules

  72. gerald says:

    Red Bulls don’t have the 11th pick unless I missed something

  73. Jon says:

    How do teams prepare for the Draft?

  74. toreadore says:

    I was at the combine, the main man at the combine was Tchani, he is a beast in the midfield. Definitely someone that will seek to play in Europe. Red Bulls will pick him up without a doubt.. You RBNY fans need to get off of Dukas nuts!! He wasn’t even in the Top 15 players at the combine. He is like 3 years away from making a serious impact in MLS if he even gets the chance to play.

  75. JR says:


    1. What is the limit on the number of Generation Adidas contract per team? Is FCD at risk of going over?

    2. Is Mwanga a smart choice at #1? Do you see him starting immediately and making a big impact in Philly?


  76. Jon says:

    Some Rev fans guess that Emmanuel Osei may be moved from CB to Dmid if Larentowicz leaves, and thus might draft Kwame Watson-Siriboe in the first round. Thoughts?

    Do you see any likelihood that the Revs might be involved in any trades?

  77. Josh says:

    With his potential decision to stay and finish school, do you see Opara potentially falling out of the top 5 a la Patrick Nyarko?

  78. Mentz says:

    Hey Ives,

    Here’s one that is bugging me. Why can’t the Red Bulls sign Dilly Duka directly since he came through their youth system? Why should they have to waste a pick in the draft potentially? If so, whats the point of even having a youth system then?!

  79. emay says:

    Love the sight. I’m a huge Chicago Fire fan. It seems they are in need of a ceterback, leftback, and midfielder. Who all could you see them drafting?

  80. wk says:

    well, at least our coaches have been disinterested,and look where it’s gotten us. the fans on the other hand are excited. actually, with two deep drafts in a row, i expect that to change and teams to be less reluctant to throw these away in the future. i’m hoping we hold on to the 3rd pick and take whoever’s still available out of tchani, opara, bone, or maybe loyd.

  81. Recently (past 3 years or so) it seems like draft classes are being labeled as very deep. Is this because the players are really better quality? … Or is it because the talent in MLS is getting thinned out due to expansion and attrition to Europe, so these new players seem really good and able to contribute right away?

  82. Phil says:

    How did John Moore play at the combine? What players outside of the combine do you see getting drafted?

  83. Eric Anderson says:

    Where does Eric Alexander get drafted? I’ve been watching this kid since high school, he’s the real deal, and he had as good of a combine as anyone.

  84. Gary says:

    You sir, no some soccer!

  85. Gary says:

    Greetings from LA as well.

    Perk Yes – The US has no problems developing and identifying keepers.

    Stephens. A big fat NO! He is very overrated. Decent technique, but horrendous Soccer IQ.

    Estrada is a decent college player. Professional? C’mon! Another Stephens.

    Nakazawa Yes – I can’t speak to his motivation/work ethic like the other commenter here. But he has good technical quality and a higher Soccer IQ than many others in the pool along with flashes of creativity.

  86. Gary says:

    If at all possible, the US should try to expedite citizenship and cap him ASAP!

  87. drafty room says:

    Draft quality is pretty haphazard. The last couple of years have been good. Before that there had been a couple of down years (2008 was awful).

    I’m betting people won’t say the 2011 crop is deep.

  88. Gary says:

    You are much better off with any other defender. I still can’t believe people believe Opara that good.

    Oh well, you’ll find out soon enough …

  89. Gary says:

    Irving is probably the most underrated player. Glad that he raised some eyebrows at the combine.

    But some continue to think about his size. So I take it the same sentiment would be expressed with a Xavi, Iniesta, or Messi?

  90. Gary says:

    I don’t think Gil will be turning pro this year.

  91. Gary says:

    Excellent post man! You hit the mark!

    This is one of the greatest obstacles US Soccer must overcome to reach the next level. Technical Quality & Soccer IQ needs to be the primary focus – not size. Wake up people!

  92. Gary says:

    Not a bad comparison ELAC.

    I think of Irving as a “Burrito” Ortega … remember him?

  93. Gary says:

    OMG! Lord help us!

  94. Gary says:

    Excellent post my man!
    Looks like you know something about this game…

  95. Gary says:

    Okugo has much greater potential than Jozy.

  96. Gary says:

    Based only on quality, Mwanga is by far not only the best player in every respect, but likely the only player who could be successful in Europe.

    All things being equal, his biggest advantage is Soccer IQ – something the prototypical American player is deficient in.

  97. Gary says:

    The best should play.

  98. Gary says:

    On Mwanga:
    YES. He is already better than most of the current starting strikers in MLS.

  99. Gary says:

    One can only hope.

  100. jaded says:

    sorry weak excuse. Duka still developed under RB. Garber even said that the rule was problematic. Its going to be ridiculous when Duka gets drafted by another team. They better send RB a thank you card.

  101. Lee says:

    Hey Ives,

    can u compare Tchani to any player

    out there so we can have an

    idea of his game cuz i have neva

    seen him before

  102. Mike Caramba says:

    Which players are going to be in contention for Rookie of the Year in 2010?

    Which players have the most upside–who will be in contention for MVP in 3-5 years?

  103. Manolete says:

    Where is full list of players who have registered for the draft? And do you think any small college players will get picked up during the draft? (Milien from Tampa, Gallaugher from CS Dominguez Hills, Ports from York College PA)

  104. Juke Box Hero says:

    Ives – as a Philly fan, I’d lke to know how Mwanga will count against the foreign player limit and the cap. Can he eventually be a USNT player, outside of marrying a Philly broad?

  105. mffinla says:

    From what I understand, the moment Duka enrolled at a University, the Red Bulls lost his rights. All College players must go through the draft. If NYRB wanted Duka badly enough, they could have signed him straight out of High School. DC just did that with young Goalkeeper Bill Hamid. Ives, does that sound right?

  106. mffinla says:

    Apparently, we have different ideas of Jozy’s potential. I think he can be a Drogba level striker. What’s much greater than that? Do you feel Okugo will be a Zidane level player? I haven’t heard that from anyone else. Just curious…

  107. mffinla says:

    It’s been reported that Mwanga has a green card (he counts as a domestic player) and he’s Gen Adidas. So, for at least the first year, he won’t count at all against Philly’s cap. He’d need to become a US Citizen before he could play for the US.

  108. kswiss says:

    Putting aside what you think will actually happen, if you are in Onalfo’s shoes, who would you want to pick that has a realistic shot of being around at #7? In other words, who do you see that can make the biggest possible impact on DC United (short- or long-term), and how?

    Thanks for all the hard work, Ives.

  109. Roy says:

    did u here ives called Duka, the messi of the combine
    when someone calls u messi that means u were nasty and had great skills on day 2, not going to lie that i was there and i saw duka cut up 5 players like they weren’t even there and plus made them fall to the ground, he even gave a pass to teal that was a open goal and he missed the whole goal, but they want to keep all the hype on tony cuz of his size, doesnt have much skills, very slow on the ball and played horribly in his third game, where ever duka goes he winning the mls cup

  110. 50fg20-jdj says:

    2008 he was great but last hear sucked alot

  111. Emil says:

    Ives- you said that sometimes, money is packaged in with a lower pick in order for teams to trade up to a higher pick(i.e. the possibility of KC shipping cash to NY to swap picks). Is there a value chart similar to the one that NFL teams use to value draft picks? About how much in allocation money do you think particular picks are worth- say, the #1 overall, a mid-first rounder, and the last pick in the first round? Do the later round picks have any real trade value at all?