It’s Q&A Time (2010 MLS Draft Edition)

2010 MLS Draft 

The 2010 MLS Draft is in the books and while it is easy to see which teams made out on draft day, I'm sure SBI readers have plenty of questions about the selections made on Thursday.

We will provide some in-depth analysis on the draft on Monday, but if you want some breakdowns on how teams did, you can check out my MLS Draft Grades piece on

In the meantime, it feels like a good time for a draft-themed Q&A. Please submit your draft-related questions in the comments section below and I will post answers next week starting on Monday (though I might post some tonight). If you're wondering when the next regular Q&A will be, I will post one next week.

Wondering about your team's top pick? Still trying to figure out how a certain player didn't even get drafted? Think somebody made a big mistake? Send your draft questions our way.

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113 Responses to It’s Q&A Time (2010 MLS Draft Edition)

  1. Matt W says:

    Houston normally does well with late round draft picks. How do you think they did this year?

  2. Josh D says:

    Who of the 2010 draft has the best chance of making it to World Cup 2014 – US of course? Can be more than one.

  3. Which of last year’s elite MLS teams (LAG, CLB, RSL, HOU, etc) gained the most through the draft?

  4. Hugo says:

    Maybe I don’t understand the draft system fully, being from the UK, but why wouldn’t DC united have made a single pick? It seems like they missed out on a free young talented player… Maybe if we were MLS champions I would understand, but DC have just got a lot weaker over the break?!

  5. Blake says:

    Thanks to the losses of Rolfe and Blanco, is Corben Bone going to be an opening day starter for Chicago?

  6. Tim says:

    DC United traded their picks away. They traded their first round pick so they could sign troy perkins. They traded their second round pick for Gomez. And they traded their 3rd round pick for Josh Wicks.

  7. Trex says:

    Why did Watson fall so much? And NY passed on him for Ream. Is Ream realistically capable of holding down a starting CB spot come opening day?? Is he the answer or just more depth?

  8. john says:

    With Luis Gil passing on MLS do you have any information on where he is going to end up?

  9. Can you see RSL’s trade of Mathis opening the door for a big time foreign signing? hopefully a striker to replace Yura Movsissiyan. And will Conner get time with RSL seeing that they traded Mathis to get to him?

  10. Dannyc58 says:


    What do you think of the NYRB move for Albright? Good value/Bad value? Think he’s a factor?

    Would you say Ubiparapovic/Sassano have to worry about their jobs?

  11. says:

    Will Clint Mathis return to the Mohawk hairdo? Can Los Angeles handle two cool cats with cool hairdos? Has the circus officially left L.A. or are we in for more?

  12. Pico says:


    If the reserve league does not come back, could the RB make use of their sister teams to place some of their players for developmental purposes?


  13. Rickkane says:

    I’ve seen some arguments stating that the SSFC front office was “lazy” for selecting Estrada in the first round rather than either a. waiting to select him until a later round (2nd/3rd) and/or b. trading down. Is there any truth to this, or do your really believe that Sigi though that this guy was the best player available for the Sounders system?

  14. JC says:

    Where in the world is Sheanon Williams?

  15. Joe G says:

    With four spots on the roster now devoted to LM (Hall, Borman, Oebster, Da Luz), do you think it makes sense to bring in DVDB? Hall can play anywhere on the field, and Borman has become more of a defensive option, but they are all viable options for the position. What says you?

  16. Fedorov Cadmius says:


    Do you think DC United got a raw deal in the draft? Do you think that DCU has the chance to get some decent players abroad with the leftover cash that they got?

    Fedorov Cadmius

  17. jonjones says:

    Is there any chance project players like Irving Garcia or Jack McInerney get loaned out in order to pick up minutes? If so, where could they go?

  18. joel says:

    I know that tchani and mwanga moved here in high school, could we see either representing the U.S. or are they involved with cameroon and congo

  19. Franky says:

    I second this question, as the most important asked.

  20. Dave From Newcastle says:

    Like look into your like crystal ball and like who do you like think will be the biggest surprises of this years rookie class like and more importantly, what about Amiobi like?

  21. TimChap says:

    What players do you see making the biggest impact? Is the draft getting progressively better and more consisent?

  22. Charles says:

    Sorry to piggy back, but I am an interested Sounders fan.

    Could it be for money ( salary cap ) reasons they were interested in the very young Jack McIner. and then picked a guy you had going to them in second round ?

  23. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Which GA player do you see having the biggest impact on the league, long-term? Which do you see leaving for Europe the quickest?

  24. Paul says:

    Erik Soler said that while RBNY are worried about Albright’s injury, even if he’s not fully fit they worked the deal so that they won’t be in a bad position. Is there something more to the trade than meets the eye? Do RBNY have some rights that kick in if Albright can’t play?

  25. Richard, UK says:

    Hey Ives.

    Which undrafted players do you see getting trials or picked up elsewhere? Which players surprised you by not being drafted?

    Also, any reason as to why Brian Perk and Sean Johnson fell so low? Teams like Kansas City, Los Angeles, Chivas USA, New England and Columbus could do with a decent young backup keeper to train up. Seems odd.

  26. Landis says:

    Based on the current post-draft roster, how do you see the Red Bulls lining up on opening day?

  27. frank says:


    Could Clint Mathis to LA mean that the LAG expect that Donovan will be sold after the World Cup?

  28. jimmie johnson (mommy likes me) says:

    Mathis is now bald – no mohawk or Brohawk.

  29. brian says:

    last years rookie class produced a good amount of regulars and potential national team players. which players do you see getting plenty of minutes this year? who do you predict being MLS rookie of the year? and which players do you see most likely being at next January US national team camp?

  30. Sean says:


    Real surprised to not see Mark Blades get drafted yesterday, especially since he is a natural left back.

    I know you had him as a player not included in the combine to watch out for. What do you think happened? Any chance he tries out and walks on to a roster?

  31. gerald says:

    Good Question

  32. RBNY15C says:

    With RBNY acquiring Chris Albright, and Carlos Johnson most likely battling with him for the right back position (assuming Albright is healthy), where do you see Jeremy Hall fitting in this season? Do you think he will move back to his natural position as a midfielder?

  33. gerald says:

    Hall can play RM, alot of people seem to forget that

  34. Mister Gaga says:

    How would a potential lockout affect mls talent? (i.e. Donovan) Could players under contract sign short term deals elsewhere?

  35. Diego says:


    amazing that you didnt even mention SJ picking Beitashour the first non-combine invitee selected…is this because you are ignorant about the kid or is it that you think that only the best players go to the combine, and everyone else couldnt possibly be good…are you aware that teams often sandbag local kids??

  36. Evan says:

    Whats the buzz on next year’s draft class–or is too early to tell who will be available? What players could Vancouver or Portland draft first?

  37. dvkenned says:

    Ives, any insight into why Conor O’Brien wasn’t drafted? He wasn’t a top 10 prospect, but he was a second team All-American who, from what I could tell, had a very solid combine. (I’m sure being from a small school hurt him, but someone from Lehigh was drafted, so that can’t be all of it.)

  38. kar says:

    Who is your initial rookie of the year prediction?

    Any established veterans (esp. suprises) on the trade block based on draft results?

  39. south says:

    He could be, he’s definitely dynamic enough to spark an offense from the midfield.

    He would be more effective in the middle than on the flanks, I’m looking forward to see what he can do in the MLS. It’s a shame Blacno is gone, Bone would have benefited working with a legend as smart as him.

  40. inkedAG says:

    Do you think RBNY should or could have done more to deal with Dallas for Dave van den Bergh?

    What happened to Trader Mo? He seemed silent this year.

  41. Dom says:

    Who is Brian perk behind at Philly? What’s a realistic timetable for him?

  42. Seth says:

    Ives – Great site. I visit it multiple times a day. When Dilly Duka was drafted by the Crew, he started by saying he was happy to be drafted by columbus. I thought that it was common knowledge that he wanted to play for his home club (the new york red bulls).
    1. Do you think he’ll thrive in columbus or will this be a danny szatella situation?
    2. Do you think the red bulls will try to trade for him?
    3. Would it have been better for him to go to a team that really needs help in the center of the midfield where he might have had more opportunities to play?

  43. Seth says:

    Ives – One more question.

    Why did the Red Bulls sign chris albright?

  44. Ives, Are there any academy players that are close to as talented as SuperDraft players past, present or future as you see it? Why does it feel like the academies are non factors for most MLS clubs, whereas their European counter parts rely on them to obtain young talent?

  45. zaggy says:

    What player not drafted/drafted but not likely to be signed, do you anticipate catching on with a team like Portland or Vancouver and maybe making a return to the league next year (if any)?

  46. irishapple21 says:

    Conor Chinn was drafted by the Red Bulls and he wasn’t covered very much by your pre-draft analysis. All I really know about him is that he went to the University of San Francisco and he was in a Star Kick commercial. What can you tell me about him and does he have a realistic chance of making the Red Bulls squad?

  47. Brian says:

    Do you see Jack Mcinerney’s as a perfect move considering Peter Nowak has experience with developing players at the youth level?

    And this one doesn’t have to do with MLS but where do you see Luis Gil ending up?

  48. Isaac says:

    what is your 2010 MLS Draft Best XI?

  49. MemRook says:

    Man your tone really sucks. How
    do you expect someone
    to respond
    to you with an attitude like that?

  50. jonk says:

    He’s on trial with VFB Wolfsburg. Google his name, it’s the second hit.

  51. Waterlewd says:

    Great piece Ives!

  52. jonk says:

    Mathis is nowhere near a suitable replacement for Donovan. Maybe during the lead up to the World Cup when him and Beckham are at their respective pre-Cup camps.

  53. jonk says:

    Nevermind, I’m a moron. That story is a year old. I saw the date January 15 and immediately assumed it was 2010.

  54. ahm says:


    Did the revs reach with their pick of Schilawski? I feel like Corben Bone would’ve been better value there and you could either hang onto him or swap him to a team like Chicago for their pick (where you take Schilawski) and an extra asset. Were other teams waiting to pounce on Schilawski if he slid by the Revs in their spot?

  55. Boulder Rapids Fan says:

    The Rapids pick of Akpan was kind of shocking to me. Just because I thought the Rapids would try to beef up their defense first, and their midfield second, and their forwards as an afterthought. There’s got to be more at play here than just trying to get the best of what’s left in the second round, right? Is this an attempt to groom another target man up front, or is this just a case of a hasty snatch and grab?

  56. grubbsbl says:

    Building off this question:

    How close do you see DC to getting back to its traditional position?

    Yes, DC had no real picks in this draft but people seem to forget DC roster boast a young squad including Wallace, Pontious, Quaranta, Simms, Szetela, Jakovic, (plus a healing Namoff) and now Perkins. DC has to address a few areas but I see DC being a top striker and maybe a center back that suites Jakovic’s technical style, away from being back to the class of the league. Your thoughts?

  57. El Michael says:

    I would guess Ike Opara. The only defender taken in the 1st round.

    … and Jack M as a real loooong shot

  58. Do you think that trading the number 15 pick for clint mathis was benificial for LA? I know that bruce loves to have experience but was his skill and experience that much better than someone like say da luz?

  59. Todd says:

    When all MLS teams finally use their academies, what is going to end happening to college soccer and the draft? Will it become obsolete?

  60. dantheblue says:

    Galaxy has a stud in waiting in the wings named Joe Saunders. Very good goalie…

  61. JL says:

    Does Chivas USA have an clue about picking players? It seems since Bradley left, their drafts haven’t really met their holes. Do they just not value the draft? Also, where did the thought that SJ doesn’t value the draft come from? I don’t follow them, but I saw it stated over and over…I find it interesting that a club that has been a joke since they came back would scoff at bringing in new talent. Is it that Doyle and Yallop aren’t as good of talent evaluators as they think they are? Sorry for the multi questions, but I think the answer could be provided in one.

  62. Javier says:

    1) of the guys in this year’s draft class, which do you think have a legitimate shot at playing on the national team level one day, and which country would you guys they’d be most likely to play for, if you had to GUESS? (i realize that some of these guys play college ball in our country but might prefer to play for their home country. a kid like Tchani who grew up in Cameroon comes to mind..)

  63. bob says:

    Ives, What is the order of allocation spots?

  64. tom says:

    Clint and Becks could do the Road Warriors thing from oldschool WCW wrestling. A mohawk and a reverse mohawk.

  65. BAJ says:

    Diego doesn’t deserve a response.

  66. BAJ says:

    Well Da Luz was no longer an option. He got picked up before L.A.’s first pick.

  67. John says:

    What do you think of Chicago’s draft?

  68. Oranje Mike says:

    They did that way before WCW, my friend.

  69. over there says:

    This is what Frank Dell’apa had to say on Zak Boggs, who you and others slammed for going to 3 colleges. He doesn’t sound all that bad:

    Six picks later (No. 31) came Boggs, who topped Schilawski by graduating in three years and compiling a 4.0 grade point average in biomedical sciences. And he’s a black belt. And an Eagle scout. Boggs is also a finalist for the Wooden Cup, awarded to an athlete with the greatest influence on people’s lives.

  70. Alexandria says:

    The answer No, because there are more college teams than pro teams, so guys that don’t grow up in an MLS market or guys who are late bloomers can still go through the draft, or what if you went through the KC youth program but you want to play for LA, you shouldn’t be forced to stay with your acadamey team if you don’t think you’ll have a future there, so the draft will always be around for these other players.

  71. benred says:

    1) How is this year’s draft different than last year’s regarding talent? Is the talent getting better each year?

    2) How many goals do you see Danny Mwanga scoring this year for the Union?

  72. hincha tim says:

    Chris Seitz.

  73. Blake says:

    What a relief! I only started coming to this website because the popular “” was blocked by my employer’s network. I’m getting the best of both worlds here!

  74. Pete from Chitown says:

    Do you think New York passed up on trading up to get Dilly Duka, because they will most likely get Vincenzo Bernardo from the Allocation Order?

  75. Ryan says:

    Hey Ives,

    Who are some of the players you anticipated being drafted that ultimately were not picked?

    I was personally a little surprised to see solid defenders like Barry Rice and Mark Blades being overlooked. Any chance for these players and others like them to get signed by an MLS squad?

  76. hey ives, love the site. my question is:

    I was wondering which players taken in the MLS Superdraft are most likely to become players on the full US national team. Also, are Mwanga and Tchani American citizens? Or will they be in the near future?

  77. Ed says:

    Just wondering with the great additions the Red Bulls made in the draft and the other signings they’ve made what do you see as the projected starting line up for the Red Bulls in the upcoming season? Hopefully Thierry Henry arrives in the Summer and Dave van den Bergh returns. I could definitely see a Barcelona style trident with Mac Kandji on the right, Juan Pablo Angel as the central striker, and Henry on the left with Van den Berg pulling the strings in the midfield Xavi style. Just a thought.

  78. Diego says:

    Look it is a legitimate question, go read the ESPN piece, he overlooked a second round pick. Just want to know if it was an accident, or simply he didn’t feel comfortable commenting on somebody he has never seen, or if their is combine bias or good old fashioned east coast bias…

  79. Rob says:

    The MLS Draft tracker stated that Chicago acquired the 51st pick from San Jose, but I can’t find out in exchange for what. Could you fill us in on the circumstances please?

  80. Jake says:

    I’ve seen Michael Stephens play a few times and love his vision and ball skills. He’s also pretty feisty in defense, but do you think he can step in and play good minutes as a rookie or does his body need to develop a little more first?

  81. j says:

    how come only 2 keepers were drafted this year?

  82. David says:

    What happens to the players that were not chosen? Are they able to work out a deal with any team they want? What’s Sheanon Williams going to do?

  83. facundo Lopez says:

    Is David Beckham retiring after the World Cup?

  84. Micah King says:

    Do you think it was mean or uncalled for for Alexi Lalas to comment when McInerney was drafted and say lets see if this kid turns out to be an Landon Donovan ,or an Freddy Adu.

  85. Jerome says:


    Any chance players not selected still get invited to preseason….

    Some players who I believe deserved a shot with some teams over others…

    Mark Blades
    Barry Rice
    Jovan Bubonja ( so high on alot of draft boards)
    Pascal Millien

  86. Afrim says:

    Ives what do you think about the recent African influx into the college ranks(and eventual MLS Draft). Could the USMNT be the next France b/c of this?(many Afrian born players have gone through to the full NT)

  87. ATX7 says:

    With players signing contracts before the draft, is there any REAL incentive to play well in the combine so as to ensure being a top pick. Are there incentives?

  88. steve brock says:

    who are your yop ten undrafted players? Do you believe that the mls draft limits and destroys talented players who often go undrafted due to the school they attend or lack of attention?

  89. ben says:

    Why didn’t nelson becerra get drafted?

  90. IMSYE87 says:

    as a red bull fan, tell me why not getting dilly duka in this draft is for the better…

  91. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Who, if anyone, has a chance of making the US WC Roster for 2010?

  92. south says:

    Look guy,
    If Ives doesn’t answer your particular question, you can refer back here to the opinion of someone who played against the guy for 7 years.


  93. jake says:

    this draft, and allocation order trades gave me this question.

    Next year; with two expansion franchises, both coming from an existing league, and the allocation order changing every year; will the lower finishing team in the USSF 2nd division league receive preferential allocation order. Or will it be decided as expansion and super draft order has been in the past…with a coin toss?

  94. Tom says:

    And I thought I was too old for the boards :)

  95. DCU4Life says:

    What happened to Two-boys? He looked pretty good at UAB.

  96. Novak says:

    What happened to Holden?…I am worried he will leave Houston!

  97. Kevin says:

    Is Jack McInerney strictly a long term project, or could he contribute this year?

  98. Kevin says:

    Which players had the best and worst suit at the draft?

  99. Nick says:

    Being from Birmingham, I was able to watch Two-Boys throughout his college career. He was a phenomenal player who I thought was a certainty to get drafted at least in the later rounds. Was it his status as a foreign player that caused him to drop so far?

  100. Scott says:

    What do you think of McInerney’s time table to see the field? When could he make an impact?

  101. timmy_u says:

    Will we be seeing the video of Schilawski thanking the wrong team for years to come?

    If you were in the Union’s shoes at #7, having taken youth with #1 and #6, do you still take Jack Mack?

    What does showing up to the draft strong say about a team vs. not showing up to the draft?

    Does MLS make too much of the “Superdraft” and try to make it an event, when most people don’t follow college soccer. I can’t remember extensive coverage of the MLB draft on TV – is MLS trying to compete with the NBA and NFL where their college sports are followed extensively? Reword if this is too messy, but you know what I’m getting at.

  102. Sushan says:

    2 questions

    – which of these players are candidates for 2014 world cup with usmnt?

    – which. Of these will garner serious playing time this comiing season

  103. dan says:

    Ives,if the union and owners do not come to an agreement and there is a lockout…. in your opinion, can the MLS really survive? are owners going to take their “money” and follow some other US owners to the EPL? will it slow the growth of the sport?

    Sorry… I asked more than one question….

  104. Joe says:

    Why did Corben bone fall so far?

  105. Jeff in KC says:

    Can you discuss the Jimmy Conrad trade talk. I know Peter Vermes said he wasn’t shopping Conrad around, but do you think there’s a chance Conrad gets traded?

  106. Micah King says:

    Also do you see McInerney having a good MLS career, or being a starter for the Union despite his young age ?

  107. The Special One says:

    Shut up Dave

  108. Scotty Mac says:

    Mwanga has a Resident Green Card and also has political refugee status. So I’m not sure when you can play for the USMNT, but he is not a citizen, just has Permanent Legal Resident status. I don’t see him playing for the Congo, as his father is missing and presumed dead after the overthrow of the previous government. I don’t know if Mwanga will stay long, as he had been negotiating with a couple of French teams (he’s fluent in French) and wants to go there after establishing himself as a player. I don’t know if he leaves the US what that does to his residency status.

  109. Joe says:


    Now that the draft has happened what sort of 4-4-2 starting XI could RBNY run out to open Red Bull Arena?

  110. J_S_F says:

    In order to get Perkins from Philly, DCU gave allocation money. How much?

  111. Fred says:

    Ives, why were so few goalies chosen? It seems they didn’t get much love in the draft this year.

  112. Fred says:

    Ives, which draftees do you predict will be starters this year in MLS, and therefore good fantasy picks?

  113. TR says:

    Compare this years first 4 picks with last years (Zakuani, Cronin, Omar G, and Obrien White) – which group will have had the bigger first year impact? Which group has more potential in the long term?